Three years old. Where to now?

Well, well well. Guess whose birthday it is?

It’s ours! We’re three years old Thursday. We’re three years, 980 articles, 123,00 comments, 955,000 visits, 1,650 subscribers and 950 commenters old. We are also troll free, which is a rare achievement across the blogosphere. It certainly has helped to make this a better place.

Over the last couple of months I’ve been undecided about what to do once we reached the milestone of welcoming our one millionth visitor. It has been a good reason to keep the place open and to keep me motivated. Yep, I thought of closing down CW because I just can’t find the time to devote myself like I want to. But then I realised that was very selfish of me: this place isn’t about me – it’s about all of us. How could I break up the family? I just couldn’t. It’s been too much fun and so rewarding over the last three years. Others have put in just as much effort as I have and it would be unfair to pull the rug from under their feet.

So we continue on. Into muddy waters, too, it seems.

Here, there and everywhere we are ridiculed for supporting the party that the polls tell us will be wiped out in September. We are asked: “Why do you bother?” Our opponents preempt that we will be sobbing until Christmas. They expect that the election will shut us up.

No, it won’t. It will make us noisier. Much, much more noisier as we hold the expected incoming Government to account. Every one of their incompetencies, lies and stuff-ups will give our cause some extra fuel.

If Tony Abbott has few admirers now, he will have even less after September. We can remind our protagonists: “You got what you asked for”.

Our numbers can only grow once people realise that Tony Abbott is a dangerous Prime Minister, should he make it to The Lodge.

Anyway, thank you to everybody who has made CW a success; the authors, admin, and of course the people who comment here.

And as an afterthought, if we closed down what would our critics do with themselves? Gosh, they’d have nothing to talk about!


165 comments on “Three years old. Where to now?

  1. A special note of thank you to Michael himself who saw the vision of citizen journalists and who has persisted often at great personal cost. My admiration is as always. Thank you Migs for your unfailing support and encouragement.

  2. Michael, thanks for taking me on board. Have enjoyed every minute.

    I am looking forwarded to the next twelve months.

    The two sites serve different needs. Both are successful.

    Yes, there will be plenty for us to do, after September 14, regardless of the will of the voters.

  3. Café Whispers was the first blog site I ever commented on. I’ve always liked the place.

  4. Happy Birthday, Migs. It’s been a great time for me too, thanks to you and CW.

    Well, let’s not contemplate any ifs. Let’s think and write in terms of when Julia Gillard and the ALP are returned in September with a working majority. Otherwise we concede victory to an Opposition which is offering nothing but negativity and sloganeering reinforced by a corrupt media. It may be working as a PR exercise on our mainstream media outlets but it’s not working if it aims to destroy the morale of PMJG and her government.

    Watching QT today I was struck by the different demeanours of government and opposition members. The negativity of the opposition was reflected in their faces, body language and the malicious intent of their questions. And yes, government questions were often Dorothy Dixers directed to ministers about the economy and progress on public works in various parts of the country. But it was all constructive, good news and optimism. Where was this government on its knees and at the point of collapse the media was telling us about all day?

  5. As a new visitor can I say thank you for decision to keep the blog going. I agree that if the election moves against us your presence will be more necessary than ever.

  6. As an occasional commentor here I would be devastated to see this site close. We on the left need every voice we can muster. As a blogger myself (it took me 7 years to reach the million mark) I know of the time problems but what you have built here is something better than 99% of the Blogoshere. Thank you, Michael, for your vision and your dedication.

  7. Thanks for keeping it going.

    The right wingnuts try to judge how we will react on how they reacted when both Howard and then Abbott lost their elections, that is with denial, abuse, blame shifting, silence and then the longest infantile dummy spit that still goes to this day.

    They were praying with all their might this government would fail no matter what that cost the country, and it sailing through the GFC making Australia economically the top country pissed them off no end as they kept saying only the Liberals were good economic managers, no matter the proof that Howard was a miserable failure on that front.

    They don’t give a shit about the country or future generations, they only want to suck the dummy back and go nya nya nya. The win is more important than anything other consideration for the most immature and fatuous of reasoning.

    That’s the difference and always has been, from the conservative greed based born to rule mentality and childish vindictiveness at losing and on the progressive side the acceptance of what the people vote for no matter how the influence for that vote came about.

    Look no further than the State Liberals to see this in action. We rightly, from back in Dunlop’s blog, canned NSW Labor quite severely, yet though the State Liberals have broken promise after promise, lied, are engaging in cronyism and waste whilst just about by every measure the State’s are going backwards, the same decriers who were so loud and condemnatory against State Labor are absolutely mute on their Liberal governments considerable failures. Worse they make excuses for and lie on behalf of the Liberal’s failures.

    It will be the same under an Abbott government. The blame shifting, excuses and blind adoration will see them lie and deceive, just as they are now, anything but admit their blind choice is a liar and failure.

  8. Thank you. I’m humbled.

    I was a bit afraid that The AIMN would take up too much of my time, but that place seems to be taking good care of itself. It looks like reaching a million hits in its first year, which is absolutely amazing.

    But CW will always be my home. A place to come back to for the friendly chat.

    I guess that’s what the big difference is between the sites. The AIMN attracts the readers, whereas the Café attracts more discussion. I put that down to the long association we’ve had together. It’s previous and it’s priceless.

  9. Migs, what can I say, you have been an inspiration and mentor, you are the reason that I started my little blog, and although I have been busy with it since then , and can’t comment as much as I would like, I always find time to visit every day and am always grateful for your support and encouragement.

    So I wish you and Min and all at CW a sincere happy third birthday for tomorrow, and hope you have a special time of celebration as you deserve it 😀 and many more to come 😎

    Keep up the great work… the fighting fifth needs you 😀

    Cheers 😎

  10. Mate, you have every reason to feel proud, as you have done an amazing job 😎

    Just remember to stay on top of your health and take time out once in a while for yourself, as we all want you around for a long time yet 😀

    Cheers 😀

  11. Michael, most sites are different. Both are wonderful. Some wonderful authors it appears, out in cyber space looking for a home.

    Waiting for John to have his short stories printed. I am sure, someone will come along.

    On Cafe, we can let steam off. On the other, we are invited to think a little more deeply.

    Very good.

    More so, since the many trolls and those who wished you badly, have long been dispensed.

  12. Well done Migs, CW remains as one of the “musts” I visit daily -thanks to your efforts, another island of light flourishes amongst the dark wilderness of lies and BS propagated by the corporate media and their puppet LNP.

  13. …. And that is the sad kicker Michael. The whisperers didn’t hold this government to account. Endless sycophant blogs from starry eyed, head in sand, naive, breathless supporters of a failed party.
    The only challenging blogs came from people like me and other rationalists. You should be grateful we take the time to guide the debate and expose the nonsense that is this government. After the election I won’t be blogging unless Abbott starts the same stupidity as Gillard.

  14. …..and so it goes… 🙄
    Crikey, Tweed, how ‘fair go’ of you… endless sickophant…… sometimes there’s a time and a place…. a line, if you will,credit due and all that…..we are Australians, after all….means dosn’t always justify the end, not all ways dog eat dog..or nothing personal, it’s just business…….. I mean where’s your gratitude, seeing as how Mig’s has provided you and your ‘cell’ employment 😉 …ah, such an ad hominem-wit…. 😀

  15. Yup….been down the cellar (*clink*)…. found this :-
    November 11, 2012 @ 12:15 pm
    Every time I see my 84yr old Dad cursing at the telly and yelling at news readers because of the RW bias…. I think of the Cafe….
    I would like to thank Migs, Min and co for providing ‘the fresh air’ that is CW…. this place is an educational resourse, not only for myself, but for the ‘many’ out there looking for a more balanced view. CW takes the spin out of the MSM force-feed, wrings the shit out of the Trolls (whats the count now, Scraps ) and provides a ‘truth’ that is unavailable in the RW biased un-news media…… (and then theres the Trolls …… I see their job here as, not so much as providing an ‘differing stance’, but more as a way of seeing how not to be.. )
    Congrats to all …. and thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Same sentiments Migs, well done and thanks…. Happy 3rd Birthday *clink*
    ….. and this :-
    November 11, 2012 @ 1:36 pm
    I drag myself out of the sickbed to announce that we’ve passed 100,000 comments. Number 100,000 was made by Catching Up, a worthy winner.

    I’ll spin the wheel later to see what she wins. Prizes that can be won include:

    A luxury 90 day luxury world cruise for two with $100,000 spending money.
    A mansion in Potts Point.
    A brand new Ford G6E Turbo with 12 months rego.
    An unused Workchoices mouse pad. A relic from the Howard years
    We never did find out if Cu(Fu) got her mouse-pad 😀

    Palya, ‘white fella, Miglo …. 😉

  16. Happy bloody birthday. Best wishes for many more. This joint & others like it will be needed.

  17. For you are jolly good fellows, For you are jolly good fellows
    For you are jolly good fe-e-llows … and so say all of us rational humanitarians.

  18. “After the election I won’t be blogging unless Abbott starts the same stupidity as Gillard.”

    What utter crap. You won’t blog a single criticism of Abbott no matter how bad he is, in fact you will go further and make excuses for him as he breaks his first big promise in short shrift, you will more than likely blame Labor for it, just as Abbott will blame them and everything else for his string of failures and broken promises.

    You haven’t held Abbott to account for all his stunts, bullshit, brain farts and stupidity up until now, so why would anyone expect you to do so after the election if Abbott wins.

    Don’t treat us the same as the unthinking slavish followers of the Abbott adoration cult.

  19. MESSAGE TO TWEED – ‘ We don’t appreciate dweebs trying to spoil the party …. piss off …. ‘
    And if he comes back throw him out boys!

  20. Happy 3rd Birthday guys, you’re an amazing group and am proud to be gathered into the fold… there’s a lot more to do…so I am hoping you’re planning on being around for a good while longer. Happy Day Guys…a glass of red and some birthday cake is in order!!!

  21. Tweed, on holding this government to account..isn’t that the Opposition’s job? They don’t..with the exception of a few inane comments coming from the Opposition benches, that is most definitely not holding a government to account, it’s endlessly repeating 3-word slogans.

    Clearly one can only work with available material and so I’ll put something to you: You provide one single piece of genuine analysis by Abbott’s opposition and I’ll put it up as a post here for debate.

    So #1 provide Abbott’s analysis of government policy. He’s the man with the facts and figures so obviously a good place to start, then #2 this will enable us to do a comparison of worth, of the contrasting pieces of factual information.

    This comparison is the only way to hold any government to account.

  22. TS, and Michael is the reason why I started writing too..not so much encouraging me but saying WTF stupid woman, just do it. 😉 I’m now approaching my 200th post.

    A special mention must go to Catching up and Pip whose help during the months that I suddenly had to take over as sole author/admin is immeasurable. The blog would not have survived had I not been assisted by these two wonderful ladies.

  23. Min,

    Good luck getting a fanboi to provide even one piece of detailed Abbott criticism of government policy.

    I expect silence will be the response – same response as when the challenge has been repeatedly put for the fanbois to state WHY they believe Abbott would be a ‘better’ PM.

  24. Cuppa, Tweed ran out of puff when you blew out the candles. He’ll be off somewhere gasping for breath.

  25. Scaper, that one is an old joke. While reb, Migs, joni et al were discussing vintage I piped in with the word Mateus.

  26. Congratulations & happy 3rd birthday & many more, Migs & Min. Never give the mongrels any peace.

    Keep holding the Liars and their brainless sycophants to account.

    ME, none of the barrackers will take up your challenge because they have zip.

  27. Scaper, poor taste that is not the tone of this blog, so please refrain.

    On the other hand, thank you Bacchus and Jane..any blog is only as good as the commenters and with people such as your good selves we were lucky enough to have the best.

  28. Min, thanks, for the thanks. No need, as I have got much more out of the site, than I ever put into it. Would love to see PIP back.

    Scaper, you spend too much time, visiting that other site. Truly, you are being led astray. Suspect you are much nicer person than that.

    Fedup aka Catching up

  29. Speaking of that other site, the stats show we are getting a number of hits coming in from them. El Gordo must be reporting back on every word that is uttered here and that scumbag Walrus has obviously dropped by on his way to the dump. And of course reb will obviously be putting in his two-bobs worth to incite more hatred. The blog policeman, TOE (Tom of everywhere) will be having his usual rant as well about how we stifle free speech. Forgetting of course, that we only stifle trolls such as himself.

    Now sit back and watch the stats mount up because I’ve dared to mention their name.

    OMG that place is so irrelevant. If it wasn’t for Café Whipers they’d shrivel up and die. They already have the stench of a rotting carcass as it is.

    PS – I imagine that every word of Cu’s has been quoted a thousand times by now. Followed of course, with “oh how we laughed”. And I wonder if they’re talking about Scaper. 🙄

  30. Michael, could not resist the dig. Still not interested in checking out. They say say the proof is in the eating.
    Well Micheal, you are still standing, and going from strength to strength. Must be doing something wrong.

    7,30 is outdoing itself tonight, trashing Labor and the PM.

    Time, I believe to sell off the ABC. It no longer belongs to us, but the IPA.

    What is Rudd up to?

    If Rudd was put back in the job, I for one will not be voting Labor. Will refrain from doing so, until Rudd and hos supporters are erased from Labor.

    He cannot win. Those who believe so are mainly Liberal voters, not Labor. If the PM was to fall, the media will immediately turn on Rudd in a more ferocious manner.

    Would like to hear Rudd stop saying we, and say the PM has. Then he might sound genuine.

  31. Not once has Rudd said that the PM is doing good job. Has not mentioned her.
    He is playing word games.

  32. Fed up I believe the ABC should not be sold, but shut down. Then cranked up again without Scott, Sales, Uhlmann and the other Liars pimps.

  33. Rudd, keep saying we. What has he done, in anyway, to help this government.

    Has spent three years undermining it. The we should be she. That is the one that had done all the work.

  34. “Mr. Rudd, you might have regained some respect, if you thought to use the word “she” instead of “we” throughout that shacking 7.30 report.

    With friends like you, the PM needs no enemies.”

    I tweeted this and sent by email to Rudd.

  35. Cu, our visits from the cesspit have jumped up to a whopping 26. That means that the five people who post there have visited us five times each. El gordo would be the odd one out, with six.

  36. Well, as we have said nothing, they are wasting their time,. Better things to do, like slagging off at 7.3o and Rudd contribution.

    I have also let the PM know what I think. Asked her, when is the ABC going to be pulled into line. Cannot wait to see what Media Watch has to say.

  37. Michael, no need to look. It will be the same old rubbished, recycle many times.

    Same as we got from Rudd tonight. Do not believe it, some are giving him e the benefited of the doubt.

    Still I believe we have a few laughs coming, when the Inspector General invites Morrison, Abbott and Bishop, along with Brandis in for a chat.

    The fact that the PM has gone down this path, initiating an inquiry she has no control over, suggest she feels. they have nothing to worry about.

    All that Abbott was after, was one they could control, and turn into a political bun-fight.

  38. I cannot see why Abbott believes he has to ditch everything connected to CEFC.

    Even his Direct Action Scheme, if one can find any facts that last more than a a day, will be distributing money to industry, to put in cleaner technology.

    All that needs to be done with the CEFC bank is change how it is funded.

    No need to stop the loans now ready to be handed out. No need to trash an department, to set up one, that will be doing as similar. Then, maybe doing it, as Labor has dne, at arms Leighton does ot suit the Coalition.

    They like to be hands on, when handing out the goodies.

    It seems to be all about ideology, or one could say,ideology gone mad.

    Same goes for the NBNCo and definitely Gonski.

    Not about what is best, but about there unflappable belief in small government.

    Fought hard to day in the HoR, against Labor fixing holes ion the taxation system. Ranted against the ATO in both houses.

    The 457 changes got similar attention. Most other legislation gets hardly any attention from that mo

  39. Ros, better things to do. We got to work hard, so bigger idiots do not win on September 14. Getting easier every day.

  40. (About all I know is that I like popping in on, and reading, all sorts, from time to time. So, happy happy, one and all.

    (Oh, and latest dispatches from the intertemporal front indicate that Gilligan seems to have acquired distant forebears and present nth-cousins, btw.))

  41. Bushfire, the way I seen Rudd tonight, set in the whole context of 7.30. Along the lines of “I am Kevin, I have come to help”.

    I seen him as saying, I am here to save the government, out of the goodness of my heart. Yes, I am the one to do it.

    He then went on , to say how well WE have done. We have much…etc.

    Not once did he mention or give any credit to the PM. NOT once.

    What is occurring, there are going to be two teams out fighting this election for Labor,.

    The Rudd team, which is saving the bacon, and somehow has managed to take credit for all that the PM has achieved. In parallel, but not in unison, will be the Gillard team, one badly weakened by Rudd. Never the twain will meet.

    Gillard will be quietly pushed aside. It matter not, in what they are attempting to do. Time for takeover down the track.

    If I was the PM, I would be outraged tonight.

    Rudd has no right to use the “we” when talking about this government, What has been achieved, has been is spite of him, not with his help.

    Unless Rudd can come out, and give credit to the PM, he should be pushed back into the woodwork. His presence under what happen tonight, will prove toxic for Labor. Imagine the picnic the press and Opposition is going to have, playing one off against the other.

    If Rudd wants to help, he has to be part of the Gillard team, not run a team of his own.

    He has to cease saying “we” . He has to say at every chance, words like her government. Gillard government. He has to say, what she has achieved. I do not believe Rudd will be willing to do this.

    This man is treacherous.

    What I do not understand, others cannot see this.

    I do hope I am wrong. But my explanation makes sense of what has been occurring for the last couple of weeks.

    Still would love to know, what was that deep conversation between Hockey and Rudd, in the house today.

    Who is feeding Pyne, Even Pyne is not stupid enough to make the storuies up he has been spreading today.

    What we seen tonight, is Rudd once again saying, I am Kevin, I have come to save you.,

    The whole 7.30 was surreal.

  42. Rudd took one more step this morning, that might prove he is in the Gillard team. Needs to do one more thing. He needs to come out with a statement, that yes, the Labor caucus got it wrong. They should never had sacked him, as he believed he was up to the job. Yes, admit is was caucus that sacked him.

    He can then go on and add, saying that, he believes the present PM has done a good job of promoting Labor policies, and he is coming in behind her,.

    The PM has never shown any anger against Rudd. In fact, she gave him the second important job in government, which he mounted an attack on her.

    The PM does not appear to be a person who holds grudges.

    The truth is, in politics,as in other things, it is often not possible to go back in time. That does not mean, their are not important roles for Rudd to hold within the party.

    Rudd was not wrong, when he said this government has much to be proud of. There is a role for him to play.

    PS. I still believe caucus might have made the right decision. Rudd was coming under attack from the media at the time, and appeared to be reacting to the attack.

    For all the sins that this PM has been accused of, one in not reacting or backing down to the media. This PM does not seem to need to be popular, more interested in getting on with the job.

    The PM might be naive in believing, in the end, it is results that count, not popularity.

    It is up to the public to male that choice.

    Do we want a good salesman, or is it quality of the goods being sold, that is more important.

    One can hope, that Labor is now turning the tide, in the run up to the election. For the nation;s sake, I do hope that is true.

    History might forgive Rudd, if he does indeed do the right thing from now on,.

  43. I see it, as never been Rudd’s ability to have good policy or sell it that was the problem. It was his apparent inability to implement it.

    The PM, has continue on and finished what Rudd began. They are now law. Not all as Rudd promise, but to the extent, that politics allowed. After all, politics is the art of the possible.

    What is being taken to this election, is the policies of the Gillard government. These are the policies Rudd has to get out and sell. Cannot do so, unless he acknowledges that fact.

    What he is selling, is the Gillard Labor government.

  44. The praise that Rudd is giving the PM today, is the reason he was replaced.

    She is just tougher than him. For Labor to survive, that strength was needed.

  45. It is funny, when one stops to look. The support for Rudd, is coming from the Liberal camp, He rates much higher than their unpopular leader with them.

    Yes, there is a little support for Rudd within Labor. Not too sure that support extends to the voters who count.

    Within the Coalition, I believe that Turnbull still rates higher, in the popularity contest. Should that mean, Abbott should step down.

  46. For a former diplomat, Rudd’s handshake was disappointing (grabby, unable to get purchase beyond pudgy fingers). Wayne Swan, a country boy, footy champ and political veteran, had a weak squeeze. Lindsay Tanner’s effort was insipid (dead fish).

    Julia Gillard was a revelation: firm grip, nice squeeze, great eye contact, hint of a smile, a warm greeting without familiarity. She put the blokes of the kitchen cabinet to shame.

    In political, business, education, social welfare, diplomatic and industrial circles, Gillard’s greeting leaves a good impression.

    “She’s got a firm grip,” says a man who shook the Prime Minister’s hand on the day she called the election. “But the really striking thing is her strong eye contact.”

  47. All we are hearing from ABC 24, is that Rudd is out campaigning today. Fewer words follow what the PM is doing.

    Yes, Rudd will have to work hard to get the message out, that he is campaigning on behalf of the PM.

  48. Congrats on the your 3rd birthday. I can’t help but wonder though if any of the regular posters here have ever owned or run their own business. Or are most either,

    a) in the public service
    b) a union member
    c) on some kind of government benefit
    d) all of the above

  49. What has that got to do with anything Erin or are attempting to pigeon hole?

    There are people here who are ex-serviceman, I did 21 years. I’ve also owned a successful SME and run a successful SME. But that doesn’t mean a thing in the discourse you are lamely attempting to lambaste those here.

    We could just as easily throw it back at you and say your background doesn’t make you fit to comment as it’s obvious you’re a narrow minded dyed in the wool right winger, and no facts will convince you that this government has done good and Abbott is a lying deceiving bully who says and does anything to gain power, and will break just about every promise he makes as he sends us backwards.

    A more apt question to you would be if you will make excuses for an Abbott government and blame his failures on Labor and everything else but Abbott, or will you criticise him and his government when they deserve it?

  50. Not pigeon holing anyone. TBH, the only people I know who would even consider voting Labor fall into one of those categories. Had a beer with a guy a few weeks ago (hadn’t seen him in years and never talked politics) but even as a dyed in the wool labor supporter and public servant, he is choking on Gillard. Having said that, if Abbott’s government screws up, I’d have no problem criticising him / them either. And (everything else aside) I would sincerely say ‘thankyou’ for your service.

  51. Erins got the troll’s ‘play book’ out and is on page,blah, blah…… turn the page Erin we’ve heard that one before…….do try to keep up, thats a dear 😉

  52. There’s no point Signe except to pigeon hole those here and then lambaste them with the meme they aren’t qualified, in Erin’s back very narrow minded POV, to comment.

    It’s a very limp form double edged attack that will infer Erin’s back is superior, a common right wing arrogance, and those here are inferior to Erin’s back superior experience. The inferior commentators here are only doing so because they have ulterior motives by being either a), b), c) or d).

    That Erin’s back attempted this very lame angle says far more about Erin’s back ideological narrow mindedness than it does about the irrelevant pigeon holing attempted.

  53. And Signe, my point is that I know alot of small business owners who have desperately struggled over the last few years, predominantly due to employment costs.

  54. “…the only people I know who would even consider voting Labor fall into one of those categories”

    Well don’t you live in a very narrow world. Looks to me like another right wing alternate universe.

  55. Erin’s back but somehow you didn’t know any small business owners who struggled under the Howard government?

    And what is your solution to these employment costs, pay all Australian workers $2ph and take away all their holidays and conditions?

  56. Sure I know people who’ve struggled in small business over many years but I have never seen so many than under the present government. And the $2ph and no holidays is a great little dramatic statement, but let’s come back from lala land for just a minute. If you did actually run a business, you would know that wages are often one of, if not the largest expenses in operating a business and as much as everyone wants to be paid more, it’s not always sustainable. But I don’t think anyone in government understands that. Probably the more relevant question then is . . . . how many people in the Gillard gov. have ever run a small business ???

  57. Erin’s back, that is a bit of a simplistic of the major reasons for the difficulties small business owners have been facing in the last few years has been the explosion of online purchasing. Small business now not only has to compete with the larger retailers but now it’s online businesses as well who do not have a fraction the overheads.

  58. But that’s the retail sector Min, and ironically wages are actually much lower in retail (it’s rent that’s the killer).

  59. Erins back, I also ran a small business for years, and one of the biggest impediment to small business over the term of this gov is the fact that Abbott et al have spent most of their time (an lots of tax payer dollars) talking down the economy and, to use one of their own slogans, putting a wrecking ball through consumer confidence for their own, and their puppet masters, agendas.

    And I’m not talking just about retail, but the building, service and manufacturing industries.

    And as far as I am concerned the whole damned lot of them (the LNP) should be done for sedition, and Murdoch for crimes against democracy.

    Cheers 😀

  60. Dear Migs,

    Please allow me to congratulate you, albeit belatedly, on achieving your three year anniversary. You have my heartiest congratulations, and I look forward to enjoying another three years, and more in your company.
    On a more prosaic subject, why, oh why, does Ms Gillard leave the telling of a truth to Mr. Rudd. Mr. Rudd’s description of the Leader of the Oppositions’ pitch to voters, as explained on Thursday evening in the 7:30 show, should have come from her, not a back bencher.
    I regret to conclude that, as with Labors’ complete failure to give any credible opposition to Howard during his tenure of office, we, the Australian public, must face the prospect of Mr Abbott being handed office with barely a whimper from the Labor party. I am beginning to think that Federal Labor has become convinced that they do not have any right to this office, and when they do win, it is not because they beat the incumbents, but because the public just became tired of the Liberals scurrilous behaviour. With few exceptions, the Labor party has a complete lack of testicular fortitude.
    I understand full well that they are in Government with the help of the green Party, but for goodness sake, and the sake of Australia, they must get some fire in their belly. To live through another Liberal government, with a wimpy, whining opposition, relying on our self proclaimed guardians of our freedom, the MSM, to hold Abbott and his sponsors to account will be so very difficult.
    The Australian Labor party has, in effect, rolled over. I fully appreciate the waves of policy implementation that have been put in place, but there is much more to politics than this, and the performance on countering the negativity oozing from the opposition benches has been a complete failure, woeful on all fronts.
    Mr Abbott has sold much more than his arse to gain office this time, perhaps Australia’s very soul was on the table.

    Best Regards,

    Deena Bennett.

  61. Erin why don’t you take your ‘small business’ whingeing & lies & gate crash somewhere else. It’s inappropriate as you know (because you’re a troll). There’s a party going on here.

  62. OK then Teddy, I will. But I might pop back in come September for some of the most EPIC gloating the planet has ever seen 🙂

  63. Deena, Just this morning I heard another alleged journalist ask why is it that Labor can’t sell their message?

    I then changed channels and heard doyen of right wing media spin telling his Labor guest that they (Labor) are gone for all money.

    The point is that it doesn’t matter how well the government perform, the MSM will put a negative spin on it, or alternatively not report it at all as in the Justice Rares scathing findings against the LNP players in the Slipper case;
    30+ front pages during the case and not 1 after the findings were handed down.

    They no longer even pretend to be impartial. 👿 So unless the voting public go looking for the truth, we will end up with the government that Murdoch wants. 😯 Any business will tell you that you wont sell your product/service if you don’t/can’t let people know that you have a product or service to sell.

    Social media is the only option for letting the people know how good the government has been and how bad Abbott is and will be.

    Cheers 😀

  64. Another classic example on ABC 24 just now, Shorten says “IF the polls are accurate”, Labor will be headed for a landslide defeat” , and the reporters quote him as saying :Labor is headed for a landslide defeat” A small but crucial omission. 👿


  65. how many people in the Gillard gov. have ever run a small business

    Probably about the same number as are in the parliamentary Lieberal Party 😉

  66. It should, however be mentioned, that running a small business provides absolutely no preparation for running a government – the two are VERY different beasts!

  67. Dear Truth Seeker,

    Thank you for your response. This morning I was reading in the U.K. version of the Guardian a letter by a Mr Andy Hall of London, and others, under the overarching title “Labour must Fight the Corporate Capture of the UK”.
    I thought that this headline and some of the contents were so apposite for Australia now.
    We have an American, described by some as an unfit character to manage such an enterprise, whose sole interest is in the value of his shares, having convinced himself, and many of his audience, that this measure is the only one of any merit to be countenanced, controlling such a large proportion of the Australian media as to control all the other outlets. Mr Abbott must be wary when riding this particular tiger, it is the tiger who is in command, the tiger who decides who will ride.
    We have a few enormously wealthy individuals, who gained their position, not by ingenuity or by industry, but by inheritance and the fortunate nature of another country’s growth. There is no value adding to their product, other than the extraction from the ground, there has been no industry created to gain increased benefit from these resources, no university or college created to educate and allow development from them.
    If it is not too late already, I fear that the Australian economy, being quite small, will be over-run by corporate interests, and will fall prey to the creed of maximising their profit and minimising their civil responsibilities.
    I believe that the Progressive parties do hold these fears high on their agenda. The Conservatives have no such qualms at the moment, and there is no evidence of such thoughts entering their minds.

    Best Regards,

    Deena Bennett

  68. You’re right Bacchus . . . when running a business you have to look after your customers, and the people that work for you. You have to be financially responsible and accountable for every dollar spent. It would appear non of this applies to Julia’s government.

    And yes Michael, I am bright . . . . bright like a fox 🙂

  69. Deena, Yes my sister was just out from the UK and although not one to talk politics, she was full of anger at what the Tory’s are doing and what Murdoch is getting away with over there. and thanks for your reply, it’s good to hear an intelligent response 😎 Cheers 😀

    Erin, tell that to voters and the public servants in QLD under Abbott’s Mini Me… Newman.

    BTW, self praise is no recommendation! 😯


  70. Scaper, I was supplying 30 + small businesses, in Sydney, when Howard got in and literally within 6 weeks my orders and turnover dropped by 50 %, so you may think it’s funny but I and the companies that I supplied certainly did NOT!

  71. So TS, under your rules of association, all state and federal labor is entirely populated by crooked unionists with their hands in the till . . . hey, you might be on to something 🙂

  72. So Erin you do advocate lower wages and conditions for Australians, or even better low paid overseas workers to come in and do the work.

    “If you did actually run a business, you would know that wages are often one of, if not the largest expenses in operating a business and as much as everyone wants to be paid more, it’s not always sustainable.”

    Wages have always been the largest expense for business, and not just business, for things like Defence, police, health etc. But it is a known expense and is factored in. Businesses are no more struggling with this fact now than they always have been. This is true world wide.

    If you can’t afford the standard set wages for your employees then you shouldn’t be running a business. To argue that wages should be lowered so unprofitable and in many cases badly managed businesses can keep trading is as specious as arguing for tariffs, which by the way Abbott has argued for.

    Let’s turn this around to what is just as often the case.

    “…as much as every business wants to have more profits, it’s not always sustainable.”

    Also let’s put this in the context of something Australian businesses are reaping the benefit of.

    Australians are amongst the hardest working in the OECD.
    Australian workers take amongst the least time off and holidays in the OECD.
    Australian workers work the most unpaid overtime in the OECD.

    Businesses start demanding low wages to produce the working poor, as they do in the US and are now doing in the UK, then immediately workers will only work the exact amount they have to and not a second more. They will only produce the minimum they have to at the least quality needed and will attempt to slack off and cut corners to gain every cent they can.

    Result (as Howard found with WorkChoices):

    Productivity down.
    Workplace discontent up.
    Stress up.
    Sickies up.
    Record bankruptcies.

  73. Erin, you should be in the olympics for archery cos you can certainly draw a long bow, and if you want to look at MPs who left in disgrace and under a cloud of corruption, just look at Howard’s years. You could start with Peter Reith and his Phone card affair, for sheer numbers the LNP lead hands down.

  74. A small but crucial omission.

    I just read that earlier TS, and couldn’t believe my ears.

    It’s almost as blatant s the omission in regards to the Carbon Tax ‘lie’ (but I will introduce a Price on Carbon)

    There are literally dozens of these ‘omissions’ coming out, all painting Labor bad, and skimming the gulfs of hypocrisy and ineptitude and outright lies within the coalition

    The unhinging is reaching a crescendo, and it has infiltrated all media outlets, most obviously theirabc. And it is definitely reflecting in people’s own perceptions. It cannot do anything but.

  75. Been in business since !992 and never had a problem under Keating or the Howard Government. Started down sizing in early 2008.

    Hey, you said you supplied small businesses and all of a sudden in your post they became companies…keep seeking the truth!

  76. Yes ME wages often start out as a “known expense and are factored in” but unsustainable wage increases are not. And if you think Australian business owners are out there reaping in ever increasing profits off the backs of their down trodden employees then you really are deluded. Most business owners are struggling to pay themselves, let alone make a profit and they typically work much longer hours than their empolyees. Why, because they are out there trying to create something, to employ people and to contribute to society and the economy. I get the impression you think most business owners are greedy, fat guys rolling around in a pile of money, stopping occassionally to slap one of their lowly employees ??

  77. We seem to have a NSW state minister, that has much more to answer, than being drunk in the house. Yes, much.

  78. when running a business you have to look after your customers, and the people that work for you. You have to be financially responsible and accountable for every dollar spent

    Thank you Erin – you’ve perfectly illustrated why small minded business people have such a hard time understanding the requirements of government.

    Government is not there to make a profit.
    Government is there to provide services to the public that private businesses won’t or cant do efficiently – think infrastructure, health, defence, law enforcement.
    The result of attempting to have private concerns provide services that “naturally” belong in the realm of government is, for example, a US style health system – the most expensive, least efficient health system anywhere, with many of the people who should be served, completely missing out.

    The same applies to things like water and electricity – costs to consumers have gone through the roof since these government services were “gifted” to private enterprise – gotta have the CEO and all the other trough slurpers getting in for their share of the goodies!

    If you’re still wetting your pants about our minuscule level of debt, Greg Jericho has an excellent article in the Guardian the other day that i think even Erin may be able to get her mind around. Give it a go Erin 🙂

  79. Why would a country, as rich as this one, want to compete with low wage countries.

    Yes, we enjoy the low cost products from those countries and go after the high technology, high paying jobs.

    We have been successful in doing that for the last three decades. Yes, those horrible factories have closed down, while jobs have continued to grow.

    I do not wish to see my grand kids work in such conditions, as I did.

    This PM has the right idea. A highly educated and skilled workforce, that develops the jobs of the future, not the past. One that sets us u, to be leaders in the Asian Century.

    Has anyone ever heard Abbott and Co, mention the Asian Century, or the infrastructure need to survive in it.

    Has anyone ever heard about Abbott talking about investing in this generation, to be players in that Asian Century.

    Being the poor white trash of Asia, does not appeal to me.

    Yes, there are many choices to be made.

    Suspect, we will only gel one chance. Can forget about the dream, if Abbott gets in.

  80. I get the impression you think most business owners are greedy, fat guys rolling around in a pile of money

    Not at all Erin, since I was a business owner and a manager, and I now work for a boss who puts his people ahead of himself and his customer second to his people.

    But you are coming out with a lot of generalisations, like most businesses are struggling to pay themselves, but you haven’t given any data for that. The only thing I’ve heard from you is those you’ve talked to, and believe me that will be the smallest fraction of not only businesses by business demographics and types. It’s a specious argument.

    But I gather what you are saying is that wages and conditions should be reduced. Australian workers should get less and do without, even work below the minimum wage so their bosses can be wealthier.

    And workers aren’t trying to create something, to contribute to society, they are just there to sponge off their bosses.

    Your arguments go both ways Erin’s back and whilst it was your aim to denigrate those here with your opening question, which failed miserably, it is those here that are showing the broader view and experience from what I’ve seen of your one sided arguments so far.

    You also seem to be arguing that businesses are struggling only because of the wages they have to pay when in fact most businesses fail for other reasons including poor judgement and management. Are you going to argue these poorly run businesses should be subsidised by having cheaper labour, and in all likelihood still fail but now leaving behind struggling destitute workers?

  81. Scaper if all you’ve got is to play semantics then you’ve got nothin’ 😦

    And for your information my business was a good economic indicator, as I was manufacturing and supplying high end extras to other manufacturers (which were in may cases Companies), and were always the first to be dropped when there was an economic downturn, as their customers would go for the cheeper alternatives when confidence fell as it did when Howard got in.

    The same WILL happen if Abbott gets in.

  82. scaper, Canberra thrive under Howard. Where is the proof. I thought the city went into deep recession. Then maybe I remember a different word to the one you see.

    Like those, who insist that Abbott has had a good week in parliament this week. That the PM is shaking in her boots. Seen none of that.

    Howard did leave the biggest private debt, this country has ever experienced. Wonder why that was so?

    The economy was well and truly onto surpluses when Howard came to power. All the hard and unpopular decisions had been taken by Keating. Yes, Labor once again paid the price, for doing the right thing.

  83. For the record, the people I employ get paid significantly more that I’m required to pay them under Fairwork. And most of them have been with me for years. Why, because I encourage and reward performance. You don’t get paid higher wages just because you show up for work, or because you’ve been there longer. And , I also know people who manage staff in the public sector, some of whom are openly lazy and refuse to meet their agreed deliverables. When pulled up on it, they run straight to the union who tells management to back off. Does that sound fair ???

  84. Want to bet that confidence will fall after the next election? Nah, I will be gearing up in October and betting my own money by way of investing in plant and taking on employees. Until then I will be hardly working this winter, like last winter and the two winters before.

    CU…put your glasses on when reading posts. Canberra?????

  85. I seen the reason that Rudd is putting his Canberra mansion on the market now is, they expect the bottom to fall out of the market. if Abbott gets into power.

    All others in the article seem to agree with them

  86. Small business has always struggled, especially in the last fifty years, and the emergence of big companies, Seem to remember a family grocery shop on every corner, along with as baker and butcher.

    I come from a family of small business owners, and farmers. Neither exist today.

    Not even those dairy farms that I spent four years of my childhood on, or the small wheat and sheep before that.

    The big shopping centres and the likes of Coles and Woolworths have put a end to that.

    In the last decade, we have seen the disappearance of the local hardware store.
    Erin, catch up to the modern age.

    Many small businesses today, have arisen from big business, outsourcing the work, they used to employ workers to do. These contractors, are generally at the beck and call, of the firms, they previously worked for.

  87. Boy, you talk rubbish! Your grasp of basic economics exposes you as no business person. The only involvement in business you would of had was the tea lady.

  88. ME, all Erin’s got are Liars party lies & talking points. That’s all they’ve got. So she’ll never back her words up, because she can’t.

  89. Seems it was my mistake. Based on the comments so far it would appear just about everyone here either owns or has owned a business at some point.

    So to all the business owners (past and present). If you have ten employees working for you, all in the same role, all working the same hours, do you pay them all the same rate. Or do you reward the better performing employees with higher wages to show the effort is acknowledged.

    And did you all attempt to run your businesses for a profit or not ??

  90. Well scaper, she had a point, this government is closed to full term, the Opposition has not asked one question on health.

    Add to that, the abuse coming from the shadow minister was clearly audible, as it is most days.

    Being a minister requires more that the ability to hurl abuse across the chamber.

  91. They are losing it big time. Having a point does not excuse such unhinged behavior.

    Missed yesterdays QT but I believe Gillard was just as unhinged. All the signs of the early onset of PMS…Post Ministerial Stress. The final two weeks will be a hoot to watch.

  92. scaper, I can assure you, as all that watch the lower house yesterday, it was definitely not as reported in the media.

  93. Erin/Scaper time to get real. You’re both in the BS business. You argue, change your mind and prattle on with slogans and no facts. So congratulations. You’re both a big success … in the BS business.

  94. Got out early on weekend release, I see. Read somewhere that Latham called Rudd a lunatic…such a wealth of leaders Labor has had. Shorten next???

  95. Speaking of success, and getting back to the original post in this thread . . . “We’re three years, 980 articles, 123,00 comments, 955,000 visits, 1,650 subscribers and 950 commenters old . . . thank you to everybody who has made CW a success”

    What exactly is the measure of success here ? Is it to inform and ultimately influence people to identify with the Gillard Labor government ? Because in the past three years her public standing appears to have gone from bad to worse ?????

  96. Erin’s back? but where was she? all this time?

    But, getiing back to the original post in this thread, encapsulated beutifully

    So we continue on. Into muddy waters, too, it seems 🙂

  97. MT, Bacchus and I wonder if you would mind taking out the rubbish please. In your own time mate. 😉

  98. The main aim is to provide what the MSM and the right wing nut jobs don’t understand… facts and truth!

    And Migs, Min, their contributors and MOST commenters have achieved just that 😯 despite the trolls and the lunatic right trying stop it 😦

    Cheers 😀

  99. I’m not trying to stop anything ??? And by all means, if you won’t me to go away and stop posting, you only have to ask me (nicely) 🙂

  100. Well I for one, don’t want you to go away Erin. You’re very entertaining 😆 Deluded, but entertaining nonetheless 😉

  101. Erin, I wouldn’t presume to tell Migs how to run his most successful site, and I’m with Bacchus 😀

    Just trying to correct some misconceptions 😉

    Cheers 😀

  102. Thank you Bacchus, but I’ll give it a rest 🙂 I do appreciate this is “all of your blog” after all, and I’m effectively unwanted visitor. Political differences aside at least you guys don’t just ban or block anyone who has a different opinion. Enjoy your birthday celebrations !!!

  103. Cheers to you too TS . . . enjoy your long weekend guys, and whatever penalty rates that might bring you 🙂

  104. No Erin, do not go away. Enjoying the comedy. Nice to have a change. Good to have a new hook, to hang our comments on. Would appreciate something new though.

  105. Erin, we do block people. We’re world famous for it, apparently.

    But we only block trolls from Melbourne or nasty, mean-spirited pricks from Sydney. Plus the occasional irritants who used to drop in from time to time.

  106. Erin penalty rates have been round since I was in my teens, back in the middle of last century. Business seems to have survived.

    In fact, I spent most of my working lief, in jobs that involved penalty rates. Is how I survived. Not too sure my kids were impressed though.

    You mob are going on, if they are something new.
    In fact, when it comes to overtime, the penalty rates are cheaper than employing more staff.

  107. World famous . . . cough, cough. OK then 🙂 One last question before I go home. Why ‘Cafe Whispers’ . . . I mentioned the name to a friend, who thought it sounded a little bit like a trashy, singles meeting place ?

    You know . . . “Are you tired of spending Saturday nights alone at home . . . wanna get together for some ‘adult’ fun . . . check out Cafe Whispers . . . and remember, at Cafe Whispers . . . “we won’t back down” 🙂

  108. Erin, good question.

    The name is based on true life events. Go to any Café or restaurant in Canberra and you’ll find public servants talking discreetly about politics, in low voices of course. I thought it was sort of a fitting name given that we wanted to replicate that ‘atmosphere’.

    Café Whispers wasn’t my first choice, but I had to find a name that was available in both WordPress and Facebook. A few were tried, but un available. Café Whispers came up so I grabbed it.

    It was originally set up as a ‘closed’ discussion group in February 2010 and was only opened up in June that year as a temporary discussion blog when one of our blogging partners took a break from his own blog, The Blogocrats, and we needed a place to gather in the meantime. It was only intended that we remain ‘open’ for a month or so until our friend resumed with the blog just named. He never returned, so we stayed open. That was three years ago.

  109. Yes, a good meeting place for people of like minds. Do not always agree though.

    Anyone seems welcome. The only ones sent on their way, are those, who challenged Michael to throw them out.

    Even then, Michael, a man of great patience, gives them many chances. Too many, some think.

    So not know,if any singles have managed to link up Would not surprise one.

  110. Well Erin doesn’t this blow your wages growth argument out the door. They have declined under Labor.

    Finding other stats I will post soon that show your other business contentions are also incorrect and demonstrate things were worse under Howard, GFC not withstanding.

    So how it it that Howard with the longest sustained economic boom in global and Australian history had record bankruptcies and lower productivity, including poor business satisfaction.

    Under Labor Australia happiest nation on earth three years in a row and business happiness is factored into that rating.

  111. OK not wages then, they have been flat and actually going down, so they can’t be what’s causing businesses to struggle.

    I know, it’s labour costs. Labour isn’t just the pay packet as there’s a whole bunch of costs associated with hiring employees and they are killing SMEs absolutely, and it’s all Gillard, Labor, Unions, Greens and everything slightly left of Andrew Bolt that’s the problem, and here’s the proof on sky rocketing labour costs:

  112. ls there any truth to rumor, ALP candidates are requesting Kevin07 comes to their electorate to help them campaign and Joolya to stay away, like in recent WA election.?

  113. Sounds like the type of rumour that would emanate from the bowels of the IPA 730dude. Either that or from the mouth of Prissy 😆

  114. ME @9.02pm, the next thing Erin the Clueless will try on is that the cost of living has skyrocketed into the stratosphere.

    That is not the case. I am spending roughly the same for a weekly grocery shop as I did 5-6 years ago. The amount of money I allocate for housekeeping has not changed in that time.

    The whingers, excluding the people who really ARE doing it extremely tough, are snivelling about lifestyle costs.

    Champagne tastes on a beer income, as a friend of mine used to say. Sending the kids to a high fee private school is a lifestyle choice, as is buying a luxury imported car.

    Things that used to be treats are now considered to be essential. News flash-they aren’t.

    Don’t blame the government if you’re extravagant and living beyond your means; cut the spending & enjoy the occasional extravagance.

  115. What was that conversation during the last QT between Hockey and Rudd. Both seemed to be conjoint themselves.

    As I predicated last night, they are commenting on Labor having two teams.

    If Rudd does not come out and start saying he is fighting for the Gillard government, and praising all she has done, it is time to throw him put of the party.

    Rudd can make it work, if that is what he wants. The word games just haver to stop.

    We need to hear that he believes the caucus should not thrown him out, but the PM has done a good job, delivered a good economy, put his policies into action, and now he is supporting the PM and her policies.

    If not, history will write him up as one of the most treacherous Labor leader, this country has seen.

  116. You weren’t trying very hard Migs. From memory you were more interested in joining me 🙂 Then LOVO came along and we had a real party. 😀

  117. Did someone call for a Saint Bernard, …..woof……….. don’t k-knock the cellar..fella..*clink* ……ah, the information super cellar-way…..a proud resource, Migs 😉 *clink* …..the only negative are all the unopen Blackberry Nip bottles Bacchus leaves lying around 🙄 ……. 😆

  118. They’re “unopen” for a reason LOVO 😆

    Thank goodness we have Tom R as the bouncer to keep the undesirables out of the cellar, and to keep the place nice & tidy too :mrgreen:

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