40 comments on “A picture is worth a thousand words

  1. It’s not telling that this government has passed over 500 pieces of legislation, and some major far reaching reforms in amongst that, as impressive as this is, it’s that Abbott’s opposition have been on any measure by far the worst this country has ever seen, and apart from the terrible asylum seeker legislation, this government’s worst policy by far, the opposition haven’t contributed to a single piece of reform or legislation, let alone produce anything lucid of their own, unlike other oppositions in the past, some who contributed long standing amendments and got their policy ideas implemented whilst in opposition, Howard being a good example of that, and Labor getting a Safety Net implemented into Howard’s WorkChoices even though Howard had hold of both houses of parliament as another example.

    The opposition’s one and only fleshed out stand alone policy is Paid Parental Leave, and it was an Abbott brain fart that he produced overnight without consulting a single member of his caucus or any expert on the matter, and like every other brain fart of an idea he and his party have had over the last 2½ years, that policy is unravelling. And the discrepant thing on that policy is that it’s a tax on companies that was announced at a time when he was stridently and falsely accusing the government of being high taxing.

    There is little that can illustrate the discordance within the opposition and Abbott’s all over the shop approach than his vociferous attacks on the government’s RRT, which only effected a small handful of the biggest mineral mining companies and only when they made super profits, whilst at the same time he proposed a tax on 3200 companies for the most generous scheme in the world that most benefited wealthy mothers.

  2. Mobius Echo has said it all, completely & concisely, apart from the fact Tony Abbott also make many feel icky & in need of a shower after seeing him.

    Abbott is full of brain farts which are popped out without any discussion with his own kitchen cabinet. He is definitely not a team player as his ego doesn’t allow for this. Think the first time they hear “their policies” is when we do then have to defend them. No wonder they tend to sound as if they are a bunch of squabbling school kids.

    Very well said, ME.

  3. The thing that illustrates Abbott’s policy vacuousness and scatter brain approach is his mouthing slogans in place of lucid policy on asylum seeker policy.

    After spending more than a year viscously attacking the government on failure of border protection, which is a misnomer and a falsehood, and forcefully espousing the Howard Pacific Solution as a success and the need to go back to that policy, that is what the government did and more.

    To their disgrace the government implemented the Howard Pacific solution in toto, but more than that took it to an extreme in making it harsher and more unjust than anything Howard ever did even to the point of locking up children in worse conditions than Howard ever did.

    Even the TPV was made worse by replacing it with Bridging Visa that have asylum seekers living in poverty on the mainland without a hope, something TPVs with all their harsh restrictions never did.

    And it’s failing, but Abbott and the opposition cannot attack their implemented policy, the only policy they proposed in opposition taken up by the government after a sustained attack by the media and opposition in demanding it be implemented. So the opposition are left with attacking the government on how harsh the conditions are for asylum seekers on Nauru and Manus whilst Abbott goes around with his idiotic three word slogan “Stop the Boats”.

    Even Minchin, as extreme right as you can get in the Liberal Party and it’s most powerful power broker, has stated Abbott can’t stop the boats.

    So in the government’s failed asylum seeker policy we see what actually is a failed Liberal policy, the only one they had input into in opposition.

    If in government and Abbott fails in his “border protection” will there be a massive backlash from the right wingers? Of course not, they will make every excuse under the sun as they always do for the considerable failures of the Liberals.

    As a further headache to both parties on asylum seekers is the growing number of Vietnamese refugees getting on boats to come here because of increasing human rights violations there. This will be hard for the MSM, especially The Australian, to demonise as they have said there is a world of difference between Vietnamese boat people and current mostly Arab asylum seekers.

  4. Quite simply if Abbott is having brain farts Ms Dullard is passing dog turds.
    How long before the troops within revolt.
    Sub 30 Primary vote is simply unacceptable .
    Gnoski should have done a review of Fed Labor ,his report would have been so
    Easy – ‘it’s irreversible!’
    Keep your heads in the sand it keeps Australia beautiful.

  5. the opposition haven’t contributed to a single piece of reform or legislation

    Not only that, they have tried every measure to outright stop progress of any major Labor reform, not to amend it, but to, in their own words’ ;destroy’ it.

    The NBN is the most glaring example, spending over two years to rip it down at every step of the way, decrying loudly, along with their megaphone the murdoch press, that it is simply not needed, a waste of money, and that wireless is fine. Only, at the eleventh hour, to do a monumental bacflip and jump aboard the Fibre train, without a whimper from their murdoch mates about the total hypocrisy of this.

    Calling the election date early looks to have been a tactical win for Gillard. It has exposed the libs entire argument against the NBN to a hollow chant of ‘NO’. It has made abbott start making promises he cannot afford, and State Governmnets don’t need. He was in SA talking about the need to fix South Rd (true) apparently oblivious to the fact that this is already being done, care of the State Labor Government. Of course, he was shy on any actual details, but every outing he makes in his everlasting ‘mini’ campaign both exposes him for the policy hole he is, and puts a bigger financial hole in their campaign.

    The only thing that stop Labor from victory imo is the angry old men within the party itself, and another Tampa. Left to just Gillard v the abbot/murdoch coalition, my money would be on Gillard. Rudds backdoor deals with the msm or a degeneration in the asylum seeker issue is her only real stumbling block that I can foresee. On the other hand, I foresee a multitude of stumbling blocks for abbott. Even a scripted, pre-recorded 730 interview didn’t hide the fact that, under the cover of a dawning ANZAC day, he backed away from another raft of pledges, largely unreported to date, but, with time, and granted by Gillards early election date gambit, these shattered pledges will become exposed.

    The problem for abbott is between now and the election, he will utter a thousand words, and, scripted or not, they will expose him for the policy black hole he and his party have become.

    This election will come down to “it’s about the policy stupid”, and on that, Labor have an unattainable lead. Forget the polls, on election day, policies count.

    Labor 500
    liberal 0

  6. Good to see someone is so keen to live under a government that is going to tax them a lot more, increase the GST and fail on so many fronts.

    Probably already rehearsing their excuses and blame Labor for the failures of Abbott if he gets in, and putting down reminders as to why it’s such a good thing Abbott was kicked out no long after he got in.

    I know whose got their head buried in the sand, just like they have over so many things, and it’s not those against Abbott.

  7. Ms Dullard has suffered many problems including but not limited to:
    (A) it’s a minority Government
    (B) low talent pool
    (C) destabilisation from within
    (D) lack of truth with Australian people
    (E)inability to Address issues specifically
    Quite simply it’s a Government that will be best remembered for always being
    In damage control.
    Vale 14Sept.

  8. Notice the truths come out on the failures, backflips and lies of Abbott and the Liberals and in comes the right, not to add anything to the debate but to derail it with projection nonsense.

  9. No Joy not quoting the LNP,
    The Morbidity of the Federal Labor Government is turning to full ‘rigorous mortis,
    54 Newspolls since 2010 Election of which Labor has led in 3!
    Says it all ,don’t treat Australian Voters as fools.
    Furthermore Keep Australia beautiful and keep your head stuck in the sand.
    It’s over and the fat lady has not sung just the red head talking rubbish.

  10. @VOYAGER – Sydney God, you LNP barrackers are nasty small minded anti-progress crap talkers & you have the nerve to persist in the delusion that you are the rightful rulers of this country. Pshaw!!

  11. Voyager How about this”

    A Agressive
    B Bully
    B Bigoted
    O Obnoxious
    T Threatening
    T Truthful – NEVER

  12. Andrew Catsaras

    Well there is a great deal of misunderstanding about polls. An opinion poll is not some Delphic Oracle delivered to us from the gods, it’s just an estimate of how people are likely to behave in a hypothetical situation: that being, if an election were held now.

    And by aggregating the polls as we do on Poll of Polls, we’re trying to get a more complete estimate, from a series of estimates, of how people are likely to behave in a hypothetical situation. And then we track those estimates over time to see if there are any trends emerging.

    Now while such a measured approach might not suit the manic nature of the 24 hour news cycle with its insatiable desire for instant gratification and superficial analysis, it is the only sensible way that you can look at polls.

  13. As far as any impending rout, it may indeed be so BUT is this what we want for Australia..to end the era of innovation and progress and return to “the Golden Years” of Howard. Should anyone think that they’re going to be on a winner with Abbott in charge, then that person is completely delusional.

  14. With the abuse levelled at any Pollie other than Labour,
    eg. Abbott brain farts etc. etc
    What a hypocritical comment MIn – expect better from you!
    You are a naive denier

  15. More projection I see.

    Ms Dullard for starters, but never a negative name for Abbott, and not one criticism on his constant lies and distortions but forever going on about Gillard lies that don’t exist.


  16. What about all the LNP barrackers calling our PM a redheaded bitch, slut etc & querying what colour her – well i refuse to say more about that.

    When we refer to Abbott’s brain farts it is because that is exactly what his idiotic pronouncements are, as he often makes them without even talking to his kitchen cabinet.

  17. Hey Ricky, how’s the torching of Tories going?

    Apparently I attacked you by calling you a Tory according to TB who ran over to the other place to declare such…even had the hide to question comprehension of some here???

    Scaper – I’ve deleted that part of your comment. Migs.

  18. Scaper continues to get nastily abusive & personal, I see, Same old same old…

    Can’t give any cogent & commonsense responses to points being discussed so they attack, besmirching & maligning those they see as having opposing beliefs.

    Then like any LNP schoolyard – type bully they start claiming they are being called names & demanding apologies. Sheesh!! 🙄

  19. Fellow whisperers a little off topic but seeing their Tones has stated he will close down the sport drugs inquiry, because it is labor instigated?? not sure about that bit, but he is dropping other labor policies because they are labor policies/actions.

    What odds on him closing down the children abuse royal commission.
    He really does think he has been elected already, be afraid be very afraid

  20. should of (sic) been replaced

    Here’s a clue. ‘Have’ and ‘of’ are not to be equated, except in the world of ‘dumbos’. .An aspirant ‘lobbyist’ who has no command of the language.. LOL Sad but true. Another failure to add to your long list. And it’s a very long list.

    Then there’s this:

    Don’t worry, I don’t consider any here

    Please. Do you really think anyone here (or elsewhere by the way) give a rat’s arse about what you think? You’re a joke. Sad but true.

    And yes, there’s a lot to be afraid of, particularly when the village idiot can’t see he’s voting against his own interests. But the sad thing, he’s not alone.

  21. As a matter of interest here is the Liberal Party Plan:


    I have not read it, nor read it carefully. Some points I noted. I want to know what, for example, is their attitude to fracking with special reference to water security? Secondly, there are interesting comments about free speech, which precludes courts from making appropriate judgments relevant to specific cases of offence.. They say:

    “Prohibitions on inciting hatred or intimidation of particular groups should be focused on offenses causing incitement and causing fear, not a prohibition of causing offense.”

    I think their paradigm, probably held in common with the ALP, is fundamentally and conceptually wrong. International corporate capitalism, and the monopolistic economy it creates, is a disaster for human beings, democracy and the biosphere.

  22. Quality always beats quantity

    Not always, scaper, considering the sterling quality and quantity of legislation produced by this government when compared with the extraordinary quantity of lies, obfuscations, distortions, FUD and just plain old stupidity pouring from the mouths of the Liars Party and their barrackers.

    And let’s face it, we’ll never have to worry about quality where the Liars are concerned. Never has nor will it ever exist.

  23. Jane, with the Liars party not only will we get less quality but also less quantity 😆

    So the sad reality is we’ll get less of everything in the way of services, infrastructure, common sense and good government for the people under Abbott.

    The only things we’ll get more of are taxes and expenses for the poor and benefits for the rich. Nice balance….NOT 👿

    Cheers 😀

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