57 comments on “Gina Rinehart, Tony Abbott and the $700,000 plan to bring down Tony Windsor

  1. Unfortunately it is not true. Been much chatter over the last few days. Would send you the proof but it is ‘in confidence’. Don’t forget Windsor also said that Gina has an interest in CSG too. You believe that then you would believe that Gina is investing in carbon credits also. Windsor is rattled as he has the fight of his life come election day.

    Oh, how delightful.

  2. Oh dear, & here comes Abbott’s greatest fan-bois, Scraper, to try & suggest that Windsor is “Full of Bullshit”-without providing a shred of evidence to back his claim-yet that gets snakey when someone else calls bullshit on him. Go back to Menzies House, Scraper you ignorant tool. All the evidence actually shows that choosing Barny Rubble was a *really* bad choice-especially after first going with that idiot, Torbay. So your claims that Windsor is merely “rattled” are complete & absolute tosh. Either provide the evidence (instead of hiding behind a stupid “in confidence” ploy) or piss off back to your troll-hole!

  3. BTW, Scraper, comparing an interest in CSG to an interest in Carbon Credits is pathetic-even for a dullard like yourself. That’s less comparing “apples to oranges” as it is comparing “apples to dachshunds”. Still, please show us your EVIDENCE, or else we can dismiss you as the Pro-Liberal troll that many of us already know you to be!

  4. Got any proof that Gina gave any money to Barnaby? Didn’t think so. Windsor refused to repeat his aspersions outside the Cowards Castle. Says it all.

    The onus on you to prove it, not me but your pathetic abuse reveals you are just another gutless jock. Next.

  5. Please indicate anywhere where I have written my admiration of Abbott. Come on…not too hard for a jock.

    You are another person that believes that if you are against one side then you must support the other side. Getting bored with so called progressives and their tribal support…back to the cave.

  6. “but your pathetic abuse reveals you are just another gutless jock”.

    Aww, poor little Scraper. Doesn’t like being called out as a bullshit artist. Abbott & Co routinely make use of “Coward’s Castle” to make unfounded assertions, but we never hear you demand that they repeat their assertions outside of parliament. Oh, but of course not, they’re your *idols*, aren’t they Scraper?

  7. You’re the one being gutless here, Scraper. You’re the one boasting of his “evidence”, but you’re too gutless to display it here (instead claiming its “in confidence). I seem to recall you dealt very harshly with another poster who had “in confidence” evidence regarding Abbott’s meetings with the guys at News Limited. So come on, Scraper, “put up or shut up”.

  8. BTW, Scrapes, the evidence I have is (a) that local polling of Windsor’s electorate shows him to be well in front of Barney the Dinosaur as “preferred MP” for that seat, (b) the past form of the Liberal Party (the One Nation matter & the Ashby matter)-as compared to Windsor, who has frequently proven to be the most honest politician in Federal Politics. Methinks your own personal hatred of Windsor (driven, no doubt, by your blind adoration of all things Coalition) are driving you to call his accusations “false”, rather than any actual evidence on your part!

  9. Oh, so you *are* going back to your cave then, Scraper? Well don’t let the door hit you on the backside on your way out. The speed with which you frequently rush to the defense of Abbott & Co-irrespective of the issues at hand-are sufficient proof that you’re ideologically wedded to him & his political party!

  10. Got a live one here.

    Yep, this is another post that has no evidence to back it up. I don’t need to prove anything, I’m not perpetuating the lie.

    There is a statement waiting for any media from Gina but no one has bothered because there is nothing in it.

  11. Typical Scraper, promises to go back to his cave, but instead chooses to hang around & bore us to death with his BS. If there is a statement waiting, then where is it? Gina hardly needs the media to take her statements, she’s proven herself quite capable of forcing all her other opinions down our collective throats.

  12. Yep, this is another post that has no evidence to back it up

    This post is simply highlighting what Windsor has said in parliament. The evidence is in Hansard.

  13. scaper, you miss the point.Again.

    The post isn’t saying that gina is supplying $700,000 to the New England campaign, it is in fact a copy and paste from Hansard, about that claim made by Windsor.

    Take up the ‘evidence’ with him. Of course, if we had a more transparent funding arrangement, this conversation probably wouldn’t be taking place.

    Do you support more transparency in funding political parties?

  14. The heading of this post says it all.

    True, it is an accurate reflection of what Windsor said 😆

  15. no mention that it was a rumour swirling around his electorate?

    It’s called reading scaper 😉

    In the seat of New England, there are significant rumours that the National Party candidate for New England, who is currently a senator in Queensland, is to receive a quite substantial donation—some hundreds, perhaps even $700,000—from mining magnate Gina Rinehart.


  16. Rumour is evidence? Are you serious?

    There has been no money given by Gina. But Windsor has now made himself a target…just like Swan!

  17. Hmmm, given that Scaper is happy to write cheques for ‘worthwhile causes’, perhaps I should hold my hand out.

    Scaper, your cheque for $999 will go a long way towards the maintenance of this blog. Let’s face it, it’s the only ‘backwater blog site’ that lets you post comments. :mrgreen:

  18. Tom R, the money will be distributed to the poor sods who have to read scaper’s pearls of wisdom.

    That’d be about $333 a person. I don’t think he enjoys a strong readership.

  19. I can lend you one of my shelf proxies, how about the Great Southern Cross Party?

    People ask, “are you a political party?” Nah, just having a whale of a time!

  20. Windsor is a goner, he will say and do anything to retain his seat.
    Barnby by about 5 lengths in 105 sleeps.

  21. I don’t think the contest will be boring at all. Still very close and Barnaby knows it is going to be a tough fight and is not full of confidence.

  22. Oh dear, had a look at the other place that claims to be some form of media network and what do I see?

    In the scramble to service the readers insatiable appetite of hate for Gina they swallow some satire that Gina actually said that the poor should be sterilised. Talk about no research.

    Then to somehow save face say that she wants to destroy the profits of pubs. Wait, it gets better…then in bold is some poms article, contains so many mistakes that it is hilarious! Can’t even get her age right.

    If this is the new media then it deserves scorn. No research or confirmation of facts, just unfounded gossip of the lowest order.

    For the readers here that are not of the old left.


    Very sloppy work!

  23. Wow, that place is comedy central. Has a post up called ‘Haters Want to Hate’. The idiot author spews hatred in its post and the haters comment.

    What I find incredible is the photo of the Lower House when Gillard sopped the NDIS. I laugh at you fools using that to somehow prove that the coalition does not care.

    If one was to do a little research one would know it was never put on the notice paper which explains the absence of the coalition and half the government.

    Love how the author puts down voters as uninformed but seems most uninformed itself…very elitest for a nothing that influences nobodies. Then back to the Abbott, Abbott. Abbott hate fest. Not any form of media, just an extension to the chattering classes without class!



  24. Wannabes, HAHAHA….. and from Scaper..HAHAHA…… oh, the irony…..oh, the comedy projection….. HAHAHAHAHA ….stop it, stop it, its too much 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

  25. What I find incredible is the photo of the Lower House when Gillard sopped the NDIS. I laugh at you fools using that to somehow prove that the coalition does not care.

    Yes that is why I never believe anything a Labor supporter says. It makes me seem a rabid Coalition supporter but i have nowhere to go.

    No Independents in that picture as well and it looks like only about one third of the ALP was present.

    I have been told too many lies by ALP people to listen to anything they say. Same goes for the Journalists they always link to. I would not trust anything Peter Martin, Stephen Koukoulis, Bernard Keane or John Quiggen says. Liars the lot of them.

  26. Neil, said…”I have been told too many lies by ALP people to listen to anything they say……” ……..and yet you still come to the Cafe…..and by your own volition…… crikey Neil…. 🙄 ………………………………… and I wonder,…..as one does 🙄

  27. Scaper said Windsor is rattled as he has the fight of his life come election day. 😆

    The only things in the fight of their lives with Barnyard yaby are the truth, common sense and credibility 😀 He’s Abbott’s court jester 😆

    Cheers 😀

  28. Neil, I don’t believe the people here are all liars, just blind fools that wanted to believe instead of researching to ascertain the facts.

  29. Gina is not just excessively wealthy, she is prepared to share her insights into the human condition and society..

    She believes that income inequality is caused by differences in intelligence, or so it is alleged. I don’t have the direct quote. She is the richest woman in Australia. Perhaps self awareness, as is true for many of us, is not one of her strengths.

    The following purports to be a direct quote:

    “Our nation faces a grave economic crisis as the combination of a strong Australian dollar and falling commodity prices sap our ability to compete globally,” she explained. “The only logical solution to this crisis is to strengthen the quality of our most precious resource: human capital.

    “I believe that any couple making less than $100,000 a year should be forcibly sterilized through a vasectomy or fallopian tubal ligation. Those earning more than $100,000 a year should be encouraged to have as many as 10 or 12 children.

    “Only by eliminating waste and focusing on our brightest, most efficient workers can we hope to see off our rivals in the emerging world.”

    One notes, if corrected attributed, she has not been as fecund as she is asking others to be, and she has no excuses. It is sad too. Imagine what it must be to be a human being who thinks in those terms. I hope it is not true.

    Tony is close to her it seems.

  30. What is wrong with Gina giving her close friend support?

    What is wrong with Windsor, saying this is likely to happen?

  31. wmmbb, you are right to be cautious in attributing that statement directly to Gina. It is purported or alleged, as you say, to have been said by her. But I undertstand that quote is a satire. If anyone knows from where I’d like the link. Ripe for a pome, I think.

    Certainly she is the daughter of a man who spoke in those terms about aboriginal people, and you can see him expressing them on our public broadcaster.

    Probably she does share his views and from her general conduct within our society we could well believe her capable of having that very limited perspective on human nature generally.

    Sad to be Gina, I imagine.

  32. Seems Gina is about to set the agenda for Australia.
    Warren Truss on Insiders

    So the reality is that she supports the Coalition side of politics, that’s well known. We believe that many of her proposals are going to be good for Australia, and we want to engage and make many of those sorts of activities actually happen.”


    I hope like bloody hell , as a tribute to their puppet master Gina, they don’t intend to put her poem to music and make it the Aussie anthem

  33. Bacchus,

    The funny thing about that satirical article is that some including myself actually believed that it was possible for her to say it. It was based loosely on statements which Rinehardt herself had said. The moral of the story being that if you can’t take being satirised then don’t enter public life.

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