On Yer Bike, Tony!


Does Tony Abbott deserve a medal,
Riding on the Pollie Pedal,
When what’s really in his head’ll
Likely cause a major scandal?

While all along the cyclists’ way
The media scrum’s there every day
Recording what he has to say
What he really thinks he hides away.

Like – how to get more and more votes?
Keep counting those illegal boats!
That should bring in some headline quotes
And keep the Greens at Labor’s throats.

Talk about our coast’s defences
As the main event commences,
Keeping up PR pretences,
While calculating his expenses.

He’ll claim each night for a motel,
(Not like Craig Thomson in Dobell!)
No chance our Tones will go to hell.
He’s cleared that with Cardinal Pell.

He’s not increasing his own wealth!
He is helping the nation’s health,
Not by preaching, but more by stealth,
A good example, like himself!

So it goes on, mile after mile!
The ALP daren’t be so vile
As to criticise, swallow bile.
Peta Credlin is one big smile.


Pollie Pedal, the well known national annual charity bike ride started in Adelaide on 28th April, and participants are riding some 1,000 kilometres through South Australia and Victoria to finish in Geelong on 5 May. When Carers Australia proudly announced the launch of their much publicized, and dare I say it, exploited, fund raiser by Tony Abbott they also told us that

Since its inception fifteen years ago Pollie Pedal has raised over $2.5 million for a range of charitable organisations.

which Mr. Abbott himself happily repeated on his own blog.

Correct me if my sums are wrong but after my very generous rounding out, after all expenses relating to its promotion are costed, acknowledging that the hundreds of participants meet their own expenses and appreciating all the work by thousands of local volunteers along the way, I make that an average raising of a paltry $165,000 each year. I use the word paltry advisedly because I know how careful one should be about belittling the work of charitable groups and their volunteer helpers, particularly one like Carers Australia who do such worthwhile work in the community. But I feel that they could be achieving a great deal more if so much of their energy were not taken up in promotion of the Pollie Pedal each year and they focussed instead on their real work and other less high profile fund raising efforts. Donations from 2GB and the Liberal Party alone, forget about the Labor Party and their other high profile sponsors, so prominently named on participants’ brand new spandex outfits could mount up. Even personal donations from many of the prominent citizens who participate in this event could very quickly raise 2.5 million dollars in one year, but over fifteen years?

There are, of course, other benefits than financial from this event. But last year journalist Malcolm Farr seemed to think that most of them accrued to Tony Abbott,

the first and major one being that he got to personally meet and chat with the locals in some of the country’s most marginal electorates.
The other two benefits are to help charity, and, he says, to set a fitness example for those who should have healthier lifestyles.

Tony Abbott himself acknowledges all that. As he told the Herald Sun

“For 15 years now, travelling through small towns, stopping at pubs and cafes and staying at caravan parks, Pollie Pedal has enabled me to engage with people in ways that are rarely possible through politics-as-usual,”

He went further to say that

“The other nice thing about the Pollie Pedal is that travelling on bikes and staying in caravan parks suggests to those who are familiar with it that politicians are not quite the creatures of luxury or the indulgent people that at least some of our critics like to think.”

All of which would be quite acceptable had Tony Abbott, like many riders, stayed with the original commitment to meet their all their own expenses. But it seems that many of his personal expenses like that expensive new spandex outfit each year and other equipment are met by sponsors. As well, he has always claimed from the Commonwealth a daily entitlement for accommodation which this year is over $350 a night. This, in spite of his firm statement that

“every rider, politicians included, pays $100 a day to cover expenses and is expected to raise at least $500 in personal sponsorship.”

Because this has always been billed as a non-political and charitable event, like many people on the left, till now I’ve followed the Labor Party line of not criticising or commenting on Tony Abbott’s efforts even though media coverage has always been more about Abbott than Carers Australia. This year this has been even more so than before, despite promises from a fellow Liberal party participant, candidate for the federal seat of Barker, Tony Pasin, that the fundraiser is not part of a campaign, saying

“We’re encouraging all members of the community to come and introduce themselves to Tony and the other politicians on the ride. This is not a Liberal party event, the politicians that are riding are from all political spectrums.”

I have yet to read or hear about who these “other politicians” are, but I see plenty of newsreel shots of Abbott either on the road on his bike, or at wayside stops meeting locals in his spanking white promotional outfit, or even being a “knight in shining armor” when one participant had a fall and both he and a cameraman were conveniently to hand to film footage for the evening news bulletin. I have to agree with Möbius Ecko of our own Cafe Whispers that

This has to be the most put up cringe worthy media setup stunt of the lot.

That comment confirmed the sense of outrage I had felt listening to Barry Cassidy, Adele Taylor and Gerard Henderson all agreeing that Pollie Pedal was ‘campaigning genius’ as he cycles through so many marginal seats, and how it has become a huge fund raiser! That really stuck in my craw, having read in past years about how Abbott milks his Commonwealth expense allowance for this event and when travelling for his own book launches and the like, particularly when I think of Peter Slipper and Craig Thomson being crucified over travel claims. Which is how this pome and post emerged. If my outrage has muddled my thinking so that my quotes, facts or sums are wrong, I am open to correction.

PS I am pleased though that today, 01/05/13, Tony Abbott’s Pollie Pedal has been upstaged by the Government’s announcement of its planned levy for its National Disability Insurance Scheme. I’ll leave it to leone over at The Pub to explain how she saw that happening………

Do you know what the best thing about PMJG’s announcement today was? Her superb timing. Slap bang in the middle of Tony’s Grand Triumphal Photo-op Tour. He thought he had a week off to do nothing but swan around on his bike, have dinner with Mormons and tweet lots of pictures of himself in different coloured lycra every day. He wuz wrong, so very wrong.

There was Abbott, out on the road in the backblocks of SA as she spoke. It took Abbott a couple of hours to get to wherever he was going, get gussied up, have a briefing and finally, hold a presser. Brilliant!

Now he has to come up with a response by tomorrow, and all his minders and shadow front benchers and advisors are far, far away. If only he had reliable high-speed internet access out there that would allow him to have an on-line conference……

I don’t believe for one moment that Prime Minister Julia Gillard planned it that way! Do you?

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  1. Comment from Warren M*..

    It really bothers me that Tony Abbott is not only using my sport as a Campaign tool but he is also using a charity event as a political chew toy I really hope people wise up to this man and send him to the political scrapheap.

  2. What’s going to happen if, thanks to the media push, this lightweight gets the top job? Does a Prime Minister have the spare time to spend hours per day on a bike, at the gym, in the surf etc? Surely they do not. He would be caught between needing to meet the relentless demands of the job and keeping up what by all accounts is a lifelong addiction to jock sports. Something would have to give, and if he wanted to keep the job the media worked so hard to get him into, his recreational pursuits would have to take a back seat.

    Imagine his irritability and temper as he withdraws from the endorphins. They will be some withdrawal symptoms, given how long he’s had the addiction!

    There are reports of him getting cranky when tired. His attention to detail gets sloppy (sloppier?), and he snaps at people. Imagine a sports junkie, tired, stressed, very very busy, and suffering endorphin withdrawals. Then add into the mix a pesky reporter or two with unscripted questions (remember his meltdown with Mark Riley). It’s easy to visualise gaffes coming out of this moron like water from a tap.

    While it would be a rotten experience for the country if the media succeed with their push for this moron, the gaffes and stuff-ups would give the Liberals a lot of heartburn too, and for us on the left some laughs/schadenfreude.

  3. Like to see Ms Dullard on a bike – sure she would even fall off that.
    See a Charity bike ride of this nature a positive . Not only do all Aussies love sport
    but gives many otherwise forgotten sections of the community the chance
    to see, meet and talk with their politicians. Now that has to be a good thing.

  4. Tones will have time for these sporting events and run the country from his hammock at Kirribilli house because he is not capable of doing anything else.

    All those public servants he despises will do their jobs and prop him up, and he does have Peta and a cohort of minders to keep him on track.

    I expect he stays at fancy hotels (or Motorhome) on the way with Pollie Pedal whilst the real contestants sleep in tents etc. He is a first class hypocrite but then no journalist worth his/her salt will tell the the public the truth and expose him.

  5. I had to laugh at a newspaper article a while back. The headlines loudly proclaimed: Julia Gillard’s BIZARRE Hobby. Guess what..she knits and ‘fessed up to knitting a matinee jacket for someone’s baby. Wow..that truly is bizarre!! ..but of course according to the MSM nothing that Abbott does is in the least way bizarre.

    Bilko, I agree..the best place for Tony should he become PM is well and truly out of harms way, on his bike, in a tent, in a canoe..who cares, just as long as he doesn’t attempt to try running the country but leaves it to the professionals (he’s going to have to do some major repair work there). Tony may be into sports, but from the neck down is the only part of him which is active…and a few bits missing there too I suspect. :mrgreen:

  6. Good morning and thank you lovely people for the compliment of reading and commenting on my pome.

    Fed up, I received an email telling me that you had liked it too, but nowhere can I see those lovely yellow flowers of yours. I hope you didn’t have second thoughts!

    I’m up pre-dawn here in the west having had little sleep. Late last night my sister-in-law phoned from the UK to say that my oldest brother had passed on. His had been a long and blessed life, as has my own and those of my other three brothers considering our beginnings in a humble workers terraced cottage with one tap in its skullery and a lav’ out the back. To get an idea of living conditions there watch the magnificent “Call The Midwife” program on the ABC.

    Perhaps we should be grateful to Herr Hitler that in 1944 one of his doodlebugs fell at the end of North Road and that post war we were re-housed in a newly built council house with bathroom, h & c running water and indoors loo. But if I’m going to talk about gratitude it’s to thank Clement Atlee (and Winston Churchill too!) who even during the turmoil of war were planning for a better Britain. The 1944 Education Act gave me the kind of opportunity which Julia Gillard and the ALP want to make sure is there for all our Aussie kids.

    By the way, just fact checking I was amused to come across this account of how politics played out between organised labor, (those bloody trade unionists!) and the establishment, (bastard Tories!) back in the early forties when Churchill and the Conservatives really needed the Labour Party’s support for the war effort and so commissioned an enquiry which resulted in the Beveridge Report.

    An opinion poll by the British Institute of Public Opinion found that 29% were satisfied with the government’s attitude to the Report; 47% were dissatisfied and 24% “don’t knows”.

    Churchill gave a broadcast on 21 March 1943 titled “After the War”, where he warned the public not to impose “great new expenditure on the State without any relation to the circumstances which might prevail at the time” and said there would be “a four-year plan” of post-war reconstruction “to cover five or six large measures of a practical character” which would be put to the electorate after the war and implemented by a new government. These measures were “national compulsory insurance for all classes for all purposes from the cradle to the grave”; the abolition of unemployment by government policies which would “exercise a balancing influence upon development which can be turned on or off as circumstances require”; “a broadening field for State ownership and enterprise”; new housing; major reforms to education; largely expanded health and welfare services.

    My emphasis. Sound familiar? You know it, that Tory refrain when reform is suggested – “where’s the money coming from?” We all know who won the 1945 election. So don’t despair!

  7. Patricia, loved the pome and the rest of your post.

    Reading your comment above really puts things into perspective wrt living conditions and health care for the poor in the UK and other so called developed countries around the world, even now.

    Your family wouldn’t have known themselves to be re-housed in a newly built flat, with mod cons like a proper bathroom and lavatory umr, a kitchen with a modern stove and hot & cold running water in both the kitchen and bathroom.

    It must have seemed like heaven to working class folk who had always been ignored and oppressed.

    You’ve spoken before about what a boon to all of you the NHS was, in particular to your mum, who was finally able to access to adequate dental care, something the working class were never able to afford before the it was introduced.

    It’s a pity that all those who carp about Medicare haven’t enjoyed a taste of the marvellous health care the poor were entitled to before socialised medical care.

    And they should all take note of which side of politics supported and introduced the public health care system and which side of politics has striven to deny the bulk of the populace access to affordable health care.

    All those public servants he despises will do their jobs and prop him up……

    But isn’t he going to sack all those pesky public servants, Bilko?

    Maybe Rupert, Gina, Anal and the rest of the shock jocks have promised to do the heavy lifting. 😯

    He got his ugly mug spread all over the local rag in my neck of the woods, but that’s of no importance as it’s a Liars seat. He can lift the Liars vote all he wants here; it won’t get him a majority.

    One of the people who attends the art class I go to was babbling on about $12bn debt. I reminded her that we have a $1.4trillion economy, and as a consequence a debt of $12bn is negligible, but all she could do was mutter about the huge debt.

    I really don’t think these people get it. They can’t get their heads around figures with lots of zeros after them.

    If I get the chance, I’ll remind her that the debt she’s hyperventilating about is less than half of Gina’s net worth. So one person would be able to pay it off and still be wealthy beyond most people’s dreams of avarice.

    …….the best place for Tony should he become PM is well and truly out of harms way, on his bike, in a tent, in a canoe..who cares,……

    Preferably camped alongside a nice crocodile infested river up north, Min.

  8. Migs old saying from a Swedish friend “Blue and Green should not be seen without a colour in between” It would be better if he was not seen
    PatriciaWA you have raised my curiosity re north road, where about’s was your abode.
    We lived in Islington one end of the so called North road. PS loved the poem I would love someone to pull up Tones on his expenses similar to CT

  9. With the miserable Libs going on about levies and the Business Council ,Myers etc.,They were quite fond of levies when they were in power.

    Howard Levies that Abbott vote for.

    1996: Gun Levy
    1997: Gun Levy
    1998: No levies
    1999: Stevedoring Levy
    2000: Stevedoring Levy, Milk Levy, East Timor Levy
    2001: Stevedoring Levy, Milk Levy, Ansett Levy
    2002: Stevedoring Levy, Milk Levy, Ansett Levy
    2003: Stevedoring Levy, Milk Levy, Ansett Levy, Sugar Levy
    2004: Stevedoring Levy, Milk Levy, Sugar Levy
    2005: Stevedoring Levy, Milk Levy, Sugar Levy
    2006: Stevedoring Levy, Milk Levy, Sugar Levy
    2007: Milk Levy

    On the same issue the Myer family have been extreme generous with philanthropic donations over many years and must be cringing in shame at the Neo Con boofhead in charge of the company.

  10. This complete piece portrays something I have been pondering for numerous years. The fact Fed MP’s rourt the Commonwealth of funds, with regards to the claiming of travel entitlements. It’s like organised crime if it were done illegally by gangs. Thank you for saying this, as I honestly did not have the courage nor the exposure to proclaim this. An Awesome bit of pondering… !!!

  11. Just off the bed after a few hours catching up on some sleep. Both animals have been extraordinarily restrained, no barking at passing skateboarders by Tacker or mewing for long overdue feeding by Sheba, though both have expressed their pleasure at having me back in their middle of the day world again!

    I know this isn’t relevant to the thread, and I’ll get back to that – but I told Talk Turkey over at TPS earlier about Tacker’s strangely sensitive behaviour last night. It was as if he had listened in to both sides of that phone call from across the world and fully understood the need to go next door and break the news there of that death in our family. So he led the way, when normally he resists going near there since their new puppy supplanted him as top dog.

    bilko, while I lay awake in the early hours this morning I was thinking about North Road, not much more than two strings of tenement cottages off Queens Road, Hersham, Surrey, which ran from Weybridge a very posh residential area for stockbrokers and the like who commuted to their offices in the City of London. There were two similar streets on either side of us – Snellings Road and Primrose Road. They must have been purpose built to house workers for some local business. There were three pubs on Queens Road within stone’s throw of each other = The Wagoners’ Arms, the Watermens’ Arms and the Bricklayers’ Arms which was at the top of North Road.

    I can remember so clearly often sitting with my brother, Ron, on the worn steep stone step outside the Jug and Bottle of ‘the Brick’ hoping my Dad, who had left home and was ‘living with another woman’ would come out with a packet of Smiths’ crisps for us. Ron rang last night. (Three of the five of us kids somehow ended up in WA!) I’ve arranged for us all to gather with our broods at my place in ten days time to celebrate our big brother’s birthday some eighty five years ago.

    Yes, Jane, the welfare state was indeed a revolution in post war Britain. My mother got her false teeth, we had decent housing and the Family Allowance helped clothe and feed us when her few pounds wages didn’t stretch far enough. And I got a decent education alongside the daughters of those Weybridge stockbrokers, at Woking County Grammar School, catching the train at Walton on Thames, where I had a chance to watch how the posh people talked, dressed and conducted themselves.

    Does that place us for you, bilko? I was back in Hersham village a few years ago when I paid a flying visit back to the UK for what seemed to be my big brother’s dying days. He recovered then, but I’m glad I made the trip and said what we knew were our last goodbyes. Hersham, Walton and Weybridge are all now very salubrious dormitary towns, very expensive to buy houses or rent there – even on Primrose, North and Snellings roads, those few rescued and refurbished cottages looked very chic and the council houses built in the early fifties have their harsh lines hidden by lawns, trees and shrubberies. The pubs, now all whitewashed and with colorful hanging baskets outside, are still there though probably serving a different clientele from my day. And the village green across Queen’s road seemed the same around the infants’ school, which had a new more enclosed inner playground. I think those iron poles strung through posts around the green are probably the same ones we did somersaults and hung upside down on showing the world our navy blue knickers ……………..

  12. Attending art class? I bet the teacher has to count the crayons after you scribble with them.

    What has the economy got to do with government debt? You do realise that the ATO will only collect less than $350B this year and the so called $12B debt as you call it has been the wildly over anticipated right down since October???

    The worlds dumbest treasurer is looking at a deficit of around $20B which will be covered by the next generation because the bonds and notes that are being issued mature mostly in ten to fifteen years time,

    Hope you run out of batteries!

  13. Less to do with the class and everything to do with barrackers’ utter stupidity wrt matters economic.

    Have you managed to track down any of the $334bn, your mate the Rodent squandered on the dole for the wealthy?

    We’d all be interested to read the rationalisation for that little lot. Puts barrackers claims of fiscal irresponsibility by this government into perspective, though.

    Thank God they weren’t in charge when the GFC unfolded.We’d all be living under bridges. Don’t bother saying mining saved the country; the miners were shedding employees like weight watchers dieters.

  14. Have you managed to track down any of the $334bn, your mate the Rodent squandered on the dole for the wealthy? “

    No because it is a lie from hell by the corrupt and immoral left.

    It also show how stupid you people are that you would even believe something like that.

  15. Thank God they weren’t in charge when the GFC unfolded.We’d all be living under bridges.

    The last time the Liars were in office during a severe global downturn was when John Howard was treasurer in the late 1970s, early ’80s. Disaster!! The only instance in history where Australia recorded Unemployment, Interest Rates and Inflation all in double-digits simultaneously. The worst recession since the Great Depression, and debt and deficit that climbed year by year. John Howard, who the Liberals hold up as an Economic guru.

  16. And look at the GFC response Hockey espoused at the time. It was only $4 billion less than what the government committed and would have had Australia follow the rest of the world into recession and the loss of at least 200,000 jobs with the flow on that entails.

  17. Cuppa

    It looks like we have a mild recession every 10 years a bad one every 20 years and a whopper every 40 years.

    Our economic numbers in the early 1980’s were similar to the US. Give me Howards recession any time. We had 30 months of double digit unemployment under Keating and 18% home loans.

    Keatings recession was worse than Howards because unemployment was much more severe.

    And Howards debt reached 5% of GDP. keatings debt reached 18% of GDP.

    You cannot tell the truth can you.

  18. And lets’ not forget lazy-bones Costello, who, according to a recent report for the IMF, was the most wasteful treasurer this country has had so far in its history.

  19. John Howard, held up by Liberals as an Economic guru…

    …Some will be surprised to discover that Howard proved something of a disappointment when it came to economic management.

    The 1982-83 recession, over which Howard presided, was the worst since the Great Depression, according to former Reserve Bank governor Ian Macfarlane.


    When Howard became treasurer, the budget deficit was $3.2 billion, inflation 8 per cent, the unemployment rate 6.3 per cent and the growth rate 1.6 per cent. When he surrendered the Treasury keys to Paul Keating in March 1983, the budget deficit was $4.3 billion, inflation was 11 per cent, unemployment was 10.2 per cent and growth was a negative 0.4 per cent. Not a beautiful set of numbers.

    The black hole of the budget deficit forecast quickly grew to $9 billion when Hawke and Keating examined the books. The economy, moreover, was in deep freeze, though Howard never publicly admitted to a recession, unlike Keating.


    Howard notched up one record. The misery index — the rate of inflation and unemployment combined — was at its highest when he was treasurer. The scorecard on interest rates, which Howard used in the 2004 federal election to scare voters away from Labor, is not that good either. From 1977 to 1982 the mortgage rate was set at 13.5 per cent and the average rate was 10.5 per cent, business interest rates were 17.5 per cent and the average overdraft rate was 15.8 per cent. Moreover, there were two periods when mortgage defaults hit a peak — 1978-79 and again in 1982.
    Alex Millmow, senior lecturer in economics at the University of Ballarat, The Age, 19 April 2007


  20. And cuppa Howard was heading us down that same track in his last term. The only reason he didn’t fall on is arse economically in the previous seven years was firstly he was handed a vastly improving economy, which he admitted to in his first budget speech, and then he fell into the longest sustained economic growth period in global history, something almost universally agreed he badly squandered.

  21. Möbius Ecko, Well, almost universally agreed, if you don’t count the political supporters of Tony Abbott and the LNP. Sadly they seem to comprise well over half the Australian electorate and to be our MSM’s (i.e. Rupert Murdoch) preferred winners of the coming election. .

  22. And the evidence she assisted fraud Jeff Mills?

    On the other hand there is proof of Abbott running a slush fund when he told parliament he wasn’t running one, and the considerable amount of money in that slush fund was never accounted for.

    Abbott might not be a chance for jail but he is a chance for a considerable payout and if it bankrupts him then he is not a chance for PM.

  23. Fay, do not try to find any of his genitalia because you wont find an. The man hides behind his wifes skirts and get Peta Credlin to do his dirty work. I posted on a friends FB that I would like to rip his -you know whats out- but have been told he doesn’t have any.

  24. PatriciaWA
    Yep that places you fine. I can remember sitting outside pubs, with my sister 7yrs younger because the war got in the way, names of which are lost to me now, getting smiths crisps with the little blue bag inside containing salt and also maybe a lemonade if we were really lucky.

    That brings back memories pub names “The Prince Edward on Parkhurst Road, Prince of Wales on Holloway road The Chaseside Tavern” out near the North Circular Road.
    I could see the Towers of Holloway Prison from my bedroom window, and once during a Mosley rally close by so many policemen I could not count them the mind boggles.
    Oops back to the present, Abbott changes his mind or had it changed for him and the Liberal trolls go troppo bring on Sept and let us wash Tones down the drain like all the rest of the crap.

  25. So you reckon that Labor has a chance of retaining government? Want to make a small wager on that?

    Even Labor internal polling says they are cooked but keep up the delusion. Oh dear, another Abbott hate thread. Abbott has been doing the ride long before he was made leader and your slur on him is also a slur on the charities the ride has raised money for in the past.

    I see the AG refused to turn his phone off on a flight and had to apologise for flaunting the rules.

    I also see O’Connor was making it all up that the 457 program was being rorted.

    I also see that you people are comfortable with a thousand children behind razor wire If it was the Libs YOU people would be going troppo.

    I also see that this useless government has borrowed another $2B this week for the next generation to pay back.

    I doubt if most here will live to see another Labor government.

    I also see that someone would like to be violent to Abbott…the peasant doxy is all hot air but it does set a precedent for acceptable behavior here.

  26. “I also see that this useless government has borrowed another $2B this week for the next generation to pay back.

    Don’t worry Scaper. We are sovereign in our currency and debt does not matter. If we need to we can just get out the printing press and print more money.

    Debt is not a problem when as a country we can print any money we need.

  27. Wow, Neil, finally you’ve been listening to someone who doesn’t have a calculator which goes up to eleventy.

    A debt for the next generation to pay back? I take it you have not taken a mortgage on your home-you’ve condemned your descendents to a life mired in your irresponsible borrowings.

    Sound stupid? Just like scaper’s regurgitated Liars bullshit.

  28. Looks like the Libs could possibly hold sway in both houses after the election.


    Was chatting to Michael Kroger the other night and his sources believe the same. Boy, George Brandis gave a powerful speech, I bet he does not use his phone on flights.

    Janet Albrechsten made some interesting points utilising her sharp whit. The job application scenario for a Commissioner for Freedom was a classic!

  29. Gee, all the bad news for Labor on a Friday before a Newspoll weekend. The undecideds will see the numbers and it will influence their decisions I should expect.

    I wonder if Emerson will do the Labor Wipeout on election night? Doubt it as the eternal polling indicates he will be turfed out also. Would be icing on a very sweet cake.

  30. Yep, scaper, another Abbott Hate post. If you don’t like it then you might feel more comfortable in a Gillard Hate blog. I’m sure there’s lots of them around. You might even be welcomed.

  31. Scaper..and the result of an Abbott win is going to be…

    I personally do not give a flying fck about winners/losers but what Abbott *prime minister* is going to entail. I do not need to run through the list of the losers/winners when Abbott becomes PM, let’s just say don’t count on Gina caring about you once she’s won..some people are like that…

  32. Yes, bilko, I’d forgotten the little blue paper twist of salt. I don’t think I used it much. Perhaps that explains why the bag of Smiths crisps I bought the other day in a fit of nostalgia was inedible – already salted and appalling to taste after just a few. That salt stuck to my tongue for hours after.

    Talking of names – new and recent ones often elude me these days, but those from my childhood years just floated into consciousness the other night. I must get to writing about them while they are still here. And me too, I guess…….how much time do any of us have.

    You wonder why these trolls waste their lives on hate and nastiness, don’t you?

  33. “You wonder why these trolls waste their lives on hate and nastiness, don’t you?”


    Hate and nastiness is a Labor Party specialty. I guess you start being nasty against anyone who has a different opinion to you.

  34. Apologies Cuppa, the link isn’t coming up..perhaps withdrawn by the SMH. If you have a link to the page, I’ll give it another try.

  35. Patricia, and all that we want to know is why the right wingers believe that Abbott will make such a special prime minister. After numerous attempts, not one single sensible response.

  36. Yes, Australias is not a basket case. It is easy to prove this, when one pouts all the figures in context.

    Yes, scaper and Neil, when one does this, one comes up with a different picture.

    Neil, I do not dismiss what you write I just dismiss the meaning you give to your figures.

    Neil, what you keep writing, is not the picture. It is only a very small part.


    MANY OF THE regulars on Independent Australia, you will know by now I am determined to make sure indisputable facts enter the national debate this election year.

    I have recently written about how we are the lucky country and why we are being deceived on debt, but it seems the tendency to revert to gloom about our economy persists.

    The facts about our budget – expenses versus revenues – just don’t seem to be cutting through. The fact that we came through the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) stronger than almost any other country doesn’t seem to get a hearing.

    I take this opportunity to remind people that Australia was the only country in the developed world not to enter recession between 2008 and 2010.

    In fact, Australia has not entered recession since 1991. A world record of 21 years, which we achieved last year.

    The recent hysteria regarding the deficit that is predicted in the next budget only serves to frustrate me further.

    It is for the above reasons I decided to write this article, outlining in simple terms what has happened in our economy since late 2008, when Lehman Brothers collapsed in the United States.

    The impact the GFC on government revenue.
    This ….”

    The impact the GFC on government revenue.

  37. Was chatting to Michael Kroger the other night and his sources believe the same. Boy, George Brandis gave a powerful speech, I bet he does not use his phone on flights.

    scaper, dropping the names of those two drop kicks is hardly likely to impress anyone here except Neil.

    And Brandis, the so-called constitutional lawyer who hasn’t got a clue about the Constitution. I’m guessing his speech was “powerful” because someone plugged him into a power point.

  38. The speech probably only “seemed” powerful Jane. You must consider the calibre of the audience too 😉

  39. Bacchus, ” You must consider the calibre of the audience too ” …….. I’m guessing Dum-Dum calibre 😉

  40. You’re right Bacchus, suckholes aren’t very good judges of powerful speeches. Being stuck up Brandis’ backside while someone motivates him with a power point would tend to give a skewed perspective. 😉

    Liealot says he wants to return us to the “golden years” of the Rodentochracy. Fools gold, I say.


    Read that and be very afraid if you’re poor and/or disabled.

  41. I see that not one comment in relation to the AG, O’Connor or the fact that there is a thousand kids behind razor wire.

    Troy Brampston, in The Australian confirms my comment in relation to the impending wipeout. Well known in political circles but people here still cling to the belief that Labor has a chance.

    Surely, someone here has some connection to the ALP? If so, then they would be hearing the same. How many people here are members of the Party? From memory only one has confirmed his membership.

    But then again…not being party members might explain why you people are so out of touch with the reality.

  42. Scraps, you seem to be ‘working off’ the same ‘reality’ that the Republicans in the US used….. right up to the election there, the msm and rusted on’s where claiming victory right up till 5 minutes to midnight… then their skewed reality got skewered.
    People are waking up to the smell that is Tony Abbortt and his puppet company known as the LNP.
    …….and please, do remember that ALP membership has increased, while LNP membership has declined.

  43. or the fact that there is a thousand kids behind razor wire.”

    Yes where are all the people who condemned Howard?? Don’t worry if Abbott wins the September election Labor will hand him 6,000 asylum seekers in detention. And out all the lefties will come. Chaining themselves to detention center fences saying how mean and nasty Abbott is for locking up asylum seekers.

  44. And another huge backflip from Abbott, as he does one rolling backflip after another as the election gets closer.

    Abbott after saying so many times everyone has lost count that there would be no new taxes under a government he leads has now said he will not rule out any new taxes if he is in government.

    I wonder if this is tied to the talks he’s been having with the Liberal States about upping the GST?

  45. Neil, the silence by the left on the kids in detention is proof that there is no compassion unless there is a political advantage to be had.

    Disgusting stuff!

  46. Scaper, you actually have a point.

    I might join the Labor Party and do my small bit about the policies I don’t agree with, such as offshore processing and same-sex marriage. Perhaps Liberal supporters could also do the same. Join the LNP and agitate for change.

    I’d guess that many ALP and LNP supporters share similar views on these two issues. Instead of just complaining about it, join a party and do something.

  47. Neil, the silence by the left on the kids in detention is proof that there is no compassion unless there is a political advantage to be had.”

    I have always believed that. When I arrived on Dunlops blog my first impression was that Labor supporters were using asylum seekers for political purposes.

    Rather than Howard demonising refugees it was Labor supporters using refugees to demonise Howard.

    I don’t think Labor supporters give a stuff about asylum seekers. They are only useful for political gain.

  48. Happy to spread the word, Migs. 😀

    ….Labor supporters were using asylum seekers for political purposes…..

    Well fancy that, Neil. And here’s me thinking it was the Rodent and Phone Card dog whistling the red necks when they rushed to tell the country that asylum seekers were throwing their children overboard, despite knowing that was a big fat lie so they could win the 2001 election

    And I must have missed the bit when Labor got in first labelling asylum seekers as illegals. I could have sworn it was the Rodentochracy so they could win an election.

    And “We’ll choose who comes to this country and the circumstances in which they come!” I could have sworn that was the Rodent so he could win an election, not the ALP.

    Feel free to provide any credible proof for your allegation. Bullshit from the likes of Dolt, Anal and other shock jocks, the IPA & Menzies House will be treated as the bovine excrement it rightfully is.


  49. It is true Jane. Otherwise why aren’t Labor supporters up in arms about the number of children in detention??


    JULIA Gillard is locking up more than 1000 children in immigration facilities, beating the Howard Government’s own “cruel” record.

    And rising numbers of boatpeople are locking out thousands of asylum seekers waiting in overseas refugee camps. ”

    I have always believed that Labor supporters have used asylum seekers for political purposes. Scaper is right. There are no demonstrations against children in detention because there is no political advantage for Labor.

  50. The real question for you Neil is why aren’t the Liars up in arms?

    Plenty of us have expressed their disappointment with the current asylum seekers plight.

    But there has always been a distinct lack of empathy and a cynical manipulation of the public for political gain by all those great alleged “Christians” in the Rodentochracy then and even more rabid and disquieting bigotry from these same so-called Christians now.

    I refer you to statements from the vile Morrison and Bernardi and notably LIealot perpetuating the lie that asylum seekers are illegals.

    All the bile and dog whistling wrt asylum seekers has come from the Liars.

    As usual, you’re attempts to project base political manipulation of the plight of asylum seekers are a complete failure. The facts will never support your lies.

  51. Jane:

    All the bile and dog whistling wrt asylum seekers has come from the Liars.

    It’s the Liars’ Strategy:

    If you can’t give the public a good reason to vote for you, scare them into believing something terrible will happen if they don’t.

  52. Abbott only has to keep the asylum seeker debate going, because he knows a great number of voters are bloody racist and will win the election on the issue.

  53. Migs, I reckon you should join the Labor Party. I also reckon the party will need to reform after the next election along the lines proposed by the review.

  54. As usual, you’re attempts to project base political manipulation of the plight of asylum seekers are a complete failure. The facts will never support your lies.”


    If John Howard had 6,000 asylum seekers locked up your comments would be different. Most leftoid blogs would have a post about it every third post saying how mean and nasty is Howard for locking people up. Yes I believe you use asylum seekers for politicial purposes.

  55. Scaper, I am hopeful that Labor will move back to centre left as a counter to the far right wing which Tony Abbott represents. I think that there have been major strategically unsound decisions made especially on the issues of asylum seekers and marriage equality and that a far more humanitarian approach should be taken on these.

    On the latter, Julia Gillard did allow a conscience vote something which Abbott will never permit..however, given her influence as PM I believe that she should have abstained from voting. Fair enough, Gillard doesn’t believe in the institution of marriage per se, hence even more reason why she should have absented herself from the vote entirely.

  56. Crowey, I don’t believe the issue of asylum seekers is carrying as nearly as much clout as it did in the Howard era where Howard used it to such effect..so as to provide emphasis for his Coalition of the Willing, that we were doing our bit to fight terrorism.

    Plus today we have numerous mixed messages coming from the Opposition, one minute to punish those who come by boat, the next moment faux concern for their welfare.

    Having said that, I disagree completely with the reopening of Nauru and believe that this was done almost entirely for political purposes..that being to try to pander to the red necks. I would have suggested, don’t even try it..the red necks are never going to agree with anything that Labor says or does, so do what’s right instead what is politically expedient because it isn’t going to work anyway…

  57. the issue of asylum seekers is carrying as nearly as much clout as it did in the Howard era where Howard used it to such effect

    I don’t agree. It would be more correct to say when the ALP and ALP supporters used asylum seekers to such effect as an issue to help the ALP win govt.

    Same goes for the 457 visa issue. You lot would be condemning Howard. The ALP is trying to fan up anti-immigration sentiment re:457 visa’s.

  58. Well the PM did admit yesterday that Howard’s methods no longer work. Yes, she did say what we have now does not work. What we do have is an expensive and harsher Pacific Solution.

    Portrayed as her fault. I seem to remember it was Abbott that refuse to support the PM;s policy of putting the full Houston Plan into operation.

    What we have is not what the PM desired. It is what Abbott left her with.

    The PM did nearly beg Abbott to come back to the negotiating table, and give support on moving onto the full Houston Plan.

    What has Abbott to lose. He says it will not work. Well let him prove it.

    I do not believe that many believe that turning back the boats is possible, and temporary visa;s are softer opti9on and just bridging visa’s.

    I would like to see the PM say, what we will do if we cannot have the Houston plan, is dismantle Manus and Nauru, and assess all on shore, leading immediately to bridging visa’s with the right to work. Will not stop the boats. Then the present system does not either.

    I would like the PM to say, while we are doing this, we will continue to work as hard as we can, to attain a regional solution that offers hope to asylum seekers, without them getting on boats.

    Will be more humane and cheaper.

    Abbott has no answer. Abbott will endanger our relations with other nations within our region. Not worth the risk.

    Maybe the experts and others are right when they say it was not the Pacific Solution that stop the boats, but other world wide factors.

    Yes, scaper what we have now is a mistake. Is wrong. Is expensive. Is cruel. Will not work.

    It is time for politics to be taken out of the issue, and all parties move back to a bipartisan position.

  59. Neil, for once you maybe correct. Maybe not for the reasons you believe.

    We hear so much criticism aimed at Rudd for dismantling the Pacific Solution.

    The truth is, it was the public that demanded such action. Yes, the majority did not like Howard’s methods. Labor responded to that dislike. Rudd kept his election promise.

    I for one, believe even if no changes were made, the situation would be the same today.

    One of the things that helped slow the boats was the sinking of that boats with lost of hundreds of woman and children. There was also some hope for the people, to believe this country would take more from the region if they waited. This did not occur.

    People remained in Indonesia and Malaysia for many more years, while the prospect of being resettled disappeared, along with the little money they had to survive on.

    People without hope have little to lose. They got back onto those boats. If they are not scared off by very strong prospect of drowning, why would any other scare tactics affect them.

    A regional solution, including the Malaysian Solution was a way of bringing some order to the situation, and offering people some hope, encouraging them to wait.

    Abbott’s scheme will be a complete failure, as it takes all hope from these people. He is to lower the number to be taken from the region for starters.

    How can scare tactics work with people who are fleeing from terror? The truth, many are seeing death as the better option.

    There is no easy answer, in fact there are few answers. Maybe it is time, as a nation to live up to our obligations to asylum seekers. We can afford to take all that get here. The numbers we get are minute. Unlike the counties in our regions, these people are stranded in, we are a wealthy country with room for more. Why should impoverish and overcrowded country’s be expected to take the whole load, while we turn our back on those in need.

    It is the taking in of waves of refugees since the last great war that has made this country what it is today. Yes, we have more to gain, than lose, by living up to our obligations.

  60. It is the taking in of waves of refugees since the last great war that has made this country what it is today. Yes, we have more to gain, than lose, by living up to our obligations.

    Exactly, Cu.

  61. …the next moment faux concern for their welfare.

    A cynical political gambit by the Liars. They have never once given upan opportunity to demonise and dehumanise asylum seekers. Neil can spin it any way he likes, and I’m sure he will, but that sort of rhetoric comes entirely from the Liars.

    And the worst offenders are the so-called Christians in the Liars Party. Christian my @rse. Non believers show more Christian charity to the less fortunate than that bunch of liars, touts spivs, urgers and hypocrites.

    Fed up, I agree with you. I also think the PM should dismantle Manus & Nauru and process claims onshore and after health clearances, provide bridging visas with the right to work, whatever the dog whistling from the Liars.

    Nauru & Manus are just torture chambers for people already traumatised and brutalised.

    And perhaps the government could enter into negotiations with Malaysia & Indonesia to start offering asylum in Australia to folk who have been waiting for years to start a new life.

    As I see it, this country which is so rich has allowed countries like Malaysia & Indonesia with populations many times ours to do all the heavy lifting wrt asylum seekers in this region.

    It is way past time for a bipartisan approach to asylum seekers both here & within our region. I think Malaysia & Indonesia re probably up for it; the Liars Party for all their pious bullshit have amply demonstrated they have no Christian charity in their hearts for those less fortunate.

  62. Mr. Fraser did much he should be ashamed of.

    His dealings with the boat people of the time is not one of them. His action here are of great credit to him.

    Maybe for once, the answers are to be found in the past.

    That it is Fraser;s scheme with adaptations we should be adopting.

    In some ways, if my memory is correct, not much difference to the PM desire for a regional solution.

    Camps were set up, and we took as many as possible from those camps. Yes, it gave people hope, and the boats stopped.

    While wars continue in their own country and they feel at risk , the numbers are not going to decreased. There is not much in the short term we can do.

    As for economic refugees, I believe not many of those come by boat, and are easy to deal with. Sri Lanka at this time, is proving that. I do hope that conditions in Sri Lanka have improved, as claimed, otherwise it will be another issue for us to be ashamed of.

    I am not sure, but I am guessing, it is minority groups in such places as Afghan and and like countries that are fleeing. The wars have left them vulnerable to be terrorised. Even when we move out of their country, they will be left unprotected.

  63. Sorry Jane

    Labor and their supporters used asylum seekers for political advantage when in Opposition.

    Labor has more children locked up than Howard ever did after saying how immoral this was.

    And the same goes for the 457 visa issue. Labor is bashing 457 visas for political advantage. Trying to generate race hatred.

    And it is obvious Labor has given up. They have no idea what to do. It was much easier in Opposition giving their ignorant opinions but in govt they are a total fail.

  64. Yes Neil, once again you have it right. Once agian for the wrong reasoning.

    it is clear the PM has given up on the present situation. The PM said so yesterday.

    She has asked that Tony now consider putting the whole Houston Plan into operation, as in her words, the Howard Pacific solution no longer works. One wonders if it ever did.

    ‘Yes, Neil, it is not true that many Labor supporters like the present situation. They also know who is responsible for where we are at now.

    Not Rudd, but Abbott.

  65. I believe also Neil, that there was bipartisan support in Howard’s day. Even when Labor did not agree with what Howard was doing.

  66. How can there be any race hatred in 457 visas. People who come under these visas come from all countries across the globe. When did we ever hate the Irish, which make a up a big number.

    Sorry, I cannot follow the reasoning. Neil maybe you can enlighten me to where the racism is to be found.

  67. Neil, please put me of my misery and explain how race comes into 457visas.

    I cannot find out where race is mentioned in relation to them anywhere.

    Yes, qualifications definitely, but nothing about race.

    Yes, they have to be skilled. Yes. skills that are in short in supply in this country. Nothing about race there.

    Yes, to qualify, they need either qualifications or skills that are in short supply here. Does not say where they have to come from. Does not mention colour, or religion for that matter.

    Now, how can the PM be using 457 for racist reasons.

    Now when one looks at those who are against us taking refugees, both race and religion quickly raises it’s ugly head.

  68. ………………….Prime Minister Julia Gillard has given a fiery defence of her chances at the September election, saying she believes Labor can win as the ‘white noise’ of politics falls away.

    Ms Gillard was responding to News Ltd reports that Labor MPs were expecting a drubbing at the election, with one unnamed MP predicting a ‘bloodbath’ with the loss of 35-40 seats.

    The prime minister admitted on ABC TV on Sunday it had been ‘politically tough’ for the ALP and she had ‘done some tough things, some unpopular things’.

    However, she said: ‘When people vote in September a lot of the white noise that is politics and has been in politics over the last few years will fall away.

    ‘People will be there, in a polling place, with a ballot paper in front of them, and it will be a very clear choice: do I want me as prime minister, Julia Gillard, a majority Labor government, a focus on jobs and on the services my family needs, a clear plan for the future?

    ‘Or do I want the leader of the Opposition, Mr Abbott, with his very clear plan for cutbacks?

    ‘I believe we can win, because at the end of the day Australians are a smart people, the facts matter, the policies matter, and there we are with the right answers.’

    Ms Gillard said it was her job to lead by example and inject a fighting spirit into her troops.

    ‘I’m doing it here and I’ll do it every day,’ she said.

    ‘We’ve got to get out and win this, and yes, we are not in a period where it is any time for the faint-hearted.’………………”


    Abbott, you are going to peddle very fast to keep up with this woman.

  69. Neil maybe you can enlighten me to where the racism is to be found.

    Fed up, I think Neil’s getting a bit worried that the Liars are being shown in their true colours and they’re not pretty.

    Dog whistling and projection as demonstrated by Neil’s sudden projection wrt politicising asylum seekers.

    Howard used asylum seekers as a political tool to win the 2001 election and thereafter, allowing the appalling treatment of prisoners in Baxter and other camps.

    And he did nothing to prevent the illegal deportation of Vivian Solon or the false imprisonment of Cornelia Rau.

    As for the treatment of David Hicks, Mamdouh Habib and Dr Mohammed Habib, it was disgraceful and yet another example of the corruption and using the plight of innocent people by the Rodentochracy as a political tool to cling to power.

    The Liars Party has demonstrated time and again their disregard for people’s lives in their corrupt pursuit of power. And they’re still at it.

    All your projection will get you nowhere, Neil. You just expose yourself as a dupe at best and a liar and hypocrite at worst.

  70. Jane we are not really hearing much from any of them. Not that one misses them.

    Note that Scott Morrison whole interview on Meet the Press was made up completely of lies. Watched the shorten version at 4.30.

    Morrison claimed that6 they are getting permanent visas, with all the rights that go with them.

    Banter on about the Sri Lanka being able to go to India,. No need to come here.

    The one thing wrong with that, most are sent back within the week. So what is he on about.

  71. Jane

    Howard is not in power any more. It is Gillard who has 6,000 asylum seekers locked up.

  72. Hi Fed up! Well said,

    Abbott, you are going to peddle very fast to keep up with this woman.

    But were speaking tongue in cheek there? Meaning ‘peddling’ in the sense of ‘trading’ – cos he’s certainly going to have to sell himself a lot more convincingly than he is at present.

    Or that he’s just going to have to get ‘pedaling’ and moving a lot faster to keep up with PMJG?

    Whichever way you meant it, I agree. Julia Gillard will out-do him in all the political wheeling and dealing that lies ahead.

  73. No, not tongue in cheek, seriously. But you are right. I do not believe he has a chance anyway one looks at it.

    What gets me, that most seem to believe this election is going to be a rerun of the last.

    I am afraid they are in for a shock. The PM has now found her feet, and whats more has many runs on the board.

    What does Abbott have. Same old stunts and routines. All stale to the ear.

    Abbott will not be setting the agenda.

    Look at the way he has spent the last couple of days, trying to climb onto the NDSI wagon. This began in the last few days of the last sitting, when the NDIS was passed. All falling over themselves to support it.

    Pity he fumbled with the ball this week, when he hum and ah about only be able to go ahead, when we came into surplus. As the woman, sitting with her disabled son, asked him, during his ride, what are you going to do about it.

    Abbott then suspended all interviews, saying he would be making an announcement the next morning. Nothing like being prepared.

    The PM has got away with changing her mind, because the situation changed, for good reasons, and introducing a new tax. Not a bad effort.

    The PM said that she surprises people with what she does. Not true for Abbott. He never surprises, one can rad him like a book. Always predictable. One could feel sorry for him.

  74. Faye Smith, I’m with you on the genitalia and Lycra look. Thankfully I haven’t consumed much MSM over the past few days. But totally agree, I’m a bit adverse at seeing the “small man syndrome”, so explicitly displayed by the person who will do anything to get to the lodge. Whilst of course claiming travelling expenses. He makes me want to vomit and spew forth voluminous amounts of bright green vomit.
    It’s not over yet by a long shot. I hold out much hope for a return of our govt. The role played by the MSM/ABC is cause for concern.
    A return of this govt will see a more subdued one, rid of the blood letting. I imagine Craig Thomson will be exonerated. Slippergate shown for what it was, an attempt at a coup. Brough beaten at the post by a Clive. The David Etteridge lawsuit gaining some ground. Shallow policy by the Libs will further decrease their chances.
    If only the govt is given a chance to sell the narratives- the NBN, DC, Carbon Price etc.
    I despair if we are led by a Lycra genitilia espousing wannabe. Urrghh!

  75. Lynda Dom and Faye Smith we absolutely agree with you here at the Cafe. In fact we had something something to say in verse about Tony Abbott as Mamil back in 2010 and we illustrated it appropriately too.

    Revivalist, revisionist, religionist to boot,
    Abbot’s revving up the Liberals
    With every photo shoot.
    I really don’t like lycra.
    Fluoro green just makes me puke.
    But even that is preferable
    To his much paraded birthday suit.

  76. Neil, the Rodent may not be in power any more, but the Liars are still flying his dishonest corrupt flag, still dog whistling to the rednecks and cynically bribing his “battlers” to vote for them.

    Liealot’s PPS is a prime example of a Howard levy, principally aimed at the well heeled.

    What really makes me laugh is the Liars confected outrage wrt the carbon price. Once the companies which have to pay the price reduce their emissions below the set target, they no longer have to pay the emissions price, unlike the businesses which will have to pay for Liealot’s PPS.

    It’s very interesting that there’s no hysterical denunciation of Liealot’s great big extra tax by the likes of Dolt, Anal, Hadley and the Murdochracy.

    How come we’re not hearing dire warnings about towns being wiped off the map, businesses going belly up, prices going through the roof, mothers eating their babies, dogs and cats living together and the end of the world as we know it?

    Why isn’t Anal calling for donations of bushell bags and organising convoys of enraged semi drivers and pensioners to protest against this outrage? Hypocrisy? Double standards?

    Why isn’t Larry Pickering publishing obscene cartoons of Liealot? And investigating his slush fund, for which there is plenty of evidence.

  77. I gather there is dissatisfaction within his own ranks about it, Jane. .Apparently there is even ”widespread” concern within the Coalition that Abbott’s paid parental leave scheme is unaffordable and a NSW backbencher Liberal MP Alex Hawke is suggesting it should be ditched.

  78. “”It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong.”- Voltaire – [François Marie Arouet] (1694-1778)

    Sure is.

  79. Patricia, what I love, it being presented as a work entitlement, that the employer does not pay. This in spite of Abbott saying the levy on the three thousand will only be temporary, leading to be paid out of generaL REVENUE.

    Abbott has compared it to annual leave etc. Says they are paid at full wage rates. Yes, they are, but also paid for by the employer.

    No matter how one looks at it, it is paid for by the taxpayer,

    Those who benefit most, would already have superior schemes a part of their salary packages. Abbott has said that the employer would benefitted by no longer being responsible.

    Under this scheme, the employer will no longer be responsible for providing such paid leave.

  80. He is strongly demanding it be jettison. Saying it is an albatross around the neck of the party.

  81. I get the feeling that this bickering amongst the libs about ‘affording’ the ppl is just way to up the ante on how ‘caring’ tabot is. It is a confected argument to show us how much he is prepared to push his piece of crap for the ‘womens’.

    Also, attempting to treat it as a ‘work entitlement’ in order to explain this largesse to the better of is quite deliberately misleading. If he wanted it to be a ‘work entitlement’, then have it built into the award as other ‘entitlements’ are, and costed into an employees wages, as other ‘work entitlements’ are.

    Until then, it is a welfare policy, paid by tax dollars, and should be treated as such. And welfare policies should be sued on an equitable basis, not handed out in order to maintain a persons current lifestyle.

  82. After watching Alex Hawke on Lateline I don’t think this is a set up Tom R. How refreshing to see a new and attractive Liberal face on the screen. I bet Tony Abbott doesn’t like that happening! He wasn’t just critical of the policy but didn’t like the way it was launched without consultation of the party generally and he talked about others feeling the same. So he’s clearly giving voice to a fair bit of dissatisfaction within the ranks.

  83. Anti Abbott ladies please note
    He’s wearing a different coat
    By pushing Pollie Pedal
    He hopes for a medal
    And to win the Female Vote.

  84. As the mum said yesterday, Tiny has always loved dressing up. Began with that little red helmet when he was a toddler. Mum also reminded us, she told the canteen ladies, her son would be a pope or PM. Mum thinks that is likely to happen.

    Thankfully, mums generally get it wrong, when judging their kids potential.

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