Julia Gillard: set up for failure


Julia Gillard:  set up for failure and some of the ways that this was accomplished.

In discussion of this issue I will avoid the use of the term “smear campaign” due to the prescribed response from the anti-Gillard dilettantes being either one of confected outrage; an “How Dare You” or denial, “What smear campaign?” or condescension, “If you can’t stand the heat then get out of the kitchen”.  The latter description of course being used present day to suggest that women should be back there.

Background:  you take a politician of considerable talent with proven resources, in not only being on top of a number of portfolios, a formidable foe in debates but with a certain style and wit which endeared her to many.

In those days Ms. Gillard was often promoted as a future Prime Minister.  Then she made a mistake, she became one.

I have absolutely not a moment of doubt when considering that irrespective of the method by which Ms. Gillard came to become Australia’s Prime Minister, that the exact same methods would have been used against her.

Many of these techniques are obvious, some less so.

For me it commenced with Tony Abbott’s statement immediately following Julia Gillard becoming Prime Minister that this would be an “unfair fight”, that he could not use his usual attack dog style against her..because she is a woman.

How ironic is the above.  From the moment that Julia Gillard entered the room she was given all the disadvantages of being a female, but with no recognition of her achievements “because of being a woman”.  People, and especially other women were actively discouraged from celebrating having a female Prime Minister while the Right were free to denigrate her for this same fact.

The above was the end result, but how was this achieved?

False impressions:  set up a false persona based on “expectations”. A false persona will never work unless it conforms with preconceived ideas and generalisations. We see this throughout society, and something which is used to great effect in all forms of media.  With Julia Gillard, without one doubt this tactic was based on sexism.

Consider “the empty fruit bowl”.  This equates with inadequate as a partner and homemaker.  Therefore the impression of inadequacy is created.

The Prime Minister’s Australian accent and the accompanying accusation of “bogan”.  Again a false impression of inadequacy, and on this occasion “lack of class”.

However, as often noted these false impressions are at the lowest level such encouraging others to sneer at a person’s physical appearance, background, race, age or gender.

Undermine the person’s credibility:  create imaginary motives and ascribe these to the person.  Claim that everyone else (the mysterious “everyone”) is in complete agreement that the imaginary traits ascribed to the person are real.  These are the tactics utilized by the shock jocks, but often followed through by more regular mainstream media identities.  For the most part, these amount to condescension due to the use of sarcasm.

Faux Concern:  these are of the *it’s so sad that she’s an alcoholic/it’s such a tragedy that he’s gay* genre.  An ego trip for the speaker and done for the sole purpose of undermining the credibility of the other.  It’s condescension *with a twist*.

Attempt to exert power over the person: primarily by dictating what the person should or shouldn’t do or in extremes, what the person can and cannot do.  The power exists in the person’s own mind, however it is the message that is sent to others is that which concerns.

Tony Abbott’s endless demands for a new election not only comes under this category but has a good deal of condescension thrown in.  Is it that the little lady could not make up her own mind about when to hold an election, but that he Abbott the alpha male must make this decision for her?

Persons of lesser calibre would have given up but Ms. Gillard was awarded the ultimate praise, that according to Tony Abbott she refused to “lay down and die”.  However it remains that Julia Gillard was…set up for failure. 

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  1. I am still living in denial, hoping that this is not true and that somehow she (Julia) will win the next election and Australia will continue to grow towards being the Country it can and should be.

  2. Rod, we’ve all been noting the tactics since before the ’07 election. If I was to date the change in the MSM I would say that it went back that far..ethical practices of dealing with facts and opinions based upon those facts descended into innuendo, big noting and sly remarks.

  3. I am not a Labor voter, we all know this, however I see the results of the Labor and minor party government and compared to what was achieved under the Howard the previous coalition pales to inadequacy by all standards. So much has been achieved by the present minority government, I for the life of me, struggle to understand what the populous actually wants. Already internationally we are being laughed at for even considering an Abbott government, comments like moving from leaders in innovation and environmental protections to backward thinking archaic denier status. Wake up Australia before its too late and the Coalition drags us back into the 19th century … for the love of all things sane and reasonable.

    A point to remember, Howard has few mistakes to his credit, because he did very little, achieved little and has little to show for his term in government, an old boss of mine said he valued the few minor mistakes I made because it meant I was actually working, those not making mistakes aren’t making working at all. In the scheme of things and with a few exceptions this has been a very successful and achieving minority government

  4. Thanks Min. It needs to be said again and again, Julia Gillard was set up for failure. Her big mistake was to succeed and become Prime Minister. She was never given the traditional Aussie fair go.

    Once, asked if a woman PM should get a fair go,
    Most Aussies would probably have answered “Yes!”
    But that was some years back when we didn’t know
    What lay ahead. Could any one of us have guessed?

    Certainly Julia Gillard did. Already wise,
    Knowing she would have to make her own fair go,
    By garnering those very important “Ayes!”
    While Tony Abbott stamped his foot with, “No! NO!! NO!!!

  5. Joz, being currently in a somewhat pessimistic frame of mind as far as politics goes, I would say that Abbott will win…not that he remotely deserves to. I always thought that once it got closer to the election and that Abbott could no longer rely on photos of himself in lycra but instead had to speak and explain, that he would not be able to handle the pressure..we’re right, he can’t..but he’s too well protected by the media.

  6. Patricia, I like that – it’s something that I’ll keep reminding myself of..one has to make one’s own fair go.

  7. There is an awful lot of un-decideds out there, and a lot of young first timers (un-polled, mobile phone users) thinking about the NBN. I retain my optimism!

  8. Min, I think that Murdoch has tried very hard to fulfil Abbott’s wish list of ways that the PM can be set up to fail, in the same way that Obama was set up to fail.

    But it’s not over till the fat lady sings, and my hope is that when Gina sings it will be a dirge in requiem of a failed LNP 😀

    Cheers 😀

  9. I hope you are right recalcitrantrick because in his job my husband travels around NSW and is hearing nothing we can be hopeful of, in my job I work with the unemployed, injured, aged and pretty much the demographic that will suffer even more under Rabbott and they are voting for him in droves and I live in a hugely migrant community many of whom espouse the pre-prepared political hate speech of the coalition… who’d a thunk it? On this I am delighted to be wrong…Min, sadly I feel the pessimism of which you speak.

  10. Good to see one by one admitting the obvious, saves heaps of disappointment on election night. Gillard is a failure and has no one to blame but herself for bending over for her union thugs.

    Can you sing, Signe???

  11. Well, it is the fashionable thing around here to make fun of people that are not lithe so I thought I’d join in.

    You leave Grace (the goat) out of it…I keep telling you people I was not convicted of scapegoating!

  12. the thing with people like you scaper is that you simply run off at the mouth and don’t think…. point out one time when I am guilty of what you say, You’re an arse and when you cannot find a legitimate comment to make you do what is often the case of those unthinking on the right, lob everyone in one heap and be abusive. Generally I’d have have been kinder and called you an ass, but that said I like donkeys and mules and for the most part they too show more grace than you, pls not the small g I’m not referring to your relative.

  13. Min, you are right when you say that the PM has been set up to fail.
    How could this have possibly have happened? Oh, I think that we all know how it has come about.
    Back in 2003 – when John Howard was the PM he relaxed the convergence regulations for all Media, thus allowing Murdoch to gain almost total control of everything we read & hear. I would refer you to reading (if you can) chapters 5 & 6 of Margo Kingston’s book ‘Still not happy John’. It gives a very clear & truthful picture of just how it all occurred.
    So, that brings me back to how everyone thinks that the PM will fail at the next election. All I can say is, that if everyone sits on their hands without relaying what actual is truths to everyone that we meet & talk to, then we will be a very sorry state of affairs come 15th September.
    The PM & the ALP can win the next election, it could be very close, but then again, it may not, especially if those great people like Barry Tucker on his blog site who has found & shared an un doctored youtube clip of JG giving the WHOLE of that infamous I will not introduce…………. speech.
    For heavens sake, start to argue the case for what good this government has been doing. They are not perfect but they aren’t anywhere as sneaky as the LNP are.
    Who controls the LNP & TA? Murdoch & Reinhart. Their only concern is keeping the power they already have and making sure that they have a compliant government (LNP should they get in) so they are able to run rampant over the rest of society.
    Lets just stop with the pessimism and make sure that spread what is truth and expose what are the lies, fed to us by the biggest propaganda machine since the 2nd world war. Democracy is what is at stake here folks.

  14. recalcitrantrick, you could be perfectly right there. Under normal circumstances the MSM likes a close election, enjoys the suspense (drags in the readers), but this time around they’re still plugging for their mate Tones at every opportunity. Could it be that things are a lot tighter than the ordinary polls indicate – I know that some internal polling suggested that Abbott was even more on the nose with women voters than previously suspected.

  15. Sandra, all that I want is for the people of Australia to be given the right to make an informed choice – this is what those who consider themselves “all powerful” want to deny Australians. We’ve come a long way since we had to vote the way that the lord of the manor/religion/husband or parent dictated – now more than ever it’s money which equates with power, but power nonetheless.

  16. Tall poppy, jealousy, mysogeny, penis envy, call it what you will but undermining of Julia Gillard and the position of Prime Minister has come from the media, the opposition and from within government ranks. No doubt the Prime Minister has made errors but on the whole she has been the most hard working, progressive and effective Peime Minister in my memeory (I go back to RG Menzies).
    As to the results on Sept 14, there is a ditinct dissonance between the polls and voter reaction to policy, as illustrated by pollicy specific polls conducter on The Drum web site. http://www.abc.net.au/news/thedrum/polls/
    it is also difficult to see Tony Abbott remaining as PM, should the LNP win. Tony Abbott is failing miserably in all the body language training he is getting, reconciling his DLP based social justice beliefs with LNP/Murdock/IPA/Hancock ideologies is not possible. Then att efforts being made to teach Tony Abbott to act like an adult after a three year dummy spit are failing, he has no Adult Ego State.
    I would not be surprised at another hung parlianent.

  17. hey scaper, whats your real name you gutless piece of crap. i know you wont answer this. because you gutless ! you will just ramble on with a truck load full of crap ! as usual !

  18. Signe, many just cannot tolerate a woman. There can be no other answer. This PM has done nothing, that male PM’s before her have not done.

    A PM who does not use female wiles to lead. One who has the guts to come out fighting.

    One, who treats the media and their moguls with the lack of respect, they deserve.

    One who does not crawl up their arse.

  19. Fed up, I have noted a certain element of the Right choosing subtle methods to attack the PM and these are indeed based on her gender – such as Abbott calling Ms Gillard “she” rather than by a correct title – also by throwing gender based descriptives into the rhetoric.

  20. Signe, we live in a democracy. No government can last more than three years. always time to fix up mistakes.

    I believe many will learn, it is not wise to turn completely off politics, and allow others to make their mind for them.

    Gonski is being debated at this time. A sleeper, if it ever was one. What carer or disability worker trusts Abbott to bring in NDIS in it’s present form.

    What young person wants Turnbull’s on the cheap, inferior NBN.

    Yes, there are still many undecided. We cannot predict, until they begin to move.

    scaper, no one here, as far as I know, are unaware of how hard it is going to be.

    Saying that, the PM deserves to win. In life we do not get everything we want or deserve.

    scaper, a prudent person, waits until the votes are cast, to gloat. It is not a good look.

    One thing for sure, most here will respect the voters will, and respect any Coalition government.Yes, we will scrutinized every move. I am sure we will be kept busy, and will not have to wait long.

  21. Well scaper what else can it be., A very successful economy. A very productive government. Many reforms that has beaten others for decades.

    Exciting plans for the future.

    No, scaper, sadly I am left with gender.

    Also we need to look at the way all our female premiers were treated in the past. Just more of the same.

    Do waste time with the lies and all that shit. We have heard it many times, Just boring. scaper, I challenge you to come up with something new.

  22. Playing the gender card??? That’s why Gillard is a failure…that’s how she got there in the first instance.

    Scaper, that is a load of rubbish.

  23. Who took the time to watch QT. Talk about gutter politics.

    Yes, I fully agree, Abbott’s job will be over, if he gets elected. He will be quickly replaced.

    Would not even be surprised, if Abbott’s is a part of the plan. Seems to be more interested in titles, not the work it entails.

    If he does survive, he will be one of the most hands off PM, this country has ever seen.

    Who will be in charge, worries me more than Abbott.

  24. Everyone, please ignore scaper, he thrives on abuse, clearly a sexual deviate who gets excited when abused. Poor scaper 😦

  25. Well scaper, if it is not gender, what is it????????

    Question marks there, as I would like to hear something of substance. Something new.

  26. recalcitrantrick, seems to get more pleasure by attacking women,. Seems to think they are a easier target. Sure is a slow learner.

  27. I hope you meant scaper, it reads like you mean me! Then I saw the comma! 😦

  28. Sheez what is it with the abuse in these comments? Taking it from behind, weight jibes…? And scaper I challenge you to make a comment that (a) says something of substance and (b) doesn’t bait for the sake of it.

  29. Left “he” out. my humble apologies. scaper, see what happens when I do not edit in that other place.

  30. Scaper’s having a Mack attack, by any other name…..he gives everyone the Tony’s 😯 😉

  31. Yes, the Liars & Rupert never engage in smear, lies, innuendo & false allegations to ruin reputations, not just of political opponents, but members of their own party.

    And when they won’t lie down & die they predictably try other means, like bribery. And this is the mob a majority is said to want to run the country.


    And do we want this lying toe rag as our FM?


    And speaking of waste….


  32. Did one see this on the media.

    Here’s an update on a confidence motion.

    Confidence motion in Treasury and Finance just debated. Hopefully a vote by the end of the week. Interested to see where the bums land.
    Reply Retweet Favorite More

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/opinion/the-pulse-live/politics-wrap-june-3-2013-20130603-2nknq.html#ixzz2V9LP47WZ

  33. No other prime minister since whitlam has had to put up with some much garbage ! she is an amazing woman, and i am proud of her, she is just so tough, but at the same time her loving heart just keeps growing. And all the men who like to put her down are just totally pathetic brainless twats !

  34. Min
    Good post, however I do not agree she was set up for failure anyone in the PM position was ready for open slather, the Howard legacy had to be preserved at all costs.
    The Murdoch media has been anti labor since Kevin won six years ago. I expressed that opinion on Possums site and Bushfire Bill confirmed the point.

    They ran a campaign against the second stimulus project Insulation and the BER not defended enough by Kevin which resulted in him being replaced.

    Now they had a new target a mere women and a redhead to boot, off came the kid gloves. However she scraped back into government, a minority one and how was this possible because the other bloke could not negotiate himself out of a paper bag let alone into the lodge.

    Not Legal illegitimate anything what ever or not, forget the gloves, out came the knives/machetes and what do you know they bounced off her maybe the odd scratch or two but SHE is still there and a fighter to boot. The sad thing is that somewhere along the timeline the ABC and Fairfax were sucked into the the slime.

    Red heads are not nicknamed bluey for nothing, another thing they forgot.

    It’s the economy stupid and the country is going fine keep telling the clowns this over and over again and it will finally seep into the collective mind of the masses out there.
    A good slogan was “I would rather vote for a redhead than a dickhead” but now Pauline Hanson has put paid to that line. A new one is needed asap. may the Force be with us all.

  35. bilko,
    one thing for sure, this woman will not take a step backward or give up, until the final vote haws been cast.
    If the Australian public do throw her out, it will be their lost, not hers.

    This PM will be able to walk away with her head held high.

    They will not be able to take away what she has already achieve. The legacy is considerable.

    Just her Abetz say that the asbestos scare is because of the haste they are putting NBN in place. I thought, according to tho Coalition was saying, the progressed was too slow. Love that mob, They have a answer for all seasons,.

    Will someone ask Telstra, as they have been doing this work for decades, that is cleaning the pits out, how come it is only a problem now. Has there been earlier scares that we are not aware of.

    Personally, if I paid someone to do a job, and they break the law, I would believe they, being the experts, are liable. Telstra is being paid to make those pits and ducts usable, allowing NBN to rent them. Why is not Telstra being condemned. Especially when back in 2009, the

    It is not rocket science to clean the asbestos in the pits. Most seem to be asbestos pipes. They are not that big. It would I imagine, just take commonsense to do the job. All one has to do, is keep the area moist, and bag up the rubbish. Keep the dust level down.

  36. Cu, most of the Telstra ‘pits’ I come across in my ‘main’ job of put’n in footpaths, kerbs’n gutters and the like, are approx. 300mmx500mm by 700mm to 800mm deep….we avoid them like the plague, even when we recognise that they are made of something ‘other’ than asbestos…. like you have mentioned, they are not that big, but like most of the 😆 infrastructure of Telstra they are old, in some cases, older than old….. the problem, as I see it, is the use of fly-by-nighter sub-contractors….. they are notorious for paying ‘lip-services’ to WHS (OHS) rules, unlike PS like myself who are bound by them….. use’n contractors is, as per, about short term gain.. and ignoring the long term pain their cheap-skatin’ has/will/does cause…… sure, they get the job done, sorta ….. but at what cost in the long term, …but hey, that’s privatisation for ya, …. substandard work at half the price,. that will ‘last’ 1/4 of the time of a job done by a PS employee……. ya gets what ya paid for 🙄

  37. Lovo,, I have been told by someone, that has done a little work in Sydney. Telstra has the price per hole a price last upped seven years ago. All the safety gear is provided by the sub contractor,. Yes the job is something, you use between other jobs. The work is hard, as it is mostly crowbar and shovel.

    I wrote this somewhere this morning. I noticed that Turnbull tonight made an aside, commenting that the contractors are complaining they cannot make any money, with what Telstra pays. Have not seen this said anywhere else.

    Personally, I believe charges should be laid against Telstra/
    Turnbull is trying to give the impression the pits would not be open, only for NBN. That is not true. They were used for cable TV among other things. The contractor I know of, has been doing it for seven years.

    Good argument against copper, one would say. System completely crapped out.

    From where I sit. Telstra tried to do it on the cheap. I do not believe there have not been many similar mishaps.

  38. LOVO. Love Abetz. He says that the cause is the indecent haste of this government to roll out the fibre. Funny, I thought they said, the government was too slow.

    If Telstra did it properly, there would be no trouble.


    Asbestos risk: One of the exposed pits in Penrith. Photo: Tamara Dean

    Telstra tried to fast-track compensation arrangements for its employees exposed to asbestos but was rebuffed by Tony Abbott’s own department back in 2001.

    With the opposition on Monday leading a parliamentary attack on the government over its alleged lack of urgency in addressing asbestos discovered in Telstra junction pits being handed over to the NBN, Fairfax Media has learnt the giant telco wanted to create an independent body to accelerate compensation and sought approval from the Department of Workplace Relations.

    However, the department, then under the ministerial leadership of Mr Abbott, rejected the plan.

    The emergence of Telstra’s previous attempt to get on the front foot on the issue comes as the telco agreed to take ”ultimate responsibility” to deal with asbestos used in its infrastructure.

    Opposition communications spokesman Malcolm Turnbull

    tried to tag NBN Co as inept and to portray the Labor government as having dragged its feet on the issue.

    Workplace Relations Minister Bill Shorten said it was regrettable that politics was being played on asbestos. ”This issue should be off bounds,” he said.

    During a crisis meeting in Canberra on Monday, Telstra agreed to set aside compensation funds and take part in an independent taskforce to oversee any future claims by victims. Mr Shorten said the meeting did not agree to establish a new fund for asbestos victims but that Telstra chief executive David Thodey had assured the government that provisions had been made.

    The taskforce, to be chaired by asbestos expert Geoff Farey, will ensure compensation is paid where necessary. It will include senior Telstra executives, Asbestos Diseases Foundation president Barry Robson, the chief medical officer and Commonwealth and state regulators.

    On Monday urgent legislation that would facilitate a new national asbestos register also passed the lower house. If the bill clears the Senate, Australia would become the first nation to create a national body to prevent more people being exposed to deadly fibres.

    Mr Robson welcomed the plan for a national register as ”a fantastic initiative”.

    Residents have been forced to move from their homes in Penrith after construction workers digging up Telstra equipment to make way for the national broadband network exposed asbestos in the lining of existing copper wires.

    Mr Thodey sought to reassure investors that the company could meet financial claims resulting from asbestos-related diseases, such as mesothelioma.

    ”We have been managing the risk of the asbestos within our network for many years,” Mr Thodey told the stock exchang

    Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/national/abbott-rejected-telstra-plan-to-speed-up-asbestos-compo-20130603-2nm9y.html#ixzz2VAaXPMXB

  40. Min you just dont get it. The Primary cause is Labor is on the nose , it is
    in a state of total Morbidity. The Stench and Decay has infiltrated every
    Australian home. Three issues off the top of my head -Thomson,Obeid and
    Slipper. Coupled with Ms Dillards personal constant below par performance
    – How can you expect to win an Election? Ms Dillard is a self inflicted Loser.


  41. A nice set of numbers this morning from Newspoll…58/42.

    When the book finally comes out after Gillard is gone it will give a blow by blow account of how Gillard slept her way to the top. Funny how you lot, especially the antiquated feminists have backed her to the long term detriment of the Labor Party.

    If Labor is to be any type of opposition it should get rid of her and Swan to preserve some seats. Even Adams reckons she has to go by resigning for the Party’s sake. I doubt she will because it is all about Gillard.

    Many years of depression ahead for you barrackers!

  42. No good news for you lot in Qld or Vic either. But, but, but…it is a Murdoch,IPA, Gina conspiracy. How ridiculous, but that is all you have to prop up your collective denial.

  43. Another Reinhart cowboy barracking for the billionaires – anyone else still believe the trickle down theory?

  44. Scaper, over the years I’ve watched you turn into an angry and aggressive person. What happened?

  45. thanks for all the support guys, it was a little test to see how scaper responded to my being ‘hurt’ Did anyone notice his turn tail and run approach, this particularly amused me as IF and thankfully she didn’t,the PM pulled the I’m a girl card she would have been lambasted (from afar) but when an encounter such as this, closer, more personal the right quickly hightails it, neither addressing it nor apologising for their rudeness or lack of decency and grace. Avoiding contact and making useless statements like wet lettuce leaf…scaper, sadly you’re like the rest on the right, all bull dust and bravado…no substance. Numbers are one thing but even if the Labor loses come September the PM will have done so on equal footing, not kowtowing it back to the blame and misery. I have faith the Australian public, they recognise bullshit from a distance and for the most part that’s all the right has offered. scaper Its nice having the likes of you stand up for the LOTO… like supporting like and all.

    Steven James, I too prefer using my name however the likes of scaper never will, they can be despicable when hiding behind an imaginary self either that or it is little d*ck syndrome … having read much of scapers comments I have my guess 🙂

  46. And now the latest “Newspoll” Labor down even further yet NOTHING has happened in the last two weeks to cause such a new low rating.

    However we ran this poll in WA where Labor is on the nose already due to that “Carbon Tax” and there we have a downer.
    All legit because is is a sample, next week we will poll Nth Shore Sydney maybe include the electorate of Warringah that should put another nail in Labors coffin and why not we have been getting away with it for years ever since Howie got the chop, and our sample areas whilst selected by the media owners who pay our wages and in confidence.

  47. HAHAHAHAHAH! Run away? Point out where I have commented through the night…you can’t because I have better things to do like interacting with my wife and daughter.

    Had a good laugh this morning when someone accused me of getting off on the abuse. Nah, just like drawing out and exposing people here that can’t argue so use low level abuse for all the readers to see.

    Signe, you talk of grace then come out with the pathetic school girl comment has exposed you for what you are. No class and certainly no grace.

  48. Scaper, if you want to see a real pathetic comment then read what you wrote at 9:19. Come on, it was childish.

  49. Childish??? Hey, how many times have I read here that Gina wants Australian workers to be paid $2 a day? Just beating someone over the head with the inanity.

    Spelling someones name is not that hard…what is more childish than referring to Abbott as Liealot and a host of other names? It ranks up there with Juliar, I reckon.

    I will respond to your earlier question later as my Cutie’s birthday tomorrow so off to get the presents and order the cake.

  50. scaper I did see your further comments none of which did address my issue. interaction with the little woman is lovely and again resorting to name calling…nice I’m ok with being seen as childish in this instance (I had the time)

    Min sorry to use the post like this just thought it worth drawing a comparison to the types of thuggery and bullying the LOTO team use and in support of your post.. Effective or not, who can say – scaper is still an ass.

  51. Hey, how many times have I read here that Gina wants Australian workers to be paid $2 a day? Just beating someone over the head with the inanity.


    The inanity is not on OUR side of politics, it’s on yours. So quit the Right-Wing Projection.

    Daily Mail (UK), 05 September 2012:

    World’s richest woman calls for Australians to take a pay cut – ‘because African workers are willing to earn just $2 a day’

    Mining boss Gina Rinehart says Australian labour is becoming too costly

    Comments received criticism by PM Julia Gillard who insists cheap labour is ‘not the Australian way’

    The richest woman in the world warned her fellow countrymen they are becoming too expensive to employ.

    Mining tycoon Gina Rinehart said it is becoming too costly for multinational companies who could hire workers for two dollars a day in Africa.

    The 58-year-old said in a video address yesterday that businesses are forced to look to other nations as the price for Australian labour is too high, something which was immediately criticised by Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

    In her ten-minute long video for the Sydney Mining Club, Gina Rinehart said Australia must become more competitive.


    ‘The evidence is unarguable, Australia is indeed becoming too expensive and too uncompetitive to do export-oriented business,’ she said.

    ‘Furthermore, Africans want to work, and its workers are willing to work for less than $2 per day. Such statistics make me worry for this country’s future.’


  52. scaper. I see you are among those, who want to see us the low paid whiter trash of Asia.

    The Asians, with rapidly raising incomes and standards of education will need to look to somewhere to do their manufacturing. Not a vision I enjoy.

    I like the one the PM is promoting, a highly educated and skilled workforce, that allows us to proudly take a leading role in the coming Asian century.

    Scaper, the choice is ours, back to the past with Abbott, or marching onto a great future with this PM.

    Yes, we can go for the builder, or go backwards to the demolisher.

    PS. That bill on electoral reform last week was good policy. We will be poorer for it being dumped. Heard a expert from the USA say this morning, we have one of the best electoral systems in the world, except for the issues that bill dressed.

    Maybe it should be bought back, with the compensation to the parties withdrawn. The Coalition fear that bill.

    The second is, the asbestos scare that is going on. A expert in the field this morning, said it is being greatly exaggerated. There is a negligible danger to the workers, none to those who live in the streets.

    He pointed out, that there is a big difference of the danger of asbestos in it’s natural from , that that found in concrete.

    The third lie is, that the Opposition can go ahead with their NBN, by passing the pits. Eventually that fibre will have to go to the homes.

    It is immoral to create fear in people, the way the Opposition has. Yes, there is danger, if handled carelessly. Nowhere to the extent the Opposition is stirring up.

    As for the polls, if the voter decides that they no longer want this PM, so be it. We live in a democracy, and most on this side, I believe, respect the will of the electorate, unlike those on the other side.

    Yes, we will respect the vote, and work to change things at the following election. That is how it has been during my seventy one years on this earth. Sometimes Labor is in, sometimes, the Coalition.

    Saying that, it will not be only our loss, it will be all in this nation of ours.

    Has not anyone told our visitors, gloating is ugly. Especially before they have run the race. Maybe OK before a boxing bout, but not accepted elsewhere in life.


    Opposition actually asked a question on the economy.

  53. Signe, for some unknown reason, scaper sees it as a victory, people telling him what they think of him. One wonders at where they are coming from.

    One thing they never talk about, is what the Opposition intend to do once they get into power. Never tell us how the Opposition will be better.

    No, just into playground slagging off.

  54. Bishop asked the PM is she has been approached by the FM to resign her job for the good of the party.

  55. Two sent out. No warnings are to be given today.
    Bishop still defending herself from Guardian story. Maybe, the Guardian will be worthwhile. Has certainly got under the skin of the younger Bishop.

  56. A leading Australian asbestos lawyer has flagged a massive liability for Telstra following revelations of potential community and worker exposure to asbestos in the rollout of the national broadband network, The Australian Financial Review reports.

    According to the newspaper, Armando Gardiman, managing partner at Turner Freeman, said Telstra would have been aware of the potential liability to asbestos exposure in the removal of old lining from “hundreds of thousands” of telecommunications pits and pipes, because the telco had compensated lines workers suffering mesothelioma for more than 20 years.

    Telstra’s chief executive officer David Thodey will meet today with Workplace Relations Minister Bill Shorten, Communications Minister Stephen Conroy and representatives from NBN Co and unions to discuss setting up a compensation fund for residents and workers potentially exposed to asbestos in the rollout.

    The telco has appointed PricewaterhouseCoopers to provide advice on the issue, but argues that it should be able to deal with potential claims on a case-by-case basis rather than via a fund, The AFR reports.


    Shorten is now telling the house, the steps they have taken, to make the situation safer.

  57. Swan says rates at record lows…emergency rates because the economy is staid. If the economy is so fine why can’t he balance a budget? Can’t wait to dance on Swan’s political grave.

  58. scaper, is Shorten wrong to have taken the action he has, bringing in new regulations and legislation to address the dangers of asbestos.

  59. scaper, you are aware that when Abbott was the minister responsible, he opposed Telstra’s attempt at setting up a compensation programme, saying it was the responsibility of Telstra, not the government. It appears that Abbott has once again, when it suits him, changed his mind.

    Yes, the pits are a danger, along with that fibro shed in your back yard. It is not as dangerous, as asbestos in it’s natural form.

    It is the experts that are saying this, not me.

    Yes, the pits are regularly disturbed, and will be, regardless of NBN.

    It is not rocket science to work with them, in a safe manner.

  60. Yes, scaper, I wonder how many have been affected over the last few years, especially when they put the cable TV through, in the same way.

    It Telstra paid the contractors a reasonable amount to do the work, maybe there would not be a problem.

    Yes, scaper, like it or not, the pits will be opened now and in the future,

  61. scaper, the question is not whether they should not be touched, but that they are done safely.

    There is hardly a building or renovation, that does not involve dealing with asbestos in this country. So you are saying, if asbestos is involved, the endeavour should be abandoned.

    I suspect you are saying, this only applies to Labor. Everyone else, is entitled to do as they like.

  62. scaper, Telstra did accept the money to use these pits. Yes, they agreed to do the work. Yes, scaper, they do own the pits. NBN is only renting them.

  63. scaper, do you realise, Labor will be going to the next election, asking a third term. It is not unusual for the voter to vote a new government in, in this part of the electoral cycle.

  64. Pyne. Another move to seek… move to suspend standing orders. Back on the so called convicted asylum seeker terrorist. Problem is, this is not true. The conviction were overturned.

    These are security matters, and as such, the government cannot make a reply.

    Albanese asking the matter be no longer heard.

    Member be no longer heard.

  65. Time wasting by Opposition until Turnbull is allowed into the house,. Bells now being rang for four minutes, when one is all that is needed. So, it appears we will have the pleasure of Turnbull for matter of public importance.

    Going on resent statements by Turnbull, we are in for many more lies.

  66. Yes scaper, I believe this is the real problem. Comment from another site, says it all.

    “This is a ridiculous argument.

    The LNP Fraudband alternative would be using the same pits as the NBN for their street Nodes and would have had the same consequences.

    The fault here lies with the glorious modern concept of employing sub-sub-sub contractors, who are trying to cut as many corners as possible in order to make a meagre profit at the bottom of the food chain. The results can be seen in all areas of infrastructure maintenance.

    Telstra have very strict environmental controls and formal accreditation for their own employees and their subcontractors would have had to sign off on these conditions before being awarded a contract. It is expected that these conditions would flow downward and be observed by each level of supervision.

    To suggest it’s a matter for the government is like saying that if I have a bad experience getting my car serviced, it’s obviously the responsibility of the Minister for Transport to oversee the condition of every motor vehicle is properly maintained.

    Posted by wobbles, Monday, 3 June 2013 9:53:31 PM


  67. A follow up, along the same lines. Yes, breaking down of working conditions is dangerous for the workers and the nation.

    “Having been trained in the safe removal of this substance.
    And having supervised it many times.
    I over saw the removal of one of our biggest factory,s so far, very much contaminated I have views on this subject.
    Many, may be all, of these under ground pits, went in while Telstra was government owned.
    Under ground, mostly damp, the removal could have been handled better, and with some ease.
    The fault, one that comes back to haunt us often, is shonky contractors.
    Selected some times on the lowest price, endemic in this country.
    And another shameful truth,
    Engineers right down to site foremen,selling contracts to the wrong folk, for as little as a couple of bottle,s of scotch and seats at the footy, or trips over seas all paid for in the end by us.
    We in this country are out standing in makeing mountains out of mole hills.
    I truly doubt any,no matter how badly, the job was done, any entered one single home.
    *And HIGHLIGHT Abbott,s system uses those street under ground boxes too*
    Posted by Belly, Tuesday, 4 June 2013 7:24:51 AM


    Yes, the Opposition, and I assume Turnbull, in the up coming MPI is promoting lies.

  68. Scaper, over the years I’ve watched you turn into an angry and aggressive person. What happened?

    Voting for the Liars.

    WRT the asbestos hooha, in 2001 Liealot scuttled Telstra’s request to fast track compensation arrangements for workers who had been exposed to asbestos.


    And now, true to form he’s trying to blame the government for his own incompetence and lack of empathy for anyone whose health has been damaged in the course of their employment.

    He had the chance to address the problem in 2001, but couldn’t be bothered. After all, it was only ordinary workers. who cares if they contract a deadly disease as a result of workplace conditions?

    Liealot & the Liars most certainly couldn’t give a toss.


    And the Howard government was well aware of the asbestos content of the Telstra pits and as per established form deliberately chose to do NOTHING.

    And now we have proof, if indeed any was needed, that you can’t even trust Liealot’s fair dinkum, written in blood promises.


  69. Scaper, one more asinine comment and it’s off to the naughty corner…you may take a glass of cordial (not raspberry) and one teddy bear biscuit with you.

  70. Min, I should be given a naughty corner. Want to take on the Gutter…the taking teeth out comment was the final straw. Don’t agree with you but we go long back. Time to challenge to end the war.

  71. Migs, give me a thread to take them on without moderation to finish this war.

    I challenge all of them to take me on and don’t want any Whisperers to interfere. Would take them on over there but I’m banned and was not would trust Reb because I provided evidence to back up a post and he ignored it to run with the pack of rabid dogs that inhabit the gutter.

    Hey, you know you have made it in the blogosphere when another blog has a running commentary of this place. You must be chuffed!

    Nothing would be better than challenging Reb and the rest of the opinionated tossers. Hey Reb and the rest of you…I challenge you all!


  72. Scaper, as delicious as it sounds, I won’t bother as I they are totally irrelevant. I’m not even going to click on the link you provided. It would be like jumping into the sewerage. And you do know what a sewerage is full of, don’t you? 😉

    I only know they exist because of the hits they provide us, which increases when they are obviously talking about us. Even then the hit numbers aren’t large, which shows how pathetic their readership numbers are. Either that, or people over there are sick of having to race over here to see what we are talking about when it’s only duplicated over there anyway.

    And yes it is amusing that they exist purely to comment about this place. I used to visit there but haven’t had a look for almost a month. You only get to read the same old stuff from the same old Neanderthals. There are a thousand blog sites that provide better reading.

  73. Scaper, I just checked the hits coming in from the gutter. It’s a whole ten. It’s bound to build up once they realise we’ve acually talked about them and they go into their usually hate-filled frenzy.

  74. Michael that site would have nothing to say, if it was not for us. Cannot bother even looking anymore. The likes of scaper reveal where they are at.

    A couple that visit. are stupid enough to let themselves be used, to ask their questions.

    It is a bit of a joke, really.

  75. Scaper, I’ve been informed privately that libelous accusations have been made and I’m aware that there are some cases to answer, but somebody else is attending to that.

    But I’m still not going to bother with your link.

  76. Mr. Abbott says that the decision that was made about Telstra and payouts, was made by his department, not him. I thought the minister was always responsible, always made the final; decisions. This man takes responsibility for no decisions, made in his name. Always someone else’s fault.

    The promises he broke as Health Minister in the Howard government were not his fault. Nothing is.

  77. scaper, do you really think I do not know or care. They have problems, not me. Tom, lets me know where things are at, over at TPS. Has to be careful there, as I believe he does not want to get thrown off the site. Must be hard for him.

    It is lovely not being stalked anymore, though, I must say.

    How can one make libelous remark about someone they know nothing about is amazing. All they have, is I disagree with most of what they say. My crime is that I challenge them. Nothing more, nothing less.

    I trust, that most who follow these sites, make up their own mind about me. I am not saying most agree. That is not necessary. I would even bet, many agree with the views that upset that other place so much. Many would be in agreement with me.

    No scaper, just not worth the time or energy.

    Only idiots talk and argue with themselves. That is what they do. Who else cares about what I do or say.

  78. Michael, back to Abbott;s statement, that departments make decisions, not ministers. How does that sit with you, as an ex PS.

  79. A email i sent ti Shorten, mistakes and all.

    These pitsa are dug out with shovel, crowbar and small jack hammer. I am sure you could suggest to Telstra, that there must be modern ways of doing this work. The pits are small. Why cannot they be lifted out of the ground, and dealt with elsewhere. I am sure, the technology would not be expensive or beyond the imagination of Telstra. At this time, the work is hard, somewhat dangerous and under paid. Working in the confine space with necessary protective clothes is nearly impossible. Maybe you could even advise them of the plant that is already available. Lifting a small cement pit out of the ground should not be that hard. Thanking you, Florence

  80. Michael, I thought I had heard wrong, but it was repeated.

    Wonder why scaper thought we would want to reply to anything on the other site. Nothing of value said, worth replying to.

    Rather keep to entertaining scaper.

  81. Polls – well whats new with them today?
    Since 2010 Election there have been 57 Newspolls .
    Labor has been ahead in three, I repeat three.
    But the only one that counts is on 14/9 – thats about 102 sleeps.
    Australia still wants an Election now!
    And why not?

  82. voyager,what a boring topic.

    The PM will be out there, not giving up the fight until the last vote is counted.

    I believe I will follow suit, and wait until then.

    Not may sleeps now. How are those undecided going?

  83. Breaking news. GILLARD IN TROUBLE….Steve Lewis •From:The Australian
    Tue. 4 June , 2013 ….20 min ago.
    . Garry Linnell (editor the Australian ) and Paul Whittaker (editor telegraph ) have received an email from a senior official in Australian Security Intelligence Organization that proves beyond doubt, PM Gillard and treasurer Wayne Swan requested special tax concessions for a hairdressing franchise in Gillard’s electorate.
    Mr Abbott,Mr Murdoch and Gina Rinehart say Gillard and Swan should resign immediately….Deja vu Godwin Grech… Grech admits he was paid by a News ltd journalist to create an email inside Australian dept of treasury+provided inside information from Aust tax office to a foreign power
    http://www.crikey.com.au/topic/godwin-grech/ ..What happened to Godwin Grech.He simply resigned, was put in protection under the mental health act for 12 months,he then disappeared. Where is sad man/fall guy Grech to-day,?. Probably in a shallow grave somewhere…..
    ..www.crikey.com.au/topic/godwin-grech/ ..

  84. Fed up @ 3.27
    These ” sub sub sub contractors” of course make useful footsoldiers for the Right. Forced to become & think of themselves as Businessfolk, maybe even Employers with one or two sub sub sub sub contractors under them, they realise that an all wise Creator has ordained that they vote for the Coalition. Perpetually scraping by, the fact that they aren’t in their own jet waving to Gina in hers across the tarmac being the (this) Government’s fault.
    Speaking of being set up to fail I think evidence of this runs right through the history of this Labor Government. Throughout, it’s been quite acceptable in the media’s & therefore the public’s eye to pillage to one’s heart’s content so long as it’s from the (this) Government. Exhibit A, the dreaded Pink Batts!!! Thousands upon thousands, if the media’s to be believed , of contractors, sub etc,etc contractors all defrauding away to their little heart’s content with nary a shred of criticism or even interest in them as the Government cops it all. Pensioners who’ve received increases in the Budget gleefully reported in staged protests demanding,for the first time, more. And, no doubt, a year or three later being bused off to Canberra, shouted a free lunch in Parl. House by the coalition & shoved upstairs to do their sqawking stuff, again to be gleefully reported by a media that doesn’t appear to give a rat’s about anything else. Anyone can think of more examples.
    This Government’s had the temerity to challenge the way the people running this country run it. In their view, no greater crime exists.

    Joel Fitzgibbon. I’m tempted to use the appellation “Rat” but I don’t like anthropomorphic insults so I’ll just say he’s despicable. A look of glee on his face as he enjoyed his moment of what he may think is glory, as the people around him in the studio who probably don’t mind anthropomorphic insults think to themselves “look at this fucking Rat!!”

  85. BSA, the PM did not alone depose Rudd. No, he lost the confidence of his caucus.

    His behaviour and that of a small number of supporters since, proves how correct the action was.

    In retrospect , Rudd was destined to harm Labor, whether left in office or not.

    Rudd will find that history will not treat him well. It is Rudd’s inability to accept the decision of his party and his continuous undermining, that has prevented the PM fro succeeding.

    Even without such handicaps, she would have had a difficult job.

    As for those coming out. telling the PM what she has to do, they need to remember, they are a part of the team.

    Yes, the PM cannot do it on her own.

    They need to get in behind her, and start pulling their weight.

    Yes, last time I looked, it is a Labor team.

    I do not know what Rudd can do at this late stage, but maybe he needs to try. There is no glory for him, in the PM failing.

    Yes, it is time for the PM to come out fighting on asylum seekers, and those boats that keep coming.

    I do hope that Carr has been doing his job. That is working for a solution within this region. Labor and the PM do need for him to deliver.

  86. Did anyone take time to listen what Laurie Ferguson had to say today on ABC 24. He was positive about the PM.

    In fact, I wonder if he is laying the ground work for the PM to come out fighting on the asylum problems.
    Personally, I agree with what Ferguson had to say. I know the man, that when he talks on this topic, he probably has as much

    I believe the man to be a straight shooter.

    When one thinks of it, this is the only matter, the PM has not been able to put to bed. As Laurie said, there is no easy answer. This is one of the messages that needs to be got across.

    He also inferred, that this PM has not had a fair go, mostly because of division within the party.

    Time for all to start working as a team, of get out of the kitchen.

  87. By 14/9 predict Labor primary at 25% .
    That will make Joel Fitzgibbon laugh not smile!
    The longer it goes the worser it gets. Has Ms Dillard booked Maxi Movers
    or will Tim do the packing? Suggest an early start.

  88. Voyager – typical baiting & namecalling. Have you got anything useful to contribute?

  89. Voyager, why not attempt to talk about something which matters – we are talking about Australia’s future and your debate consists of sniggers.

  90. Min, if the Coalition are so far out in front, why the gutter politics.

    The Opposition have out done themselves this week.

    First is creating fear in the community with their over exaggerated asbestos scare and the lies that all would be left alone only for Labor NBNCo.

    Having people terrified of the work occurring on their footpaths inexcusable.

    The experts in the work and safety field, and the dangers of asbestos have clearly said, there is little likelihood of any member of the public being harmed. As for the workers, the danger is negligible.

    Yes, asbestos in it’s natural state is highly dangerous. Asbestos encase in cement, as it the fibro that these pits are made of, is not. Yes, there is a danger, but not if simple rules are followed.

    The other lie is that the pits are only being open because of NBN. That is not true, they are open on a ongoing basis. One time was the laying of TV cable. It is not true, that the NBN lite would not also use the same pits and ducts. Are we to believe that Telstra does not carry out maintenance in these pits.

    The other is the natural security beat up. The man named by the Opposition was convicted under a depose dictator. in absentia, .. along with hundreds of other protesters of serious crimes. The conviction were later over turned. There was one remaining conviction of belonging to an organization.

    Yes there is a Interpol Red note. No one as far as we know, have demanded he be returned to Egypt. The man has always been in custody.. First, in low security with his wife and six kids, now in Villawood I believe. Yes, there was a .an over sight by the system, but was pick up down the track. There is no evidence that this man was a danger to the public. He has had no contact with the public.

    To push this natter, stirring up unnecessary fear and placing the government in the position, that because of security conventions, they cannot reply. Yes, they cannot defend themselves in or outside the h

    I will not even comment much on the next, of the lies that Bishop has told in relation of stopping the boats, and her treatment of an Indonesian official. Saying that he would lie.

    Min, why the need to scare scare campaigns and gutter politics? I just do not understand.


  91. Min, maybe voyager can tell us, why the Opposition feel they need to act this way. Does not come across to me, as one that expects to win. Wonder what they know, that we do not. it is Mr. Abbott and the Opposition that looks worried, not the PM.

  92. Maybe, Mr. Morrison, the security mob did not see this man as dangerous, as yo are trying to make out. Maybe ASIO puts little faith in conviction that occurred when there where protesters out in the streets, getting rid of a dictator.

    The truth is, we do not know what ASIO thought. Then, I cannot imagine them not acting, if they believed the man was a danger. There does not appear have been any request for him to be deported back to Egypt. This is the least one would expect, if he was indeed a dangerous convicted murderer.

  93. I have copied this in full. Sorry it is so long.

    “Maybe if journalists like Lenore Taylor reported the asbestos cement issue fairly then people wouldn’t be frightened about it. Such as Eliza harvey did yesterday on The World Today:

    June 4, 2013 12:10:00

    ELEANOR HALL: To the escalating controversy over asbestos contamination in Telstra’s pits during the National Broadband rollout.

    Authorities are investigating breaches of safety in several states and Comcare has issued two asbestos related prohibition notices in the ACT in the last week.

    The independent Senator for South Australia Nick Xenophon says there should be an independent inquiry into the asbestos risks associated with the NBN rollout and into what precautions have been taken so far.

    NICK XENOPHON: I have a particular awareness about the impact of asbestos and that you don’t see the consequences, the tragic consequences of asbestos for up to 40 years down the track. I think it’s very important that there be an independent inquiry, perhaps by the Auditor-General, to look at why this happened. This is a $40 billion project. How could this risk not have been managed better?

    It’s not just Telstra, it’s also NBN Co. From what occurred in Seaford, South Australia, they were NBN contractors that stuffed it up, but unlike the pink bats fiasco, we won’t see the consequences, the deadly consequences of asbestos potentially for up to 40 years down the track.

    ELEANOR HALL: That’s the independent Senator Nick Xenophon, who is also the patron of the Asbestos Victims Association of South Australia.

    There are claims in Fairfax papers this morning that Telstra approached the Department of Workplace Relations about setting up an independent body to speed-up asbestos claims in 2001.

    Fairfax says the department – which was then under the ministerial leadership of Tony Abbott – rebuffed Telstra’s approach.

    Telstra says it is now investigating its own records on that but a spokesman for Tony Abbott said, “This issue has been created by Labor’s policy to dig up virtually every suburban street in the country to deliver its NBN.”

    The Trade Minister Craig Emerson, though, says the Coalition has questions to answer.

    CRAIG EMERSON: In 2006 there was a question on notice to the previous government about asbestos in Telstra pits. The previous government indicated it knew all about it and the previous government essentially said in response to questions on notice, this is up to Telstra, they’ve got to comply with the occupational health and safety standards and that’s the end of the matter.

    So for them to come to us now and say this is all about the NBN, this asbestos has been in the pits for a very long time, it’s not actually a revelation that it exists, turns out the previous government knew all about it and did nothing about it, did nothing about it.

    ELEANOR HALL: That’s the Trade Minister Craig Emerson speaking there on Sky.

    Professor Bruce Armstrong is a public health specialist, who’s been investigating asbestos related disease for decades and he says that in this instance, the dangers of asbestos contamination have been exaggerated.

    Professor Armstrong told Eliza Harvey that he blames politicians and asbestos groups for failing to ease the concerns of affected residents.

    ELIZA HARVEY: What do you see is the risk associated with the asbestos that we find bound within these concrete fibres?

    BRUCE ARMSTRONG: It’s very low. Provided it remains bound in the asbestos cement form then the risk from it is negligible.

    ELIZA HARVEY: So therefore how should we be discussing this risk in light of this week’s debate about the dangers of excavating the pits?

    BRUCE ARMSTRONG: The hazard that was generated, to the extent that I know anything about exactly what happened, would have been to the workers knocking the asbestos around and not to people living nearby.

    Those fibres, to the extent that they were present around the workers would be very rapidly diluted in a large volume of air and the probability that anyone else is exposed is going to be very low.

    ELIZA HARVEY: Why do you think people are so fearful about the work that’s taking place in these Telstra pits?

    BRUCE ARMSTRONG: We’ve seen the difficulties that many men have experienced, Bernie Banton and others, and I think the community has not either been educated to or perhaps caught the difference between the circumstances in which those men were exposed and the circumstances around asbestos cement sheeting.

    And I think that people are starting to attach to being even close to asbestos cement sheeting the same kind of hazard as men experienced in Hardie or Wittenoom, and this is just not the case. It is absolutely negligible.

    ELIZA HARVEY: Do you think any groups have to take a bit more responsibility, be it diseases foundations or say unions, to actually temper some of the fear that we are hearing?

    BRUCE ARMSTRONG: Well, let me say I think that some of the dialogue around asbestos hazard and particularly the removal of asbestos cement sheeting is generated by interests involved in the removal of asbestos because it’s now a major industry and obviously is going to perhaps get a little bigger with these events around the Telstra pits.

    I think that the asbestos diseases groups tend to not distinguish between the hazards of the asbestos in its natural form. They don’t distinguish between the hazards associated with that and other really extremely low hazards associated with asbestos cement.

    ELIZA HARVEY: What about Telstra? Do you think that the issue has been in many ways that people weren’t warned and when they’re not warned they feel like the risks could be huge because, you know, why aren’t they telling us this information? Do you think that if it was dealt with more proactively from Telstra people may not necessarily be so fearful?

    BRUCE ARMSTRONG: That, I mean, that’s a very good question. I think in the present climate any reassurances about lack of hazard are to be treated very sceptically. The politicians are also beating this up. I don’t believe it at the moment. We are getting an accurate representation of the size of the risk from the Government side.

    They too are tending to portray it in a very negative light, this is a major problem, and not saying anything to reduce the risk that people might feel and obviously the Opposition has an interest in trying to make it look as black as possible.

    ELIZA HARVEY: You’re calling for some moderation from the leaders in this debate.

    BRUCE ARMSTRONG: Absolutely. Facts and sensible dialogue.

    ELEANOR HALL: That’s public health specialist Professor Bruce Armstrong speaking to Eliza Harvey.



  94. Free entertainment. Pyne on Gonski in house. Now accusing government of intending means testing of parents in private schools. First I have heard of this. Looks like another scare campaign is underway.

    This debate has been going on for days. First I have seen of Pyne. He is the shadow minister.

    Full of anger, as usual.

    Duel between Garrett and Pyne. Wonder who will win. Attacking speaker. Tune in.

  95. Once again, Pyne is now abusing the speaker. Why doers Pyne comes across as so desperate.It appears that Pell has come to their rescue. One letter after another.

    Garrett, very heated member for Sturt.

  96. Pyne, as shadow minister is doing his best to be thrown out. Oakeshott, has called on the question to be put, said enough has been heard from Pyne. Speaker giving the strongest warning to Sturt, I have ever hurt.

    I did not think that Pyne could sink any lower. I am sad to say, I was wrong.

    Division now on.

    Wonder will we hear about this disgraceful episode in the MSM

  97. Bill now being read the third time.

    There were schools kids from Warrigal in the House. Wonder what they thought of the debate.

    I suspect, they might ot have been too impressed.

  98. …..why the need to scare scare campaigns and gutter politics? I just do not understand

    The reason is very simple, Fed up. This is standard operating procedure for the Liars; always has been & always will; scare campaigns & smear.

    Think back-Reds under the bed, the Petrov affair, the Yellow Peril, Debt Truck, children overboard, and so it goes on & on & on. I’m sure everyone can add to the list.

    And all so they can cling to power without actually doing a bloody thing. They’ve always coasted & if there’s a hint of unrest, they conduct a fear & smear campaign to keep the plebs in line.

    My grandmother lived in a street where there was a high proportion of migrants who told her that on their way out here they were told they had to vote for the Liars or be denied entry.

    The poor buggers believed it, coming as they had from countries under Nazi occupation during the war.

    Being a very feisty Scot, she very soon disabused them of the notion that they had to vote Liars 1.

    That’s the Liars for you. Fear, smear & projection; their stock in trade.

  99. More

    “…..hat Turnbull is able to get away with lying in such an obvious way on national TV is a disgrace, he should be lambasted for his uninformed rhetoric.

    So what does this policy shift mean? To put it quite simply, the Coalition will not be doing any copper remediation when installing FTTN, they will not allow technicians to work on the worst part of the network, you will not get “fibre on demand”, nor will co-funding, as spelt out in the Liberal party’s policy, be available.

    Essentially any targets set by the Coalition’s policy can be thrown out, as without remediation on the final 500m of the network there is no way that 25Mbps is possible, let alone 50Mbps is possible on FTTN. Not only that, if you do have a fault, the Coalition have essentially banned any repairs on your service.

    This kind of knee jerk populist policy modification is the epitome of stupidity. To allow emotion to overrule sensible responses serves only to buy votes, but not to actually resolve long running problems with our telecommunications network..


  100. AnotherGeek says:
    05/06/2013 at 12:17

    Interesting how only a few weeks ago Turnbull (in online debate with Conroy – see http://www.zdnet.com/au/hangout-with-turnbull-and-conroy-on-zdnet-7000014432/ for transcript) said he would be able to guarantee 25Mbps downloads by installing a node (ie. VDSL DSLAM) in a Telstra pit so it is close enough to the customer to guarantee the speed. He called it a “fibre extension module”. So we have Turnbull advocating nodes in Telstra’s asbestos pits. Maybe these are also now off the agenda – hindsight’s a wonderful thing!


  101. Good to see you guys still attempting to prop up Julia and her abysmal leadership. At least you all now acknowlegde that she has been an abject ‘failure’ . . . Of course, you can continue to point the finger at the media, Rudd, Abbott, men in general and anyone else but JG herself. But the buck has to stop somewhere and come September it will stop with Julia. Even the one remaining beacon of hope, the precious NBN is turning out to be another cluster…..k. But surely that’s not Julia’s failure either. It was Telstra and everyone else that set her up. Good greif. Time for Julia to take her medicine, and it’s going to be bitter !

  102. Erin’s back, No one here has acknowledged that Prime Minister Julia Gillard has been a failure. If all you can do is sneer that suggests you may yourself be an abject failure at having a life. So p.off and be miserable somewhere else!

    You’ll be welcomed back the day you become Prime Minister of a country, working a hung Parliament and holding together a minority government, consistently managing to pass a reformist agenda for the benefit of millions of people currently disabled or likely to be in future, doing something constructive about our climate issues, planning for the education of children for generations to come, getting rid of tobacco advertising and countless other vitally important but long neglected questions.

  103. Hi Min, couldn’t find a spot to slip in a pome on Julie Bishop before it gets out of date.. So have followed Migs advice and posted it today, and knowing it’ll get lost between this great post of yours and a couple of others he has coming up. If it’s a nuisance please edit out! Thanks.

  104. Really Patricia ? Because the opening statement in this discussion reads “Julia Gillard: set up for failure and some of the ways that this was accomplished” I.e. Julia Gillard has been a failure . . . the rest is just conjecture as to why. Most people posting here would like to believe it was everyone else’s fault. Not me. I believe Julia failed because she is a poor leader, a poor politician, and above all else, she is utterly self serving. But I’m sure she can find something in the private sector after the election. Maybe co-hosting a radio show with her good friend (and womens rights champion) Kyle Sandilands. Or perhaps she going into conveyancing ?!?!?!?!

  105. No, you semi-literate. It says that ‘she was set up for failure’ and shows how that setting up was accomplished. It does not concede that she has failed.

    So again. Piss off!

  106. No, you’re right Patricia. I imagine her ‘success’ will be finally acknowledged in September when she is swept to victory. So what if most of the Australian public (and her own party) see her as a complete and utter failure. Good luck with that by the way. LOL

  107. I rarely bother with trolls like EB above. Today I am reminded why. I sometimes ask myself why they do what they do. Surely they have something somewhere to care about and to write about constructively? Why waste one’s precious life moments knocking other people or causes? What drives them to bring others down to their own abysmal level?

  108. It’s funny Patricia. Anyone with an opposing opinion is instantly labeled a ‘troll’. Yet I’ve made no personal jibes, unlike your “abject failure at life” . . . “piss off” . . . . “semi-literate” and “troll” comments. The OP has posted a ‘theory’ that JG has been set-up to fail and pointed the finger in every direction. I disagree. If Julia wants to truly see who is responsible for her failure, she only needs to step into the room of mirrors.

  109. Leave is not granted. PM has remained in the House. This should be good. Would not be surprised if the motion does go ahead.

    Minister for Stirling given the job.

    Albanese is now up. PM has already announced an inquiry.

    Pyne, , Leader oif the house, time wasting.

    This is about National Security, I believe.

    Serious breach of National security.????……Warn given warning.

    Urgent matter????

    Yes, there are traces of Fed Daly.

    At last. Member be no longer heard.

  110. No Erin, her success will be known to all, when history writes her up, regardless of what happens on September 14.

    That cannot be3 taken away from her.

  111. FU . . . if that post was made by anyone else, I’d think you were being horribly sarcastic !!! History will remember Julia Gillard and it won’t be favourably. She will almost certainly go down as one of the worst, most hated Prime Ministers we have ever had.

  112. So Erin’s back you disagree with the substance of the subject but haven’t articulated why except for the lame mirror jibe, which is also levelled at Abbott but I guess you wouldn’t agree with that.

    So instead of the usual jibes and standard retorts that the right wing trolls do post ad nauseam prove yourself not to be one and tell us why Gillard is a failure in her own right and Abbott is a success.

  113. Sorry Erin’s back in the history thing you are utterly wrong as there are a string of major programs and projects with hundreds of policies, nearly all of which Abbott has stated he will keep, that will be a tribute to Gillard.

    On the other hand Abbott has a long string of failings that are already written in history, and will probably not last his first term if elected.

  114. No Erin, I am serious. History will write her up, the same as it has Whitlam.

    Bad bad government will be quickly forgotten, and the achievement, which are many, will come to the forefront.

    That is the inconvenient truth that many of your ilk, try to avoid.

    Truth always outs in the long run.

  115. Well, maybe not hated . . . perhaps loathed and despised are more accurate 🙂 And that’s just within her own party . . . we will get a good measure of just how loved and appreciated she is in September. I think FU might be in for a little bit of a shock though !!!

  116. Erin, I have been around for long time. In fact very long in the tooth. Experience tells me, I will be spot on.

    Was right back in the days of Whitlam, then Keating, now Gillard.

    Please tell of one success that Abbott will be written up for.

    Considering, he has already been iin government, Googling does not appear to find any.

    Stunt now over.

  117. And Mobius, to answer your question Julia has been a failure on multiple fronts. Asylum seekers – FAIL, Pink Bats – FAIL, BER – FAIL, NBN – FAIL, Mining Tax – FAIL, There will be no carbon tax – FAIL . . . look at what’s going on in her own party and explain how it’s anything but a FAIL.

  118. So FU, you’re relying on the passage of time to make things right ???? How about the here and now. How about she gets judged on the mistakes she’s made right now, as opposed to looking back in twenty years time and saying “was she really that bad” ?

  119. And the person who says they are not a troll instead of articulating a response gives the rote nonsense that has been proven false many times.

    Just one point. The asylum seeker policy is the Coalition’s one, in fact harsher than Howard’s plan that it copies. So that one is an Abbott policy failure, the only policy in opposition he had any say or influence on. The worst opposition leader in Australian history and history will write it that way.

  120. Right . . . so this incredibly talented Prime Minister who has done such wonderful things is so highly regarded that her own party members have lost faith in her and all indications are she will be utterly wiped out in the election. And you guys spout the same rhetoric that she’s been set up by the MSM etc etc etc. As for asylum seekers, are you honestly going to suggest that Julia delivered on ‘smashing the people smugglers model’ What a joke.

  121. Maybe ASIO did not see it as a matter of national security. I would assume, that ASIO would have contacted the PM if that was so.

  122. It appears that Chris Bowen has once again let Labor down. Not that it would have made any difference. There is still no evidence that there was any security breach.

    In fact if there was danger, I cannot see ASIO, sitting on the sidelines doing nothing.

  123. I wonder how many PMs have been investigated by the Victorian Fraud Squad?

    Gee, they have been on the case for near six months…what a waste of resources for a person that says she has done nothing wrong.

  124. Evading the question I see.

    Why would the police be wasting valuable resources on investigating Gillard? Come on…please explain.

  125. scaper, who says they are. They have been trying to get this one off the ground for the last month. MSM is not biting. Maybe bitten once too often.

    more important, something that is real.

    Sales unbelievable. Kept asking Shorten why Labor could npt get his message across.

    Every time he tried to answer her, she cut him off.

    Shorten said, he might be able to do it, if you give me more time, that a sound bite.

    Continued throughout The interview.

    I would say that Shorten is indeed a man with patience. Did keep trying, but with no success.

    .The truth is, Sales was not interested in the answers.

  126. Do agree, they should use some of that valuable time to investigate Jackson, along with Bough. Would make more sense.

    Would not mind finding out, why Brandis carries so much weigh with the nations police forces.

  127. Erin, she is highly regarded by her own party. Prissy’s the one spreading the rumours. He’s alleged that he got the goss hot from the ALP, but they don’t seem to confirm that story.

    Bit like Juliar Bishop, isn’t it? Except Prissy hasn’t verballed the Indonesians and been caught out. YET Won’t be long though.

    How do you think he’ll go with the court cases currently against him? So who’s most likely to go to jail, i wonder?

    Six months “investigating” a non-existent crime. They’ve been trying for 20 years and found? Oh that’s right, squat. Still, the Liars just lurve wasting money on their hubris & spite. Strike that they just lurve wasting money.

    And isn’t your shadow Ministers for Porkies impressing our neighbours in Indonesia? Verballing the Indonesian Ambassador AND the president for good measure.

    Unfortunately for JULIAR Bishop, Rupert’s influence doesn’t extend too far these days. Lie upon lie and telling porkies in the House too. Emulating her illustrious leader no doubt. lol

  128. Oh dear, Erin. EPIC FAIL for you and your silly Liars rhetoric. You’ve been listening to too many shock jocks. Why don’t you ask someone who is the beneficiary of HIP & BER what they think, instead of letting Anal tell you what to think?

  129. Fed up, I think Ministers need to very firmly cut Sales off and remind her that if she wants an answer it would pay her to listen to it instead of interrupting.

    I suppose asking her if her parents had taught her manners might be counter productive?

  130. It seems, things have changed a little. No longer convicted terrorist, with emphasis on convicted.

    It appears it is now alleged terrorist.

    Do you think the Grech like character in security, might just be giving the Opposition a warning.

    Now we are in danger from a chemical that has not been used for over twenty years, and has half ;life of five years. That means, every five years, the life of the chemical halves. Also in pits, that I an sure, are not water proof.

    One would have trouble finding any traces.

    Where is Turnbull today or tonight. Surely such dangers, last more that one night.

    I do hope the PM has given that inquiry a short date to deliver. The quicker, the better.

  131. Once again, Morrison caught out lying.

    “………Australia’s security watchdog will examine how complex asylum-seeker cases are handled after a convicted murderer with terrorism links was held for eight months in a low-security setting.

    Prime Minister Julia Gillard announced the probe on Wednesday as the government came under fire from the opposition demanding more details of what the government knew of the Egyptian, a member of Islamic Jihad.

    “I have directed the inspector-general of intelligence and security to examine the management of Australian government agencies of persons seeking asylum who present complex security issues, particularly this case,” Ms Gillard told parliament.

    Immigration Minister Brendan O’Connor had backflipped, admitting the government was alerted to the high-risk individual’s presence some seven months before he was transferred to appropriately secure detention.

    A month after the man’s August 2012 arrival in Australia, ASIO informed the office of then immigration minister Chris Bowen.

    On Tuesday, Mr O’Connor said neither he or Mr Bowen had been advised of the case until April 2013.

    “I was subsequently advised that the former minister’s office received a submission relating to this matter on September 28, 2012,” Mr O’Connor admitted to parliament on Wednesday.

    “This submission related to the complex issues surrounding the detainee’s capacity to apply for a protection visa.”

    It is unclear whether Mr Bowen saw the document.

    Mr O’Connor told parliament the former minister did not sign the submission or return it to ASIO, and that no such documentation had been presented to Mr O’Connor on his appointment.

    After eight months at South Australia’s low-security Inverbrackie detention centre, the individual was shifted to Sydney’s Villawood centre in April 2013.

    Mr O’Connor said he first learnt of the case at that time.

    “No matters relating to the detainee were raised with me or my office prior to April 17, 2013,” he said.

    The matter has become a hot topic in parliament, with the opposition firing numerous questions at government frontbenchers.

    “This person has been in detainment at all times,” said Mr O’Connor on Wednesday, a refrain echoed by his party colleagues.

    “The transfer of that person from one centre to a centre that was indeed more secure … was indeed the appropriate thing to do.”

    Opposition immigration spokesman Scott Morrison dismissed the “selective review” to be carried out by the inspector-general of intelligence and security.

    “It avoids any inquiry into the role of the department of immigration … and that’s at the core of this issue,” he told reporters.

    “There must be a full independent inquiry or .. a full inquiry undertaken by the joint intelligence committee.”

    Mr O’Connor said Mr Morrison’s claims were inaccurate and that his department would be covered by the inquiry.

    “In keeping with Mr Morrison’s speak-now think-never philosophy, he was completely wrong,” the immigration minister said in a statement….


  132. Scaper, a six year old report without the benefit of hindsight or comparison with the current government means……….wow! You must be right! Ok, you won, now go away!

  133. Not a matter of winning…it’s about the truth. Scroll down on the link to the indicators, can you see anywhere there to back up the accusations been thrown around by the left…or can I?

  134. l disagree Min. You are painting Joolya and the ALP-dullards failure as an exercise in sexism by everyone else, and not the total fcuking disaster it was to kill-off Kevin07.

  135. Australia will never move forward until the issues around gender and violence and the responsibility of MPs and those who represent themhttp://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=471910586227138&set=a.352389594845905.79367.352385164846348&type=1&ref=nf

  136. I must say that the Drum is extremely balanced today. (that is a joke)

    Reith accusing the PM of dividing the nation. This coming from the likes of Reith, supporting Abbott, and Howard’s years of divide and rule, backed up by fear campaigns.

    Not one person, to give the PM’s point of view.]

    Beware of the blue tie.

  137. By the way, we had a male panel, telling Gillard and woman what they need. That was the point of the launch, if one listen to what was said. We will return to a world, ruled by men, with men telling women what to do.

    Yes, Drum undermined the message the PM gave,

    Yes, Fran did disagree slightly.

  138. It appears it is not far to judge Abbott by what he has done and said in the past, about his right to control what women do with their bodies. It appears that is not relevant..

    It appears that we all should just listen and take at face value what he says now. It seems that Abbott has worked hard to dumb this issue down.

    Personally, I will go on how he acted as health minister, not what the the self admitted lie says now.

    The PM is correct to raise this. Their is a DLP politician, whose main platform is to attack abortion. Whose has a personal bill before the house, denying Medicare benefits for all abortions, including, I believe those carried out on medical grounds. Look at what happened to that poor woman in Ireland. Foetus dead, denied medical intervention, leading to her death.

    Yes, it can be a life and death matter. Look at the difficulties women seeking IVF in the different states. Look at the bans even on research into this.

    In both major parties, there are still men that have strong views on these matters.

    This has been true when it comes to abortion. Also to reproductive issues. Men, believe they have the right to control all. Men seem to believe they know what women want, what is good for women.

    As for Abbott’s relationship with Pell, that is indeed a worry. Why does one lie about visiting the man, in the early hours of the morning, as Abbott did. Mr. Abbott should be asked, why he gave support and assistance to certain leading offenders in the past. Should be made to tell us where he stand now.

    What you see the PM do yesterday, was to use shock tactics to put the focus on women’s issues. It is quickly moving onto wider issues, that involve women. Mr. Bough, the man to take over Slipper’s seat, has assisted the PM, with his menu on the PM, used at one of his fund raisers.

    Shorten is out this morning, widening the discussion to other womens issues, such as superannuation.

    I do not believe that one will hear much more about abortion, but the many issues that effect women in general.

    One needs to recall, what the PM raised, was indeed a big issue, when Abbott was health minister. Why would it be any different in a Abbott government, especially if he gets the landslide they are predicting.

    Such a landslide, allowed Howard to put in place, all he believed in for most of his life, but to afraid to raise in his latter days. Yes, he was free, to attempt to kill off the unions, a lifetime ambition, ably assisted by Costello, who had a greater obsession.

  139. Of more concern, yes, mostly to women, I fear.


    Funding for Victorian schools.

    Private schools in Victoria would receive an extra $644 million in state and federal funding over six years if Victoria signs up to the education reforms, according to long-awaited figures released by Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

    Catholic and independent schools will receive the federal share of this extra money from next year even if Victoria does not sign up to the plan, although state schools, which educate the majority of disadvantaged students, would miss out if Premier Denis Napthine holds out.

    This is because the new funding model, which is expected to pass the Senate within weeks, will affect Catholic and independent schools regardless of whether the states and territories agree to it because the Commonwealth is the primary public funder of non-government schools.

    Dr Carmen Lawrence, a member of the Gonski panel, said it would be ”unthinkable” if states did not sign up and the extra money flowed only to the non-government sectors that needed it the least.

    ”The whole plan is based on increasing the amount of money to the most needy schools,” she said.

    The figures reveal Victorian Catholic schools would receive an extra $379 million over six years, independent schools an extra $265 million and state schools an extra $3.5 billion. But state schools will benefit only if Victoria contributes 35 per cent of the total $4.2 billion, commits to a 3 per cent increase in education spending every year and signs up to school improvement reforms.

    NSW and the ACT are the only jurisdictions to have signed so far. Ms Gillard said she did not want to see Victorian schools get left behind.

    ”Dr Napthine has until June 30 to sign up, or he’ll stop much-needed extra funding going to each Victorian school,” she said.

    But Victorian Education Minister Martin Dixon said he would ensure a better outcome for Victoria in which no school system was made worse off. ”The Victorian government began this process in good faith and continues to engage on that basis despite the daily threats and bullying tactics that are coming our way,” he said.

    The Gonski review found 80 per cent of students who did not reach the level required for proficiency to participate in society in reading and mathematics were in state schools. ”The panel believes that a significant increase in funding is required across all schooling sectors, with the largest part of this increase flowing to the government sector.”

    Australian Education Union president Angelo Gavrielatos said Victoria already had a deeply inequitable school funding system. ”Dr Napthine needs to sign up and deliver his share of this urgent funding,” he said.

    Melbourne University professor Richard Teese said it would be perverse and a great injustice if state schools were left out in the cold. ”My feeling is this is a beautiful piece of wedging. It could be quite effective as a political strategy: how else do you get the Victorian government to sign up?”

    He said instead of trying to reach consensus with the states over two years, the federal government had turned the negotiations into a game of political chess……”


  140. Waiting Abbott on ABC24. They are interested in hearing what he has to say about Bough’s menu, insulting the PM. Maybe, I have used to mild of words to describe it, but the ABC said, they are too bad, for them to read out.

  141. This is one out of Howard’s book. He also tried to stop Labor from having access to schools. Parents take note.

    We now have two states, stopping Labor from having access to schools.

    Why does Abbott speak so carefully, in a stilted way. Father the daughters….

    No record to run on. Why does he keep lying, talking down the economy. Answers in slogans as usual.

    He condemns it all.

  142. Listening to Abbott’ How many out their, take grown up daughters on family holidays.

    Nothing but answers, in slogans and motherhood statements, using a very stilted voice. Grating on the ears.

    Not that many out to see Rudd in Hurstville.

  143. Yes, the Coailtion states are folloowing Howard’s lead, in banning Labor MP’s from schools.

    “…HE Newman Government has banned the Federal schools minister from campaigning in Queensland campuses.

    The ban on visits by federal School Education Minister Peter Garrett was made last night as tensions over planned changes to funding erupted.

    In an extraordinary move, state Education Minister John-Paul Langbroek’s office last night confirmed Mr Garrett was not welcome at either Nyanda State High School or Yeronga State School this morning.

    A spokeswoman for Mr Langbroek said last night he would not allow Queensland schools “to be the venue for the Gonski media roadshow”….”


    Maybe Abbott should think of sacking Bough. This is the view of Eva Cox, even allowing for her criticism of the PM.

  144. The Liberal Party’s three main slogans – boats, debt, and the carbon price – are all based on outright falsehoods. Why hasn’t Julia Gillard been tackling Tony Abbott’s lies, asks Ian McAuley

    A story from the 1915 Anzac campaign describes General Birdwood’s encounter with an Australian digger. Birdwood, the British commander of the Anzac forces, was inspecting the Australian lines, and was accompanied by a corporal from the British army. As they approached a comparatively unsheltered spot, an Australian soldier yelled to Birdwood “Keep yer head down mate”. The corporal, a product of the British class system, was shocked – no salute, not even a “sir”. “Should I take his name sir?” asked the corporal. Birdwood’s reply was “Take his bloody advice”.


    We need to forget about the media. We need to focus strongly on all of the Opposition, while pushing all the PM has achieved.

    Just keep attacking the bare faced lies, and reminding people of what Abbott has done and said in the past, not the slogans, that are coming out of his mouth at this time.

    The PM reminded us of a time when Abbott was health minister. The women, on his side of the house walked out. It was not just abortion.

    Remember, when he wanted divorce laws changed, Remember, the religion based counseling services that were set up, when women had to endure, to get the medical services they needed. There were many more incidents, that are not coming freely to mind.

    Then we have the chaplains, placed in schools, when welfare worker would have met a essential need. We have the fight against ethics being taught.

    Their list goes on and on.

  145. Hockey now on. Chef heard and seen it. Hockey did at a small dinner.

    Trying to change subject. Is this the biggest event in Australia today. Hockey. yes it is.

    Hockey, has taken bait, sinker and all. Mr. Hockey, time to shut up.

    Should treat each other with respect.

    What was his twitter yesterday. He has no respect and will never have any for the PM.

    Very indignant. Oh dearie me.

  146. This is Tony Abbott’s Liberals, this is what they’re like, the real risk for Australia is if Tony Abbott was ever Prime Minister it wouldn’t be a question of what is on a fundraising menu, we would see this lack of respect for women littered through his government decisions,” she said.

    She called on the Liberal Party to strip Mr Brough of his pre-selection in Peter Slipper’s seat of Fishe

    Angry voters have flooded Mr Brough’s LNP Facebook page and Twitter calling for the former Howard minister to be dumped by the LNP over ‘menu gate’.

    While Mr Brough said he never authorised a menu which described Julia Gillard’s small breast, big thighs and ‘red box’, some say he should take full responsibility for it.

    Former PM Kevin Rudd says he has no doubt that Mr Brough would have known about the menu…


  147. The game is based around a class system like most
    MMOs but there is a catch. (2004): Bringing politics back in: examining the link between
    globalization and democratization; journal of International Political Economy 11(2), pp.
    Ice Age: Continental Drift Blu-ray 3D Combo Pack with Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas 3D.

  148. What others think of us.

    “……..Australia has one of the most brutal political cultures in the democratic world, in which party leaders are dispatched with abandon. As yet another prime minister faces down a threat from her own side, has the country become the “coup capital” of the world?

    Not yet three months old, 2013 is already shaping up as one of Australian politics’ more casualty-strewn years.

    The wounded and slain include the chief minister of the Northern Territory, who suffered the humiliation of learning that he had been deposed as leader by telephone while on a trade mission to Japan.

    Elected last year, in a victory that brought 11 years of Australian Labor Party (ALP) rule to an end, Terry Mills had spent just over six months in the job………


    This story seems to have gone around the globe.

  149. We all know those ads re aimed at relations and friends of those waiting in nearby countries

    Why is Morrison so upset over a few ads, that by the way, seem to be working.
    Is that Morrison’s problem.

    Asked questions, why is he using a Indian Festival to launch this attack.

  150. I have never seen a politician work so hard to kill a asylum seeker policy. He says we always know that on Labor’s side, it comes unravel. Well I must say, Morrison is working hard to make sure this is so

  151. The boats slowing down? Maybe in your own little mind.

    Since the announcement of the PNG solution on 19 July 2334 boat people have arrived, including 2 boats yesterday and 2 boats on 9 August. The record largest number of boat people to arrive in one month was 4309 in July.

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