An email to Scott Morrison

Scott Morrison MP, Federal Member for Cook

Scott Morrison MP, Federal Member for Cook (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday, AIMN reader Mark McCallum sent this email to Scott Morrison, which he has shared with us.

Dear Mr Morrison,

I have a question of you in your capacity as Shadow Minister for Immigration.

Part of your policy in regard to people claiming to be asylum seekers approaching Austalia by boat from the general direction of Indonesia, is to “turn the boats around where safe to do so”, I have been trying to envisage how this might be done, and have imagined being present at the discovery of one of the many over-loaded boats off Christmas Island.

As I think it highly unlikely you would suggest that the boat be simply taken in tow with all remaining on board, I presume the occupants would have to be off-loaded on to a suitable vessel, probably an Australian naval ship, and the empty boat tied to said ship for towing. Could you please suggest what the actual procedure might then be upon reaching Indonesian territorial waters? As the boat would have no official details of actually having left from Indonesia, and the authorities having clearly stated that they would not accept this type of vessel in to their country, what would you now do with these people and their boat?

I consider this to be one of many vital pieces of information I need to assess in trying to decide whether to vote for your party in the upcoming election.

I think that’s a fairly straightforward request. I wonder if the reply too will be straightforward. Mark will keep us posted on that.