It’s a no brainer

During the 2010 election campaign we had Tony Abbott campaigning frenetically against the NBN. In response to his desire to rip up progress, Julia Gillard came up with this gem:

Imagine missing out on the possibilities of the future.

Thankfully, in 2010 Julia Gillard was given the opportunity to ensure that we didn’t miss out on these opportunities. Nasking, commenting on The Political Sword gave us a brief insight to what the future provided post 2010:

Let’s face it . . . the economy is sound . . . rates are low . . . unemployment is low compared to many struggling countries . . . Labor has a better NBN . . . has the disability scheme . . . education reform . . . the $18,000 tax free threshold . . . is strong on superannuation and trying to make it fairer . . . got rid of Workchoices . . . built trades training centres . . . has been fair to all schools . . . focused on disadvantage and making schools more hi-tech with better science labs and libraries to assist us to modernise . . . has focused heavily on diverse infrastructure . . . got us through the GFC . . .

It’s a no brainer.

Love the sum-up: it’s a no brainer.

Imagine losing all that in the future.

66 comments on “It’s a no brainer

  1. It doesn’t bear thinking about, Michael. Cannot believe the mentality of those who denigrate Julia Gillard & all that the ALP Federal government has achieved against all odds.

    What is even worse are those who constantly malign the PM & scream anti-ALP slogans the loudest, do not believe the evidence of their own eyes & wallet. They claim everything this government has achieved is a lie. Now the mendacious weasel Abbott is taking credit for the NDIS aided & abetted by the complicit MSM & rabid shock jocks!!

  2. Migs, Nas has covered all the bases, and it should be a “No Brainer”, but sadly the Murdochracy is under full steam, and will be hard to stop if the people don’t wake up to the lies. 😦

    The scary part is I am hearing first hand from my sister about what is happening in the UK, and we will suffer the same fate if Abbott/Murdoch aren’t stopped.

    “Austerity… So how’s that working for you?”

    Cheers 😀

  3. Michael you have hit the nail on the head, pared it to the bone, cut to the chase, sorted the wheat from the chaff …. again!! If Australians all followed your direction, train of thought and straight ahead logic there would be no bullshit going into this election. It’s a no brainer. Keep up the good work!

  4. It is amazing what the Murdoch media can do to distort all of this. I have friends and work colleagues that keep repeating the Abbott/Rupert line almost verbatim. They never try to get other opinions or read up on it. Black hole, stop the boats, illegals, pink bats schemes, school halls, etc. over and over again. I am really afraid.

  5. Rod S, had the same convo with my ex-niece in law about an hour ago, she dosn’t like Julia because she brought all the boat people in… 😯 WTF….. I tried to explain, but I guess you know how that went 🙄 …. Have heard many say the same, but one thing they all say, with out exception, is that they like Abbott less…… I think that the closer we get to the election, the more people are realising that they don’t want Abbott as PM and will think about where they will place thier vote, they don’t want Abbortt, are unsure of voting for the ALP/Julia…. then who ??????….. the Greens must be rubbing thier hands together in glee. ( as for me, I’ll gladly vote for whom ever stops the coal 😉 )
    What I don’t understand is the vitriol towards PM Julia Gillard, I think she will be remembered as one of our best PM’s and I hope she will be PM for another two terms… at least 😀 … ( and then become our first President ).

  6. Did this ‘Propaganda List’ originate from North Korea?
    If this woman is Australia’s Masiagh why do most Australians hate the witch?
    Why does the Political Party she leads languish at around 30 % in every
    National Poll?
    Why have there been several leadership challenges during her term?
    Somehow the twist on the story has unravelled!
    Truth got in the way of a good story. . . .

  7. Sadly most Australians are uneducated in the ways of the economy and rely on newspapers and talk back radio to be informed, that’s the problem,they believe what they read and hear, pity Media Watch isn’t on every night on the commercial stations so people can judge for themselves the deceit that goes on. The only other way is for the informed to hit the talk back loudmouths in radio en force to get the right message out.

  8. Australia’s media have done a massive propaganda job on the people. It’s the only reason a lightweight wingnut like abbott is even in the race.

  9. Actually, Voyager (isn’t that the ship that was lost in a collision with HMAS Melbourne in 1964), there’s only been one leadership challenge, but don’t let facts get in the way of your abuse. You just go ahead and have you’re little rant and then you’ll feel better about the fact that Tony Abbott supports an organisation which has covered up child sex abuse.

  10. If this woman is Australia’s Masiagh [sic] …

    No one has ever claimed that Gillard is the Messiah. And why the religious language?

    … why do most Australians hate the witch?

    That is very derogatory, misogynistic and provocative. It is also another example of religious language, designed to appeal to fundamentalist Christians.

    Why does the Political Party she leads languish at around 30 % in every
    National Poll?

    (a) Partly because people perceive disunity in the party, which is caused by Rudd and his followers;
    (b) partly it is because people are gullible and are influenced by chancers and hate jocks who call the PM a witch and other derogatory terms;
    (c) partly because the polls consult only those with landlines, and thus have an elderly and therefore conservative bias; and
    (d) Abbott, the alternative, is favoured and protected by the MSM.

    Why have there been several leadership challenges during her term?

    There has only been one challenge, and that was by Rudd, last year. There was no challenge this year.

    Why did Rudd challenge? Principally, because of his ego.

    Rudd has now been muzzled, and the white-anting has largely stopped. This is why Labor’s polling has improved over the last 4 weeks. However, the MSM has underreported this success, and this is because they favour Abbott. See (d) above.

  11. Yeah, it is a no brainer, but the masses actually don’t think along those lines. They’ve somehow bought the line that this is the worst government in the country’s history. I don’t know by what measure that’s come from since there’s no source for it, only Abbott’s loud moth.

    It’s a shame, because these are actually genuinely worthwhile reforms from a relatively competent government.

  12. Yeah, put down fellow Australians but the truth is they have lives and brains that don’t conform to your narrow ideology.

    Cafe Fringe Dwellers.

  13. With Mack, you always get a double act. One for the village and the other for the circus. And he excels at both.

    Badly in need of professional help. The evidence abounds.

  14. I actually believe the masses are for more aware than many people give credit and come election time the MSM is in for a big surprise. I have met a few people who recite mainstream propaganda by rote but the majority are very concerned that Abbott and his ethically challenged party will get into office. Abbott appeals only to the wilfully ignorant, fortunately the Howard years and lies have not been forgotten.

  15. Scaper mixes with the upper echelon.

    As I pointed out above, every circus needs a clown and Mack (who never posts under another name LOL) fits the bill. A ‘would be if could be’ writ large.

    He’s a legend. An Australian version of Sorkh Razil,

  16. Should any of youse at CWs who honestly believe that the polls are that
    inaccurate to allow a Labor victory 14/9 please register your name here now.
    We can check back against the list at about 1900 hours 14Sept.
    If I am incorrect with my predictions I will offer an unequivocal apology.
    Is that fair?

  17. In answer to VOYAGER May 11 10:41pm :-
    Why would I value an apology of a dribbling idiot? Or for that matter a Rabbott apologist.

  18. The odds that Voyager will come up with something new to say: 150/1.

    The odd that he’ll repeat the same old rubbish: 15/10.

  19. I love it when people get stuck into scaper. It’s not as though he asks for it

    I have to disagree. Mack doesn’t ask for it. He provides it on a platter Or as scaper would say ” I would ‘of’ to disagree.

    He’s like that.

    Cranbrook failed to correct what perhaps is a genetic defect?

  20. This not about winning or losing the election. All that I have ever wanted is a fair fight and do not believe that the Australian public has been served well in this regard due to the obvious bias the Murdoch media. Nothing could be more obvious than when I had the misfortune to pick up a paper copy of the Daily Telegraph the other week. A full page photo of Tony Abbott saying nothing, but once again playing dress ups. In the far right hand corner of Tony’s photo was a small photo about 3″x3″ with the Prime Minister with an elderly lady – the story was about the elderly disabled. Nothing will convince me that this excessive bias does not leave an impression on the reader. Top Dog Tony versus insignificant Julia.

    Just watch the squawking from those who have been/will be fooled into voting for this do-nothing LOTO. I do not mind losing to someone who at least has an idea of what they’re doing or even if they don’t have even that going for them, that the Australian public is given the opportunity to make informed choices. They haven’t.



  23. I love it when you people try to get stuck into me too. It displays to the readers that you have no argument so abuse is your last refuge…can’t even do abuse effectively. HAHAHAHAHAH!

    A classic the other day by the newby, abuse to cover for the fact that the reverse onus of proof was legislated in the Fair Work Act. For the dimwits here…guilty until proven innocent.

    Upper echelon? It only exists in the minds of people with inferiority complexes and there seems to be many here with that self affliction.

    Yeah, I’ve met Abbott. Been invited to an event at Perth in early July so will most probably say hello as I’m sure he will visit our table.

  24. Nas, thanks for that 😀 glad you liked it , and thanks for sharing 😎

    If you click the follow button, you will get an email of new posts.
    That will work for CW and AIMN as well.

    Cheers 😀

  25. Nas’, that is such a compliment when you say my posts are “useful”..I know what that word means to you, it’s high praise. Thank you.

    We miss your straightforwardness. Some lefties unfortunately resort to the same putdowns as per the trolls which does the cause no service whatsoever, you always call it straight and honest. Ok, so I’m a fan. 😀

  26. I love it when you people try to get stuck into me too.

    That’s because you are a narcissist.

  27. For the dimwits here… people with inferiority complexes and there seems to be many here with that self affliction…

    Abuse is your last refuge.

  28. Must choof, now that I’m in Canberra I spend a lot of time hanging out on street heck of a lot of Liberal pollies just run up to me and say OMG, you’re THE Min. I’ve been promised a franchise by certain people too, you gotta be in the know..wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

  29. SportingBet Election Odds now at
    -coalition. $1.04
    -A L P. $9.60. Simply Amazing! !
    This is a reflection of the current position from unbiased source unlike bias
    Displayed on CWs.
    Undoubtedly this will blow out further after the Swan ‘Blow out Budget’ on
    Tuesday night.

  30. I think it is now reasonable to suppose, despite Greg Combet’s recent attack on “whingers” that the ALP will loss. With the focus on the Coalition they seem to be falling apart, if nothing else calling into question Tony Abbott’s post-election tenure on the leadership. My interpretation is that if you offend the miner’s, you are out. There will pressure for budget austerity, regardless of which major party has government. From the point of view of the “Murdoch group” a fundamental attack on unions, wages and conditions is essential. They will not limit their social violence to budgetary measures. That after all can be left to the ALP..

  31. Shaneinqld, try telling Abbott that. 😆 He has a belief, aided by his barrackers, he can walk on water.

  32. And everything mentioned has been funded by borrowing money. Labor just puts it on the credit card. Since we started with no govt debt we can do this for a short time. But we will be in trouble with another 5 years of Labor.

    And I laugh at the claim of low unemployment. Labor was in power from 1983-1996 and unemployment averaged 8%. Not too sure how much influence a govt can have on the unemployment rate but if it is possible Labor was a total failure.

    It was Howard/Costello who took unemployment to 4%.

  33. Labor has a better NBN . . . has the disability scheme . . . education reform

    Love it. Claiming credit for something that has barely started and most probably will never be finished. And there is no money for the NDIS and Gonski.

    Labors NBN will bankrupt the country. But I guess you lot don’t care.

  34. It was Howard/Costello who took unemployment to 4%.

    Misattributed compliment. The growth of the Australian economy from the late 1990s was due firstly to the reforms of Hawke-Keating that modernised and primed the economy to maximise the potential of growth. Then came the global boom, compounded in the latter years of the coalition term by the domestic resources boom.

    Howard and lazy-bones Costello were merely in the right place at an extraordinary phase of the economic cycle. Struck in the arse by a rainbow, as Paul Keating eloquently put it.

  35. Hi fellow whisperers
    I see we now have a second pamphlet called Labor waste or some such doco what with that and his Noalition pamphlet of plans we are being inundated with ideas (so called) after 3+yrs in a hammock(rather crowded). My vision is getting clouded but in my crystal ball something is stirring and various Lieberals are contracting the glorious leader it is now stop the plans instead of stop the boats, mind you that slogan is the fall back position.
    Migs/Min/Nasking the trolls are out in force is it something you have written or do you think an election is closing in and they need to gat their oars in before it is too late.

  36. Mr Abbott’s constant discord
    Sounds like a bloody cracked record
    At best full of shit
    And a blind hypocrite
    One hopes he will fall on his sword.

  37. “Migs/Min/Nasking the trolls are out in force”

    I hope you are not talking about me. I have been posting with these people since 2007. We used to meet on Dunlops blog.

  38. “Migs/Min/Nasking the trolls are out in force”

    I hope you are not talking about me. I have been posting with these people since 2007. We used to meet on Dunlops blog.

    Of course not, Neil. You know we all love you.

  39. No brainer, or not, it should have been “lose” in my previous comment. Of course after 14 September it is likely to be lost. What size loss will that be?

    While it is not the way the Gillard Government operates, I too think they should be fighting the election on Climate Change.

  40. VOYAGER: what the hell is so wrong with running a deficit? The Government is in the services game, not to run it like a business with profits to shareholders !! I am (as a taxpayer) more than happy for the Government to run deficit as long as a service I need to use is available when I need it. The reason Honest John/Peter ‘the worlds greatest treasurer – FIGJAM) were able to run easy deficits was because they were rolling in the mining boom, stripping services away from lower incomes, raising taxes/levies to the hilt and not spending a brass razoo on infrastructure. Man, blind Freddie could have a surplus using that plan. Remember the health budget cuts, education cuts, welfare cuts, not to mention selling off pretty much anything of an asset that was not nailed down.

    It’s through the hard times, we see who can balance the budget and still support the needy and disadvantaged in our society.. not let them fend for themselves… those lazy bastards !!

    Howard’s Golden Years…. PIGS ASS !! Howards Taxing Years more like it !!!

  41. what the hell is so wrong with running a deficit?

    The Liberals saw nothing wrong with running a deficit when John Howard was treasurer. Debt and deficit grew year by year.

    As PM he would have repeated the performance, except the global boom + domestic resources boom poured so much money into government coffers that even he couldn’t spend it all.

    As it is, a recent report for the IMF found the two most wastefully-profligate periods in Australia’s 200-year history occurred during his stint as PM.

    John Howard – the worst treasurer, and most wasteful PM Australia has ever had.

  42. The biggest lie of Abbott’s, that must be challenged on all fronts. Our budget is not in disarray. It does not need emergency action.

    We are not on the edge of disaster.

    If one accepts, this is true, what is Abbott’s propose budget about?

    “…..How does an Opposition leader justify such a position?

    By suggesting that the richest country in the world, one with comparatively negligible debt, a very modest budget deficit, three AAA credit ratings, low unemployment, low inflation, and very “small” government by international standards, “is now in a budget emergency”.

    Pick the tabloid headlines for the next day? I’m guessing “BUDGET EMERGENCY” will get a run….

  43. “Our budget is not in disarray. It does not need emergency action.”

    Our economy was in better shape in 2007 and this did not stop people changing govt. I don’t think i have ever seen in my lifetime where a successful govt lost an election like Howard did.

    Howard took unemployment to 4%, a number not seen since the 1970’s. Any one who wanted a job could get one.

    People are worried because of Labors track record. WE lost our credit rating under Hawke/Keating, Cain/Kirner, Beattie/Bligh and we will lose it again under Labor if they are not thrown out. A lower credit rating means business and govt have to pay interest on loans they need. Basically business gives up under Labor.

  44. Nil of Sydney parroted:

    Howard took unemployment to 4%, a number not seen since the 1970′s. Any one who wanted a job could get one.

    Let’s just set the record straight so there will be no false impressions imparted.

    Nil of Sydney comes to the Cafe for only one purpose: to spread propaganda for the Liberal Party. That’s right, the Liberals, the party of the “Lying Rodent”, John Howard and Tony Abbott.

    John Howard did not TAKE unemployment to 4%. He was simply THERE when it happened.

    When John Howard became PM in 1996 the economy was already in a growth phase. It had begun the growth phase under the previous Labor government (Hawke/Keating).

    Hawke and Keating handed over to the Liberals in ’96 a modernised, streamlined economy, comprehensively tweaked to maximise full advantage of growth conditions.

    The growth conditions which Howard inherited were the domestic manifestation of a huge global boom, the like of which had never been seen before.

    This effect was intensified during the latter years of Howard’s term by a domestic resources boom, the biggest in a generation.

    So you will see that Howard had handed to him:

    * modernised, streamlined economy
    * unprecedented global growth conditions
    * the biggest resources boom in decades

    Howard was simply at the right place at the right time. That’s actually an understatement; it was not just the “right” time – it an extraordinary period in global economic history.

    Around the world unemployment fell during that period. There were labor shortages in many countries. Unemployment in Australia continued to fall after Howard was kicked out of office in 2007, till it rose slightly (less than 2% altogether) as the the chill effects of the global financial crisis washed over our shores.

    Readers should take what Nil says about economics with a grain of salt. He’s demonstrated an almost religious-like zeal for spinning the Liberal Party’s supposed credentials. He denounces as “evil”, and “liars”, people who rebuff his right-wing propaganda with facts and logic. He is a zealot and crank.

    To this day, under the Labor government, when our economy is the strongest in the developed world, still with low unemployment, low government debt, and a Triple-A rating for the first time with the three top ratings agencies, Nil displays his economic cluelessness by running about repeating the Lieberal Party mantra that the sky is falling.

    Liberals – Don’t listen to what they say, watch what they do.

  45. Yes and during this same time of so-called worldwide prosperity we were one of the few countries paying off debt. I think Canada, Spain and NZ paid off some debt but all the major countries were racking it up.

    It should also be noted when Costello was paying off debt the State govts (all LABOR) were racking it up.

    It was JOHN HOWARD who took unemployment to 4%.

    Unemployment averaged 8% from 1983-1996. If Labor is so great why could they not do it when in power??

    Look at what Beattie/Bligh did to Queensland.

  46. Neil is both a religious and a political zealot. He serves two masters – Jesus and Tony.

    “No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.” – Matt. 6:24.

    Choose, Neil.

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