Running dry on Tony Abbott

spnewtony21-20130321184812510176-620x349One of the songs that I loathe is an extremely depressing little number called Send in the Clowns.
Musically haunting, lyrically lovely but on listening to it, I feel like throwing a brick at someone or something.

Don’t you love farce?
My fault, I fear.
I thought that you’d want what I want…
Sorry, my dear!
And where are the clowns
Send in the clowns
Don’t bother, they’re here.

I wish to report that I have thus far resisted throwing a brick at the tellie whenever Abbott deigns to grace the magic screen. Yet the word “farce” comes to mind when thinking about the potential of having this person as our Prime Minister.

What more can be said about Tony Abbott? If media interviews with Abbott are any indication, not much more can be said at all. Are the interviewers just as bored as the rest of us listening to Tony’s completely uninspiring and dully intonated promises to dud almost everyone, and to cancel almost everything?

Of the Prime Ministers of the last decade plus, John Howard wanted us to be relaxed and comfortable – Kevin Rudd wanted The Apology, the NBN and “to bring back the Fair Go” – and Gillard wanted another chance to achieve this.

Has there ever been an election campaign where the leader in the polls has promised to do nothing whatsoever (at least nothing within the realms of logic), and yet our media appear to be completely oblivious to this fact. Another farce? Or as many have suggested, a deliberate ploy by the media to have someone elected who is compliant and malleable to those issues of substantial financial benefit to the wealthy and/or powerful?

Has there ever been a time where a majority of people appear to be completely accepting of the fact that they are about to be dudded; to lose money and perhaps lose their job, either personally or as a flow on effect from the number of public servants and teachers who have been promised with the sack – and yet this is all perfectly acceptable because why? Another farce?

Am I naïve to believe that those who run for the highest position in this land should be the very best which Australia has to offer. This person does not have to be the best educated, the wealthiest, to be the most ruthless and politically astute; in fact those with these attributes seem to be the worst rather than the best. Perhaps it is in this democracy that everyone is entitled to a vision, be it right or wrong, achievable or not, but a vision nonetheless. Tony Abbott has none.

I’m sorry Tony Abbott, but I have wafted dry on anything that you have to say. Nothing which you have said has anything of that crucial element which is important to me – sincerity.

Photo: KieraGorden

Photo: KieraGorden

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  1. Who is relecting who? Is an empty TA reflecting an empty MSM, or an empty MSM reflecting an empty TA? Both are on a 24 hour entertainment cycle, but neither understand that entertainment has content. We the consumer have nothing, from TA or the MSM, on which to meake a decision about the future of our natio.

  2. I Totally Agree with your Comments about the Lack of scutiny on this Potential PM, The Man is an embarrassment to the Nation, In so much is he the best Person available from the Conservative side of Politics, Surely Not, He is very good at being Obstructive in a Hung Parliament NO to every thing Proposed By anyone one Other than Him, Its Reasonable to Accept different Points Of View and some Liberals can put forward a decent Arguement Not this Man, He Needs a Cue card on tv, Any difficult questions put forward to him are Answered Usually By Erm this is the Worst government we have ever had, and then walks away, He wont be able to have a “Riley”Moment (30 seconds actually ) when talking with Obame, , Like you we could ramble on for hours talking about this person, What is Needed are Journalists who Actually care about this Mans Pedigree and His Ability to Lead Australia,

  3. Australian politics rarely attract the best-and-brightest. I often wonder what this country could be if our leaders were rational, compassionate, educated intellectuals with ambitious ideas, vision beyond the next election, and a genuine desire to better the lives and prospects – beyond merely the economic – of all Australians.

    Unfortunately, such consideration for citizens is branded “communism” or “socialism” and, thanks to the US’s “Red Scare” garbage from 60-70 years ago, those words are still unnecessarily toxic to a great many people.

    Instead, we content ourselves with an artificial binary of the barely-coherent vs the barely-sentient, carry on working meaningless jobs, and consuming whatever Rupert, Gina and George want us to.

    Oh, to wake up from this nightmare.

  4. Greg, I honestly cannot imagine how Tony will be able to talk once his 3-word utterances no longer have any relevance. How can Tony talk without being able to say, this is a baaaadd government.

  5. Weezer Geeza, welcome to the Café. You are right, there remains nothing in Australian politics of any vision without running the risk of being labelled a communist or socialist. All progress today = socialism.

  6. Gilly, I would suspect that it’s a plunge towards the lowest common denominator and in Abbott this is about rock bottom. As some have suggested, The Great Dumbing Down where the media is now the Toddlers & Tiaras of intellectual debate.

  7. Let us all remember what Malcolm Fraser said back in 2011 that Tony Abbott is a dangerous politician. Let this fool loose on the world stage and he will do untold damage to Australia. I am 75 now and fear for my Grand daughters who MAY have to be governed by this man. One granddaughter said to me only yesterday “Nana why is Mr Abbott such a terrible man,he makes our Prime Minister seem horrible” You can imagine my reply to her.

  8. Maybe we could relax a little if Abbott has only promised to do nothing.

    Sadly, this is not true. He has promised to dismantle all that Labor has achieved in it’s last two terms.

    There is not a thing, that he believes should be left standing.

    Abbott seems to have built into his genes, not only the desire to win, but to destroy all opponments.

    We have sat through two terms of QT with Abbott sitting on the opposition benches.

    There has hardly been a question asked on policy in all that time. We had Mr. Dutton admit on QandA the other night, he has not asked one question on health policy. Yes, heis minister for health. The same goes for every other shadow minister.

  9. The media in protection mode for the Bad Abbott. Witness Leigh Sales’ degrading performance last week on Their 7.30 (Not)Report.

  10. Well said, Min. You’ve summed it up nicely. I am at odds to think why people will vote against their best interests.

  11. Gilly, I think we do have enough information (action) to make a decision about the future of our nation. I would use the glass half full/empty example, or the scales balancing method of weighing up what is good & what is bad.

    Its very easy to see what is best for this country when you do this and TA & his mob just fall into the ‘God help us’ if he ever gets into power. We are so well off as a nation at this point, why on earth would we want to change from what we now have to something that would take so much back from us.

    I keep saying that the long lead up to the election is giving those very busy people who only catch glimpses of the 24 hour news cycle and chance to get smart. It is up to those of us who really care about what happens in this country like the loss of democracy, the 90% right wing ownership of MSM etc., to be brave enough to get out there and discuss all issues calmly and without vitriol. It has to be a one on one debate until the PM decides the right time for her to debate TA out in the public domain. Now that will really be interesting, that’s if he doesn’t run away & hide as he usually does when he gets cornered.

  12. I cringe at the thought of Mr Abbott respresenting Australia on the world stage. A man who is as much a GFC deny-er as a climate change deny-er, who thinks that spending money on disability and education is ‘reckless’ and ‘throwing money around like a drunken sailor’. He can boast about 10 surpluses in a row totally ignoring the fact that there was an unprecedented mining boom with commodity prices through the roof but his side of government congratulated themselves rather than spend that money where it was needed. Mr Abbott,if your children are going hungry there should be no pride but great shame in having all your money in the bank. Perhaps I should add that Tony Abbott as PM will definitely solve the boat people problem. Who on earth would come here to live with a fool in charge?

  13. “totally ignoring the fact that there was an unprecedented mining boom with commodity prices through the roof

    The mining boom did not start until 2004. Howard/Costello only got the benefit of higher commodity prices for 3 years. The main beneficiary of the mining boom has been the current govt who have wasted all the revenue of the boom. Swan has not saved one cent.

    It is Labor who has got the benefit of commodity prices going through the roof as the link shows.

  14. The PM’s decision to announce the date of the election is revealing itself to be a master stroke. Abbott’s constant parroting of his rhyming couplets is trying even the most patient and Pyne’s recent attempts to win his leaders approval by dreaming up his own rather than argue policy will ensure that the entire LNP ‘front bench’ affirms it’s absurdity.

  15. What I find with this whole mess (since Abbott became LotO), is when you repeat a lie often enought, it somehow becomes fact !! “This is a shambolic Government!”, which is far from the truth. What is he measuring his judgement by? Is it amounts of legislation… NO, is it mismanagement of Countries finances… NO, is it the fact he has NOT become PM at the last election… YES !

    So in regards to his thinking is… The People are WRONG !! for voting in a parliament that he was NOT happy with. Independents have made the situation more volatile for ‘Political Parties’ who like to just ram legislation through unquestioned… due to numbers. We saw the results of that… Workchoices.

    He has already said, if we end up voting for a close parliament and he is unable to get his legislation through… he WILL invoke the Double Disollution, resulting in another election soon after this drawn out pathetic event.

    I am dreading the fact we may wake up on Sunday morning after the Election and have Roger Rabbit as PM with his boss cronies dictating policy and turning the country into a personal moral and financial basket case… of which he has the intention of committing to.

    For the love of this country… FUCKIN’ WAKE UP AUSTRALIA !! from this apathy that She’ll be right and see what’s happening in QLD as a case in point !!

  16. Patricia, I’m certain that your response to your granddaughters was an education. Lucky young ladies to have a person such as yourself available to provide them with an alternative opinion..sadly they’re unlikely to receive this by watching the nightly news.

  17. Horatio, I am certain that it comes under the category of give the man enough rope…. Of course Abbott’s constant toddler tantrums demanding “another election” were for a reason..he himself knows that he cannot survive the scrutiny without stuffing it up.

  18. I was thinking..why is it that the Liberals refuse to claim ownership for Abbott’s policies and state that it’s all “leftie propaganda”. Sorry Abbott supporters, it’s not.

  19. What intrigued me was the image at the beginning of Min’s well written & heartfelt post. Tony Abbott is smiling but is he really?? There is no hint of a smile in his eyes & the cheesy “smile” looks phony. It is one of those god-awful fake pasted-on-grit-your-teeth-part your-lips-stretch-the corners-wide smiles. Shudder.

  20. Thanks Min for kind words. Their Dad thinks along my lines so I know they will be given the right advice.

  21. Joy, the photo to me suggested that Abbott is but an empty ideas, no vision, he can but put on a pasted smile for the cameras.

    On the subject of No Policy, or one that Abbott would rather not talk about given his abhorrence of gay relationships, let’s all support Tony Windsor. This is our last chance as there is not a hope in Hades that Abbott will ever countenance gay marriage under his watch.

    Australians could vote in a referendum on gay marriage in September under a radical proposal being pushed by independent MP Tony Windsor and supported by the Greens and other crossbenchers.

  22. Can’t see how Murdoch would benefit either way on the so called paring back of the NBN. If people want the super fast Internet then they can pay for it themselves, not the future taxpayers. I wouldn’t want more speed.

    Gina does not pay a mining tax and never will. The mining tax raises next to no revenue anyway but the so called revenue has been spent in the budget.

    Don’t know much about Pell or his religion so can’t really comment apart from saying that I doubt one member in Parliament would support child abuse or any cover up of the fact.

    Had a good laugh at the teacher allegation. How many schools does the federal government run and how many teachers do they employ?? I’m told they have around five thousand in the Education Department…seems a lot that do not run one school. Same goes with health and other departments that have no responsibility as the states and territories are responsible for these elements.

    True, Abbott has no vision but I’m yet to meet a politician of any colour that has a vision for this nation. They just don’t do vision because of the electoral cycle prevents such. That sounds like something Rudd said before he announced that 2020 farce that only came up with one good idea that never was actioned.

  23. Why was Abbott in that spotless suit today. Wonder how much time he is spending on that bike.

    What do we have from him once again nothing but slogans and motherhood statements. Complete denial of the problems facing us.

    One might not like the PM, but the problems she is putting forwarded are real.

    One needs to listen to the experts, which once again, Abbott, in spite of his claim this week, he takes the advice of is ignoring. None seem to be in agreement with Abbott.

    It was pointed out to Abbott, he faces the same economic conditions, and it not time he tells us, what he will cut.

    Yes, Mr. Abbott, that time has come. You will not be able to engineer an early election to a avoid doing so.

    I was surprise, to see that many experts are saying that the PM should go ahead with Gonski and NDIS. That cut will have to be found elsewhere.

  24. I have lived here under each Liberal Government since Pig Iron Bob, but this pathetic, little individual, with the intellectual acumen of a four week old used- tissue from behind the couch, will make cultural changes to our Nation that are dangerous and divisive!

  25. The PM said, in answer to a question during her PC today, that it is as Abbott says a spending problem, he should have no problem in the next few days, giving us a list of what he will cut, to fix the problem.

    Yes, Mr. Abbott, what needs to be cut.

  26. Abbott in yet another stunt on his Pollie Ride today.

    A rider came off and was seriously hurt and who came riding up to help. with all the media already there and an ambulance in the background that was mostly kept out of shot, Tony “Stuntman” Abbott.

    He kneels down beside the injured rider and somehow he saved him just by doing that. One newsdesk announcer actually said Abbott “was the rider’s knight in shining armour.”

    They are unbelievably desperate to have Abbott elected and you have to wonder the cost they will wring out of an Abbott government to the detriment of the Australian people.

    This has to be the most put up cringe worthy media setup stunt of the lot.

  27. Eckersley: You recently declared that Tony Abbott is a dangerous politician, perhaps one of the most dangerous in Australia’s history. What did you mean by that?

    Fraser: [He’s] unpredictable. He says what jumps into his mind. Let me give an example. When farmers were complaining about miners searching for coal or for gas on farms, he spoke almost as though he did not understand that under British law, Australian law, the Crown owns the minerals and the wealth under the ground and if a mining company can get a right to mine or investigate over your farm then that has always been in a sense too bad for the farmer.

    You can try and oppose it but that is what the law has always said. Now Tony, in encouraging the farmers, really spoke as though he was quite unaware of that current and historic position. But it was expedient at the time to get the support of the farmers. It might be a bit harsh but I think in a month’s time he will have forgotten he said that.

    Eckersley: Is the unpredictability the main reason you called him dangerous?

    Fraser: The unpredictability.

    Eckersley: Any other reasons?

  28. ………………….What is surprising is the extent to which Coalition policies will result in a significant redistribution of wealth upwards rather than downwards. Consider the following Coalition policies:
    ■ Lower the tax-free threshold from $18,200 to $6000. This will drag more than one million low-income earners back into the tax system. It will also increase the taxes for 6 million Australians earning less than $80,000.
    ■ Abolish the low-income superannuation contribution. This will reimpose a 15 per cent tax on superannuation contributions for people earning less than $37,000.
    ■ Abolish the proposed 15 per cent tax on income from superannuation above $100,000 a year. The combined effect of these two superannuation changes is that 16,000 high-income earners with superannuation savings in excess of $2 million will get a tax cut while 3.6 million workers earning less than $37,000 will pay more than $4 billion extra in tax on their super over the next four years.
    ■ Abolish the means test on the private health insurance rebate. This will deliver a $2.4 billion tax cut over three years for individuals earning more than $84,001 a year, or couples earning more than $168,001. People on lower incomes will receive no benefit.
    ■ Introduce a paid parental leave scheme that replaces a mother’s salary up to $150,000. To put it crudely, this means a low-income mum gets about $600 per week while a high-income mum gets close to $3000.
    ■ Abolish the means-tested Schoolkids Bonus that benefits 1.3 million families by providing up to $410 for each primary school child and up to $820 for each high school child………….

    Read more:

  29. scraper your lack of understanding, intelligence and ignorance is astounding. You are not even remotely interested understanding anything unless it comes from the idiot wrangler leading you around by the ideology nose ring in the cattle yard of profound stupidity.

  30. Can’t see how Murdoch would benefit either way on the so called paring back of the NBN

    I can believe that.

    I wouldn’t want more speed

    I can believe that. (But you did say that your vision for Crapperville was underpinned by the need for ‘superfast broadband’)

    Don’t know much about Pell or his religion …

    I can believe that.

    I doubt one member in Parliament would support child abuse or any cover up of the fact

    I can believe that. ( I assume you’re watching ABC at the moment to overcome your lack of understanding.)

    Therefore I can only agree with Ricky when he says:

    scraper your lack of understanding, intelligence and ignorance is astounding. You are not even remotely interested understanding anything unless it comes from the idiot wrangler leading you around by the ideology nose ring in the cattle yard of profound stupidity

  31. Abbott’s proposed abolition of the carbon tax/price will only benefit the wealthiest 10% of the population. This is the same with all his proposals. They will benefit the already wealthy.

  32. “She’ll be right and see what’s happening in QLD as a case in point !!”

    I am glad you mentioned it.

    Queensland’s public debt quadrupled from $21 billion in June 2004 to $85 billion in December 2011…. The graph tells the tale. The deterioration is even more marked when it is recalled that $15 billion was recently obtained from asset sales, with no evident effect on outstanding debt..”

    Campbell Newman is trying to get Queensland credit rating back which it lost under Labor. A downgrade in the credit rating means higher interest payments on govt debt. This extra interest money could be used for better things.

    It should be mentioned that this increased in debt occurred during the mining boom which took place in Queensland. So much for those who said Costello just got lucky.

  33. scaper, it has something to do with Murdoch’s cable TV. Will be useless with high speed broad band. One will down load any show wanted. Safe while copper is involved.

  34. Neil still doesn’t have a clue on debt does he?

    And what about NSW and WA Liberal debt. They weren’t handed deficits and O’Farrell stated debt was necessary to fund infrastructure.

    But of course the clueless Neil wrongly and mindlessly because of his Howard brain washing believes that debt is bad and austerity cures it. He is so wrong on both counts.

    Those of us who have spent years arguing against premature fiscal austerity have just had a good two weeks. Academic studies that supposedly justified austerity have lost credibility; hard-liners in the European Commission and elsewhere have softened their rhetoric.

    You don’t cure debt by austerity and debt isn’t a disease that need curing, just sound management.

  35. And if Newman is really trying to get Queensland credit rating back then why has he given KFC millions, subsidised the racing industry to the tune of millions, helped give high paying jobs to mates and spent millions on pampering his own government, all wasted money whilst he made thousands suffer those millions would have helped and people who would have given back if helped.

  36. Paul Krugman

    What has happened now, however, is that the drive for austerity has lost its intellectual fig leaf, and stands exposed as the expression of prejudice, opportunism and class interest it always was. And maybe, just maybe, that sudden exposure will give us a chance to start doing something about the depression we’re in.

  37. Yeah, Scraper, because every household in Australia has a spare $5,000 laying around that they can use to go Fibre to the Home-assuming they’re very close to the node.

  38. Neil still doesn’t have a clue on debt does he?

    Do you read anything??

    Queensland has joined Tasmaina as the only Australian states without a AAA credit rating, after rating agency Standard and Poor’s downgraded its standing.”

    It is the rate of increase that caused the trouble. It quadrupled in a short time.

    And if Labor is not thrown out the Commonwealth will also lose it credit rating and we will have to pay extra money on interest. Money that could be better used elsewhere.

  39. Snap, Joy. That stretched mouth in the photo struck me at once. There’s no sincerity or pleasure in it. In fact, he looks as though a very hungry great white has just entered stage left.

    Hardly the smug smile of someone supremely confident of shifting the furniture into the Lodge in a few months.

    Or it’s the sick smile of someone who finally realises he’s in the thrall of two of the nastiest pieces of work on the planet, who can, and would be prepared to, destroy him as soon as look at him if he doesn’t toe their line.

    I wouldn’t want more speed.</blockquote.

    Quelle surprise! scaper doesn't want faster internet, so nobody should have it.

    I know this will come as a huge surprise to you, scaper, but what you want is not the yardstick the government uses to formulate public infrastructure policy.

    It may also have escaped your attention that NBN is not simply an upgrade of the internet, but of the entire communications network in this country, replacing the old,tired inefficient copper network with fibre which will serve us well into this century.

    If you don't want 21stC communications technology, stick with last century's. That's your choice and your problem.The rest of us choose 21st technology.

    And as it is PUBLIC infrastructure, we're not prepared to have some second rate Liars Party rubbish foisted on us.

  40. Bugger those bloody typos! i probably should have learned to type at some time.

    BTW, great post, Min. 😀

  41. Campbell Newman is trying to get Queensland credit rating back….

    Well he’s not making much of a fist of it, is he?

    Most sensible people would think that gainfully employed people, paying tax and buying stuff to keep the economy well oiled would be the obvious way to get those coveted ratings back.

    Most sensible people would also be of the opinion that removing vast amounts of revenue from the economy, by throwing tens of thousands of people out of work would be a counter productive measure if you’re desperate to get a good credit rating.

    Most sensible people, that is, but we are dealing with Neil here; good sense, logic and independent thought are in very short supply.

  42. Jane, clearly that is always going to be a downward spiral. I can see it now: tens of thousands of people thrown out of work, hundreds of thousands less consumers, tens of thousands of more people on welfare…and Tony’s solution will be to crack down on welfare.

  43. No, Min, let’s not all support Tony Windsor re the referendum for gay marriage. How would you feel if your rights were subject to a vote by the rest of Australia?

  44. @Ian. They already are aren’t they? That’s what happens at elections, surely.

    It a referendum was held re equal marriage rights, it most likely would reflect the feelings of the community as a whole rather than the party room politics of the LNP. At least Labor MPs were allowed a conscience vote

  45. Campbell Newman is trying to get Queensland credit rating back

    It really is a shame but Labor tends to hand over a trashed budget for the Coalition to clean up. They then look mean because they have to cut back on all the reckless and wasteful spending.

  46. So why is Newman throwing tens of millions at the gambling industry, subsidising business lobby groups, spending millions on enhancing his offices, spending more on employing mates at exorbitantly high wages, and it goes on?

    Why is he trashing or planning to trash large parts of the Queensland environment including the Great Barrier Reef to the detriment of the tourism and other environmentally friendly businesses for the benefit of a small handful of large companies that are going to send most of their money overseas?

    What of Costello corrupt Audit Commission that not only badly exaggerates the figures but recommends everything be handed over to companies he consults for and makes huge commissions from for doing so?

    Why did Newman tell overseas investors the Queensland economy was sound and in good shape but told Queenslanders it was in dire strife based on the flawed Costello Audit Commission?

    Why did Newman think that he needed to make up a shonky Audit Commission in the first place if the Queensland economy was so bad he only needed to be honest?

    Why did Newman break his first major promise in the first week of taking power before he even knew what the situation was and has broken promise after promise since then? Surely he should not have made promises he knew he could not keep?

    Why is Newman’s austerity measure supposedly implemented to save the Queensland economy sending it backwards?

    Why do you need to bullshit so often Neil to stick up for the flawed and deceitful Party you blindly and mindlessly support?

    Why are you a hypocrite Neil?

  47. It is amazing. Queensland lost its credit rating during the biggest mining boom in Australian history. You know there seems to be a pattern developing. Labor gets in, trashes the budget. People get scared and elect the Coalition to clean up the mess. Happens too many times to be just a coincidence.

    Have a look at the chart and look at the rapid increase. Let us all hope Newman can do something. So much for those who said Costello only paid off all the debt Hawke/keating created because of the mining boom which only started in 2004.

    It did not take long to quadruple and with Gillard in power Commonwealth debt will quadruple every 5 years.

  48. Neil does his usual ignore and bullshit. At least his consistent, consistently full of crap. Gets hold of one thing and then posts it again and again as though that makes it fact.

    Newman is not fixing anything, he’s sending Queensland backwards. He is failing whilst completely trashing that state environmentally and socially.

    If that’s the case Neil how do you explain NSW and WA, especially WA, which is the biggest mining state, both being handed surpluses and both under Liberal programs posting deficits, with WA going even further backwards?

    It may have something to do with they knowing that there is nothing inherently wrong with deficits if they are used for long term assets.

    Yet all you ever go on about is deficits and in doing so show your utter ignorance on economics time and again.

    How about for once showing us how smart you are and explaining how Newman can get austerity to work, especially when he is throwing tens of millions away to himself, his business mates, vested interest lobby groups, a company Costello consults for and the gambling industry and austerity has failed everywhere else in the world?

    Can you explain to us why Newman told overseas investors Queensland had a sound economy whilst telling Queenslanders it had an unsound economy?

    Can you tell us why Costello produced a shonky by any measure Audit Commission that contains so many deliberate errors and omissions as to be useless, yet it’s the flawed document Newman is basing his very unsound austerity economic measures on?

    Can you tell us why Newman is going on about austerity on one hand and cutting needy social services and causing much suffering whilst giving out as much on the other hand to the wealthy and big business including the gambling industry?

    Can you tell us why the gambling industry in Queensland needs millions in subsidies during a time of supposed economic austerity in that State?

    Of course you can’t Neil because what you will do as you always do which is obfuscate, distract, divert repeat, bluster and post crap again.

  49. ME, the question should be, what has the Queensland Treasury has to say. They are the people we do not hear from, the real experts that are aware of what us going on.

    Why is Cando outsourcing the role of the treasury. What are the taxpayers paying for the work to be duplicated?

    Why should we trust Costello when many experts today, are blaming him for the state of the national budget today. Yes, blaming Costello for what he did, and Labor for not pulling what he did back.

    Anyway, that is history. What counts is what the PM said yesterday, and how Abbott reacts. What we need to know from Abbott, is what he can do fix things. What can he do better than Labor. Still seems to be saying, austerity is the way to go.

  50. Sadly when Abbott is asked any questions about how he can fix things, his only response is Get Rid of Gillard..which obviously doesn’t answer the question…

  51. No, it certainly doesn’t Min, but the lazy, complicit MSM let him answer their seemingly scripted questions, in this way, without any challenge whatsoever. What has happened to our journalists? Have they all taken gutless pills?

    Of course, his friendly shock jocks parrot this as well. St Tony will be our saviour!! Hallelujah!! God help us all.

  52. Why should we trust Costello when many experts today, are blaming him for the state of the national budget today.

    That just proves there are many deluded people in Australia. I wonder who these so called experts vote for??

  53. You should not go under SCAPER (who ever u are) you should be SCRAPER because you are at the bottom of the pit.

  54. Ah, so it was you Bensted that reckoned Gillard was coming back in the Morgan Poll.

    I’ve gone to the blogs under the same name for near on seven years and don’t intend to change it (like the stalker with his own stable of sockpuppets) because some blow in pocket totalitarian demands so.

  55. Did Gillard really say this to a room full of economists and media???

    “Imagine a wage earner, John, employed in the same job throughout the last 20 years.

    For a period in 2003 to 2007 every year his employer gave him a sizeable bonus. He was grateful but in his bones knew it wouldn’t last.

    The bonuses did stop and John was told that his income would rise by around five per cent each year over the years to come.

    That’s the basis for his financial plans.

    Now, very late, John has been told he won’t get those promised increases for the next few years – but his income will get back up after that to where he was promised it would be.

    What is John’s rational reaction?

    To respond to this temporary loss of income by selling his home and car, dropping his private health insurance, replacing every second evening meal with two-minute noodles.

    Of course not.

    A rational response would be to make some responsible savings, to engage in some moderate borrowing, to get through to the time of higher income with his family and lifestyle intact and then to use the higher income to pay off the extra borrowing undertaken in the lean years.”

    Sounds like the economic train of thought here!

  56. Scaper, if you want to convince me about getting rid of Gillard then you will need to give me reasons as to why Abbott would make such an outstanding prime minister.

  57. Min, was not referring to an election…hearing renewed rumblings.

    Maybe an outside chance that there would be other rumblings but I fear it all is too late. Almost fell over when Torcher implied that somehow I was being led by the nose by Abbott.

    What a mess!

  58. Tony is a hard working Aussie, doing his best to provide for his family. He has a good job, but such is the nature of his work that his income is subject to unpredictable, sharp and sudden changes.

    Tony’s much loved and wonderful children go to a private school and wow, those fees that he choses to pay are high. He used to have a moderate mortgage, especially given he was doing well with an income well over $200,000 per annum.

    Then things on the income side turned sour.

    Tony had a change in work status that resulted in his annual income dropping by around $90,000 – a big loss in anyone’s language.

    How did Tony respond to this 40 per cent drop in income?

    Well, rather than selling the house and moving into smaller, more affordable premises, or taking his children out of the private school system and saving tens of thousands of after tax dollars, Tony called up his friendly mortgage provider and refinanced his mortgage.

    In other words, Tony took on a huge chunk of extra debt so that he could maintain his family’s lifestyle. No belt tightening, no attempt to live within his means, just more debt.

    Tony was reported as saying when asked about the cut in his income and his craving for more debt, we are “soldiering on the best we can… what’s it called? Mortgage stress!” he quipped when referring to the fact that his level of debt was now many multiples of his income.

    Tony also said that, “it’s true you do experience a substantial pay cut and, yes, if you are a normal family without accumulated assets, without additional sources of income, it does make a big difference”.

    It sure does, Tone.

    😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

  59. Adrian of Nowra

    Of course you can’t Neil because what you will do as you always do which is obfuscate, distract, divert repeat, bluster and post crap again.

    Neil of Sydney

    That just proves there are many deluded people in Australia. I wonder who these so called experts vote for??

    Neil of Sydney just proved Adrian of Nowra.

  60. “……………But the government spends too much, you say. Well, all of us can think of areas where we think it should cut spending. Equally, we can all think of areas where it should spend more. The International Monetary Fund estimates that, excluding east Asian countries where welfare is left to the family, Australia already has the second lowest spending of any Western country, behind only Switzerland.
    We will have to spend more in future, as our population ages, and millions of baby boomers are supported by taxpayers for healthcare, age pensions and nursing homes, while paying little or no tax. We will have to spend more, one way or other, if we are to get the…”

    Read more:

  61. “…….What this shows is that the problem is mainly on the revenue side, not the spending side. Compared with the final years of the Howard government, Commonwealth spending remains at roughly similar levels as a percentage of the economy. As we’ve consistently argued here at New Matilda, the reason the Commonwealth is in “structural deficit” is that we simply don’t collect enough tax to pay for the government services citizens demand.

    The problem is, in the dying days of this administration, no-one wants to give Labor any credit for spending restraint. If the budget is in deficit, it must because the government is spending too much. No matter how many graphs Julia Gillard and Wayne Swan throw at us, the narrative that Labor can’t manage the economy retains its tenacious hold.

    As is usual with Labor, matters have not been helped by a series of own goals. The most lamentable example was the ill-fated promise to return the budget to surplus. By investing so much political capital into the notion that it would return the budget to surplus this year, the Government effectively conceded the Opposition’s point that the budget balance is the key measure of economic management. It could have been a triumph of bold policymaking. The tax revenues didn’t eventuate, and now Labor has egg on its face..”


  62. Of course you can’t Neil because what you will do as you always do which is obfuscate, distract, divert repeat, bluster and post crap again

    As you know my belief has always been that facts are irrelevant. People believe what they want to believe and no argument will change a persons mind.

    You will never convince me that the crap about Costello being responsible for the current state of the budget is anything but crap.

    Costello took Federal govt debt in 1996 from 18% of GDP to zero. In fact it was less than zero. He also put $80B in the Future Fund and started up several other infrastructure funds which Labor renamed.

    His last budget was a $20B surplus and he is condemned for reckless spending. But Labor who have racked up who knows how much debt is not condemned for reckless spending.

  63. Debt debt debt.

    Show us your knowledge on this Neil as you have been going on about debt for so long now, but only Labor debt, you never criticise Liberal debt, so tell us why manageable debt is such a bad thing in your mind and why having surpluses at the cost of selling off the farm, allowing infrastructure to crumble, by selling off gold reserves at a massive write down and shifting that manageable public debt to the unmanageable private sector that caused so much suffering, something even Costello said was unsustainable but went on to increase anyway?

    And again you avoid the questions and facts, like Newman giving the Queensland gambling industry millions whilst cutting vital social services.

    Standby for more obfuscation and diversions.

  64. FU

    I new this would happen. You people are trying to trash Costello’s record by telling lies about him. I new this would happen because Labor supporters are deceitful.

    Even if someone answered all your questions you would then spend months trying to find something wrong with Costello’s record.

    People believe what they want to believe and facts are irrelevant. You either have a correct belief or an incorrect belief.

  65. Why did Costello just tell a huge bald faced lie on the 7:30 Report.

    That he had to lie and rewrite history to defend his failure as Treasurer proves he failed.

  66. And Neil falls back into his projection routine of “you Labor people all being deceitful and only the Liberals are honest” no matter how much evidence you show to the contrary.

    Shit Abbott admits he’s a bald faced liar and still Neil says he’s honest.

    Costello lied through his teeth and worse produced this lot of proven prevaricated figures purely to line his own pocket as a consultant to the company he recommended Queensland sell all their assets to for a song.

    And still he says they are honest. I call bullshit.

  67. I do not know why you are blasting Costello.

    It was Beattie/Bligh who during the biggest mining boom in history caused Queensland to lose its credit rating. It was not Costello who quadrupled Queensland debt.

    But go ahead. Keep blasting Costello and say nothing about Beattie/Bligh who caused the problem in the first place.

    You were most probably a supporter of Cain/Kirner as well.

  68. I am not sure what Costello has to do with Queensland losing its credit rating.

    And wasteful spending is relative. Costello produced his biggest surplus in his last budget. That is a fact. So Howard wasted some money. Who hasn’t??

  69. People believe what they want to believe and facts are irrelevant

    Lots of ‘truth’ in what you say. Putting it another way:

    I am just a poor boy
    Though my story’s seldom told
    I have squandered my resistance
    For a pocket full of mumbles such are promises
    All lies and jests
    Still a man hears what he wants to hear
    And disregards the rest

    Is there any way out? Or are we simply captive to our own backgrounds?

  70. Do you believe Costello is honest Neil?

    And see what I mean by obfuscation. He’s avoiding the funding given to the gambling industry in Queensland by Newman as he was cutting vital social services to people in need and he’s avoiding the fact that Costello was recommending selling off all Queensland public assets, every single one of them, to companies Costello was consulting for.

    If that is a conflict of interest and dishonest then I don’t don’t what is.

    If Neil believes Costello is honest then he agrees with Costello’s sentiments on the 7:30 Report where he canned Abbott’s policy spending promises, especially the on the DAP and Costello was honest when he said that Howard was a wasteful spender, which is born out by the facts.

    And Howard is still the most wasteful and costly PM in our history, costing far more per annum than all the other ex-PM’s combined. Wasteful in office and wasteful out of it.

  71. “when he said that Howard was a wasteful spender, which is born out by the facts.”

    Costello was tight with money. Anyone would be a wasteful spender according to Costello. You are trying to make Costello say something you would like to believe. So Howard wasted some money. Who hasn’t??

    The facts however are that during the last term of the Howard govt the budget surpluses kept getting bigger. Last four budgets gave surplus budgets of $14B, $16B, $17B and $20B increasing from 1.5% of GDP to 1.7% of GDP.

  72. How much a day does Costello cost the people of Queensland, for him to duplicate the work of treasury?

  73. Every year since being booted out, the rodent has been the most expensive living ex-PM for the taxpayers to maintain. As Mobius said, wasteful in government and wasteful out of government.

  74. Neil. do you consider, there could be a problem in the way those surpluses were achieved. Did it stop interest rated going up and up…at the same time.

    What he did is leave the structural deficit within the budget, that that this government is still grappling with.

    Neil, what about the record amount of private debt,. Where did that come from.

  75. Neil I know you don’t so I know I’m ranting to vacuousness, but surpluses for the sake of surpluses are rarely a sign of a good government, and in the Howard/Costello case the opposite is true, their pursuit of surpluses over everything else is was a sign of a poor government? They did this at a time of the longest sustained economic growth period in global history, on being handed a vastly improving economy, something Howard acknowledged at the time and on selling off assets for record one off revenues.

    You go on and on about Labor deficits, and only Labor ones whilst ignoring Liberal ones like WA and NSW, and go on and on about Liberal surpluses, but only Liberal surpluses never Labor ones, because that’s all you have to defend your blind ignorant ideological faith in the Liberal Party.

    You know they are a failure and wanting on just about every front but Howard, and only Howard, demonised deficits for political purposes and you have blindly taken up that mantra to the exclusion of all rational and lucid thought since.

    And even in that you are duplicitous as you ignore the record current account deficits under Howard, and bringing down the current account deficit was Howard’s main platform in the 1996 election, something he failed miserably at when in government.

    And if at any time you provided lucid reasoning as to why the pursuit of surpluses to the detriment of all else is a good thing, and why deficits in pursuit of bolstering employment, helping industry, aiding the economy and preventing a recession is a bad thing then I’ve yet to see it.

    Finally you are obfuscating again as you ignore the points raised on Costello’s conflict of interest in Queensland as it on Costello’s advice prepares to sell off every government asset and service for a song to companies Costello represents and gets commissions from. And you ignore the points raised on Newman’s considerable largess to the gambling industry, KFC, business mates and cronyism that is costing the state tens of millions whilst he cuts vital services to pay for that largess, thus not doing anything to help the Queensland economy at all, in fact sending it backwards.

  76. What he did is leave the structural deficit within the budget, that that this government is still grappling with.”

    So the current budget problems are all Costello’s fault?? I find it amazing the lengths you go to demonise someone who just happens to have different political beliefs.

    Costello left a surplus of $20B (1.7% GDP) and no govt debt. And that was 6 years ago. Costello did not leave any problems.

    This structural deficit crap is an invention by evil people to try and trash Costello.

  77. NoS the way you rabidly come to he-who-can-do-no-wrong’s defence, anyone would think either (a) you’re in love with Costello, or (b) you are Costello.

    My belief (facts are irrelevant, remember) is that the only reason Costello remained Treasurer for so long was that he never had the guts to challenge Howard for the top job &, also Howard wanted him where he could keep an eye on him.

  78. Isn’t it amazing how when people provide factual information about the opposition that it’s called “demonizing” by the far right wingers.

  79. Min, as that font of all wisdom, Neil (NoS) said, his beloved Costello has the sun shining from his fundament & is an economic Titan amongst Labor pygmies. He also said “facts are irrelevant” 😆

  80. “Isn’t it amazing how when people provide factual information about the opposition that it’s called “demonizing” by the far right wingers.”

    So I am far right am I?? Now you are trying to demonise me.

    You leftoids just cannot help yourselves.

  81. Isn’t it amazing how when people provide factual information about the opposition that it’s called “demonizing” by the far right wingers.

    Especially when the same right whingers describe people with whom they disagree as “evil”.

    Another instance of Right Wing Projection: call people “evil”, then whinge about being “demonised”.

  82. Or is there some inconsistency with Tony – what I say and what I do are entirely different things. Tony did after all say a few years back “I know politicians are gonna be judged on everything they say, but sometimes, in the heat of discussion, you go a little bit further than you would if it was an absolutely calm”.

    Ah…now I see. Tony the politician says and does different things to Tony the regular bloke.

    But back to now.

    Always an optimist, Tony hoped that one day his income would again rise and while he waited for that day, he did in fact soldier on with his massive mortgage, massive spending and without there being a hint of belt tightening.

    As luck would have it, he unexpectedly saved $10,000 a year on his interest costs by the fact that mortgage interest rates dropped a thumping 3 per cent.

    I’m sure he’ll send a thank you note to whom ever helped get interest rates down so much.

    And as luck would have it, Tony’s had a pay rise and he’s now on around $350,000 year. Phew.

    It’s a good job Tony didn’t panic and sell his house and drag his kids out of school. Rather, he took on a bit of debt that he could easily afford as it turns out and it got him through the tough times.

  83. …………………And that’s what happened after the financial crisis of 2008. Many people suddenly cut spending, either because they chose to or because their creditors forced them to; meanwhile, not many people were able or willing to spend more. The result was a plunge in incomes that also caused a plunge in employment, creating the depression that persists to this day.

    Why did spending plunge? Mainly because of a burst housing bubble and an overhang of private-sector debt — but if you ask me, people talk too much about what went wrong during the boom years and not enough about what we should be doing now. For no matter how lurid the excesses of the past, there’s no good reason that we should pay for them with year after year of mass unemployment.

    So what could we do to reduce unemployment? The answer is, this is a time for above-normal government spending, to sustain the economy until the private sector is willing to spend again. The crucial point is that under current conditions, the government is not, repeat not, in competition with the private sector. Government spending doesn’t divert resources away from private uses; it puts unemployed resources to work. Government borrowing doesn’t crowd out private investment; it mobilizes funds that would otherwise go unused.

    Now, just to be clear, this is not a case for more government spending and larger budget deficits under all circumstances — and the claim that people like me always want bigger deficits is just false. For the economy isn’t always like this — in fact, situations like the one we’re in are fairly rare. By all means let’s try to reduce deficits and bring down government indebtedness once normal conditions return and the economy is no longer depressed. But right now we’re still dealing with the aftermath of a once-in-three-generations financial crisis. This is no time for austerity.

    O.K., I’ve just given you a story, but why should you believe it? There are, after all, people who insist that the real problem is on the economy’s supply side: that workers lack the skills they need, or that unemployment insurance has destroyed the incentive to work, or that the looming menace of universal health care is preventing hiring, or whatever. How do we know that they’re wrong?

    Well, I could go on at length on this topic, but just look at the predictions the two sides in this debate have made. People like me predicted right from the start that large budget deficits would have little effect on interest rates, that large-scale “money printing” by the Fed (not a good description of actual Fed policy, but never mind) wouldn’t be inflationary, that austerity policies would lead to terrible economic downturns. The other side jeered, insisting that interest rates would skyrocket and that austerity would actually lead to economic expansion. Ask bond traders, or the suffering populations of Spain, Portugal and so on, how it actually turned out.

    Is the story really that simple, and would it really be that easy to end the scourge of unemployment? Yes — but powerful people don’t want to believe it. Some of them have a visceral sense that suffering is good, that we must pay a price for past sins (even if the sinners then and the sufferers now are very different groups of people). Some of them see the crisis as an opportunity to dismantle the social safety net. And just about everyone in the policy elite takes cues from a wealthy minority that isn’t actually feeling much pain.

    What has happened now, however, is that the drive for austerity has lost its intellectual fig leaf, and stands exposed as the expression of prejudice, opportunism and class interest it always was. And maybe, just maybe, that sudden exposure will give us a chance to start doing something about the depression we’re in.;

  84. Neil, no one is trying to demoise you. Some are pointiung out that you might be obsessed with the word surplus and debt. Some are ocncerned that we have been reading the same from yuou for over two years.

    Neil, some are concerned that you have blinkers on, or maybe even a blindfold, that prevents you fron seeing what is occurring today.

    No matter how many times you raised the topic, the answers are still the same. You are wrong.

    Now I do agree that the government might have bought some of the criticism on themselves when it comes to their perception that we would be in surplus at this time.

    This was never a possibility.

    A budget has never been bought back to surplus over such a short time frame. To attempt to do so was wrong. Labor is paying the price for caving into political pressure to do so.

    Labor has created a good economy, very small deficit, of less that 1% I believe. Still has triple AAA ratings. Still reasonable employment. Lowerr inflation and interest rates. Manaeable debt. Still one of the smallest goverments in the western world.

    Because of their desire to prove how smart they could be, they are now perceived as failing. Saying this, if the high dollar had acted as in the past, coming down on clue, and if the global economy piucked up as predicted, Labot might have been able to crow about having a surplus. That has not occurred.

    In spite of history, the dollar remanis high. The global economy is still in trouble. No defict.

    Neil, we are not demonising you. We are saying, broaden your horizon. The word debt and surplus have to be taken in context. Mean nothing in their own right. Yes, they are important, but how the surplus comes about, is also important.

  85. Neil, no one is trying to demoise you.

    Yes you are. I was called FAR-RIGHT. I think you would call Nazi’s far right so i got the message.

    It does annoy me that Costello keeps getting mentioned. He left office 6 years ago and left the economy with no debt, 4.3% unemployment and various infrastructure funds started up.

    And I am not as strong a Liberal Party supporter as you think. However I am a very strong Howard/Costello supporter. It was one of the better govts this country has produced.

  86. Hi Min, I haven’t run dry on Tony Abbott! Just the sight of him makes my blood boil. So much so I sometimes can’t think how to express my rage, but that comment on your thread by Möbius Ecko (APRIL 29, 2013 @ 7:24 PM) about Abbott in yet another stunt on his Pollie Ride got me going on a re-write of my Polliepedal pome for CW. As Möbius wrote

    This has to be the most put up cringe worthy media setup stunt of the lot!

    Just waiting for help with an image from my grandson. I’ll get back to you.

  87. Neil, the structural imbalance was caused by spending and tax cuts, that continue after the windfall mining revenus disappeared. That is what a streuctural deficit is.

  88. Möbius Ecko, I’m trying to find that image of Abbott with the fallen cyclist. Does anyone have a link to it from 29/04/13 and also that broadcast comment about Abbott being a “…….knight in shining armour.”

  89. “Neil, the structural imbalance was caused by spending

    Yes I know and the spending was done by Swan. He cannot help himself.

    that continue after the windfall mining revenus disappeared.

    THEY HAVN’T DISSAPPEARED!!!!! Commodity prices are much higher now than in 2007 when the Coalition lost office.

    Commodity prices exploded after Costello lost office. have a look at the link. They have fallen a little bit but are much higher than in 2007. And as you can see from the link commodity prices started to increase only in 2004. Costello only got the mining boom benefit for 3 years.

  90. Even though he’s been told eleventy million times, Neil still doesn’t seem to understand the difference between commodity prices and revenue 🙄

    Once more with feeling 😛
    The Howard/Costello holiday experienced receipts (as % of GDP) of:
    Min: 23.9
    Avg: 25.0
    Max: 25.9

    cf Labor:
    Min: 21.6
    Avg: 22.9
    Max: 25.1

    You appear to get your misinformation from ALP headquarters

    Whereas Neil just makes $#!t up to suit whatever argument he wishes to make 😆

  91. Neil, maybe we talk about Costello because he has put himself back in the public eye. Are you saying he is off bounds. Can do and say what he likes, but no one must criticise.

    Sorry, Neil, it does not work that way.

    By the way, I have never mentioned far right, but much of what you say, comes from there.

  92. Capital Hill is worth catching up with. Jill Hall and Russell Broadbent.

    Never thought I would have good word for Jill.

    Russell is complaining that the PM has been playing poker all day.

    It is about time she began playing them at their own game. Yes, I believe that the PM is calling Abbott’s bluff.

    It is clear, that Abbott is not in control of the agenda. Yhat is not to their liking.

  93. By the way, I believe it will be 2018 before the NDIS is fully put in place. How many budgets or governments is that.

    It will be July next year before the levy begins.

    Abbott is going to let us all tomorrow. Surely he cannot be on that bike very much.

  94. Looks like it could be presented before the election. Independents are saying, this is what they want.

    The poker game today, is to force a decision from Abbott.

  95. Costello because he has put himself back in the public eye. Are you saying he is off bounds.

    Yes he did. He is trying to help Qeensland clean up the mess Beattie/Bligh left. I notice you do not talk about the mess Labor left in Queensland but about what Costello is doing.

    Debt quadrupled in Queensland in only a few years under ALP rule during the biggest mining boom in Australia’s history. Please talk about what the ALP did to Queensland. Costello is trying to help.

    And Federal Labor is getting plenty of revenue. They are just spending it faster than it comes in.

  96. If you’re up for some investigation Neil (yeahh rrright – I’d like to see that 🙄 ), you could look at the level of payments to the states under the Howard government. I believe you may find that the states (all Labor at the time) were being starved of funds by the mean-spirited CONservative government to make them look worse that they actually were 😉

    Contrast that with where Labor has been increasing payments to the states – Education, Health, Infrastructure – all areas woefully neglected by your heroes…

  97. Costello is trying to help Neil, help himself and the companies he consults for.

    He helped himself to a huge commission payout plus the enormous wage Newman is paying him by tabling a corrupt document full of proven errors and distortions, just as Newman distorted the state of Queensland.

    Why do you keep ignoring those fact Neil?

    If all Costello is doing is trying to help Queensland why did he produce deliberately bastardised documents and why did he recommend in those documents that Queensland sell off every asset and service for a song to companies he represents and who will pay him a massive commission for getting them those public resources?

  98. And why isn’t Newman helping Queensland Neil?

    Instead of using the money he savagely cut from those most in need and vital environmental protections for the most valuable areas of the State he’s used that money to subsidise gambling and wealthy mates plus feather his own nest.

  99. Can’t believe you people. Instead of talking about Costello you should be talking about this.

    If Beattie/Bligh did not trash the budget Costello would not even be in the news.

  100. And Neil does exactly what I knew he would. Bring up the same thing over and over whilst diverting, distracting and ignoring the facts of Costello’s corruption in this matter as well as Newman’s malfeasance in spending tens of millions he scraped from the most needy to give to his wealthy mates.

    And he still hasn’t once explained what’s wrong with a manageable deficit and what is good about a surplus whilst services and infrastructure crumble around that surplus.

    We can believe you in sticking up for a corrupt and greedy person who is going to rip off a great majority of Queenslanders for a very long time to come just to line his own pockets.

  101. The topic is why did Beattie/Bligh trash the Queensland budget. Costello is only on the scene because of what Beattie/Bligh did.

    Queensland lost its credit rating during the biggest boom in history.

    But you cannot do it. You cannot condemn Beattie/Bligh. You most probably worship Cain/Kirner as well

  102. Neil, I believe w this is the topic. “Running dry on Tony Abbott”

    Topics on Costello, the wonderful treasurer and his amazing “surplus” are yours, no one else.

    I do not see any of the names you mentioned in that title. Do you?

  103. “The topic is why did Beattie/Bligh trash the Queensland budget. Costello is only on the scene because of what Beattie/Bligh did.”

    Where did this come from?

  104. Where did this come from?

    I brought up the disaster that are Queensland finances on April 29, 2013 @ 8:33 pm. This was a comment because someone was trashing Campbell Newman. Newman is trying to get Queenslands credit rating back.

    Somehow or other Peter Costello has something to do with Queensland losing its credit rating.

  105. You really a piece of work Neil, either obfuscating or twisting things around but never responding to the facts given to you.

    If you are praising Newman (wrongly) for attempting to get the Queensland back to AAA by using a proven flawed methodology and subsidising the gambling industry with money taken from the needy then you must be ecstatic that Gillard managed to get Australia the AAA triple when Howard never could.

    Can you point us to where you lauded Gillard for achieving what Newman is failing to, yet you are using as an excuse for him?

  106. you must be ecstatic that Gillard managed to get Australia the AAA triple when Howard never could.

    Now I know you are insane.

    It was Keating that lost our credit rating in the late 1980’s. And it was the Howard govt that govt our AAA back.

    To give Wayne Swan credit because some third rating agency finally got around to give us a AAA shows you are insane. Not only insane but immoral.

    In 2002 Moody’s gave us back our AAA and Standard and Poors followed in 2003. It took 6 surplus budgets by Costello to get our AAA back. The restoration of our AAA during the Howard era allowed Companies to borrow money at a cheaper rate

    Wayne Swan has done nothing.

    We did NOT get our AAA back under Gillard. It happened under Costello.

    *Edited due to defamatory comment. Sorry Neil but the blogmasters are the ones who are liable.

  107. “Insane”… “fraud”… “liar”… “evil”. Lots of Right Wing Projection going on. Situation normal.

  108. Ah no. Adrian said it was Gillard who got back our Commonwealths AAA credit rating which we lost under Hawke/Keating. That is an outright LIE.

    We got our AAA rating back under Costello and it took 6 surplus budgets before the ratings agencies gave us our AAA back.

    This enabled companies to borrow money at a lower interest rate. You can see that running surplus budgets is an economic policy by itself. It also gave companies confidence to invest.

    Beats me why you people tell lies about the Howard govt. Perhaps Labor supporters enjoy telling lies??/

  109. What I said was that Gillard got a AAA triple which is something Howard/Costello never achieved.

    Beats me why the Liberal supporters have to lie so much about Labor and especially Neil who always distorts and deceives whilst ignoring the facts.

  110. And Neil can you tell us how Gillard can get a AAA rating from three agencies with a deficit for according to you it can only be achieved by the Liberals and with surpluses?

    By the way I believe Barnett is losing that State’s AAA rating but I don’t see you going on about that, especially when it’s the State that the greatest beneficiary of the mining boom and substantially put up mining royalties but was never canned for raising taxes so much.

    Feb 5, 2013 – ONCE obsessed with Western Australia’s AAA credit rating, Treasurer Troy Buswell is now philosophical about the prospect of losing it.

  111. I found this Table

    We lost our AAA in 1986 under Hawke/Keating. Moody’s gave our AAA back in 2002 and Standards and Poors gave it back in 2003. That is all that was need to allow our companies to borrow money at a lower interest rate.

    Surely you are not saying that Finch giving us a AAA in 2011 has something to do with Swan?? He is just racking up the debt. What should be asked is why didn’t Finch give us a AAA when we had no debt???

    Shame on you for giving Costello no credit. It took 6 surplus budgets to get our AAA back.

  112. And Neil the jump to the AAA was a very lame attempt at a diversion away from Costello’s conflict of interest in Queensland along with his corruption of the Audit Commission, let alone you ignoring Newman’s more than generous spending on the gambling industry, his mates, big business like KFC and on luxury for his government whilst you said he had to cut funding.

  113. Your are the one bring up Costello’s alleged conflict of interest. I know nothing about it. What I do know is that Queensland lost its credit rating under Beattie/Bligh and Costello is trying to help get it back.

    I brought up the topic of Queensland losing its credit rating because someone alleged that Newman is making a mess of things. Newman was handed a mess.

  114. The Kouk is just trying to show the fallacy of using absolute $ terms rather than relative %GDP terms. The figures he gives mean absolutely nothing, which is what he intends…

  115. Do something different for a moment Neil – think! 😆

    IF all ratings agencies maintain a AAA credit rating while the budget is in deficit and we have government issued debt, what is the relevance of your obsession with surplus?

  116. Yes his loyalty is clear. His loyalty is to the ALP and Gillard who he used to work for.

    I would not trust Koukoulas in anything. Same goes for Peter Martin and Bernard Keane and basically anyone who votes Labor.

    What a deceitful political party

  117. Yet you implicitly trust the lying and deceiving Liberals and especially Costello who has been proven to falsify an audit for self gain to the detriment of the people.

    The real deceitfulness lies with the Liberals who have been proven to falsify reports and trot out lie after lie.

    You are an absolute joke Neil and prove it just about every time you post.

  118. Note Bacchus how Neil falls back into Labor deceitful and can’t trust their supporters whenever he is losing an argument or unpleasant truths come out about the jobbery of the Liberals or one of their members.

  119. His MO hasn’t changed in 6 or 7 years Mö – still pretends to be? as thick as two short planks. Still won’t even attempt to think logically 😉

  120. Did not Queensland suffer most with GFC and it;s aftermath. Was not their tourism industry bought to it;s knees.

    Did not Queensland suffer one or two years of natural disasters, that were greater than ever before. Seem to remember the whole site being under water at one time.

    Of course, Labor would be responsible for that, in the eyes of Neil and his ilk.

    Of course none of those events would affect the state budget.

    Yes, Neil, Labor was probably been in power too long, than what is good for any democracy. That is an argument, I see you do not use.

  121. Neil, if one AAA was good for Howard and Costelllo. How do you rate the achievement of Swan and Gillard achieving three at the same time?

    This has never happened before.

    Neil, no one is disputing that Costello ever achieved AAA rating. They are saying that Swan did better with three.

  122. Why should I believe anything you people say.

    Back in 2007 on Dunlops blog I was told many times that Howard altered the way unemployment rate was measured for political purposes. Howard introduced the one hour/week work rule to be regarded as employed or so i was told.

    Turns out it was a lie. Working one hour/week is the international method for determining unemployment.

    Most of ALP supporters comments are falsehoods.

  123. Fu Neil is being a hypocrite and said that the AAA rating during Howard’s era was due to Costello but the AAA triple during Gillard’s reign had nothing to do with Swan.

  124. See Bacchus, round in circles. Never fails, Neil always brings up the same points over and over, especially when he’s losing the argument or is presented with facts he finds unpalatable.

  125. Well here is the ratings Table

    All three agency’s upgraded Australia in 2002/2003. The two important agency’s upgraded Australia to AAA and Finch upgraded us to AA+.

    Why did Finch wait 7 years to upgrade Australia to AAA??? Makes no sense to me.

  126. May I quote you YET again Neil (allegedly) of Sydney????

    People believe what they want to believe and facts are irrelevant.

    That does seem to be your mantra.& your, pigheaded, one-eyed obduracy bears this out. You keep saying the same old garbage over & over. Give it a rest as it has become so tiresome. In fact the predictability of your comments have become eye-glazingly monotonous.

  127. Neil, nothing makes sense to you unless it fits in with your mistaken beliefs.

    The trouble for you, too many economists from all sides of the fence, are saying the same thing. Neil, the trouble is, that you insist in reading into facts and figures, meanings that just not there.

    Yes, Neil, like all from the right, will deal with an inconvenient fact, by saying all experts are wrong, crooked or rusted on Labor supporters.


  128. Oh look Joy is back. Another leftoid who says Howard govt changed the way the unemployment rate is measured to make his govt look better. Also makes them look mean and nasty. A favourite leftoid tactic.

    Yep and that is correct, facts are irrelevant. You people will always believe Costello just got lucky.

  129. Why should I believe anything you people say.

    Back in 2007 on Dunlops blog I was told many times that Howard altered the way unemployment rate was measured for political purposes. Howard introduced the one hour/week work rule to be regarded as employed or so i was told.

    Turns out it was a lie. Working one hour/week is the international method for determining unemployment.

    Most of ALP supporters comments are falsehoods.

    I’ve told you many times since, Neil. It’s not a lie – it’s just an inconvenient truth in your mind.

    I am now free to say now, what I knew then. Here’s a starter:

    1. Joe Hockey released incorrect DSP recipient numbers to ‘show’ that the recipient population was decreasing, thanks to the ‘wonderful’ Welfare to Work policy. One one newspaper checked his figures – The Canberra Times – and we had to hide the real figures from them. Every other media outlet took Hockey’s word.

    2. There were changes to the business rules when measuring welfare recipient numbers. Previously, suspended recipients were included in the total. The rules were changed to exclude them from the total recipient numbers. By applying these rules it certainly appeared that the number of people out of work were coming down. Also, given that you didn’t have to do much wrong under the Howard regime to have your welfare payments suspended it always looked like the numbers were coming down.

    I worked in the area so I knew what was going on. If you call me a liar over this, then I will take that as a personal insult.

  130. Never went away, NoS, you were just so busy ferreting about in the dank, dark recesses of your mind & Google, looking for any references to your beloved Peter Costello, to notice me. Does he know you are stalking him??

    Wonderful to hear a few of the real truths of the soulless Howard Government, Michael. It must have been very difficult at times to not have been able to speak the truth. This is what Abbott want to return to. Shudder.

  131. “I am now free to say now, what I knew then”

    Not sure what your comments have to do with Howard allegedly introducing a new rule that you only have to work one hour/week to be considered employed. Unemployment is determined by the ABS using a telephone poll.

  132. Unemployment is determined by the ABS using a telephone poll.


    Err, no, Neil, they are not.

    Unemployment numbers are taken from the Centrelink database and the numbers are embargoed until the Minister approves their release.

  133. Yes it is. The unemployment rate is determined using a telephone poll conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

    It has nothing to do with the Federal government.

  134. Um I think even Bacchus will back me up.

    Bacchus are you there????

    The unemployment rate is determined by the ABS using a telephone poll.

  135. Defence white paper being released tomorrow.

    This PM does not waste time moving on to a new area. NDIS funding finalised.

  136. I just wish Neil would listen to what Abbott says. In fact, I wish many more who visited here done the same thing.

  137. Every month, the ABS runs a Labour Force Survey across Australia covering almost 30,000 homes as well as a selection of hotels, hospitals, boarding schools, colleges, prisons and Indigenous communities. Apart from the Census, the Labour Force Survey is the largest household collection undertaken by the ABS. Data are collected for about 60,000 people and these people live in a broad range of areas and have diverse backgrounds – they are a very good representation of the Australian population. From this information, the ABS produces a wide variety of statistics that paint a picture of the labour market. Most statistics are produced using established international standards, to ensure they can be easily compared with the rest of the world.


    According to established international standards, everyone who works for at least one hour or more for pay or profit is considered to be employed. This includes everyone from teenagers who work part-time after school, to a partially retired grandparent helping out at the school canteen. While it is unreasonable to expect a family to survive on the income of an hour of work per week, one could also argue that all work, no matter how small, contributes to the economy. This definition of ‘one hour or more’ – which is an international standard – means that ABS’ employment figures can be compared with the rest of the world. Now it is, of course, easy to argue that someone who works 2 or 3 hours per week is not really “employed”. But a definition is required.


    To get the unemployment rate, the ABS collects a sample, and it’s quite large. In fact, behind the Census, the Labour Force Survey is the largest household collection undertaken by the ABS.

    Around 30,000 homes are surveyed as well as a selection of hotels, hospitals, boarding schools, colleges, prisons and Indigenous communities to acquire the data.

    These are mainly done face-to-face

  138. “These are mainly done face-to-face

    O.K i got that wrong. But they do also use telephone polls.

    According to established international standards, everyone who works for at least one hour or more for pay or profit is considered to be employed.

    Exactly. Stupid Joy say it was something introduced by Abbott. Joy introduced a new variation. Howard normally gets the blame. Joy says it was Abbott.

    But the main point is that it is the ABS that determines the unemployment rate not the Federal government.

  139. You missed Mig’s point Neil that is true. The Howard government suppressed some figures to make the situation look better than it actually was. The Howard government undertook many deceitful practices including not allowing what used to be open figures to be made public under the guise “not in the public interest.” Costello went to court to stop budget expenditure figures from being released as they were damning for the government.

    You are nothing more than a blinkered ideologue who only points out the fault on one side, often lying about it, whilst mostly diverting or obfuscating the considerable faults and malfeasances of the Liberals, like Costello’s conflict of interest in falsifying the figures in the Audit Commission so he can garner huge payouts in commissions of his own.

  140. Yes, the labour force numbers are provided by the ABS.

    Unemployment figures would have been sourced from Centrelink, though they are not published by Centrelink. They are published by the various departments that have the various benefit type within their portfolios.

    The numbers are not published or shared until approved by the Minister.

  141. Another disastrous and humiliating bout for the poor old Liberal spinner, who, as memory serves, never did come up with a good reason why Abbott should be supported. From memory, all he could come up with was Abbott’s “judgement”. Lol.

  142. “You missed Mig’s point Neil that is true

    What has Migs point got to do with the figures published by the ABS???

    And if what Migs says is true why did not the ALP when in Opposition condemn Hockey??

    It was not Howard who said you work for one hour you are employed. It is the ABS following international standards.

    “Yes, the labour force numbers are provided by the ABS

    That is not what you said earlier. You said they were published by the Federal govt

  143. Neil, what does it matter. What has it to do with the situation today? What does it change?

    Both answers are correct.

    Neil, I know you like simple answers, but when addressing complex problems, they are always wrong.

    Often there are many answers or options. Choices have to be made. Depend what one wants the outcome to be.

  144. Neil, what does it matter

    The truth matters.

    It is the ABS who determines the unemployment rate.

  145. The ALP did condemn Hockey at the time and Howard/Costello.

    I’m not getting into circular arguments with you Neil that started with “look over there at Labor” to divert from Costello’s and Newman’s failures. As soon as the facts on them came out you immediately jumped subject and then went into your normal round about arguments.

    It’s something you have always done and obviously always will, which is a true indicator of your very narrow scope of knowledge.

  146. Neil what difference does that make. I hope there is more than one way of coming to such an important figure. It appears there is.

    Now, Neil, that figure is always adjusted down the track.

    Where do the figures for adjustment come from.

    Just heard Keen (Drum) advise Myers, that the money spent on NDIS is not being taken out of the economy. Maybe some of the disabled and carers will spend some of that money at Myers. Then maybe not, even with the NDIS, Myers might still be too expensive for them.

  147. “I’m not getting into circular arguments with you Neil that started with “look over there at Labor” to divert from Costello’s and Newman’s failures”

    What the hell has Costello and Newman got to do with the way the ABS determines the unemployment rate??

    And as usual I cannot believe you. Beattie/Bligh rack up enormous debt and it is Newman who is a failure. Not Beattie.

    Adrian you have totally lost it. It was the ALP govt in Queensland who failed. Newman is trying to clean up the mess.

  148. Neil has wasted enough of our time. Time to get back to Abbott and todays problems.

    SOBER sailors have finally had enough of Opposition Leader Tony Abbott’s repeated use of the insulting phrase “spending like drunken sailors”.
    Royal Australian Navy staff from Admirals in the corridors of power in Canberra to seamen on mess decks around the nation are sick and tired of Mr Abbott repeatedly comparing Labor’s fiscal policy to a “drunken sailor”.
    “It is not reflective of where the Navy is today,” one source said.
    The days of sailors coming ashore to spend their money in bars and bordellos have long since past according to modern day seamen and women.
    The phrase is one of the Opposition Leader’s favourites and an analysis of his media interviews during the past two years reveals a pattern of regular use across the nation.

    Read more:

  149. SOBER sailors have finally had enough of Opposition Leader Tony Abbott’s repeated use of the insulting phrase “spending like drunken sailors”.

    Well if our sailors cannot take what Abbott said what will they do if someone points a gun at them.

    Roll over and surrender??


  150. …………More specifically, a couple of the economists we approached for this story traced the roots of Labor’s current surplus obsession back a generation, to John Howard.
    This is kind of ironic, because John Howard was arguably the worst-performing Treasurer in Australian history. Before the Coalition government lost power in 1983, Howard achieved a unique trifecta: he simultaneously presided over unemployment of about 10 per cent, inflation of more than 11 per cent and interest rates of more than 13 per cent.
    This helped the Hawke/Keating Government to power, and once they gained office they discovered another unprecedented Howard legacy, a huge blowout in the Budget deficit, to some $9.6 billion….”

    The mess that many say Keating was still cleaning up, when Howard came to power.

  151. …………Come the 2010 election, and the woman who supplanted Rudd, Julia Gillard, spent much of her campaign launch speech defending these charges.
    “All we hear from Mr Abbott is to be afraid, to be afraid as he goes around talking about debt, as he tries to sell you his slogans. But of course what Mr Abbott doesn’t tell you is he doesn’t tell you the simple facts. The simple facts that the global financial crisis caused debt and deficit for economies around the world, and when we look at other major advanced economies, they have a debt, on average, 15 times greater than ours.
    “He doesn’t tell you that when you look at the debt of this nation, it’s the equivalent of someone who earns $100,000 a year having a $6,000 loan. That’s where our nation is positioned…

  152. Cuppa

    Thanks for the link.

    I can now add Mike Seccombe to the list of moral perverts.

    Stephen Koukoukalis, Peter Martin, Bernard Keane and now Mike Seccombe.

    You people are attracted to every moral perversion, every failed policy, every false comment, every false everything.

    The ALP is false religion with false preachers, false prophets and false teachers. And followed by false believers.

  153. We’re attracted to “moral perversion”. 😯


    A moral pervert is a person who is a slave to patterns of thought and behavior that are morally wrong (in violation of God’s law and in conflict with the light that God has put within us). Examples: liar, thief, profligate, homosexual.

    I think that “the light that God has put within us” is doing just nicely thank you very much. 😀

  154. There’s one thing consistent with the MSM they always paint everything as a lose/lose for the government and Abbott as a winner even when he loses.

    After going about only funding the NDIS if there’s a surplus, and talking about bringing in a different cheaper version in government, Abbott has now fully backed Gillard’s NDIS because of the backlash he was getting when he obfuscated on it.

    So the MSM cannot paint this is a win for Gillard so are now saying this is Abbott’s policy. I heard a news bulletin describe it as that, Abbott’s NDIS Agreement. Not once did that bulletin call it Gillard’s or the government policy but framed it completely around Abbott with lots of positive pictures and clips of him after a very quick clip of Gillard at the start.

  155. I am a nutter??
    I am just telling the truth.

    It is the ABS who determines the unemployment rate. Not the Federal govt as Miglo said.

    Most of the other stuff you people say id also wrong.

  156. ME,

    Have you considered sending the details of the offending bulletin to Paul Barry the new presenter of Media Watch? He’s on Twitter at:


  157. Min, it appears that Neil will support whatever Abbott says. Nothing is out of bounds for that man.

    Which is seen as worse. A fetish or an obsession.

    Many have one or another when it comes to Labor deficits and debt.

    Even if that deficit is only 1%.

    No one available to talk to the media tonight from the Opposition. Once again, running into hiding.

    Wonder who won that game of poker, that Russell Broadbent was complaining of yesterday. The one were the PM made announcements, according to Russell, every two hours, , that meant that Abbott had to get off the bike a reply.

    Same will apply tomorrow. Defence White Paper being released.

    The PM is not playing fair, is she Neil. She is interfering with Tony’s bike ride.

    Yesterday, the PM also managed to finalized a deal with Tasmania, in relation to NDIS. Also groundbreaking legislation was achieved with the forestry industry. A matter that has been unable to be solved for decades.

    The PM is indeed multi-dexterous. Can do many things at once.

    Fetish or obsession, Neil, what do you think it is.

  158. “That’s a lie.

    What lie did i tell??

    Is it the Federal govt or the ABS who determines the unemployment rate??

  159. Neil, where does the information come from every month, that allows the figure to be readjusted.

    Suggest there is also other figures that feed into the final result.

    There are always adjustments made.

  160. I am a nutter??

    A religious nutter, yes.

    Funny how you left out that important word.

  161. Wow Silkworm make a contribution.

    Can you people do anything other than personal abuse??

    You really believe you are more moral than anyone else.

  162. How did morals get into the post?

    Is it immoral to support Labor?

    Neil, I would love to know what makes us perverts. Please tell us.

    Where is the name calling. One is only saying, you are wrong, we do not agree with you.

    Neil, you keep saying the same thing over and over. We are asking why do you do this. Do you have problems with obsessions.

    Why are you so concerned about what we think. No one forces you to come here. You know what happens, when you come and repeat what you have been saying for years. Mainly word for word. You have been at this point many times

  163. Oh, looky.. Neil’s here, spreading his Freudian projection like a drunk’n sailor….. awesomee 🙄 …….. 😆
    Neil, you being an insider ‘n all, what can you tell us,cobba, about the ‘rumblings’ in Warringah. Could it be possibly be true that Tones is gunna ‘do a Howard’ …… interesting days ahead, would’nt you agree, NoS.

  164. Neil of Sydney quote:-

    Can you people do anything other than personal abuse??

    A quote of his abuse of a very well respected journalist (in the true sense of the word) as well as general abuse,:-

    (My bold) I can now add Mike Seccombe to the list of moral perverts.

    Stephen Koukoukalis, Peter Martin, Bernard Keane and now Mike Seccombe.

    You people are attracted to every moral perversion, every failed policy, every false comment, every false everything.

    The ALP is false religion with false preachers, false prophets and false teachers. And followed by false believers.

    Abuse of the men & women of the Royal Australian Navy:-

    Well if our sailors cannot take what Abbott said what will they do if someone points a gun at them.

    Roll over and surrender.

    Then there is his constant &, sometimes nasty, personal abuse aimed at other commenters which is far too prevalent to highlight.

    One thing I have found both in blogs & Twitter, is that those who wear their,moften irrational, right wing LNP beliefs on their sleeves, tend towards nastiness & personal abuse when their version of “facts: are challenged. NoS is no exception. He is also fond of saying People believe what they want to believe and facts are irrelevant. which seems to sum up the conservative ethos.

  165. Pingback: Graphical Manipulations #33: Leftovers, TV Interviews, Dud Jets, Dud Gents & Portents! | Deknarf: The Australia Blog

  166. Well said Joy. I did want to mention a few events that had some impact on budget blow-outs during Queensland’s ALP years and which NofS seems to have overlooked: devastating floods, one after another and cyclones. There is also the millions of tonnes and hectares of natural resources, energy and mining infrastructure virtually gifted to mining giants and foreign governments and private entities during since the 50’s.

  167. Today’s poll on Yahoo7 asks whether people support Abbott’s paid parental scheme. 32% say no, and 68% say yes. These polls are notorious for supporting Liberals, so this statistic is particularly damning. If Tony takes this one to the election, it’s going to be a huge weight around his neck. He is under real pressure to abandon it.

  168. Abbott ABC 24 Interview. Working very hard to undermine the PM on NDIS.

    Making out he knows nothing, as the PM will not tell us.

    Is not there areas set up., to develop how the scheme will work. Is not the disabled themselves part of how the scheme will work.

    Is not the scheme funded for the next five years.

    He is telling lies once again. If not, he has not read the legislation that he voted for.

    Complaining once again, in the latest the expenditure cut the government has made.

    Abbott says that the government spends like a drunken sailor, then complains about any cut they make.

    First question on his parental scheme. Not a welfare entitlement but workplace. If so, should be paid by the employer. No it is a welfare handout.

    Abbott leave the disabled alone. Act genuinely in a bipartisan manner.

  169. As for not going ahead with rises to family benefits. Is it a broken promise, or acknowledging that circumstances have changed,

    The increases relied on money from the MRRT. This is much less than expected. The MRRT is working as planned. It is a tax on super profits, that have disappeared in the mining industry.

    Is it then not reasonable, if one does not have the revenues, one than cuts programmes that it was to fund.

    Is not that prudent governance. Money has not been cut to part A, but will be no increase.

    Most would not even know that the increase was coming.

    I suspect, there will be more cuts of a similar nature. At least with the government, we will know long before we vote, what the cuts are.

    Mr. Abbott what do you intend to cut??????????????

  170. ……………The answer is simple. Reality! Not the endless belligerent tirades of the shock jocks, not the sexist jeers of witch, bitch and liar. (Honestly, the way the media have carried on you would think Julia was the only politician in history to have changed a policy after an election, whereas I am struggling to think of one that has not.) But if you take away all the white noise and let the facts speak for themselves, a different picture starts to emerge.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    When circumstance change, a prudent person also change their mind, if what they promise is no longer the right thing to do.

    Yes, the ability to change, is important in a politician. The ability to keep learning comes a close second.

    A much as many would like to believe, no government control the economy. No government has a crystal ball, that enables them to see into the future.

    One can make predictions based on knowledge and figures at the time. There are no guarantee that the figures are going to come about. All one can make is an educated guess, based on the information available.

    If, the global economy picked up, if ore prices stayed high, and if the dollar came down, as it has in the past, there would be a surplus, and no need for the cuts being made.

    lots of “ifs’ there.
    My emphasis.

  171. When circumstance change, a prudent person also change their mind, if what they promise is no longer the right thing to do.

    Jesum crow, I hope you are not talking about her backflip on the “carbon tax” because if you are you are just repeating the lies of the opposition.

  172. There was no backflip on a carbon tax, mainly because we do not have one. No manipulation of the facts will make it otherwise. This is mainly because we do not have a carbon tax.

    I suspect more are interested in, does what we have deal with man made climate change. Yes, the majority still believe this is a problem.

    More would be interested in whether the CEF is working or not. Looking at the carbon emission figures, it seems to be.

    Many will ask, do I really want it to be dismantled, with the political insecurity it will bring. Do we really want Direct Action.

    Yes, due to the global economy, CEF has problems to face. Yes, adustments might have to be made.

  173. Abbott, Hockey and Pyne
    The three ring circus combine
    With Abbott the ringmaster
    Hockey the disaster
    And Pyne with his incessant whine.

  174. Is Abbott the ringmaster. I am not so sure, I see him as the leading clown.

    Not sure who is wielding the whip.

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