Confusion reigns in the LNP

It’s hard to find an issue subject where the LNP demonstrate any comprehension of what it really is. The global financial crisis (GFC) typifies this.

Remember the GFC? ” . . . considered by many economists to be the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression of the 1930s. It resulted in the threat of total collapse of large financial institutions, the bailout of banks by national governments, and downturns in stock markets around the world. In many areas, the housing market also suffered, resulting in evictions, foreclosures and prolonged unemployment. The crisis played a significant role in the failure of key businesses, declines in consumer wealth estimated in trillions of US dollars, and a downturn in economic activity leading to the 2008–2012 global recession and contributing to the European sovereign-debt crisis”.

And remember this? “The IMF recognises that Australia is one of only a small handful of advanced countries to have avoided a recession during the global financial crisis and commends the Government’s response”.

It’s fairly easy to get your head around it: There was a GFC and Australia was one of the few countries to keep it a bay.

The Coalition are having trouble grasping this. To Christopher Pyne it never happened. In the stroke of his tongue he airbrushed it out of our history. It was a myth, claims Andrew Robb, while at other times he completely forgot about it. Amazingly, Barnaby Joyce even saw it coming.

Whilst he couldn’t explain what it was about, at least Joe Hockey knew about it and admits we might be in for another one. But what to do about it sees him floundering. I’ve read articles where he has condemned Labor’s decision to go into a budget deficit to save us from the GFC, yet here he says he might have done the same himself if faced with the decision. Unsurprisingly, Christopher Pyne disagrees.

Thankfully Tony knows what’s going on. He’s on top of everything. Yes, there was a GFC – at least he knows that – and yes, he would have gone into a deficit to battle with it while Barnaby wouldn’t have. Oh wait, Tony has changed his mind: the debt was now a bad thing.

Is it just me or do the LNP have teamwork issues? Not only don’t they know anything but they can’t agree on what they don’t know. What a rabble.

And OMG, if there’s another GFC most voters would rather trust the LNP to handle it.

God help us if they get the chance.

65 comments on “Confusion reigns in the LNP

  1. Miichael,. One can only say, if Abbott becomes PM, this country will deserve what follows.

    Maybe the voter will learn that casting a vote because you hate someone, iis not prudent.

  2. The mess in the message is a direct result of having no coherent policies and clearly no direction coming from the leader.

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  4. Tony Abbott has done nothing but try to discredit Labor…No policies, no vision for the future…nothing…We must try harder to get the message across as there is a biased media out there…

  5. What has me concerned is that the Queensland is now a worse position now than they were with Labor in power and yet the people believe that the Liberals are doing a superb job. Any alternate view up there is a just a left wing hack job.

  6. Getting the Noalition to understand Economics, or the world beyond Double Bay, is like expecting your dog to grasp rocket science.

  7. Once again, Astra is spot on. Could be why confusion reigns.

    “…………That is closer to the truth than its satirical tone suggests. From the outset Abbott claimed that Australia’s existing broadband was fine for him to send emails and for his daughters to download movies. His implicit question was “What more do you need? He was looking in the rear-view mirror to gaze into the future. Commenting on the NBN, even journalists who might usually support Abbott’s position have characterized him as lacking vision. That is not correct. Abbott has vision all right: backward vision…”

  8. Fed Up, I have to disagree with you, I hate Tony Abbott, and I’m casting my vote against him with absolutely no regrets! 🙂

  9. Oh, he has a vision. Just not willing to share it with us.

    He is telling us, that he knows what is good for us, and we do not need the details.

    Though I do not hate him. He is not worth wasting emotion on.

    An old fashion saying comes to mind, much older than shonky car salesmen, the snake oil salesman.

  10. How many times have we seen their leader, Turnbull before and Abbott now, say something in the media only to be contradicted, sometimes at the same time in another interview.

    As stated this is the sign of very bad leadership and a rudderless party.

    A least has a wonky Rudder 😉 being steered by a resolute and strong captain.

  11. LNP Policies? God knows!

    That’s where Tony Abbott gets authority
    To give commands, turn the tide of history.
    He can ignore advice, needn’t wait for votes.
    Of course he can turn back those boats!

    He has a sacred pledge or covenant
    With God. He knows that government
    Is rightly his….or soon will be. It must.
    His blood oath on that just needs our trust.

    For non-believers like Julia Gillard
    And godless men of the old Red Guard
    Who claim a democratic right to rule
    He simply has contempt and ridicule.

    That climate crap’s all hypothetical.
    Believing it will be heretical.
    Pretending to he once himself risked hell
    Till shriven of his lie by Cardinal Pell.

    Knowing himself to be pure of soul,
    And with a clear mandate from Newspoll,
    He demands again an immediate election.
    Gillard must obey, with appropriate genuflection.

  12. This good for a bit of a laugh.

    On an article on Algorithms in search engines this comment was posted:

    It’s true about filter bubbles. The other day I typed Tony Abbott and I got 20 articles about human reproductive organs


    • Joe, that’s pristine.

  13. On the topic of the Liberal’s policy confusion – we also had the Pass the Parcel effort aka the budget response where Robb ended up having to try to paper over Abbott and Hockey’s inability to provide a coherent answer. It’s no wonder that Robb shortly after figured that he could make a far better shadow Treasurer than Hockey.

  14. …. and we should thank Howard and Costello for positioning Australia as one of 4 or 5 countries that had ZERO DEBT and a BUDGET SURPLUS of $60 Billion AUD.
    This drongo government has pissed it all up against the wall plus another $250 Billion.
    Gillard should be slappeded every time she has misused the word Refoooorm.
    What a dickhead government. Gillard is still pressing on so that she can vandalise the economy as much as possible before the voters throw her and her drongo government OUT.
    I have been having a lovely time sailing the Andaman Sea for the past few weeks and I come back to the usual BS from the Whisperers.
    Dickheads. I just can’t think of a more descriptive word for Gillard, her “guvvermnt”
    you you drongo whisperers.

  15. Tweed, one problem is that we ended up with a huge and ongoing problem of record household debt and record housing unaffordability. However, Australia is lucky compared with many other nations in that our internationally lauded stimulus package stopped house prices plummeting and arrested any major shedding of jobs. A bit of a miracle really when you consider how Howard’s policies had resulted in our housing market being hugely overinflated.

  16. Talking cash in the bank when Wayne took over Michael. Get with the Program Michael.
    Min. Did not get your logic. We entered the GFC with plenty of options thanks to H&C. No debt. $60 Billion positive credit on the Fed MasterCard. Cashed Up. During the 2007 election campaign Costello did tell us a Financial Tsunami was about to hit the Global Economy.
    …… he was not referring to Rudd Gillard and Swan…..
    Look at us now. Gillard Wong and Swan are saying Oz looks good compared to Europe UK and USA when in fact we were never such a basket case as these countries…..thanks to H&C.
    imagine if we ran our household budgets like Gillard, Swan and Wong run our country’s finances.

  17. Put simply, it was easy for the Howard Government to look like sound financial managers when, through good luck, its revenue base expanded inexorably thanks to the unsustainable expansion in private debt and the once-in-a-century commodity boom.

    And let us not forget the constant cheering for the economy that went on during howards time by the msm, contrasted with the ‘we’ll all be rooned’ attitude they display now.

    As long as the msm keep on cheering, the confusion will not be seen for what it is.

    Not only that, but they are now actually a press arm of the liberal party. I had heard on hte Something Wonky podcast that turnbull and abbott, at the release of the NBN at Fox studios (as brazen as that alone is) actually handed out copies of the daily terror in place of a policy document. Now I can see why this might be true.

    NBN at half Labor’s price
    Simon Benson
    — Daily Telegraph, 9th April, 2013
    the graphic is lifted directly from …
    “The Coalition’s Plan for Fast Broadband and an Affordable NBN

    There is no pretense any more, they are actively promoting and advertising for the liberal party. Surely there are rules against that?

  18. Thank god for IA and the like, without whom, abbott could lie his way while our msm pat him on the back all the way to office

    As always, the devil is in the detail. In true Independent Australia fashion, we asked the questions about his assertions and found them to be blatantly untrue. It was easy to ask the questions, and if IA hadn’t, Abbott would have got away with the two biggest whopping lies that have yet been told in Australian politics this year.

    The most frightening thing about this story is that, apparently, the press have stopped asking questions. They just reprint Abbott’s assertions without question.

  19. Jane, and along with the melting of Antarctica well known but seldom reported by the MSM is the melting of Greenland’s glaciers. There was (amazingly) something reported a few days ago, sorry but I can no longer find the link but it was something like…

    Melting from stand-alone glaciers in Greenland accounts for a whopping 10 percent of the total sea level rise worldwide from melting ice, which is more than expected, a new study finds.

    But of course according to Abbott climate science is just “rubbish”, plus humans will spontaneously combust if they dare travel on these new fangled steam engines as the human body cannot withstand speeds of over 30 miles an hour…

  20. Tom that is excellent from Independent Australia..and from your link,

    Just to reiterate, Tony Abbott made the two propositions, namely:

    1.shipyards like Williamstown are in a degree of difficulty at the moment; and

    2.because of the $21 billion that has been taken out of Defence spending over the last few years.

    I asked the people who actually run the ship yard and the people who are responsible for the defence budget spending, the Department of Defence.

    You will note the absence of me asking a question of a politician, only the people who know the facts.

    It seems to me that the people who know the facts have given completely different answers to Tony Abbott/s assertions above.

    To précis BAE systems, they are at full capacity with the two LHD class ships for the next three years and are looking for ongoing commercial and other work from the Australian Government.

  21. I asked the people who actually run the ship yard

    journos are bit busy with ‘timelines’ to worry about things like that Min 😉

  22. Shadow communications minister Malcolm Turnbull said at a doorstop interview today that a fibre-to-the-node (FTTN) policy for the National Broadband Network (NBN) could possibly end up costing around the same as the current fibre to the premises (FTTP) policy in the long run.
    All the telco executives I’ve talked to around the world who are actually building these networks have said to me that you would never do fibre to the premises because of a saving in maintenance cost.

    I wonder how that last statement gels with his talks with France Telecom

    Not that the major papers will highlight this ‘confusion’. In fact, in all of this backflipping and obvious hypocrisy, I have yet to see the words ‘backflip’ or ‘hypocrisy’ uttered in the msm. After the initial reporting, which had my hopes up that the oppositions MAJOR ABOUT_FACE on broadband policy would invite, it has become quite patent that the msm will barrack this one through to the keeper as well. I find it amazing that after years of claiming that fibre is such a waste etc, they are now doing precisely what they argued against, and the msm are just nodding it through. Forget how they joined in enthusiastically with them in support of wireless , copper (insert any brain fart here), they are now all on the fibre wagon, except when it comes to Labor, who are just ‘wasteful’, and couldn’t possibly deliver such a project. It is truly sickening to watch.

  23. No Min, the truth did not claim to be what it was not. It also had many juicy stories and scandals.

    Yes, they took pride in publishing scandals.

  24. But of course according to Abbott climate science is just “rubbish”, plus humans will spontaneously combust if they dare travel on these new fangled steam engines as the human body cannot withstand speeds of over 30 miles an hour…

    That’s alright, Min. They’ve got the blokes with the red flags and the bell going ahead so no flesh is torn from bones at those enormous speeds.

    However, I understand facial distortions are commonplace. Oh hang on, that’s when they spot LIealot and the rest of the Liars shadow front bench.

  25. And The (anything but the) Truth had the best form guide going. So it was of some use, before going in the bin or on the fire.

  26. I remember The Truth. I liked their photos on page 3. I also read their footy pages, before heading back to page 3.

  27. This piece is a rather funny deflection from the rabble that are supposed to govern.

    If I was Gonski I would demand that my name be removed from the latest policy on the run mess. It is incredible how this government fucks up everything they touch.

    Only around 150 days to go…maybe less according to the talk within Labor.

  28. In Australia.

    Look at their policy formulation…no consultancy, no apparent direction and it is either their way or nothing.

    Just picks fights that is divisive and at the end of the day Australia loses.

    Even their own are bad mouthing this government…unheard of in the Labor Party of yore.

    I hope they get a thrashing, collapse as a political force and the wise heads form a new party divorced from the oh so last century union cretins! Gee, need choices as the only way to keep the other party to account.

  29. scaper,in case it’s escaped your notice, the Labor Party arose from the union movement.

    Any party calling itself the Labor Party which is totally divorced from the labour movement would be a fake.

    And if Liealot gets in, unions will be needed more than ever.

    Go kneel before your gods Rupert & Gina. You can join your hero Liealot licking their boots.

  30. Subjective??? HAHAHAHAHAH!

    You people are so caught up in group think you actually believe this has been a good government that will win the next election. Even Labor knows they are toast and the unconnected barrackers will not admit defeat even after the election rout.

    According to polls and party research you lot are subjective.

  31. scaper, after you get a taste of a Liealot government, you’ll be eating your words wrt this government.

    They have made mistakes, naturally, but overall history will judge them very kindly, unlike the Rodentochracy and (God forbid) a Liealot “government”.

    Mind you, if Ettridge & Ashbygate are successful, Liealot, Prissy, Brough, Sloppy, Brandis and who knows how many others will be campaigning from their gaol cells. 😆

  32. No one is saying this government wil win the nexrt election. They are not saying they will lose either.

    What the are saying, this is agood government.

    A good government that should win the next election.

    We live in a democracy. The voters will make the choice. Sometimes they get it right, sometimes they get it wrong.

  33. According to polls and party research you lot are subjective.

    Actually, I’m pretty realistic. To win from here would be a monumental task. However, things are not as dire as the media would have us believe.

    Nielsen captured headlines by showing the Labor primary vote slipping below 30%, but this week’s poll aggregate shows a continuation of Labor’s slight improving trend.

    There is time left, although, I think Labor will need to stop the grumpy old fools from within from trying to wreck the joint, along with some other external force to work in its favour. It’s not having any of that as yet, and I’m fast loving hope that it will. But it is not a done deal yet as the papers would have us believe.

    Wondering if the media will raise the hypocrisy of abbott not stepping down as he demanded Thom(P)son and Slipper must? 😯

  34. Tom and Fed Up et al. The daily blessing Abbott has had is that Gillard and Swan are the face of Labor in the electorate. The endless policy cockups and fiscal cockups are just icing on the cake.
    I made the comment a while ago that Labor are in a cattle run heading to the slaughter house. Gillard has defined success as her being the first to arrive at the slaughter house.

  35. “………….Queensland Premier Campbell Newman says suspended Liberal National Party State MP, Scott Driscoll, is likely to be expelled from the party.

    The rookie Redcliffe MP is accused, among other things, of secretly controlling a community group in Moreton Bay from his electorate office and paying his wife tens of thousands of dollars in consultancy fees.

    Mr Driscoll is due to face an LNP expulsion hearing.

    ‘He is no longer a member of this team, he is no longer a member of this Government, and he probably will be expelled from the LNP,’ Mr Newman told Parliament.

    Question time has been dominated by the controversies and how Mr Newman has handled a string of complaints about Mr Driscoll.

    Mr Newman said last month he had full confidence in Mr Driscoll, but two weeks later he had him suspended from the party…..”

    Just so one does not get the idea, crooks are only on Labor’s side/ Sadly, they are found everywhere.

    One thing for sure, I would rather have a minority government,. Over a lance majority, any day.

  36. I like Labor’s so called cock ups.

    One of the best economies in the world.

    Better employment figures that most comparable countries.

    Low inflation. Low interest rates.

    No recession.

    Growth of more than 3%.

    Growth for 21 straight years.

    Broadband on track. One that in the long term will save the nation money.

    New deal for the disabled.

    A reasonable CEF in place. One that is not destroying the economy. One that is in line with most other nations. One that has already shown an improvement in carbon emissions,

    Improved IR laws, that are fairer to both parties.

    Much of the unsubstainable middle upper income earners welfare and rebates, introduced by Howard, clawed back.

    Many times as much spent on our national highways.

    Great improvements in health, such as the new facility for hearing at Maquarie University, replacing the hearings establishment that Howard demolished. Better dental schemes in the offering. Also replacing what Howard demolished.

    The list is endless.

    What does Abbott proposes. Demolition of all that Labor has achieved. Political uncertainty, while he takes us back to election after election, until he gets the numbers to dismantle NBN and MRRT. Both at great cost to industry.

    I am sure that next month, over a million taxpayers will be pleased not to have to fill in a return.

    I am sure that those mum’s are happy with Labor’s maternity scheme. Not as wasteful as Abbott’s proposal, but only the high income earner would have problems with the present scheme. Most will be glad to have that twice year kids education grant to spend when needed.

    I would be surprised, that most who hold mortgage would not appreciate the $5000 or more they they are paying less on their mortgages per year.

    As a full pensioner, I am very appreciative of the rises I have received since Labor come to power.

    Yes, please let us have more cock ups, if this is what Labor has delivered. I have not even scratched the surface with the examples I have given.

  37. You would like Labor’s cock ups. Your so called list is full of holes…too many to mention.

    How’s that Carbon Tax panning out? Swan has created more of a structural deficit of over $5B a year.

    How’s that mining tax panning out? HAHAHAHAHAH!

    Take the mining industry out of the equation and we’ve been in recession for over two years!

    The IR laws are not fair…know what reverse onus of proof is???

    NBN on track? How is the schedule of works and take up going? Way behind and bleeding money that will never be recovered.

    New deal for the disabled? Another falsehood as there are only trials and where is the money coming from?

    Gonski is another unfunded con that I doubt will see the light of day.

    You might enjoy how this government is fucking the nation and the next generations but you have only one vote.

    You are in the minority (30%) and I doubt you will ever see another fed Labor government in your life. You never hold your own to account, just blindly barrack for Labor. PATHETIC!

  38. Here is a link that hopefully will make you adjust to the fact that Gillard is doomed.

    Gillard and Labor have made two fatal mistakes, naming the date of the election and sticking with Gillard over anyone else.

    People have made up their minds and nothing will change. If Gillard was spilled out then there was an outside chance that Abbott would have also lost the leadership to someone more moderate.

    I suppose you will blame the dumb voters but in reality the blame lays at Gillard’s and Labor’s feet.

  39. Sometimes minorities can be right. Time will tell. Still stand by what I have said.

    Some of us do have a mind of our home.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or so they say.

    No government or PM is perfect. Much has to be done without knowing what lies ahead. Yes, the carbon emission trading prices has slumped. So have many other shares. What comes down,can also go up. That is how the market works. One sometimes buys the wrong shares, they go down instead of up. Should we then abandon the share market.

  40. …and the doomsayers, including Abbott said the government would fall. Abbott even boasted, he would be in the Lodge the Christmas before last.

    Many also said that Slipper and Thomson would be gone by now. Yes, many predictions are made. Yes, Rudd was to be back in power. Once again did not occur.

    Yes, the majority say many things, predicted many things. None has occurred., Complete failure every time.

    The PM and government are still standing. Does not look like going anywhere.

  41. scaper. All you are ; linking to are peoples opinions. Yes, just personal opinions, often based on their own prejudices, as many of yours are.

    Maybe mine are too, but I like to think there is some evidence aboard for what I say.

    As I said, time will tell.

    Can remember Whitlam and Keating are getting the same media and hate. History, in hindsight, seems to have treated them well.

    You are entitled to your opinion, me to mind,

    Many allegations that come from the other side of the fence, do not appear to stand up to close scutinary. In fact when evidence is looked at, the kindest thing one can say, that they are fallacious.

    Everything predicted for the last three years has not come to fruition.

    Surely that means something.

  42. “This drongo government has pissed it all up against the wall plus another $250 Billion.”

    Tweed’s comment last week about the Howard Legacy (billions in the bank) just helps perpetuate a conservative myth.

    There was never so much as a dollar in the bank, the surpluses were just entries in a ledger, a record of “flows”.

    There is no functional relationship between one year’s surplus and a government’s ability in successive years to run deficits. It’s all “water under the bridge” as I think Professor Mitchell once described it.

    Surpluses and deficits do however have a critical impact on demand, especially when the household sector is hell-bent on saving (like now).

    Sadly, with morons like Tweed on the loose we will probably get the government we deserve come September: tribalism will trump self-interest.

  43. Wonder when the penny will drop with many. That we need to look at the level of taxes and who pays it. Yes, budgets need both spending prudence and reason of revenue to bring it back to surplus.

    There is still some fat to cut from upper income earners. Suspect not much at the lower end.

    Even heard Hockey say in the last couple of days, that any cut in spending would only bring a very short lived surpluses. Yes, cutting can lead to more debt.

    Maybe a level playing field does need to be created when it comes to taxation.

    The self employed to have ways of getting around paying taxes, that wage earners do not.

    Suspect that no further investigatios are needed. Answers I am sure can be found in research already done.

    What we need to hear from Abbott, is how he intends to do, to bring the budget back to surpluses. Yes, we need to know where he intends to make his cuts.

  44. “Yes, budgets need both spending prudence and reason of revenue to bring it back to surplus.”

    That sounds like a reasonable proposition Fed Up, but inasmuch as it implies there’s something intrinsically good about surpluses, it’s quite wrong.

    The reality is that the budget should mostly be in deficit.

    When the government takes more out of the economy than it puts in (that is, taxes more than it spends) who do you think pays ?

    Others besides me have said here that the budget surplus must equal the private sector deficit.

    I’ve also said this quite a few times but it’s probably worth repeating: if the household sector had not gorged itself on debt (to maintain consumption) during the Howard years the Costello surpluses would’ve sent the economy into recession.

    That unsustainable imbalance is now unwinding on Labor’s watch as household savings hit levels not seen in decades.

    I’ve heard a bevy of bank economists saying today that the budget’s in trouble. It’s nothing of the sort. The budget will be whatever it will be. The question that should be asked is the deficit big enough to sustain demand and keep a lid on unemployment.

    We should ridicule the “surplus good, deficit bad” mantra at every opportunity.

    We should also realise that recessions (the bastard progeny of surpluses) can present the rentier class with wonderful opportunities to “re-balance their portfolios” and then perhaps we might realise who the authors of this arse-about ideology are.

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