Is the ‘carbon tax’ the reason for the PM’s low popularity, or is it Murdoch?

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Claims that Julia Gillard’s unpopularity were linked to her introduction of carbon pricing in 2012 don’t stack up, says Alex White from the UK Guardian. White points the finger at Rupert Murdoch and the people he controls in our country. Tony Abbott sits high on that list of puppets.

White’s article is reproduced in full below. It’s the type of truth in reporting we’ll be seeing more of in our country when the Guardian opens its doors here. What a relief that will be from the biased Murdoch bile we are currently force-fed.

I hope you enjoy the article:

Since the disappointment of Copenhagen in 2009, Australia has witnessed a concerted scare campaign against action on global warming. The scare campaign has been led by senior commentators in (Murdoch owned) News Limited papers, by conservative radio shock-jocks on the airwaves, and in parliament by extremist opposition party leader Tony…

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62 comments on “Is the ‘carbon tax’ the reason for the PM’s low popularity, or is it Murdoch?

  1. Definitely Murdoch. From the day she became preferred PM for the Independents and thwarted his ambitions for acquiring the NBN via his favored candidate, Tony Abbott, he has been gunning for her. Or ignoring her. Remember her first State visit to trip China, Japan and other Asian countries as PM in late 2010 soon after election?

    Where Was Our PM?

    Are you like me and wonder why
    Images of our PM seem zero
    While News media let not a chance go by
    For a story picturing their ‘hero?’

    Why, when he has an early morning dip,
    Is there always someone from the press
    On hand to get another photo clip
    Of Tony Abbott in ‘undress?’

    On Christmas Island he’s a ‘pop star’
    Where he ‘plays some pool and has a beer.
    Chatting up a blond perched at a bar,’
    Slighting our PM to raise a cheer.

    But, overseas on affairs of state,
    Conferring with heads of government,
    Partnered by a true Australian ‘mate,’
    Her competence gets no acknowledgement.

    Julia Gillard, in the desolation
    Of Japan’s earthquake, sharing their distress,
    Provides, it seems, just an illustration
    Of how she needs to improve ‘her dress.’

    In London amongst the royal wedding crowd,
    Compared with any other famous guest,
    Our PM really does Oz proud.
    She’s poised, elegant and well dressed.

    There we glimpsed her once. We may again
    As daft old Dame Edna makes a fuss
    About her hat, mocks her origins, and then
    Sneers at her because she talks like us.

    On ‘Insiders’ today we get more spin,
    Lots of footage of the Coalition’s ‘Action Man’
    As if the Opposition was already in
    And our Prime Minister an ‘also ran.’

    But did you hear that banker whose opinion was,
    After travelling with her on the China trip,
    “She did sterling work as statesman!” So now, will Oz,
    At last, commend her? Or will that be just another media blip?

  2. Australia needs a Guardian, hope your not to late. Target the disease = Media and mining barons, not just the symptom = Abbott and the LN no P

  3. One thing puzzles me, why when the out of context “No carbon tax under the government I lead”, was not stopped in its tracks with the complete sentence follow up. It would have SHUT the opposition claims dead in the water. It was the same with the industrial manslaughter charge leveled at Peter Garrett by Abbott and given him airspace ever since. So what the hell have the Labor media clowns been doing the last four years certainly NOT their jobs.

  4. bilko, what can the “Labor media clowns” as you call them do when every press statement they release is ignored or distorted by Murdoch’s minions who control seventy percent of our print media, supported now by Fairfax most of the time, and much on air media commentary too with the ABC and Scott very pro-Coalition as well. It’s been a relentless campaign by a very determined Murdoch and Co controlling a carefully pruned team of journalists and some very well trained and well placed sub-editors.

    I think Labor has done a remarkable job surviving and hanging together this long. Magnificent leadership of course, and some very talented front benchers. Good fortune too with Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshott on side.

  5. Patriciawa
    You have a point regarding the media but to me they should be trying harder, having said that, the party should also be hammering it in parliament in QT when ever the noposition bring it up. The number of times that line was spouted by them accross the chambers without rebuff gave me the heebie jeebies.
    Your other point, Julia has been fantastic and I do not think a man could have endured that constant attack without showing signs of buckling.
    I want Abbort shot down in flames as much as anyone, and would dearly like to see the Canadian media laws introduced here. Keep up the good work your poems are an inspiration to us all.

  6. A comment from another site, that appears to ask the right questions.

    ………………Andrew C:
    17 May 2013 6:45:55pm
    Listen to yourself Peter. “destroy our way of life”??? That’s ridiculous.

    What do you do every morning? What do you eat, what do you watch, where do you live, what is your health like, do you have a job, money in the bank, kids in education, a hospital if you need it, rubbish taken away each week, differing opinions on the TV saying what they want to say, access to the internet?

    How has your way of life been destroyed, or even mildly reduced since 2007?

    By all measures it has been improved by the government, although I will grant you that you may not be AS well off as you would have been if the GFC hadn’t happened. But it did.

    You are paying less taxes, getting more from your employer, if you are an employer, then your workers are more productive and you’ve lost less time to strikes and union disruption since labor has been in, the safety net is stronger, there’s more money being spent on health, education and infrastructure, not to mention the broadband network.

    Tell me, other than the Australian Newspaper, Gina Rinehart, Campbell Newman and Tony Abbott, who precisely is destroying our country?…….


  7. Yes Bilko, Abbott’s lies need to be addressed immediately.

    His biggest one this week, that the budget is in disarray, and emergency methods are desperately needed, An emergency so dire, that Abbott is willing even to use Labor solutions.

    First, the budget is not in disarray. This budget nor the previous one, that produced a strong and growing economy. That is strong in all areas.

    Yes, it did not reach it’s surplus, but i did lower that number, and is still on trend to do so.

    How does one judge a budget? I would say, on the results it attains.

    This budget, while not promising a surplus this year, has manage to find the money for essential policies such as NBN, NDIS and Gonski, to ensure that the economy continues to grow. It has not put jobs at risk.

    Yes, it is so good, that among few countries in the world, it;’s triple AAA ratings have been confirmed.

    Yes this PM is still standing, still on the front foot, still building a strong future for this nation.

    What do we have from Abbott, whine and moaning, claims of gloom and doom., taking from the weak, and promises of session in the house, that will be nothing but him rescinding all that Labor has a achieved, Yes, talking the economy down, and handing all to big business,

    Abbott spends time creating a country that is in freefall and danger of bankruptcy. He needs to, as this is the only thing that allows him to put his ideology of small government in place.

    Abbott is not happy enough with the fact, that we already have one of the lowest taxing, and target welfare governments, in the western world.

    Abbott and his ilk believe in smaller government, less government services, and less taxes for business.

    At the same time, he believes that businesses should be given all they want.

    It is MHO that decades of lowering taxes, especially business taxes across the world that has led to debt, and the GFC.

    If you dealt with your personal debt by each year5 lowering your income, you would soon find that debt growing. There is spending that one cannot ignore. There is spending that is essential, such as investing in infrastructure for the future.. Yes, we increase our wealth by educating our people. By keeping them healthy. By increasing the technology, and the roads we carry our goods.

    Yes, one still has to spend to make money.

    Yes, we can bring the budget back to surplus by cutting unnecessary spending, that offers nothing to future growth. Yes, can also do so by raising the money to support essential spending, which will increase our wealth.

    Labor been doing this. It has clawed back much of the unnecessary middle upper income handouts of the Howard years. Yes, it has also raised some taxes and levies. Such as such as the baby bonus to wealthy people. By the way, that baby bonus still exists, but at a lower rate, and means tested.

    Yes, this PM has identified what is needed, to make us a leader in the Asian Century. The PM found the money, to ensure all is put in place.

    Yes, the PM is a builder. Abbott is the demolition man. He proudly claims this title for himself, when he said much of his time will be spent, putting rescinding legislation to the parliament. Seems more interested in pulling down. No interest in building, fact he tells us, we cannot afford to build.

  8. I take your point, bilko. It could have been rebutted in Parliament every time Abbott and Co. used it. They don’t seem to have that relentlessness to match the Coalition ruthlessness, do they.

  9. The Opposition never allows any negative comment by the PM or Labor, or anyone else for that matter, to not be immediately challenged. Pyne is up very quickly, with his whine, that his beloved leader has been unfairly attacked.

  10. So nuch of the MSM decries to overnment as being poor communicators and not getting their message accross. Ha ha ha !!! First off the MSM dond report on ehat is being done by the Government, all that is done is negative coomentry of any poletics involved. The problem is that the Government has concentrated on governing and it has been the opposition that refuses to take any responsibility to participate in government instead playing a purely political game. So in effect nearly reporting has been from the perspective of the opposition’s poletics and not the Governments governing.

  11. Patriciawa & Fed Up
    Agreed not relentless enough, from the dumping of the rodent, Labor to me seem to forget that they in fact were the Government and no longer the opposition. Jobs for Downer, Le Smirk, Tim Fisher and Nelson all Kevs bonhomie to be mister nice. He may have been a good diplomat but politician no way. Definitely time to use an American expression kick asssss

  12. Why have a carbon tax when AGW is most probably a load of crap.

    If Labor really did believe that CO2 is destroying the planet they should stop our export of coal.

  13. With few exceptions, the corporate media are flat out proclaiming throughout their their propaganda machines that a victory to the lnp is “inevitable” at the oncoming election, yet ignoring the far more “inevitable”(under BAU) catastrophes becoming apparent as AGW takes effect. I believe there is a deeper agenda here, beyond those already referred to.
    A realistic article from Rod Quantock, courtesy of Lyn at TPS.
    I believe abbott and his corporate backers are well aware of these dangers, despite their denial, and await catastrophe with eagerness, hoping their extreme right wing/corporatist ideology will gain acceptance with a nervous population, put on edge by “natural” disasters.
    Given the inability of the opposition/corporates in producing policies which they are able to honestly promote as beneficial to societal welfare, lies and character assassination are all they have left.
    Hence our PM’s reputed unpopularity.
    After all, what’s a media empire FOR!!? 😈

  14. Patricia and Bilko, I remember days when the Givernment flayed the opposition alive in Parliament only to see the headlines later on what a big win it was for the opposition. Another great day in the house. Laughable.

    Patricia, loved the poem.

  15. Neil, yes agree with stopping the export of coal. Only problem is that will not work. Will only allow access to a dirtier product.

    Also, impossible politically. At the end of the day, not necessary, as those nations that are buying our coal, are also moving away from fossil fuel to renewals. Some more quickly than we are.

    Yes the better path to follow, is to encourage others to go down the path we are.

    Yes, Neil, you r point also comes undone, when one acknowledges that Abbott now agrees with the claims of a man made climate change from carbon emissions.

    He is saying, his inefficient and more expensive Direct Action, which moves the cost from those who emit carbon to the taxpayer is the way to go. A scheme that is based on the dubious and unproved science.

    The choice is not whether climate changer from increase carbon emissions is occurring, but to how is the best way of dealing with it.

    Do we stay with a market base system, as the rest of the world is doing, or move to Abbott’s mismatch, that consists mainly of picking winners, and fully taxpayer funded. He is not even suggesting, what he has in the past, a carbon tax.

    Maybe we have the best solution in place. Which evidence suggests is already working. One that assists big emitters to move to what in the long run, cheaper renewals.

    One which many industry that have taken up the challenge is already benefiting from.

    In my eyes, rejecting Abbott and his brain farts, is a no brainer.

    Yes, the trading price has dropped. This only means it will not coast as much, will not stop the transferring to renewals.

  16. This is a real first – stating the PM Ms Dillard is “unpopular”.
    It has taken a long time and in now certain in about 120 sleeps on 14/9
    to lose her the Election. Her smartness in establishing that date was the
    dumbest thing ever done by an Australian Politician!
    She is not just unpopular she is in fact dare I say it – Hated by most ,
    just try talkback radio, a taxi drivers blurb , community anger ie
    Western Sydney or posts on any site other than CWs.
    I have one question : ‘ How many seats will Labor hold in the House of Reps
    post 14/9? ‘

  17. Mr. Abbott and his simple cause and solution solve nothing when it comes to the budget. Mr. Abbott is dishonest, and the knows it,.

    One has to get past the word deficit, because it explains nothing, and fixes nil.

    “………………This means we haven’t had to worry about inflation, but the profits of our miners, manufacturers and tourist operators (and, for different reasons, our wholesalers and retailers) have been squeezed.

    For the budget, it means collections from company tax have grown more weakly than expected, as has the tax on capital gains. (Collections from the new mining tax have been a fraction of what was expected, but for a quite different reason: because the tax was new, Treasury overestimated how much it would raise in its early years.)

    So the budget hasn’t whirred back to surplus as expected because, for quite unusual reasons, the recovery from the GFC hasn’t proceeded normally. The spending and taxing decisions of the government have had little to do with this.

    Here’s the point: if problems in the economy have prevented the budget from returning to surplus, we should worry about those problems, not the delayed return to surplus.

    As the budget papers say: ”Fiscal [budgetary] objectives are not ends in themselves. They matter because of their implications for employment, incomes and wellbeing. In essence, good fiscal policy entails allowing the fiscal position [the budget balance] to vary in response to economic conditions in the near term, while ensuring fiscal settings are sustainable over the medium-to-long term.”

    What causes the budget balance to vary in response to economic conditions are the ”automatic stabilisers” built into the budget. They’re what does the whirring, pushing the budget into deficit when the economy goes down and pushing it back into surplus when the economy comes back up.

    The main built-in stabilisers are the progressive income-tax scale and the availability of the dole but, as we’ve just been reminded, the other taxes also play a part…..”

    Read more:

  18. Sell in May … the dollar has slumped 5 per cent this month. Photo: Louie Douvis

    The Australian dollar has been hit by another sudden sell-off, falling more than half a cent this afternoon as investors flee the currency.

    The dollar fell as low as 97.32 US cents, a level not seen since early June 2012, and down from 99.12 US cents about midday on Thursday.

    It’s been a particularly volatile 24 hours for the currency, which was fetching 99.12 US cents as late as yesterday midday. During the offshore session it plunged to 97.9 US cents but quickly recovered, touching a high of 98.79 shortly after midnight. By morning it was buying 98.22 US cents, before the latest sell-off was triggered……….

    Read more:

  19. Roswell – I remember that happening so often. I think there was a point at which the government decided their time was better spent just getting on with the job of governing and getting legislation passed rather than wasting energy on point scoring. But it becomes cumulative in the end, doesn’t it.

  20. Voyager-B-S. “I have one question : ‘ How many seats will Labor hold in the House of Reps post 14/9? ‘”
    That would be very hard to answer, VoS+B, the Greens will likely pick up a couple of more seats or three, the Independent numbers will grow…. and Labor will most likely get a few more than last time but that will depend on the numbers the Greens+Independents obtain… a much easier Q to ask would be ‘ how low will the LNP numbers go…. and will Tony do a Howard and lose his seat??
    What I have noticed is that every time the Fat Lady of the West ‘sings’ the LNP numbers go down…… go figure 😯

  21. How many seats the Labor gets, will depend how those 26 +% of undecided voters who are sitting on the fence, in all polls jump.

    The number in some is close to 30%. That is a lot of votes.

  22. Voyager, I predicted here not long ago that Labor will hold 47 seats. Internal polling could see my prediction out by 13 seats to hold 60.

    Just joking…the latest is Labor holding 34 seats. HAHAHAHAHAH!

    Have been invited to a small event tomorrow. Lunch with Julie Bishop. Will be chatting to her about Perth. Well over a thousand people are settling there a week and the infrastructure can not handle the increased volume. Needs to be addressed as it will become a social morass.

    Doing a long lunch with the Member for Forde on Friday in relation to the Northern Development policy.

    As per usual…I will pass on the love and best wishes from the Cafe.

  23. Wonder why we are not getting po0lls across all front pages lately. Could it be that the numbers are moving away from the Coalition. Maybe some of the undecided are beginning to take a look, moving from the fence.

  24. Newspoll which comes out every two weeks will be on the front pages on Tuesday.

    Won’t be pretty, I imagine…especially after the Budget. What I like is the non interested will see the numbers and follow which will lead to possibly only 30 seats held by Labor.

    Maybe something else might emerge next week? Tick…tick…tick…

  25. We don’t have a carbon tax, because then we would be taxing petrol. We have a carbon price.

    We need a carbon price, because AGW deniers are definitely a load of crap.

  26. nor is there under this PM.

    What there will be, is Direct Action, which transfers the cost from polluters to the taxpayer.

    Some $1300 an a year I believe. Shame is that the money will be wasted, as the scheme will not work..

  27. Who said there will be a modified one. News to me. Maybe he will find some expert that supports it.

    Personally, I believe it will be dumped quickly. It is only there to cater to those that do believe something needs to be done.

    Saying that, it is still a promise of Abbott’s.

  28. V.B’s, “Nobody knows and none of you are smart enough to respond.
    Dumb arses hey.” …….. umm, the first bit “Nobody knows..”…. wow, …..such depth!
    “…..and none of you are smart enough to respond”…. well ‘Hello’, LOVO @ 4.04pm…….. “Dumb arses hey”……ok, ok,….umm, ….NO COMMENT 👿 ….damn you 😳 ……… 😀
    Please do remember VoS, that the RW press had Mitt as a shoe-in right up til 5 minutes to midnight in the U.S. election…… that the RW MSM’s and thier ‘Polls’ try the same thing on here gives me great hope…… only some, some of the time VoS, …..ay 😉

  29. Seat predictions mentioned here are based on two major polls, both commissioned by media giants whose major backers are two people who wish to bring down a government without bloodshed at least I hope so.
    Donning my conspiracy robe I am led to believe that polls are conducted on postcodes some one correct me if I am wrong, and if the media giants wish to continue a trend they can instruct the pollsters to target the same postcodes that in fact give the required balance against the government.
    The base for this line of thinking is that even when the Government has a perceived better performing week the poll outcome does not change even if the opposition has a crap week the outcome does not change. anyone see a pattern here. Paranoid I may be perhaps but they do appear to be out to get us.

  30. In passing, I noticed that Tony Mack under his ‘sock pocket’ name of scaper is out and about making statements and claims that bear (or as he would say ‘bare’) examination. Here’s a selection. And I stress it’s only a selection.

    Have been invited to a small event tomorrow. Lunch with Julie Bishop

    Yes, everyone knows Julie Bishop and her penchant to invite unemployed gardeners to lunch with her at ‘small events’. But then again those who follow Julie know that her taste in sexual partners are many and varied. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. From Mayor to Perth to Mayor of Crapperville? LOL. But gardeners? I suspect he hopes he’ll get down and dirty, He’s good at that. Apparently. Then there’s:

    Will be chatting to her about Perth

    Yep. No doubt based on his recent and well publicised experience to ‘pull off a deal’. I’m sure Julie will be all ears.

    Well over a thousand people are settling there a week and the infrastructure can not (sic) handle the increased volume

    Well we all know that Mack couldn’t make the grade in Perth, and his expertise re ‘infrastructure’.

    As for:

    Doing a long lunch with the Member for Forde on Friday in relation to the Northern Development policy

    He really is in need of professional help. And I do mean Mack.

  31. Bilko, be afeared, be very afeared…… as I understand it, the landline polls target the first four digits of a phone number, those first four digits refine/define the demographics of a postcode.

  32. Just remember this, Voy’er. If the swaggering monkey finds himself propelled into the Lodge, it won’t be YOUR victory. You will be among the losers like the other 99 per cent of us.

    It will be a victory for foreign billionaire Rupert Murdoch and the richest woman in the known universe Gina Rinehart. It will be a “victory” for the radical right-wing spewing hate jocks of talkback radio, who pretend to be on the side of ‘the working man’, but are in fact orifice greasers of some of the wealthiest, grubbiest, most powerful people on earth. It will be a “victory” for those sellouts at the national broadcaster who sold out their professional journalistic ethics and impartiality, the Institution which employs them, and the whole damn community they’re meant to serve, a victory in the name of toeing the one-way biased media line of Murdoch, Rinehart and international greed merchants.

    When the monkey and his misfits start taking the country apart, the howls of protest will be loud and long. When they start siphoning wealth upwards from you, your relatives and neighbours to those who already have more wealth than they possibly know what to do with, you will start waking up.

    When the recessions begin, when the interest rate hikes start to cripple home- and business buyers, and the unemployment figures start climbing, you will learn that you did a bad thing.

    As the country turns to a Third World shithole – with clampdonws on freedom of speech, scandals and croneyism at the highest levels, degraded public services, declining health standards, rising mortality rates, armies of poverty, beggars on the streets, shanty towns for the masses, gated communities for the One Per Cent, an atmosphere increasingly clogged with dark noxious fumes – as this happens it will slowly dawn on you that you made a big mistake.

    It won’t be your victory. It will be your Mistake. And your shame. Your loss. Your regret. And we won’t let you forget it. You will get no sympathy or forgiveness from us. You will get the blame and contempt due for what you, in your stupid brainwashed partisan spite, did to your and our country and all our descendants already here and yet to come.

    That’s if we even see you around here any more when the stuff ups start happening. You’ll have so much to defend and make excuses for you’ll run out of Spin, as monkey brains fucks up in big ways or small every day.

    So enjoy your brief hubris, gibbering moron, the onset of agony is just around the corner…

  33. Scaper, my sock puppet??? I have posted under the same screen name for over six years now. Posting under the name, ABBA, Nature5, Col and a number of sock puppets to back them up would indicate a hypocrite of the lowest order!

    But that is expected from a retired school janitor.

  34. Cuppa, exceptionally well said. Abbott’s recent budget reply speech but confirms that he does not have a clue what he’s doing, plus doesn’t long as he gets to stand up for his next photo op, that’s as far as his *vision* takes him.

  35. “When the recessions begin, when the interest rate hikes start to cripple home- and business buyers, and the unemployment figures start climbing, you will learn that you did a bad thing.”

    Don’t remind me. I remember the 18% home loan interest rates under Keating. And then there was this. 30 months of double digit unemployment under Labor. Nothing like it since the great depression.

    Sept-Dec 1991- 10.1, 10.0, 10.2, 10.4
    Jan-Dec 1992- 10.3, 10.4, 10.5, 10.6, 10.7, 11.0, 11.0, 10.8, 10.7, 11.0, 11.0, 11.2
    Jan-Dec1993- 10.9, 11.0, 10.8, 10.7, 10.8, 11.0, 10.8, 11.0, 10.7, 10.9, 10.8, 10.6
    Jan-April 1994- 10.4, 10.3, 10.3, 10.1

    The amazing thing is that there was an election during this. So peoples vote is very tribal. The loyalty of people for Labor is stronger than their loyalty for the country

  36. Keating succeeded John Howard as treasurer and was able to use the size of the budget deficit to attack the former treasurer, and question the economic credibility of the Liberal-National coalition. That the deficit had significantly blown out in the lead up to the election was not disclosed by the Liberal-National coalition government.[6]

  37. Cuppa
    well said I spouted similar words to my granddaughter in law whose sister is married to a lieberal hoping to be Senator at this federal election whose views make Abbort look left wing.
    words on a tombstone for Australia “never has so few, done so much damage in such a short time” amen

  38. MIn

    Why go “look over there” You know 1983-1996 was not that great. I remember the 18% interest rates because i had a home loan. People were going under left, right and center.

    It does look like we have a mild recession every 5 years a bad one every 10 years and a whopper every 30 years.

    But for Labor supporters bad results when the Libs are in power are due to economic mismanagement. Bad results when Labor is in power is due to worldwide factors.

    But i will never forget Keatings 30 months of double digit unemployment. Almost certainly due to mismanagement. That is why treasury this time went go early go households.

  39. Yes Neil, there were surpluses after surpluses. There was also interest rates that went up, up, up…I forget how many times, but ongoing at the time..

    There was also the greatest private debt this country has seen.

    Neil, I suspect the latter had something to do those surpluses, surpluses.

  40. PM has turned her attention to Gonski. ABC 24. Has released facts and figures in relation to Gonsksl. Suspect Abbott will not have to drop his slogans and motherhood statements and address what the PM has released.

    PM pointed out for Abbott’s sake, where he can get the information, that may lead to him understanding what Gonski is about.

    What is released to day, is broken down figures,m state to state, school to school.

    Budget paper one page… for anyone that wants to read for themselves.

  41. Neil,

    Treasury only knew to go early, go hard, go households due to the lessons learned from the 1990s recession. Had we had the Liberals in government in 2008, we would most likely have seen another recession to rival the 90’s recession, along with the resultant unemployment and other problems we’re seeing from the other advanced economies who dilly-dallied. Think USA & UK especially…

  42. Mr Backflip is doing LNP supporters proud. Give it a few more weeks of backpeddling and LNP supporters will be voting for Labor policies, too, despite the years worth of lying to supporters about the very reality in which they live. Will they notice, though? Bearing in mind that it is a b-a-d government, and the good people of Australia are only being held back by….

  43. Remember the L.A.W tax reductions we did not get. Yes, that was true, but half the story. What we did get instead, was a rise in the Super contributions, of 3% by the government.

    We are getting the valuer of that change even today.

    Yes, sometimes promises are not kept. Sometimes something better replaces those so called broken promises.

    I do not understand t6he modern day thinking that all promises must be kept, in spite of changing conditions. The promise must be kept, if the changing environment would mean keeping the promise would cause harm.

    What matters, is whether the promise was made in good faith. Not whether is is kept or not. Sometimes better options arise, that occurred with that L.A.W. tax reductions.

  44. Don’t Remind Me some of the political commentators have picked up on the fact that apart from the Carbon Price and MRT the Coalition have become Labor Lite on every other front, taking up in full or watered down Labor policies.

    This after 2½ of promising to destroy everything and going on and on about how bad these policies are. More proof of the liars Abbott and cohorts are.

  45. scaper, there’s no carbon tax under the government Julia Gillard leads.

    However there will be a great big new tax under any government Liealot leads as Fed up has pointed out to the tune of an extra $1300/year to hand over to the wealthy.

    Then there’s his other great big new tax to finance the pregnancies of wealthy women. A few more bucks a week he’ll be taxing us.

    Then he’ll either jack up the gst or apply it to fresh food, so you can add an extra 10% to your grocery bill and soon you’ll find it’s costing an extra $100/week so Liealot can pay off Rupert, Gina & his IPA mates.

    And of course the low paid will have an extra $500/annum ripped out of their pockets under Liealot’s super grab. But not to worry, the wealthy will get their dole payments back.

    BTW, having lunch with Mesma is nothing to big note about. She’s a waste of space, only good for victimising people dying of cancer.

    ME, as expected, Liealot and the Liars have nothing to offer except pale knock offs of Labor policies. Which shouldn’t surprise anyone, the opposition is awash with no hopers.

    Now, as then, there’s a dearth of anyone with the wit or ability to come up with decent legislation.

    Barrackers keep trying to present Liealot and the shadow front bench as clean skins, but of course that’s complete bullshit. They’ve all been around the block several times and age hasn’t improved them.

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