“Julia Gillard Has Guts” But You Already Knew That, Didn’t You?

gillard smiling

One paper told the truth today
No matter what the others have to say.
You know, about the PM being dead,
Politically I mean. How often has that been said!

But here she is alive and well,
And with plenty of good news to tell.
This picture says it all dear reader.
We couldn’t have a better leader.

While leakers and gossip writers go to town,
Character assassins bring her down,
And Abbott does his stunts and struts,
She keeps smiling.     Yes!    Gillard has guts!


This weekend Miglo, who has been doing a sterling job at Australian Independent Media Network reposted  this article by Canberra journalist Robert Macklin writing in City News a few weeks back.  The Case For Keeping Julia Gillard lists the achievements of what he thinks is an excellent government run by a Prime Minister who has never been given a fair go.  Three weeks ago he wrote……

It seems I’m the only columnist left in Australia who thinks Julia Gillard and her excellent government have a reasonable chance of winning the September 14 election. Call me quixotic if you like, but I just can’t believe that my fellow Australians would toss out a government that has done us such sterling service for an opposition led by Tony Abbott who threatens to undo so much of what we’ve achieved these last five years; and who wants to set us on a path to “austerity” that has done such appalling damage in Europe and the US.

I wonder if he would be writing in the same vein today?   I hope so.  Had I seen it then I would have remembered this pome posted in Cafe Whispers in early 2011 about just one newspaper reporter commenting on the courage of Prime Minister Julia Gillard in the face of massive resistance from our mainstream Murdoch dominated media.  They ignored most of her activities outside of Parliament here in Australia and even overseas on official business representing Australia amongst world leaders where she was widely praised.  They gave her little if any credit at all for the massive amount of legislative reforms her government has achieved, nor for the sound economic performance of this country compared with other OECD countries.

Murdoch and his media mates were even then backing Tony Abbott to be in the Lodge tomorrow, or at least next week.  That resistance by mainstream media outlets has continued and having failed to oust Julia Gillard from the Lodge after two years of trying they are now overtly hostile to her.   Today even ABC’s Insiders were agreeing with most of the Canberra Press Gallery that it was all over for Julia Gillard.  She should withdraw gracefully in favor of Kevin Rudd in spite of his protestations that he isn’t going to challenge.   Barry Cassidy has even fronted our national evening news bulletin to give a grave faced report on his own opinion and that of other senior Canberra journalists that she will soon be gone, whether by her own decision or at the urging of certain unnamed senior ministers.

Tomorrow will tell how sound their predictions are, but I was encouraged to read this opinion from Andrew Elder about the Canberra Press Gallery and Murdoch journos in particular who…..

can’t believe the Labor leadership thing really is over. The basic facts of Australian politics are clearly different to what they told us, what they demanded we pay them to tell us: Julia Gillard was Prime Minister was Prime Minister in June 2010, she was Prime Minister was Prime Minister in June 2011, she was Prime Minister was Prime Minister in June 2012, she is Prime Minister was Prime Minister in June 2013, and no amount of increasingly strident Narrative is convincing that she won’t be Prime Minister was Prime Minister in June 2014, or ’15.

News Corp and its media outlets are the prime movers in all of this Canberra power play as Miglo outlines in another AIMN post where he puts up a feisty defence of our democracy and a challenge to Rupert Murdoch.

How dare Rupert Murdoch tweet: ‘Oz polls show nothing can save this miserable government. Election cannot come soon enough. People decided and tuned out months ago.’ The reason people tune out, Mr Murdoch, is because of the tripe served up in your tabloids and your cross-promotion of that tripe. Everyone knows you twist the political agenda to suit your business agenda and in so doing you crush and corrupt our democracy. We are not frightened of you and we will not surrender to your massive media power encapsulated in your tweet.

There are plenty of writers who agree with him in the blogosphere where there is a sense of urgency about the up-coming election now only three months away on September 14th.   Tomorrow will certainly see a proliferation of  posts from the many individuals, groups and organisations with their own sites who know how disastrous a victory for Murdoch and the vested interests of his corporate allies would be for themselves and the country at large.   Bushfire Bill at the PUB was already on the front foot eloquently defending the Prime Minister so unfairly labelled a failure by the Canberra Press Gallery.

But who are the actual failures? The woman who is still standing and governing, or the claque of paid Abbott spruikers and congenitally mistaken political “savants” who said that what she has done couldn’t possibly be achieved?

I think the latter… they have only polls on their side, polls that have predicted her fall from grace for three years now, but which can only be tested once every three years. No matter how you try to rationalize it, the only poll that’s verifiable is the one taken the day before the election.

Here at Cafe Whispers we’ve had our own writers like Min and Fed up and others who for years have been persistently drawing the attention of bloggers to the malice, motives and machinations of the conservative media backing the Coalition efforts to bring down the government.  Ad Astra at the Political Sword gave us forward notice of his post for today, a few days back, to give bloggers time to think through a reasoned response to the Asylum Seeker issue, which sadly has become disastrously urgent.   As well his strong affirmation of support for the Prime Minister was serendipitously already in the pipeline.  How timely that is in the light of the latest putsch by the media barons to have Julia gone.

Although it is not perfect, I support the Gillard Government because of its ideals of equity, fairness and opportunity, its vision, its narrative, and its policies and plans. I have held this position for years, and nothing I have seen has ever given me any encouragement to abandon PM Gillard and Labor and support Opposition Leader Abbott and the Coalition. I reject the ideology, the policies, and the plans of the alternative government, which are anathema to me.

Because I am in Western Australia I shall soon be privy to the thinking of some of our main stream media commentators as newspapers roll off the press for early morning distribution.    I wonder if any of them will be out there ‘telling the truth today?’     Right now when the latest tragedies on the high seas off our coast really needs our government’s fullest attention let’s hope it is not distracted by more media manipulations looking for a sensationalist headline and a political coup to satisfy their proprietor.

128 comments on ““Julia Gillard Has Guts” But You Already Knew That, Didn’t You?

  1. And right on cue this morning,Marius Benson on ABC Radio quotes Abbott adorer Barrie Cassider from The Insiders about unnamed Labor sources saying that Julia Gillard will be “tapped on the shoulder”. And who does the moron Marius trot out for a comment, in his words “from a Coalition perspective ” but you guessed it, Barnaby (Crackers) Joyce. What followed was the usual crap. The Noalition are absolutely terrified of Abbott having to debate Julia Gillard in a series of debates in the election campaign,absolutely shit scared. They do not want this election in September , they want it before then and that is why all this manufactured and confected bullshit is being wheeled out again. More propaganda from the Main Sleaze Media.

  2. I hear and feel the frustrations. The treatment our Prime Minister receives is grossly unfair and unwarranted, the witch hunt relentless. How tired are we of hearing the name calling ‘Juliar’ she lied about the carbon tax. We know the truth yet, like flogging a dead horse its brought out at every opportunity.
    Here we have a wonderfully resilient, great communicator, strong and feisty Prime Minister to be proud of. As a nation we ought be proud of the huge achievements of this minority Government, formed with the Greens and Independents. Overseas our PM is revered and our economy is talked about in glorious terms. Yet here, where we get to enjoy those achievements, the minions have allowed to be dictated to by the ruthless Mudoch and his unrelenting campaign to have Julia Gillard removed. Murdoch and co. are incensed it hasn’t happened and that’s why we’re seeing it ramped up 3 months out from the election.

  3. All the destabilisation and rumour mongering has been coming from Labor

    pyne is with Labor now ❓

  4. I wonder what the likes of Barrie Cassidy have to say if Labor do win the election and Julia Gillard is still prime minister?
    Are they so convinced of what they write that they will stake their reputations on the truth as they espouse it?
    Do they even countenance the possibility?
    Will they fall on their swords and fade from view as they should or will they somehow find excuses as to why they got it all so wrong?
    As an ex-scientist I can never see anything as black or white and always accept that I can be wrong. So I cannot understand that Cassidy in particular and the MSM in general can be so convinced that the outcome of an election can be so predictable that they would risk all by publishing the kind of crap we are seeing in newspapers and on television.
    Which raises another question – what is in it for them?

  5. Evan,”- what is in it for them” …..Employment, they have sold their soul’s to keep their job……. at the expense of our democracy….. traitors all 😦

  6. Thanks Evan and others up early over there! What’s in it for them? you ask.

    I’ve pondered that over these past few years. I do think someone is orchestrating some of this stuff and that money is changing hands. Perhaps promises are made of preferment or jobs, old favors called in, or even in hard core cases that threats are made, people stood over.

    I can imagine someone like Laura Tingle who seemed to stand her ground longer than most. But say she had an aging partner for whom she’ll have to provide long term care while at the same time ensuring old age security for herself? Journos weren’t that well paid, as I recall. Maybe just shutting up and not speaking her mind would be of use to someone, worth paying for?

  7. Evan: The Main Sleaze Media is so putrid I believe that have been in on the fix since day one . The Canberra Press Gallery is just the propaganda unit for the LNP and that also includes Abbott’s Broadcasting Corporation, aka the ABC, which is now just as putrid. They would not be out of place writing for the Volkischer Beobachter. That was a propaganda paper and so is the crap thay are writing.

  8. We need to realize what sort of a game that Murdoch (and others) are and have been playing now for years. Whitlam was brought down by him, Tony Blair also.
    Luckily he failed with Obama. Thank heavens the people of America protected their democracy, realized what was lies & spin by Murdoch.

    If we know what the game is, then it is us that have the power as the people of this country to ignore all of this propaganda & stand up for what is right & good. That most certainly is not what TA & the LNP are about, but our great PM & the party she leads is. They have the runs on the board with great social legislation, on the ball with the education reform (Gonski) NDIS, etc.

    We need for the people of this nation to stand up to Murdoch who one of his journalists Jessica Irvine telling us that the PM should just hand over the keys to the Lodge. What gaul, who do they think they are to shove something like this down our throats.

    I am steamed up & I am angry and I reckon we should all band together & tell Rupert to go to hell, we won’t take anymore of his megalomanic propaganda & dirty tricks. WE’VE HAD ENOUGH OKAY.

  9. What I see, is many, and in most cases senior journalist making fools, once again, of themselves,

    This, they have been doing, since the gutsy woman took power.

    Once can only come to the conclusion, this woman has enough faith in herself, to feel that she does not have to cater to their whims. Not to their whims, or that of the wizened and passed his used by date, Murdoch.

    I hate to say it, the woman might have misplaced faith in the public, to work the truth for themselves, not to listen to the tomfoolery, but to look at the results of her achievements.

    Maybe this woman does believe that delivering a a strong economy, along with many essential reforms that other have failed to deliver, would be enough.

    What is her crime? Listening during the week, not her ability to install and deliver. Not the quality of the policies, past and to come.

    No none of that,. It appears the woman just cannot get the message out.

    Wonder why that is? I hear her every day, out before the public, talking in a very clear manner, answering every question put to her. We see the same woman, within the house, in full control of the agenda. It is Abbott and co that are cowering, body language showing desperation.

    Why are the public not listening, as they say. I suspect, that they are also not listing to Abbott as well.

    This could account for the state of the polls. Not moving either way much, because people have given up, taking an interest.

    Could it be the media and their behaviour, that has turned the public off. They are sick of the rot, they insist on presenting every day. We know, when the PM broke through, as she did on NDIS, the public do listen. They listen so well then, that Abbott panic and came on side very quickly. Another topic the public is taking some interest is the NBNCo, , leading to Abbott switching to fibre lite, himself.
    No, it is not this woman who has caused this dilemma, it is the media themselves.

    One can only guess at the motive of some.

    I can only guess, n some cases, that some have let their own personal prejudices get in the way of good judgment.
    That some insist in judging and expecting standards from women, in general. The truth is,with this PM, gender should not even be in the picture.

    One would think, after three years, making the same predictions, they would learn.

    Still cannot understand why we need a earlier election date. Centre point of the last rubbish, is that Rudd will come in, and call an election in early August. Why is so important for Abbott. I could see why he might have wanted to push the PM aside, and go to the election in the PM role. I cannot see why he would want Rudd in the seat, except, Rudd would be torn apart.

    Why do they continue to under estimate the PM. What is Abbott afraid of, an election September 14. The only thing I can think of, is that the public might begin to listen, or more lightly, does not want his non policies to come under scrutiny. He wants to go to the election, saying as little as possible.

    I do know, if this woman wins once again, it will put a knife through the heart of our MSM and will be the death of politics by polls. Yes, popularity will die, and common sense arise.

    I believe that Obama did this in the USA. Time for it to happen here. Time for politics to be reported. Warts and all, but truth, not what we are now getting from the feverish and prejudice brains of many that pass as journalist today.

    The truth of the last fortnight is that it would be pure stupidity for the PM to be replaced, even if that was what some want. Are we to believe, that all in the Labor parliamentary party are all idiots.

    There is not one good argument for bringing Rudd back. Not one.

  10. Patrica, last week I heard Paul Sheahan arrogantly he could not stand to watch our gutsy woman. Said that she had to learn to smile. This nearly knocked me off my feet.

    This, I cannot understand. Every day, we see photos and video of a smiling and warm woman. What does he mean. At least the woman does not have that smirk, that Abbott wears at all times, or the look of a slimey, snake oil salesman.

    At the weekend, we now have the label, of the ice maiden. I can only say, there is now a concentrated effort, to portray her warmth and guts, as one who does not care. Yes, back to the image of the witch.

    This lwoman must be going through hell at this time. No one can brush off such a concentrated push of abuse.

    Maybe a few emails to her, saying we understand, would not go amiss.

    We cannot afford this PM to give up. We all have to much to lose.

    Bullies cannot reign.

  11. Evan, if the PM did win, it would be a wonderful day for democracy in this country.

    The game has moved on from Labor versus the Liberals. It is now democracy versus the media.

    The fight at this time, is not between Gillard and Abbott. It is between Murdoch and Labor.,

  12. Maybe the troubles for Murdoch in the UK has led Murdoch to believe he needs a win in this country, to build up his self confidence,

    I wonder if he feels, he is losing his power, over politics around the world.

    Does he fear the new technology, that weakens the power of his media network.

    Yes, NBN does threaten his TV network. Abbott’s lite scheme removes that danger.

    Yes, he lost out in China, gaining a wife. Yes, Rudd was letting him in the back door. Gillard took the prize away from him.

    Yes, Murdoch might think he has much to lose.

    Lets help the PM take it all from him.

  13. I have been hearing this rubbish from large sections of the mainstream media regarding the ALP for as long as I remember. It is particularly vicious here because the PM is a woman and they think this will make her more vulnerable to the old-fashioned attitudes of some. Most importantly, I think it is so vicious here because the current govt (who expects perfect?) has pushed a visionary and reformist agenda not seen in a long time. To even consider a leadership change at this point would be electoral disaster as those who are keen to vote for them would see it as a victory for the conservatives before the election as even happened. The current govt will hold its course and resist the demands of the Murdoch dominated MSM to cave to their horrific view of things.

  14. Speculation over Mr Rudd replacing Prime Minister Julia Gillard exploded over the weekend although his office today repeated Mr Rudd’s pledge he would not contest the leadership with her.

    Read more: http://www.news.com.au/national-news/labor-coup-could-make-tony-abbott-pm-before-election/story-fncynjr2-1226661262867#ixzz2VmU7ju00

    The libs must be pissing themselves laughing, cos all of the ‘speculation’ is coming from their members. Dutifully blown up by theirmedia.

    The Unhingement is reaching it’s crescendo. But can it last for another three months at this pitch?

  15. This is an aside, but the actions of the Greens, and Independents as the one from SA worry me.

    They seem to be giving the impression, they are better linking up with the Coalition, taking a stand against the PM.

    I would say, think again. Their enemy is not Gillard but Murdoch, which they will get, voting for Abbott.

    Back in an election, before the GST became reality, many voted for Howard, in the belief that the Democrats would never back the GST.

    The lesson learnt, should be, if one does not want something, one does not support that party in any way.

    If pone wants to break the power of Murdoch in this country, vote ALP 1 There is no other way.

  16. Yes, Michael, Abbott wanted to go to the election as Fraser did. Now that is impossible, he will settle for Rudd and a earlier election of four short weeks.

    Why is he so afraid of fighting in the conventional manner. Why, when all the polls, if we are to believe them, tell him the election is just a inconvenient formality.

    This is the question one should be asking, why the pushed to deposed the PM at this late time.

    They say she cannot turn the numbers around, why not leave the allege loser there. Why put someone in, they say, will gain more votes, but still not win.

    Sorry, I cannot follow their reasoning.
    That is the question, what would Labor gain by changing at this time.

    The only result would be, that Labor would be seen as lacking guts, and be seen as a circus for decades ti come.

    There can only be one of two reasons. The polls are not telling Abbott, what they are telling the public. That Abbott is terrified of coming under proper scrutiny. He needs and excuse not to have his policies scrutinized and costed.

    A third could be, they are afraid that the great number, shown up in the polls as undecided, may come down on the side of the M, when they come to the time to make an decision.

    I suspect, he does not want tao be scrutinized, and is afraid of the great undecided,

  17. Every time. I have taken note of what has been said, on ABC, radio and TV, I hear the words, August 12 election. Why it that important to the media.

    Could their motive just be pure revenge, for the gutsy woman making fools of them all, for the last three years. Three years and a few days not.

    Is it the anniversary of her rise to the job, that has got under their nose, as they were left completely out of the loop.

    I suspect it is not only the PM that does not talk to the media, it is all that support her.

    I suspect the likes of Oakes and Cassidy, cannot stand this state of affairs. Not that Oakes has much to say at this time. Maybe he has learnt, not to under estimator the woman. Who knows.

    Maybe we are witnessing the battle on the MSM and the role they play in politics n this country.

    What ever the reason, there is a might battle now being fought.

    What ever the reason, who do we want to win?

  18. Tom, I believe this is the last hurrah, as far as the MSM is concerned. Cannot be maintain for three months. Nothing new, when one takes a look.

    I noticed, that Abbott has remained hidden this weekend. Unusual for him.

    The penny has dropped in his camp, that the less we see of him now, the better. MSM now have no choice but to question him.

    I believe that Abbott in the last fortnight of sittings, will have to begin ti push his case,. Attacking the PM will be a no no.

    I suspect, that Abbott would rather have Rudd than Gillard, as the woman has well and truly got his measure.

  19. Steven, one good question, is ask your mates to explain, when they say the woman lies,, Most have trouble in this respect. Maybe ask it they believe in man made climate change. I believe that the majority do
    . Then ask them why they want to get rid of legislation that addresses the problem. Ask them if their schools have improved over the last six years, Ask them what they would like to give back.

    Ask them to explain why Abbott will be better.

    As Carr says, luck can change. It could be, that they are going to far.

    In complete agreement.

    Just ask your friends, to to question.

    . Ask the young ones about NBN and what they want.

  20. Not all journalist are in the loop,it appears. Some are, belatedly voicing there concerns.

    What the Rudd rumours really tell us
    :”.. was with some horror that I read the words ‘Rudd’ and ‘leadership’ in the same sentences, appearing in several articles by national commentators, in the press over the past two days.

    It’s the fantasy that will not die – Kevin Rudd will come back and restore order to a Labor Party that really, really has lost its way this time. Well, no he really, really won’t.

    Then again, if pigs flew backwards and Rudd did take the party to the September election, it would tell us less about Labor and more about a news-media industry that is day by day letting democracy slip through its fingers.

    The Canberra press pack is whipping itself into a frenzy at the slightest sniff of Labor’s blood in the water. While that might provide thrills for the daily news cycle – ‘Labor MPs already packing up offices!’, ‘Wounded Ruddite’s happy to slag off government!’, ‘Mark Butler melts down in Senate estimates meeting!’ – it does nothing to advance the voters’ knowledge about policies that will likely change their lives in 2014.

    And naturally enough, Labor MPs are furious that, day after day, the story is Labor, and not policies or their economic successes.

    While George Wright emails followers telling them “Tony Abbott and the Coalition are peddling a lot of crap”, too few journos are actually raking over that “crap” to give voters, not journos, the chance to make up their own minds that Abbott’s offering something better – he may well be, but he resolutely won’t tell us what it is.

    We have the NBN plan, the paid parental leave plan and a few bits and pieces, but the real plan – particularly fiscal austerity and tax hikes or tax-cut deferments – will arrive when there’s scant time to examine it before the election.

    And it has become orthodoxy to skate over the little things Labor has got right – such as the unprecedented backing of the three major credit ratings agencies, low unemployment, low inflation and reasonable GDP growth. While it’s true that no government can take much of the credit for creating these conditions, plenty of governments in the past have shown themselves capable of stuffing them up.

    As a kind of proxy of the frustration of Labor MPs in the house, it’s worth looking at comments made by one of caucus’s best and brightest – Andrew Leigh, a former professor of economics at ANU, who holds a PhD in economics from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University……

    Read more: http://www.businessspectator.com.au/article/2013/6/7/politics/what-rudd-rumours-really-tell-us#ixzz2Vmf9Sx00

  21. Hey Fedup You wonder where Abbott is. Could it have something to do with his dodgy Pollie Pedal expenses claims/ He always go underground when something has been revealed.

  22. Patricia B – do you have a link to the Pollie Pedal story? I’m keen to follow that up.

    And Kim – thank you for that audio. Do you have a link I can use for that too? Or should I be able to sort that out myself. I’ll give it a go. Fascinating listening, isn’t it. Doesn’t this all make sense of the PM’s early announcement of the election date now? Really clearing the decks, so that the election campaign proper should be able to be about policy.

    Steven, I think hoping to avoid those debates is what’s making this putsch so much more determined. I even think they’re hoping to have Abbott as PM before next week’s sittings of Parlt. PMJG is such a great performer there, and of course the spotlight will be on her well and truly now, particularly in Question Time.

    Fed up, thanks for your keeping us up with relevant articles and commentary, particularly the Business Spectator quote.

  23. Did this work? I sent the link last time but it just came up with vid. Maybe if I write it myself here too

  24. Don’t know why it didn’t come up with link. I even wrote it separately. Thinking thinking

  25. Heres another one. You may already have it. For some reason when you post the link it just takes you to the site. This was only two weeks ago

  26. I have not voted ALP in an federal election since I was 18 (in ’77), nearly always voted Independents, much to the distain of my ALP rusted-on family…… but I’m back in the ‘fold’ now because of this woman…. this Prime Minister…. this vivacious wonderous woman..my PM, Julia Gillard.
    But why??, I hear you ask….. 😉
    1: When the whole ‘she lied’ about the Carbon Price thingy went down, the Juliar BS etc, I was somewhat perplexed as to why??? I can read and I can hear, and from what I read and heard, I could not see the supposed lie…and that seemed to be very unfair to me, especially as ‘she’ had said ” ….let me make this perfectly clear, we will put a price on Carbon” … and that was what ‘she’ did,… no lie there. ….and that got me wondering, mm!!
    2: Even blind Freddy can see that ‘she’ has been unfaily targeted by an Turdoch/Gina compliant MSM….. and that goes against my Australian-ism’s of being ‘fairdinkom’, ‘fair go’ etc
    3: Then theres that back-biting little turd of a man Tony Abbott, like finger nails down a blackboard he is to me, an blatant ‘snake’, an obvious self-server and self confessed liar, an untrustworthy abhorrent cheat…… I do not like the man and this more than anything has returned me back to Labor.
    4: The gross manipulations that Turdoch and Gina are trying to foister on Australians just really goes against the grain…… I was bought up as an Australian and what they are trying-on is not very Australian IMO.
    5: Every time I watch and listen to her I am in awe…… she has an aura about her that bespeaks ‘truth’….. the body language, the way she puts her view forward, the way she stands her ground and answers every bloody question put to her and dosn’t run away…….. those are things that ‘speak volumes’ to me as an ordinary Aussie.
    6: ……and, yes, 😳 I’v got this ‘thing’ for red-heads …. and ‘our’ Julia is one hell of a ‘ranga 😀
    7: Last, but not least, Climate Change……. Julia has instigated real action on this, she has made a start…… Tony has said its crap… 👿 this fool and his brain farty party will only wreak havoc on our environment. They must not be allowed to…
    A vote for MSMLNP puppet Tony Abbortt is a vote for Turdoch and Gina 😛

    A vote for Labor is an vote for Australia Fair.

  27. Yes well done! Similar story. Haven’t voted Labor since Whitlam preferring greens and independants. A Fabulous woman. Everytime some arsehole feels its ok to suggest and incite violence towards her in the media is an arrow in the heart for all women and she just keeps on doing the job. Amazing. How do we convince all those other women I hear in supermarkets shrieking about “the bitch”. Individually I challenge and am dismissed. I think this is a real Waterloo time for women. Follow her lead, be brave stand up against the misogynists, support her and all the other wonderful women in her cabinet!

  28. Yes Kim – that’s how WordPress handles videos…

    patriciawa – if you right click on the video, you should have an option of copying the video’s URL (Copy video URL at current time)

  29. patriciawa,

    The 2011 Pollie pedal ran from 2nd to 10th April 2011.
    Date / Location / Purpose / Overnight Stays / Amount /
    02 Apr 11 / Kyogle / Office Holder – Official Business / 1 / $345.00
    03 Apr 11 / Grafton / Office Holder – Official Business / 1 / $115.00
    04 Apr 11 / Dorrigo / Office Holder – Official Business / 1 / $345.00
    05 Apr 11 / Armidale / Office Holder – Official Business / 1 / $345.00
    06 Apr 11 / Walcha / Office Holder – Official Business / 1 / $345.00
    07 Apr 11 / Gloucester / Office Holder – Official Business / 1 / $345.00
    08 Apr 11 / Cessnock / Office Holder – Official Business / 1 / $345.00
    09 Apr 11 / Ettalong Beach / Office Holder – Official Business / 1 / $345.00


    Click to access ABBOTT_Tony.pdf

  30. Well done Bacchus. Can anyone tell me how i can change my name on Facebook so my whole name doesn’t come up? Getting a bit heated

  31. Kim, interestingly I’ve had comments from some ladies who have never voted Labor but say that they cannot in all conscience vote for Tony Abbott. One lady added, “But don’t tell my husband”. These ladies believe that Gillard has done a wonderful job, have experienced workplace bullying themselves having copped the sort of put-downs women receive and liken these to what Gillard has been subjected to.

  32. Ah Min I used to be a Senior manager in a male dominated bureaucracy. I can only imagine what she is going through. I know I will sound like an old 70s feminist which I am, but can we use the word woman please

  33. Thanks, LOVO! That’s beautiful. From the heart!

    Min, it’s my own experience too. Some time I’ll write a full account for you about being run out of my job as the first woman Principal in a WA country town with what are now normal attitudes to corporal punishment ie. refusing to can little primary school kids as well as adolescents! and reversing what had been traditional treatment of Noongah students generally which meant that they just didn’t come to school, which kept the local P&C quite happy!

    That was back in the ’80s but the sort of lies, distortions and character assassination tactics now used against the PM are the same old stuff I remember and at the time could not at first believe or understand.

  34. As speculation grows in Canberra about an impending leadership spill, Julia Gillard has spent the day welcoming families to afternoon tea at Kirribilli house.

    The prime minister invited a small contingent of about half a dozen families involved in the ‘Give a Gonski’ campaign to thank them for their support for the education reforms.

    Labor MPs have spent the day hosing down growing leadership speculation as polls show once-safe seats are at risk in the September federal election.

    But Ms Gillard appeared relaxed at the PM’s residence with partner Tim Mathieson by her side – treating kids to iceblocks, macaroons and sandwiches, and letting them pat first dog Reuben…..


  35. has the issue come up again recently?

    I’ve only seen it on IA recently patriciawa, but I rarely look at MSM sites…

  36. Kim, I was only the 3rd female elected to Victoria’s then largest shire council..the 3rd in 103 years. Now that was most definitely a “boys club”. However, they were all nice guys and focussed on achieving the best for the people who they represented, so after they realised that I wasn’t all about dominating nor using my female-ness to influence opinion, I was more than 100% accepted. Many women are not so lucky.

  37. Steven, let’s hope so. I think that the very least which the Australian public can expect is honesty – let’s be allowed to make informed choices instead of these constant cover-ups pertaining to Tony Abbott.

  38. .

    ….For those unfamiliar with quaint notions of professional standards, journalists are obliged by their code of ethics to “report and interpret honestly” and to strive “for accuracy, fairness and disclosure of all essential facts”. They must not suppress relevant facts or give distorting emphasis and they must do their utmost to give a fair opportunity for reply.

    So ask yourself: When did journalism become defined by an ability to just make stuff up so long as it attracts sufficient eyeballs? When did success in journalism become defined as a capacity for creating click-bait that panders to prejudice, ignorance and the ambitions of flaky political carpetbaggers?

    When did business journalism become about supplying unpaid PR spin for rent-seeking lobbies seeking to pass off their own commercial interests as the public interest? At what point did economic journalists decide that the facts were just too inconvenient to fit a prevailing political narrative?

    Finally, when did we sit back in Australia and decide to let a US citizen who presides over an organisation that hacks phones, promotes illegal wars and trashes corporate governance to promote regime change and run our democracy by remote?

    And, ladies and gentlemen, Mr Murdoch does all of this in the name of freedom ..


    Why do we fall for the shit.

    It is not even in our interest. they are telling me, that those over 60 want Rudd back.

    What,,are they saying all over 60 have forgot how to think for themselves.

    Being over 70, I cannot agree.

    We have been through this media shit so ofter, first with Whitlam, then Keating, now Gillard.

    All left us little people much better off.

    We can thank first Rudd, and now Gillard, that extra money, we get paid into our accounts each fortnight.

    Maybe some have forgot to question, but I do not believe that either. Many of us, have been conned too often.

  39. has abbott agreed to any debates with our julia : ) if not , does that mean he is scared, and would that make him a coward ? now we dont want a coward running the country do we ? he must do one on one debates, or be known as a coward ! now is that to cruel a thing to do to such a nice man ?

  40. pyne is with Labor now 😕

    God no! Don’t give that sleaze bag the chance to contaminate the government

  41. Min, I do not believe there would be a woman over 30 that have not suffer similar sexist behaviour. Most older would have found it the norm.

  42. Just had a thought, back in the olden days, it was common to hear, and many believed, that behind all great men, was a woman.

    Funny, I have never heard that great women need a man behind them.

    Yes, some sexist pigs, might accuse them of sleeping to the top, but we all know, that is another urban myth.

  43. Min, you were accepted, as long as you did not threaten them. Do you really believe that is fair. I know it worked, but maybe we need to move on from that.

    Gender should not count. Gender makes no difference to ability.

  44. Min, I have seen no evidence, that the PM goes out of her way to show up men. She seems to treat them as equals.

  45. The media and the Federal opposition have long charged that the incumbent regime is a ‘lame duck’, ineffective, achieving little, inept beyond description and clinging to office by a hairs breadth, counting off the days in fear of its imminent ‘doom’…a perspective that is happily echoed on the tongues of the oppositions supporters.

    If you believe their nonsense, you need to read the following comprehensive list of this governments achievements over the past two and a half years and all with the support of the conservative opposition; despite the fact that it has gone forward to vilify the government and its policies with its ‘public voice’.

    The Australian Broad View would like to thank Fiona in the human resour

    ces department (Parliament House Canb……


    Cannot copy all that has been passed. List much too long. Do look for ones self.

  46. To Fed Up. Its women who are over 30/ say in their 50s that lead the feminist movement because they most definitely didn’t see it as ok or normal the way they were treated. Sadly my experience is young women denigrate those women and think everything is hunky dory now. It needs an even bigger movement now, because men( some men) have fought back and the backlash is here. I mean even in my day no MP would have got away with suggesting the female PM should have her throat slit, or be kicked to death. This has been let slide and this is saying that it is ok to incite violence to woman because hey they can say it about the PM

  47. pyne tried very hard to close a child care centre at adelaide university, because he hated the idea of single mothers using it. when asked why ? he said because i can ! and i don’t use it anyway. he is a real piece of nasty work !

  48. Looks like Julair Gizzard won’t be leader much longer, will it be a record. Previously KRudd was the only serving PM to be sacked by their own party EVER, now to win the next election they WILL sack Juliar, the puppet PM.

  49. Our first web poll – vote now
    Posted on 18/05/2013

    What will stop my friends/family from voting for Tony Abbott?

    Sending a text message to ask friends not to vote for Tony Abbott

    My own video testimony on why I won’t vote for Tony Abbott

    Calling my friends to ask them not to vote for Tony Abbott

    Tweeting my views Twitter

    Sharing news or opinion pieces

    Holding a ‘100 days to the election’ party on 7 June

    Posting my views on Facebook


    View Results


  50. I must say the ABC is not giving up. Uhlmann at his evil best 7.30

    Why the desperation. We will have AN ELECTION WITHIN THREE MONTHS ANYWAY.

    It is getting ridiculous. If Shorten gives into the media drive, it will destroy all chances he has for his future career for no benefited.

    All Shorten has to do is wait. He is still a YOUNG MAN. One does not take a poison chalice, unnecessarily. It would be stupidity.

    polls, that is all we hear.

    The die is casted. Once again, we are hearing, from the Labor stalwart, Labor has runs on the board.

    I suspect, no I believe, not listening to the PM is the problem.

    I believe they are not listening to either party, or too the media.

    Most will return their attention to politics, when we are closer to the election. Both the MSM and the Opposition know this, and are scared stiff.

    The outcry from both are frantic this weekend, We are hearing little, in spite of what the media alleges from the government. The Opposition has gone to ground.

    The PM is still quietly getting on with the job.

    1200 Sri Lankans have been sent home. The numbers grow,.

  51. Hey Min, try Corrections. But hey! I still stand by my statement that had we had a female PM in the 70 and Members of Parliament and the spokespeople thought it ok to suggest the murder of same PM, whether by slitting throats, kicking to death , taking out to sea in a bag, women would have come out fighting

  52. wayne, your fearless leader is to gutless to debate issues with the PM. as well as being just to stupid as well…. so do you mean to tell me you want a gutless and stupid man to run the country? yes means your an idiot !

  53. Steven, it seems anything is better than a woman, even a intelligent one that can deliver.

    Yes, all that are condemning her now, saying it is not about her policies or implementing of them, but she has not communicated the message,

    Yes, the runs are on the board, so obvious, that many have dropped that approach. Too easy to catch them out.

    I believe that this week will blow over. They cannot push it much further.
    it has to be made up, as any change at this time, would not benefited Labor in any way.
    The woman has guts, and will take it up to Abbott, in a way that no other in the party can at this time.

    I suspect, this woman will be seen at her best, with her back to the wall.

    It will not be ea replay of the last election campaign.

    The PM will not behaved, as they believe. The PM is far from a dead woman walking.

    That is wishful thinking on behalf of some.

    I am sure, those in her cabinet, and most in the caucus know this.

    Another few days of the present media outrage, and will die down, as all previous attempts have.

  54. Previously KRudd was the only serving PM to be sacked by their own party EVER

    Seems “Wayne” has no knowledge of Australian political history 🙄

    Wayne (is your last name Kerr?), there have been FIVE Prime ministers deposed in party room coups – Hughes, Menzies, Gorton, Hawke, Rudd…

  55. patricia, thank you for the pome & the post. Plenty of meat on its bones.

    Saaq Madiq, as always you get to the heart of things. Couldn’t agree more with you.

    Kim, John Mendoza gives a very clear picture of the state of the Rudd government and makes it extremely clear why he was given the tap on the shoulder.

    Mendoza’s critique of Rudd’s personality also puts his refusal to go to a vote after the tap on the shoulder in perspective. He had already started his campaign of destabilisation and martyrdom with his claque of treacherous disloyal cheerleaders.

    Had he called for a spill and a vote been taken, he would still be FM and the Liars & their enablers would not have had the destructive ammunition to throw at the government over the last 3 years.

    Rudd’s followers also demonstrate a particularly vicious disloyalty and should really be disendorsed.

    LOVO @5.05pm, well said. There’s not another politician in this country who can hold a candle to her. Liealot and the entire shadow ministry of Howard Has Beens are so far in her shadow, I wonder that anyone can actually see them.

    Min @5.54pm, for all the boys club bs coming from Liars and their barrackers wrt workplace bullying & harassment of women, it is a continuing problem which must be taken seriously.

    Obviously, this is not an issue on which the thugs in the Liars, particularly Liealot, place no importance. This should be of serious concern to women. And given the Liars complete disregard for workers rights, men are also in danger from this mob of shoe wetters.

  56. Wayne your obvious ignorance has been exposed by Bacchus. And continuing to dribble Liars porkies makes you look even sillier.

    Take your drivel to Dolt’s site; he NEVER deals in the truth or facts. You’ll be right at home.

  57. Bacchus, the norm is that if a PM loses the confidence of their caucus, they go. Sometimes, the caucus waits to long. In this case, they acted before Rudd made any real damage.

    That has backfired on the governed, as they never ever reasonably communicated why they acted as they did.

    I have a feeling, they did not want to cause Rudd any more hurt than they though necessary.

    This action has allowed Rudd to mount his three year assault on the government, mainly targeting the PM. This was not fair.

    It was the caucus that lost confidence in Rudd. Even now, he is unlikely to have more than 10 supporters. Mainly discontents, who I suspect, are more against our woman PM, than for Rudd.

    No one at any time, has condemned Rudd for his policies, or his ability to campaign. Where he fell down was the inability to carry through with those policies. He seemed to hit a brick wall, became stalled, and could not go forwarded.

    Yes, not supporting Garrett was the beginning of his downward path.

    The PM has done nothing to deserve the abuse she has received over the last three years.

  58. nobody deserves the abuse she has had to endure, she has showed them all up with her toughness. A lot of men would have withered away by now. All those who attempt to bully her are not fit to call themselves men. I could not classify them as anything except low lifes. they disgust me.

  59. This, from a real journo…
    ” No one loves a good leadership spill more than a bored press gallery. For some time now I have been convinced that all Labor leadership speculation has come from journalists looking for some excitement.

    On any given day politics can go from being boring and dry to exciting and giddy. It really depends on how they’re feeling in the press gallery. Just prior to the end of last year’s parliament, the Australian (minority) government passed or amended 300 pieces of legislation.

    Not bad for a minority. But does the average Australian know that? And what were those pieces of legislation that were either amended or created?

    We would struggle to name them because those in the press gallery whose job it is to scrutinise and inform us are too busy reporting about leadership spills and speculation thereof. I often wonder if mainstream media stopped asking and speculating whether there would be any ‘spills’ at all?”


  60. Sadly I will have to disagree with some. I think it is about Gender. I think the level of nastiness displayed in the community about the PM has lifted the lid on the general community’s inability to accept a woman in power, especially a woman who doesn’t seem to fit into any moulds. Hey she isn’t married and my god! she;s an atheist ! And she is honest about it! Members of Parliament on the other side with their ugly violent language have given the community permission to attack with vengeance.

  61. Julia Gillard is a strong, articulate, intelligent and determined woman. I rejoined the Labor Party recently when I became concerned (read fell for media speculation) that the party was going to dump her. My first act was to email my local member Melissa Parke (Fremantle) to advise that my full support was for Julia. If she was to be dumped I would resign my membership immediately.

    The MSM/ABC is absolutely desperate to bring her down before September so they won’t have to question Abbott’s complete lack of policies or even a positive vision for the future. A matching tie and pamphlet simply doesn’t cut it. If Julia is allowed to get into campaign mode she will wipe the floor with the opposition.

    On a similar topic discussed above I worked in the Commonwealth Public Service for twenty years and can honestly say that without exception my female managers were heaps better than the male managers. I found that the males I worked for were largely timid time-servers. The women were focused, dedicated, empathetic, intelligent, articulate and generally a pleasure to work with. Much like our PM.

  62. Latham has sure matured. He is correct, when he says, to bring Rudd back, is top give into sabotage.


    Emerson saying it, as it is. Heather Hewitt is her obnoxious self. Turnbull has not been able to say what Abbott can do. All he is interested in is talking about the past.

    Emerson, said what happened when the temporary visas run out, they were given permanent visas. Other soon realise the position, then began coming again.

    Maybe, Latham is right, start turning the boats back. Prove it does not work, then maybe Abbott will come to the party. The PM might as well go the whole hog. She is nearly there now.

    Be clear, it is Abbott’s policy she is putting in place.

    Not the temporary visas though. Bridging visas are harsher.

  63. Further to Tony Abbotts dodgy claims for the Charity rides, go into IA the three years expenses are there, if only the MSM would print them people may see that Abbott is a sham, but seeing he is running the Media in this Country there is little hope of that being done.

  64. Pat B… ” , if only the MSM would print then people may see that Abbott is a sham, but seeing he is running the Media in this Country there is little hope of that being done.”……Pat,… the media are running him…. he is but a puppet, selling his arse to conform to mama’s historonic’s….. 🙄
    ……. and if I may digress, Pat the media will never print/talk the truth, let alone that he has been the most expensive LOTO in history…journo’s are to busy scurrying for their job(s)……. which brings me to, (yet again 😀 ) how do we get around that…. well there’s the fifth estate and other digital media…. and there’s the printer right next to you ( an assumption),,,,,. there are many of our fellow Australians out there that only obtain their news from the fourth estate, they are under an constant barrage of misinformation and out ‘n out lies, ( yeah, good one Adolph Abbott), busy sowing the seeds of doubt 🙄 … is it any wonder that the ALP’s message is not being heard/reported….. one simple way that I have been doing to get around that, is to …. what I have come to call my ” … and ….print Campaign” 🙄 …. and it goes like this…… if you find an interesting post/comment here on the fifth, do the, “….. and , print”…. 😀 then take that printed copy with you on your next visit to the Dr/laundromat/chinese take away/what have you.. and shove ‘said’ printed copy into one of the various mags in the waiting room/area…… and yes I know its a bit of a simplistic way to get the message ‘out there’…. but it is a way that ‘enables’ me to fight……. people power, if you will……. “….and…print..”

  65. “Turnbull has not been able to say what Abbott can do.”

    And just like he did with the NBN Turnbull had a huge dig at Abbott saying what we all know and have been saying for quite a while, to turn back the boats is dangerous, especially if Indonesia is not on side.

    When Jones pulled him up and said that Indonesia was not on side Turnbull responded by saying that’s why it was dangerous, thus admitting Abbott’s number one plank is shonky and has no support thus is doomed to failure.

  66. I posted this elsewhere so I will post it here with friends plus some additions

    “Just after Kevin kicked the rodent out I made a comment on Possum that labor would face a hostile media Bushfire Bill responded “You better believe it” unquote.

    Well here we are 6 years down the track and to their shame the abc (not worth capitals) slithered into the enemy camp joining Fairfax leaving only the fifth estate to show an unbiased perspective not all but most.

    The polls imho are being manipulated and as others have intimated, if they the Noalition were such a shoe in, why has the rhetoric reached historical high levels.

    The aim is to scare the Labor into some action, neither the media nor the noalition will bring Julia down, the only danger is the labor nervous nellies in caucus who think they have a better chance with Kevin.

    NO WAY. the media and the Noalition will go ape shit, a government that can’t lead itself can not lead the country/ disunity is death etc etc.
    The Lemon ad will do a Lazarus saving them heaps of money and effort. Such a change would see noalition policies not even get a mention too many side attraction to pursue.

    We have heard all sides spout this over the years and watched it play out.

    I pray each week that the Australian General Public wake up, even Bob Ellis is starting to make sense and that should scare us all.

    The only way forward for Australia, “is all the way with WWJ” (Wonder Woman Julia).
    the MSM will NOT change its spots.

    Julia and co need to hammer “It’s the Economy stupid” day in day out plus its own Bisons from Finnigans site
    STOP the LIES.
    VOTE for Julia and democracy NOT Murdoch and mediocrity. AMEN

  67. I am waiting for post 14/9 to see what Cws can come up with in ‘excuses’ for
    an Election loss. Will you be blaming the Australian Voter who has simply had
    enough? Or who else can you blame?
    ps – will Ms Dillard be leader by the end of today or even the end of the week?
    It is all the same – just a gaggle who knows what is going on at this very moment with the Labor Leadership



  68. Yes, all are still saying the PM’s policies are worth having. In fact I see them all essential for the future.

    We know, from her handling of a minority government, she has the skills to do so.

    NO, the PM did not knife Rudd. He was removed by his caucus, because he last their confidence. The PM has the guts to accept the challenge. Yes, Rudd was still popular, in fact he had one of the longest honeymoons ever for a PM. That popularity was quickly falling. Rudd simply was not cooping. Unable to work with any of his teams. Yes a man, capable of good policy and getting the public on side.

    Maybe they should have not shown concern for his feelings, and stated clearly why he had to go. Maybe, they should not have attempted to make it easier for him, by giving him the job of FM. The .trouble was that there an election was looming,.

    Did they do the right thing. I believe they had no choice, and Rudd’s behaviour for the last three years, proves it. Yes, one can be angry, but even Rudd must know, with so many having no confidence in him. her cannot unite the party. This being a fact, Rudd’s actions can only be seen as revenge.

    It was never said he lacked the skills as a communicator, or the ability to be popular. It has never been said his policies were wrong.

    It became unhinged for Rudd when he failed to put his policies into operation. It became unhinged when he choose not to back Garrett and his own stimulation Insulation scheme. Which by the way was very good. Over a million and quarter homes insulated, leading to lower power bills. I believe that three investigations found the alleged allegations against the scheme were unfounded. Garrett, actually left the industry much safer, than when he found it. Yes, it was the states that were responsible for lack of health and safety regulations. It was the courts that found three employers guilty for breaking the safety and health laws that existed.

    Same goes for BER, which Rudd also failed to defend.

    Yes, the PM by her record alone, proves that she is the best person for the job.

    If she loses the next election,it will not be her loss. Her legacy is in place. it will be the nations loss.

    For seven decades, I have heard many times the prediction, that this is the end of Labor. Labor still stands,. Stands because it has the ability to change with the times.

  69. Voyager, I believe that Labor will lose. It’s a 2nd term government and a minority one at that. Far more important than dredging over the entrails is the future – and what an Abbott led government might entail.

    I should imagine that Julia will resign as leader. I am hopeful that a new era will follow, perhaps lead by Combet.

    I also believe that any celebrations regarding a Liberal victory will be short lived – it never was a fair fight, full of venom, full of vindictive nastiness such as Australia has never seen…a vendetta rather than anything resembling a debate of ideas/ideals. Any victory which relies on these tactics is shallow. There will be no flag waving in the streets after an Abbott victory.

  70. LOVO, you are so right about doing whatever we can at a grass roots level in the way you illustrated or simply by adding to groundswell of commentary on twitter, here on our posts or on other websites like this or writing to the press. I also think it helps if we write to our local ALP members, MHRs or senators, and let them know we are right behind the PM and the party. Loyalists appreciate the morale boost from that, or if they are wavering it makes them think twice.

  71. Oh, no, Min! It is too soon to lower the flag. Gillard has guts! She has brains too! If anyone can turn the tide it is she!

    By the way, much as I agree with some of your points there, I don’t intend to use this thread to argue the toss about the likelihood of Julia Gillard’s winning this election.

  72. Aguirre, over at the PUB, though tongue in cheek, says it all as well as Lindsay Foyle’s cartoon. I quote it here in full.

    I’m getting the hang of the media message, I think. It’s not good enough for the ALP to manage policy and the economy. It’s not good enough for them to inform people that they’re doing that either. And it’s not good enough for them to point out the defects in Coalition policy. Those all come within the general category of “talking points”.

    What the ALP need to do is work with a hostile media to get a message out there that the media refuses to report. And prevent the media from levelling unfounded accusations against them. It’s these false stories that the media invent that the ALP have to stop. And the media find it an unendlng mystery that the ALP have difficulty in doing that.

    Just last week Pyne announced that there would be a Rudd challenge, and the ALP just let the media report that and run with it. And then the other day, they just allowed Cassidy to say without any evidence that Gillard would be replaced before the election. The media just can’t understand how the media can go around saying things like that and the ALP do nothing about it! How can the ALP allow the media to be so irresponsible? The media can see how damaging this sort of speculation is, and how keeping it in the public spotlight is inadvisable, and they don’t think it should happen at all. But the media can see the media running with the story, and they can’t do anything about that. That’s the ALP’s job.

    According to the media, what the ALP need to do is recognise that the the election is already over, it was held in the offices of News Ltd weeks ago and the ALP lost. So they need to abdicate, change leaders and bring the election on early to their own detriment. Gillard needs to apologise for being a woman and competent at the same time. It’s an unedifying spectacle and it’s making all the unreconstructed males look bad. She also needs to apologise for giving us a whole lot of things we don’t need, like clean air, and fast broadband, and disability insurance, and maternity leave, and better education, and infrastructure, and a plan for the Murray-Darling. We can’t afford these things – I mean, yes the budget was a good one and the Coalition are going to vote for it, but the fact remains that we can’t afford all those things the ALP have given us and budgeted for and are delivering and that aren’t harming the economy at all. We just can’t, and they all need to be taken away. We need more platitudes, more empty promises, more vague political aspirations, more illogical policy positions.

    I think I’ve got all that correct. It’s certainly what I’m being told by the Canberra Press Gallery.</i.

  73. Totally agree with patriciawa, no white flag waving. If Ms Gillard doesn’t remain PM then at least we have to fight for keeping seats and what a joy it would be if Abbott had a hung parliament to work with. I am feeling something in my water and I reckon Labor might just come out swinging. Call me naive or hopeful. Let this mob know what you think would make great stories.

  74. Well thats pretty sad. This stream is about Ms Gillard having guts and what I am seeing of her is someone focused on getting the job done and fighting right up to polling day. I am not instructing others to do so, but the reason I am in this stream is I did think it was a common position.

  75. So are our journos by the looks patriciawa

    leaks from pynes office are thought to come from Labor ones these days lol

  76. Further on Tony Abbotts dodgy Pollie Pedal expense claims, have we all forgotten the claims he put in for trevel, accommodation etc when he travelled around the Country to launch his book. I did have the figure st some stage but misplaced them, so if anyone on “Cafe Whispers” can produce the figures it would be appreciated.

  77. Have just found what I thought was lost. Google up ‘TONY ABBOTTS BOOK LAUNCH” and scroll down to ‘HOW THE TAXPAYER HELPED TONY ABBOTT FLOG BATTLELINES” Have a cup of tea and a bex ready when you read it, it was mentioned in the DRUM .

  78. Further to Tom R’s help with that link above, it’s good to know how much we share of common reading ground on sites. Not surprising, I guess, when we tend to have similar political sympathies. I have found the The PUB just six months old now a great site to visit. My long term favorite has always been Ad Astra who inspired Miglo to get Cafe Whispers off the ground a few years back. He’s progressed even further with his AIMN site which embraces these and many like minded

    In fact people like Bushfire Bill and NormanK who contribute to the PUB also began writing at TPS and still turn up there to comment as Miglo and I do, quite apart from the loyal attention our sites get from Lyn whose links are a first-go-to for hundreds of web readers and posters who want to find their way to the best in the wonderful selection of posts which are available an alternative to mainstream media. Miglo has gone even further and has recently been re-posttheaimn.com/ ing a selection of the best of these at his new site, the Australian Media Internet Network.

    by way has just posted this brilliant video which deserves maximum distribution by all of us. View and link it wherever you can!

    It’s Time for Australia to choose – prosperity or austerity? #auspol Australia – The Happy Country http://youtu.be/AS_c-zVOEbQ
    11:30 AM – 11 Jun 2013
    YouTube @YouTube

  79. Just received an email from this site, with a post from Min. Cant find it anywhere on the thread. I am not sure why she addressed it to me “Kim, I have written close to 200 posts for this blog over 3 years and if anyone dares delete one of my comments ever again, they can go back to where they came from. On the other hand, it might be time for me to bow out and let the new blood take over. Cheers.”
    I am new to this site and I have no idea what Min is referring to. I wouldn’t have a clue how to delete a comment and would hope that this has not occurred.
    Got enough BS coming down on me just being a PM supporter, don’t really need this from people I don’t know but thought had common interests.
    Can anyone fill me in here?

  80. Kim, are you a moderator here? If not, I would say it was a mistake on Min’s part.

    I’ve had two posts deleted on this thread thus far. A shame as one revealed the machinations behind politicians that was leading to confirm some of the fears here of the MSM and an inside to why it is so and the other…”can not handle the truth”?

    So much for the fifth column!

  81. Latest catchphrase on ABC is Julia Gillard’s ‘praetorian guard’ [senior cabinet colleagues]. Not sure which empty vessel is echoing which: Mark Simkin or Chris Uhlmann.

  82. Kim Wright – I think there’s a misunderstanding here! I’ve been trying to delete Scaper’s sometimes abusively negative comments.

    Apologies to Min for any crossed wires. My technical skills are notoriously poor.

    I know we both share with Miglo, our blogmaster, the the common goal of wanting to defeat Tony Abbott in the upcoming election.

    For that we need all hands to the pump!

  83. If your skills are poor then I suggest you do not fiddle with the dashboard.

    The only chance to defeat Abbott was a leadership change so the Libs could consider a change of their leader. Too late now.

    Meanwhile, Gillard is spinning out of control playing the gender card to the extreme. Her rant today defies logic!

  84. The only chance to defeat Abbott was a leadership change so the Libs could consider a change of their leader.

    Stop trying to shit us. Any change from the mad Abbott could only help the Lieberals’ chances.

  85. If your skills are poor then I suggest you do not fiddle with the dashboard.

    I AGREE!!

    I really don’t like comments being deleted. My first comment on this thread was a reply to one of scapers, which had his totally unfounded claim that this is all coming from Labor.

    No Labor source has been sighted. All claims of tension have come from the libs or the media.

  86. So why are you trying to make out they harm their chances by changing from the Mad Abbott?

    Is honesty not allowed with RWFs?

  87. Don’t worry about what Scaper says, he’s just one of those fringe dwellars from that ultra far right loony lite weight tea party like group… other wise known as ANDEV….. 😀

  88. Thanks Tom R. But Scaper pollutes threads at times and I know that Miglo would agree with you and LOVO in general about deletion, as does Min. But sometimes he is beyond the pale, and I rarely want to waste words on him. So I delete on those occasions. Consequently he had given up on pestering me a couple of years back.

    Back to the main thread which is about Julia Gillard and my conviction and that of many better minds than mine that hanging in there with her leadership is the way to go. Indeed to give up on her is to give in to the the media, Murdoch and the LNP.

    Keep up the good work on linking NormanK’s video!

    PS In the light of the PM’s so called ‘rant’ this morning, I was already contemplating a new thread for Miglo on the issue of sexism, which I had hoped might have become a non-event. I think the PM had too, rarely had she mentioned the issue since the world famous misogyny speech. This is as far as I’d got, but the viciousness of the debate in recent weeks has had me re-thinking this……..and obviously the PM, her Caucus and ALP campaign planners too.

    I had thought it a mark of Julia Gillard’s success
    That nowhere has there been much mention
    On broadcast media or in national press
    About the remarkable ascension
    To power of a brilliant woman
    Achieved by overcoming challenges
    With skilled resolve near superhuman?
    Does discussion now on how she manages
    A House majority so slender
    Somehow make seem an irrelevance
    The vital issue of her gender,
    Once thought of such historical significance?

    Comments and feedback pros and cons welcome, as long as they don’t contain abusive language!

  89. Hi Michael! Are you or Min or anyone else planning something on the sexism issue? I’ll take it on from here if not But if someone has something already in the pipeline that would be great. Mind you, did anyone expect that to be the main thrust of the PM’s presser today? I certainly didn’t, so I’ve had to get my thinking cap on and it’s still not ready to be hung up so that I can get writing.

  90. I came across a picture today that listed all the nasty death wishes against Gillard, including a couple from Abbott and of course Jones, Ciobo etc. It listed them in chronological order. I needed it for a conversation I was involved in where they stated Gillard didn’t deserve respect because of something minor she said against the Liberals about abortion.

    I wanted that to show just how much worse the right wing has been on this front.

  91. This was a compilation put together by someone on the left I think. It was to show how disgusting the right are against Gillard. Too late the conversation has moved on.

  92. Is honesty not allowed with RWFs?

    I believe honesty is a gaolable offence in that mob, Cuppa. Or face the wrath of Rupert. I wonder how the UK police investigation’s going. It would be nice to see the wizened foreigner copping more grief.

    ….to give up on her is to give in to the the media, Murdoch and the LNP.

    Damn right patricia. We can’t give up in to those grubs.

    I’ve often felt encouraged to delete Tom R’s comments.

    I’m sure you’d feel more charitable if he barracked for the right team, Migs. :mrgreen:

  93. Friends at the Pub have have helped with re-sizing the original picture which we used here. It looks great doesn’t it? Today particularly emphasizes the message about our PM who keeps smiling. She certainly has guts! Hundreds of people are using the slogan. Many thanks to Min and Migs who have lots of lovely friends on Facebook now helping out too.

    I’ve been asked for the specifications for reproducing it as is now so it can reposted on the net, facebook etc. Fiona, moderator over at the Pub, has provided them for us. They seem to work okay with WordPress sites. Not sure elsewhere. Feedback on other people’s experience would be great.


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