Thanks, but No Thanks, I’m an Atheist



Very often I am asked by a needy, possibly homeless person for a handout. Disavowing the Conservative notion that these people are just going to buy booze, I generally oblige by giving a few dollars, depending on what I’m carrying and how needy they appear. Perhaps I’m being scammed, but the fact they are out in the generally hot Vegas sun to beg means they need it more than me. The universal response upon receiving the money is “God Bless.” I generally respond, that’s ok and go on my merry way. This past weekend, I decided to mix it up a little.

In a store parking lot, a man approached and said, “ma’am can you spare a bit? I’m a day laborer and work is hard to come by this weekend (as it was Memorial Weekend) and I need to bring something home to my family.” So I asked the…

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28 comments on “Thanks, but No Thanks, I’m an Atheist

  1. When I click on the link my security says it is an untrusted site so not going there.

    Funny how atheists seem to believe in the religion of AGW. Actually, it is hypocrisy of the highest order.

    I don’t give a stuff what people believe in as long as it does not impinge on my rights and freedoms. The Global Warming Doomsday Cult has crossed that line and I’m looking forward to the end of the carbon tax that does nothing.

    If the cultists believe the world is going to fry I suggest they throw a virgin in a volcano to appease their God…but the problem is they can’t find a virgin amongst themselves that is over twelve years old. Better still…commit mass suicide!

  2. So someone who barely scraped through grade 6 knows more about science than pHD qualified scientists who’ve been studying that science for decades? GMAFB 🙄

  3. Yet CO2 has cracked 400ppm. I would like to see 450ppm as it will increase crop yields and green the planet.

    The carbon tax will be history and there is nothing your religion can do to prevent such.

  4. I would like to see 450ppm as it will increase crop yields and green the planet.

    😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆


  5. “I would like to see 450ppm as it will increase crop yields…”

    Some plants will do well with increased CO² but sadly crop and food plants are not amongst them. The more CO² they utilise the more energy they put into their stems and leaves at the cost of their protein and seeds. So you have greener, bigger and lusher plants but less protein in them.

    But there’s a double whammy here when plants take up less water, as happens in droughts that will increase under global warming, decreases the plants ability to exchange CO². So though they might have more CO² available, under dry conditions they won’t be able to utilise it and indeed will struggle with normal CO².

    All info available from the CSIRO and other botany studies to be found on the web.

  6. Atheists don’t ‘believe’ in religions of any type. They don’t ‘believe’ in AGW. Most Atheists like me accept the current science as peer-reviewed by the overwhelming majority of climate scientists. To not accept the science is irrational. Belief does not enter into it.

    Global Warming deniers, on the other hand, can only fall back on their beliefs as the science simply doesn’t support them. Thank Science for the Internet!

  7. Follow the links in ‘the blog; scaper. It mentions two peer reviewed papers that have addressed his previous claims, and there is plenty of links to other scientists pointing out the flaws in this one (although a bit early for peer review to specifically address this one)

    So, his thesis has already been discredited twice, and is currently being done so again. The only ones taking him seriously are what are accurately called ‘denialists’

  8. Oh dear, another blog! Lu’s paper is another theory and yet to see a so called peer reviewed paper that dismantles it.

    Now to the predictions. What happened to the run away warming, Tivalu that is supposed to be under water, the kids in Europe will never see snow again, the rain will never fall again in the Australian cities, especially Perth and the 100 metre sea level rise by the end of the century which by now should be almost 10 metres?

    Not one of the predictions has come to pass because it is a religion or a sect to be precise. Your sect is no better that the sandwich board freaks saying the end is nigh.

    The passage of time is your enemy!

  9. Scaper, you’re making even more of a fool of yourself than usual. As you don’t like blogs
    Try thisCSIRO State of the Climate 2012

    You do realise, I hope that the “predictions” you claim are “strawman” arguments, rather than claims made with supporting science ?

    The passage of time is your enemy!

    Well yes, but not of course from your point of view? Time is indeed OUR enemy, as the more time elapses until we cease dumping CO2 into our atmosphere, the more the likelihood of the extreme scenarios (your claimed “predictions” btw) will eventuate.

    Joe Romm at Climate Progress, details the price of INACTION in addressing AGW

  10. scaper. sadly time is proving the science.

    Sadly, there is a stage that we are rapidly reaching, that the time when the harm cannot be reverse.

    Thankfully many businesses are waking up to the fact, that going down the path of rentals and cleaner energy is actually cheaper for them in the long run.

    Yes, expensive to switch over to, but cheaper to maintain.

    Yes, business gains, regardless of the science.

  11. Oh dear, another blog!

    What about the papers I highlighted that directly rebut his theory, and which he has totally ignored in this most recent replay of his former papers?

    All he has done is repeated his earlier mistakes. And so-called ‘skeptics’ accept it without question.

    Bizarre doesn’t begin to explain it.

  12. “Disavowing the Conservative notion that these people are just going to buy booze”

    Not me. I give them money provided they spend it on booze.

  13. Looking for information?
    Scientific Consensus On Anthropogenic Climate Change

    May 15, 2013 — A comprehensive analysis of peer-reviewed articles on the topic of global warming and climate change has revealed an overwhelming consensus among scientists that recent warming is human-caused.

    Meanwhile Peturbations of the Jetstream continue to produce extreme weather events.

    While an Arctic Death Spiral is underway.

  14. The fossil fuel industry pours millions of dollars into right-wing think tanks to support the agents of climate change denial. It is to be hoped that some of this money ‘trickles down’ to the many individual climate change deniers who post on this and countless other blogs. Because to spout climate change denial without being paid makes one a dupe of the fossil fuel industry.

  15. Vegasjessie and,

    Disavowing the Conservative notion that these people are just going to buy booze..

    And the wealthy don’t when they are handed their generous concessions…

  16. Gordonwa, I see in deniers a certain fixed mind-set. If they had lived in a different era they would be saying Bah humbug, if God had meant man to fly then He would have given him wings. Well He did give him’s just that mankind had to invent these for himself. That is, it’s an innate inability to visualise anything which does not conform to one’s fixed idea of one’s own small world, plus a denial that man does need to get off his backside if he is to progress.

  17. Hi Min,

    Yes, the fixed mind-set is necessary for the neo-cons to succeed. The use of right-wing think tanks like the IPA allows those who use their fantastic wealth to manipulate and mislead to hide behind reasonably-sounding rhetoric like market forces and deregulation.

    The NBN is a case in point. There was a lengthy debate over at the Drum when a coalition supporter said (I’m paraphrasing here) he couldn’t imagine why he would need a greater speed than he currently had. The response from another poster was classic, along the lines of: Precisely, you can’t imagine!

    People who inhabit small worlds lack imagination and vision but worse, they want to hold the rest of us back as well.

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