It’s good to see that not everybody is listening to Tony Abbott

Last November the Liberal Party released a publication called The little book of big Labor waste, which you can gain access to here. Their introduction stated that:

The Coalition has today released a book listing the top 50 examples of Labor waste and mismanagement since the overnight coup that installed Julia Gillard as Prime Minister.

The little book of big Labor waste shows that waste and mismanagement was not just a feature of the Rudd Labor Government; it is also a hallmark of the Gillard Labor Government.

One of the initiatives they targeted as an example of Labor’s waste was this:

Hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars are going to promote the carbon tax to toddlers as part of Labor’s multi-million dollar carbon tax campaign. The Department of Climate Change has provided grants for:

1. $150,000 to Dirtgirlworld Productions Pty Ltd – producer of children’s television program popular with toddlers.

2. $200,000 to Green Cross Australia to run carbon tax ‘Show and Tell’ programs in primary schools.

Personally, I consider that spending money on climate change education in schools is money well spent. Let’s look at what’s happening in one particular school, in Perth, which sadly I am unable to name. The following text was taken from one of their student projects:

Sustainability Research


As you guys know, our school has two great sustainability projects:

  1. The solar panels.
  2. The wind turbine.

It’s your job to find out how they work and what they’re doing for our school.

The Solar Panels

The system here generates about 50kWh a day when it is sunny. Your average school uses about 100kWh a day. So this system generates about half our energy use when it is hot.

Here is the power production for Wednesday the 3rd of April. Look closely at the graph and how the power gets produced (graph removed as it names the school).

  1. Why do we need electricity?
  2. How do solar panels work? Why is the graph shaped like that?
  3. What kind of days should produce the most power and what time of year would be best?
  4. Describe renewable energy? Why is it important?

Here is our power production for the month of MARCH. Compare this to the climate data below for Perth for the same period (graph removed).

  1. Which day produced the most power and which produced the least?
  2. What was the average daily power production?
  3. Can you see any trends between power production and the weather data? If so explain them.
  4. How much total power did the panels produce in March?

Here is one of our power bills for mid-February to mid-March. This is about the same each year and close to the period covered by the graph above (bill removed, amount due was just under $10k).

  1. Assuming that our panels generate roughly half our electricity, how much money will we save for the month of March?
  2. Extrapolate this for the entire year and how much will we save?

Go to the Sunny portal website at (link removed). This shows our solar power production on the web. Log in to ‘our school’s’ website and answer the following:

  1. How much total energy have we produced?
  2. How much CO2 we’ve avoided.
  3. Why is it important to reduce our CO2 production?

Wind Turbine

This is a one kWh system and was connected at the same time the solar panels were. Study the power production graph below for the first half of March (graph removed).

  1. How many kW were produced for the 14 days of the graph?
  2. How much would this be for the month assuming the second half of March was the same?
  3. Does the wind turbine produce more or less power than the solar panels and what is the difference?
  4. Which days produced the most power and why? Do these days fit with the Perth weather data table above?
  5. Which days produced the last power and why?
  6. Is the any relationship or pattern between the best wind days and the best solar power days? How about the worst days?
  7. Is it the case that the wind turbine works best when the solar panels are at their worst? Explain.
  8. What can you say about the 6th, 11th and 12th of March in terms of power production?

Reflection Questions

  1. What have you learnt about these items in class?
  2. Do you have any other environmental measures at your school?
  3. Do you have any environmental programs at your school?
  4. What have you learnt about the environment at school?
  5. Why do you think we should take care of our environment?
  6. How do you think we could get more people to care about the environment and save water/energy?
  7. Why is saving energy/water important?
  8. How can you help your school to save energy/water?
  9. Which ideas could you use at home?
  10. Describe renewable energy? Why is it important?
  11. Do you have any handy hints for helping the environment.

Brilliant, isn’t it? But according to the LNP all this is a waste of taxpayer’s money. These initiatives are being undertaken by hundreds of schools around the country while the best Tony Abbott can do is wave a pensioner’s power bill in Parliament lamenting an increase due to that lousy ‘carbon tax’. Meanwhile, the people who don’t listen to Tony Abbott spend $50K on solar panels and reduce their electricity bill by $4.5k a month.

It’s good to see that not everybody is listening to Tony Abbott.

78 comments on “It’s good to see that not everybody is listening to Tony Abbott

  1. Tony Abbott is an intellectual nobody who believes that the science behind climate change is “absolute crap.” Rather than having children know about the facts behind climate change and how renewable energy helps the planet, he wants them to all know about a figurative text regarding his imaginary friend in the sky. You know, the one who is supposed to have been dead for two days and woke up alive and with holes in his palms. He doesn’t understand that this generation and others to follow must have an understanding of climate change that is very real.

  2. Coal,is king? Mm, and as such we cannot question it for fear of it cutting off our heads. Hard to argue with a well thought argument like coal is king. I suppose you also think Justin Beiber is ace.

  3. How many coal fired power stations have been constructed in India and China in the last year?

    How many more are proposed to be built in the next five years?

    What is the annual global growth rate of coal production and coal generated power?

    Not too hard for you I’m sure…ace!

  4. Scaper: You mean this one.. because the public are sick of smoke spewing out of stacks causing smog !! Or perhaps this one which shows the fact coal is now being sold dearer than solar.

    Old technology thinking…. man time to move with the times !! Price of Coal will fall, with increase in Gas, Solar, Wind overtaking them in production. Try listening or researching for yourself instead of accepting what MSM is feeding you !!

  5. It is wonderful to learn how the children of today are being taught. This learning tool encompasses so many disciplines as well as critical thinking. No wonder the LNP is against it. We cannot have our children growing up learning to think for themselves, now, can we? Where would the LNP voters of the future come from if they did so? Oh, I know, private schools. How silly of me.

  6. Piece on a news show this morning stating that 3000 Australians are dying due to pollution related causes each year with pollution from coal powered stations being a factor.

    So Gillard is trying to save lives whilst Abbott apparently doesn’t want to save them.

  7. How are kids being indoctrinated.

    They are being taught how to use their maths and english skills, along with a little science.

    Most important of all, they are being taught to seek facts and evidence before making a decision.

    That is a shocking thing for an education system to do.

    Now those fromn the other side, are experts in using education as a tool to indoctinate.

    What was that we had with Howard, insisting what and history was to be taught. A lot about the black armband of history. One that Howard believed was based on lies. One that did not fit in with his personal view of what Australia was about.

    No Michael, I agree, money well spent.

  8. Conservatives do not like education, because an educated person knows when someone is trying to pull the wool over their eyes. Climate sceptics want people to believe that solar ‘doesn’t work’

  9. That is a shocking thing for an education system to do.

    Exactly. Instead, they should be taught which end of a shovel digs, and how much two dollars is worth in third world countries, and to be happy with that.

    And it can all be tort at the Gina Elementary School for Miners

  10. But according to the LNP all this is a waste of taxpayer’s money.

    I think that scapers comment above is closer to the mind of the conservatives belief, in that it is ‘indoctrination’.

    Maths, Science, Humanities; pure fluff that lefties follow, and can cause an unsuspecting electorate to actually question what their elected representatives are doing.

    Like, when the leader says ‘I want to change the way we deal with indigenous issues’, and his chief policy maker tells an indigenous leader that their funding will be cut in the most abhorrent way, should we then perhaps be asking a follow up question of that leader?

    The msm appear not to think so. In their minds, we will find it all out after the next election anyway.

  11. You have the gall to accuse me of being fed by the MSM then present two links by warmist special interest sites?

    Perhaps you could answer my questions with real data???

    In seven years Australia will be producing 1BMt of coal a year to feed those power stations and most probably will be the number one producer of coking coal.

    I know of one undeveloped site that has the potential to be the largest in the southern hemisphere and the evil MSM has not even heard about it.

    Hey, if you are sick of BS then don’t keep consuming it!

  12. Climate sceptics want people to believe that solar ‘doesn’t work’

    My roof and subsequent power bills disagree 😉

    Best money I ever borrowed (although, apparently, that is bad too)

  13. Tom, also have found going into debt, of course interest free, for those panels have been worthwhile.

  14. It’s an excellent initiative in my opinion. Science with a practical application and this is something that all children should be taught..that science is not just about theory.

  15. So, state schools pay their own electricity bills, do they?

    Run your business??? HAHAHAHAH!

    A lefty shop like Ned Flanders’…would last as long.

    Hey Torcher, maybe you would like a crack at answering my questions above? Tories??? Oh dear.

  16. Solar is King! My grid connect solar power is worth more than coal fired electricity because it goes out from my house into the grid and down into my neighbours house … minimal loss. Coal fired electricity travels or 100s of miles, needs to be collected and boosted at sub stations that cost a fortune to maintain, and the delivered electricity is only a fraction of what was originally produced. Long Live the King!! 🙂

  17. The state schools are given money by the government and manage their own budgets. Any money they can save on their power bills is money they can spend on other resources. Consequently, many schools teach students about energy saving through conservation and alternative renewable energy programs. It’s been going on for quite a long time. I’m an ex-teacher (29 years in classrooms, state and private).

  18. Saving energy, or saving on any usage, should be considered a good thing. I would have thought that someone who screams about ‘waste’ should be right behind that wouldn’t they?

  19. The wholistic teaching approach example project is standard practice for all manner of topics in all the schools I’ve taught in since 1986. I think it dishonest to use it as an argument against a political statement. Everyone agrees that the project is a good one and so it looks like everyone agrees that the LNP is wrong. The question no one has answered is: “Was the $350,000 used to make resources for the teacher to use in their classrooms or just part of a reeducation campaign in support of the carbon tax? i.e. would it still have been spent without there being a carbon tax?”

  20. Oh what a surprise, Scraper is a card-carrying member of the Denialist Cult. So I take it that he’s not in possession of their collective brain cell today. I do wish these Denialist Morons would do us *all* a favour & actually stick their collective heads in the boilers of the coal-fired power stations they adore so much.

  21. Scraper, were you born incredibly dumb, or did you hit yourself on the head once too often during your childhood? I really am curious, because I really am struggling to figure out how someone could be as mind numbingly stupid as you appear to be-short of inbreeding of course. The reality is that both China & India already have much bigger investments in renewable energy than Australia does, & their investment in thermal power (nuclear & coal) is now dropping off. I also love how the only way you can make your case is by comparing us to two DEVELOPING nations. Talk about Scraping the bottom of the barrel-hence your name, Scraper!

  22. Yes we got panels and paid from our savings account our power bills have been reduced by 70%. In 2 years we intend to buy more panel and batteries, tired of our unreliable electricity supply. The sniff of a thunderstorm and out goes the power. Two months ago it was out for 22hrs. All for cheap and pretty reliable solar.

  23. Well, there isn’t a Carbon Tax Andrew. What we have is an Emissions Trading Scheme with a 3-year, fixed price period.

  24. I seen a new offer. One can install batteries, instead of feeding the grid. Use the power saved in night hours.

  25. This is a good article that comes unstuck at the end:
    “Meanwhile, the people who don’t listen to Tony Abbott spend $50K on solar panels and reduce their electricity bill by $4.5k a month”
    $50k spend on solar panels would buy a quality 20kW system today – assume 80kWh per day average production and with this all being used i.e not exported. Assume cost of electricity at 25c per kWh so 80kWh X $0.25= $20 per day – $600 per month or approx. $7k per year. Note these are back of the envelope calculations for the East Coast
    This is still a good spend with this infrastructure continuing to produce electricity for at least another 20 years after payback. There is excellent matching with demand – solar production while the kids are at school etc. Solar PV and rainwater harvesting for schools are excellent investments when designed thoughtfully and properly understood by students and staff.
    I would be more than happy to review the figures of the school mentioned if required.
    David Winterton
    Convenor of Alternative Technology Association – Sydney Branch

  26. scaper, no matter who pays state school power bills, using solar or another renewable to reduce them is a saving to the bottom line. Savings which could be ploughed back into the education budget.

    …….3000 Australians are dying due to pollution related causes each year with pollution from coal powered stations being a factor.

    So Gillard is trying to save lives whilst Abbott apparently doesn’t want to save them.

    ME, that’s because nobody important is dying. Now if someone in the IPA had a pollution related illness, Liealot would be hysterically demanding action.

  27. “IPA had a pollution related illness,”

    Not likely to happen. One has to be on a front line, low paying job.

    One has to create something on the way around. It is generally the low paid worker that foes this.

    Yes, WORKER and employer has to pull together.

    Workers and unions know this. The employer is slow in accepting the facT.

  28. Made over $600 in two quarters … with solar …

    So we are already supplying our power needs – and some … will amortise the cost in less than three years …

    Now if I added a battery bank and a wind turbine … BTW we’ve had a solar HWS for 28 years (well, two to be precise … first one only lasted 20 years!!!)

    I see my recent use of tories (on another blog) has entered the vernacular here … tory is a term reserved for extreme RIGHT in the UK … astounding … how iggorance abounds …

  29. Tory refers to those holding a political philosophy (Toryism) commonly regarded as based on a traditionalist and conservative view which grew out of the Cavalier faction in the Wars of the Three Kingdoms. It is a prominent ideology in the politics of the United Kingdom, and also appears in parts of The Commonwealth, particularly in Canada.

    More on the history of it in Wikipedia. Is not as straightforward as most believe. I think it’s now a common term for conservates in the English speaking Western world.

  30. TB, I see the term Tories used widely across the Social Media to describe our own LNP. I doubt very much it was brought here by somebody who reads what you write on another blog. I didn’t realise you had a copyright on the term.

  31. Möbius, my understanding is that the term was also used to describe Loyalists during the American Revolution of Independence and in general “a conservative” but not necessarily an ultra conservative.

  32. Tony Abbott caught out in another great big lie that the media are not holding him to account over.

    In an interview with Peter Van Onselen Abbott said he could not sack his errant staffer as he was not employed under Members Of Parliament (Staff) Act 1984.

    All Abbott’s staff are employed under that Act as are all other parliamentary staffers.

  33. Michael, I do believe that there are many other adjectives to describe Abbott..I’ve heard you mention a few. 😉

  34. Sorry, I suspect that Abbott is not a tory, liberal or conservative. He is still embedded deeply in the DLP.
    It appears, he did not support Workchoices.

  35. Well there is movement to out Abbott over his blatant lie on this. Here is the act and the clause that clearly shows he could sack the errant staffter, which Abbott said he couldn’t as he was constrained by FWA. There is nothing in MOPs or FWA that stops Abbott from sacking his staffer. (my bold)

    Termination of employment

    74.1 The sole and exhaustive rights and remedies of an employee in relation to termination of employment are those that the employee has under:

    Division 3 of Part 3-2 of the Fair Work Act;
    other Commonwealth laws (including the Constitution); and
    at common law.

    74.2 Termination of, or a decision to terminate employment, cannot be reviewed under the dispute prevention and resolution procedures addressed in clause 75 of this Agreement.

    74.3 Nothing in this Agreement prevents the employing Member from terminating the employment of an employee for serious misconduct, without further notice or payment in lieu, in accordance with section 123 of the Fair Work Act.

    Abbott has stated his staffer engaged in serious misconduct.

  36. I didn’t realise you had a copyright on the term.

    Whatever gave you that idea, Migs? I only have a ™ on Fuckwits™ … 🙂

    I was commenting on the silly use of the word here by one of your regular contributors who obviously doesn’t understand the term (I grew up with it – Labour, Libs, Tories and Democrats – in the UK) … its never been used here until recently … and “coincidentally” after I had lambasted some posters at, The Daily Trash, because I got sick of being called a, Marxist, Bolshevik and other attempted insults … BTW its not a commonly used term in Oz … let alone “widely across the social media” – ’cause most Aussies haven’t heard the term …

    … and I stand to be corrected – as always – but “our” LNP is only in Queensland? 😯

    And I wouldn’t really call ’em tories … definitely, Fuckwits™ 🙄

  37. Möbius Ecko, the new political ‘common sense’, learnt from the US Republican ‘playbook’, is to never admit ‘fault’. If you perceive that your opponent has a ‘strength’ then assert it’s a ‘weakness’. If you have a ‘weakness’ then assert it’s a ‘strength’. If you ‘know’ that you are a serial liar, then attribute that fault to your opponent.

    It’s a new ‘ball game’. Be ‘counterintuitive’. It works a treat, particularly when we have a MSM who have no desire or ability to ‘fact check’.

    BTW TB, the ‘meaning’ given to ‘terms’ is only legitimate when rooted in a particular historical, social and whatever ‘context’ People give ‘meaning’ to words, when created and then used over time. For example. ‘have you taken a ‘haircut’ lately? And if so, is it the same one taken by bankers who lent to Greece or Cyprus?

  38. According to TB at the other place I have insulted someone here by calling them a Tory. Really???

    I reckon it is the cheap wine that he drinks, is getting to him.

    “Iggorance abounds”…HAHAHAHAH!

    Off to earn my $2 a day.

  39. There is nothing in MOPs or FWA that stops Abbott from sacking his staffer.

    From what I understand ME, he made that claim unchallenged when being interviewed by PvO.

    But PvO already knew the truth, he can’t claim ignorance for not challenging him. He actually thanked the PMOPressOffice for providing him with the facts, and then failed to use them to expose another lie by abbott

  40. If you right click on the time and date in PvO’s response and open in a new tab, it says the time is 6:52 PM – 19 Apr 13

    Not a professional Twit yet, anyone know why that is? International timezones perhaps?

  41. @ TB

    I only have a ™ on Fuckwits™ …

    Might be able to get a bit of a copyright suit there TB. 😀 I first heard the term “fuckwits” used by Professor Brian Medlin in a pub, back in the Moratorium days. Cracked me up then 😆

  42. So it is just the boats which are illegal now & not the people on them? 76 retweets & 18 luvvies Favourited his stupid tweet. His staff have been busy. The two guys with him, even Michael Keenan his shadow minister for Justice, Customs & Turning Back Illegal Boats, look uncomfortable standing beside. I’m surprised Tones didn’t order both of them to get down on their knees to make him look taller. .

  43. What, no mention of the children that will be sent to Curtin?

    How many refugee kids are now locked up under this government?

    If it was Abbott doing this you would all be screaming like banshees. Double standards?

  44. Even though Tony Abbott was Minister for Everything under the unlamented Howard government, he missed out on the opportunity to put kids in detention. He left that LNP delight to the exceedingly grim Ruddock & Andrews who seemed to relish the task.

  45. I’ll ask again, how many refugee children are now locked up under this government?

    Saying the last coalition government did it too does not cut the moralist mustard!

  46. scaper, I ask once again, when is Abbott going to admit his plan is not working. When is he going to agree to the whole Housten Plan being put in place.

  47. Scaper, perhaps you could lead the way and tell us how disgusting it is, rather than expecting others to do so.

    And btw, I don’t like the idea either, but I hadn’t heard about it until reading your comments. I’ll go and check the news.

  48. When is Abbortt going to stop his illegal use of the word illegal. 🙄
    Gross manipulation of facts to grossly manipulate the Australian people…. the man is an unmitigated liar and very dumb. 😡

  49. I take it that nobody here has seen the government authorised advertisement which reads ‘It could take longer, but the LEGAL way is the right way into Australia.’

    Has a lovely photo of that boat just before it smashed into rocks killing fifty people.

    Then at the bottom it reads ‘Don’t risk being sorry forever. The LAW has changed.’

    So, what is the opposite of legal?

  50. Michael, think scaper is possibly talking about the ads being shown OS to try & deter would-be asylum seekers from getting on to the boats. Not sure of course, as one does have trouble deciphering what scaper is saying at the best of times.

  51. I AGREE! scaper.

    The libs new debt truck has been clever. From my understanding, the boats themselves are illegal, the passengers, however, aren’t. It is a bit of minefield. And unnecessary. Making these boats illegal is what imo has led to such flimsy craft being used. The smugglers know they will be wrecked once here, so they pick the ones closest to the end of their life. This is directly attributable to Labors policy, and it should be changed. On the asylum seeker issue, Labor have dropped the ball, and opening Nauru etc is despicable. They should have gone back the other way. Not further to the libs, as they knew the libs would never go for it, even when it is their own policy.

    I still hope that they somehow get the regional partnership happening, but there doesn’t seem to be any movement there.

    imo, this is the one issue that could lose the election for the Government. You know the libs are empty when they bring it up, but they always have it to fall back on. Remove it (with a regional solution) and the libs have no-where to go.

    And this one is pretty much Labors own doing. They have tried to play the fear game with this too. I thought they would be more humane, but they haven’t. More is the pity

  52. Maybe fear does not work, as most are leaving their homelands because of fear.

    Yes, it is hard to scare people, who are already scared out of their wits. Scared and homeless.

    Yes, the PM needs to come up with better answers. Needs to be done quickly.

  53. Morgan Poll shows LNP lead down for third consecutive week

    Last weekend’s multi-mode Morgan Poll* shows support for the LNP down to 54.5% (down 1% since April 11-14, 2013) against ALP 45.5% (up 1%) on a two-party preferred basis…..

    …….Pollster Gary Morgan said the poll showed a positive response by electors to the Government’s response to the Gonski Review:

    “The improvement for the Government comes after Prime Minister Julia Gillard announced a $14.5 billion increase in education funding over six years in response to the Gonski Review into school funding. Although the plan has widespread backing, it requires the support of the States & Territories to be fully implemented.”

    The Roy Morgan Government Confidence Rating has risen to 105.5pts (up 4.5pts in a week) with 42.5% (up 1.5%) saying Australia is ‘heading in the right direction’, compared to 37% (down 3%) saying Australia is ‘heading in the wrong direction’……………..

    Funny how we only hear about the ones that make the PM look bad.

  54. Tom, the reason why Howard’s Pacific Solution worked was because of bluff.

    He made out to be tough and had the left protestations assisting such. But in fact Howard’s policy was not so tough as evidenced by the stats.

    Labor is now trying the bluff to stem the flow but the savvy people aren’t falling for it this time.

    Don’t sit in either camp on this issue…too much political footy for my liking!

  55. I see Jay Williams has launched a constitutional challenge against holding people at Nauru.

    Has it legs or just a nuisance action? The hearing is set down for early June so we will see.

  56. the reason why Howard’s Pacific Solution worked was because of bluff.

    Exactly, and it could not work on the long term basis. He knew it, we knew it, abbott is counting on the rest of the voters not to knowing it.

    Maybe Labor thought that by actually implementing it, the msm might sit up and actually note it too. Tell ’em they’re dreamin’

  57. Agree Tom R, but that does not detract from the fact that what we have is a harsher form of the Pacific Solution. It does not work.

    Abbott screaming about temporay visa’s makes one laugh. What we have now, are bridging visas. Bridging to the end of the queue. Maybe a visa, five or more years down the track. Does not even allow one to work. Abbott wants temporay visas that allows work. What is the harsher of the two.

    We also know that there is on way Indonesia will support turning back boats. Especailly so, when Abbott is cutting the numbers that this country will take from the region.

  58. scaper, maybe it seemed to work under Howard was because there were other factors at play. Like fewer leaving their own country. Some experts say this was so.

    I noticed cost of living is steady. Where are the price rise that Abbott says are destroying families.

    How will dismantling the MRRT and so called carbon tax, alleviate cost of living rises that does not exist.

    Dismantling will only lead to smaller income for the government, acknowledging they are smaller than what was expected.

    Where does Abbott intend to cut. Where does he intend to get further income from.


  59. Abbott out, speiling cost of living. Where does he get that belief from. The figures do not support his campaign.

  60. While I’ve been bobbing about on the South Pacific, I see TB was making claims that really don’t stack up.

    TB, maaate – the term “Tory” has been used in a derogatory manner relating to our conservative parties for very many years on the blogs. Have a search through Tim Dunlop’s blogocracy pages – I found it used there in 2007 😉 ( ND, Fri 11 May 07 (11:01am) amongst others…)

    I’m pretty sure most here are politically aware enough to realise the origins of the term, and how it applies to UK politics, AND to how it is used to refer to Australian politics…

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