Mr Rabbit Takes Centre Stage, But Will He Regret It?

Mr. Rabbit of Downunderland
Thought that he was in Wonderland.
For one moment it felt truly
As if he, with White Queen Julie,
Were already restored to power,
As he stood acclaimed, man of the hour.

Applause and cheers were long and loud.
His budget speech had moved the crowd.
Up on to their feet as it ended
They seemed to share his vision splendid
Of himself rescuing from failure
This ‘Triple A rated Australia!’

His oratory had been inspired!
Yes, the Gallery audience was hired.
There to test his election theme,
They’d adored his parents leave scheme,
Freely joined his denunciation
Of Labor’s burdensome taxation.

Confirming Newspoll and Morgan
They didn’t want a price on carbon!
Nor tax on mines! These men were workers
Not malingerers or shirkers.
All loathed Julia, despised red Queen!

Then reality intervened…..

Because there she sat. And glared,
As if to say, how had he dared!
A stunt like this? In this Chamber?
A dress rehearsal for September?
In a theatre where centre stage
Was hers? And……..he’d put her in a rage…..


The best critique I’ve read of Tony Abbott’s Budget in Reply speech was from Bushfire Bill at The Pub. You should read it in its entirety, you’ll appreciate it, but his title alone was enough to get me going on this pome on a tangent of my own. As I watched the speech myself I wondered how Abbott could have been so foolish as to try to use that particular convention as an opportunity for a presidential style address, breaking all Parliamentary rules as he addressed, not the Speaker as he should have, but the ‘renta-crowd’ in the Gallery as if they were the ‘people of Australia!’

I was initially surprised that Madame Speaker did not rule him out of order, or rebuke his applauding visitors in the Gallery. Nor was there a single objection from the Government side, which I at first thought was because of shock at Abbott’s ‘chutzpa.’ Now, however, I see it as remarkable restraint and even forward planning on the Government side, anticipating his antics. Because that’s all it was, histrionics, pure theatrics and with nothing much new in the way of policy.

Antics/theatrics……..Gillard/on guard. Too many rhymes here I thought………. particularly once I had him facing ‘the Prime Minister there’ and had to choose between with ‘her steely glare’ and ‘blazing red hair’ when he should have been ‘well aware’ of ‘her rage’ as he took ‘centre stage’. But there wasn’t enough substance to the speech itself to put meat into a pome.

Then I thought maybe something new by way of policy in ‘changes to superannuation’ had potential with the ‘seeds of his annihilation.’ That was new ground that Bill Shorten and the Government could fight on…… Here was when I realized that lack of reaction alone from the benches facing him should have put Abbott ‘on his guard’……… he faced ‘the enemy Gillard.’ They were giving him plenty of rope. They wanted him to go for broke here, to make a fool of himself, showing his ignorance of Parliamentary conventions and a lack of gravitas. More than anything they wanted him to give them some new bad policy lines to use on the hustings. Arguing the niceties of Parliamentary tradition wasn’t going to achieve any of that.

As a rusted on leftie I think he did a pretty good job of making a fool of himself. Others may disagree. Like Barry Cassidy for whom the BIR held the ‘Sweet Smell of Success.’ For me it was a pretty poor performance in terms of replying to Wayne Swan’s budget presentation. He didn’t give out much in the way of new policy either, as was perhaps hoped, but that wasn’t so much the result of cunning, as his and his party’s laziness and total incapacity for policy development. There was the superannuation, of course, but as these things so often go I didn’t use that in the pome.

As I read Bushfire Bill’s article about Abbott’s fear, I agreed that Abbott was indeed afraid to face Prime Minister Gillard without a prepared speech and an audience also prepared to applaud on cue. But even with those props and well rehearsed lines there is still fear there. I have chosen an enlarged image deliberately so that we can see his face more clearly. I like to think that after the speech he realized he had an even more cogent cause to fear. How could he, or his advisors, have forgotten this? when Julia Gillard, enraged by a ‘shamefully’ crass comment from Abbott had given the most powerful extempore speech of her Parliamentary career and drawn admiring comment from all over the world. What heights of eloquence will this outrageous defiance of Parliamentary convention by Abbott assist her to achieve?


Julia Gillard’s misogyny speech is the first example of the digital age where an expression of passion from a politician was rewarded with numbers that a free press can’t compete with. Picture: Kym Smith Source: The Australian

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  1. I missed the beginning of Abbott budget reply so hadn’t known he did hot address the Speaker. I did however see at the conclusion, while he was getting the rapturous applause, the Speaker on her feet trying to conclude proceedings. being ignored by the Coalition. So from beginning to end Abbott totally ignoring convention And being disrespectful to the Speaker & the Parliament about sums up the attitude of Tony Abbott LOTO,

    Great pome thanks

  2. The pattern throughout this term has been rowdy heckling from the opposition during the budget speech, polite silence from the Government during the reply. The opposition was less rowdy this year, I thought, probably relying on the rent-a-crowd. The disrespect Abbott showed for the parliament and the speaker was deplorable. If a Government member had done it, the press would have had a field day.

  3. This bloke regrets nothing. Look at his history, punching the wall when he lost a ballot in his Uni days, standing in front of placards at his anti Carbpm Tax rally, saying BernieBantons illness was a stunt, making fun of John Brogden atempted suicide, wrongful jailing of Pauline Hanson saying quote: “all my doing, for better or worse it has Tony Abbottss fingerprints on it and noone elses” and probably a lot more that has been hidden from the public. He regret nothing, BUT the people of Australia will regret it if they put him in Office.

  4. Polyquats and Patricia B, Abbott’s term as LOTO can certainly be termed the great dumbing down. We the recipients of Abbott’s never ending “election campaign” have been subjected to 1. stunts which even John Howard would baulk at, 2. sparse and random scrutiny of opposition policies, attitudes and opinions and 3. a media who is prepared to spend a lot of money on full page photo opportunities for Abbott and now Joe Hockey (yesterday’s Sunday Telegraph). It could therefore be summarised as stunts, photo ops and no questions asked.

  5. Fantastic pome, Patriciawa. Love it & shall tweet it.

    We could not stomach watching Abbott but I was appalled at seeing, ad nauseum, on the following night’s Ch 7 TV news, images of him, with his exultant cheer squad, after the event. There was mum, dad, Margie & two of their daughters & other odds & sods. No sign of Gina at that time though & I wonder why the MSM neglected to mention her “royal presence” in the Gallery?? Hmm, perhaps they may thought it wasn’t that good a look. Strangely, Abbott walked off, with cameras following, his arms around mum & dad, instead of Margie & daughters, but that was probably staged, too. BTW who paid for their Canberra jaunt?

    His use of the BIR as a presidential campaign-style speech & ignoring Parliamentary conventions is a disgrace which has also been overlooked by the compliant MSM. The hypocrisy of the MSM gets worse & worse to the extent Abbott believes he is omnipotent & can do what he likes. Hopefully, one day, he may go a step too far even for the Murdoch luvvies.

  6. patricia your have caught the thoughts of I would say 51 percent of the public
    that watched it..
    what a lady our pm is she sat through, a speech that told the aust.
    people nothing except what he will take, he is not a giving person, just takes.
    is the word power his main thought,
    , does he just want to be pm for power over us the workers and that is around 75 percent of the population. as there was nothing he said that gave the one any thing positive,
    what struck me the most was NO indexing of pensions, so is that for ever, that’s how I read it
    so gst goes up to 15 percent which includes power bills and then i see health to is mentioned, in the gst, so all that adds up to a very hard life for pensioners.
    and also the rest of the population, when its not necessary I also feel he dislikes what ever labor have put in , is this another reason for power to take away the good things labor have given the people.
    thank you patriicia

  7. Excellent article and agree Bushfire’s is required reading.
    In my opinion Speaker Burke is not up to holding the office, I will leave it there.

  8. Shanahan, God love him, is crying that the poor will be hurt by Swan’s budget. He is awfully quiet about the effects Abbott’s measures might have, which is a fair indication that they’d obviously be more worse off.

  9. dafid1,

    [ In my opinion Speaker Burke is not up to holding the office, I will leave it there. ]

    Unfortunately I have to agree with that assessment. Far too much latitude is given to the rabble and boy, don’t they take full advantage of it to Labor’s great disadvantage.

  10. patricia, another fine pome to add to your collected verse. Is it time to have a crack at a slim volume, to use a hackneyed expression?

    I agree that Burke doesn’t seem to have what it takes wrt the Liars. In part I think it’s due to their hatred of women holding power, cf their appalling lack of respect for PMJG.

    It’s such a pity Slipper was nobbled; whatever else may be said about him, he kept the Liars on their toes. I think he was possibly the best Speaker in recent years.

    Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if that was part of the reason for the Ashby affair. I hope he wins his case and sues the @rse off Liealot, Pyne, Sloppy, Brandis and Brough, with Thomson a close second.

    Ruination of the above Liars, with Abetz, Morriscum and several others getting their comeuppance would also be a fine result. Custodial sentences for the Ashby conspirators would be the whipped cream and the cherry on top.

  11. Rupert Murdoch has made it very plain where his intentions lie. Here is one of his latest tweets on Twitter & the old evil coot could not help himself by nastily gloating.

    As I could not do a screen shot, being the tech dunce that I am, here is a copy & paste version of his sickening tweet & I dare any RW conservative to deny Murdoch does not have a preference for Abbott. His rags take their cues directly from his hints & this tweet will give them carte blanche to try & destroy Julia Gillard & Labor completely.

    Rupert Murdoch ‏@rupertmurdoch 7h
    Oz polls show nothing can save this miserable govt. Election can not come soon enough. People decided and tuned out months ago.

  12. Patricia, the looks on the faces of those who sat behind him was not much better, than the look of the PM. Not one smile seen, during the whole address. Same with every stunt, Abbott pulls. Gloomy faces on those that stand behind.

  13. ” In my opinion Speaker Burke is not up to holding the office, I will leave it there. ]”

    Suspect the speaker is allowing him enough rope to hang himself.

    His sins have been noted by many.

    The same goes for that empty Opposition seats when the funding legislation for the MDIS was introduced.

    What many see his address in reply as, just another stunt on his part. Nothing more, nothing less.

    I am a regular watcher of QT. The Opposition does not get away with that much, must to their disdain. Looks on Pyne face every time he walks past the speaker, on his way out is priceless.

  14. Fed up, Rupert Murdoch sees this coming federal election as a shoo-in for Abbott & the LNP as he said in his tweet quoted in my above comment.

  15. Yes Joy, I know what you mean by being a dunce when it comes to being able to link things correctly. But, I did have the joy of picking up a tweet linked to Murdoch’s comment on twitter and making a reply to that comment you are referring to. This man’s ego will be his downfall because people are starting to see just what sort of a jerk he is.

  16. Must say his despicable tweet made me really angry, Sandra, so angry in fact I even retweeted it so more people would see it. Have also Favourited one of the responses so I will have a copy of his true colours to use when I need it. The more people that RT it the better. Spread it far & wide. This would have to be one of his most outrageously egregious tweets of all time!!

    Murdoch is very definitely showing himself to be the power behind the throne with his hands out for the NBN & the ABC.

  17. Reports were tweeted the champagne corks were popping after the speech. Then that very night/ or later…..after dinner…..Credlin gets booked for DUI. Such poor judgement or just same hubris as on display earlier in evening.

  18. Abbott regrets nothing, because that was yesterday and it no longer applies.

    Road Safety Campaign billboard:
    “If you drink and drive you’re a bloody idiot!”
    Peta Credlin charged with drink driving and Abbott calls her an outstanding person.

    The propaganda rolls on and tomorrow is another day and all will be forgotten by the media and LNP voters.

  19. Joy, just click onto Details and then copy and paste the link.

    Thus goeth impartiality, or any pretence of it. This I think has been the worst of the Abbott era, a time when any sort of false statement, any sort of defamatory comment is acceptable..and without question.

  20. Just endorse Murdochs Tweet , you people live in a cave not to recognize the
    current anger shown towards Ms Dullard and her ‘ Floppy Government’
    Since the 2010 Election their have been 56 Newspolls – Labor has been
    ahead in 3. Probably sums it up . How many sleeps to go ?

  21. Voyager, you live in a cave not to acknowledge that Murdoch deliberately stirs up anger against Gillard.

  22. Thanks, Min, I have copies of Murdoch’s tweet plus a second snotty one he tweeted as a response to someone objecting to his original tweet. There were many objections, too.

    Shall see if this will embed, if not can you remove it or something, Min? This tweet really shows the hubris of this evil, egregious excuse of a man.

    @shoobert61 power of press.You and so many tweeters plain paranoid.Get real.— Rupert Murdoch(@rupertmurdoch) May 20, 2013

  23. Sue, the press went feral about Nova Peris’s ex being booked for drink driving 750 million years ago. I guess it only matters when you’re putting together a dirt file.

  24. Voyager, just the mere thought of you makes me ill.

    You would have provided my anthropology class with some great material. And there we were thinking that Neanderthals died out 60,000 years ago.

    Not so. They’ve caught a live one here at the cafe.

  25. But Roswell, Voyager is a smart guy. A genius I tell you. He knows that what suits Murdoch and Rinehart also suits him. It’s only natural – you ask him.

  26. Joy Cooper @4.12pm, I saw Murdoch’s tweet and was one of the many who replied it seems. It seems the wizened foreigner didn’t have a lot of positive tweets. Made him a bit cross, it seems.

    I just hope the US will soon demand his presence there to face a Levenson type inquiry. I’m sure the PM won’t have any problems deporting him to his adopted country, preferably in handcuffs..

    While trawling twitter, I came across another gem from Mark Latham giving Nick Cater’s collection of lies and dishonesty a serve.

    And speaking of waste, Liealot is in a league of his own.

  27. Migs, I like andyrob’s sticking it to the Liars style.

    Sue, that cartoon is brilliant. And says what the journalists are too gutless or too far up the wizened foreigner’s @rse, to say.

  28. Yes, Sue, that is a great cartoon. It covers two issues (or more) in one fell swoop. 😆 :Love it.

  29. Fed up, great cartoon.

    The trouble for Liealot is that all he’s offering the states is less funding for education and what he’s offering the country is a shattered underfunded public education system and a set of serfs for Gina and the mining industry to exploit.

    But of course, he’ll only be following orders, so no blame will attach to him. Rupert’s hand is up his backside manipulating his gob and his ‘nads are in Gina’s vice like grip.

    You could almost feel sorry for him…………. almost, but not bloody likely. He’s in a bind of his own making. Hopefully, it will result in his political demise.

  30. Jane, Gonski is really not about the amount of money. In fact, it is about how one spends the money. Gonski is about much more than funding. It is about a fairer and more equitable system that meets the needs of this century.

    It is about bringing the public and private system into sync. About the states and Feds joining together to fund the child not the school.

    Gonski is the accumulation of the work, that the PM has been doing since Labor came to power. The PM has been slowly been building the build blocks, so that now the final reform is t6o be put in place.

    If Abbott gets in, all this will disappear. Maybe for a decade or more.

    It is called . investing in human capital. It is what is needed for future productivity gains.

    Our children the nation will be poorer, if it does not go ahead.


  31. It will be interesting to see how Cardinal Pell survives next week. Can he be worse than Archbishop Hart.

  32. Fed up, our children and the nation will not only be figuratively impoverished, but in every other way.

    Rinehart, in particular, has as little vision for the future of this country as the Liars. Her ambition is to limited to creating an underclass of serfs-uneducated, poor and fettered to their wealthy overlords.

    The Norman invasion writ large.

    Unfortunately for Gina, we live in the 21st century, not the 11th and so does our competition and our trading partners.

    And we’re not that interested in subscribing to her narrow view, a view shared by Liealot, I feel certain.

    It explains why he is content to sacrifice Gonski,the NBN, the NDIS, the carbon price and other progressive legislation this government has enacted.

    Liealot intends to govern solely for his overlords. And he doesn’t give a toss about the consequences of his corrupt deal with the triumvirate of evil-Rinehart, Murdoch and the IPA.

    We should all be very afraid.

  33. More projection, scaper. It would seem it is you who is the bed wetter as you are up so early.

  34. Scaper won’t be laughing when it’s him or people he cares about on $2.00 per day, courtesy of Rinehart and her political and media representatives, News Limited, their ABC, IPA and talkback radio.

    IMAGE please mods

    [Cartoon by Michael Mucci, <i?Sydney Morning Herald, 08 April 2013]

  35. Hey Scraper I bet you never wet the bed, naughty boy u probably used the pillow???

  36. “Is that the best you have got?”

    You are repeating yourself. Surely you have not run out of nasty comments, and have to repeat yourself. scaper, I am sure you can do better.

  37. Mr. Hockey now on NPC BC 24.
    Starts off with an account of a relation going broke. FunnyI have just listened to acc0unts of businesses like Myer. reporting increase sales.

  38. Hockey said that times have changed since 2007. He is correct, the world has faced the greatest GFC since the great depression. Yes, and much of the western worls id still recovering. That, is an inconvenient fact, that the voter needs to take into account, when evaluating whaT hOCKEY AND ABBOTT HAS TO SAY.

    If this is true, the4n one must take anything they have to say, with a grain of salt.

    Yes, seven deficits after such an event is the norm.That is the norm for the economy comes back into balance.

    Hockey, once more into gloom and doom.

  39. Stock market was up, too, Fed up. The ALP government can’t help it if Joe Hockey’s relative was a lousy business person. Typical, they like to blame everyone but themselves.

    As I don’t want to be nasty & cast aspersions like right wingnuts do, I won’t ask if this relative had a carpet business. 😉

  40. He is going to put the fox in charge of the chook yard, by only having those with small business experience in top jobs in the tax office. Going to make the tax office small business friendly.

    Just mentioned the increase of the 500 staff, that the government is making to the tax office. Yes, that seems to frighten Hockey.

    Another new committee. Oversight of the taxation office. Cannot have
    business being made to pay their taxes.

    Is breaking up the tax office.

  41. Wonder if he is going to keep on raising the tax free theshhhold. We now have a million workers, that no longer need to put in a tax form this year.

  42. Another new office, of financial manaement. How does one cut back on PS, when openuing so many new departments.

  43. Asked about a report today, that lays the blame for two thirds of the lower receipts at the door of Costello’s tax cuts.

    Yes, Costello’s actions led to structural imbalances within the budget.

    Asked if saying there is an emergency within the budget, scare actions, when most are saying this is not true.

    It appears that saying there was GFC, is the emergency.

  44. It appears knee jerk reaction is changing ones direction, when financial conditions change.

  45. Wonder if he will be asked about sell off of ABC and SBS.

    Asked about lost of faith in treasury numbers.

  46. Hockey asked if he will replace national Partnership money, that the PM transferred to Gonski. Ranted on about improving teachers etc. Hockey, that is what Gonski is about. No reply re replacing the money.

    More questions on the structural budget position. Laura Tingle.

  47. Will have to take Hockey on trust. Will have to wait until the election, to find out what they are doing.

    Asked questions on big companies, not paying taxes.

  48. The cousin sells menswear. Maybe Hockey needs to visit him before he closes down. Maybe that is the reason that the cousin rang, saying please come and but a new wardrobe. Please, Joe get your mates to come as well. Will stop me from going broke.

    Noticed, when we get onto PPL, Hockey is very careful to say, with every answer, that is what Tony said.

  49. Pointed out that most of their cutd affect those on lower incomes. Thinfgs like PPL benefit those on upper incomes. (Reilly)

  50. I thank PUB for overview.


    Here we go!

    * The “Coalition poised to regain government!?!”

    * Selling Menswear in Chatswood for 31 years JoHo’s cousin has had to close. ‘Employment laws offer less flexibility’? Costs going up and up and up. Customers are nervous, they don’t trust their government.
    * Stability and certainty replaced by volatility and uncertainty since 2007

    * They will build a strong budget and government.
    * % Small Business Ministers in 15 months.
    * Tax cuts announced in one budget reversed in the next
    * Honesty does not come from past profligacy to excuse no Surplus.
    * The 6th Budget lacks integrity
    * Over-promised and undelivered
    * 500 promises of a Surplus
    * Debt and Deficit canard trying to be flown.
    * The longest period of successive Deficits in a generation * cough* GFC
    * NBN and CEFC off Budget
    * Gross Debt canard furphy
    * Increasing Debt Limit/Debt Ceiling Tea Party rhetoric
    * Interest on Debt of $13 Billion enough to cover NDIS without a Levy
    * Profits-based MRRT didn’t return the forecast revenue.
    * Maybe MRRT WIL increase down the track because tax write-offs will have been exhausted
    * Carbon Price revenue, $12.10, “looks ridiculously high” to $38 in order to forecast a Surplus
    * A Revenue Forecasting problem
    * Govt to blame for spending too much money
    * Gonski: spending $5 Billion less over the Forward Estimates (?)
    * $ $16.2 Billion takes worst of current numbers + best of Gonski .
    * 10 year average of Boat Arrivals to calculate costs of boat arrivals will taper off
    * Trying to convince people it will be fixed just as it’s the worst it’s been.
    * ‘The cupboard is bare’ The Debt will keep growing. Labor will never have a Surplus.
    We will have little fiscal room to move
    * Starting point: Australians have to be better off, even if Budget is worse off’.
    * ANTS, a lesson in how to do ‘real tax reform’.
    * Revenue neutral or little nett cost to budget
    * To build a stronger economy you have to build a stronger budget. Hence Commission of Audit’.
    * Have to end the wild ride of on again-off again tax cuts’. The Coalition will, eventually, be a low-taxing government.
    * We must stop increasing Debt as quicklyt as possible.
    * Govt always compares us with countries that are struggling. The race to the bottom has no winners.
    * While you are borrowing every day you cannot live within your means.
    * Coalition has already announced extensive Budget savings(!)
    * Reserve the right to legislate announced Budget saves and get rid of any new spending in the Budget
    * $10Billion of Mortgae-Backed Securities to be sold
    * CEFC = $10Billion Save
    * Small Business background funded Hockey’s life. Not everyone can be so lucky, Joe.
    * Abolishing C Tax will give people more money in their pocket.
    * ‘Pay on Time or Pay Interest Policy’ for Small Business, contracts or not, wrt services supplied to government. Good luck with that and reducing PS numbers, Joe!
    * Tax Office will have appointed business people outsiders to it’s ranks.
    * We can do better wrt Compliance and Self-Assessment.
    * Taxpayers don’t have to pay tax anymore before lodging an Appeal!
    * Standing Parliamentary Committee for Oversight of the Tax Office. Public format similar to that with Governor of the Reserve Bank.
    * Break up of functions for policing function and Administration. With less PSs?
    * The Coalition will abolish the Carbon Tax without the spending associated with the Carbon Price.
    * Harder and more complex for Mining Industry with the MRRT (?)
    * Stability and Security’ are the buzzwords in this speech.
    * Process designed to introduce honesty to tax reform. ‘We seek voter support at the ballot box.’
    * Safe, robust and efficient financial system’.
    * Anchor point for Private Sector Debt. ???
    * Will lay down a base for stronger prosperity, stronger base for jobs.
    * Australians want their government to reflect the very best values.
    * The Coalition has a plan to make the country better. We stand ready to do the job.

  51. So it appears that the tax office, along with the treasury is in the firing line, of the Opposition.

    Wonder when the Reserve Bank gets a jersey.

    Question was about childcare as well. Another no answer.

  52. And this is one of the biggest problems with Abbott’s desire to return to a more “flexible” workforce.. The story pertains to Newstart, but this was the fear about WorkChoices – impossible to budget, impossible to know whether or not you can afford to buy a roast for the weekend when your hours are at the whim of “flexibility”.

    Carolyn Carey, a 50-year-old childcare worker from Campsie, describes herself as a ”good budgeter” but money is often tight depending on how many hours she works each week.

    ”Sometimes I work 20 hours a week but other times it’s only 10 hours,” she said. ”My income is lower but my rent and bills stay the same.”

    After spending $240 a week on rent and about $150 a week on groceries, there is not much left for emergencies.

  53. Oh dear, now I’ve read it all. A link to an article that clearly condemns Labor’s impact on single parents then tries to link it to Abbott.

    Simply breathtaking!

  54. I see that Gina’s so called fortune has shrunk by $7B in a year. Oh well, still the wealthiest Australian. I wonder if the hidden tenement and the recent coking coal discovery was included? Nah.

    Was chatting to the Hancock Coal executive at the Sunday function and it is unclear at this stage how vast the discovery is but it is big.

    Julie indicated full support for the ANDEV vision which is now coalition policy. Didn’t get to discuss WA as more interesting subjects arose.The future looks bright…$2.10 a day it is for you serfs!

  55. “……………………………..Ms Rowland said she didn’t want to write about her ordeal because she had already been falsely accused of playing politics with her child and needed to move on. As a result of statements by Mr Entsch questioning the quality of her care for her baby, she said she had been bombarded with tweets and emails saying, among other things, that she was heartless mother and would be referred to DOCS (the NSW Department of Children”s Services). ‘I don’t want crazies to mess with my mind on this. I’m a first time mother and this is the first time my baby has been this sick.’

    She was happy to give me the facts as she knew them, and I talked her into letting me quote her for this story.

    So here we go.

    Her daughter was ill when she was due in Canberra, and her husband stayed home to care for her for a few days with help from extended family on whom the couple rely. On Tuesday, she checked her baby’s health and how the arrangements were working for her care, and decided to seek a pair to allow her to leave Canberra at the usual time on Thursday evening. This would allow her baby to wake up to her Mum, her husband to spend a full day at his work on Friday, and relieve the other caregivers. If she had attended Mr Abbott’s budget reply speech on Thursday night, she would have had to stay in Canberra overnight.

    ‘Pairs‘ are a big deal in this Parliament because the numbers are so close. Procedures are strict, because if a pair is not granted, the opposition could win a vote of no confidence on the floor of House of Representatives if a Government MP was absent.

    So a Labor MP applies for a pair through the Labor whip and Liberal whip says yes or no by letter to the Labor whip.

    Here is the paper trail:.

  56. Why do the police keep adding new charges every time the matter comes to court. The new charges do not appear to add to the case.

    Could it be, the police want to delay the,matter to go trial proper. Are they trying to string the matter out, until after the elections.

    I cannot see any other reason why. Each time new charges are laid, there has to be a deferment., to allow Thomson and hos legal people to go through the new charges. It has taken the n the police this long, to deliver the possible witness list.

    Maybe some legal eagle can explain better what is going on.

  57. scaper, I believe that the link was about working hours being too flexible, and one not knowing how much work one has.

    I seen nothing about the changes to the pension for single mothers.

    In fact, this could have been one of the many, affected after Howard’s laws came into effect.
    Those on benefits at the t time, back in 2006, I believe where allow to stay on the benefit until their youngest turned 16. Everyone else, when the child turned 7. In fact, still being on benefits, 7 yeas later have done well.

    The changes were introduced by Howard. All women coming onto the benefits after that date, have to return to work when the child turns seven

    It is about the uncertainty of working hours, within the workplace.

  58. “……….and likely next prime minister (and Medieval throwback) Tony Abbott promising to only fund road projects instead of rail.
    .VERDICT – EPC FAIL (So incompetent, that BrizCommuter doubts that LNP politicians could work out how to get a shag in a brothel).

    And as for Tony Abbott – the size of his rail project funding is proportional to what’s in his speedos. 😯 😛 😆

  59. Scaper and,

    Oh dear, now I’ve read it all. A link to an article that clearly condemns Labor’s impact on single parents then tries to link it to Abbott.

    Simply breathtaking!

    Why? The things which impact the extremely poor circumstances for people on welfare in Australia are identical to those experienced by Australia’s “working poor”. WorkChoices was proven to be detrimental to the lowest paid – those with the least ability and “muscle” to enable effective negotiations.

    If you or anyone else tries to infer that I support any sort of reduction in welfare benefits for any group of people, then you would be lying. I spent years as a Disability Advocate working mostly pro bono to try to achieve justice for those with disabilities. To suggest that I would in any way support any government’s attempt at any form of reduction of any form of support for anyone who needs to rely on welfare payments, then you are deluded. You don’t know me very well do you.

  60. patricia. Channel 7 Early News this morning had a complimentary piece on Gillard’s 21st Community Cabinet, even showing a lighter and jocular side of the proceedings.

    This Community Cabinet shows just what will be missed if Gillard gets voted out and what Australia will lose by voting in Abbott.

    The contrasts between the two Community Cabinets could not be more stark, nor could they more ably illustrate the strengths of Gillard and the failings of Abbott.

    Yet another packed Cabinet for Gillard with a genuine mixed group attending as compared to the shipped in Liberal supporters for Abbott and his often near empty meetings.

  61. PM defends wage levels in this country. Emmerson points out, it is economies of scale. Yers, that makes sense.

    Abbott now back on. Black day etc. Yes, pure politics. Nothing about economies of scale.

    Yes, pure politics.

  62. I am glad that the closing down of Newcastle was mentioned. The city has thrived since the demise of the steel industry.
    Maybe money aimed at supporting this industry, can now be diverted too industries of the future.
    We will never equal the scales of production, that can be found anywhere.

  63. Yes, getting rid of the carbon tax will solve all.

    Is there anyone that really believes that?

    Abbott, back to the Howard government.Abbott supports the Howard plan. Yes, once again back to the past, Ignoring that we are now in a completely new world, wit a new world order and the global economy.

    Yes, all is needed, get rid of the carbon tax.

    Funny, Ford did not mention carbon tax. Wonder why. Maybe because they will face a similar tax or cost, wherever they produce.

  64. Abbott does not seem to like questions once again. Not being asked questions re carbon tax, but things such as Gonski and GST.

    Reminds us, he saved the Mersey Hospital. First broken promise of Rudd was to put the hospital back into state government control. I still do not know what he propose to do with the Mersey Hospital Cost the taxpayer a lot of money for no result.

    Does that mean, he intends to buy more hospitals if he gets into power.

    With Abbott, all solutions to be found, by re-instating the Howard years.

  65. This is the reality and the inconvenient truth that Abbott has to deal with. No going back the days of Howard or getting rid of the carbon tax, is going to address the issues.

    “……….Two reports released on the same day have confirmed what we already knew – that the structural budget balance is in poor shape.
    The Parliamentary Budget Office has launched its report, Estimates of the structural budget balance of the Australian Government 2001-02 to 2016-17 at the same time as Treasury has brought out its Working Paper Estimating the structural budget balance of the Australian Government.
    The message is not new – recent reports by the Grattan Institute and consultants Macroeconomics came up with similar conclusions.
    It is generally accepted that the actual government budget will (and should) fluctuate between deficit and surplus during, respectively, downswings and upswings in the economy.
    During the Howard/Costello years, the budget was largely in surplus. The record economic growth during their period in government led to huge windfalls in receipts from company income tax. Falls in unemployment, jobs growth and wages growth greatly increased personal income tax receipts.
    The Rudd/Gillard/Swan era was characterised by massive spending (which some regarded as reckless) in an attempt to head off the impacts of the global financial crisis followed by a whole raft of spending unfunded by unexpected (or not forecast) rises in tax revenue…………..

    Read more:

    Yes, Abbott will have to begin talking about today’s world. Yes, there is new world order, a global economy and the exciting prospects of the Asian Century

  66. Möbius Ecko, thanks for that lead to this morning’s Channel 7 report on the the west Sydney community cabinet, but there seems to be no link to today’s story – it has disappeared from view, unlike last months more controversial forum in Melbourne where a live cattle protest issue figured large.

    It’s always the same. Good news about JGPM or articles showing her government’s policies in a good light rarely get a fair share of reportage by Murdoch’s media minions, nor from Fairfax and even our ABC. Astonishing isn’t it, that hundreds of their so-called journalists can sit in our parliament’s Great Hall and allow to go unchallenged a Shadow Treasurer, introduced to them as ‘poised to take office,’ describing as a ‘failure’ an economy for three years running now awarded Triple A rating by the worlds’ leading experts.

  67. Very true, Patriciawa. There was absolutely no mention of this Community Cabinet on ch 7’s last night’s Sydney news nor on today’s ABC’s national Midday News Report. Haven’t even seen any mention on Google News which sources its news from various media outlets. Plenty on Joe Hockey’s NPC Budget reply speech, though,

    BTW, how come the Federal Opposition gets two bites of the cherry with BOTH Abbott & Hockey giving BIR speeches with saturation coverage by the tawdry & complicit MSM????

  68. Mr. Abbott, we have to have the best, just to keep up. Same goes for Gonskl.

    ………………The Asian Century Is Built On Broadband
    By Gabrielle Jackson

    fibre broadbandnbnasiagabrielle jackson
    In Asia, high-speed fibre broadband is seen as an enabler, not an expensive drain on the public purse. Gabrielle Jackson compares the top networks in the region

    Asia Pacific countries have the world’s fastest average internet speeds and the highest penetration of broadband access.

    In South Korea, 49 per cent of the population is connected to broadband at speeds faster than 10 megabits per second (Mbps) – that’s the highest percentage of any country in the world. Japan comes second, with 39 per cent and Hong Kong is third with 28 per cent. Australia is in 37th position at 3.8 per cent, according to the Akami State of the Internet report…………….

    Second best is not an option.

  69. As many have noted, Catching up became Fed up. I’m with you Cu or Fu. After having suffered through almost 3 years of defamatory comments it sometimes feels like give up time. Perhaps I don’t have the gumption to continue past the things such as Darling Harbour..I’ll think about it.

    When Michael quit the blog June ’11 and without one single word of warning I was supposed to take over this blog, el gordo called it: Do you have the bottle to be a blogmaster. She is right, I quit. It’s not because of this blog but because of ex spouses and basically 3 years of defamatory comments coming from one source or another is enough for me. It’s about having reached the stage where enough is enough.

  70. Min, I am a little confused. Will change the name to Fed up nee catching up. That is when I get around to it.

    You have done a wonderful job here. el gordo is long gone. I say good riddance to bad rubbish.Min, have you noticed, most of those who, saying it kindly, disagreed violently appeared to disappeared into the ether.

    Yes, I do believe there are silver linings in those dark clouds that have hung over the PM.

    Let Mr. Rabbitt take the centre stage. More like seeing him caught in those4 headlights, not knowing what way to go. Not even knowing, he has to move.

    Even today, with the Ford announcement, the PM appears to have come out on top.

  71. ………In thus impersonating the God of Israel, Christopher may have exceeded his mandate. Richo was baffled when told in arch and fearsome tones no contract would be honoured and O’Farrell must take his punishment like a man.

    It may be that Christopher has become insane.

    O’Farrell, thus thwarted, may feel like the visiting angel in Sodom whom the Sodomites wished to anally penetrate, and Lot, a good host, protected by offering the surging crowd his daughters in place of that heavenly arse, and he may not like the sensation. And he may soon seek his revenge.

    And we will see what we shall see…..

  72. More inconvenient facts.

    ….That means seven straight budget deficits from Labor. That is the longest period of successive deficits by one government in more than a generation.”

    Perhaps. But before this generation, there were 32 years of consecutive deficits ― all but three of them delivered by Liberal treasurers. The economy was returned to surpluses by Labor in the 1980s. Paul Keating delivered four. Peter Costello inherited a transformed economy and delivered nine more.

  73. Who was the most popular? Not that it matters.

    ……………………………………Budget fiddle: The numbers are in for the National Press Club’s budget speeches, and Capital Circle suspectS a fix. Joe Hockey had an audience of 534 to hear his budget reply on Wednesday. Hockey, who is the flavour of the moment with business types, said he didn’t realise he had so many friends. In fact, Joe, you’ve probably got more. For some reason, Swan was able to muster an audience of 574 for his post-budget speech last week. Both events were held in the Great Hall and both were sell-outs……..

  74. Min, just read your comment @ 5.09pm, 23/5.

    Don’t give up. The idiots who have a go don’t like the fact that you know what you’re talking about, that you do the research, and you’e smart and funny.

    They have no comeback, so resort to abuse; just as they do to JGPM. What they do is the last resort of the factually, morally and politically bankrupt.

    Treat them with the contempt they so richly deserve, blow a raspberry in their general direction and keep getting under their skin. 😆 😆 😆

    patricia, great link. I enjoyed reading the comments and would like to add that I agree that genuine humility is a rare quality among the present crop of Liars politicians.

    I think their enormous sense of entitlement is at the root of their absurd hubris. Neither Liealot nor the rest of that bunch has the bottle to front the voters as the PM and her ministers do on a regular basis, fielding questions and interacting with people on a personal level.

    That many Liars come from a privileged background is only too apparent in their arrogance and born to rule mentality.

    There are exceptions, of course. Donny Dunstan springs to mind. Gough also. Fraser I think has not only mellowed, but seems to have got over what I suspect was a bad case of shyness. Apparently, Tammy Fraser was almost paralysed with shyness, I believe.

    That born to rule mentality, coupled with a complete disregard for the welfare of the less privileged is why Prissy can so blithely threaten to dismiss 25,000 teachers and claim that class size doesn’t matter, unless you’re the child of wealthy parents, of course.

    And that’s also why they can threaten to cut NDIS and foist Fraudband onto the country. The only ones who really count to them are the wealthy.

  75. Have just listened to the PM, a wonderful, forceful narrative of hope for the future of this country,. Now listening to Abbott. all gloom and doom, all about himself.

    What is his narrative for this country.

    Is talking the economy down, the way to go. Talking about gloom and doom, adding, he will be our Saviour.

    All slogans and motherhood sayings once again. ll will be OK, if we accept him as our Saviour

    Another ex-army selected for a seat. What is it about the Opposition and men in uniform..

    milking the Ford decision to the hilt.

  76. We will be entering the golden land after Sept 14. he has a wonderful plan. Yes, back to that pesky carbon tax. Getting rid of that will fix everything.


    When are we going to get something from the man, that actually has something to do with the problems of today. He is sure enjoying himself, in front of his Liberal audience.

    Can we stand 3 more months of this.

    Now the Green Army, that is riding to the rescue of councils, farmers, etc.. 15,000 strong.

    Rule of law must be supreme. No one is above the law. That of course does not apply to anyone in his party.

    All platitudes and slogans, sadly, none are new.

    He says we, Labor never learn.

    One can hope, that the public does,

    His plans have at his core, a cleaner environment.

    Yes, all the words are there. Do they mean anything.

    Now onto stronger borders, back in place, what worked for Howard. I thought, that the Howard SOLUTION WAS BACK IN PLACE, AND DOES NOT WORK.

  77. You gotta wonder why people support this bullshitting mob.

    First Newman looks like breaking another major promise and is set to release 2 million hectares of pristine Australian bush for whole scale land clearing done in the worse days of Bjelke-Petersen to open up to massive farming interests.

    There goes Abbott carbon reduction plan in one foul swoop and then some. He’d need the whole population of Queensland to be his green army to fix the damage Newman is doing to the environment up there, including destroying The Great Barrier Reef.

    Then there is this doozy from Pyne, and you can’t get much more openly dishonest than this.

    NSW Education Minister Adrian Piccoli hit back at Pyne and the opposition yesterday not with rhetoric or abuse, but what we do here, with facts.

    And the figures are damning for the opposition’s education policy that clearly show the States will lose out big time under a Coalition government.

    So Pynes response to facts.

    First put this response in the context that up until now Pyne and other senior Liberals have been saying they will keep the “status quo” on education funding. That is their current stated education policy.

    Piccoli comes out and says; ”The status quo would see NSW worse off, and what essentially the federal Coalition is saying is the status quo,” and produces graphs and figures that prove this.

    Pyne’s response, taking into account what he has been saying up until this point vis-à-vis the status quo, Piccoli has it wrong because the claims made by Mr Piccoli rely on the federal Coalition maintaining present funding.

    In other words Piccoli screwed up because he took the Federal Liberal’s word and current policy on their merits when they said they would maintain the status quo. He should have realised, being a Liberal himself, that they always lie and bullshit to ensure they gain power at all costs then go back on those promises the moment they are in power and continue to lie and bullshit to maintain power.

    And Pyne tops it off by stating in a letter this week the Coalition would work on a new deal with all states.

    Well shit me, isn’t that what Gonski is and what right up until this moment Pyne and Abbott have been saying they won’t do?

    You really have to wonder at the intelligence and gullibility of those who support the Liberals, and worse, the mentality of those who make excuses for their constant lies and deceits.

  78. Good to see the opposition get under your skins. Enjoying the great unhinge of the people here that make excuses for this pathetic government’s lies and deceit.


  79. Is Mr. Hockey correct, that the taxation department too hard on small business. One suspects not.

    What is of more interest, is why Labor is adding 500 workers to the taxation department. This in a time, when the system has become highly digitalised and a million less taxation forms lodged.

    One can only come to the conclusion that Labor is going after loop holes and cheats.

    I would like Hockey to focus on the overseas companies that appear to being avoiding taxes big time. Maybe new methods need to be bought into pay. Maybe some type of transaction tax, one that they cannot avoid. This is a world wide problem.

    I wonder how much longer can we ignore such things as negative gearing and family trusts. One only has to look at the financial arrangements of the Obeid family, That has been revealed in the investigations going on in NSW.

    I do not believe the way to go, is making it easier for small business to avoid taxes.

    GST, is the place to begin. That black money is bigger than ever.

    “……..When Joe Hockey’s said at the Press Club last week that he plans to get tough with the ATO if the Coalition wins government, he must have known it was a stroke of political genius.

    How could he lose? It’s an simple story for journalists to run with because it’s hard to find anyone easier to demonise than the tax man. (Sorry, I mean ‘tax person’ – it would be wrong to suggest that only men can be ruthless, cold-hearted money-grabbers.)

    And so a flurry of stories have implied what we all knew in out guts – we don’t really owe the tax office as much as they say; when they ask for outstanding debts in a forceful way they are being unfair; and it’s only their stuff-ups that cause all this bad blood in the first place.

    That’s not what Hockey said in his speech, but the would-be treasurer has a good handle on the psychology of business. Tax is something others should pay, not me – in the fine tradition of Homer Simpson’s ‘Why can’t somebody else do it?’ campaign……………….

    Read more:

  80. scaper, look again, it is an very confident PM out there selling a very positive narration for this land and it’s future.

    Once again, we have Abbott protesting too much, preaching doom and gloom, followed by he is the Saviour that is coming to the rescue. Pity that much of what he claims, is far from the truth. He needs the economy in free-fall and going backwards. Sadly for Abbott, that is not happening. The economy is still growing. Yes, growing.

    Yes, by demolishing all that Labor has done.

    By rescinding a so called carbon tax, that has little effect on the economy.
    scaper, as bad as our education system is suppose to be, I believe most can still do simple addition.

    scaper, no whining from this side of the fence, only amazement of the stupidity of Abbott and his supporters. By the way, who are contradicting each other, each time they open their gobs.

  81. Who has the best scheme. Does industry really want more uncertainty, moving from the scheme that is already in place.

    “………….n the lead up to the 2013 federal election, a substantial policy difference has emerged in the area of paid parental leave.

    According to an analysis done for the National Foundation for Australian Women ( by Helen Hodgson, Ruth Medd and me, the Liberal Party’s scheme is more generous – in the amount, the duration, and the inclusion of superannuation – but Labor’s retains connection with the workplace through employer payment mechanisms.

    The Liberal Party’s policy is silent on the relationship to existing entitlements. Will women be entitled to employer-based entitlements in addition to the existing PPL, as they are now under Labor’s scheme?

    Under the Liberal Party scheme, it is possible that some employers could try to keep senior women’s pay below the cut off threshold, which is not a good outcome for women. Moreover, if employers re-arrange their corporate structure to avoid being eligible for the proposed levy this could impact on company tax collections, as well as allowing them to avoid paying the levy..”

  82. We all know that Abbott has no intention of respecting the will of the voter next time, the same as he did not accept last time.

    He is saying, if I cannot do as I want, no government will be allowed to run it’s three years.

    Something amiss, I would say with that attitude. It appears that the will of the people does not count with the likes of Abbott.

    One could say, if the figures do not give him the power he wants, the people have spoken. Abbott treats the voter with disrespect.

    One could say it is the behaviour of a bully, or blackmailer.

    “……..Tony Abbott has made it clear that the first legislative act of his government after September 14 will be to introduce legislation to repeal the carbon tax. The mining tax is also up for repeal.

    The obstacle in Abbott’s path is the composition of the Senate. Until July 1 next year, the balance of power in the Senate remains with the Australian Greens. Without the support of their 9 senators, neither the ALP (31 senators) nor the coalition (34 senators) can command the 39 votes needed to win a vote.

    Abbott and his shadow ministers have made it clear that they are prepared to call a double dissolution election if the Senate rejects their legislation. This can take place if the requirements of Section 57 of the Constitution are met…”

  83. ME @1.22pm, how hilarious.

    No sooner had you posted your comment than the Liars projectionist-in-chief and spin doctor appeared obsequiously bowing, scraping and pulling his forelock before some names he has dropped at various times to try to get a reaction.

    I notice he often drops Liars names, in the hope of impressing CW commenters, I suppose. Does he know that it just makes him look even more like a pathetic wannabe who has chosen the wrong side?

    Abbott and his shadow ministers have made it clear that they are prepared to call a double dissolution election if the Senate rejects their legislation.

    And he might get a very unpleasant surprise if he does that. People get very grumpy when they’re forced to vote without good reason.

  84. Menzies was not too popular back in the sixties, fore throwing the houses out of sync. Seem to be having elections every few months.

    Abbott’s problem is that most do not find the so called carbon tax that objectionable, that includes businesses.

    In fact many businesses have benefited. Same goes for MRRT. As for NBN, I suspect most want that left alone.

    As Abbott has moved from the present eduction funding not being broken, to he will bring in his own version of Gonski, I believe they would rather have the one we are now getting.

    All Abbott is offering, is years of political instability.

  85. PRIME MINISTER JULIA GILLARD IN FREO WED JUNE 12TH for an evening conversation with Ben Elton, Fremantle’s own internationally renowned author and comedian.

    For booking information click here
    or call Joseph on 0410 002 659

    This a unique opportunity to see and hear the PM and Ben Elton. You’ll also be supporting Melissa Clarke, local MHR, and Labor with proceeds going to the 2013 Fremantle and WA Federal Campaign.

    Date: Wedensday 12th June
    Doors open at 6.30pm for a 7.00pm start
    Location: Victoria Hall, 179 High St Fremantle
    General admission tickets: $125
    Premium admission tickets: $250 (which includes a limited catered pre-event function with our special guests at 6:00pm).

  86. PatriciaWA, How lucky are you……. can’t wait to read your ‘after’ thoughts, mm!!
    Ben ‘bloody’ Elton…….what an ‘Stark’ reality that evening will be 😉 ….. not coming to Broken Hill in the near future. by happen stance,mm???? I guess not….. 😦 DAMN …….. I’d pay twice, twice….. ( once for the PM…. and once to see Ben ‘bloody’ Elton) …… 😀

  87. Abbott, not playing fair, but wen does he ever do that, when it comes to lower income earners?

    “………….Opposition leader Tony Abbott’s budget reply pledge to discontinue the Low Income Earners Superannuation Contribution (LISC) will hit the retirement savings of thousands of low-paid Australian workers.

    This scheme, which provides a credit of up to $500 directly back to the superannuation accounts of workers earning less than $37,000 per year, would be scrapped if the Coalition is elected in September “because that’s also funded from the (mining) tax that isn’t raising any revenue”.

    Ironically, although Tony Abbott keeps sledging the Government about not implementing measures recommended by the Henry tax Review, he is planning to axe one of the few changes that can be traced back to the findings of that Review.

    The superannuation system is not a fair system. The heart of superannuation policy is the link to what people earn, with a proportion of current earnings set aside for retirement. Therefore the value of tax concessions on superannuation increases as a person’s current marginal tax rate and superannuation contributions increase.”

  88. Hockey, now performing in the lower house. He seems to believe he is a great comedian from his body language. He is there telling us the truth. National Party leader now on. Yes, now we have a new buzz word. One that I believed was use much in the Whitlam show last tear. “chaotic”. Chaotic, but still getting much done. Yes, it seems that the state of the global economy is just excuses. Continuing with the same lies, that few economical experts agree with.

    All that is at fault, is spending, nothing more. Shame that every attempt that this PM has cut, has been highly criticized by them.

    They do ignore that the deficit has been halved since last year. The budget figures are somewhere inn the vicinity of 390 billion dollars. That deficit does not look that bad.

    No Labor speaking at this time. Probably a caucus meeting in play.

  89. You know, I have reach the stage, that I am no longer interested in what the Howard did or not. That is two governments ago.

    What I am interested in, is the state of the economy today, and what snags await us in the future.

    What I am interested in, is where we are at now,.

    I am interested in what needs to be done, to ensure we are leaders in this new world order, of the Asian Century.

    I am interested in how we can take advantage of the industries of the future, that require a highly educated and trained workforce.

    I am concerned that we have the necessary infrastructure put in place. Like the NBNco, high speed broadband is essential. Not only high speed but one that can carry increased capacity. Yes, speed is of the most importance, but also is the width of those channels.

    Pell is getting it now. No punches are being pulled.

    Yes, lets by pass Neil and co. Lets focused on the now.

    No matter how hard we try, the past cannot be changes. All we can do there, is try a revert some of the actions taken then.

  90. You know, I have reach the stage, that I am no longer interested in what the Howard did or not. That is two governments ago.

    I agree. Then why do you keep bringing him up??

    And the only thing yo are interested in is an Australia with a Labor govt. An Australia with a Coalition govt you are not interested in.

    As for Labors NBN, only a fool would believe that Labor will deliver. What improvement in broadband have we seen in 6 years?? The Coalition had a better plan in 2007.

  91. Neil, it is you that keeps doing that. No matter the topic, you will sure as night follows day come in with a comment on debt.

    It never fails.

    We are stupid enough to reply.


  92. Neil, it is you that keeps doing that.

    I disagree. I rarely bring topics up. I usually find some Labor supporters making some incorrect comment about the Howard govt and then i start to comment.

    But Labors polices do not work. It is like border control. We used to give 14,000 places to refugees from all around the world. Now under Labor you need to have $10,000 to become a refugee and get a place in Australia.

    How sad. Our precious humanitarian spots being sold to the highest bidder while some poor humans are stuck in some refugee camp.

  93. Neil, why do not you talk about what is happening today. Why not let us in on the secret to how Abbott will do better.
    Why not move away from debt for a change. Show us you know ab out more than that when it comes to the economy.

  94. Neil, what policies do not work? Why do the not work? Where is the evidence that none work?

    Neil, at least that is a start. Now start putting some meat on the bones,

    What Why and evidence.

  95. I was talking about what is happening today.

    26 May 2013 – Border Protection Command intercepts vessel
    HMAS Bathurst, operating under the control of Border Protection Command, intercepted a suspected irregular entry vessel north of Christmas Island yesterday.

    25 May 2013 – Border Protection Command intercepts vessel
    HMAS Bathurst, operating under the control of Border Protection Command, intercepted a suspected irregular entry vessel north of Christmas Island yesterday.

    25 May 2013 – Border Protection Command intercepts vessel
    HMAS Bathurst, operating under the control of Border Protection Command, intercepted a suspected irregular entry vessel north of Christmas Island yesterday.

    24 May 2013 – Border Protection Command intercepts vessel
    HMAS Broome, operating under the control of Border Protection Command, detected and intercepted a suspected irregular entry vessel north of Ashmore Islands overnight.

  96. No Neil, you never bring topics up. You just give answers of debt and defend Howard, no matter the topic.

    See where I am coming from.

  97. Neil, a harsher version of Howard;s Pacific Solution is in place, it does not work. Neil, it does not work.

  98. Neil, could it be, that the environment when it comes to asylum seekers has changed. Could it be, if Howard was in, he would be facing the same problems.
    Do you really believe Mr. Abbott can do better. If so, why?

  99. Well…no one can do as bad as Gillard on the so called issue.

    By your own admission Labor’s policy is harder than Howard’s yet you accept that?

    Again, can’t have it both ways…but in your mind there is no ethical gyroscope!

  100. “…………….Trouble is, last week Treasury secretary Martin Parkinson (who said he’d been authorised by Finance secretary David Tune to speak also on his behalf) undercut Hockey’s excuse, saying that had the PEFO been released at the same time as the budget, it would have said the same thing.

    So if the PEFO differs from the budget it will be because of government policy decisions and developments in the economy, not because the econocrats are no longer being leaned on.

    Note that, if he follows past practice, Swan is likely to publish an updated economic and fiscal outlook document just a week or two before the PEFO. Why? So he can take any policy measures need to prevent the econocrats’ latest forecasts from comparing too badly with the budget.

    Hockey says ”we must return to stable, predictable and honest government to Australia”. Well, if he can magically make the economy more stable and predictable, good luck to him. As for restoring honesty, it would be a good thing. But by using such a weak excuse to keep the electorate in the dark about his plans until the last moment, he’s not off to a good start. The next honesty test will be whether his costings are checked by the Parliamentary Budget Office or by some back-street accountant who has certified only that the arithmetic’s OK……….”

  101. Neil, do you really believe Mr. Abbott can do better.

    I suspect, if he did keep his word, he will destroy relations we have with other counties in this region.

    The truth is, that asylum seekers fluctuates over time, regardless of what countries do.

    Yes, can be stop for a short time, while they find a way around the blockage. History tells us, this is always the case.

    Mainly this is because, people fleeing have no choice.

    Personally, I believe the policies on both side stink. it is time to take politics out of this question.

    There is no easy solution, if there is one at all.

    Maybe one should accept the reality, find the least expensive and humane way to deal with the problem.

    Next issue, Neil. What about plans for the future. What is Abbott offering in this regard.

  102. In late March, after the abortive leadership move and the resignation of several frontbenchers, a fired-up Tony Abbott said the opposition would put a motion of no confidence in the government on the notice paper in budget week.

    In the way that politics changes, by budget time in mid-May things had calmed, even if the opinion polls remained bad.

    But Abbott stuck by the plan. “I would expect a no confidence motion to be debated in the next sitting fortnight”, he said on budget eve.

    That’s the sitting fortnight just started. The office of the manager of opposition business Christopher Pyne now says it is a matter of the Coalition finding an “appropriate time” to roll up the motion.

    Trouble is, unless something extraordinary comes out of the blue, it’s hard to see an “appropriate” time.

    Such a motion goes to whether a government lives or dies. It is the most serious thing an opposition can do.

    On that day of March madness, when Labor was imploding as the Rudd forces were attempting to get a leadership change, Abbott tried to suspend standing orders to move no confidence in the PM. He achieved a majority but not the required absolute majority needed to carry the suspension.

    It was certainly a reasonable tactic then.

    But to launch such a serious assault now would be seen as total overkill and risk focusing attention back on the opposition.

    How to explain such a motion when the budget has been greeted as responsible and indeed the opposition has taken over the budget cuts?

    There is no prospect of getting crossbench support for a no confidence motion to pass. The country independents wouldn’t back it and Andrew Wilkie has flagged that he wouldn’t either.

    Also the whole atmospherics are wrong. The feeling of crisis has passed. Only a few weeks of parliamentary sittings remain, and the election, with the date set, is just around the corner.

    With a general expectation that he will win, Abbott himself is trying to look prime ministerial. That aim won’t be helped by trying to drum up false hype for the motion.

    But Abbott is stuck with the opposition’s earlier big talk. He either goes ahead and risks looking foolish, or lets the idea drop.

  103. If this is a big problem for the PM, I would say, she is indeed lucky.

    “…….On the government side, Julia Gillard has also found words coming back to bite her.

    In an interview for the new Guardian Australia website, Gillard declined to speculate about whether she’d stay in parliament and serve a full term, win or lose.

    “I am not going to sit here war-gaming what would I do if we were in government, what would I do if we were in opposition”, she said.

    It wasn’t surprising she didn’t want to be drawn. But once the morning media cycle got hold of the non-comment, her position quickly became untenable.

    Within hours, her office issued a clarification: “The PM is focussed on securing a Labor majority government at the next election and will serve a full term”.

    She may or may not sit out the term in the likely event of a loss. The broken promise wouldn’t mean much by then; anyway, it is not unreasonable for a defeated PM to call it quits…’

  104. The Coalition is retreating from its vow to introduce a no-confidence motion in the Gillard government in this session of parliament, with one independent MP suggesting Tony Abbott was too ”frightened” to make such a move.

    Meanwhile, NSW independent Rob Oakeshott says he will move a confidence motion in Treasury and Finance on Tuesday in a strike at what he views as the Coalition’s ”politicising” of Treasury forecasts..

    Read more:

  105. Is this how Mr. Abbott intends to force those in the region, to fall into line with his asylum seekers plan. Treat the countries in the region with contempt.

    I am a amazes that Mr. Abbott believes Indonesia will fall into lien when his first action will be to claw back the number that this government is now bringing in from the region. A cut back, I believe of some 6 or 7 thousand. A action that will put more pressure on asylum seekers to flee by boats.

    ………….Foreign Minister Bob Carr insists Australia and East Timor remain on good terms despite reports the Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS) broke into and bugged East Timorese cabinet rooms nine years ago.

    East Timor’s foreign minister, Alfredo Pires, alleges that the ASIS breached international law and Timorese sovereignty by secretly listening during the negotiations over multi-billion dollar gas revenues.

    The allegations of spying prompted East Timor to notify the Australian Government that it was launching a process of arbitration to have the Timor Sea Treaty declared invalid.

    While East Timor is furious, Mr Carr insists the two countries are good friends.

    “Nothing can rupture the bonds between the people of Australia and the people of Timor Leste,” he said.

    “I am bound by convention that says Australian Government ministers don’t comment on matters of security, intelligence, espionage even when what was said is plain untrue.”

    Mr Pires’s lawyer, Brendan Collaery, says the evidence of spying is irrefutable.

    “The evidence is irrefutable and Australian authorities are well aware that we are in a position to back that up,” he said.

    “Of course, we would not have formed our international litigation team unless we knew where we were.”

    Martin Ferguson has announce his retirement in the house.

  106. Abbott turning the announcement of Mr. G=Ferguson into a political statement.

    Where does he get the proof from.

    Now, in Abbott’s eyes, a hero. God help us. When has there been respect in the past?

  107. Abbott allowing minister for Lyons to move motion on man made climate change. Wonders will never cease.

  108. Abbott might not cost his policies, but that does not stop others from doping so.

    “……TONY Abbott’s paid parental leave scheme will cost families and small businesses around $1 billion a year in higher interest rates and charges, Treasury analysis shows.

    The analysis has shown the cost of a 1.5 per cent company tax hike to pay for the generous scheme would add nearly $4 billion over four years to the bottom line of banks and other mortgage lenders.

    The impost would reach $1.1 billion alone in 2016-17.

    It’s anticipated banks and lenders will pass on increases in costs to consumers.

    Treasurer Wayne Swan said Mr Abbott’s new tax would send standard variable mortgage rates up by 10 basis points, while business rates could rise by as much as 25 basis points.

    “Mr Abbott’s unfair and unaffordable PPL scheme will be paid for out of the pockets of hardworking families and small businesses across Australia,” Mr Swan said in a statement.

    “It’s downright unfair to rip away $2000 from new families on modest incomes and jack up their mortgage repayments just to put $75,000 straight into the bank accounts of millionaires.”

    Mr Abbott has said his paid parental leave scheme would be a signature policy of an incoming Coalition government.

    The scheme would pay mothers six months of their normal salary up to $75,000.

    Labor says the scheme is designed to benefit the super rich.

    It will be paid for with a hike in the company tax rate but the Coalition says that will be offset by other tax cuts….

    Read more:

  109. Love Lyndal Curtis, the aborted non leadership challenge of Rudd. Talking about Martin Ferguson.

  110. What is true, Abbott has not the guts to keep his word, if it means him being unpopular.

    I suspect we will get the first edition back, and it will be passed. One that Abbott will not want.

    Abbott is a populist and nothing more.

    Even in the security beat up, it was Brandis that got the briefing. Abbott has the right to a briefing, but has never bother to see one.,


    Another example of Abbott not being interest in the nuts and bolts of the job, but in stunts and seeking admiration.

    Do we want a populist PM, one that s only interested in power, and nothing else.
    Cannot bother keeping up with legislation that is passed. Cannot be bothering in reading anything.

    Only interest is each day, getting out before to cameras,. and pulling stunts.

    I believe we do need a grown up PM, and this man cannot be that.

    Windsor and Oakeshott are condemned for not going with Abbott. The apparent truth is, they could not.

    Abbott was unwilling to accept the will of the voters at that time. Every MP elected, represented a person electorate by the voter in their electorate. Yes those voter gave their MP a mandate to vote on their behalf, Yes, a government is formed on the number’s on the floor of the lower house. Yes, that is what the Constitution says.

    Mr. Abbott has treated that result with contempt since the duly legitimate government was established. Yes, he has treated the voters with contempt.

    What Abbott did not understand, if chosen as PM, he had a duty to make the government work. He had no intention of doing so.

    The PM has delivered, in spit of what one reads, a stable and productive government, that has rarely taken a backward step.

    The PM has shown her ability to stick with what she believes is the4 right thing to do, no matter what has being thrown at

    Abbott folds within a few hours, on an agreement, because of a little opposition.

    The PM, receiving more from her party and media, hung in, never backed down.

    Silkworm, even Abbott’s word is fake.

  111. Remember there are may versions of all Abbott’s recent policies already aboard. They can change from what is said in the morning, until later in the day.

    What is coming clear, there appears to be a disconnect between what Abbott says, and the rest of his shadow front bench.

    That chasm is becoming more oblivious every day.

  112. Maybe, we the public, should be putting the pressure on for what many want, the $1000 limit on donations.Not only a limited on what has to be revealed, but to be revealed witin the month. This is easy in this digital age.

    PM. We need infrastructure of this age, not of the past. Named NBN. Whine in Abbott’s voice.

    PM in full flight.

  113. Another Gonski announcement. ACT, little but one more step forwarded.

    Once again, the PM uses the words, “funding model of today” One can add this to”infrastructure of the today”

    Yes, the PM talks about today. Abbott about the past.

    Who is in control of the political agenda???

  114. Hockey up, using polls to ask questions. Such belief in polls, just might be mistaken.

    Swan responds with facts. Competitive tax system the question.

  115. Fed up says, What is coming clear, there appears to be a disconnect between what Abbott says, and the rest of his shadow front bench.

    It’s always been clear to me that there is disconnect between what Abbott says at any time and even a few minutes later if that suits him. In other words nothing he says has any connection to anything except his personal and political convenience. That’s why he keeps resisting advice from senior and serious Liberals in the party like Minchin about the need for policies, and why he is at odds with many of his shadow ministers and now back benchers too. They know now if they didn’t before why he’s known as…….

    The Mad Monk, Indeed!

    Tony Abbott’s made it very plain.
    He doesn’t want a policy list,
    In which he thinks there’s not much gain.
    He’ll do better as a pragmatist.

    This response to his one time mentor,
    Nick Minchin, urging sound policy
    Over cheap populism, seems therefore
    Now an overly bold prophecy.

    Even then thought a weather cock,
    Whose views from day to day would differ,
    Judging what’s best for his own stock,
    He’s the consummate wind sniffer.

    Checking his electoral chances
    Was natural to him like breathing,
    Anything which his cause enhances
    Is on. Who cares who else is seething?

    His colleagues weren’t exempt from pain,
    Like environment spokesman, Greg Hunt,
    Embarrassed over and over again
    By Abbott’s climate sceptic stunts.

    He’s alarming others in the team
    With his ever spiralling spin,
    Hell bent on realizing his own dream –
    That election he would kill to win!

    That’s just a hundred days away,
    When one day alone can be too long!
    How pragmatic will the Party be
    Before they call time for his swan song.

  116. Some replies to many of Abbott’s fantasy and fallacies. Why the world is not according to Abbott and cO.

    Liberal shadow minister Sophie Mirabella claims the caretaker period begins 15 June.

    JOURNALIST: Given that you haven’t won election yet, don’t they have a responsibility to do what government tells them and that is to finance these projects?

    MIRABELLA: Well no, it will be in official caretaker period and it shows desperation in trying to irresponsibly shovel out as much money as possible from 1 July.


    JOURNALIST: But that $800 million figure I understand goes from 1 July until the caretaker period kicks in. So there’s no breach of the caretaker provisions or there’s no suggestion that they shouldn’t be going ahead with it, given that they are responsible to the government?

    MIRABELLA: Well, we’re treating the dates from 15 June for the caretaker period in terms of our briefings from relevant departments.

    Doorstop interview – 29 May 2013

    Tony Abbott claims the 2013 federal election will be a referendum on the carbon tax.

    TONY ABBOTT: Let’s be clear. The coming election will be a referendum on the carbon tax.

    NPC – 31 January 2013

    TONY ABBOTT: Yes, I am expecting Labor MPs to respect the mandate of the people and the next election will be – if nothing else – a referendum on the carbon tax. Now, if the Labor Party loses a referendum on the carbon tax, particularly if it loses badly, I think that Labor MPs who persisted in supporting a carbon tax would not only be guilty of bad policy judgment, but they’d be guilty of defying the will of the people and that’s the last thing that any democratic politician would normally want to do.

    Press conference – 23 April 2013


    The Australian newspaper reports that only one in five undecided voters want the carbon tax repealed and only one in three people still support a repeal once given basic information.

    ONLY one in five undecided voters want the government’s carbon pricing scheme repealed, according to new national polling which suggests attitudes to the policy can still be swayed.

    The polling shows only 19 per cent of the 20 per cent of respondents who nominated themselves as undecided voters wanted the carbon price repealed.

    The results indicate that abolishing the carbon tax may not be the vote-changer among those yet to make up their minds on who to support on September 14.

    The polling also shows that while 42 per cent of voters want the carbon pricing regime repealed, when they are given a message suggesting it would make renewable energy cheaper, that number falls to 35 per cent.

    The polling, commissioned by environmental group WWF and conducted by AMR research, shows the proportion of voters who think carbon pricing should be given a chance to work rose from 39 per cent to 45 per cent when they were given the positive message.

    Of Labor voters, 76 per cent think the carbon price should be given a chance and 77 per cent of Greens voters think the same. But 11 per cent of Greens think it should be repealed, as did 9 per cent of Labor voters. Sixty-five per cent of Liberal voters want the carbon price repealed.

    The Australian, p4 – ”Few swing against carbon price” – 28 May 2013

  117. You’re right, Fed up, no one was out there supporting him in his back down, were they?

    Laurie Oakes reckoned that though PMJG had another sandwich thrown at her by a schoolkid today, which she seems to have laughed off, Tony Abbott had to eat a sandwich of a very different kind! Also as reported on Nine News Melbourne @9newsmelb

    Embarrassment for @TonyAbbottMHR – proof he supported controversial funding reforms. @LaurieOakes reports #9NEWSat6

  118. As we see Tony, always stuffing food into his mouth, I have visions of him, in a similar situation, bending down, and stuffing the sandwich into his mouth.

  119. Why does Abbott fear waiting for an election on September 14. Does he fear that the longer it goes, the harder it will be for him. I suggest he is in fear of of having to justify his stand. Of having to present policy in detail.
    “…..The Federal Opposition says it has written to the independent MPs in a bid to enlist their support for a no-confidence motion which could force an early election on August 3.

    Manager of Opposition Business Christopher Pyne says he would only proceed with the motion in the remaining three weeks of the parliamentary sitting if the independent MPs say they will back it.

    “I’ve written to them asking them whether they’re open to the possibility,” he told Channel Nine this morning.

    “If they come back and say forget it, well we’re not going to waste everyone’s time.

    “That’s why I’ve written to them to see what their position is, and I think we’ll see what their response is by next week.”

    Manager of Government Business Anthony Albanese has dismissed the threat as nonsense.

    He says Mr Pyne has not spoken to the independents directly, and they have not received his letter..”

    The Opposition is working hard to turn the Telstra asbestos problem into another “pink batts” for Labor. I am afraid this time, Labor will ensure the truth is out front. The lies will be quickly challenged.

    One question I would like to ask, if that Egyptian is want under a red note. Why has not Egypt called for his extradition. If he has been duly convicted of heinous crimes, one would have thought this would happen. I believe Australia would have trouble in this area, as Egypt has the death penalty.

  120. Pyne wants to bring on a Constitutional crisis so he can have a election a month early. Does he believe he is back in the days of Whitlam.

    Does he want a rerun of the hate and political instability that follow the actions of Fraser.

    All for no good reason.

    It appears that Abbott is aware, that he has no achieved one thing he set out to do. Bringing down the government is the only one he has left.

    By the way, Hawke on ABC 24, said that the statement that Australia would become the white trash of Asia, spurred him to action.

    He is proud to say, that has not occurred.

    I would like to suggest, that Abbott is capable of changing that, as he is repealing all that ensures we take our place in the Asian century.

  121. Just a point, that Egyptian was convicted under the previous dictatorship in absentia. Would love to know it the others convicted at the same time,are still in jail, under the new regime.

    Still trying hard to create another pink batt scandal.

    Abbott is working hard to create a aura of fear. Well who would blame him, as it has worked for the Liberals since Menzies. Remember the convenient Petrov affair. A beast up indeed. Did not matter, served Menzies well. Then we had the reds under the bed and the falling dominoes.

    There is no crisis in the government or economy. A government being on the nose, according to some, is no grounds for creating a Constitutional crisis.


    ……………….If the no confidence motion is because of “the carbon tax”, then I ask Tony Abbott and
    Chris Pyne why they personally voted in full confidence in Parliament last week for the
    science of man-made climate change? Why would I now support a Coalition carbon tax that
    costs taxpayers more and does less?
    If the no confidence motion is based on the budget, then we have that vote on Monday.
    There will be a vote on the Budget Bills on Monday, which are considered, in parliamentary
    terms, a confidence motion in Government.
    If Chris Pyne and Tony Abbott are in any way serious about this tactic of theirs, they will
    back up their ongoing tactics and vote against the budget bills on Monday. I don’t think
    they will, and I will watch closely before replying to this newly received letter from Mr Pyne…….

  123. Yes, Pyne is using the so called carbon tax, as an escuse to mount a no confidence motion.

    Both WIndsor and Oakeshoott support this action. In fact it is the main reason they rejected Abbott’s overtures.

    Is the man mad,

  124. At 8.39am today I received first notice via an email from Christopher Pyne that he has
    written to me on a No Confidence motion.
    I have spent the week in Canberra with him, and he made no mention of this issue. No MP
    from the LNP mentioned this issue. The only Confidence issue in Parliament this week was
    the Liberal National Party, including Christopher Pyne and Tony Abbott, voting in support of
    the science of man-made climate change. I am pleased they expressed full confidence in
    the science community of Australia, and now openly accept man-made climate change as
    real and in need of a serious policy response.
    This week, no journalist mentioned anything about a no confidence motion from the LNP.
    This is despite conversations with The Australian newspaper’s Lauren Wilson about 6pm last
    night, where I indicated a view on the paper’s anti-NBN campaign that asbestos issues in
    pits and pipes are an issue for Telstra management and shareholders, and this is exactly
    why it would be madness to buy these pits and pipes as is current Liberal National Party
    policy on NBN. I note these comments didn’t make the paper.
    Yesterday afternoon, I also spoke with Sid Maher from The Australian about another story.
    He has my personal number, and I am surprised he chose to run this No Confidence trick
    story from Chris Pyne, without checking facts or offering a right of reply. Only 12 hours
    earlier, he used my phone so he knows it works.
    Chris Pyne also has my personal phone number, and at times he and Sid Maher have used it
    at their convenience. It is telling that neither chose to use it when designing a page one
    story that further destabilises Government based on the story alone.
    Onto the guessing game of the substance of this letter from Chris Pyne – my first response
    is “how pathetic”.
    If Mr Abbott and Mr Pyne, and his colleagues truly believe this to be the worst government
    in the history of the world, and their alternative option as the key to world peace, then I
    invite them to put their case on the floor of the Parliament. Grovelling to the crossbench,
    and giving letters to journalists before they are posted or emailed, and threatening to do
    something for week upon week upon week, builds the view that this is just the shallow
    tactics of destabil….

  125. The asbestos beat up is very convenient. Most know today, when one sees asbestos, the job stops until dealt with. Even home renovators know this. I find it hard, that workers in the field, on the job would also be aware of the dangers.

    The revelations Visionstream and Service Stream workers were disposing the asbestos in a careless manner have naturally been followed up by rush to assign blame. ‘It’s NBN Co’s fault’, ‘no it’s Telstra’s fault’, then again, maybe the contractors should be more vigilant about the disposal of asbestos.

    The fascination with asbestos is understandable, given the tragic legacy of the material and the well-documented pursuit of building products maker James Hardie to atone for its sins.

    However, the focus on asbestos has effectively managed to drown out most other discussions on the NBN this week.

    One such interesting piece of news was The Australian Financial Review’s reveal of Telstra’s dealings with NBN Co to help to accelerate the NBN rollout. According to the report, Telstra approached NBN Co a year or so ago and offered to complete the planning and design phases of the construction process in five sub-regions, known as FSAMs (fibre serving area modules).

    Of course Telstra wasn’t doing this out of the goodness of its heart. A slow rollout ostensibly threatened its NBN windfall.

    As it turns out, NBN Co wasn’t too keen on the idea and needed a fair bit of convincing before giving its approval. While some have highlighted this as another sign of an anti-Telstra bias at NBN Co, the real hurdle was simply the price.

    Telstra did manage to get the job done in the five FSAMs (minus the installation of the fibre) in four weeks, in what is a formidable display of its construction capabilities.

    NBN Co’s grudging and belated acceptance to Telstra’s offer may have hurt its rollout target, but there’s precious little that can be done about that.

    Read more:

  126. .

    ……..This whole affair has shown politics at its worst.

    A secret deal between sworn enemies, bound together by financial self interest, is a woeful look.

    The fact that the alternative prime minister openly pretended to be uninvolved, and then simply reneged on a signed agreement, raises genuine questions of trust and reliability.

    But perhaps the most troubling lesson from the whole tawdry affair, is what it says about Abbott’s unpreparedness to argue for unpopular reforms, should he become prime minister.

    He began his press conference observing that the principle behind the electoral package was sound.

    ”Look there is an argument for public funding. There is an argument it would make political parties less dependent upon donations that may not always be made for entirely altruistic reasons.”

    He is right.

    It is telling however, that he has decided not to even try communicating that principle to voters, despite signing his name to it.

    Read more:

    Bad media and the brave one goes straight to water. There was much good in that bill. Abbott it appears was only interested in the money. Was willing to throw out the good reforms. Better action would have been to delete the offending clause.

  127. Of course he will turn those boats back. One just has to hide their head in the sand to believe.

    “……e Coalition will push ahead with its policy to turn back asylum seeker boats despite an Indonesian government representative saying the proposal is “not possible”.

    Indonesia’s Ambassador to Australia Nadjib Riphat Kesoema says boats should be turned back to the countries where asylum seekers are from, rather than transit countries like Indonesia.

    He says he does not think Indonesia would collaborate with Australia on the Coalition’s policy and does not believe boats would, in fact, be sent back.

    “Indonesia is a target country and we are also the victim of this situation so I think it’s not possible for the Coalition to say it has to go to Indonesia – back to Indonesia because Indonesia is not the origin country of these people,” Mr Kesoema said……”

  128. Many picked up this fact when story first broke. Surely Bishop and Brandis would have been aware that any convictions, under a dictatorship, that has been deposed would be suspect. Even that, they got wrong. The convictions were overturn later, leaving only one, that of belonging to an organization.

    For lawyers, both have no respect for the law. I am sure, that in briefings, these two would have been made aware of the facts.

    Adding, was that election funding deal as grubby as the media is proposing. Yes, there was honey to drag Abbott in, which worked. There was much good in that bill.

    This is particularity true, when we have mining moguls, using their money to control the election system. Yes, they need to be held accountable.

    “…..A refugee advocate has cast doubt on Australian Federal Police (AFP) evidence to Senate Estimates that an Egyptian asylum seeker is a convicted murderer.

    Police say Sayad Latif was the subject of an Interpol red notice and had been convicted in absentia by an Egyptian military tribunal of pre-meditated murder and carrying out terrorist acts.
    Key points
    Sayad Latif arrived in Australia in May 2012.
    AFP says security concerns raised by Interpol “red notice” over murder and terrorism offences.
    Immigration Department advised in November 2012, but man remained in low-security detention until April.
    Coalition has used the AFP evidence to demand an independent inquiry into the Government’s handling of Mr Latif’s case.

    AFP Deputy Commissioner Peter Drennan told the Senate Estimates hearing on Thursday: “The briefing we have here is that it was convicted in absentia of premeditated murder, destruction of property, possession of firearms… ammunition, explosives without a permit… and membership of a terrorist group.”

    But refugee advocate Ian Rintoul has told Lateline he has documents to prove the man was never convicted of many of the offences listed by the AFP….”

    Vanstone and Reith on o9ne panel. That says it all for ABC24

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