“You Son of a Gun, Tony!” Or “What Has That Bastard Said Now?”

Tony sticking to his guns! Thanks to Alan Moir for permission to use his cartoon

While throughout Australia most folk are in bed,
Tony Abbott is fretting over something he said.
Not “When you deliver, you’ll be fully paid.”
That is a promise he’s knows can’t be unmade.

Journos are crowing over lines they’ve been fed.
There’s even a ‘libber,’ not easily led,
Loves his planned six months paid maternity leave.
His polling’s improved like you wouldn’t believe.

The Labor scheme – for rich, poor, married, unwed –
All the same, even career gals powering ahead.
What Gillard has given they think no big deal
Because Abbott’s offering has far more appeal.

But those on the right think his plan’s far too red,
A shiver of doubt through some Liberals has spread.
They’ve told their dear leader that he must facts –
For businessmen levies are worse than a tax.

His IPA ‘mates’ want the policy shed.
“Close to Rupert now, Tony! Watch how you tread!”
Peta’d said firmly, with her usual advice,
“ Before you open your mouth, please, please, think twice!”

In Canberra now, wide awake, not abed,
Tony paces his room, feeling all muddlehead.
What had he been thinking of earlier today,
That some inner compulsion forced him to say?

He can’t remember; was it something he’s read?
He knows he’ll regret it till the day he’s dead.
That’s it! One word! C A L I B R E! All about guns!
Not women and babies – unless they have sons!



In the past that phrase ‘son of a gun’ was considered a term of abuse since it initially described the bastard sons of shipboard whores born beneath the gunwales and destined like their parents for a lifetime at sea. My sense is that nowadays there’s more than a touch of grudging affection in it much as the term ‘bastard’ can be used with a grin, meaning ‘old rascal.’ But ‘bastard’ can be used in an unequivocally abusive way too. Tony Abbott, with his many admitted failings, but obvious assets (ie the backing of Rupert Murdoch, MSM and big business) and uses to the Coalition is probably more often seen by them as ‘a son of a gun,’ who seems to get away with near murder. But to Labor and the left generally he is an outright ‘bastard,’ with no redeeming features.

All sorts of theories have been floated about Tony Abbott’s fitness for the office of Prime Minister. The other day I realized that none of the theories about his misogyny or bullying character are valid arguments are relevant right now. Nor his limited intellect. Nor suggestions that he is racist, or wanting to wage class war. Even that he has fantasies about conducting eugenics experiments if he does get into government. This last was suggested when he talked about his paid parental leave plan being really aimed at women of calibre. Although he hadn’t initially explained that to Joe Hockey or to the businessmen who run the corporations he plans to levy for the funds to pay for his plan. I understand now why he hasn’t been able to do that adequately and also why he hasn’t explained how he came, almost by himself, to espouse a scheme which is thoroughly approved of by a strong feminist like Eva Cox, and likely to find support amongst the Greens.

This contradiction of his plan being approved by feminists and conservationists on the extreme left and much disapproved of by his traditional supporters on the right in the big business lobby is surely what has led to unhappiness in his own party and resulted in near mutiny in the ranks led by a back bencher, Alex Hawke. This resistance to his leadership may or may not be unexpected for Abbott but no doubt has caused him considerable stress and even more so as it emerges that the Institute of Public Affairs has been encouraging Hawke and now Mal Washer and Dennis Jensen, both of WA, to oppose the PPL policy. And, I submit, added to what must be an already confused mental condition.

Imagine his state of mind. There are other pressures on him all the time, apart from leadership issues, and this week particularly so with the gun control issue being such big news in the United States and the conflict in Syria becoming so critical. At the same time he is expected to be across the economy, the looming Budget, Reserve Bank decisions and god knows what else! Right after he’s had to meet so many disabled people and their parents while listening to Julia Gillard go on about the NDIS and reminding everyone that what has happened to these poor souls could happen to any one of us. Does she think he doesn’t know that? He suddenly realised that this week! He could fall off his bike and suffer brain damage in the blink of an eye! The Polliepedal, always a great pleasure for him, could suddenly have become a thing to dread at the start of a week when he’s expected to smile and kiss dozens of babies while having tea and bikkies with their mums!

I think we should lay off Tony Abbott for a while and help him to find his way out of what is obviously a confused state of mind. Give the man a break! So what if calibre is a word he’d normally use when talking about guns to other men. Guns are headline news right now in the States, after all. He knows you wouldn’t normally talk about women of calibre! That was just a slip of the tongue, a mixed metaphor, from a man under enormous pressure. If he were a Public Servant he’d be eligible for a year’s sick leave! Think about that, Peta!

88 comments on ““You Son of a Gun, Tony!” Or “What Has That Bastard Said Now?”

  1. How can we leave Abbott alone when today he said he will bring in WorkChoices.

    Where have you heard these words before?

    “No worker will be worse off under my policy.”
    “We will crack down on union officials.”

    Then WorkChoices arrived and most workers were definitely worse off and there was an ideologically driven crackdown on unions.

  2. Life is more complicated than three word slogans, Tony, and rich family and mates greasing your way. You’re not up for the job, haven’t got what it takes, way past your level of competence. I would say you’re the wrong calibre for the job but you haven’t any.

  3. It’s not a comfortable place to be, to consider Abbott’s opinion of women – money equates with female excellence (Mother Therese types need not apply), are virgins bearing gifts or are behind an ironing board. I should imagine that when these women of calibre come across sperm of similar calibre out will pop little bubbies of similar calibre….

    ps.Mother Therese gets 2:3 for her effort..or perhaps if the “gift” is never donated, it might be only 1:3.

  4. Leave him alone for a bit? No way; he has had it easy cruising this year while Ms Gillard does all the heavy lifting…He is not up to the job, easy to see so far, and, as each day goes by he now has to front up with their policies. He has to learn to do it without notes at times of (we hope) heavy questioning (if journos doing their job properly)…anyone can see he is really uneasy as he nods his head all the time, thinking he is giving credo to his own words…nay, not fit to lead the country by a long mile.

  5. Patricia, I think that’s what the Libs have been trying to do..hide him away for a bit..because as soon as he opens his mouth and says anything more than 3-word slogans..Disaster!! When Tony speaks, unfortunately he has a terrible tendency to say what he really thinks…

  6. Funny, if there are not enough laws to deal with corrupt union officials, why do we have the ones before the courts now.

    It seems the present rules are working.

    The HSU has been reformed.

    What have the Builders Labourers done so bad lately that they warrant an expensive court of their own?

    Is it not true, that industrial disputes have fallen under FWA. In fact, the biggest disputes have been employer lockouts. (Qantas for starters.)
    Has not productivity risen under FWA.

    As for an increase in employment, it appears that Abbott is promising to do much less than this government has achieved in the next decade.

  7. Yep Tony, no worker will be worse off under your IR laws, they all will be.

    1. Mandate individual contracts in all collective agreements. Workers cannot bargain to restrict the employer from undermining collective agreements. These individual contracts are another form of AWAs.
    2. Take away a proportion of annual leave loading from your leave entitlements when your employment ends.
    3. Consider taking away the excellent long service leave provisions that all NSW workers have – reducing them to the lower provisions that exist in other states (eg. Long service leave is after 15 years in Victoria).
    4. Weaken the Award safety-net (loosen then “better off overall test” so agreements can go below even the Award minimum).
    5. Make it easier for employers to introduce individual contracts outside of the Award or EBA.
    6. Make it harder for workers to cancel or get out of individual agreements.
    7. If your employer transfers their business to another employer, your existing rights at work will only be protected if you transfer voluntarily.
    8. Massively weaken protections for workers and delegates who are discriminated against for trying to enforcing a right they have under law (eg. this is a law Labor introduced to stop employers from discriminating or acting against delegates for standing up for others (or individuals standing up for themselves) when their employer does the wrong thing).
    9. Establish an appeal mechanism for the Fair Work Commission. This could allow decisions like the Equal Pay decision for ASU SACS members to be overturned.
    10. Conduct a review of the whole Fair Work Act by the Productivity Commission, which views everything from the perspective of what is good for the economy first and foremost, not from the perspective of the rights for workers. We do not know what they would recommend, but can imagine what big business will ask for. This gives Abbott lots of room to make lots of changes after the election.
    11. Return right of entry provisions to the WorkChoices laws making it much harder for your Union Organiser to visit you in your workplace.
    12. Make taking legal strike action even harder. There are already so many hoops to jump through. The Fair Work Commission will be given the power to prevent action if they determine workers claims are not “reasonable” (we have made – and won – many claims that maybe seen as “unreasonable” such as “no forced redundancies” at Railcorp and a 40% pay increase for SACS workers) AND if workers are not seriously considering the employers claims for productivity improvements (in my experience, “productivity improvements” are nearly always about reducing rights of workers).
    13. Restrict your Union officials in the operation of their job by introducing laws regarding union officials “bullying” employers!
    14. A paid parental scheme for, in Tony Abbott’s words, “women of calibre” (ie earning $150K) paid for by a tax on large companies. Companies such as Qantas are already raising in EBA negotiations that they will have to cut back on our claims because of this.
    15. Bring back a special police force (ABCC) for building workers which give them less democratic rights than any class of people in Australia, including the right to silence. Set up a special anti-union code for building projects and refuse to fund any projects that do not comply.
    16. Set up a special “Commission” that oversees the internal operations of all unions and tie members’ resources up in red tape. Apply huge fines and jail terms for breaches of the new law.
    17. Allow employers to force through “greenfield agreements” (this is an agreement where the employer sets up a new company with no workers) by giving Unions 3 months to agree to the terms of an Agreement and if they don’t have the court decide.
    18. If you are underpaid, Abbott will generously allow you to keep any interest on money taken from you (but it will be harder to make a successful underpayment case – see above re: right of entry for union officials)
    19. Abolish minimum hourly rates for truck drivers to stop them being pushed to drive dangerously and take drugs to meet the deadlines imposed on them.

  8. Will the media call Abbott a murderer for anyone killed by truck drivers pushed over the limit to meet near impossible deadlines?

    Don’t be silly, of course not. They will probably praise him for easing traffic congestion by getting more cars off the road.

  9. Mobius, apart from greed and pandering to vested interests what on earth could be the motive for further endangering the lives of truck drivers.

  10. Steven James – Ms Dullard has already killed off the poor.
    15000 in the Federal seat of Rankin (Craig Emerson) currently on
    Family Benifit A will ‘miss out’ in Budget.
    What a disgrace , we must look after our own in extreme need.
    Or is it Ms D payback for an agreeved lover?
    Well there is another Labor seat lost come 14/9 – mark it up now
    a loss in Rankin!

  11. voyager ? who are you by another name, or should i say names ! i seem to remember the voyager being sunk many years ago. just as you will be. when the people finally wise up and see that abbott is a total prick with ears !

  12. so abbott wants workers to be paid with food, and not money !! the workers friend ?

  13. no just a prick

    the zombie policy that will not die, delivered by her abietz…..

  14. But surely this is what we need
    just women of calibre will breed
    not slags like you and me
    Incomes in figures three
    Per week. Not five like the elite
    oh the nation will be sweet!
    Noblesse oblige, Private schools,
    No state school bludging tools
    Women who build society!
    With Liberal serves of piety!
    Oh dear, I see a flaw
    God botherers don’t draw
    A wage, but tend the hearth
    And tread a quiet path
    Behind a man to tend his brood
    Thanks Abbott, our future is….predictable….

  15. Me thinks Voyager regurgitates Tin Foil rhetoric, as dumb and ill informed as their illustrious leader

  16. I just love the biased derogatory negative comments directed towards me.
    Speaks for the level of interlect on CW’s – majority ‘Complete Wackos’ was going to say Complete Wankers but expunge because dont use bad language.

    ps Bookies agree with projection on Rankin result.
    Labor $1.28
    Coalition $3.20
    Not a hopeless case but mark it down as a loss , will check Antony Green also.

  17. I note that the Libs are none too impressed with Abbott’s unworkable Green Army/Direct Action plan..

    Tony Abbott is facing growing discontent among his colleagues about his $3.2 billion Direct Action plan to combat climate change.

    Although Dr. Washer complains about the cost, he’s right on one thing..

    “If we are not going to get a big environmental bang for our buck then we ought not to do it,” said the West Australian MP Dr Washer.


    It is understood others in the Coalition are concerned about the Direct Action plan but will not say so publicly. Mr Abbott has vowed to scrap the carbon tax and reduce pollution and improve the environment through a fund that gives financial incentives to companies that cut carbon emissions. It will cost $3.2 billion over four years.

    A government analysis on Thursday showed that electricity generated by highly polluting coal-fired power plants had fallen 14 per cent since the introduction of the tax, while renewable power had soared.


  18. Rankin Wipe Out!

    Some idiot here called the electorate of Rankin a bunch of red necks the other day…not a nice name to call fellow LABOR voters.

    Moreton will be won by Cole according to internal polling.

    Was chatting to Rod McGarvie at Gina’s book launch and asked how much he needed for his campaign to unseat Swan. A half million he said…within ten minutes he had pledges that equated to nearly two thirds.

    Caught up with Rod last week at a function…Swan is gone!

    Flying down to Sydney to attend the election party put on for the Cranbrook old boys.

  19. I get the distinct impression that the voices such as our media and the Australian Industry Group etc claiming that the libs IR policy is ‘timid’ are not being completely frank with the electorate.

    ME provided a list previously highlighting what is really going on, which is also here


    The Daily Derp has a column highlighting Productivity and the effect the previous workchoices incarnation had on on it


    But the gist of what is going on is highlighted in this statement from that column

    This article was copied form The Daily Derp on 9 May, 2013 at 22:04. You can read the original article here: http://thedailyderp.net/2013/05/10/abbott-and-abetz-announce-workers-paradise/

    These new IR laws the LNP plan to introduce are Workchoices by stealth, designed to do nothing except smash the unions, and put all the power in an employer/employee relationship fully in the hands of employers, just as Workchoices did.

    It is only by ‘stealth’ if our media refuse to analyse and then report their findings in the media at large. I have not seen that happen to date. It is all ‘timid’, which it isn’t, it is just sneakier.

    The unions and Labor need to be vocal about this, not rabidly so, but very loud. Point out that, even though he says ‘no disadvantage’, that means ‘no disadvantage’ under the liberals interpretation of the term, ie, ‘no disadvantage’ for the employer.

    I am pretty sure the media will not highlight this. It is time for Labor to shout it out for all to hear. Workchoices is back, no matter how much our totally failed fourth estate try to tell us otherwise.

  20. Tom, clearly the words “timid” and “industrial lite” are being used to enhance the somewhat false impression that New WorkChoices is non-threatening..to help us remain “relaxed and comfortable”.

    The one which makes me smile (somewhat wryly) is the claim that Tony Abbott was never all that keen on WorkChoices. This is due solely to his often reported comment that WorkChoices went too far. This was never about policy but Abbott speculating on why the Liberals lost the election. He wasn’t suggesting that WorkChoices was wrong, just that they shouldn’t have gone so far because it cost them the election. With a good majority a likely outcome, Abbott will not have any such qualms in the future.

  21. Exactly Min, it is all stealth now. They realised that howard was too open (even though that was low down and dirty)

    Labor and the unions really need to expose that this is really workchoices by stealth, simply with AWA now an IFA.

    Not as extreme, to be sure, but this is just the first step, as he has intimated.

  22. While reading the coalitions document, this is the relevant section that worries me the most.

    A Coalition Government will ensure that enterprise agreements cannot restrict the use of IFAs. Because a Coalition Government will retain Labor’s own ‘Better Off Overall Test’ it will mean that any IFA will always lead to a worker being better off. A Coalition Government will not reintroduce AWA’s.

    Click to access 13-05-09%20The%20Coalitions%20Policy%20to%20Improve%20the%20Fair%20Work%20Laws.pdf

    Now, correct me if I am wrong here, but an enterprise agreement is designed specifically to restrict an IFA, in that trades can only be done where the IFA will not result in the agreement being worst off.
    For them to claim that enterprise agreements will not restrict an IFA, means that the worst off test cannot be applied? It is internally inconsistent. Both cannot happen. Reading it in the worst light, it can only mean that they will apply a ‘Better Off Overall Test’ without being restricted by an existing enterprise agreement. Basically, they have bypassed the enterprise agreement section of the ‘Better Off Overall Test’, while at the same time claiming they will retain Labor’s own ‘Better Off Overall Test’.

    I also recall a previous rendition of the libs IR policy that claimed an AWA will always lead to a worker being better off.

    A Coalition Government will not reintroduce AWA’s.

    No, they are just calling them IFA’s, but they are designed to do the same thing.

  23. There will be no Workchoices under any new name. The desparation of the left is apparent and the scare campaign will lead to nought.

    Will enjoy watching the unions get nobbled,

  24. Scaper, unions are not perfect but without them we would not have that which makes Australia such a fair and egalitarian society. Australia has a proud history dating back to workers’ rights fought for starting mid 19th Century – and thanks here goes to our dissident Irish ancestors, and those other “economic refugees” who came to Australia from the coal mines of Wales and the bleak serfdoms of England and Scotland. There would be no pride in unions being “nobbled”.

  25. There will be no Workchoices under any new name.

    Even though their own document disagrees with that statement ❓ 😯

  26. Steven James, on your comment, so abbott wants workers to be paid with food, and not money !! the workers friend ?..this one came to mind..

    The story behind this is mine workers, they weren’t paid in cash but in vouchers which could only be used at the company store. It took strikes from the United Mine Workers (USA) to get rid of this system which was known as debt bondage.

  27. Unions will be made accountable just like corporations and will have no right to enter non unionised workplaces.

    There will be a Royal Commission into the unions which will further expose the underlying corruption.

  28. Scaper, the reason that Howard originally brought this in was to delay OH&S inspections by union representatives. Many is the case, mostly onsite at isolated locations where following an industrial accident that the bosses sought to exclude any data being gathered pertaining to the accident site. The delay in accessing the site written into legislation suited the bosses perfectly.

  29. There will be a Royal Commission into the unions which will further expose the underlying corruption.

    Yes, because in almost two decades, this is all the libs could come up with

    From the Health Services Union scandal to the Australian Workers Union
    slush fund saga, the list of corruption and allegations of wrongdoing continues
    to grow.

    Yes, two cases, from the hundreds of unions, in twenty years. One, which was twenty years ago, and which the police failed to find anything to prosecute back then, and the more recent one, which is already going through courts. A ‘growing list’, which has already been through the legal processes lol

    And don’t forget, IFA’s are now simply rebadged AWA’s

    A Coalition Government will ensure that enterprise agreements cannot restrict the use of IFAs.

  30. scaper. yes inquiries into unions, which in the past, caught many more bosses than worker. One that comes to mind is the bottom of the harbour that resulted from enquiry into Painters and Dockers, Victoria and Builders Labourers the last .

    Yes, bosses before the court. How many companies and their heads been convicted of corruption over that time.

    I would say, as the head of HSU is before the courts, the rules do work.

    What else will be found with an enquiry into HSU. Maybe I am with you, we might just get the truth. First would be, what has been the behaviour of a judge in FWA. What role has the alleged whistle blower had in the alleged corruption over the4 last decade or so.

    Enquiries into unions, is a dangerous path for right wing government to take. They generally snare more of their own.

  31. I love Downer’s comment from China. He is blaming the employers for the present situation re work choices. He is saying that the employers should have supported WC and should have demanded it’s return.

    Yes, it is true, most bosses do not like WC. Most smaller bosses do not want the responsibility of setting individual wages and conditions. Most are sensible enough, to know the level playing field set by awards is better for them. Yes, all competition are bound buy the same rules.

    What was interesting, last night, the head of Rio Tinto, saying what is needed, is certainty. He inferred that things like MRRT, which they agreed to, and CEF, are better left in place.

    I expect to see more of like comments from industry.

    Yes, both the MRRT and CEF have not put greater impost on industry. If that is true, why not leave things alone.

    I do not believe that the industry wants the political uncertainty that Abbott is promising. There appears to be dissent in the Liberal Party. I am certain that has been there for a while, but the media is jest beginning to report the fact.

  32. The question I ask, are the present laws working. Has productivity dropped. Has industrial disputes increased.

    The answer is no.

    Fact, much of the indusrial disputes are caused by employer lockouts. Something the Opposition never mentions.

    Has action been taken to toughen up t6he laws against corruptionjh. The answer is yes.

    Are the laws balance against the employer. I would say no.

    Do tougher IR laws increase productivity. The evidence is, It dropped during WC.

  33. Why bother asking questions when there is no question mark at the end?

    You are just making statements with no evidence to back them up.

  34. Although I see that scaper doesn’t disagree with the fact that under tabots so called ‘timid’ IR policy, that IFA’s are basically the new AWA’s. It is workchoices by stealth.

    He only appears to have an issue with people’s grammar. 😉

  35. Boy, you speak shit!

    The old timers here know my position on Workchoices which has not altered in over six years. I’m in a position to know that what you speak is nothing but baseless propaganda which will get no traction in the electorate.

    Try hard to no avail.

  36. Boy, you speak shit!

    Maybe, and, yes, I am aware of your stance on workchoices.

    But you still don’t appear to disagree that the new policy is simply workchoices by stealth. In other words, you must agree that it is.

    Given your ‘previous stance’, does this weigh on your voting intentions at all?

  37. Fed up, you’re right about big business wanting certainty and being reluctant to come out and support repeal of those Acts by an incoming Coalition. That emphasis on certainty by the head of Rio Tinto didn’t give Leigh Sales the reply she was looking for, did it? They probably have their own ‘pollie watchers’ who read, research and advise them and know what a good PM they’re dealing with now compared with the madman they could get with all the consequent industrial unrest.

  38. Why bother asking questions when there is no question mark at the end?

    The construction of the sentences makes it clear that they are questions, so you either don’t fully understand written English or don’t have any answers.

    As for SerfChoices, it has always been unpopular with employees and i can’t see any advantage for employers, particularly small employers, in having to negotiate and set individual rates of pay & conditions for every employee.

    Inefficient and frankly bloody stupid. Much easier and less time consuming for both boss and employee to work within the existing framework and for employees who have never been taught how to negotiate their rates of pay or conditions.

    Tom R, of course it’s SerfChoices by stealth and there are no doubt still plenty of people in the workforce who suffered under the imposition of that attempt to reduce the workers to servitude.

    And some evidence that Serfchoices is counter productive wrt productivity.


    And some evidence that SerfChoices is just that-a plan to return to the good old days of personal fiefdoms and serfdom for the workers.


  39. i think we need a royal commission into tony abbott everything he says is a lie, and he has done some very nasty things in his life. everything should be investigated about him. EVERYTHING ! if he is innocent he has nothing to worry about…. after all guilty until proven innocent right ? thats the liberal way!

  40. Actually guilty until proven innocent has been written into the Fair Work legislation. It is called ‘reverse onus of proof’ which goes against the fundamentals of law.

    You’re not on top of it, are you newby?

  41. scaper , why dont you have the guts to give us your real name, you low life piece of scum. you want to call me names . you gutless piece of shit!!!

  42. yes you low life cocksucker, still dont have the guts to show your real name. no i dont think so. you are weak as piss !

  43. Settle Steven 😉 Scaper is well known around these and nearby parts, including his real name. He’s baiting you, and you’re biting hard – ignore rather than engage…

  44. well he is still gutless, and obviously just as corrupt as abbot is , otherwise why would he defend such a piece of shit that abbott is. why scaper, whats in it for you? how about a real answer ! not a bullshit shit abbott answer ! but you dont have the guts to do that do you ? why dont you grow a backbone ? what do you feel safe behind a screen.? you and your snide remarks. just like that other piece of shit, abbott..

  45. Steven, scaper swings in the breeze when it comes to political affiliations. If Abbott gets in, you can bet London to a brick that scaper will be here longing for the good old days of Labor.

  46. yes michael, he is very shallow, with no morals at all. abbott has the morals of hitler and this creep scaper supports him all the way. him and his type are just a total disgrace.

  47. I wish you would all leave Scaper alone :mrgreen: …….. he ‘may’ know Gina, ya know….. oh and Tony 😯 …….. he mixes in very ‘rare’ circles…he may even be a leading light ( or at least well thought of..) of the AndyEV/ IP’ay and/or Menzies Hovel…. he would ‘seem’ to be a real go getter, a man that could build cities in the middle of nowhere, man 🙄 ……. he ‘may’ even be the type of man not to triffle with, kinda like an alpha wolf, man 😉 ….. a man’s man, if you will….. or indeed, he ‘may’ even be a… dangerous man… just like the DLP MP for Warringah…. or not ! 😀 .. At the very least he is very representative of a certain ‘type’ and their side…. 😆

  48. Don’t worry, Steven. scaper finds it hard to get his hand off it like all Liars aficionados.

    It’s all that palm shaving that really gets him down. 😀

  49. LOVO, I believe he polished Rupert’s boots with his tongue at that IPA bun fight. I understand he elbowed Liealot out of the way for the pleasure.

    I don’t think he need have bothered; Liealot has sold his @rse to Rupert and Gina and they had demanded payment at the IPA shindig.

  50. Is “scaper” designed to rhyme with “raper” because of his love for “rabbot” and his ideology, with the added goal of attempting to LNP sperm swallow, or is it his natural proclivity? Newbie question.

  51. The mad monk should be banned from political activity and locked up for the Nation’s safety. Who was the idiot that let him get his hands on that military rifle?

  52. there are certain people in this world who are evil. who will do or say evil things. tony abbott and rupert murdoch are only two who i will mention. anyone who supports these evil men must also be evil. any arguments ? probably but only by evil people.

  53. Steven, my concern is that Abbott has no vision for this country. I disagree with a lot of Liberal Party philosophy especially as regards unequal treatment of the wealthy compared with that of lesser folk – I am a firm believer that by raising up things such as educational opportunities rather than restricting such opportunities to one’s ability to pay, that the entire country benefits long term.

    It is perhaps most of all Abbott’s lack of long term vision which makes me believe that he will be a disaster for this country. His team such as Hockey and J.Bishop are way out of their depth in their portfolios. Abbott has made this election equivalent of a horse race instead of it being a team event – the first who crosses the line wins and let’s not worry about whether or not the team has the ability to perform long term.

  54. i agree totally with you min. What also bothers me is that Abbott is supposedly a practicing christian. did not jesus look after those less fortunate ? As a person matures they should question everything they think,, for their own personal growth.. this man is still an infant in terms of his own morality and maturity.

  55. Steven, to my way of thinking it’s always about how you use a particular philosophy. I have known a number of Christians who use their philosophy with generosity and with dignity likewise Muslims, Buddhists and Sannyasins. Yet there are others who would use their religion as an excuse to attempt to exert their own superiority and obtain power over others. Tony Abbott’s numerous condescending statements semi-quoting “the bible” such as “not pure of heart”, that virginity is “a gift” leads me to believe that he is ego-driven.

  56. Min’s right. We should be focussing on policy and Abbott’s lack of vision. Just because Abbott’s party and the media have spent so much time on personal abuse of our PM we don’t have to do the same in return and not pay attention to what really matters. How do they plan to run the country for the long term? What are their policies? Then, can we can ask if they can be trusted to deliver.

  57. Wow, this place is degenerating into a cesspit. Cafe Sewer?

    If you fools actually believe that Gina and Rupes pull Abbott’s strings then what the hell are you people going to do about it? Nothing.

    Now, back to the abuse because that is all you have left.

  58. Yes, it is policies we must focus on. That was what upset Pyne last night. Could not cope with having to talk about fats, and being challenged on Abbott policy. I say Abbott not Liberal, as he seems to be out of step with the majority of his party.

    We need to get across, it is not about a popularity contest but what one is proposing to do.

    One could say the PM is a conviction PM. Abbott is not.

    The PM is convinced that education and training, plus the necessary technology infrastructure is the recipe for this country to join the Asian Century.

    The PM has shown that she is capable of putting in place the necessary budgets measure to achieve her aim, based on the figures and predictions at the time. If the predictions do not turn out as expected, the PM has shown, she is willing and capable of making adjustments the fit in with the new circumstances. We have seen that in the last few weeks. The dollars did not respond as it had in the past. Ore prices and revenue less. The global economy has performed weaker than was predicted.

    Some see this as a weakness. I fail to see why. No one has a crystal ball to see into the future. economics is not a exact science. If it was, we will be all rich.

  59. No, scaper, there is much to admire in our PM. I agree, abuse is not necessary, all we have to do, is report what Abbott and Co do and say. Link to interview with Bradbury and Pyne last night tells it all.

    Leave the abuse to the Coalition, they are better at it. In fact when they attempt policy, they fail.

  60. Just cannot wait for Budget on Tuesday. It will be a memorial to Swans
    Incompetence. Even Wayne is probably saying only 130 sleeps to go in this
    Terrible Job , a job that I hate.
    Fiddling with ‘Family Benifit A’ is not only bad policy but also bad politics.
    ( or just trying to increase the losing margin )

  61. Fed Up, I don’t think Turnbull particularly has re-launched the Republican debate, although he may have had some say in the timing. Who knows? It is a non party issue, supposedly, though Howard and Abbott are, along with many others on the right very strong monarchists. So his long involvement, often as head as he is now of the Republican movement really gives him a strong definition as a more progressive type Liberal. Even if he was not directly responsible for the timing of this recent event I can imagine him being very grateful for the high profile PR he gets out of it.

  62. Pingback: How come readers of the Fifth Estate can see what our journalists can’t? | The Australian Independent Media Network

  63. 13/05/13, Mother’s Day yesterday so all we women of calibre had recognition all over the country. But outside of the home and family I wonder if Tony Abbott was thinking of the sort of women he meets all the time in his working life when he talked about “Women of Calibre” – Penny Wong, Tanya Plibersek, Jenny Macklin, PM Julia Gillard, Kate Lundy, Kate Ellis, Julie Collins.

  64. Where do you get a name like “scaper” or should that be scraper…..as in the bottom of the barrel.

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