Abbott’s presstitutes

Just over a week ago Tony Abbott had this to say about the NDIS: He said:

. . . the Opposition had supported the NDIS “every step of the way” and wanted to support it to its conclusion.

Then yesterday he lamented that the Government wasn’t telling him enough about the scheme (link not available).

To all the journalists in our country: “Helloooo, where are you? Do any of you have the guts to ask Abbott why his party didn’t even bother to turn up when it was introduced into Parliament? Are you happy just to take his word that he claims to support it “every step of the way” and also blame the Government because he doesn’t know enough about it?”

“Stop laying on your back and acting like Abbott’s presstitutes”.

Support it all the way, my arse.

“FFS, the whole country knows that he’s been caught out telling a lie. All with the exception of you lazy mob of bum sniffers. Here’s the picture to prove the lie”:


47 comments on “Abbott’s presstitutes

  1. As you all probably know, Queensland signed up today. Lyndall Curtis (ABC) had the gall to congratulate Herr Newmann on his involvement more or less saying its was his initiative. Let us not forget Jenny Macklins input in the NDIS as she has been working on this for a long time. As for Tony Abbott he only supports it because there may be a couple of votes in it for him. I bet London to a brick on the MSM will not give the Labor Party any credit for this wonderful event.

  2. Looking at the photo…quite a few missing on the government back benches too.

    Newman first raised the idea of a levy last July and had the support of the other Premiers and Territory heads but both Macklin and Gillard would not have a bar of it. Now, after Gillard on more than one occasion dismissed the idea and ten months after the fact has done one of her reversals and tried to take credit for Newman’s proposal.

    I see that Gillard copped abuse at a Qld high school today…loser was rather apt. Queenslanders despise Gillard and Labor and it is inter-generational which will not bode well for the party.

  3. Ah, Scraper, making excuses for your beloved Fiberal Party again I see. I really have to wonder why a Hard-Right apologist like yourself bothers coming to this site-except for trolling purposes. The reality is that the Fiberal Party (State & Federal) have had every position on the NDIS under the sun, yet the press has allowed them to walk water on this issue. As for your claims regarding Queensland, I doubt that a handful of morons (who, like you, wrongly believe that the sun shines out of Abbott’s rear end) are indicative of broader trends in that State-a State which is already heartily sick of their brief flirtation with the Fibs-within little more than a year. Things will only get worse if the full extent of Abbott’s bastardry towards the founders of One Nation becomes public knowledge.

  4. scaper… I agree…. it is intergenerational, as is the consistent inbreeding obviously occurring in Queensland. Queenslanders do NOT despise Gillard, the vocal redneck inbred country hick majority certainly do, but they’re no good without Joh’s gerrymander.

  5. Good point, Roswell. Plus its not Labor members whining about a lack of detail on the policy. On that day, as I recall, the bulk of the Fiberal Party thought it was a much better use of their time to be at a launch of Tony’s pamphlet, rather than doing the job they’re PAID to do. Yet they think they have a Right to be on the Treasury Benches?!?! Methinks not.


    Firstly, we have a Green calling me an apologist for the right then some other clown who thinks he is above everyone calling his fellow Australians, rednecks.

    Disgusting stuff!

  7. Oh, another thing, clown. Which party introduced the Gerrymander????????

    Political history is obviously not your thing…most amusing.

  8. no, the disgusting stuff has been coming from the right ans their constant negativity and personal attacks. and Newman’s initiative??? wtf are you on scaper?

  9. I’ve told you a million times, Migs…don’t exagerate.

    I suggest you do some research on the COAG meeting last July. Not hard to find.

  10. Scrapper obviously a rusted-on and sycophantic supporter of the right. Posting without a clue on what a fact is, how many times did Howard pay for things with levies and why did the Liberals think the launch of their pathetic pamphlet was more important than the job they’re paid for. Typical Liberal supporter, they can do no wrong but the people that oppose you are always in the wrong but the truth is somewhere in between.

  11. Leave poor scaper alone. He supports fraudband and is therefore not in the real world. Yes scaper, I saw Elvis yesterday to.

  12. I see I’ve drawn out some newbies…good to see

    Just love the reasoning, because you are not with us you must be from the right. You saw Elvis “to”…where was he going?

  13. Correct on the comment about him not being told. Also I belief at a presser asked that question responded that the information was there for all to read.
    Yet again MSM fail in their job of holding all to account.
    Thanks for all your work Michael

  14. Try this for a more balanced coverage of the PM’s visit to Marsden SHS 😉

    As far as it being all Can’tDo’s idea to increase the Medicare levy, someone with his ‘finger on the pulse’ would surely know that Labor members were also putting forward the same idea – in parliament

  15. ..a student threw a sandwich..obviously wasn’t hungry (it was probably Vegemite)… Clearly his or her mummy and daddy are struggling to teach him/her good manners.

  16. Sadly for Australia it’s a pattern of behaviour. Abbott sprouts whatever bs he feels like and there are only a few rare stragglers in the MSM who care to call him to task on this and many other issues.

    The reason for the empty chairs on the Opposition benches is that the government won. Sad isn’t seems almost a lifetime ago when there was bipartisan support for legislation which both sides of politics knew was for the good of the country. But then Abbott isn’t a person of that calibre.

    In a second day of political brinkmanship over the NDIS, Mr Abbott blinked on Thursday in the face of a prime ministerial challenge to either back a new $3.3 billion levy in Parliament or fight an election on the issue. His conversion came after tense overnight talks within the shadow cabinet.

  17. Bacchus, the MSM are bound to have lengthy discussions about things sandwich-ish, as it will pair with their discussion of pears (aka the empty fruit bowl) and bottoms and noses, and in fact it will add to their discussion of anything which requires them to do any research whatsoever.

  18. Just found this little gem over at the Drum.
    Describes what happened yesterday very good.

    Better still to focus the arsenal of our intellectual resources on critiquing the Coalition’s noticeable lack of policies, the credibility issues of their leader and the fact that, if elected, they’ll likely be beholden to the political desires of men far more dangerous than Tony Abbott.

  19. Paul, it’s quite obvious that Abbott is not a leader..has never been. Howard only ever saw him as part of his B Team, useful as an attack dog but certainly not someone to sit down and discuss policy with. The sad thing about Abbott being PM, is that he cares not one iota about himself being used as a pawn in games controlled by others, as to Abbott the game ends when he wins, and what happens after that is not of his concern.

  20. Scaper, in your rush to get here to spread a bit of hate you overlooked the point of the post. Namely, that the media overlooked the empty seats in the Oppostion benches whilst claiming they’re behind this all the way.

  21. @scarper .. and then there’s the other side of the story:
    Let me quote some excerpts of it for you:
    “Students appeared out of no where to cheer and clap and try and sneak a selfie with the Prime Minister in frame. If they managed to get even half of Ms Gillard’s head in shot, they celebrated…”
    “She tried to make her way to the food area for a “cuppa” but she was mobbed from all sides, from people wanting photos.
    Her staff pushed her through, stopping every couple of steps for another photo or to sign an autograph, before she eventually reached a small courtyard.
    A line of people appeared before her. Each wanting a photo. Each smiling. Adults and students from Marsden State High, community groups and surrounding schools…”
    “ she walked to her vehicle, the schoolkids kept coming with their scraps of paper, their phones and their smiles and Ms Gillard seemed to oblige when she could.
    She was loaded into the car with a large group of students cheering her on.
    As the door closed, some of those students got into a game of one-up-manship “I touched her toes!” “She touched me!”…”
    “..Somewhere in there, half a Vegemite sandwich was thrown, allegedly by a student. Within half an hour of Ms Gillard leaving the auditorium reports were flying around the country referencing “sandwichgate” and claims that large numbers of students had heckled the Prime Minister and called her “loser”.
    “And then, with premier Campbell Newman, Ms Gillard signed the agreement which saw Queensland take up the National Disability Insurance Scheme.
    There is no “-gate” here. Just a “historic” day for Queensland and some very excited disabled people, their families and carers seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.
    But never mind that. Half a sandwich landed on the ground. Let’s all talk about that.”

    So, a rockstar-type reception for the Prime Minister.

    The best I’ve seen the Oppositiion Leader manage is a rent-a-crowd.

    @Bacchus – apologies, just realised your URL was to the same story on The Age site.

  22. No problems Socks:) You”ve done a much better job by quoting from the article – many don’t bother reading links.

  23. Migs, using your reasoning…why did the MSM not report that up to thirty Labor MPs did not turn up?

    Does that infer that these MPs did not support the NDIS also?

    A pretty petty post that does not hold up!

    So I’m Pyne?


  24. It’s a pity that Abbott always makes statements in such an aggressive manner because occasionally he does ask some valid question. One such question was who would be covered by the NDIS. Valid yes absolutely, but perhaps before asking such question about “who will be covered”, Abbott might care to actually levitate himself off away from the next photo op and do some reading…

    Who will be eligible?

    An NDIS will work with people who have a permanent disability that significantly affects their communication, mobility, self-care or self-management to ensure that they get the support that is reasonable and necessary to meet their needs. This could include an individual plan and an individually funded package.

    Individual support will also be given to people for whom there is good evidence that early intervention would substantially improve functioning (for example, autism, acquired brain injury, cerebral palsy or sensory impairments), and those for whom early intervention will delay or lessen a decline in functioning (for example, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease).

    Others will be able to use the scheme to get information about what supports they might be able to use in the community (for example community groups like sporting clubs) and from other government programs such as health, employment support and education.

    If Abbott has a problem with the above criteria he should say so rather than wasting everyone’s time asking “who will be covered”.

    “I think it is important for the government not just to put a levy bill into the parliament but to come clean to the Australian people about exactly who will be covered by the scheme,” Mr Abbott said.

  25. Thanks Bacchus that’s interesting, if this is correct it would qualify as real bipartisan policy development. Excuse my reluctance to take anything from on face value. Would like to research this further,for another source. I’m a bit like Stella on this one and asylum seekers. Just make it happen.

  26. Migs, using your reasoning…why did the MSM not report that up to thirty Labor MPs did not turn up?

    First, perhaps you should learn to count, around 20 are not present, not 30, maybe you shouldn’t exaggerate 😉

    And, around 15% missing for a reading is pretty common for any major bill, with other things going on all the time. But to have over 90% of the party, including the leader who is now claiming with hand on heart that he had supported the NDIS “every step of the way” is a clear indication that he hasn’t.

    But, we know that tabot isn’t always clear about what he says and what he then ends up doing. Take his PML (it is really maternity, not Paternal, leave he is offering up). He pretends to be a friend of womens, but it appears the media have forgotten this statement when he was trashing Labors PPL

    The basic problem with the PC’s recommendation is that it would create two classes of mother: first-class mothers in the paid workforce who could receive nearly $12,000 from the government (comprising 18 weeks at the minimum wage plus two weeks for the father if he takes time off); and second-class mothers in the unpaid workforce who would receive just $5000 from the government (via a renamed baby bonus).

    So he has gone from worrying about creating a two class system (which, in his context, is not accurate anyway), to creating a multi-class system where the most well off in society receive the most from the Government.

  27. Tom, you have an excellent point there..

    But, we know that tabot isn’t always clear about what he says and what he then ends up doing. Take his PML (it is really maternity, not Paternal, leave he is offering up).

    Abbott wants “first class women”, women of calibre in the workforce. Sounds ok on the surface of it, but then one has to start wondering about his criteria. After all he has questioned about what it means to be disabled, therefore he should also be able to explain what makes “a first class woman”.

    I’m not sure whether Abbott’s aim is for first class women to make first class babies or for first class women to be sent back to the boardroom having immediately done the bubby from tummy bit. Surely his idea of an ironing board must fit in there somewhere – 1st class = boardroom = baby = ironing board = boardroom plus ironing board.

  28. And he has missed again with his latest Min

    Mr Abbott says the Coalition will give workers access to individual flexibility arrangements “and we won’t allow them to be excluded by enterprise bargaining agreements”.

    Currently, workers have access to individual flexibility arrangements, I wonder if this will be highlighted by an entrepreneurial journalist? It is the second part of that sentence that worries, what does that mean?

    On a quick scan, it looks to mean that even if these ‘new’ ‘individual flexibility arrangements’ (AWA’s under another name) flout the enterprise bargaining agreements, they are still valid.

    In other words, it is anything goes again, just like workchoices.

  29. Ricky – as far as the “stole Newman’s idea” part goes – you can take that with a huge grain of salt. There was input from the Labor side as well suggesting an increase to the medicare levy, including Ed Husic, who mentioned it in a speech to the parliament.

    There are also many more sources – look for reports from the COAG meeting in about July 2012. Twitter may even provide some info…

    And here from jenny Macklin’s site:

    JOURNALIST: What do you think of the Queensland suggestion of a levy-type system?

    PM: I used the word before ‘insincere’ and there is no more appropriate word to describe the approach of Premier Campbell Newman here. Premier Newman’s approach is completely insincere.

    This is the Premier, Premier Newman, who didn’t bother putting in a real bid for an NDIS trial site; who has the embarrassment of leading a state where the per capita spend on people with disabilities is the lowest for any state in Australia.

    This is the Premier who’s just taken money out of services for people with disabilities – $6.50 that cab drivers used to get as an incentive to help a person with a disability – he has just ripped that away. And on top of that, today there is news of slash and burn cuts in his healthcare system.

    So all of this from Premier Newman is insincerity designed to distract from the appalling approach he is taking to a National Disability Insurance Scheme. Not prepared to put in a proper bid, not prepared to spend one new cent, and he’s in the business of disability cutbacks.

    JOURNALIST: Do you favour a levy though, or do you favour money out of general revenue. The full – here’s what Tony Abbott is saying – he’s saying the full scheme should be paid out of general revenue.

    PM: Look we will make the appropriate arrangements out of the Commonwealth’s budget without a new tax, income tax, to fund the National Disability Insurance Scheme. But let’s not follow Premier Newman down this burrow.

    All this is designed to do today is to get you to ask that question in the hope that the story you’ll put to air tonight won’t be about Premier Newman failing the people of Queensland, won’t be about Premier Baillieu and Premier O’Farrell.

    All this is just a very callous attempt to distract from the real issue. The real issue here-

  30. Abbott came across this morning, as a man of calm reasoning. Why did I get a feeling of dread, listening to such a calm and collected Abbott.

    He did get a little rattled when the questions moved on to PPL, but did manage to stay calm. Did, as usual, get away quickly. What amaze me, Abbott only had to mumble, and the questions came back ti IR.

    What was more terrifying, was the gentler Abetz.

    Yes, as Abetz says, the unions do indeed have no right to launch a campaign against the IR proposals. Not sure workers or the unions will agree.

    Now Abbott says he is going to decrease the numbers of PS. If this is the case, where is he going to find the numbers to carry out all the enquiries he is setting up for the Productivity Commission

    He is bring back the Builders Employees Court. He is setting up another body to oversees union officials.

    One wonders, why, when watching the policy launce, the images like carpet bagger or snake oil salesman kept coming to mind.

    I think he must have some lessons at acting as a statesman. The Liberal Party needs to demand their money back,. The lessons have been a failure,

  31. We need to remember, no matter how hard the Tea party tried, similar methods did not get rid of Obama. He proved the polls wrong.
    Truth won out in the end.

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