Tony Abbott, small target and lower your vision

imagesTony Abbott will be Australia’s next Prime Minister. His ambition to fulfil his destiny will be realised. What Tony Abbott wants, Tony Abbott takes and with remarkable determination will see the idealisation of his destiny become reality. He will wave his hands high on the steps of Parliament House. He will express humility at the honour which ordinary Australians have bestowed on him.

But wait for a moment, isn’t this imaginary scenario all about Tony Abbott and his ambition? For a while let us give a thought to that which follows, and after that “momentous occasion” when Tony Abbott is presented with the keys to the Lodge and his team are dutifully sworn in to serve Australia and her people by Governor General Quentin Bryce.

We have had many insightful articles, (although these are exceedingly rare in the mainstream media) with predictions of what an Abbott Prime Ministership might consist of. There are predictions of huge revenue losses, large scale sackings of people who work in the public service (although Tony Abbott refuses to specify which services to the public), and handouts reminiscent of the Howard years but minus the mining boom, and basically little else. These predictions are quite dire, but surely there must be some reason, something which Tony Abbott is offering which explains why he is heading towards becoming Australia’s next Prime Minister.

I would suggest that which is missing and this includes anything emanating from the mainstream media, is The Benefits of an Abbott Prime Ministership. We therefore have to rely on Tony Abbott supporters for any glimpse into what they perceive as these benefits. And to be honest, these are scarce pickings.

We have:

Cancel the carbon tax – because there is no such thing as climate change.

Turn back the boats – because they’re not Christians and will take Australian jobs, plus they’re “illegal”. This same prejudice is the undercurrent – white, married and male flows on to those seen as “the others”; not white, not married and certainly not male.

Anything pertaining to private schools or middle class/upper class welfare is naught but class envy, yet all the while not being a part of the class which will by far gain the most benefit from Coalition policies.

But in the vast majority of comments, the underlying theme is that Tony Abbott is not a red-headed female atheist living in sin with a hairdresser.  For my own self this makes Ms Gillard far more interesting than Tony Abbott can ever hope to be..but that’s another story.

This therefore is what Tony Abbott is offering, or at least what his supporters hope that he is offering. There are two strings to this bow, that while Abbott’s policies remain unscrutinised his supporters are also victims of ignorance.

Here is my theory for what its worth:  The Abbott Strategy

The Abbott Strategy is to play small target on anything with a vision, a small target on offering anything to anyone.

Therefore Tony Abbott’s vision is anything that you may want; you imagine it and he will deliver it – or at least it may seem so in the imagination of his supporters.

From the Liberal Party website, the words of Tony Abbott.

In the future, as in the past, the Coalition can do great things for our country.

That’s good to know, but for Australia’s future are we going to do anything except “Ditch the Witch”? And turn back the boats? Is Australia’s future nothing more than a momentous occasion where it’s winner who takes all?

85 comments on “Tony Abbott, small target and lower your vision

  1. How long would Tony Abbott last as PM? Malcolm Turnbull is waiting patiently and snuggly in the background together with Kevin Rudd. Perhaps they see themselves as ” the K and M show” After the election, the Old Men of both parties will work to change the leaderships to these pretenders. Regardless of the electoral outcome, Tony Abbott will go. If the opposition wins, the Old Men will try to get rid of Ms Gillard. Let’s hope that the ALP is re-elected as she is a very strong and stallwart leader who has only come to her own since the last leadership challenge. The country and the ALP need her steady head, heart and hand to see us through.

  2. Migs
    for a start, his staffers will be going around cutting throats that should shut up a few dissenters.
    Second step get rid of all those public servants who have been implementing Julia’s policies the one’s he totally opposes, followed by those who implemented policies he sort of does not oppose.
    Third step, create a vision for Australia, I know a white picket fence with a Holden in the drive, oops hold that thought we don’t support helping the local motor industry make that a Toyota/or any other import.
    Fourthly, next action will have to wait for our second term cos Rupes and Gina have not provided me with any. Bring on the election he can’t wait to get started.

  3. Millicent, Ms Gillard has had an incredibly difficult battle not only against Abbott, the media but against Rudd supporters. Imagine if the same publicity, the pretty pics running along the sand had been afforded to Ms Gillard. In spite of knowing that it’s policies which count, there is also the “impression” and the MSM is in charge of that one.

  4. Bilko, strangely enough Abbott does not seem to create any vision for Australia at all. This must be a first in Australian politics where a party gets in by promising to do nothing whatsoever.

    Public servants are an easy option…just sack ’em. However I do think that people are’s not just a revenge scenario against people working for a government but that it means YOU. It means loss of jobs in country towns, loss of important services. I WISH someone would keep probing about it..just which services do the Liberals intend cutting? So far we’ve had climate change, but that department has already been amalgamated..otherwise it’s “cutting the waste”..another mean nothing statement.

    Think of public servant job cuts as being equivalent to Telstra..just hold the line and maybe we’ll be able to get back to perhaps a year or so…you are now 25,906th in the queue.

  5. The lipstick is already being applied to this pig

    TONY Abbott’s director of policy Dr Mark Roberts has been counselled after he threatened the head of an Australian indigenous body with the loss of federal funding.

    Apparently, after being so adamant about the words, pvo is doing a bit of a backtrack?

    The Australian’s Peter van Onselen said he heard Dr Roberts say to the man “words to the effect of, `I’ll slit your throat in government, I’ll cut your funding’.”.

    Luckily, abbott is there to smooth things over

    “The important thing is to keep any disagreements that we have civil here, and that’s certainly my intention,” he said.

    yea, abbott, the picture of ‘civility’

    Ditch the Witch
    Bob Browns Bitch
    Die of Shame
    Shit Happens
    Bernie Banton
    Punching Walls
    Intimidating people in Wheelchairs

    And now he is facing legal action, and refusing to stand by his own demands of others.

    civility. HA!

  6. In the future, as in the past, the Coalition can do great things for our country.

    Which would be OK, I suppose, but I simply cannot recall any “great things for our country” that the lnp have either promised, or delivered – at least since pig-iron Bob’s tenure. (unless one regards involvement in illegal wars against such “threats” as Vietnam, and Iraq, the encouragement of racial vilification/demonisation vs. refugees, and the first Australians and abandonment of principles we have previously committed to uphold – The Refugee Convention, for instance)

    Given that history and their behaviour over the term of the current and preceding goverments, the hypothetical reality of an Abbott/lnp government is more likely to lead to a fascist state, rather than doing “great things for Australia”.

  7. Tom and,

    civility. HA!

    So there we have it..on some issue of funding Dr. Mark Roberts was threatened with having his throat cut..

    Anyone/anywhere know what Dr. Roberts might have said to elicit such a response as having one’s throat cut.

  8. Min
    To create a vision other than looking in a mirror, one has to have a vision that goes beyond ones own self and sadly our Tones does not have one, Julia nailed that one nicely in her speech to the House. He is so in love with himself that all else is forgotten.
    The picture of Gollem from Lord of the Rings now transferred from Le Smirk is permanently fixed in my mind, they are a perfect match.

    The whole country will have to get in line in that queue you referred to bearing Rupes and Gina et al will be ensconced at Kirribilli house because like his mentor he will chose not to inhabit the Lodge.

  9. SA Premier said it all today. There is something wrong with the idea that the Feds support private education, the states PS.

    He said we are moving from that concept, to where the Feds support all children across the nation, according to their needs.

    He also described it as a Fed, State partnership.

  10. Dr Mark Roberts is Abbott’s ‘Director of Policy’ or some such title. Now everyone can understand why there is a ‘productivity’ problem. Roberts is seriously underemployed

    The one policy they launched is now widely described as ‘FRAUDBAND’.

  11. Dafid, I beg to differ. I doubt that many realise that Tony has been offering only a small target and that his strategy is to be everything to every man. Where has this been stated before? My writing is original and not a copy and paste effort as per many.

  12. “great things for our country”

    When Abbott was in the UK he said he was there ‘doing things for the country’ or somesuch evasive words. Wasn’t that when Justice Rares verdict was handed down and he said he hadn’t read it?
    I don’t think lapping up Cameron’s ideas is going to be great for our country. The UK is in dire straits with that government.

    I hope Van Onselen does blow the lid on that incident he witnessed. He says he will talk about it on Sky News ‘Lunchtime Agenda’…but will Murdoch let him?

  13. I agree Min, it is good to have all Abbott’s stated policies listed in one place. Makes for quick reading though.

  14. Interesting, isn’t it, how so many Liberal Staffers use “metaphors” so laced with inherent violence-like when it was suggested the PM would be “kicked to death” & now this “slit your throat” business. You can tell a lot about a man by the company he keeps, wouldn’t you say?

  15. What is also interesting is that abbott is saying he didn’t use those specific words, but has not denied that threats of funding’s being cut are being made.

    Will a journo (pvo perhaps?) actually ask this question. And, if so, will they ask the reasons why (ie, is it purely because it is an indigenous program?)

  16. More than the company he keeps Marcus, the type of people he employs as staff and picks as ministers, and sticks up for when they do or say something reprehensible.

    It says that Abbott thinks it’s OK for those he sides with or picks but not for anyone else, and in many ways that hypocrisy speaks volumes more about the failing of Abbott as a decent person than the company he chooses.

  17. This throat cutting chap must have been using Le Smirks hammock if as claimed “Dr Mark Roberts is Abbott’s ‘Director of Policy’” because apart from “Fraudband” supposedly Turnbull’s, nothing else has been announced in 5+years money for old rope one might think.

  18. Hi Min, great article & so pertinent, It was Dr Mark Roberts, Abbott’s director of policy who did the threatening It was Andrew Penfold ,former investment banker and lawyer, now head of the Australian Indigenous Education Foundation, who was the recipient of the “cut the throat” threat.

    Lovely people Abbott has advising him. This seems so typical of the LNP’s repugnant & thuggish mindset.

  19. So true, Bilko. Mark Roberts must too much time on his hands to get drunk at a Qantas do & threatened someone of Penfold’s community status. Certainly isn’t busy formulating policy unless these are the ones we’ll hear about after the election.

  20. Min, you got one thing right…Abbott will be the next PM.

    Anyone that thinks Turnbull will come after him is dreaming. My prediction is the one that comes after him will be either Julie Bishop or Arthur Sinodinos. My money is on Julie but both being ANDEV supporters it doesn’t matter which one.

    Can’t see Julie hiding behind her petticoat like the fake redhead, in Gillard’s case…PETTYCOAT!

  21. Scaper, if Bishop ever wins the jersey, we will have plenty to write and giggle about for the next few years.

    Scarper, do you realize, you have emphasized the lack of depth in that shadow front bench. If there is any sitting behind, they keep it well hidden.

    Bishop will be too busy flashing her eyelashes at all the males about, to get too much done. Yes, feminine wiles will be well and truly on display.

    As for Sinodinos, believe he has a few private matters keeping him busy at this time. Something about not declaring, I do believe. Not the clean skin that many thought. Still, I agree, he does show some talent.

    Scarper, at least we will not be bored.

    Looking forward to a PM whose greatest skill is to purr like a cat, and make clawing motions with her hands. Should be interesting.

  22. sulphurcrested, I think those important things was catching up with his old mates at Oxford. Well, that is all he seemed to have done while there. That and a speech to the same august body.

  23. Scaper and,

    Can’t see Julie hiding behind her petticoat like the fake redhead, in Gillard’s case…PETTYCOAT!

    Apart from the overt sexist you want to talk about policy, I know that you can do it, but some spend far too much time in the gutter. Try instead of talking Julie/Julia and petticoats and obsessing on these, try talking policy and Australia’s future.

  24. You’re right, Min! Abbott is being careful to be a small target himself personally but at the same when he does appear he talks about about the great things he will do for this country. He’s always very happy too to promote certain big Australians who can be useful to him and the Coalition. Apart from helping him in some very material ways, they’re very easy to hide behind!

    “Big Australian!” What a perfect name
    For this woman in her outsized frame!
    Relinquished by BHP Billeton
    For Gina! She’s now our gigantic one!

    Some in Oz have great respect for size,
    Particularly of wealth, which leftist eyes
    Might find ugly, distasteful or obscene.
    But not worshippers of our Iron Ore Queen.

    High Priest leading these is a politician,
    Tony Abbott, Leader of our Opposition,
    Who thinks preserving giant Gina’s wealth
    Is more important than the nation’s health.

    That mining taxes burden her and friends,
    That their group prosperity far transcends
    Savings for malingerers and shirkers
    Who once retired are no longer workers!

    Not like the Big Australian and her mates,
    Clive and Twiggy. They’re miners all, not magnates!
    Why should they toil all day, near break their backs,
    Now to be burdened by a Carbon Tax?

    That’s why Abbott wants us to join with him
    To fight for them in this battle grim.
    He thinks the miners’ cause deserves our votes.
    It’s even weightier than stopping boats.

  25. Patricia, it is indeed a pleasure to have you here at the Café again…Michael and I have always seen it as an honour from the poetess extraordinaire. Only a poet would know it. 🙂 Just one of those things..Abbott says nothing and so the anti’s might read into it whatever they might want.

  26. Gawd Tom, I was expecting…now what’s the name of that (wanky) group again…’s a great one..thank you. xxx

  27. Having Abbott for Australia would be akin to the embarrassment that we all felt for America with George W. Bush. Whether his mouth is open or closed, it says nothing.

  28. Sorry, I cannot bring myself to capitalise such a low group, even if it does play havoc with terminologies 😉

  29. Having Abbott the liar in mind
    For PM would be so unkind
    To the whole Aussie race
    In fact a disgrace
    And a total insult to mankind

    Tony Abbott who thinks he’s a spunk
    I predict will demise with a clunk
    For his actions and ways
    Shows his fisticuff days
    Have finally left him punch drunk.

  30. I think this needs to be highlighted. Again, the media are going to concentrate (in this case, briefly) on the bad behaviour of another political person, and miss the real story. Thanks to leonetwo at The Pub

    A tweet reminded me about this –
    “The Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has signalled he’ll make major changes to Indigenous policies, should the Coalition win office later this year.

    As prime minister, Mr Abbott says he would assume direct responsibility for improving the lives of Aboriginal Australians, a move which would sideline the Indigenous Affairs Minister.

    But Mr Abbott was less forthcoming on the precise nature of the reforms he intends to introduce.”

    Now, thanks to a drunken staffer, we have a clearer idea of just what those ‘reforms’ will be.

  31. Tom, whenever Abbott says “improving the lives of” whether indigenous, people with disabilities, or women..then it’s loud warning bells. So far all that we have is the word “flexible” it might pertain to the above groups of people is anyone’s guess.

  32. Liealot claims to deplore the words, but hasn’t denied the intention and the threat.
    Roberts is more likely to be in trouble for letting the cat out of the bag, than for his words and action.

    Tom R @ 5.26pm, Sinodinas might be in a spot of bother, himself wrt his dealings with one E Obeid.

    frontad84 @5.41pm, roflmao!

    “The Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has signalled he’ll make major changes to Indigenous policies, should the Coalition win office later this year.

    Well we now know what one of them will be, Tom. That should make their lives all better.

    Min, when Lielaot says he’ll make things better for women, I think he means a flasher iron and ironing board.

  33. Whats an ironing board ??? 😕 😛 …. you’se wimmens are lucky….. better irons (what eva they are)…. and special board thingies……. bloody preferential treatment I would reckon 😯 ….. that’s Tony for ya…. Mr Understanding…., hey he’s a father and husbent…. he’s seen plenty of wimmens ironing, thus he gets it 😉 ….. he’s even developed an opinion on the subject:-

  34. Remember how small a target his mentor Johnny became…… so small that he disappeared from his seat…….. ditched the Howard …….. Warringah needs to ‘turn back the Abbott’, failing that they should get a real handle on their mortgage repayments… and how they have ‘trended’ under the ALP…. irrespective of whether they ‘hate’ the PM…… if you vote Tony ’cause you ‘ates Julia… then you would surely ‘eat shit’ ’cause you ‘ates spinach.

  35. Cease fretting LOVO, I’m sure all the CW wimmens will happily donate their irons and ironing boards to you. 😀

    I, for one would feel very upset if I were to get preferential iron and ironing board treatment over you and in the spirit of equality and non preference, I will not only donate the iron & ironing board, but the ironing as well, to demonstrate how seriously I regard iron & ironing boardism. ;P

    And that’s not all. Not only will I sacrifice the iron and ironing board, but along with a lovely set of steak knives and some spray starch, I’m prepared to toss in the washing, vacuuming, dish washing and cooking to assure you that I do not subscribe to this type of preferential treatment. 😀

    I fully expect that the rest of the CW wimmens will nobly make the same sacrifice in the spirit of equality and non-preferential treatment.

    Now if we can just have your address, we’ll arrange for delivery. 😆 😆 😆

  36. LoL, Jane…… the steak knives are a nice touch 😆 .. almost piqued my interest 😛 …..almost 😉

  37. …early into an Abbott Government,the services for social, mental and health have dried up in funding. causing breakdown in relationships, thus marriages, leading to divorces and home foreclosures. Sir Rupert has total control on News, Communications and telecommunications,where he proclaims “All is well !!”. Propaganda is funneled into classes, with removal of Global Warming” and Evolution through the education system, putting Chaplains in every school for pastoral care programs. His Country has become mind-numbing, zombies, except for the minor population who have rebelled and run a internet/protest movement to remove Abbott as PM. Our Walls go up around us for our protection, which is patrolled by customs and coast guard,for ‘illegal People” who are either turned around or imprisoned, perhaps sunk. Stopping the boats is implemented perfectly. Cheap labour is imported in from poorer countries for Mining and other jobs which need a slave-styled person to fulfill the workers needed by Gina and Friends.
    National Parks are opened up for mining, including the creation of a Nuclear Dump in Muckaby Station, enraging a whole new conflict against the indigenous folks, suppressed by boosts to state police forces coffers. GST is raised to 12.5% and generous discounts go to oil and gas subsidies for helping win the election.

    And that;s in the first term… HHmmmmmnn!!

  38. Jane and,

    Cease fretting LOVO, I’m sure all the CW wimmens will happily donate their irons and ironing boards to you. 😀

    Yes.. 😀

  39. Been thinking…to add to your an effort to increase the “flexibility” of Australia’s workforce more and more people are employed on a casual basis. Overtime and penalty rates no longer exist. Unions are banned from workplaces for 24hrs following any industrial accident or death..same as Howard.

  40. Ok, you wimmens have got me….please leave and/or send all washing and ironing to this address :- Level 2, 17 Sydney Rd
    MANLY NSW 2095
    Phone: (02) 9977 6411
    P.S. don’t forget to include the steak knives ….. 😀

  41. Boy, am I going to have a laugh here on election night.

    Buying into big pharma as I reckon there will be a spike in the use of antidepressants…the lefties will be lining up outside Doctor surgeries demanding that their doses be doubled.

  42. Sorry scaper but you have it so wrong. It’s the right who are the sore losers, dummy spitters and refuseniks when it comes to election loses.

    I think more than one here have said that they will take what the election gives and then point out Abbott’s long string of broken promises if he wins.

    If that does happen the right will back flip and make all the excuses and blame shifts they can muster, as that’s the other thing the Liberals and their supporters do most, crab, deny, lie and blame shift.

    If the Liberals are elected and they keep Abbott as their leader, which I doubt will be for long, then so be it, the Australian people will have to wear that choice of believing the MSM and the lying opposition. If by some miracle the Coalition turn out to be a good government then good on the Australian people and bad on us for getting it wrong.

    I know one thing for certain, if the reverse happens none in the right will be making the same statements,

    First comes the long weeks and even months of hiding and sulking away.

    Then comes the dummy spits and “we was robbed”.

    Then comes the blame the media even though it is will be blatantly obvious the media was by a great majority in favour of the Liberals and Abbott.

    Then will come the vexatious accusations and nasty vitriol.

    Finally will comes the lies and distortions against the government.

  43. Schools pay the power bills out of their grants. If they use too much, something else has to go. Suspect5 it works the opposite as well. Save some electricity, frees money up for another project.

    Even if this is not true, the government pays less in electricity, more money for teaching.

  44. No matter what happens “it will be/was Labors fault”…. Liberals have only one policy … ‘Hate Labor’, full stop. St Bob of Maria-ism-ish spin. 🙄
    “IF” they get in and sell the future for the few and ‘spin’ the economy into the GFC… they will blame Labor….. Ruperts (newly aquired) NBNsky’s CEO Turnbull will have all channels screaming “its Labor’s fault, NOde ours”……. Trillionair Gina’s new ‘DoubleDollar Recruitment’ employment services’ CEO Monkton (on a 457) will show a graph conclusively proving that the double digit employment numbers ..that’s all Labors doing…too!!
    It’s all they have….. it’s all they are…’s all they do…. hate Labor.
    Thankfully the tide seems to be turning…people are a waking up….. every LNP policy launch is shaking people out of their ‘political malaise’….. as the election gets closer, Australian’s will be asking questions and looking for answers….. and they will go online to find them………….. (which is why Labor is gunna win) 😉

  45. .it’s all they do…. hate Labor.

    And, it appears, use their policies.

    Speaking outside the committee hearing in Sydney on Friday, Turnbull said that if the cost turned out to be accurate, then a Coalition government would roll out more fibre.

    “If the cost of fibre to the premises is considerably lower than what we’ve assumed, it might be that we could cost effectively do a larger percentage of the build as fibre to the premise,” he said.

    We know fibre to the premise is the best technological solution, and if you can build it cost effectively, then you should do so. If we’re able to build more of it cost effectively, then we would do so.”

    Remember, this is the guy who was charged with destroying the NBN. He now, finally, belatedly, and without a speck of remorse, acknowledges that it IS the best technological solution. He also says that IF you believe the same people who have helped put Australia into a position of AAA across the board, rather than their own dodgy excel sheet that somehow got $90 odd billion dollars rather than under $40 billion, then it IS also the most cost effective.

    Watch the policy morph even more into Labors, without a ‘backflip’ in sight

  46. Tom R @9.39am, I’d rather see the iron applied to the back of Liealot’s nut.

    …don’t forget to include the steak knives …..

    Would you like them thrown or tossed? 😆

    But wait… .there’s more. Not only will you get the steak knives, but also a lovely frilly french maid’s apron AND a pair of fish nets, with the option of Lord Downer modelling same.

    You are free to throw the steak knives at Lord Downer, should you so desire. 😆

    Sorry, scaper we only use generic locally made medications readily available at all good IGAs or Foodland stores.

  47. Geezas H Jane…… gunna have nighty-mares to-nighty…. Downer…. and in fish nets….. and steak K-knifer’s….and an iron applied to Tony’s front bench nut, whom ever that may be….. generic’s, IGA,plus ‘but wait theres more’ and scaper *shudder*……and all in the same gufaw…..yup, night terrors for sure…. youse wimmens and your multi-skilling…… 😉 :tongueincheeksmiley: ( Ironing Maidens, Tom 😆 ) 😛

  48. Migs, glad that I am making you people laugh as not much to be happy about when it comes to Gillard’s woeful performance.

    Gillard announcing her Gonski policy on a Sunday to grab the Monday headline without first consulting the state and territory leaders is so typical of the fool in the lodge.

    I see that the leaders more or less told her to stick her Gonski up her rather large honkski.

  49. Scaper, it might come as a shock to you, but Gonski and that meeting on Friday, is a part of the process. The PM is out doing what many demand, selling good policy.

    There was no likelihood or expectation that the matter would be settled then.

    What occurred is normal. Take your mind back to the NDIS. Exactly the same thing happened. Now I believe all are on board.

    Pierre Akermann is in his glory this morning. Another made up story. Accusing the PM of appointing a new GG. If this is so, why did they just extend the present term for six months, to next March. The PM could have appointed one before this.

    Of course we all know, that position is being reserved by Mr. Mr. Howard.

    We have Abbott out this morning, saying he has demoted his policy director, but it is hard with present IR laws to lower his wage. In other words, I take it, he has created a new position for him.

    Funny the PM had no trouble getting rid of a staff member, when he made a similar mistake. Akermann for once got it right, his big crime was attempting to do a deal with the journalist, to cover up his slip.

    Obviously that behaviour is OK with Abbott.

  50. scaper, there is still a big bucket of money on the table. No premier ruled out Gonski for good. Not even Cando. All he was into, was attempted blackmail. Have a feeling, that will not work.

    They all know that Abbott has nothing for them

  51. You call an attempt to instigate a race riot and a staffer threatening someone whilst on the piss as similar???

    You’re a bigger fool than the other place thinks you are if you believe that no consultation before announcing the policy in the MSM is good governance.

    Deluded if you believe that any of the Lib states will come on board in a federal election year that will be most probably a landslide.

  52. Noticed that Hockey is out, talking about not being able to bring a surplus in. Stated that austerity methods would only produce a temporary surplus. Funny when Swan said that, he was accused of a backflip.

  53. scaper, you know that the allegatiions were discredited. A police investigatiion found nothing.

    Telling a journalist, if he does not report what he said, he would give him some dirt from Abbott’s office, is OK.

    Also, there was no riot. Just a little noise.

  54. scaper, where is the evidence that the premiers had no knowledge of what was released. Seemed to be plenty in the public domain.

    Yes, maybe they did not have the final copy, but that was created from ongoing consultation with the states.

    They have been given until June to digest the matter.

    scaper, do not believe all that comes out of the mouth of Coalition premiers.

    As for being a fool, scaper, I would be if I agreed with much you have to say. Sorry.

  55. It is well known that the state leaders were first made aware of the policy through the MSM.

    The intent of the PM’s office was to create a riot. It was also encouraged by the ABC.

  56. No scaper, there has been intensive consultations going on for months. I doubt that there was anything in that final draft that surprised them.

  57. scaper, I know you would rather believe everything the Coalition says, but why should Garrett and the PM lie.

  58. scaper, I love your fertile imagination. One does need that, when they like to ignore facts, to support their prejudices and hates.

  59. So, tell me the detail of the Gonski policy. You can’t because it hasn’t been worked out. Only the funding which is a third by the states and the federal contribution was ripped out of the schools and unis and rebadged as new funding.

    Why didn’t the Labor states sign up?

  60. LOVO, roflmao. But I am rather surprised that you’ve passed up the opportunity to hurl your steak knives at a fish-net-clad Lord Downer.

    Accusing the PM of appointing a new GG. If this is so, why did they just extend the present term for six months, to next March

    Because Piers, like all barrackers is very short on facts and extremely lengthy on lies, innuendo, allegations, obfuscations, FUD and spin, Fed up.

    scaper there is still plenty of horse trading negotiations with the premiers before the legislation will be finalised and ready to go before the Parliament.

  61. Why didn’t the Labor states sign up?

    You don’t know? Really? COAG was always going to be the beginning rather than the conclusion of negotiations on intergovernmental school funding reform. There is still plenty of ‘detail’ to be sorted, and this is not a bad thing. Newman in Queensland was quite correct in saying that the Feds don’t have all the wisdom. For example, the data underpinning the various disadvantage loadings are still being collected. Still much to be debated before ‘definitions’ are finally hammered out on the political anvil.

    Anyone who signed up at COAG would be correctly labelled as a fool. Anyone who has any understanding of politics would know that. Anyone who had aspirations to be a political lobbyist and couldn’t work that out. Shakes head. But most of the MSM didn’t get it either.

    The new deadline is June 30, at least nine weeks to play political brinkmanship. Now the pressure will be applied to all local members by parents whose children attend state schools and those who attend catholic schools as well, some 86 % overall. These parents know or will soon be told that their children will miss out big time if there is no signing. On the other hand the LNP will have their work cut out trying to hold the line, perhaps by promising no state will be disadvantaged.

    There’s money up for grabs and funds acroos government are scarce. Don’t be the last to blink or you could miss out.

    It will be a bit like NDIS. The backbenchers were swamped with complaints and, despite being provided with ‘how to respond advice’, they were deafened. Now all states and territories have joined in.

    At anoth level, my local state member will soon be forced to become more ‘productive’ – what with EMails, phone calls, letters to the Editor. Just sayin …

  62. Behind paywall but here’s the full text


    NSW first on board with Gonski

    by:Dennis Shanahan
    From:The Australian
    April 23, 201311:53AM

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    JULIA Gillard and Barry O’Farrell have sealed the first Gonski education deal.

    The NSW Premier and the Prime Minister will make the announcement at a 12.30pm (AEST) press conference.

    NSW is the first state to formally agree to Labor’s Gonski education funding reforms and in doing so will create pressure for other states to come on board.

    The government has agreed to the deal this morning, worth at least $5 billion to NSW.

    It’s understood cabinet signed off on the deal last night.

    At last week’s Council of Australian Government’s meeting, Julia Gillard gave the states until June 30 to sign onto the agreement.

    Western Australia, Queensland and the Northern Territory left the COAG meeting expressing significant reservations with the proposal.

    . .

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    Coalition retains big lead: Newspoll



    Bad case of same ol’ same ol’



    Pub talk has marginal results for PM

    End of sidebar. Return to start of sidebar.

    The deal is worth $14.5 billion, with $4.6 billion to be contributed by the states and $9.4 billion by the commonwealth.

    NSW was also the first state to agree to take part in the full national disability insurance scheme.

  63. Yes I was surprised. ‘For all intensive purposes’, I thought he had the ‘crutch of the matter’ well under control. ‘In lame man’s terms’, ‘he gave give up the goat’ and became ‘a damp squid’. I suppose I will just have to ‘grin and bare it’. Or maybe I should be ‘internally grateful’. ‘Little lone … “

  64. Literally, LOL Col 😆 Careful though, there’s the “Marshall Arts” expert to deal with 😆

  65. Isn’t ‘history’ just wonderful. A trip to WA ‘on a wink and a prayer’, in hope of ‘manner from heaven’ . Now as CEO of a ‘political party’ is ‘in cohorts’ with ANDEV an example of ‘making a pack with the devi’ ‘All the wile’, it is claimed that ‘money is not an option’. Now has ‘a new leash on life’


  66. What a laugh. In the last few weeks the opposition have backtracked on just about every promise and program they have announced in the last two years, the very things they incessantly demonised the government over they are now taking up and in some cases espousing.

    Now NoM’s sacred cow isn’t sacred any longer as even conservative economists who advocated austerity and damned deficits in the past are saying they are not bad things at all, especially in times of economic downturn. In fact austerity is the demon as it leads to recessions that take far longer to recover from and do more damage than any government debt.

    So now the Coalition on the back of austerity failures around the world and economists they once quoted back flipping are espousing…. DEFICITS.

    Austerity slips out of fashion amid growing recession risk

    Is there any promise they made since the last election left or are they taking up all of Labor’s policies? That’s right the Carbon Price and their DAP, which they are also now making placating mewling noises of wimping over.

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