Labor will be annihilated, but . . .

Everybody in the media is telling us that Labor will be annihilated in the September election. Over the last couple of days it has turned into a media frenzy. Everyone wants to be on the bandwagon of doom.

Whether you’re watching the ABC, SBS or one of the commercial channels, or reading a Murdoch of Fairfax rag, you would have noticed someone gleefully informing us that Labor will be annihilated.

Over the weekend I also started to hear that talk on the streets of Canberra, however, it wasn’t just a single statement. Unlike the mainstream media, they added a few ‘buts’. Here are some examples:

Labor will be annihilated, but just look at the idiots who will replace them.

Labor will be annihilated, but can you imagine that man Abbott as our Prime Minister?

Labor will be annihilated, but we have nothing positive to look forward to after the election.

Labor will be annihilated, but so will jobs after the election.

Unlike the media, sensible folk can look beyond September 14 and have a vision of what might be in store for us under a Coalition Government. Yes, there are a few ‘buts’.

Do you have any you want to add?

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  1. abbott can’t be trusted – he will up the GST and bring back workchoices (albeit under another name) and people want to vote for him? It’s incomprehensible to me how such a lightweight could even be considered PM material.

  2. NLP win makes me frightened, our earth is in trouble it needs fixing not more messing around with. Scares me that they will give into big business, and sell off more and assets. Introduce more Religion, bring back workchoices and ban unions and lots, lots more.

  3. What I look forward to Michael is simple.
    Competent Government.
    As the US Founding Fathers quaintly put it.
    …Government Requires the Consent of The Governed.
    Hasn’t happened since 2007 mate.
    Oh and BTW Michael you neglected to point out that that Rupert Murdock must control ABC, SBS, Fairfax and Public opinion.
    An amazing Man.

  4. Michael. I’ll wait for you and we can explore the foundations of US democracy together. Keep me posted re your itinerary.

  5. What gets me are the lower class lemmings who seem to think that voting Liberal makes them more important. Its like they think that they are somehow more important by affiliation. These ignorant fools fail to see that the Libs under the Mad Monk will screw them, just as we are already seeing in QLD under Herr Campbell. Labour was annihilated here in this state, and now we pay for it. Mass staff cuts in he public sector, cuts to education, cuts to import services, cuts cuts cuts anywhere and guess what, the economy is heading down. Oh but how healthy Herr Campbell tells us it will make us. I am hoping this state will see something of what is to come from the way he has treated us and not give an unfair majority to the Libs in Canberra. The last thing we need is a lying bigoted PM that exaggerates everything to get more power. Bad enough with a premier of that ilk.

  6. Wow i thought odds were $7.00 for gilliard should have backed her a couple of weeks ago !! I think she will pull it off !! That is unless the media havent demanded a public stoning as i just read a comment on twitter !! Funny that fits in with the catholic Taliban comment !! Thats how ridiculous this media hate campaign has become . Better be careful Mad Monk may have camps for us disbelievers !! I think Sane will overcome Insane in the end its not rocket science !!

  7. Labor will be annihilated by whom? Abbott, Rudd or the Media? Is this weeks frenzy because they could see Gillard is winning points & that there just maybe a shift in her favor happening? Am over it all! Nothing wrong with Julia Gillard & she deserves another chance to govern in her own right. Not with the millstone she inherited!

  8. Hello to all the new commentators….. you make my heart swell 😉
    Migs, the closer we get to the election our fellow Aussies will be searching for info… and they will go online to find it… and they will find it here and at other worthy sites,…….. ay Tweed, 😉 bwaahaaha…
    …. your a tide turner Migs *clink* 😀

  9. This idiot of an LOTO, Tony Abbortt, can’t even look after his own electorate, why would any sane person trust him to look after the country when he can’t even look after his own backyard 😕
    “Where is your local federal member on the issues in the Warringah federal electorate?

    What are the local government areas covered in the Warringah electorate?
    Manly council, Part of Warringah Council (southern side of Warringah Road), Mosman Council

    What are the big issues not getting the attention they should? Local, state or federal, your member should be raising your voice.
    •Transport; Spit bridge options, light or heavy rail options, safe and secure bus operations. These have all been debated and still unresolved while Tony Abbott has been member for Warringah.
    •Health; Northern Beaches Hospitals. Manly, Mona Vale, Royal North Shore and now Frenchs Forest. Still a confused approach and Tony Abbott failed to create a plan for Northern Beaches Hospitals and he was Federal Minster for Health.
    •Environment; Harbour Foreshores, Manly Dam Catchment Area: development out of control in Tony Abbotts back yard.
    •Security; Manly Corso, Mosman Junction, Brookvale: Alcohol related violence has increased and all quiet from Warringah federal Minister.
    •Education; Seaforth TAFE left to rot under Tony Abbotts watch.”

  10. Oh dear, so Tweed reckons Abbott & Co will provide competent government? What a joke-they can’t even agree on areas like the PPL scheme, asylum seeker policy, climate change policy or means testing for Howard’s middle class welfare binge. Then there is that small matter of the $70 billion black hole in their spending, & whether or not they plan to use a catering company to cost their policies. Oh, & just look at that front bench-Joe “Eleventy Billion” Hockey, whiny Pyney, Death Stare Bishop & Sophie “find me an demented elderly gentleman to rip off” Mirabella. Yet these are the imbeciles that Tweed thinks will deliver stable, competent government?!?!

  11. Oh, & I’d love to know on.what basis Tweed can claim that this government has been less consultative than the previous Howard government. Sounds like Tweed is just spouting more Tea Party/Menzies House propaganda!

  12. You are probably on the wrong blog Marcus. I think this is reserved for adult comment. Off to bed. Sleep with the light on. Don’t bother to type anything anymore….
    94 days……….

  13. But look at who will be running the country!

    ’Over four thousand years ago
    Wise Chinese rulers seemed to know
    An image outweighs any word.
    So often has that truth been heard
    An experienced politician
    Always looks for that position
    Which shows his most attractive side;
    Smiling, friendly, nothing to hide.
    Let’s rejoice that Tony Abbott
    Hasn’t learned this useful habit,
    Nor pondered on the reason why,
    Unlike himself, the camera does not lie.

  14. You’ll all be working for $2 a day and it will be mandatory that everyone attend church on Sunday. The flag will be replaced with a blue tie and abortion clinics will be burnt to the ground. Women will not be able to work and denied the vote.

    Just joining in with the paranoid androids here. Gee, it will be interesting watching you guys progressively unhinge in the next 100 days.

  15. Miglo – firstly show the correct Sportsbet odds , not 1.25 and 3.75 as you show.
    Current odds are $1.08 and $7.00.
    What selective memory you CW’s have , I do not wish to waste space on Gillard/Rudd
    failures. Quite simply if start with a Donkey and change the head you still have a
    donkey. Sums up Labor.

  16. Oh look, here comes the completely unhinged Scraper to “gently chide” us all for not accepting the “wisdom” of his lord & master’s elevation to The Lodge. Fact is, scraper, that we only need the stuff he has admitted to to give us sufficient reason to not want Abbott in the Lodge. More money for polluters & miners, but less money for struggling small business & those earning around $15,000-$25,000 per annum. A sub-standard NBN & public education system. Less Federal oversight of OHS&E. GST funding cuts for SA & Tasmania. More 457 visa workers & more individual contracts in the workplace. A less fair superannuation system. Cuts to the schoolkids bonus, whilst wealthy mothers get more tax-payer funded handouts. Mass sackings of public servants & a self-confessed $70 billion black hole in their spending commitments…so far. More evidence for the wrongness of an Abbott government can also be seen in the actions of the

  17. Oh, & as if on cue, here comes Scrapers “partner in crime”, Voyager. Once again he spouts a lot of Right Wing claptrap, but provides absolutely zero evidence to back it up. I think we should call the comedy act of Tweed, Voyager & Scraper “The Three Stooges”. Though I fear they’re far less intelligent than the originals.

  18. Anyway, to finish my earlier point, we need look no further than the 3 LNP Satate governments on the East Coast to see why electing Abbott would be a bad idea. Money for casinos & race-tracks, but no money for social programs. Mining & hunting in National Parks. Bans on the placement of wind turbines-whilst coal mining has restrictions reduced. Yeah right, scraper, we’re all just being “paranoid”. Time you pulled your head out of you know where…though I’m not counting on that happening any time soon.

  19. Some ‘buts’ with plenty of ‘and’s.

    Labor will be annihilated AND go into opposition for more than a decade AND try to work out what it stands for – no REALLY stands for (actions not words). BUT it may discover it doesn’t actually stand for anything other than the gaining of power.

    Labor will be annihilated AND go into opposition for more than a decade AND will try to work out how to rid itself of the brain dead union power brokers and the pervasive corrupt practices that stand between it and renewal. BUT it may discover that task is impossible.

    Labor will be annihilated AND go into opposition for more than a decade AND will have to confront the fact that it was not only the self interested, lazy, conservative MSM or the treacherous, power obsessed opposition that brought it to this pass. BUT it may not be able to acknowledge that its own sustained display of extraordinary political ineptitude cost it a mountain of goodwill and utterly alienated a huge chunk of the electorate.

    Labor will be annihilated AND go into opposition for more than a decade AND Australia will sink further into the grip of corporate fascism. Abbott understands that the real purpose of government is to facilitate the accumulation of profit and power to the already rich and powerful who bankroll elections and manipulate electoral outcomes in return for policy that suits their bottom line.

    Labor will be annihilated AND go into opposition for more than a decade AND most of the electorate will go happily back to sleep while their country and their democratic rights are stolen from under their noses.

    I could go on but you get the picture I’m sure.

  20. Well said Marcus. nothing like slapping scaper down with cold hard facts. Again, in case you missed the paranoid android 😉

    More money for polluters & miners, but less money for struggling small business & those earning around $15,000-$25,000 per annum. A sub-standard NBN & public education system. Less Federal oversight of OHS&E. GST funding cuts for SA & Tasmania. More 457 visa workers & more individual contracts in the workplace. A less fair superannuation system. Cuts to the schoolkids bonus, whilst wealthy mothers get more tax-payer funded handouts. Mass sackings of public servants & a self-confessed $70 billion black hole in their spending commitments…so far

    Those points cannot be argued, and, you get the distinct feeling, especially after newmans example, that they are just the tip of barrow. Interesting also to see what he is discussing with pell behind closed doors over the future of the Royal Commission into child sexual abuse. Will any journo ask?

  21. BUT,,, it’s up to the people and I have faith they will research and have the facts before they vote…The media don’t decide elections the populous does… so I put faith in the ability of the people to see past the BS (& vote Green).

  22. Signe, brilliance! Exactly what I and everyone I talk to says. We resent the Media telling us to suspend our Democracy and hand it over to them. If I am feeling masochistic enough, to set the rest of my life into eternal torture and enslavement, maybe I might consider their offer. Till then, they’re all in the realms of the insane and no one in their right mind would listen to their bleating anymore. I just say NO! Then I switch them off and turn on the Internet. The Internet is my dearest friend right now to escape the insanity engulfing our Nation.

  23. TA might be $1.25 favourite ‘but’ I like the $3.75 about JG so I might have me some of those tasty odds.

  24. BUT why would we be taking any notice of anything that the Murdochracy/Fairfax/TA led right wing propaganda?

    We have a brain don’t we?

    We know what is good for this country don’t we? We know that we want NBN, Gonski Education reform. Oh, by the way the latest news on Gonski is that it is a ‘fizzer’.

    We also know that the NDIS is going to help people who have had to struggle for many years under LNP Howard’s regime right?

    Oh and before I forget, what about workers knowing that the Super they will be contributing to just might last beyond 70 years, after all the only ones who are benefiting at the moment are those that make a decent salary where they can make investments that will hopefully last their whole lives.

    BUT why wouldn’t we remember just why we chose the ALP to lead our country. Why wouldn’t we be grateful to our leaders who kept this country from going down the gurgler like the rest of the world has done & is still suffering as a result of the GFC.

    BUT what would be good, is if those of us who really believe that this not always perfect government has done a pretty reasonable job so far & need for ALL of us to get out there SPEAK OUT, SHOW SUPPORT for our PM & her MP’s.

    Let US be the ones who spread TRUTH – NOT THE DELIBERATE MISINFORMATION & LIES that the MURDOCHRACY shove down out necks 24 hours a day, day after day, year after year.


    There are a growing number of people who want to help but just don’t know what to do. Don’t just sit on your hands, Kate A’Hearne at FAIR MEDIA ALLIANCE has put a challenge out to everyone to make some good suggestions of how to get started.
    Come on, join in, it will be worth it if we can turn what is looking like a defeat into a resounding SUCCESS. We all deserve to have this nation of ours move forward into the future, NOT go backwards.

    Remember, TA is promising us more of the Howard era & worse.

  25. If the example of Mal Broughs fundraiser MENU is an example of what we will be subjected to after the Election god help us. When Abbott was quizzed if he was at the Fundraiser he said “quote I can’t remember I would have to go back through my Diary” Hello

  26. “Julia Gillard Kentucky Fried Quail – Small Breasts, Huge Thighs & A Big Red Box”

    Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has also condemned it, but says it should “absolutely not” cast doubt on Mr Brough’s pre-selection for the Sunshine Coast seat of Fisher.

    If the msm don’t point out the absolute hypocrisy of Slipper being hounded out from Parliament over sexist text messages, and tabot given brough a free pass on this, then they really have left Kansas. I also don’t see how any journalist with an ounce of credibility can ever mention Gillard ‘playing the gender card’ in absolute honesty again. Yet they will.

  27. Tom. listening to Sky News they are doing their F….. best to throw the blame onto JG for her remarks about the Coalition not having women in Parliament. What chance do Women in general have when the leader of the Opposition sides with Brough for these disgusting remarks. I woud like to know how many Coalition front benches were at this Dinner, including the Queensland LNP members.

  28. Patricia, it also appears tabot hasn’t ruled out completely being there. Personally, I see at as poor taste, even for this mob, but I find the throat slitting and Bob Browns Bitch etc worst, mainly for the public way in which those messages wre thrust onto us. BUT, when you look at the way the opposition carried on about Slipper, then they really must hold the same for themselves.

    To not do so simply re-enforces Gillards Misogyny speech, and now her Blue-Tie speech.

    I thought yesterdays speech was not the best at the time. But, in light of this…

    Rope a Dope! 🙂

    Speaking of which, Didn’t some guy with Teal Blue have an episode with a tie at a grand final once Migs 😉

  29. Looks like it was the Chef that put them in.. That is indeed a new type of whistle blower.

    Emerson, now linking it to the fact, that Abbott has supported Bough at all times. Back to Judge Rares Judgment.

    Slitting the PM’s throat, which be the way, Abbott also defended.

  30. It appears that it was Hockey’s twit, that the PM does not have respect, will never have respect.. that led the chef to act.

  31. It is not about splitting gender.

    It is about saying, women;s issues are just as important as mens.

    As Emerson has said, there are issues that are important only to women.

    As there are for men. Does it mean, one should not talk about woman’s issues.

    Why would one believe that Abbott is incapable of breaking an commitment, when he has done it, time and time again.

    That is the question I ask, Why take Abbott at his word, when history shows, it does not count, even if it is written in blood.

    Michael, I seem to remember many post written, at the time when Tony mentioned promises written in blood.

    Why is it sensible to accept Tony at his word, when it the past, it was not so?

  32. Maybe, just listening to the PM from Perth, she was spot on yesterday, and truly knows what she is doing.

    Do not see how anyone listening to her, could not agree with her. Cool and rational response.

    Bought up the fact, that the women in Abbott’s own party, revolted, of actions of his, when he was health minister.

    ABC 24. Interesting to see what Hockey has to say.

  33. I think JG’s strategy to put these issues out there is spot on …she is only too aware of the violent nature of abuse that exists..(I refer to the horrific memes on social media and in public directed at her) and now of course the menu etc. There is no use turning the other cheek a moment longer as the LNP and supporters cherish this sort of behaviour. There has never been any indicator that the Pm is a man hater. I would have said the opposite as she hase supported many male politicians and still does for the good of all. How can any society develop whilst this abuse is tolerated in the discourse of how we run things.

  34. Could the PM’s problem really be, that she has once again made Labor policies relevant. Relevant as putting education out in front. Relevant, in looking after the needs of the worker. Relevant in pushing and fighting for the needs of woman.

    Addressing such basic needs as acceptable health standards.

    Ensuring that families are able to care appropriately for their kids.

    All pity basic stuff, I supposed. Investing in people and infrastructure, could be seen as not needed by some.

    Not exciting as keeping that elderly media mogul happy.

    Yes, that could be why she is so hated by the right.

    They say a week is a long time in politics. Seem the same can be said of a few hours. Maybe Mr. Carr could be right, luck can quickly change. Not that I am saying this is luck, no more like a risky action, that she has pulled off.

    Garrett can not enter Queensland schools, means non of Abbott;s mob cannot as well.

    Trouble, I do not believe that will worry them much.Cannot recall ever seeing them, within the walls of a state school. Not their concern.

  35. I think JG’s strategy to put womens issues out there is spot on …she is only too aware of the violent nature of abuse that exists. (I refer to the horrific memes on social media, MSM and in public directed at her and now of course the menu etc). Many in the community have worked to eradicate this sort of behaviour over the years but now is not the time to turn the other cheek as the current LNP and supporters, (with the backing of Murdoch) ramp up this sort of behaviour in order to intimidate us all. I will say that there is bound to be LNP voters equally disgusted at the example of their leaders. JG has forced their hand and well done. Their lies will be revealed.. There has never been any indicator that the PM is a man hater. I would have said the opposite as she has supported many male politicians and colleagues and still does for the good of all…. even though she may disagree with them…. the NDIS is but one example. How can any society develop whilst this abuse is tolerated in the political or social discourse. JG’s stance is not to engage in gender war BUT agenda war and good on her and her supporters.

  36. Well Abbort did say it would be a dirty campaign and laid the blame elsewhere ie Labor.
    It is nice when la Merd hits the fan and lands back at those responsible. labor need to keep hammering policies and the economy, using the KISS principle keep it simple stupid. And the party is not over until the fat lady sings (ie Gina but it will be a scream)

  37. Thanks for this piece. It captures that apparent hopelessness that is omnipresent in the political atmosphere right now. Even the staunchest ALP supporters I know are using phrases like “they’ll breeze in”, “it’ll be a cake-walk”, etc. Already seem to have given up…
    As said by Brent @ JUNE 11, 2013 @ 10:59 PM; there does seem to be this weird grouping of voters who will *never* be helped by an LNP government, but who simultaneously think that by voting for them, they will somehow be elevated out of their poverty/misery/whatever (“If I vote for them, they will like me and will never govern in such a way that will continue or worsen my current state of disadvantage”). I refer to this as ‘aspirational voting’, and I cannot think of a worse reason to vote for any particular party or individual. It is not only aspirational, in a false-hope kind of way, but also, obviously, delusional…

  38. …r said Mr Brough was a former government minister who should know better.

    “You are as low as Alan Jones sucking to the bogan voters in your electorate. The bogans love it, they are the lowest things outside of prison. I don’t think there are enough bogans in Fraser (Fisher) to get you elected.”
    Kate Clinnick said she wanted to express her disgust at the “hideous, misogynistic fundraiser ‘menu’.

    “Regardless of where you fall on the political spectrum, you keep it clean and respectful. You are a politician, and politics is about rational and respectful debate,” she wrote.

    “You do not stoop to cheap, sexist insults to try and one up your opponent. Australia deserves better than that fro…..

  39. Labor will be annihilated, but . . . . they won’t have learnt a thing. Their leader’s attempt to play the gender / misogyny card failed miserably the first time and yet she’s out there spruiking the same crap with the ‘Women of Gillard’. Either she’s getting some really bad advice or she’s ignoring the good advice because that kind of rubbish does not endear her to the female voters I know.

  40. Well maybe us oldies, in this case, might just know better. Time will decide who is correct.

    Yes, we were there, in the Great Labor split, and the emergence of the DLP. The Whitlam dismissal and the defeat of Keating. Funny, that death has never occurred.

    Believe me, we have been here many times. Fumy, no matter how often it is said, Labor comes back, better than ever.

    Why would it be any different this time?

    By the way, it is the PM, out there, today on the front foot.

    It is Hockey sputtering with anger and indignation. Did not even have the wits, to keep his trap shut.

  41. I’m incensed!!!! I was moderated and removed for posting this on Crikey! Any comments!
    “If you don’t think there is a misogynistic double standard in Abbotts attitude, think about this…. Remember him standing in front of two signs, one saying “Bob Brown’s Bitch” and the other saying “Ditch the Witch”! Now, imagine if the reverse had happened and Julia Gillard had stood up in front of signs that read “George Pell’s Bastard” or “ Ditch the Prick”. No double standard? No misogyny? Think again…. HARD!”

  42. You’re incensed !!!! That’s funny. I’m incensed !!!!

    Julia Gillard vows to stand up to misogyny where-ever she sees it. And yet she’s out there doing photo op’s and interviews with Kyle Sandilands.

    A man who amongst other things, conducted that appalling radio interview with the young girl that was sexually assaulted and then called a female journo a “fat bit of thing, that he was going to hunt down”

    So she’ll stand up against misogyny, unless of course it involves a popular radio host who might help win over some young voters.

    Zero credability !!!!

  43. You do realise that women were the ones holding those signs, not Abbott?

    Did you see the class act at Hawke’s birthday bash? Didn’t think so.

    What a boring nation we are becoming…can’t take the piss out of each other anymore because taking offence has become an opiate to feed the sanctimonious chattering class!

    Now, where is that blue tied quail?

  44. Zero credability !

    Actually, she is standing with a dickhead supporting a just cause. I suppose you think the cause should suffer?

    Meanwhile, tabot is supporting brough, while lambasting Slipper. Zero credibility !

  45. Ahh yes Scaper, resorting to the typical conservative fallback of bemoaning ‘political correctness’ etc, just because your lot can’t participate in public debate (or humour for that matter) without stooping to offensive & inappropriate stuff.

    We on the progressive side have a name for ‘PC’ – it’s called civility. And most of us believe in it passionately and howl down the bad stuff, whether it happens at a Brough function or a CFMEU one. Scaper where do you stand? Tell us, without dodging the question.

  46. I love it. One now takes two lines out of a long and very good speech, and judge the PM by it.

    It seems, that content no longer matters, in this modern world of ours.

    Maybe we should read for ourselves. before we past judgment.

  47. I believe that Cheryl Kernot, might have made that young lady on Drum, rethink. Going by the reaction on her face.

  48. I think, we do not only have to get people to listen, we might have to encourage them to think.

    If not think, at least to ask, is that so?

  49. Well. scaper, Hockey and Pyne do not like to have the piss taken out of them, as you describe.

    Even, when each comment that Pyne Hockey are complaining about, came after continuous name calling for months. Names like slag bag, witch bitch and many more. Names like the handbag brigade, for female ministers. Yes, one should be able to take, having the piss taken out of them. scaper, I will add, if one takes the piss out of someone, they cannot complain, when that person returns like.

    Yes being called mincing poodle and fat boy, is indeed shocking.

    It was Abbott and co that begin this. I believe it will be the PM, that brings an end to such behaviour.

    One would think that the Opposition would have learnt earlier than tis. They have had plenty of warning.

    Now, if one talks about matters that relate to women, that is gender politics.

    Gee, this Opposition do like changing the meanings of words.

    If they keep going, they will need a separate dictionary.

    If one is interest, that speech was a long one, about what Labor has done for women.

    scaper, if Abbott and co had any nous at all, today, they would have just said, that is indeed shocking, we apologize to the PM, Then keep their traps shut, and not attempting to justify, that, that cannot be justified.

    Now, thanks to Ross Cameron, they are blaming the chef, along with, it was a Labor setup.

    scaper, it must have missed your noticed, but that shadow bench have very thin skins. Can dish it out, but scream if like the pigs they are, someone says the same back. Like all bullies, arrogant bullies in this case.

    If Abbott and Co, did not have form, nothing the PM could say, would take hold.

  50. This is the twitter account of the chef concerned Fu. It might be useful to rebut the inevitable timeline obfuscation that will be (is already being) spread by right whingers:

    Briefly, he attempted to get the info to Peter van Onselen and Julia Gillard just after the function, but he didn’t get a reply, so dropped it. It seems Mr Hockey’s tweet yesterday pissed him off enough to revisit the case…

  51. it was a Labor setup

    Bizarro isn’t it.

    A judge finds that the libs set Slipper up, and there’s apparently no story, pens down.

    The libs smear the PM abhorrently with sexist filth, and it is apparently a labor setup.

    Only in the circle jerk called the Australian media could that happen.

  52. Uhlmann and the 7.30 Report on ABC did their darnedest to stick up for Abbott and put down Gillard. I got to the point I couldn’t stand it any longer and turned off the TV all together.

    For stuff sake they even played Abbott saying he is the father of 3 girls and a brother with 3 sisters as though that proves he’s not anti-women. He can have all the female relations he likes it doesn’t prove a single thing, his past and continuing behaviour towards women does. It could just as easily be argued it is because he’s been surround in households full of women that made him the woman hater he is.

  53. Technical assistance has arrived.. 😀 I’m looking into it, it’s probably an incorrect code which I’ll have to go looking for.

  54. Scaper and,

    What a boring nation we are becoming…can’t take the piss out of each other anymore because taking offence has become an opiate to feed the sanctimonious chattering class!

    Taking the piss out of..fine. Deliberately using bully boy tactics to denigrate women..not fine. But then there are *some men* who will never understand why denigrating women isn’t fun nor funny.

  55. It’s interesting that Slipper was well and truly castigated and lost his position for a private email between “mates”? which was not related to a specific person, but a truly denigrating and disgusting personal put down of the holder of the highest public office in the land, on a menu at a political fund raiser is treated like a harmless bit of fun and the slime ball Brough just says sorry, and only because he got caught, and that’s OK, nothing to see here.

    What monumental hypocrites! 👿

    Cheers 😦

  56. I’m incensed!!!! I was moderated and removed for posting this on Crikey! Any comments!
    “If you don’t think there is a misogynistic double standard in Abbotts attitude, think about this…. Remember him standing in front of two signs, one saying “Bob Brown’s Bitch” and the other saying “Ditch the Witch”! Now, imagine if the reverse had happened and Julia Gillard had stood up in front of signs that read “George Pell’s Bastard” or “ Ditch the Prick”. No double standard? No misogyny? Think again…. HARD!”

    Unbelievable. What on earth has happened to Crikey?

  57. Tweed as youi are looking forward to competent government, I assume you will vote 1 ALP.

    Liealot has form for incompetence and mendacity among a raft of negative character traits, qualities also in abundance in the Howard Has Beens who infest the shadow front bench.

    Liealot set up a slush fund to finance the prosecution of a fellow MP and lied not only to the AEC about it, but also to the Parliament.

    At the time he was a Minister in the Howard government. Is this the type of behaviour you admire in a Prime Minister?

    WRT Murdoch, he controls 70% of print media in this country and has never had any conscience about printing lies. He has actively campaigned against this government and failed to scrutinise the opposition at all, despite the fact that their policies are just a series of 3 word slogans.

    Murdoch has been found unfit to run an international company and also lied when giving “evidence” to the Leveson enquiry.

    And this is the creature who is backing the Liars Party. What a man indeed.

    What a maggot Brough is. And this is the calibre of person the Liars have endorsed to stand for Parliament! And they have the gall to be “outraged” at Slipper’s text messages.

    And when you look at the shadow front bench it’s infested with liars, buffoons and unprincipled grubs.

  58. Now I’ve heard everything. That disgusting piece of filth Brough comes out with a “joke” that would have him booed off any stage and it’s a Labor set up?

    Did someone from Labor hold a gun to the cretin’s head? They’re pathetic, typical bullies.

    And this is the mob that twat Erin is trying to convince herself and us, is a credible alternative to the current government. A bunch of sooky, whiny bullies who run to Mummy screaming when the big bad PM gives them a dose of their own medicine.

    Not one of these clowns is fit to run a chook raffle. Frankly, if they shook your hand, you’d be wise to count the fingers afterward.

  59. Tweed, …. thanks…… you are such an inspiration… no, really 😀 ( or is that aspiration 😕 , mm!! ) Many here may bag you out… me too sometimes 😉 , but one wonders what ‘we’, here, at the Cafe would do without you 😉 …… many here talk- ‘LNP this……LNP that…….. and you come along and confirm ‘said’ …… THANKS, you da legend…. on ya, mate…..and thanks for the feedback.

  60. ……..The Australian Federal Police (AFP) is investigating whether Interpol got the terrorism-related convictions of an Egyptian asylum seeker wrong.

    Sayed Ahmed Abdullatif found himself at the centre of a political storm when it emerged that he and family had been held at a low security detention centre in Australia for five months after the Immigration Department was told he was a convicted terrorist.

    The Opposition used the revelation as more ammunition in their claim the asylum system under Labor is a shambles, and the Prime Minister called for an immediate review.

    But now the AFP is questioning the veracity of the international police warning system, known as Interpol red notices.

    Police have asked Egyptian authorities to clarify exactly what crimes Abdullatif was convicted of in a terror trial in 1999.

    AFP deputy commissioner Peter Drennan told a Senate estimates committee that Abdullatif had been convicted by a Cairo court of a number of serious offences…………

  61. Well , well, well…it seems that no one at the event saw the menu as it was a private joke between the restaurant owner and his son which was picked up by an employee and sent to Gillard’s office in late March. Makes Jane look a bigger fool than usual.

    Min, I’ve seen plenty of denigration here of Abbott but it is acceptable because he is not a woman. Double standards??? I think so.

  62. it seems that no one at the event saw the menu as it was a private joke between the restaurant owner and his so

    Brough seemed to know of its existence and contents. Of course, it was private, as were texts between slipper and ashby. Do you see a link here?

    Obviously, there are different rules, depending on who’s team you are currently playing for

    JANET ALBRECHTSEN, COLUMNIST, THE AUSTRALIAN: I don’t think he should be disendorsed I think if he was there should be a lot of politicians who should be disendorsed for their offensive remarks.

    I don’t recall her supporting Slipper in the same manner.

    Hypocrisy AND Misogyny, liberal traits it appears.

  63. So, scaper, it didn’t offend you?

    You’ve read some of his posts Migs. I think offending him is beyond anyone’s capacity

  64. Of course it was offensive. And the restaurant owner who made it should be ashamed. But Julia (once again) has made herself look desperate and foolish with her ‘join the dots . . . . this is the kind of Liberal policy against women’ crap she came out with yesterday. Honestly, if this is all she’s got left then she’s got nothing.

  65. ‘join the dots

    Yep, the dots are joined, and brough is right in the middle of it. He has been exposed to be in the same position as Slipper, yet he gets a free pass, while the convected outrage over slipper remains.

    Meanwhile, hockey exposes what a hypocritical prick he really is.

    JOE HOCKEY: It’s inappropriate, it’s wrong. Wrong then, wrong now. Whatever the case may be, it is wrong. We should treat each other with respect.

  66. wow, a journalist asks some questions?

    Is this going to be the start of a trend? And will they ask them of the relevant person?

  67. Having knowledge of it (the menu) several months after the event, and having been an active participant in it are completely different things. If it was proven that Mal Brough was involved in creating the menu and having it placed on tables at the function then he should be held accountable. But as I understand it, even the chef that posted the pic isn’t claiming that’s what occured.

  68. Erin, then why didn’t brough say that yesterday, instead of saying that it shouldn’t have been there?

  69. wow, Latika is out of character. Let’s hope she stays this way.

  70. Fair question. It may just be a knee jerk response. Whilst it may not have had anything to do with the function, it was discovered on a night his function was held there (apparently). As I said before, if the guy who posted the pic was there he can easily confirm what happened and if it was on tables then Brough should be held accountable.

  71. Apparently several can confirm quite differently to the libs current line.

  72. Swannie is on abc 24 right now basically accusing the libs of lying about what they knew and what they saw.

    Crazy Brave?

  73. Has anyone at all involved over that menu apologised to Gillard, anyone?

    I can recall many occasions when the opposition have demanded Gillard apologise, even over trivialities and things she didn’t do, but am having trouble recalling any of them apologising to Gillard over the inappropriate, even by their own admission, attacks on her.

  74. Apparently, hockey wants Gillard to apologise for calling him fat?

    Does anyone have a link to this actual event?

  75. lol, brough didn’t know it wasn’t there. 😯 He apologised for it being there, when he didn’t think it was? This, from the same mob who, as ME pointed out, won’t apologise to the PM over actions from LNP functions

    So, he never saw it, but knew its contents, but is sorry that it was there, even though it wasn’t. Glad he cleared that up.

    Latika taking apart the libs ‘defense’ now

  76. Certainly the people responsible should apologise (whoever that turns out to be). Of course Julia will do her best to make it stick to Tony Abbott somehow but that just comes off looking desperate and piss weak. And when is Julia going to apologise to us . . . for having to endure this long, drawn out muppet show of a campaign ??

  77. Ah Erin’s back sprouts back with the usual nonsense and the utter double standards, plus the standard, “quick look over there at Labor, please don’t look at my piss weak Abbott.”

    Abbott is complicit because he has been front and centre in the anti-female attacks and has a long history of it. In this case he has refused to disendorse those involved as he has done in the past for inappropriate language and statements made against Gillard.

    Abbott is also complicit as the excuse of the restaurant owner not putting our the menus and it being a light hearted inside joke came from Abbott’s office, not the restaurant owner. It looks like that excuse is false as has been pointed out by a journalist who is no friend of Gillard and has often stuck up for Abbott.

    Abbott is complicit because he is the most morally bankrupt and lying leader this country has ever seen and by his own admission cannot be trusted in anything he says, and recently by his own action, in anything he writes down.

  78. scaper. if that is so, why did Bough, say yesterday morning, he seen it, and apoligise.

    Different story today.

    Then that is the norm for Bough, when one takes ones mind back to the days of Ashby.

  79. A long history of anti-female attacks ??? According to who ??? Julia and you guys ??? I’m curious . . . out of both Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott which one of them has been directly involved for years in the support of women’s shelters, breast cancer charities etc. I’ll give you a clue . . . it’s not Julia

  80. I cannot believe this. Labor is truly the masters of diversion.

    We have 260 people who work for Target in Geelong losing their jobs. We have asylum seekers drowning at sea due to Gillard encouraging them to come.

    And Labor diverts attention by releasing a menu from some function they have been waiting to release at the appropriate time for 3 months.


  81. Sorry Neil, but all of those things are Tony Abbott’s fault apparently. It’s complicated, but it has something to do with misogyny, blue ties, quail meat and chewing gum.

  82. Message to the looney left……
    Go find yourself a big box of tissues.
    We will be the ones celebrating your well earned political winter.
    Enjoy it – you deserve it!
    We will enjoy watching the unions getting kicked for a change, we will enjoy seeing the balance to our lives restored.
    Now piss off, pack your shit up and get ready to vacate office, judgement day is coming!

  83. A long history of anti-female attacks ?

    Yes, Julia said it, and I challenge you to disprove it. The media ignore this list when they carp on about ‘gender wars’, but the history has never been better highlighted than the PM herself

    He has said, and I quote, in a discussion about women being under-represented in institutions of power in Australia, the interviewer was a man called Stavros. The Leader of the Opposition says “If it’s true, Stavros, that men have more power generally speaking than women, is that a bad thing?”

    And then a discussion ensues, and another person says “I want my daughter to have as much opportunity as my son.” To which the Leader of the Opposition says “Yeah, I completely agree, but what if men are by physiology or temperament, more adapted to exercise authority or to issue command?”

    Then ensues another discussion about women’s role in modern society, and the other person participating in the discussion says “I think it’s very hard to deny that there is an underrepresentation of women,” to which the Leader of the Opposition says, “But now, there’s an assumption that this is a bad thing.”

    This is the man from whom we’re supposed to take lectures about sexism. And then of course it goes on. I was very offended personally when the Leader of the Opposition, as Minister of Health, said, and I quote, “Abortion is the easy way out.” I was very personally offended by those comments. You said that in March 2004, I suggest you check the records.

    I was also very offended on behalf of the women of Australia when in the course of this carbon pricing campaign, the Leader of the Opposition said “What the housewives of Australia need to understand as they do the ironing…” Thank you for that painting of women’s roles in modern Australia.

    And then of course, I was offended too by the sexism, by the misogyny of the Leader of the Opposition catcalling across this table at me as I sit here as Prime Minister, “If the Prime Minister wants to, politically speaking, make an honest woman of herself…”, something that would never have been said to any man sitting in this chair. I was offended when the Leader of the Opposition went outside in the front of Parliament and stood next to a sign that said “Ditch the witch.”

    I was offended when the Leader of the Opposition stood next to a sign that described me as a man’s bitch. I was offended by those things. Misogyny, sexism, every day from this Leader of the Opposition. Every day in every way, across the time the Leader of the Opposition has sat in that chair and I’ve sat in this chair, that is all we have heard from him.

    Read more:

  84. It’s Time, au contraire it is we who will be the ones enjoying watching you salivate over Tony Abbott as he becomes prime minister as we know what the future is going to be under a dud prime minister such as Phoney Tony. Très embarrassment at the very least.

  85. Neil on the menu, if you’ll pardon the pun… It’s off, it’s beneath contempt for any political entity to resort to putdowns which refer to a female’s genitalia. It you don’t see anything wrong with this, then I am sad that your parents didn’t bring you up to know that denigration of women on a sexual level is wrong.

  86. Tom – I’m not sure of the ‘discussions’ in your first three paragraphs, but the Ditch the Witch, housewives comment and making an honest women are weak arguements to support misogyny. They make great little sound bites for Julia but I don’t know a single woman who gave any of those comments a second thought or who considers them offensive.

    As for the ‘abortion’ comment, that one’s been thrown around and gains Julia a little traction until people realise the context in which it was made. I personally know a (youngish) girl who has had several abortions all as a result of one night stands and irresponsibility on her (and her partners) part. From her own comments, abortion has been an easy way out. And if you don’t think there are young people out there with that attitude then think again. Being concerned over that does not make you a misogynist.

  87. all of those comments support tabots misogyny Erin. You can say they don’t all you like, it doesn’t change what they are, or that a misogynist said them.

    And that’s not even going back to his younger days 😯

  88.’re not a woman now are you.. Either that or you’re a stay at home “mom” who does not have a clue about gender discrimination out there in the real world.

    A lecturer at SCU when I was studying law made it plain and simple – when you are considering whether or not something is discrimination, then swap one target group for a different target group.

    Imagine if Ditch the Bitch was an insult aimed at a gay gentleman, then I think that you’ll get the picture.

  89. Michael, do you have any idea why house prices are continuing to fall in Canberra.

    Could it be that they are getting in before there is a Abbott government.

    This seem to be the reason Rudd put his mansion on sale. The mansion bought with money, his wife earned from the action of the Howard government, deposing of the CES. (not saying Therese is crooked. She just took advantage of Howard’s generosity)

    Has that action ever had any research into it, to judge how well the replacement system work. Not too well, if the anecdotal feedback one gets from the unemployed, force to use i.

  90. I’m imaging ‘Ditch the Bitch’ being aimed at a gay man, and I’m thinking he might get a good chuckle out of it 🙂 . . . . but the ‘Ditch the Witch’ sign was actually being held up by a member of the public wasn’t it. Isn’t that their right to free speech. If it was an anti abbott sign saying Ditch the Dick, would anyone be making a fuss about it.

  91. And Labor diverts attention by releasing a menu

    Except Labor did not release anything to do with the menu Neil. The chef sent it to PVO and Julia Gillard’s office in March, but got no response. He took no more action until Joe Hockey’s ill advised tweet about respect for the PM. This got up the chef’s nose so much that he released it to show what a complete twat Hockey is 🙄

  92. It’s off, it’s beneath contempt for any political entity to resort to putdowns which refer to a female’s genitalia. ”

    I agree. But apparently it was the Chef and his son. If it was Brough he should be kicked out of the Liberal Party

    And anyway that didn’t stop Gillard employing Peter Slipper. In fact she promoted him to Speaker.

    Also apparently those signs that Abbot was standing under (Ditch the witch) only appeared after he started speaking.

  93. but the ‘Ditch the Witch’ sign was actually being held up by a member of the public wasn’t it.

    Which is basically what the PM said.
    was offended when the Leader of the Opposition stood next to a sign that described me as a man’s bitch

    And tabot proudly stood in front of it, cheering and clapping with everyone else. He was smiling and laughing in all of those photos. If he had a problem, there and then was when to make it. Instead, he tacitly endorsed it.

  94. Also apparently those signs that Abbot was standing under (Ditch the witch) only appeared after he started speaking.

    Yea, he needs work on his peripherals I reckon 😉

  95. So Tom, your saying because he happened to be there with someone who had something nasty to say then he’s sending a message that he approves of it ?

    But Julia appearing on Kyle Sandilands show in no way sends a message that she approves of or endorses his repeated comments about women ???

    John McT even came out to defend Kyle claiming he “reaches the hearts of millions”. Which makes it even worse because they acknowledge the potential impact he has on his audience.

    So his young audience here the comment . . . . “I’m going to hunt you down you fat bit of thing” and they might think to themselves . . . that’s not a good at all, but then the PM (who champions women’s rights) goes on his program and has her pic taken with him, so it must be OK ????

  96. If it was Brough he should be kicked out of the Liberal Party

    bye bye then 😉

  97. On ME’s ealrier point about how nobody appears to have apologised to the PM in all of this, this is how ltdnews wants to frame/report the event

    IF Julia Gillard was hoping the ‘menu-gate’ scandal might win her back some support after her ‘men in blue ties’ attack on the Coalition she’ll be sorely disappointed in the reaction on social media.

    Read more:

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  99. ‘……….You need only to look at the gender composition of the government and opposition’s front-bench teams to judge the accuracy of Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s statement the election is about ”whether, once again, we will banish women’s voices from our political life”.

    If Tony Abbott is elected prime minister on September 14 the number of women at the Cabinet table will drop by 50 per cent.

    Australia will go from having one of the highest representations of women in government in the democratic world to a very ordinary presence when compared with similar countries.

    All up, women are just 19 per cent of the Abbott team, whereas the Gillard government comprises 33 per cent women…………

  100. The chairman of Tony Abbott’s proposed business advisory council, Maurice Newman, has called for the renewable energy target (RET) to be scrapped because he believes the scientific evidence for global warming and the economic case for renewable energy no longer stack up.

    Newman, the former chairman of the ABC and the ASX, said persisting with government subsidies for renewable energy represented a “crime against the people” because higher energy costs hit poorer households the hardest and there was no longer any logical reason to have them.

    Newman acknowledged Coalition policy was to retain the current target to generate 20% of renewable energy by 2020, but told Guardian Australia in his opinion “the whole science on which this is based is somewhat in tatters”…

    Abbott did support that motion of Oakeshott, supporting confidence in the science.

  101. Hmmm…the debate seems to have shifted away from ‘Labor will be annihilated but…’ so first things first. BUT the only poll that counts in the one on election day… I know it’s a tired cliche BUT it also happens to be true, and despite the gnashing of teeth by the MSM, the results are going to be much closer than their blithe predictions of a wipe-out for the ALP. It’s still a little under three months until polling day and anything can happen. To use another tired cliche, ‘a week is a long time in politics.’
    There can be little doubt that the entire MSM including the ABC has lined up against this government when a comment by Barrie Cassidy a journo with an exaggerated sense of his own political acumen, sets off a feeding frenzy of speculation about yet another leadership challenge. It should be remembered that Cassidy’s advice to the Libs when they were facing defeat in 2007 was to replace Howard with Costello (a month before the election) on the grounds that it would deprive Rudd of media attention for at least two weeks and thereby give the Libs breathing space to recoup and possibly win. Talk about deluded!
    BUT let the MSM shake their tiny fists in rage. From reading the above comments, no one is really fooled by their obvious bias and the more they continue to show it, the more irrelevant they become. They’ve lost about 14% of their readers/listeners/viewers in the last twelve months and this trend will continue and grow as more and more people seek out other ways of obtaining rational (there’s the word) and genuine analysis of current affairs.
    BUT the problem with the blogosphere is that there are so many voices clamoring to
    be heard, that it can take a while before the reader can sort the wheat from the chaff.
    BUT the ALP still has a chance of pulling the chestnuts from the fire. BUT it will take a shift away from the neo-liberal lite policies which they have adopted since the mid 80s and a return to policies which reflect the social justice base from which they sprang, particularly that of full employment (less than 2% unemployed). BUT this is possible. The zeitgeist is changing, and people are starting to become aware that neo-liberalism simply means more loss of jobs, more and deeper poverty spread across the social spectrum, more money given to those who don’t need it, taken from those who need it the most, more degradation of the environment in the name of profit.
    As for the Libs and the vile and slanderous comments made toward Gillard especially by the bloggers who pusillanimously hide behind pseudonyms;
    “I have swallowed poison while thou hast utter’d it.” – Shakespeare.

  102. Prime Minister Julia Gillard and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger have written a joint opinion piece to urge global action on climate change.

    Ms Gillard will meet the Hollywood star in Perth today.

    The opinion piece, published in News Limited newspapers, stresses that the two regions are not alone in acting on climate change, and says that by the end of the year more than 1 billion people will be living in a state or country where a price on carbon is in place.

    “California and Australia have a lot in common – climate change threatens our fragile environments and aggravates serious bushfires, droughts and floods, which put our important agricultural ind….


    Last night Ms Gillard appeared alongside British comedian Ben Elton at a Perth fundraiser which had to be moved from a Fremantle school after a political row blew up over the use of school premises for political purposes.

    During a Q and A session with Elton, she said she did not think the nation would be exposed to as much commentary about her gender.

    “Some things have happened to me in terms of commentary about appearance and about gender – that won’t happen in the same way for the next woman who does this job and will happen less for the woman after that,” Ms Gillard said.

    The PM’s comments came after a day dominated by a bitter row over a menu which included crude and offensive references to Ms Gillard’s body and was produced for a Liberal fundraiser attended by Mal Brough and Joe Hockey….

  104. Saw that video on another blog. Carter was fired in October last year so he wasn’t even working at the venue and has no evidence that the menu was used. Just assumed it was. Admitted that offensive menu’s had also been used when Labor functions had taken place there.

    Meanwhile 260 people at Target in Geelong have lost their jobs.

    Thanks Labor for wasting several days.

  105. But Neil, the people here won’t believe the evidence of Carter, does not fit into the group rage.

    Someone sent me an article from the AFR today that dispels the myth that many jobs have been created during Labor’s tenure. Many more will lose their job because this government has stymied conditions to employ.

  106. Wonder when the trolls are going to begin saying, the shocking defence announcements today, are only to make Bough look bad. Has not come yet.

  107. I like this quote from someone who has nailed Gillard.

    “If Ms Gillard was dignified she would be treated with dignity.”

    Says it all!

  108. Heard a chef. on radio ABC local this morning. Did not get all the conversation, as it kept going off air. The gist of what I heard, he did not believe the owner. Not sure why, that was the part i missed.

    He finished off with that old verse.

    Yesterday, upon the stair, / I met a man who wasn’t there / He wasn’t there again today / I wish, I wish he’d … I couldn’t see him there at all!

  109. So when did Miss Taylor resign in disgust. Was it at the time she says she saw the menus ‘made public’ or did she resign in disgust today (presumedly after her disgust had time to percolate for a few months).

  110. Yeah, that Carter is really nice.

    What makes him think that a pit bull would lower himself to have sex with him? Even dogs have standards.

  111. Less believable than Judith Sloan 🙄

    Des Moore is an Australian economist and political commentator. After graduating in law from the University of Melbourne, Australia, and in economics from the London School of Economics, he worked for 28 years in the Commonwealth Treasury. He was deputy secretary of the Federal Treasury until 1987. From 1987 to 1996 he worked for the Institute of Public Affairs.[1]

    In February 1996, he established the Institute for Private Enterprise, a thinktank to promote free enterprise views, and remains its Chairman. He is also a Councillor at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute. In recent years he has expressed sceptical views on climate warming,[2] and is a proponent and confidant of Christopher Monckton, 3rd Viscount Monckton of Brenchley.

    Great whackjob Lieberal pedigree there 🙄

  112. Is this, what our descendants will read in their history books I wonder.

    “………..istorians will ponder and explore these 15 accomplishments with wonder and delight.

    1. The Government of Michael Joseph Savage in New Zealand (1935-40) was recently eclipsed by the Government of Julia Eileen Gillard in Australia for the lowest rate of ministerial sackings due to incompetence or corruption in the Westminster world. Since 1820 anyway. What led to this? Minority government? What else do Michael Joseph and Julia Eileen have in common?

    2. Why is Australia now being urged to lead the free world? Australia has been voted to chair the Pacific Islands Forum. Plus next year’s G20 group of the world’s 20 major economies. That’s on top of a seat on the UN Security Council. Everyone wants to sit next to Australia.

    3. Why was Prime Minister Gillard given that standing ovation after addressing the US Congress? Traditionally, that honour is reserved for deputy sheriffs who follow Uncle Sam into battle. How has this government managed to strengthen the alliance without supporting a single invasion? What singular advantage has Australia thereby gained?

    4. What precisely transformed relations with Indonesia? Australia is no longer the target for embassy killings, nightclub bombings, presidential invective and diplomatic insults. Who was the man who accomplished this? Or was it a woman?,,,,

  113. How can I play a ball that’s not in play? I don’t pay the Murdoch OR Fairfax empires for the crap they prattle…

    It’s pretty obvious what he’s gonna say though, with a such an extreme right-whinge pedigree 🙄

  114. Scaper – you have a crack at the PM & her supposed lack of dignity, as well as ‘that Carter guy’ and Sascha Taylor (15 mins of fame etc) – and then have the hide to talk about other people ‘playing the man not the ball’?

  115. Neil, it might have escaped your notice, Slipper was found to have no case to answer in one court, with cost being found against Ashby.

    The other court case is still to proceed. Not even too sure if it will go ahead yet. Definitely not found guilty.

    Abbott just tacky joke. Still does not get it.

    Neil, you do need to be careful with facts, even if they are inconvenient.

    Bough has form in misleading the public backed up by the Justice Rares Judgment, plus evidence presented to the court.

  116. Erin, do yourself a favour. Might even stop you from making a fool out of yourself.

    That speech, a very good one, was not a about abortion.Was not about gender wars.

    it was a long speech about what Labor has achieved for women, to a group of Labor women.

    There was a little satire about blues ties.

    There was one, I will say it again, one sentence about abortion. I believe that sentence was spot on.

    I have posted earlier, a bigger outline of the speech elsewhere.

    I will ask once again, why is talking about issues that only involve women, labeled as gender wars. Does it mean, we should not be discussing these issues.

  117. Taking words or sentences out of context, does not really change their meaning.

    The only legitimate meaning, is the one, that one finds, when they are read within the content of the article.

    That goes for “there will never be a carbon tax…” As well. When one reads it in the content of all that was said, the meaning is clear.

  118. Neil, last time I was openly saying to my daughter, how badly the quality of their goods has fallen. Years ago, I had lots of contact with women, from the UK, who regularly visited their families here.

    The first port of call, was Target, to buy clothes to take home.

    Suspect they would not bother today.

  119. Neil, do you see anyone here supporting either sides policy. Not even the Greens.

    Are you arguing with yourself?

    It is sure, it is not with is being written by others/

  120. I must say, Leigh Sales does ask stupid questions. I think the head of defence is getting a little annoyed with her.

  121. She is only showing her ignorance about the topic, she is questioning the head of defence.

    The man deserves more respect.

  122. I thought Sascha Taylor’s revelation that the menu’s were on tables was made on Hoopla. If it was, it’s mysteriously disappeared. The only reference to her that I can find is that an ABC correspondent tweeted that Richards (the owner) confirmed a Sascha Taylor never worked there ??

  123. Fed up at 5.58pm…

    Thanks for the link to

    One reads the link (and the facts are undeniable) and one shakes one’s head in utter bewilderment.

    By any objective measure, this has been a good government !

    There was a similar article in the UK Guardian a couple of months back. That article bemoaned the demise of the “Whingeing Pom”, usurped by a new and puzzling phenomenon, the “Whingeing Aussie”.

    As I watch in utter disbelief as the anti-Gillard hysteria mounts I get a weird sense of deja vu. I have a feeling I’ve seen all this before, albeit in a non-political context.

    I’m thinking of Lindy Chamberlain.

  124. Hi Everyone, why not just chill out. Min, Julia and I know how to party. Sure takes your mind off all this….

  125. “BUT the ALP still has a chance of pulling the chestnuts from the fire. BUT it will take a shift away from the neo-liberal lite policies which they have adopted since the mid 80s
    and a return to policies which reflect the social justice base from which they sprang, particularly that of full employment (less than 2% unemployed).”

    That’s one of my gripes too Edward. Sometimes I could bang Swan’s head against the wall. He’s certainly been got at by Treasury.

    The one thing that could save Labor is all-out Class War.

    Bring it on !

  126. Mangrove darling, you seem so uptight. Would you like a massage, or something? MIn and I can help if you like.

  127. MJ, do not despair, I have another opinion.

    We hear, that no one is listening to the PM. That could be true.

    What is also true, they are not listening to Abbott either.

    They are not listening to the MSM as well.

    If fact they are not listening to politics, full stop.

    Evidence for my belief is all around us. Little exercise, make a comment at your local shop, or the bus stop, on the topics that we have become observed with. They will look at you, as you came from another planet, having no idea what you are talking about.

    Sometimes one might, get “she lied.” Ask how, they will again look blank, I don;t know,you know..

    Another is the way the polls respond. Very little change, no matter what happens in the political field. What is also apparent, no matter the poll or the question, there is still 15-30 percent undecided.

    At the last election, there where they say, a million missing from the rolls. Many are now registered. If what I see around me, they would have been mostly forty or under.

    I do not believe, we will have Latham out, encouraging many in the Sydney area, to cast the massive number of informal votes.

    There is also the new parties and the coming of Hansen to throw into the mix.

    Yes, MJ, there are many unknowns.

    The one thing I do know, this PM is not going to act or react as many believe they know. it will be a wild ride. I am not too sure that Abbott has the wits, nous or imagination to survive the trip.

    Well one can dream.

  128. jiffi, depends. Do I add penis envy to my crimes.

    MJ, I believe we are going to have what is called a all out class war. This is because somehow, the Opposition has manage to identify everything as class war.

    Cannot wind back benefits and rebate to the middle/upper earners. That is class envy.

    One cannot talk about the needs of indigenous people, that is catering to the black arm band view of history. Appears to treat them as normal citizens makes them welfare defendant. Have to put controls on how they spend their money, no matter how responsible the person is. Black, therefore impossible ti be a worthwhile member of society.

    When is comes to the kids education allowance, making the mothers supply receipts, because they will only put the money in the pokies, is not class war of course.

    One cannot address womens issues, that is gender war.

    Yes, MJ, it is time for a all out war. Would not be surprised if the PM has come to the same conclusion.

    I say, let it rip.

  129. One can imagine what was going thought the PM’s mind. Keep going, you beauty. I could not have scripted it better.

  130. I see that the sock puppet has been conned, but that would not be hard. That Taylor tweet sucked you all in.

    And you lot reckon that you are the fifth estate? Relying on unconfirmed tweets to feed your hatred. Definitely not the new media.

  131. One of your pet myths smashed.

    PROMINENT legal academic and Fair Work Act review panel member Ron McCallum has disputed Bill Shorten’s claim that part of the Coalition’s industrial relations policy was a return to Work Choices, saying the Workplace Relations Minister was “politicking”.

    From the hate media…not the rumour mill called the filth estate.

    Wonder what clanger Gillard will make today.

  132. scaper, not as big as the one the younger Bishop made, when she said the Indonesians would lie in public, about not accepting boats back.

    The top government member, l, second to the leader, has said in no uncertain terms, that they will not accept boats back. In fact they are angry with the Oppositions words

    This is indeed a achievement for the Opposition.

    Could explain why they said last week, agreement not necessary. Suspect they have been told in secret, it is not on.

    Another lie by Opposition. Not that one would expect anything else.

    scaper, do you realise, the treatment of this PM, has led us to becoming a a laughing stock around the globe.

    within hours it was reported in every nation.

    Now twitter has gone wild, saying what a great PM we have.

    One wonders what authority Abbott would have overseas, if we were unlucky for him to become PM.

    scaper, abuse and ridicule of the PM is beginning to backfire on all that practice such gutter tactics.

    The tipping point has been reached. Such tactics reflect on the office of PM. They also reflect on women in general.

    It is capable of uniting women against all that think it is OK to treat women, in a sexist manner.

    What was the result yesterday, of reaction to the last few days, by many in the media, to up the ante. Result one radio announcer suspended, probably sacked, and one of the worse channel 19, the Projection I have seen, in it’s sexual ridicule of a women, in high office, the PM.


  133. Does anyone else find it odd that despite her vehement anti-misogynist stand, Julia keeps arranging these get together’s with guys like Kyle Sandilands and now Arnold Schwarzengger . . . . the guy cheated on his wife, then dumped his mistress . . . and don’t even get me started on what he did to that girl robot in Terminator 3 !!!

  134. Does anyone else find it a bit odd that despite their vehement anti-female behaviour Bishop still hangs out with Abbott and Ciobo.

  135. Actually I do find it odd that Gillard has get together’s with an anti-women guy like this:

  136. A new statistical snapshot paints a fascinating picture of wealth in Australia.

    According to the Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) Survey Annual Statistical Report released today, Australian households on average have managed to increase their wealth over the last decade – but the results show we have not escaped the effects of the global financial crisis.

    Wealth inequality has decreased in the past decade as the rich lost some of their affluence – but the wealthiest Australians have remained that way. Meanwhile, there have been significant shifts in the composition of household wealth between 2002 and 2010 – notably the flight from shares to the time-honoured investment favourite of property, and superannuation.

    The study of wealth in Australia is relatively recent, with almost no data on the distribution of household wealth existing before 2002, when the HILDA Survey included a series of questions aimed at measuring the assets and debts of households, while the ABS included a similar set of questions in its 2002-03 Survey of Income and Housing (SIH)……….

    It seems we have little to complain about. If this is a broken economy, what does a reasonable one looks like. Is not this good. “Wealth inequality has decreased in the past decade as the rich lost some of their affluence”

    Of course it is not perfect, in fact I believe, because of the global economy, it is fragile indeed.

    What we cannot afford, is a government that appears not capable of identifying the problems, and is hell bent, if putting all their innate policies in place.

  137. ME, the Liberal women reminds one of bikie or gangster molls.

    It is my experience, if those r molls show some independence or upset the bikie, they are easily deposed.

  138. Why do not the media gives up. Where is the Opposition today.

    They do not seem to be lightening to the answers. Just continuing with their inane questions.

    No questions about refugee week.

  139. scaper, you need to use my current moniker, otherwise new reader will not know who you are referring too. So not mind FU aka CU.

  140. What a dirty mind you have scaper. Or does that also come from that other dirty place.

    As I use Fed Up, anyone would assume that is what FU represents.

    I refuse to bow to idiots. Sorry, I am fed up, and fed up is what I mean.

  141. Please continue Continue, 😀 …. you will indeed find factual info here at the Cafe… 😉 if you want to find info on many subjects… not just politics, go to the categories section ➡ that way and up a bit 😀 …or you may want to delve into the cellar ( archived section) for info, … but please note.. the Mods here are notoriously lax with house keeping down in the cellar… watch out for unopened Blackberry Nip bottles underfoot….. and long play jokes 😀

  142. mm, it would seem that Continues comment got discontinued… which kinda leaves my return comment, above, superfluous 😆

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