Dear Tony your hubris is poking out…

Dear Tony

Since the media and the commentariat, not to mention Errand-Boy-in-Chief Christopher Pyne, are already celebrating your imminent accession to the Prime Ministership, despite your success as Eternal Opposition Leader and before you get Margie, or more likely Peta Credlin, to measure the curtains and before you put the second-mortgaged joint in Forestville on the rental market we thought we’d better run a few things past you.

We thought we should remind you that there is a small matter called an election which is to be held on the 14th September this year. Trivial indeed for the latest in a line of Tories who have believed they are Born to Rule.

That means unfortunately for you that the people of Australia actually get to vote to decide whether your party becomes government. And not before.

Damn nuisance this secular democracy stuff – I’m sure you yearn for a simpler time as you share a bottle of vintage plonk with the Cardinal.

We are sorry to disappoint you. We know you thought it was going to be the MSM, the shock jocks, the polling organisations, the mining magnates, the ACL and your party donors who would decide and deliver your imprimatur, but that’s the way it is in this country for now.

So given that you are still deeply unpopular with over half the voting-age population and that these women are not easily fooled by any hints of sudden backing-down on your previously strongly – held repressive positions, it may not be such a done deal.

After all your own daughter aptly describes you as a “lame, gay, churchy loser”. We don’t know about the second descriptor but your behaviour certainly indicates you are far more relaxed and comfortable with your own gender, doing blokey things while wearing lycra and interfering with the OH&S of production lines of hapless Queanbeyan factories and their workers.

For instance you have already indicated whom you would pick as Governor-General. That’s a big step to take before the polls have been declared and while the present incumbent enjoys the confidence of the present Government and the Australian people.

We know the position of G-G is largely ceremonial but the prestige attached to the position of de jure Head of State means that it is important that the person selected be someone who will attract the respect of the whole community.

The current G-G certainly does that. Quentin Bryce is probably the most popular incumbent since Bill Dean and has been an admirable ambassador internationally for this country as well as a fine representative of the monarch. It would not be wrong to say that only her long-serving NSW counterpart, Governor Marie Bashir, would attract the same level of respect and regard.

However it seems that you regard the position as a sinecure for your preferred type of Australian.

Your preferred G-G, it seems, would be either a former soldier or a former judge. That’s a fairly convenient way of excluding just about anyone who is not male, not white, who is Indigenous and who does not belong to any other ethnic or religious groups which may make you feel unrelaxed and uncomfortable.

Your errand boy has also made it quite clear that Things will Change in Education when you take the Prime Ministership. Lots of imperialist chest-beating fantasy history, no doubt rote-learnt to be regurgitated at exam time. Guess that will make up for your own total lack of comprehension about what war is really like.

Perhaps you could ask your preferred G-G?

We are somewhat in the dark about the rest of your policies. Perhaps after your imminent court appearance next month to face David Ettridge, formerly of One Nation, you may be inspired to Please Explain, as his former leader was wont to say.

You cannot continue to disappear from scrutiny in a puff of smoke for much of the week once you are PM. You would think Peta would be on to that – she has more time to make sure you were all polished up and Manchurian Candidated for the media than Andrew Robb had. He was a Shadow Minister with an electorate to service and a man with his own problems. He was wise to toss in the job.

You see, the people of Australia are totally in the dark about what you really stand for, as was evident when your Shadow Medicine Man Dutton appeared on Q&A, devoid of policies, mumbling alarming forecasts of a US-style two tiered health system and muttering the No mantra which is still your response of choice. Dutton only was able to appear to be on the ball when the non-controversial topic of palliative care for kids came up, because no one can oppose the notion of palliative care for kids with terminal illness.

Even a Coalition party member.

Though Dutton was a bit hesitant even on that point – perhaps he secretly believes the same as Toby Ralph ?

You see Tony, we don’t trust you. The people of Australia should not trust you. You will never be our Prime Minister, and if that dire day ever comes when you move into the Lodge, you will be regarded with even more alarm and apprehension than was John Howard. And everything you do, every breath you take, every aspect of your life past and present will be scrutinised and critiqued by us.

Be afraid

37 comments on “Dear Tony your hubris is poking out…

  1. They say if you reckon you remember the Sixties, you probably weren’t there. I say that anyone who, six months after voting for Tony Abbott PM, complains about their lot, then they are admitting that prior to the election, they either weren’t here, or they are just plain dumb-arsed ignorant of nearly everything, including subtle differences between R-type souls and elbows. Question is how to relieve such people of their ignorance, especially when they also suffer the “none so blind as those who will not see” syndrome.

  2. Riffraff,
    It means Peta is propping up our Tones and has more input into his brainfarts than poor Marge, stuck at home one of the barefoot and pregnant stereotypes, he likes to keep in their place. In his view women are ok as underlings but never equals. Yes I know Marge runs a business but it is just to supplement her housekeeping expences.

  3. Diversion tactics still in play. Cannot talk about the budget structural problems or Gonski. Anything but..

    “……..Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott, is in the West Australian port of Geraldton to continue his campaign against the Federal Government’s handling of asylum seekers.

    But some locals are concerned he’ll use the city to push his agenda.

    Earlier this month, 66 Sri Lankan asylum seekers sailed into the Mid West city’s harbour in a boat after travelling more than 5000km, stunning onlookers.

    The Liberal leader has arrived in Geraldton after unveiling a CBD billboard tallying how many boats had arrived under Labor’s watch and meeting WA Premier, Colin Barnett.

    He said that asylum seekers were a major issue for WA.

    ‘What I’m particularly wanting to do on this trip to Perth is remind West Australians there is a better way to protect our borders,’ he said.

    But Geraldton resident, Jason Smith, the operator of Everything Geraldton website, said that although some locals had previously agreed with Mr Abbott’s plan to turn back asylum seeker boats, many had changed their minds after seeing one arrive.

    ‘They went down to the harbour and they saw the people standing on the boat, they saw the children sitting on the roof and in their words, their hearts sort of softened,’ Mr Smith said.

    ‘There’s a bit of concern that he’s going to stand in front of the cameras and speak on behalf of Geraldton, and there’s a bit of concern that people are going to be painted as something of a redneck.’

    One local commented on the website: ‘How do we find out where he is and ensure he doesn’t manage to convince the rest of Australia we are all rednecks like him and his mates?’

  4. Great article, it covers absolutely everything.

    What appals me is those voters who keep parroting the Alan Jones’ coterie’s false Juliar allegations, even when proof is given about the nonsense of these claims. It’s ignored. They don’t care that Abbott & his noxious band of fools will destroy this country as we currently know it. They also don’t seem to care that their own way of life will change totally & will happily vote against their own best interests.

    They get all their (mis)information from wilfully deceptive shock jocks, Murdoch rags & right wing biased commercial TV news, believing it all holus bolus, not realising they are willing victims of the biggest con job ever perpetrated on the people of this country, ably aided & abetted by the MSM propaganda machine.

    Tony Abbott & his clique of fools do not have the interests of Australia, or its people, at heart. They just lust after power & will do anything, including bare-faced lying, to achieve this. Notice how few of Abbott’s shadow ministry have a clue about their “portfolios”. Not one of them can really be called trustworthy in any way. Totally unworthy of being in government.

  5. Great clip. The rest? I’m sure the Libs will be trembling in their boots knowing that this person and the so called “us” will be on their case.

    Been in contact over the weekend with a few opposition front benchers in relation to who will be the next GG. It has not been discussed and in fact not on the radar until after they win office.

    Judging by the speculation by the media in the last two days maybe it is now on the radar.

  6. It has not been discussed and in fact not on the radar until after they win office.

    If it is not on the radar, why is abbott coming out and raising it? 😯

  7. Great! Every time tone or one of his mates speaks in public (tone with a script of course) I hope everyone in the crowd will start singing: Every move you make, every breath you take…… etc. Honestly, how can you take this man seriously and hasn’t he already decided that howard is to be the next GG if he gets in? After all it would be payback to his mentor who didn’t get the top cricket job, wouldn’t it?

  8. who will be the next GG. It has not been discussed

    I can believe ‘that’ and at so many levels but not in the way(s) you might believe. Firstly, Abbott, under Credlin’s direction, is not in the business of being a ‘democratic’ leader. For example, it’s not as though he spreads the ‘limelight’ around in question time. Witness Dutton on the TV last night when he admitted he hadn’t asked the Health Minister any questions in Question Time since she was appointed to that role. Shadow Ministers under Abbott always remain in the ‘shadows’.

    Secondly, Abbott like Rudd, is an egomaniac. When he becomes PM (highly likely) he will proceed on the belief (Abbott is always strong on belief) that he can do as he pleases The GG will be at his pleasure. (Read Andrew Elder for more insights).

    Thirdly, your belief that the future GG hasn’t been discussed could also be understood that it hasn’t been discussed withthe front bench (there’s a whole history of that) and you and will never be discussed with you prior to that event. After all, your track record is re political insights is rather lame, to put it mildly. Without going into history, your recent statement is a classic example of poor political judgement, insight or whatever. Remember this re Gonski:

    Deluded if you believe that any of the Lib states will come on board in a federal election year that will be most probably a landslide

    Such ‘ravings’ suggests ‘delusion’ on your part. But what’s new?

  9. So Joy, are you saying I did not contact any opposition front benchers or that they did not say that the issue of GG has not been discussed?

  10. I know what I am saying scaper.

    If it is not ‘on the radar’, why is abbott coming out and raising it?

  11. oh dear, duttons nose is growing again.

    PETER DUTTON: Well, the fact is that I’ve asked over 100 questions in not just question time but questions on notice. I’ve asked literally thousands of questions through the Senate estimates process. I’ve asked in question time about 27 questions.

    The amount of times TANYA PLIBERSEK said wtte ‘That’s just not true’ in htat QandA was far larger than the number of times dutton has actually asked a question of her or Nicloa in QT

  12. Should be good getting a look at Tones hubris tonight when he goes a few rounds with Leigh on 7.30. TKO to Leigh (That’s Tom Waterhouse prediction)

  13. Min, if you saw the evidence I provided Migs last night I chose two but the names were redacted. Both were Lib Ministers that have a proven record as ambassadors.

    Personally, I would prefer that the decision was not made by the party in power.

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  15. The next GG should be President Julia Gillard 😛 …… but that, of course, won’t happen till she has finished her next two terms as PM. 😉

  16. Col, Sales had her orders from Rupert.

    Why is Dutton so dumb that he thinks his bullshit can’t be checked and shown to be a big fat lie? Oh hang on…….

  17. Jane, it is just plain old LNP arrogance which Dutton (& the rest) suffers from, in big lumps. Heaven help us but he is regarded, by some, as a potential leader of the Libs!!! Not that they have much “talent” to choose from.

    Truth Seeker, this lie can be exposed over & over to the unthinking LNP barrackers but they refuse to believe even when confronted with the evidence. They believe the tripe & lies, they are flooded with, from shock jocks, the complicit MSM &, of course, the worst of them all, Tony Abbott. This is one LIE which is so easily exposed but this isn’t part of The Narrative.

  18. Joy, you are absolutely right, but it’s not the LNP or their barrackers that I am interested in, as they are at the least accessories after the fact, if not liars themselves, I am hoping that if a few more of the general public understand what is going on, then maybe more will start to question everything that the lying LNP say.

    As I said in my article, it’s the LNP, their boss and their supporters that are the liars!

    Cheers 😀

  19. Very true, Truth Seeker. It is so mindnumbing to hear people who would, normally, have nothing in common with the LNP philosophies or ethos, & have absolutely nothing to gain but everything to lose from an LNP election win, repeat such lies as though it is the truth. Try & tell them the rest of THAT sentence & they will look at you as though you are a nutter.

    Then there are the ladies who say, as a reason for voting LNP, Tony Abbott has “such a lovely family”. How the heck would they know?

  20. Abbott’s utter hypocrisy on display again today over his comments on RU486.

    Apparently when he was in government the Howard government always heeded and went on technical advice, and he said he would do so in this case if he’s in government.

    This is the man who has said no to every piece of technical advice given to the current government and questioned it at every turn, equivocating and fabricating about the expert technical advice made.

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