In the light of the Budget, the NDIS and Gonski…

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We can’t afford it? How many times will we hear that? Our debt is now the equivalent of $14,000 for every working Australian. (I read this in the Murdoch Press, so it must be true!) At the rate of interest the Government would be paying, that means it’s costing every working Australian nearly $2 a day to service that debt. $2 a day! That’s more than Gina wants to pay us…

Anyway, click the play button in the picture and listen to this guy on education in the USA!

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29 comments on “In the light of the Budget, the NDIS and Gonski…

  1. First 😛 …… debt…..oooh……. show me a buisness that dosn’t have debt as part of its structure……. show me a household that dosn’t have debt as part of its structure…….. the question is…. why do they have the debt…….. could it be.that its an investment in ‘thier’ future(s)….. Tony has a mortgage, I wonder what his earnings to debt ratio is ???? ( though I suspect he will be able to own his home after he retires on Sept. 15) …… in these GFC times Australia has the lowest debt in the ‘developed’ world………… debt.. pfft.

  2. When you have such an incompetent Treasurer – 6 th Deficit Budget in a row
    after many unfulfilled promises Australia deserves much better.
    Swan has lost the confidence of the Australian people more personal for him,
    he has also lost the privelidge of representing the people in the Electorate of

  3. On umm errr “incompetence”..but then who would believe Moody’s when you have that intellectual giant Joe Hockey telling the umm *truth*..

    LONDON (MNI) – Moody’s said the outlook on the Australian government’s Aaa bond rating remains stable despite the extended period of budget deficits forecast in today’s Budget.

    “While this is a negative development, it was not unexpected”, said Moody’s. Although the budget is now forecast to remain in deficit through the 2014-15 fiscal year, the projected deficits are relatively small as a percentage of GDP, added Moody’s.

    “As a result, the ratio of government debt to GDP will rise only marginally before beginning to decline, and Australia will remain among the few Aaa-rated sovereign debt issuers that have low debt levels”.

  4. Did readers see the photo taken inside Parliament while the disability care Bill was being presented? It showed the stark difference between the parties’ attitudes.

    On Labor’s side of the House, seats full.

    Liberal side of the House, seats conspicuously empty. I think Kevin Andrews, the relevant shadow minister?, was about the only Liberal who attended.

    A graphic demonstration of the contempt in which the Liberals hold people with disability.

  5. When you have such an incompetent Treasurer – 6 th Deficit Budget in a row
    after many unfulfilled promises Australia deserves much better

    Yes and it is during the biggest mining boom in history. Have a look at the commodity prices

    They have dropped a bit but still way above the price when Costello was in power. Click on the Terms of Trade link and you will see our Terms of Trade are still at record levels.

    If commodity prices drop we will not be running $20B deficits they will be $60B deficits.

    And people should never forget we lost our credit rating under Hawke/Keating in the late 1980’s and it took 6 surplus Costello budgets to get it back. And Queensland lost its credit rating due to the reckless and wasteful spending of Beattie/Bligh. And if Swan is not thrown out the Commonwealth will lose it again.

  6. Tory LNP Loons

    I did not know we had Tory’s in Australia. But i can see what Socialist govts do around the world. They just put everything on the Mastercard.

  7. In Britain after 1832 the Tory Party was replaced by the Conservative Party, and “Tory” has become shorthand for a member of the Conservative Party or for the party in general. Many Conservatives still call themselves “Tory” to differentiate themselves from opponents, and the term is common in the media.

    In Canada, the term “Tory” may describe any member of the Conservative Party of Canada, its predecessor party the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada, or any similar affiliated conservative provincial party; the term is frequently used in contrast to “Grit”, a shorthand for the Liberal Party of Canada.

    In Australia, “Tory” is used as a pejorative term by members of the Australian Labor Party to refer to members of the conservative coalition Liberal and National parties.[15]

  8. Cuppa, on the caption: Don’t Judge Them By What They Say. Judge Them By What They Do..

    THE Coalition has refused to allow a federal Labor MP to return to Sydney to look after her sick 14-month-old baby, forcing her to sit in parliament to watch Opposition Leader Tony Abbott’s Budget reply speech tonight.

    Whence Abbott’s concern for working women and their children? His over the top paid parental leave scheme will be one of the first things to go.

  9. More lies and bastardry from the Lieberal Party…

    Labor MP Michelle Rowland has hit out at the Coalition saying it knew she had a sick child when they refused her request for a ”pair” to leave Parliament, contradicting statements from opposition frontbencher Christopher Pyne.

    ”I put in what I thought was a reasonable request,” Ms Rowland told Fairfax Media on Thursday morning. ”I expressly stated it was because my child was sick and I would really appreciate the opportunity to be home with her . . . and I got a reply yesterday that that was declined.

    ”These are lies that are being said this morning. What irked me was seeing Christopher Pyne on doors this morning saying things that were untrue.”

  10. While we’re waiting for that Reply………..

    The Australian Budget Speech Process
    Has rules as in the game of chess.
    Tradition says he must make ‘The Reply.’
    Can Tony do it and not tell a lie?

    Could he perhaps have more success
    By starting his speech with, “I confess
    That unlike Swannie I’m no Grand Master.”
    That might help him avoid disaster.

    A compliment or two would show finesse
    Might help his image in the press.
    But he and Joe, his chief fact checker,
    Decide it’s better to be a wrecker.

    Aussies just don’t care for politesse.
    They know that! The best way to impress?
    To shout and rant about the carbon tax!
    Which hurts us all! Who cares about the facts!

    And here’s another chance for him to obsess
    About scandals and slime and Labor’s excess.
    Slipper and Thomson! They’ve helped by stealth
    To destroy Australia and steal our wealth!

    Yeah that should work! But nevertheless,
    Tony does regret the need to wear day dress.
    He’s spent hours with Joe and number jugglers –
    If he could only wear his budget speech smugglers!

  11. I don’t see those same LNPTorys, who complain about being called what they are, now writing in condemnation of Pynes disgusting lies about denying knowing about Michelle Rowlands pair request was to care for her sick youngster.
    The lowlife gets worse by the day, is a disgrace to Parliament and is not fit to be there. He is a serial liar and is continually found out. Tried it as well with the ringing of the bells yesterday and used the bludy gutter Telegraph of all rags, to try and push an absurd motion on one of their gossip no source BS stories re a supposed bribe directed at Craig Thomson, he will do well to keep in mind one word, Ashby.

  12. dafid 1, it would be interesting to see Prissy doing a stretch with all those rough prisoner types.

    He is one of the nastiest pieces of work around; in some ways even nastier than Liealot. But there’s not one of them with an ounce of compassion; mean spirited, spiteful, lying scumbags.

    If you were in a lift with one of them you’d need to be disinfected afterwards.

  13. Mick, it’s proven beyond doubt that every dollar spent to assist a person with a disability is money gained back a dozen fold. I could cite examples, the person able to obtain adequate hearing aids or an adequate mobility aids who can now get a job instead of having to sit at home.

    I can give one precise example. A parent had to remain at home because their child was unable to enter mainstream schooling due to disability. The parents could not afford the mobility aids and the school could not afford the ramps and disabled toilets. This child is exceptionally bright, IQ up in the stars but was languishing due to not being able to mix with peers and needed far more mental stimulation that only the classroom can provide. Parents do their best, but cannot do it all. Due to some wonderful charities, this child was given the mobility aids and local tradies likewise volunteered to build the ramp, the toilet came from the BER fund.

    The result was that his child was able to participate full time at his local school, the bonus being that mum was now able to get a part time job.

    People without disabilities expect taxpayer assistance to enable them to get to work whether it be roads, rail or child care. So why is taxpayer assistance to people with disabilities any different? It’s all about needs.

  14. “I don’t see those same LNPTorys,

    I am not a Tory. You know ALP supporters always try to demonise people they disagree with. You cannot help yourselves. You seem to get pleasure telling lies about people. I don’t think you people have any ethics or morals.

    As as for Pyne, why should i comment on something i have just seen reported.

  15. If it only costs each taxpayer $2 a day to service the debt why is this government borrowing $200M a day??? The maths just doesn’t stack up, Migs.

    I see that the photo of Parliament is trotted out again. Well, according to the judge them crap then over half of the government benches are guilty too. In this case…can’t have it one way.

  16. What the tweeter identifies here is Right Wing Projection – the political tactic whereby right wingers use descriptions pertaining to themselves to describe their opponents…

  17. What a cop out you wont comment, its hardly a 500 page essay, just a few lines and its all over the media. Your BS wont wash.. If you are a LNP Supporter you are a Tory. No more Liberal than Tory Conservatives. Get used to it Neil, sleep with dogs you get fleas.
    Read this for your edification and knowledge, its ok dont thank me, my pleasure.

  18. “If you are a LNP Supporter you are a Tory.

    Really?? Do you know I am also a Union member. I pay 1% of my salary for Union membership.

    I am anti-labor because of the lies ALP supporters tell.

  19. Did Porky Pyne mislead parliament?

    One of the Coalition’s most senior frontbenchers may face a privileges committee inquiry for misleading parliament after he claimed a Coalition member had returned home to Queensland when he was seen in parliament yesterday afternoon.

    The leader of government business in the House of Representatives Anthony Albanese foreshadowed action last night after Independent MP Rob Oakeshott accused opposition education spokesman Christopher Pyne of misrepresenting him.

    It took two paragraphs before the OO named the MP, so lest there be any ambiguity, the MP under allegation is Christopher Pyne.

  20. Well come on then Neil of the Trade Union, which Union is lucky to have your non voting Labor vote that means you want to see Union members rights eroded. Why am I seeing Pinocchio’s nose here which seems to get bigger every time you post, just sayin.

  21. Cuppa this trail of lies and coverups Pyne is leaving will finally lead to him coming to a resounding thud of reality. Who goes down in the heap with him will be very interesting
    He is obviously ill and needs help.

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