Just plain sick

Yesterday I posted this image on Facebook with the caption: “In just one Tweet Rupert Murdoch reveals that he hates fat people, welfare recipients, income support, can’t afford his medical bills and expects to live another 20 years”.


Somebody responded with:

Can’t help but agree with the man!!! Here in Thailand no hand outs and no fat people! Also the bloke who did my concreting had one leg, the plumber had half of a hand, these people are amazing….. In oz you would be on welfare for life!!!!! Other parts of the world have it loads tougher than we do and they expect nothing! Unreal and can teach us all something!!!!!!

It’s heartwarming to know that these poor people are making the most of a horrible disadvantage. Does the above commenter realise, however, that one of the reasons there are many amputees in Asian countries, including Thailand, is that children have a leg, a hand or an arm chopped off to make them look more pitiful as they begin a career in begging. From the link:

I am a student from International School Bangkok, Thailand. In my country, we also have child labor. The children are sometimes cut off their hands or foot to look pitiful, and are made beggars and are put in places like the bridges above the roads. Their “employers” get all the money from the begging children, and give them little food and bad shelter.

Did I mention that the commenter on my post is what you might refer to as an Australian tea bagger; an extreme, hard-core right winger, who regularly comments on my posts (with smilies) on how great this country will be once Gillard gets her ‘just desserts’ in September?

Like the heinous practice in Thailand, his attitude is just plan sick. I repeat his words: “Unreal and can teach us all something!”

PS – I know this commenter personally and have done so for many years. He is a banking executive who has worked in Australia, England and now Thailand (by the looks of it). He is what you might call the ‘wealthy elite’.

68 comments on “Just plain sick

  1. With the number of land mines we have left in Asia, it is terrific to know how well they adapt.

    The NDIS.,I believe is an attempt to allow these people to live worthwhile and productive lives.

  2. WOW…wouldn’t consider paying his fair share or perhaps a little more to help someone out but more than happy to exploit them for personal gain…nice! Sadly a growing breed. (not nice)

  3. I wonder if Murdoch and his ilk realise that one finds much obesity among the poor, because they can only afford poor diets.

    When one does not have the money, one is restricted to starchy foods.

    One only has to look at photos down the ages. The poor overweight and sickly looking, while the wealthy, trim in their high fashion clothes.

    One must look past the over weight moguls of the time. Their sin was gluttony.

  4. If the rabid right wingers had their way Australia would be a third world country within a generation.

  5. When one learns 101 ways to cook sausage mince and potatoes to fill ones kids guts, does not lead to slim kids. Flour and fat makes good pastry, but not the healthiest food around. Same goes for filling up on bread.

  6. What a disgusting individual !! Julia Gillard’s “just desserts” should be majority Government, and that is what we will fight for. Cutting off children’s body parts is child abuse. If that revolting Abbott gets in, God help us.

  7. Unbelievable!… When did we get so mean towards our fellow human… The sooner these old farts fall off there perches the better for humanity. How can parents bring up their children like this and be proud of them? There is zero virtue in being a judgemental, sanctimonious bigot!

  8. You left off Racist as he must have assumed the woman in question was on welfare because she is African-American. While the woman he is referring to in the tweet is quite large 350 – 400 lb she is also 6’5″ So not as big as you may of imagined. She is also employed as a Social worker so hardly a welfare recipient on food stamps. It shows that people do very little research before they choose to express their opinions on a subject. It seems the more hateful the opinion the less effort is put into acquiring the facts first. Even wealthy newspaper owners would rather spew forth their hateful “truths” than spend 2 minutes on google finding and reading the facts.

  9. Yeah cause how awesome would it be to have to work hard labour with a leg missing. We should definitely be more like Thailand! Sounds amazing!

  10. He is right, plenty of “disabled” working in Thailand, as for the beggar thing I’ve been to Thailand 12 times and never seen large numbers of kids with amputations begging, maybe 1 or 2 in all my time, most the kids just sell gum or clean shoes. Rupert Murdock is so correct too, Australia is full of lazy whingers who want hard workers taxed to bring them back to their lazy levels and to pay for their lazy lives.
    I notice how the “reporters” calls the banking executive who has worked all over the world “wealthy elite” and not what he really is, a “hard working individual who has sacrificed to get ahead” but I thing that says it all from a “gimme gimme” reporter.
    Oh, and the reporter seems to look down on beggars in Thailand but welfare recipients in Australia are the same, they fake illnesses and injuries to get handouts.

  11. @Ladyangua, thank you for the true info re the unfortunate recipient of Herr Murdoch’s judgmental vitriolic tweet. His newspapers follow his lead which is why they are full of untruthful vicious right wing trash. He is a snob of the worst kind who judges others harshly if they don’t measure up to his & Wendi’s shallow criteria.

    The idiot in Thailand is from the same odious ilk. He obviously had no concerns as to how these tradesmen lost their limbs just that they came cheap. As for his ludicrous claim that Australians,.with similar injuries, would be on welfare well he does need to come down from his pampered life in the ivory tower into the real world. There are many amputees who work in “normal” jobs for normal wages & are not on welfare at all, but so what if some are. His denigration of such people is disgraceful,

  12. Congradulations Greg, moronic , judgemental, stereotyping and no compassion all in one post. You get dickhead of the day award hands down. Ps and fuckwit that has a disabled person doing their concreting wants flogging. Oh and Greg how are those underage bar girls you exploit on your obvious sex tours of Thialand ?

  13. Wayne, when I was in Thailand I naively thought that these kids were leprosy survivors but was later told that the amputations were deliberate.

  14. Scaper, a typo I think. The person who made this comment to Michael is not named Greg. However, I would most definitely agree with Ricky’s estimation.

  15. Regarding yourThailand commentator. We have many of their ilk here, they even have their own forum under the heading ‘Thai Visa’ a truly vile site frequented by the right wing extremists, where ridiculing the locals seems to be the norm.

  16. I’m well aware of these commentators too. Isn’t it about time we pulled them up and asked them to tell us exactly how this will be such a better country. Whoever is inciting them to say such things, may have left out that bit of revelation.

  17. I think he means Wayne. The language here is getting pretty ‘Trash-y’ I reckon.

    Isn’t accusing someone of preying on underage kids (ped) inching over the line, legally?

    Also, I believe there is movement by the bed wetters to tax junk food because it leads to obesity. The crux is the same as smoking, that it leads to putting pressure on the health system so tax it to a point that the government derives much more in tax than the margin by the tobacco companies. Something not right there in my opinion.

  18. This is a form of. Lass warfare. No one questions Clive Palmer’s or Tinkler’s morbid obesity but any overweight working class person is a lazy bludger.

  19. Scaper, a much better way was mooted by the Greens – the red, amber, green traffic light food labelling system. This way false and misleading advertising would be curtailed..such as so-called “health food” or my less than favourite, Low in Fat..but chokka full of sugar.

    Coles and Woolies argued that foods were already adequately labelled..fine if you care to spend 10 minutes trying to decipher the label, plus of course you take a magnifying glass with you..the lime green writing on a white background doesn’t help much either, nor does the fact that similar products are measured in both mls and gms.

    For starters, give people adequate data so that they can make informed choices.

  20. sorry i meant wayne…the language? interesting…. just as genius wayne makes an assumption that people on welfare are frauds, i will go with his reasoning and make an assumption that someone who has been to Thailand 15 times is a sex tourist who exploits the underage poor enslaved to prostitution. offensive isn’t it… 🙄

  21. Scraper on that point we both agree..taxing junk food is just the same as taxing smoking as the outcome to the healthcare system is the same. This is especially true when they are formulated to addiction salt+fat+ sugar = addiction= strain on public health

  22. That would be my assumption, too, Ricky.Sex tourism is, unfortunately, very common in Thailand with the use (abuse) of underaged girls & boys par for the course. If I was Wayne I wouldn’t be bragging about how many times he had been there.

    Yes, I too, have seen awful sights of begging in Thailand.

  23. Silk how could you defend the indefensible? cigarette companies are evil organisations who peddle a drug that would never be passed for public consumption today. They are responsible for a massive burdon on the health system that cannot be redressed with money. His adequate data argument is futile and ridiculous. He is just embarrassing himself with profound stupidity.

  24. Why would I defend tobacco companies?

    I believe Cu made a valid point that the poorer are usually more weightier due to the choices they make within their budgets.

  25. Ricky, you may go to Thailand for the little boys, I own a Condo in Jomteins Beach. I will retire there and take my money with me, I refuse to support the bludgers here any longer than I really have to. I then will only use my Australian citizenship to access health care in Australia.

  26. Unfortunately if you have 4 kids to feed and there is a choice between high carbs such as potato chips and $5.99 for a punnet of strawberries, then there is no choice. Rather than a tax on unhealthy food (which is never going to happen because high carb = high profit), what about giving away a bunch of grapes instead of a voucher for a Big Mac.

  27. Thank you for this interesting piece.

    When I read this I am comforted only by the fact that when I wake up in the morning I get to be me … (regardless of my many annoying shortcomings) … and don’t have to be them. What sad, selfish folk . So pampered and self indulgent that they have little empathy for others. We all know what a self righteous, profiteering scumbag Mr. Rupert Hacker Murdoch is.

    I think your friend just wanted to tell people he had lived in Thailand. Some people get really impressed with themselves about this stuff and spew it out in some superior self righteous way as if it gives them superior knowledge or a corner on reality. They will find any jump in regardless of how tenuous. Dilettante perhaps?

    There are overweigh people of all social circumstances ,,, obesity is certainly not restricted to folk of limited income … so perhaps they need to get out more. Examples: Clive Palmer, Gina Reinhart the list goes on. Such ignorance is what holds back progress towards a just humanity. Like I said, sad.

  28. Sorry scaper, once again you are twisting what I said. One does not make a choice,

    One does not have that luxury.

    I hate sausage mince. Pastry made with fat is not that bad. Especially when one adds the treacle or golden syrup. Dumplings was high on the list..

    I was clever enough cook to make is look different every day.

    Been there with four young kids. It was all I could get to fill them up. Yes, I did make a choice to get around the prob;em by having one of the best veg garden in the suburb. This is saying something, when one competed with the Italians.

    scaper, even growing your own, is not cheap.

    I was lucky to have a suitable yard, and coming from a farming background.

    That garden fed the kids, and saved my sanity.

    It came to an end, when bad council work led it to be flooded, and drown all my good work. Yes, they raised the road and footpath, preventing my flood water going any where. Yes, they dug all up again. Did get a lovely new cement driveway as compensation, but by then, I was separated and back working more than one job to survive

  29. Murdoch is in no position to judge others. Plank, remove, first.
    The commentator unknowingly talks about himself when he says, “..can teach us all something.”

  30. Wayne said, “….. I will retire there and take my money with me, I refuse to support the bludgers here any longer than I really have to. I then will only use my Australian citizenship to access health care in Australia.”
    Now thats what I call bludging off the country, a Medicare freeloader with no loyalty to anyone but self……. the one positive I can see for the country is that you won’t be in it, Wayne.

  31. Oh ffs, Rupert. Those botox injections just aren’t working

    Signe, I’d like to hear him snivel when the government cuts off his dole. And I’d happily offer to cut off a hand and a foot for him. I’d heat it first, of course. I’m not a sadist. I wouldn’t want to see him with a terrible infection from the chicken blood, ‘cos I forgot to wash the blade.

    Wayne, obviously it doesn’t bother you to see little malnourished children begging in the streets. What a great heart you must have. Remind me to kick you if I see you lying in the street after you’ve been mugged.

    Do hurry off to Thailand soon with your loot. One less well heeled dole bludger living off the poor and disabled. We’ll pray for a stockmarket crash, so you can think of us as you sit in front of your begging bowl in whatever location you infest in unlucky Thailand.

  32. There you go again Wayne…offensive isnt it..just like your assumptions. you obviously hate australia so toddle off. I hope I offended you because your comments are extremely offensive, steeped in your own bigotry. You support bludgers?….yeah good on you genius, now you can go over there and exploit the poor to support your privilege.

    Scraper I do apogise I think we are on the same page, the information is indeed out there but its in small print and lets face it the people who indulge do not care about the consequences until it is too late. This is what these companies rely upon, apathy.

  33. Min I think its all about education and the junk food companies are winning that war. On Rupert, he is so detached from reality, you will notice he only comments on things that are reported on his own networks. He has no first person experiences as he only orbits from the limo, to underlings, to ivory tower to his lair. Talk about believing your own bullshit.

  34. Ricky, you couldn’t offend me by words, only the fact that your lesbian lover and you are welfare bludgers offends me. Yes most welfare recipients are bludgers, this is Australia after all where you don’t have to work yourself, it’s so easy to find a doctor to sign you off on a disability pension, get rid of this pension and watch 80% of the recipients all of a sudden get better and get jobs.

  35. Memo to all those soldiers who returned from WW2 or Vietnam and found themselves on welfare due to the injury they received: Wayne hates you. You are bludgers.

  36. Wayne, as a significant welfare bludger yourself, you’d know what you’re talking about. But please take a few of your fellow bludgers with you, because we actual workers are sick of having to carry ,leeches like you around.

  37. Migs, no danger Wayne will ever get get a service pension, he’s too busy bludging off the service personnel as well as the rest of us and no doubt thinks he’s entitled to.

  38. Two questions:

    Did Dirk climb a tree and find a Wayne? 😉
    Is Wayne’s surname “Kerr”? 😆

  39. JANE, see, you can’t tell the difference between working and bludging, typical really when a person like you think “welfare recipient” is a career. I’ve worked 30 years and never once Recieved ANY government benifits, see my job is to work and support you and your bludging mates through high taxes and GilLARD now is raising the taxes. Oh well at least I can say I’ve never lead a parasitic lifestyle, can you say the same or do you get some form of welfare/rebate/Centerlink Paymenst?

  40. Wayne, once you’re resident overseas for more than 5 years, you won’t be eligible for Medicare unless you can prove that you have permanently returned to Australia. You can’t just pop back from time to time for free/subsidised medical treatment forever. So that should be a nice future saving for the Australian taxpayers.

    I’m sure Thailand will be more than happy to accept your income tax payable on your retirement income too. You’ll be pleased to know that the income tax starts being payable on incomes from 150000THB (a little under 5000AUD), compared to the 18200AUD here in Australia (much more for a retiree after tax offsets of course). The Thai top marginal rate is only 37% if your income is over 4,000,000THB (about 133,300AUD), but you wont get the superannuation concessions and seniors tax offsets available to Australian taxpayers of course.
    More on the Thai income tax system here: http://www.rd.go.th/publish/6045.0.html

    Bon voyage.

  41. I might add, that the person I was referring to in my post, after spending many years working in England couldn’t wait to get back to Australia and it’s lower cost of living.

  42. wayne is obviously a fucking idiot.he thinks he is carrying the whole of the disability sector on his shoulders, he is happy to bludge on Australia whilst living in another country, exploiting the poor as servants.Apparently i have a lesbian lover and i’m a welfare recipient 🙄 i suppose i’m bludging whilst recuperating from my open heart surgery? what a hypocritical, intellectual hobo.

  43. Ricky, how can you say those things about Wayne? Don’t you know he’s a pillar of the community? Don’t you realise that he’s a fine custodian of moral virtue?

    Don’t you know anything? :mrgreen:

  44. Wayne, you’ve been the recipient of the Rodent’s welfare for the well off, whether it’s tax breaks on your super, tax cuts the Rodent handed out to the well off and all the other Rodent lurks and perks. So you have most certainly received government benefits.

    You’re a bludger with an inflated sense of entitlement who intends to go to Thailand and bludge on the poor there.

    I’ve worked longer than you have, am still working & have paid tax from the time I was 10, when I started working during the school holidays.

    You’re a bludger pure and simple. Now f*ck off to Thailand.

  45. Migs, probably not just our lower cost of living but no austerity measures. It’ll be a different story if the Liars get in.

    Ricky, Wayne would have carried out the surgery at his desk during his lunch break with a kitchen knife and a roll of paper towels-you know the super absorbent ones.

    Then he would have sewn himself up and started beavering away until knock off time. He would have worked a few minutes unpaid overtime because it took a little longer than his alloted lunch break.

    Sorry, mate we can’t have this recuperating stuff. Super Wayne is showing us up.

    Actually, I don’t think I could do the open heart surgery. I haven’t been to the quack for nearly 25 years and I understand open heart surgery has moved on since then. 😆

    So good ol’ Wayne’s been bludging on me if he goes to the quack. He’s been getting the benefit of the medicare levy I’ve been paying. 😆

  46. Let’s think for a while about Wayne’s view of the world…. A large percentage of the people he sees in his daily travels he considers to be either bludgers, parasites, undeserving or just plain lazy, He clearly has contempt for this country and the social traditions that it embodies…….. That’s the mindset of a potential terrorist, arrogance, disdain, superiority complex…… Wayne, are you really Anders Brevick? Communicating from prison?

  47. Wayne could well be him, recalcitrantrick, as they seem to have much in common. One thing I have noticed is that there does not appear to be a Mrs Wayne. Of course, no sane, self-respecting woman would want to share their life with such a nasty man, full of bile, who has so much vile disdain for his fellow humans. No doubt, he would accuse her of being lazy & a bludger if she sat down for a cup of coffee occasionally.

  48. I don’t know, Joy. I reckon Mirabella or Fierravanti-Wells sound ideal for Wayne-nasty, mean spirited, spiteful, full of bile, dishonest, deceitful, carping harridans. Right up Wayne’s alley, I would have thought.

  49. Oops, forgot about that pair of fishwives, jane. Not that they do anything memorable apart from spew forth their vile venom everywhere. Wayne;s poster girls no doubt..

  50. Only just commented here because I have been guilty of a lifelong and unreasonable prejudice against overweight people and still find it difficult to admit, even to myself, what a judgemental cow I have been. But I have learned late in life that nothing is ever as it seems and when it does seem simple and obvious that should be a signal to look beyond first appearances. I use that word ‘appearances’ there because most of us judge each other and strangers by appearances, physique, dress, speech etc.

    I’ve been overweight myself, of course, in times of depression, and struggled to get back to normal weight. But even that didn’t help me to understand what a serious illness obesity in itself can be or is symptomatic of, and how it is not so much a cause but a result of many health problems related to hormones, blood diseases or genetic inheritance. My own weight problems I could solve with diet, determination and exercise, so why couldn’t all these fat people who were suffering heart failure, diabetes and the like?

    I’ve learned a lot in the years since I retired and stopped chasing a dollar after my seventieth birthday. I’ve had the time, not just to smell the roses and walk with Tacker every day. I’ve been talking to strangers and listening to them and reading about the myriad things they’ve told me and so I’ve learned a thing or two.

    Which is what I think Murdoch should do, don’t you? Retire! In his position, I suppose we should say abdicate! I think he does think that as head of his media empire he rules the world! But he’s not been a benevolent despot or a good monarch, like Queen Juliana of the Netherlands whose long reign has been a positive force. His has been a power for evil. If he is going to live for another twenty years the world would be a better place if he could be persuaded to withdraw from it.

    Come on Wendi, talk him into stepping into his mother’s shoes now that she’s gone. Wouldn’t it be nice for him to die with her kind of image, a reclaimed sinner, a typical once rebel son of Oz! We would forgive him, particularly if he were as generous with the dollars as she was.

  51. Jane anyone who brags in a blog and tells you how hard they work.. doesn’t

    Migs he is a piller of something. I tell you one thing, he would not dare say such things to me in person because I would make sure plety of people were watching as I took to him with an intelectual chainsaw.

    But seriously, what a politically anaemic human overstatement, I constantly trip over the high bar of importance as a sand grain of relevance from the likes of low altitude dog whistling imbeciles like wayne.

    Oh i’m leaving Australia because i’m carrying the bludgers? You cant put brains in a statue i’m afraid. Fuck off and dont let the door of inconsequential irreverence hit that ignorant ass on the way out i say to all the intelligence refugees like wayne.

    But gee he showed us didn’t he guys 🙄 (what a dead shit he is)

    I wish we could put out the trash more often 🙂

  52. Agreed, Ricky, but what if he is likely to survive another twenty years and is losing it, but not enough to let go without persuasion? What if Wendi Deng could persuade him to buy his way back into Oz with some billions of dollars and the legacy of an education system that set Aussie kids up for life? What if his papers could be bequeathed to the national library as working models in all our major cities of how old fashioned news media once operated?

    What if…………………….

    All it needs is money. He’s got plenty of that,

  53. patricia, I think Ricky’s talking about that tosser Wayne.

    Ricky, I’m certain Wayne’s had it easy and wouldn’t know a day’s work if it bit him on the bum.

    And like Migs, I take great offence at his labelling anyone (except himself, off course) in receipt of government assistance as a bludger.

    Some of these”bludgers” are returned men and women who are paying a heavy physical and mental price for their participation in active service. As are civilian support staff.

    And let’s not forget the civilian populations caught in war zones and the havoc it wreaks on their lives.

  54. and, Wayne….. i bet you take off when Abbott gets in, and things are a thousand times worse than Murdoch has all the gullible readers of THE NEWS believe.

    Murdoch has all of Australia believing, we are doomed and dying because of Gillard. He is DYING for abbott to get in and give him even more power. Gillard is taxing him, and he hates her for it.

    wait for abbott to get in mate, taxes will hit the roof, typical liberal SAVING and SELLING will happen, the people will get NOTHING. Just like howard…. wow… we had a surplus under him, youll say. Sure we did, he sold everything WE owned.

    Labor is for the people

    Liberal is for big business

    the scary thing is, because of Turdoch, Abbott will walk in. RIP AUSTRALIA.

    wont bother you, youll be in Thailand.

  55. Oh dear…now they are pleading for Wayne to leave now.

    I wonder if terry has a slim girth. Fat man I’m sure as he sings the outdated Labor lines!

  56. Scaper, and pray tell how is Tony Abbott going to bring prosperity to anyone except the mega wealthy. If you are counting on the trickle down effect..I wouldn’t..

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