Disability Funding Triumph: Progressive Blogosphere Abdicates

A repost from Labor View from Bayside:

This week we saw a major achievement in Australian policy – the bi-partisan acceptance of an increase in the Medicare levy to help fund the National Disability Insurance Scheme (DisabilityCare). There was considerable activity on social media before Tony Abbott’s concession but there has been a deadening silence in the progressive blogosphere since.

When you google Oz blogs for the last four days, there are no posts heralding this policy triumph. In fact it seems that many have just accepted it as a political victory for Abbott, not a policy win for Julia Gillard’s government. A lone voice has been Gary Sauer-Thompson at Public Opinion but even his post was titled Perhaps:

The disability people got what they wanted: a secure funding source that will partially pay for the NDIS and bipartisan support. That means the Coalition will find it hard to renege at a later date because they are publicly committed to the national disability insurance scheme.

If the conservatives keep their word, the NDIS  will be a major legacy of the Labor government, whether it is reelected or not. Abbott’s “conditional” support of the levy contained his usual dissembling but once the legislation is passed, he should be locked in.

Yesterday Victoria signed up to NDIS, just as we are abandoning the field to the Liberal National Party policy void. Despondency over the polls and government policy failures must not make Abbott’s austerity a fait accompli.

Schools, climate change and the NBN are just a few reasons to keep up the political fight. If progressive bloggers cannot step up, then it is probably time to archive their blogs and retreat into the twitter ether or a subscription to Foxtel.

93 comments on “Disability Funding Triumph: Progressive Blogosphere Abdicates

  1. Labor tried to use the NDIS as a wedge to help win the election. Can you believe Labor. They even tried to use people in wheelchairs to help them win in September. The motive was all wrong. When the wedge did not work Labor supporters lost interest.

  2. Oh look, Nil of Sydney is spreading his usual Liberal Party propaganda. In what way did Labor seek to “wedge” the Coalition on the NDIS? This has been Labor Party policy for the better part of 18 months, whilst the LNP has tried to have every position under the sun-regarding this policy-in that same period of time. When the legislation was introduced, the LNP thought it was more important to be putting out a pamphlet than being in the chamber to vote on it-once again proving what a horrendous waste of money this current Flopposition actually are.

  3. Seriously, Neil, do you actually say *anything* that doesn’t come to you courtesy of your pay masters in the Lieberal party? The Left have *not* lost interest in the NDIS, & Abbott has merely shown, once again, what a total imbecile he is (like opposing a modest increase to the Medicare Levy, whilst ignoring the 1.5% levy he plans to bring in to implement his “gilt edged” PPL scheme, & the multitude of levies that Howard brought in to push his ideological agenda).

  4. Labor tried to use the NDIS as a wedge to help win the election. Can you believe Labor. They even tried to use people in wheelchairs to help them win in September.

    What a load of absolute, pathetic bullshit, Neil. Seriously, the crap you spew forth is getting rather boring.

  5. Neil, if there’s a wedge, the Liars did it to themselves, because they’re such a spiteful, mean spirited bunch of hypocrites.

    Victoria has now signed up thanks to the PM’s negotiating skills and, I suspect, some agitating from disabled groups, carers and the general public who are no doubt as disgusted as we are at the way the Liars are playing politics with the lives of the disabled.

    You should also apologise to Stella Young for your disgusting suggestion that she allowed herself to be used as a political tool.

    Liars Party projection from you yet again, Neil. It’s the sort of dishonest corrupt crap we’ve come to expect from the likes of you.

    The Left has not lost interest in the NDIS, Why on earth would you say that, apart from your desperation that the Liars crude spiteful penny pinching disrespect for the disabled has been exposed for all to see.

    Liealot’s grudging agreement to the modest increase in the Medicare levy to implement the NDIS is in stark contrast to his promise to bludgeon extra tax out of business to pay for his bribes to wealthy pregnant women.

    How come that tax hike to fund his flawed brain fart isn’t subject to screams for a cost benefit analysis? And while we’re at it, let’s have a CBA for the DAP brain fart, which will cost all tax payers $1,300/annum and achieve bugger all?

    The Liars party-the highest taxing party by far.

  6. The Liars party-the highest taxing party by far.

    But CU/FU was telling me on another post that Costello lowered income tax causing problems for Labor.

    It appears you people say for political purposes that Howard/Costello was a high taxing govt and then for political purposes you say they did not tax enough creating problems for Labor 6 years latter.

    Please make up your mind.

  7. Video Tony Abbott didnt want the public to see.

    Why Abbott isn’t in government right now, and we never did find out what happened to the $7 to 11 billion black hole of his, he never bothered to explain it, being the deceiving lying bastard he is.

    And the example of this is how he responded to the NDIS. When it was first mooted he was mostly against it saying it needed better ways of funding it and should only be paid for when there is a surplus. That meant the disabled would never have certainty under Abbott.

    When it became obvious the public wanted this and he was getting negative feedback about his negativity to it he still would not go the full support, preferring to half respond and obfuscate on exactly what he wanted. He could not fully let go of the negativity that is his very being. Negabore has never been a more apt name for a person.

    Then when the positivity flowed through in he stepped to be the hero, like his staged faux rescue of the fallen bike rider, and fully supported it framing it as Abbott’s NDIS Agreement, not the Government’s NDIS or Gillard’s triumph, which is what it really was.

    I doubt there has ever been a worse and more morally decrepit person put up as a leader in this country than Abbott.

  8. C W’s if you think this is an Election winner you are seriously more stupid than
    Possible. I am not damning the Policy. Funding and Management under Labor
    well that is another consideration of course.
    Current Bookies Odds
    LIARS. $1.06
    LOSERS $8.25
    Probably says it all.
    The good news is less than 130 sleeps. Good night Julia – no nightmares tonight.
    Heard she has nightmares about being run over by a bike ridden by Abbott! !

  9. Julia Gillard has copped a pasting about lack of vision and Labor values from many who do not share either. Long after the politics of last week are forgotten DisabilityCare will be a cherished part of Aussie life. How many people can remember Drs. Deeble and Scotton or the vilification they received for proposing the original Medibank scheme to the Whitlam govt. or Malcolm Fraser’s attempts to dismantle it for good?

  10. I doubt there has ever been a worse and more morally decrepit person put up as a leader in this country than Abbott.”

    Gillard is trying to use people in wheelchairs to help her win the next election.

    And the only black holes I see is this, since 2007 budget deficits of -$27B, -$55B, -$48B and $-44B. And who knows what Labor has in store for us in the future.

  11. And totally predictable the gormless VoB brings up odds as the topic shows his beloved Abbott up as a loser, again.

    Nightmares and dreams are a sign of the brain working and neurons firing to process knowledge and experience. That means Abbott will have blank sleeps and have to be told what to do and say each morning by his masters as each days experience is dumped to make room for his very limited brain capacity.

  12. Neil
    “…people in wheelchairs…” Clichéd, patronising pap. Good thing you’re not running a retail chain.

    Suggest a few minutes reading about the scheme might throw some light. Start here.

    Your dollar at work

  13. The MSM have claimed that the Government played politics with the disabled.

    First, the MSM claimed that the Government should have introduced the legislation without the Opposition’s support, but since the roll-out of the actual services would not occur until after the election, this would mean that the Opposition could rescind it. The Opposition have proposed no spending beyond parental leave and defence and will spend a certain number of sitting days undoing (Labor’s) legislation. When the possibility of the Opposition gaining power is raised, the media claim the PM has given up on winning the election. It is the MSM who have promoted Opposition victory, ever since the last election. Apparently there is no need to vote or watch the media’s election coverage.

    Second, the media criticised the Government for now introducing a levy when the Queensland Premier had suggested it long ago. Given that the Government was hung, drawn and quartered for legislating “a great big new tax”, and given that the write-downs in the budget were not apparent, what would the Federal Coalition and the media have run with? Yes, the media would have been giving top billing to “ here-we-go-again-Abbott” and “hyperventilating-Hockey” with their exaggerated ham-act about Labor stealing everyone’s money. Even if the Government had supported the Queensland Premier’s idea of a levy, the Federal Opposition were opposing it (national legislation does not depend on Newman’s vote), so the legislation would not have passed.

    The media have not used the same reasoning towards the Opposition. Why didn’t the Coalition push for the legislation before the election? Is it less important than not having a mining tax and a carbon tax? Why didn’t the Leader of the Opposition introduce an NDIS when he was Health Minister and had a surplus? We wouldn’t have needed a levy now. Why did the Opposition oppose a levy after the Conservative Premier of Queensland advocated it?

    The public can be reassured that “walk-away Abbott” will not answer any time soon and if he and his Conservatives (not Liberals) gain power, all criticism of the Abbott regime will be obliterated.

  14. Ther good thing is that the NDIS is going to come to fruition. This despite the LNP representatives for their electorates having any idea what it is all about. I mean even Joe Hockey stated that it was hard to understand and not properly understood, even after 18 months or more. Gee Joe have you spent all that time out riding your bike with Tony?

  15. Deception? Double bluffs? Who cares? How else was Julia Gillard going to get this legislation passed and secured into the future, given the nature of the LOTO’s very publicly declared strategy to Oppose Everything!

  16. How else was Julia Gillard going to get this legislation passed and secured into the future,”

    She had the numbers. The independents supported it. She did not need Abbotts support.

    This provides further evidence that she was using people in wheelchairs for political reasons.

    I think everybody voted for it anyway.

  17. Neil, and others, the PM by her strong actions has made it near impossible for Abbott to undo. Yes, she has ensured funding for five years. Yes, more will be needed after that.

    As for Hockey not understanding what it is about. Maybe he and Abbott SHOULD HAVE READ THE LEGALISATION, they so proudly supported in parliament..

    All that is being talked about now, is how that legislation, which has been passed into law is to be funded.

  18. Oh wow, the line up of Lieberal suck-holes who infest these blogs never ceases to amaze me. The facts speak for themselves, VoB, average tax take (as a % of GDP) under Howard government was much higher than under the current government-mostly from consumption (GST), business taxes, loads of levies, & taxes on low to middle income earners. Yet still he had more money going out than coming in during his last term, which is a large part of the reason why we have a budget deficit today.

  19. Can anyone on here make me a list of Liberal achievements over the last thirty years, Not the old surplus bullshit because that’s just priority choice. No, I want a list of real achievements, those things that have contributed fundementally to changing Australia for the better and serving the greater good. I can think of a number of Labor initiatives that fit that criteria, but no Liberal? The G.S.T.???? anything else…… anyone? Then later, just for fun, we’ll start with all the Hawke/ Keating reforms and move forward. We will of course take Medibank/care as a given. Anyone?

  20. I can give you one that Costello did and it is praiseworthy.

    The formation of Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA).

    1 JULY 1998

    It had a lot to do with our finance institution navigating successfully through the GFC whilst all around the world governments spent billions bailing out or taking over theirs.

    There’s not much else I can think of.

    By the way the regulation of Australia’s finance institutions was an idea germinated by Keating and often talked about by him in speeches. He even put the banks on notice a few times about it.

    APAIS has records if you want to spend a lot of time searching.

  21. “Yet still he had more money going out than coming in during his last term,

    This is not true. Costello saved $50B in his last three budgets. And we have a budget deficit because Swan cannot stop spending.

    Also Labor party policies scares everybody so business people go elsewhere. Labors IR laws do not help. Unemployment would be 0.5% lower if we had better IR laws.

  22. I notice Neil can’t think of any? And Neil, check your figures mate. And be honest, and take into account GDP growth and population growth. And don’t ignore the GFC, as your mates so often do and then also explain why a dollar spent by government is not as valuable as a dollar spent by an individual, It still purchases product, it still pays people, and it gets re-spent doing all those things all over again. An unused surplus in a potentially stagnant economy does no-one any good!

  23. Costello when faced with a problem would change his policies.

    Swan only has one policy when faced with a problem. Throw a wheelbarrow full of cash at it. He has no second plan.

  24. And I do certainly accept the Gun Buyback, but it was bi-partisan. So a much easier sell to commonsense Australians, unlike poor Obama and those conservative morons over there. Oh, that’s right, Abbott is modelling his party on them, good luck with that!

  25. Neil you fucking imbecile I will remind your ignorant ass that the NDIS is a Labor policy, Costello is an incompetent fucking idiot no wonder you worship him. WHAT A NASTY INSIGNIFICANT PERSON YOU ARE.

  26. Neil you fucking imbecile I will remind your ignorant ass that the NDIS is a Labor policy, Costello is an incompetent fucking idiot no wonder you worship him. WHAT A NASTY INSIGNIFICANT PERSON YOU ARE.

    Come on Ricky, tell us what you really think. 😆

  27. Well I found this on a Liberal Party website. This is what they claim are Howard govt achievements

    -Leadership of the United Nations mission to restore independence and democracy to East Timor
    -lifting productivity on Australia’s waterfront to world standards
    – establishment of the National Community Crime Prevention Programme
    -an increase in the number of apprentices in training by more than two-and-a-half times – from 154,800 in March 1996 to 397,400 by December 2006
    -an increase in the number of higher education students from 659,000 in 1997 to 1,029 846 in 2007
    -the establishment of a specific Future Fund, providing for the future superannuation liabilities of Australian public servants
    -Priority for school-to-work programs such as Jobs Pathway and enterprise education
    -the introduction of the Work for the Dole program, helping to get long-term unemployed back into the workforce
    -a nationwide strategy to involve communities in the protection of the environment through the establishment with the States of catchment management authorities across the continent under the Natural Heritage Trust and the National Action Plan for Salinity and Water Quality
    -setting new international standards in the protection of marine areas by expanding from 5 per cent to 33 percent the proportion of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park protected from exploitation
    -establishing the National Oceans Office and the commencement of marine protected areas around the entire continental shelf
    -establishment of the National Heritage Council and the National Heritage list for the effective protection of Australia’s national heritage
    -building of the National Portrait Gallery and planning the new Museum of Democracy
    -the Alice Springs – Darwin railway
    -Instituting nation-wide gun controls following the Port Arthur massacre
    -eliminating Labor’s $96 billon government debt – by 2007 Australia was saving $8.8 billion a year in interest payments
    -decline in number of households dependent on government pensions and allowances from 28.5 per cent in 1994-95 to 23.2 per cent in 2007-08
    -restoring Australia’s AAA credit rating
    -establishing the Charter of Budget Honesty and the independence of the Reserve Bank to manage monetary policy
    -New prudential supervision of financial institutions through the Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority (APRA)
    -providing the largest tax relief in Australia’s history, and a much fairer tax system from 2000 with the introduction of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) – followed by further tax relief in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007

  28. sale of 72 billion dollars of public assets including gold reserves, children overboard, work choices, jailing Hanson then stealing her policies, the world worst treasurer, dragging us into two wars based upon lies, buying votes with middle class welfare,..destroying the telecommunications and engineering sectors….thats fact dickhead not copy and paste propaganda…

  29. NDIS will not get Ma Dullard over the line on 14/9.
    It has not effected Labors shocking state in size of Election defeat.
    It is close to impossible for this to change – unless you are a dreamer on CW site.

  30. “-establishing the Charter of Budget Honesty and the independence of the Reserve Bank to manage monetary policy”

    Is that the one that Abbott refuse to use.

  31. “-lifting productivity on Australia’s waterfront to world standards”

    The one where he bought the dogs in.

  32. ” the introduction of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) –”

    Yep, a regressive taX tax that is working. States seem to be going backwards. Black money market greater than ever.

  33. Fed up with ‘Fed Up’ well. . . .
    Cop the latest odds on Sporting Bet
    Coalition $1.05
    Aust Losers Party $9.00
    Time for those here to put money where your big mouths are.
    These odds are quite unbelievable .
    Bad at the Polls bad at the Bookies .Can it get any worse?

  34. Fancy a Prime Minister losing his seat and losing the election, what are the odds on that!

  35. Swan only has one policy when faced with a problem. Throw a wheelbarrow full of cash at it.

    He’s got a long way to go to reach $330bn, Neil and a lot more to show for it.

    Whichever way you look at it, the Rodent threw money around like it was confetti to no effective value. All it amounted to was the dole for the well heeled. Bugger all for the people who really needed it.

    There was no investment in public infrastructure. Public schools weren’t just starved of funds, their buildings were allowed to decay, hence the BER to make up for 12 years of neglect during one of the greatest boom periods this country has known.

    Underfunding and neglect of tertiary education and infrastructure, ditto public hospitals and health.

    What a proud record of investment in this country; pissed up against the wall of welfare payments handed out wholesale to people who had absolutely no need for it.

    Migs, there certainly was a levy with the gun buy back-over 2 years, along with a whole host of other levies, some of which we didn’t know we were paying. One of which was to help the Rodent’s brother out of a spot of bother. Another great use of public monies.

    I’m not too sure if we were slugged with a levy to pay for the AWB bribes, but it wouldn’t surprise me. I still think the government made a big fat mistake not picking that scab.

  36. “Is that all. Not much to show for over twelve years

    No there is other stuff. One of the better Howard govt schemes was Commercial Ready. But Rudd abolished it. It was a broken election promise by Rudd as he promised not to abolish it.


    An Australian company developing a hybrid-drive system for trucks should be given a $5 million grant it was expecting from the federal government, the opposition says.

    Permo-Drive, based in Ballina on NSW’s far north coast, was expecting the grant from the Commercial Ready scheme, axed in the Rudd government’s first budget last month, it was reported……………Opposition Leader Brendan Nelson said government’s hypocrisy had been exposed by a decision to provide global car giant Toyota with $35 million to assist with manufacture of a hybrid Camry, but not help a local company.”

  37. Don’t forget the axing of the dental scheme, leaving untold numbers with no care, resulting in countless oldies costing $5000 per day in intensive care due to serious disease contracted through rotten teeth and gums, Real smart and cost effective! Then there was the cutting of of training places for doctors, resulting in a huge doctor shortage, and the employment of shonkies who’ve killed people. Labor has had to fix this. Then there was the MRI fiasco, which has resulted in billions of health dollars wasted on unnecessary scans, with no end in sight. I suppose it keeps wingnut’s mates at the big end of town in spare cash. Then there were the savage cuts to university and TAFE budgets, resulting in lectures with 500 – 1000 students and “tutorials” with 250 students, and shortages of skilled tradespersons. Oh, and don’t forget the non-spend on vital infrastructure eg. in 12 years of little Johnny, only $1.2 billion spent on the Bruce Highway, an average of $100 million per year. Last time I looked, it cost $12 million to build one kilometre of highway-standard road. You can do the maths to reveal the effectiveness of this. Julia Gillard has already spent $3.7 billion trying to restore the deadly goat track that Howard and Costello let it become. These are just some of the great achievements of the emporers with no clothes.

  38. Recalcatrick – bit like getting fewer seats and forming a ‘minority government’
    Well as Ms Dullard says ‘ lets move foward’ and like most Australians
    just cannot wait till about 1900hours 14/9.
    Hope they have all pre-booked Mini-Movers!!

  39. Gillard is trying to use people in wheelchairs to help her win the next election.

    That is only true if you believe that the libs would have undone the NDIS after the election. When you look at the past history of the libs and their approach to Labors plans, that is a fair assumption. When you see the initial comments made by the opposition and their glee club the msm, then that is a rolled gold guarantee.


    Yes, you can say Gillard ‘wedged’ them. You can say it as coarsely and inaccurately as nil did. But, it must then be highlighted, the PM only ‘wedged’ them by their own recalcitrance and past form in holding back any real progress in this area. And, it was done so that the best outcome for the policy could be achieved. It was political brinkmanship at it finest, which, of course, our political ‘elites’ completely fail to either see or acknowledge. Either or.

    She had three choices, try and push it through a belligerent Parliament (we recall how well that went with the flood levy, and is perhaps why the press gallery is so upset), for which the libs, as mentioned, could rescind it afterwards, or, she could ‘wedge’ them by their own previous actions and contemporary words. This would mean either taking it to an election, or getting it done smoothly and without the ability for the opposition to roll it back. I think she bargained on either, as either was a winner for her. What politician in their right mind would choose the other option?

    So yes, she used politics to garner the best outcome. She is, after all, a politician. And, the best outcome was achieved. The second best would have been to take it to an election, The worst outcome would have been to try and push it through and have another GBNT scare campaign, with the opposition well placed to rescind it after the election.

    Gillard played politics. Perfectly. And achieved the best possible outcome for not only the disabled, but the entire country.

    And the msm claim this a victory for the backflipping, backpeddling fear monger who has tried to stop this reform from the outset, and put out every excuse under the sun to postpone it.

    He is now locked in, against his best wishes, and that of his bumbling treasury miser, and every state is gradually being drawn in by Gillards tactics, after being belittled on the front pages of the papers for her huge ‘loss’ at the recent COAG, each and every signature barely garners a ripple in their decaying pages. And then they claim that this is somehow a win for their glory boy ❓ 😯

    Fucking mob of shysters our msm is, and the tool from insiders is the biggest shyster of them all on this occasion.

    Apparently, poor ol bazza reckons the PM got a bit gnarly at the end of his alleged ‘interview’. I get the feeling he didn’t like her highlighting, to his face and in exquisite detail, exactly how little he and his cliche ignored her advice when she said ‘don’t write crap!’. He tried to embarrass her on his own show, and got taken to school for his troubles.

    But just as I’ve done some things that people haven’t expected – you know, I listen to this negative commentary all the time. I got told for 12 months our relationship with China was in ruins, it was in tatters. I go to China and pull off things that people weren’t expecting and everybody goes ‘oh, well, that’s a bit interesting.’ I get told Gonski’s dead in the water. I go to New South Wales and get an agreement with Premier O’Farrell. I get told we won’t get disability care done, that we can’t actually get agreement for the levy, and there we are, we’ve done it during the course of this week. So I’m pretty used to the negative chit chat, Barrie, and I’m pretty used to prevailing against that negative chit chat and I’ll do that again in September.


    Funnily enough, after that, they entered into another round of ‘negative chit chat’. Just a shame the camera wasn’t on his face as she was lecturing him and his groupies over their most recent examples of getting it so incredibly Wrong.

  40. He’s got a long way to go to reach $330bn,

    This comment is madness. So Howard received $330B windfall revenue in his last three years?? That is approx. $100B/year increase in revenue. Please show me in the budget papers where revenue increased by $100B in say 2003 before it was handed back as tax cuts or middle class welfare. Madness.

    That comment ranks up with Howard introduced a new rule that you only have to work one hour/week to be employed making unemployment fall from 8% to 4% as you people keep trying to tell me.

  41. Don’t forget the axing of the dental scheme, leaving untold numbers with no care”

    Thanks for reminding me Labor axed Abbotts scheme.


    “IT’S Christmas news from the Gillard government that former boilermaker Gregory Savage could have done without.

    Following the closure of the Chronic Disease Dental Scheme, the 61-year-old was forced to borrow money from his sister to pay for his most recent dental treatment after using the scheme for the past three years.”

  42. Australia’s dental health has been in decline since 1996 when (then) prime minister John Howard scrapped the Commonwealth Dental Program in his first budget.

  43. Gillard is trying to use people in wheelchairs to help her win the next election. Plus it’s only true if you believe that people with disabilities shouldn’t be helped at all.

    I was speaking with one particular member of parliament when I was a Disability Advocate and asked him about additional funding..this is a number of years ago. His answer to me was that people with disabilities don’t need assistance because a majority of people with disabilities have these disabilities because of car and other accidents and so receive substantial payouts and therefore have plenty of money. Try telling that to the parent of a Downs Syndrome child.

  44. Neil, there is already a better dental scheme in operation. One that will not send the country broke and targetted to those with the greatest need.

    One that is more in line with the one that Howard threw out, to replace with one that allowed many upper income earners to use, at the expense of the poor.

  45. “Neil, there is already a better dental scheme in operation

    No there is not. The old scheme has been abolished and the replacement scheme does not start until 2014. And as usual I don’t think Labor has any money for it.

    It seems that it was just a money saving measure to cut Howards old scheme.


    The Chronic Disease Dental Scheme is now closed. No Medicare benefits are payable for any dental services provided from 1 December 2012 under Medicare dental items 85011-87777 from this date.”

  46. Why is it seen as bad politics for the PM to get the best deal for people in wheelchairs?

    Those fighting for a better deal for the disabled for decades would not see it so. You know it is all about politics, and that those from the right see few votes in looking after the weak. No, I believe they are glad politics was played by the PM. The are well aware, that Abbott could have dismantled it, along with all the PM has done.

    Of course every action of the Opposition Leader is not politics.

    After all, what we are discussing is politics.

  47. Sorry, Heil, there are already things being put in place. A great centre was opened at, I think, at Penrith hospital a couple of weeks ago. Many can still attend the NSW hospitals. I know there is a waiting

    When one wrecks something, it takes time to rebuild.

  48. Oh, you mean the dental scheme that was being rorted by the Rodent’s mates the wealthy who could well afford to pay for their own dental care, but chose instead to latch onto the public teat.

    And of course you carefully avoid acknowledging there is a a new dental scheme in the pipeline that the wealthy won’t be able to rort by getting their greedy paws on all the funding.

    And as usual when unpalatable evidence is staring you in the face you immediately put your fingers in your ears, close your eyes and bellow lalalala so you won’t have to face facts. You’ve been given untold links. Read them instead of whining incessantly and lying!

    Speaking of lies, Neil, the government signalled that there would be a NDIS 18+ months ago, so go peddle your lies to someone who’s stupid enough to believe them.

    Science: Problem or Solution, wingnut projection as usual and their usual response of “Look over there!” when they’re called on it. Acting blind, deaf and mute is another of their responses when the other two fail, which they inevitable do.

    Neil is a prime example, He’s been honing that particular set of dubious skills for years as you can see if you can be bothered with Menzies House regurgitated bovine excrement.

    Take all the confected outrage about the increase in the Medicare levy to fund NDIS, but the total amnesia wrt all the unnecessary levies the Rodent imposed, including levies that lasted 6 years to help his rich mates drive small dairy farmers out of business.

    The irony is that not only did the Rodent help destroy their businesses, he was secretly picking their pockets to facilitate the robber barons. And yet they still vote for the Nationals who were a party to their demise.

    I hope the Liars never announce any interest in the industry my family is involved in.

    Tom R, Liars & msm projection-it’s a wonderful thing isn’t it. We’ve known about NDIS for nigh on 2 years, and we’ve all known that the legislation was going to be put to the House this year, but it’s all come as a huge surprise to barrackers.

    Which in itself is a huge surprise, seeing Liealot has been steadfastly against it from day 1!

    And of course there is the barrage of insulting and demeaning tirades against Stella Young for having the audacity to be pleased that the disabled are their carers are finally going to get official recognition.

    Matt Young begrudging a latte a week to help fund a scheme to make life a little easier for the disabled and their carers is a prime example of Liars selfishness and complete lack of empathy.

    And then to insult people’s intelligence by claiming that he won’t be able to afford $300 to heat his house if his medicare levy is increased. My advice, you moron-give up 2 lattes a week. You’ll be able to heat your house AND do some good for once in your miserable over privileged life!

    He and his ilk should be forced to live the life of a person with disabilities for a year, then live as a carer of a disabled person for the same length of time and then tell the world at large that sacrificing a latte a week is too high a price to pay for a person on his income!

    No doubt the Liars and their barrackers must feel their chests swelling with pride to witness the “let them eat cake” attitude that 12 years of Rodentochracy has fostered in the land of the fair go for billionaires and their sycophants.

  49. Neil, this is off topic, but it answer a question you have asked, why would Murdoch not want the NBN.

    “…We’ve just had a young technician from Adelaide in here sorting out our TV aerial so we get a better digital reception (all done under a government scheme to help out the oldies – thank you, Julia). There wasn’t a heap he could do, our area being notoriously problematic, but when I suggested that what we needed ASAP was the NBN so we could stream our TV through our computer, he totally agreed.

    From our discussion of the NBN it emerged that he and all his mates are no longer going to vote for the LNP, solely on the basis of their Fraudband policy.
    ………We’ve just had a young technician from Adelaide in here sorting out our TV aerial so we get a better digital reception (all done under a government scheme to help out the oldies – thank you, Julia). There wasn’t a heap he could do, our area being notoriously problematic, but when I suggested that what we needed ASAP was the NBN so we could stream our TV through our computer, he totally agreed.

    From our discussion of the NBN it emerged that he and all his mates are no longer going to vote for the LNP, solely on the basis of their Fraudband policy…………….

    Licence to send TV over the airwaves will not longer be necessary. I also note that an Opposition MP has come out. attacking Abbott’s Parental Leave Scheme.

  50. Oh, you mean the dental scheme that was being rorted by the Rodent’s mates the wealthy who could well afford to pay for their own dental care, but chose instead to latch onto the public teat.”

    Yes that is the one. If it was being rorted why not stop the rorts??? Unless of course there was another motive. And there was. It was stopped to save money pure and simple. Tanya just used rorts as an excuse. I can easily see this. It is sad that you can’t or won’t.

    I did mention the new scheme. It will not start until 2014 and i think there is no money for it.

  51. Sorry Neil, the scheme is already being developed and put into operation. There is money for it. Yes, there is a timeline,

    Neil, I have had access to dental treatment since that deadline., It is not true to say none is available.

  52. FU

    If it was Howard who abolished the CDDS you would say he was mean and heartless. Your concept of right and wrong depends on who is in power. Howard locks up children he is called mean and nasty. Gillard locks up children- crickets chirping.

    DisabilityCare – a colossal political achievement

    Labor only has to announce something and their supporters start acting like giggling schoolgirls. I will believe it when is see the final product.

    In 2007 Labor promised an NBN costing $4.7B and finished in 5 years. Six years latter not much has happened.

  53. Neil; the circle goes around. We are now back to this one. Yes, Rudd did promise to do what Howard made 17 failed attempts at. Conroy went as far as calling contracts. Guess what, the outcome was the same as Howard achieved, It did not work.

    The reality was, there is no cheap way of doing it. The problem laid with how Howard sold off Telecom. Yes, the two arms should have been separated at the time. Yes, nearly twenty years ago, Telstra said the copper wire was crap and needed to be replaced. This they did not do.

    Conroy then faced reality and went back to the drawing board. He decided to go with the technology that will stand us well, into the distant future.

    Even the mismatch new Coalition scheme, recognises this is what is needed. Howard tried and failed 17 times.

    The alternative offered by the Opposition, will in the long one cost us much more, will be nearly as expensive in the meantime, and will only shorten the inttroduc6tio by a couple of years.

    Yes, Rudd got it wrong, but quickly seen their mistake.

    Why would one hook up the latest technology of fibre onto crapped out copper, to save a small amount of money, and a couple of years.

    It is acknowledge that by then, they have to go on, and remove the copper.

    Problem is, the system will only be as good, as the copper it is hooked up to.

    Telstra is already rubbing their hands with glee, with the money they art going to get for nothing, from the Coalition inferior scheme

    Murdoch is happy. His TV networks will not be put at risk.


  54. Neil, ask Turnbull the question he does not like, what about upload speeds?

    Well Kevin, getting an answers out of them all, is like pulling chooks teeth. Impossible.

  55. Poor old Nil has wasted days spinning and deceiving on behalf of the miserable Liberals. The mining and media moguls who benefit from the Liberal agenda laugh at his like, deriding them as Useful Idiots who do thankless propaganda duties for nothing. To people of good will at the Cafe he’s also a source of amusement and, in our better moments, pity.

  56. If it was Howard who abolished the CDDS you would say he was mean and heartless.

    Not if he intended to replace it with a better scheme. I would have applauded it as would the rest of us. As I applauded the gun laws he introduced.

    The rorting was stopped by abolishing Howard’s scheme. It will be replaced by another, more tightly focused scheme.

    Yet more proof of the the cynical carping mean spritiedness of the Liars and their barrackers in Neil’s response to NDIS. Passed in the lower House and financing assured.

    Something Neil’s mob had to be forced to support by being wedged. Pretty telling when the Liars have to be politically wedged to support such legislation,.

    You would have thought support would be a given for some of the country’s most vulnerable citizens. Not a good look for the Liars, but a look of their own making

    The Liars in their true colours. Gutless, mean spirited and miserly toward the disadvantaged.

    In 2007 Labor promised an NBN costing $4.7B and finished in 5 years. Six years latter not much has happened.

    Yes, Neil the original NBN was abandoned because it was found to be flawed and insufficient to meet the needs of the country on the long term. So instead of rolling out a rubbish network, they went back to the drawing board, did the research, took the advice of experts and came back with a communications network that will stand the country on good stead for 50+ years.

    No doubt, by then technology will have advanced exponentially and what is being rolled out now will be replaced or modified to carry us well into the 22nd century.

    IF we have a government with the foresight and vision to think beyond the next election, which also thinks that all Australians are worthy of having access to the best technology on offer, not just the wealthy elites.

    I compare Fraudband with the Titanic.. It won’t survive the hit from the iceberg of rapid obsolescence, the best cabins and all the lifeboats are for the wealthy passengers and the lower decks and steerage can drown as far as the company is concerned.

  57. nothing much has happened, well not in your world nil your a bit slow on the uptake… fed up why bother..turnbull is blatting on about vdsl vectoring..he has no fucking idea what he is taling about..its only good for 700 meteres over perfect copper or it just stops..So much for that farce. He is making a complete dick of himself amongst the tech community. Of course ignoramuses like nil believe it all. they wheel turnbull out like he is an expert, he has never built a network. that is an absolute lie. He has never anything as ozemail was dial up when he was there and all he did was a little insider trading before he ripped off worlcom, one of the greatest frauds in american corporate history. cuppa i dont pitty him, he is a complete fucking idiot, wish he would just fuck off.

  58. I began on the internet, on Ozemail. Do not remember it being so wonderful. We have come a long way since then.

    Jane, the contracts have been signed. For five years, I believe. A little hurdle for Turnbull to leap over.

    I am of the belief, that Turnbull has no intention of interfering with the NBNco. He is just in the business of keeping ABBOTT HAPPY.

    The same goes for CEF. Why would business want the uncertainty that dismantling it would bring, especially when Abbott intends to replace it with a more expensive and inferior scheme.

    Still I would not count on that happening. Remember Howard and the GST, Many believed that he would not be successful, as the Democrats would prevent the GST.

    That did not happen. Democrats sold the voters out. They have now gone.

  59. Kevin Rennie, roflmao!

    ……getting an answers out of them all, is like pulling chooks teeth.

    Fed up, love it.

    cuppa, right on the money. Neil and the other barrackers are just cannon fodder as far as the Liars are concerned. Drones they fill up with bullshit, wind ’em up and point them out the door to disseminate FUD.

    However, Neil has a redeeming feature. He grows vegies.

    Did you have a good crop of tomatoes, Neil? I had a bumper crop as well as chillies, peas, beans, strawberries. And we just finished our spuds.

    The only trouble was that I ate more at the vine than I harvested for meals. 😦

    Ricky, I don’t know why they kow tow to Turnbull wrt internet. All he does is trade in shares. And I don’t know why people wish he was running the Liars. He’s no better than Liealot; we all saw that with the Grech affair.

    If anything I think he’s worse than Liealot; overbearing, arrogant and a know all.

  60. Yes, Neil the original NBN was abandoned because it was found to be flawed and insufficient to meet the needs of the country on the long term

    Wow so Labor won the 2007 election by deceiving the electorate.

    And I doubt there was much rorting in the CDDS. Just a convenient lie to keep their supporters happy.

  61. jane, if one wants to save money by growing vegs, I suggest parsnips. They are nearly $10 a kilo. Easy to grow, I believe.

  62. Neil, Labor did not deceive. They were honest and up front. Saying what they promised would not work. You ignore the 17 attempts, of Howard over the years, trying to bring in a similar scheme.

    What we are getting. takes us far out in front of most of the world, in essential infrastructure for the future.

    Yes, it puts us in front of the pack, in what is needed to thrive in the Asian century.

  63. Jenny Machlin has just pointed out that employers are still supporting industry maternity leave. People such as nurses and others., are collecting both.

    Abbott has said in his scheme, the employer would be free to discontinue such payments, transferring all to the taxpayer.

    I would love to know what higher paid women are now receiving.

  64. http://www.businessspectator.com.au/article/2013/5/6/federal-budget/deficit-debate-thats-all-out-whack?utm_source=exact&utm_medium=email&utm_content=282993&utm_campaign=kgb&modapt=

    Neil, suggest you take time out to read. Is a long article.
    Is a little off topic, but is what Neil spruiks all the time, no matter the topic.

    hat would not result in a household-sector-like blowout in debt, but in a level of government debt which was relatively constant compared to GDP – versus the obsession both parties have with getting that debt to zero.
    If 3 per cent is the proper goal for a government deficit during times of tranquil growth, then the current expected deficit in the order of $25 billion – or roughly 1.7 per cent of GDP – is the sort of target you’d set during a boom, when you were trying to restrain private demand.
    Not even the bulls believe we’re in a boom anymore, so the current level of the government deficit is probably less than the economy is currently ordering. Its impact is likely to put a further drag on growth – and, if the usual post-election farce occurs, sharp “the deficit is worse than we thought” cuts may well amplify the downturn. Welcome to political anorexia, brought to you by bad, anti-empirical economics.

    Read more: http://www.businessspectator.com.au/article/2013/5/6/federal-budget/deficit-debate-thats-all-out-whack#ixzz2SURVl0l0

  65. Jane, Michael isn’t exactly a horticulturalist so that’s become my job. So far of the edible variety we have rosemary and parsley..it’s a start. 🙂 As it’s a courtyard garden, it’s going to have to be a vertical garden..all that it takes is imagination.

    Neil, you know that the NBN is good for the country and for the future.

  66. Just keep em coming nonce of sydney you are redefining a new bar standard of obstinant dickhead.

  67. Tony Abbott’s capitulation on the disability levy has been parlayed by his cheer squad into a brilliant tactical victory, leaving Julia Gillard, as usual, the loser. Go figure, writes Mungo MacCallum.
    In normal times, for impartial judges, last week would have counted as a big win for Julia Gillard.
    Not only did the Prime Minister set up the circumstances to pass one of her big reforms into law; she did so in such a way as to insure it against repeal by any future government, and in the process she brought a previously intransigent opposition around to her own funding model. In politics, it doesn’t get much better.
    But she has received almost no credit for the achievement
    , because these are not normal times and those making the judgements are anything but impartial. To them, this was not a win in the true sense of the word: indeed, it wasn’t about reform at all; it was a devious piece of politics designed to wedge Tony Abbott, but Abbott was too smart and beat Gillard at her own game. So DisabilityCare will not be an election issue and Abbott, not Gillard, is the real winner…..


  68. Well I suppose you’re right in a sense, Neil. Rudd was trying to implement a form of the NBN Howard wanted, but should have known better. Anything Howard touched was either flawed or corrupt.

    So it was back to the drawing board for another crack. You see, the difference is that no matter what the Liars would never have admitted that their version was NBG, which is borne out by the number of times they tried to implement it, but labor had the guts to admit they got it wrong and would correct the error.

    That’s what a responsible government, or person or any other entity does, Neil. They ‘fess up to their mistakes and fix them up.

    Min, it’s a good start. Let me know how you get on with the vertical garden. it sounds pretty exciting and I wouldn’t mind tackling one myself. Apparently, if the structure for the garden has a foundation, you have to get council approval.

    However, that may not apply in all states and council districts. I’d love to see a photo when you get it up & running.

    Fed up @6.16pm, it must take remarkable powers of contortion to spin the PM wedging Liealot into a victory for him. However you try to spin it:, it goes something like this:

    PM “I’m going to fund the NDIS by raising the medicare levy.”

    Lielot “I won’t support it!”

    PM “Fine. I’ll announce that you refuse to support NDIS because you’re a penny pinching git, but that you’re going to levy a GREAT, BIG, NEW TAX on business to ensure rich women get paid a fortune to have a baby. Should go down a treat.”

    Liealot ” I HATE you!”

    PM “Right back at ya! So we’ve got a deal?”

    Liealot (through gritted teeth) “Yes! Now let my smugglers go! You’re hurting my boys!”

    PM “Pleasure doing business with you. I look forward to chatting with you about funding for the new dental scheme. You might need to seek medical advice about that head shaking.”

    I think the NDIS will be an election issue, because Liealot, the Liars and the barrackers will still be bitching about it and looking more mean, tricky and spiteful by the hour.

    And we’ve still got Thomson’s expected victory and 2 finger salute to the Liars & Rupert, Ettridge muddying the waters as fast as he can and Ashbygate. And who knows what will come out of the US wrt Rupert.

    Could be very interesting times ahead.

  69. My gut feeling is, that the Ashby matter will be denied. Abbott then has many questions to answer.

  70. A lot of the centre-left ‘insiders’ seem to be repositioning themselves to accommodate life after an Abbott victory and I don’t just mean journalists. The use of ‘accommodate’ may turn out to be closer to ‘collaborate’. Anyone one who thinks that the LNP government would govern for everyone, as we are always promised on election night by the victors, is reality challenged.

    Time to be counted. There is an election campaign going on! The federal election is not a grander version of New South Wales and Queensland ones. If we get a similar result, silence beforehand (or even muted opposition) will mean consent.

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