What’s not in the news

It’s a pity that the best stories never make it into the mainstream media. Without social media we would never read those stories: stories written by ordinary people, instead of less-than-ordinary journalists. It’s the same with opinions. Our MSM certainly is opinionated and nobody else’s opinion is worth sharing.

I devote this post to a handful of stories and opinions shared on my Facebook pages. They represent what’s being talked about in social media and offer a stark contrast to what we read in the MSM. People out there are asking questions and they are questions that the MSM don’t want answered. Read the few I’ve selected, then give me your thoughts.

From Dave H:

Hi Guys. I’ve got NBN on in Kiama. As well as being super fast and cheap, there’s another advantage with NBN. This is the disconnection of the old Telstra copper phone line, and with it the line rental charge each month is dropped. So even before getting NBN, I’ve saved $30 each month. I now use a VOIP phone as my home phone. (Monthly phone bills are usually around $10 – another saving). As far as NBN charge goes, I`m on a $40 a month plan and get 25000 speed with a download limit of 50GB. In saying that, I’m considering changing over to the 100,000 speed with a download limit of 75GB. This deal is only $50 a month.

So just to summarise and compare. I used to pay $30 a month phone line rental, $68 a month for ADSL2 with 12GB limit and around a $100 per month phone bill. Total approx $200 each month. Now I pay $0 for line rental, $40 a month for superfast NBN and around $10 a month for phone/ VOIP calls. A total of approx $50 a month. SO NBN HAS SAVED ME AROUND $150 EACH MONTH.

From Gerard T:

The quality of our communications infrastructure, and our business, diplomatic, and defence relationships with China will have vastly more influence on the lives of average Australians than 66 asylum seekers. So I ask the question: Why does a refugee boat arrival hold more weight with the MSM?

From Barbara L:

So poor Bob Carr is in trouble with Julie Bishop for slagging off at Thatcher . . . who cares. Thatcher insulted Carr and his Malaysian wife many years ago, running down Asian migrants to Carr while his Malaysian wife was standing within earshot . . . I don’t blame Carr for not wanting to be nice about Thatcher.

From Ellie C:

What a great synopsis of the heart of the matter of media bias and its power in this country. The left no longer has a voice. If it does, it is scarcely a whisper. It has nothing to do with free speech but has everything to do with power and influence.

Another from Barbara L:

re Julia’s Community Cabinet meeting in WA last night . . . no mention in the MSM today about how well it all went for Julia and her new Ministers . . . there was no real drama . . . no screaming abuse at Julia . . . nothing . . . so I guess they felt there was nothing to report.

From John L:

Main stream media further dumbs us down (and by implication itself) by never addressing either the character of the opposition leader or his plans for the future of Australia. For example will we ever see a headline “Time to put up Tony”.

From M:

It’s scary that the media are not doing their job. Many journalist friends have expressed the same concerns; they don’t feel as though they are traditional journalists anymore, they are simply writing what the powerful want them to write. The real turning point for me came after Mark Scott’s treatment of John Faine recently. That was fucking pathetic. Faine was doing his job and Scott publicly chastised him.

And finally, another one from John L:

Tony Abbott takes his Catholicism seriously. His past spontaneous outbursts about his daughters virginity, his fear of homosexuality, his opposition to abortion, his veto (as Health Minister) of the RU486 drug, his views on euthanasia, his opposition to same-sex marriage and stem cell research all give confirmation to a dogma more attune to Rome than the changing moral landscape of Australia.

Over to you.

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  1. Each day that passes my admiration for PM grows while Tony Abbott reveals himself
    to be ignorant of so much that we non politicians take for granted that we all know. It’s as though he has been in suspended animation, waiting for the day when he’s elected PM. As the days pass he is more and more diminished, physically shrinking in anticipation of yet another question he can’t answer. This is why he runs away from journalists, won’t appear on any serious ABC current affair shows and uses his daughters as a shield. I have stopped reading msm and keep myself up to date by subscribing to blogs following twitter.

    re the NBN, I am trying to do some work from home which involves logging onto a server a few suburbs away. adsl2 at both ends but it’s so slow it nearly brings me to tears. I have been measuring my speed and it varies from 1 to 4mbps – can’t wait for NBN. My brother called me today from Hobart and told me he was on NBN, when I asked for his thoughts he said he hadn’t connected it up!(you would need to know my family).

  2. you’re saying that msm journo’s are opinionated… thank you we’re not isn’t it… thank god we’re ‘independent’ …..

    the problem with you lot is that you are hypocritical (not unlike the political party you represent)…. you say you want opinions… BUT you only want opinions that are in line with your thinking. Whenever somebody writes something against your opinion… you call them ‘wrong’ or ‘trolls’ or ….’opinionated’ ……

    time you dropped the ‘independent label from your misleading (another labor trait) title…. and were honest about who you are… but then again… that’s never been what left leaning people do… so we’ll just have to live with it… and hope that freedom of press and opinion can be maintained (as you lot are desperately trying to kill it it off)

  3. dirkrossey
    Freedom of press like your saint Rinehart taking journalists to court to make them reveal their sources of information.

  4. re Julia’s Community Cabinet meeting in WA last night

    I am frustrated over the minimal coverage these meetings get, especially from their abc. I mean, they 24 hours of news to fill, but they repeatedly cut away from not only community cabinets, but also just standard interviews. The cut away from the PM the other night in China, all so some air head could convey to us what she was saying. With their interpretation thrown in for good measure.

    I’m not surprised the oppositions fraudband wasn’t in the news long. In fact, I’m surprised at how much negative coverage it got. But, there is so much left un-answered, which could be a blessing, as the libs look to be writing Labor’s campaign for them

  5. What’s not in the news?

    The honest stories of Abbott’s lies and hypocrisy.

    And it’s not as though journalist have to do any in depth long running expensive research to uncover his litany of lies and deceptions, they are openly there in quantity for them to reveal.

  6. Mobius, on reading your comment a thought came to mind..that the MSM not only, and only rarely and occasionally, scrutinise Abbott in any way but they seem incapable of putting all of his statements together to see the big picture, which for Tony Abbott is a pattern of behaviour. Or more likely the MSM just don’t want to know about it.

  7. Dirk Rossey –
    It’s about the facts and using logic. This site’s posters use plenty of it, whatever their leanings. All you gave was a fact-free opinion.

    As for freedom of the press, that’s just a meaningless slogan. Freedom for whom? Freedom to do what? You think every industry should have codes and responsibilities but the media should be a law unto itself? I have a one-word response to that: Leveson.

  8. Migs – you’ve highlighted exactly why there is a problem with our media landscape – when so many voices and views are not heard, except via Facebook and an indie blog.

  9. Murdoch was in the Country last week, and his X had a ball Labor bashing. Abbott and his mob made so many blunders regarding the NBN, and daily I listened with bated breath to see if they would be corrected. .But no,not one mention from the MSM that the Coalition were reporting lies. While I am on the subject can anyone tell me if JG has been given ANY credit for the marvellous job she and her Ministers did whilst in China. I look back on her performance and her apparent popularity overseas and wonder how Abbott would perform on the BIG STAGE e.g. address world leaders without notes but straight from the heart. I think not, he would be a complete embarrassment and would make Australia the laughing stock of World.

  10. It’s all about balance, and a clear distinction between news fact & news opinion. The lines are so blurred now that the average punter has trouble distinguishing the two. Combine this with an obvious campaign in the MSM of negativity toward the Govt in general, and the PM in particular, and the clear lack of scrutiny in regard to the Coalition and their blatant lies (Whyalla) and misinformation about the economy, and it is little wonder that overseas media have laughingly called us a bunch of whiners who have surpassed the traditional English whiners. Most other countries are in such a dire economic state that they treat the Australian population as a pack of bleating idiots. The state of our economy is the envy of the world and yet there are numbskulls in our community who think we are economically doomed unless we install the economic buffoon Abbott into the Lodge. This attitude is not helped by conservative Trolls (yes TROLLS) like dirkrossey, who apart from an ill informed, blinkered myopia, wouldn’t know shit from clay.

  11. and their blatant lies (Whyalla)

    It was a Union who said Whyalla would be wiped off the map


    THE state’s two key industrial cities will be “wiped off the map” by a carbon tax, a major union warns.

    The tax would strip thousands of jobs from Whyalla and Port Pirie, the Australian Workers Union state secretary Wayne Hanson said.

    The internal revolt from Labor’s industrial heartland threatens not just the reform but the Government’s survival.”

    Abbott did agree with the Union leaders comments.

  12. It was a Union who said Whyalla would be wiped off the map

    And it was abbot that amplified that statement, and repeated it across the media long after the Union guy had abandoned it.

    Just because he can’t make up his own stuff, doesn’t mean he can’t own it.

  13. The other thing that is not in the news, is Justice Rares finding that the Slipper case was a plot from within liberal ranks to unseat a democratically elected Government. Yet it continues to lay the blame at the feet of Gillard for the Slipper ‘mess’

  14. One story I’d dearly like to see is about “Ashbygate”
    Another worthwhile one would be about “Jacksonville”
    particularly exploring the possibly corrupt conduct of the AFP, NSW and Vic. police?
    Perhaps a story tracing links between the conspirators in these operations and the”utegate” conspirators? Exploration of these links in the context of the lnp’s attempts to gain power without having to “face the people” and detail their policies?
    Perhaps a detailed take on the usurpation of the lnp by the far right, and a factual exploration of their agenda? Why is it hidden?

  15. @pterosaur1 & Tom R, I heartily agree with both of your comments. Another add-on would be a thorough MSM investigation of the murky & shadowy influence of the IPA on the LNP plus who its financial backers are.

    We already know that Rupert Murdoch is a director of the IPA so that leaves News Ltd out of the equation & their spokespeople are everywhere in the ABC with an ex-Liberal staffer as its MD but surely Fairfax still has some investigative journos capable of looking into these matters fairly & with balance. Oops, forgot. Gina Rinehart is a major shareholder there as well as at Ten. Kerry Stokes at 7 is a major conservative backer & Nine has always been right-leaning so I guess we are out of luck with both print & TV MSM. Radio is totally useless which is why I have ignored them.

  16. Too many times the Moguls who run “Propaganda Ltd” using the tabloids and other facilities at their disposal to their own benefits financially. I am sick and tired of partisan/biased ‘opinions’ being reported as so-called NEWS. Reminds me of the not-so-long-ago with newspapers Championing for War, personal attacks to Mr Slipper, Trying to destablise an democratically elected Government, with the express desire for further profits. It was News Ltd who wrote Coalitions Broadband policy, as it does not want to compete with streaming media via the bandwidth through fibre-optics. It wants to control what we see, watch, hear and should be disgusted and/or annoyed about.

    MSM is it’s own worse enemy and Journo’s have become partisan cheerleaders for the Moguls and then wonder why circulation is in decline.. plus wanting people now to pay for shit content.. Gimme a Break !!

  17. What rubbish you speak, Joy!

    Murdoch is not a director, he was invited to address at the anniversary. John is the executive director and Hugh is the deputy.

    In the last two years the membership has trebled and is on track to double that number in the next two.

    The IPA has a lot of influence and nothing you pissant conspiracy theorists can do about it but wet your panties!

  18. The body language of both Abbott and Turnbull tells it all.

    I am talking about the Fox launch of their non fast broadband effort.

    At least we all know, the scheme announced will be of no competition from Fox.

    Reading comments across the net, I believe indicates not all are in the hate the PM camp,

    They have failed on super,and now on fast broadband. Do not feel that they are getting much of a hearing with the asylums seekers. That is Abbott, I mean.

    The refugee problem is where the PM has been waiting for.

    Yes, things, they are a changing.

  19. That photo of Abbott on his knees between Murdoch and Rhinehart said it all. Neither party bothered even to turn their heads to look him in the face.

    Says something that Murdoch and Rhinehart were sitting together in the seat of honour. Hancocks hero was the MC. What in the hell has Bolt ever done to deserve that honour. Well maybe the IPA knows what we do not.

  20. Abbott’s agenda as a cheap labour conservative is as plain as the nose on your face. If successful in forming government and undoing all the great and farseeing initiatives of the Gillard government, I’m sure that upon retirement from the political arena he can look forward to Rupert and Gina adopting him and giving him some nice shiny toys to play with as well as a generous allowance!

  21. @scaper

    The IPA has a lot of influence and nothing you pissant conspiracy theorists can do about it ….!

    Interesting attitude to democracy 🙄

    Point to where/how they exert such influence, and to what ends? Perhaps you are able to also point to their sponsors?

    You miss the point -none here regard this far right outfit as acting in either public or national interest, as is demonstrated in their “75 ideas” as the conservatives, having failed to destroy, now attempt to hijack Gough’s legacy.

  22. Yeah, just like the unions having a lot of influence and there is nothing we can do about it until the election. You people are wetting your panties prematurely and perish the though what else.

    An orchestrated wipe out of the next generation of Labor leaders is democracy in action.

    Every member is a sponsor…the event last week has raised enough for a year of operation plus a tad more for the orchestra.

  23. Unfortunately for Abbott, although the asylum seeker issue was once a war cry against Labor for their once softer stance under the banner of Soft on Terrorism, it is highly doubtful that many of today’s public support the urban myth that people fleeing terrorist regimes are actually terrorists themselves. The best that Abbott can muster now equates with racism rather than terrorism – thankfully in Australia out and out racism is rarer than Andrew Bolt et al would have us believe. Hands up any one who has in their family a mixed race marriage, or refugee neighbors or co-workers…or perhaps you’re one yourself.

    Therefore although the MSM and Libs love to bring the issue of “illegals” to the public’s attention (we’re on a winner here folks, say the Libs), the issue simply does not resonate nearly as much as it once did when we were sending our young people off to war in Iraq.

  24. Scaper, any impending “wipeout” of Labor will see the Libs given the power to implement which so ever policies they choose. Labor’s new guns such as Shorten and Combet are certainly young enough to weather this..which can’t be said for the Libs. Same as his mentor Howard, Abbott will NEVER promote talent.

  25. Here is a piece of good news, apparently mostly “missed” by the so-called mainstream media.

    11 April 2013:

    Bankruptcies are at their lowest level since the March quarter of 1996, according to a report released yesterday by the Insolvency and Trustee Service Australia.


    A little research shows that under the Howard Liberal government, in August 2007:

    Personal bankruptcies are close to the highest point in two decades, worse now than at the height of the last recession in the early 1990s..


  26. Cuppa! Cease and desist! NOW! The right-whingers here have repeatedly shown they can’t handle such difficult concepts (for them) as “truth” and “facts.” 😆 😆

  27. Here is another truth they won’t be able to accept, Bacchus. 😆

    Hey scaper!!! Remember this comment when you maliciously maligned me?

    What rubbish you speak, Joy!
    Murdoch is not a director, he was invited to address at the anniversary. John is the executive director and Hugh is the deputy.

    Well, here is a quote direct from the sickening speech your hero, Tony Abbott gave at the IPA lovefest.

    Rupert Murdoch is a corporate citizen of many countries, but above all else, he’s one of us. Most especially, tonight, he’s a long-serving director of the IPA, as was his distinguished and celebrated father, Sir Keith.

    You may apologise now. Right this minute.

  28. Murdoch is not a director, full stop.

    If you want to cite a supposed speech in full by Tony Abbott as evidence then accuse him of being a liar…well, who is a super hypocrite?

    Abbott, my hero? Only the uninformed chattering classes idolise politicians!

  29. Scaper, here is Tony Abbott’s speech, to the IPA’s fun filled frivolity which you claimed to have attended, direct from his OWN website.


    After you have waded through it in all its turgidness I shall await your apology for calling me a liar & a hypocrite (super one at that) . You’ll find the quote I used in the penultimate paragraph if you want to avoid all the other crap.

  30. PS scaper who did I accuse of being a liar? Tony Abbott???? Tell me where I said THAT!! It is I who was being accused by YOU!!

  31. The bottom line is Murdoch is not a director of the IPA. You are just ill informed and you are a hypocrite to abuse Abbott for lying then citing him as evidence.

    Can’t have it both ways, Joy.

  32. I’ll give you that Scaper….you’re an arrogant son of a ….. . Chattering class my arse. Clearly no class on your side of politics at all. Seriously if that is the best you can contribute to debate, I for one am pleased you are on that side of politics. Oh and for the other fellow who implied we are all on the same side of Politics on this site… I”m further left and proudly Green, I don’t always agree with everything said on this site but the thing I’ve noticed is for the most part the Labor people are respectful… not something I can say for the LNPers

  33. Oh for goodness sake, scaper, are you sober?? Where on earth did I abuse Tony Abbott for lying??

    When you accused me of talking rubbish I provided you with the link to the full speech Abbott’s gave to the crappy IPA dinner (which incidentally you claimed earlier to have attended) from his OWN website & you then tell me I am ill-informed.& a hypocrite. Then say I abused Abbott for lying!!!! Incomprehensible garbage.

    The only thing you have said which makes one iota of sense is this:- So you reckon Abbott tells the gospel truth? You are a fool! That is something I DO agree with.

  34. Well, Joy oh joy…provide me with real evidence that Murdoch is a director of the IPA.

    Not interested with your childish diversions. Concrete proof will suffice.

    You do realise that organisations have to be transparent on the membership of their boards.

    Come on, if you have the proof then the IPA is in deep shit. You could rise from zero to hero.

  35. So, scaper, you did not read the text of Tony Abbott’s speech as provided in the link, I posted, to his official website? In it Tony Abbott categorically states re Rupert Murdoch he’s a long-serving director of the IPA, as was his distinguished and celebrated father, Sir Keith.

    Now I hardly think, even Tony Abbott who has a history of not being very close friends with the truth, would mention this in a SPEECH TO THE IPA if it wasn’t so.

    You would deny your pants were on fire, even as the flames wrapped around you, if it didn’t suit your narrative.

  36. “Can’t have it both ways, Joy.”
    But it seems that Abbott can. He says things which might be true, might not. Very few seem to care either way. But it’s funny to see a supporter of his side of politics implying he’s spoken a falsehood in order to bolster their own argument.

  37. Very true, BSA Bob. 🙂 It does seem to be a trait where they will argue against themselves to appear to prove a point. Think it is indicative of rather warped cognition.

    Still puzzled as to how scaper could extrapolate his arguments from what I said initially & later.

  38. Well if you people want to talk about falsehoods what about this??


    The four years of surpluses I announce tonight are a powerful endorsement of the strength of our economy, resilience of our people, and success of our policies.

    In an uncertain and fast‑changing world, we walk tall — as a nation confidently living within its means.

    This Budget delivers a surplus this coming year, on time, as promised, and surpluses each year after that, strengthening over time.”

  39. ……..Abbott will NEVER promote talent

    Min, you really can’t take the bat on Liealot entirely for not promoting talent. You can’t promote what doesn’t exist. 😯

    scaper, surely even Liealot wouldn’t be dumb enough to tell such a lie in the presence of Murdoch…….oh hang on, he lied about Alcoa’s reasons for reviewing the viability of their Port Henry smelter, attributing it to the carbon price, despite the MD of Alcoa specifically saying that wasn’t the case.

    Then he lied about the reasons for the delays in the $3bn upgrade of the Wagerup smelter, once again attributing it to the carbon price and again being shown up as a liar in the Parliament when the PM read out a letter from Alcoa confirming that the delays were due NOT to the incoming carbon price, but to their inability to obtain a satisfactory supply of natural gas.

    The list goes on and on….., but will you ignore it as it doesn’t jibe with your love affair with the Liars?

    Mind you, you couldn’t have been paying too much attention to Liealot’s speech if, as you say you were present.


  40. “Personal bankruptcies are close to the highest point in two decades, worse now than at the height of the last recession in the early 1990s..”

    Could that high private debt levels be the cause of the problem.

  41. What an absolutely fabulous conversation we’re having here! All in furious agreement that you can’t rely on anything Abbott says! But some feel that this attribute of his makes him a suitable candidate for Prime Minister!

  42. Could that high private debt levels be the cause of the problem.

    That was in August 2007 under Howard Fu 😉

    The situation now, as Cuppa pointed out is:

    11 April 2013:

    Bankruptcies are at their lowest level since the March quarter of 1996, according to a report released yesterday by the Insolvency and Trustee Service Australia.

  43. Had a look at some of the comments below one of the videos. All these wingnuts going on about “socialists”. You’d have to assume there’s a current of fascism alive and well in this unfortunate country.

  44. I pointed out the record number of bankruptcies under Howard in Dunlop’s old blog, all the more telling because it was a period of the longest sustained economic growth period ever, Howard said we never had it so good and he also stated he was the friend of business.

    OK he was the friend of his brother’s bankrupt business, which he bailed out with tax payers money, but I’m sure Howard at the time put a plural in there somewhere, or was it another of his usual tricky with words moments.

  45. Nos troll ‘n Dirk troll keep’n on prove’n how not to be I see….. keep up the good work troll(s), ‘youse’ are wonderful adverts for why not to vote MSMLNP….. and I do love how ya get p*wned all the time…… and laugh at how ya continually ‘refuse’ to get that ya have been p*wned……. such ad hominem-wits are ‘youse’….. anyhoo, can’t wait for your next ‘installment’ of your projection and your lessons on why to vote left.

  46. It appears that Abbott was once again wrong, or just loose with the truth. Suspect he did not take time to read information given to him. We know he likes to write his own speeches. Maybe it is time, he lets those who we pay for to do it/ Might make less mistakes that way.

    John Roskam
    Executive Director

    Rod Kemp

    Janet Barlow

    Harold Clough

    Tim Duncan

    Michael Folie

    Bill Hetherington

    Michael Hickinbotham

    Geoff Hone

    Michael Kroger

    William Morgan

    Maurice O’Shannassy

    Allan Pidgeon

    Tom Quirk


  47. ““The four years of surpluses I announce… ”

    If the economy was so good, why did we have, was it 10 or more interest rate rises in a row.

    Why have we under Labor, seen the same interest rates go only one way, that is down. I am sure those with mortgages, paying up to five thousand a year less in interest are happy.

    Though I must admit, do not seem to be.

  48. What’s in the news but buried and being kept in the background is yet another State Liberal government in turmoil with infighting and internal divisions.

    Barnett is having a hard time of it at the moment and many of his members aren’t happy chappies.

    Then there is his massive failure on Woodside, which the Federal opposition is attempting to partly blame on the Federal government when it’s been shown that it can in large part be sheeted home to Barnett’s bad handling of the entire deal, including insisting on a less than viable location and his shoddy overriding of the local Aboriginals.

    So you can rack up another big failure to a State Liberal government that are so common place now nobody bats and eyelid in surprise, yet is only a minutia of the failures that will occur under Abbott, starting with his fraudband that is being panned across the board, even from staunch Liberal supporting businesses and industry groups.

    Shit if Abbott is this much of a failure as an opposition leader it doesn’t take much to imagine what a disastrous PM he will be.

  49. Min, maybe Abbott will win the next election. What I do not agree with, is that it will take many terms for Labor to get back.

    I say this, as you say, there is a depth of talent in the Labor team.

    If Abbott wins, it will not be because anyone likes him or his policies. All polls have shown that to be a fact.

    If Labor loses, it will not be because of their failure as a government. It will be because of the personal hatred of this PM. Their own prejudices that seem to rule their judgement. It will be because they do not like the lady.

    In my lifetime, not since the days of McMahon, has a personal dislike of a person being so noticeable. With McMahon, some of the dislike was warranted. He was just incompetent.

    It appears that the voter will vote for Abbott because of their perceived dislike of the PM.

    I believe there will be one of the shortest honeymoons on record, and Labor will be quickly back in favour.

    I could be wrong, but I have never seen politics played the way it is today.

  50. Bankruptcies are at their lowest level since the March quarter of 1996,

    Perhaps this is because all the companies that can go bust have already gone bust. You know the saying, there are lies, damn lies and statistics.

    Another possibility is that people are much more timid under Labor and are not willing to give business a go. Safer to keep your money in the bank rather than risk losing your money under Labor. People were much more willing to have a go under Costello because business trusted him.

    If the economy was so good, why did we have, was it 10 or more interest rate rises in a row.”

    In general the Reserve Bank uses interest rates as a blunt instrument. It generally raises interest rates if the economy is growing too fast and it lowers interest rates if the economy is stuffed and needs help.

  51. One thing that’s not in the news is any “politics” style comment about the Fraudband plan, interesting because that’s about all you get with an ALP initiative. As I understand it large sections of the ALP plan for the bush have been simply pinched by Abbott’s crew, & what about the immense scale of what would normally be called a “backflip”? Loud was the ridicule & rejoicing when as part of the Houston review Labor was advised to reinstate some coalition policy,(right up until it was shown not to work when it of course became Labor policy). It’s OK to change & alter policy but to go from a vow to “destroy” the NBN to standing in the Faux News set pretending to understand & like Turnbull as he trotted out this garbage (“wow, a hologram of a football player, now I see the sense in this!”) can only be gotten away with by the media’s trying really, really hard not to notice.

  52. Fed up – surely you mean that News Ltd and the Opposition have done a very clever job of denigrating Julia Gillard, not hard to do with almost complete control of mainstream media

    You say that people do not like the lady and you suggest this election will be lost because of personal hatred of this PM. All I can say is that everywhere I go I find almost universal admiration for her strength of character and a great deal of affection, even love, for her amongst those who know her personally or who work with her. Here’s my opinion of her, anyway!


    The Prime Minister

    Is this a harsh old dowager queen?
    The Oz says that is how she’s seen,
    Describing her as tough as teak,
    Inflexible, hard, in Newspeak.
    I’d say she has a heart of oak,
    Warm, likeable as any bloke.
    Often described as a hard head
    Our PM is far from heart dead.

    She is strong, forthright, no fibber;
    Role model for any Libber.
    Though no militant feminist,
    Or an environmentalist,
    She’s progressive and does care.
    Attempting always to be fair,
    Embracing those who need a hand,
    Never afraid to take a stand.

    Questions on why she’s not married
    She has very lightly parried,
    Echoing another Welsh red head,
    A dowager queen who stayed unwed.
    PM Gillard’s no Tudor, born to rule,
    But she sure comes from that gene pool.
    Hang on to her Australia,
    Her big heart of oak won’t fail yer.


  53. But Fu what does that say of the even greater dislike of Abbott, who rarely polls better than Gillard as preferred PM or on measures of personality.

    Even my staunch all his life conservative voter and Labor hater boss openly espouses his dislike and at times hate for Abbott.

  54. Oh when is The Guardian starting the Australian operation. Some of the news above may actually get published (with a bit of luck).

  55. Govt spending is undershooting estimates – 2012-13 was a year of biggest spending cuts ever recorded. That looks to be on track”

    Looks to be on track?? Is it on track or not?? It would want to be.

    This is what Turnbull says about govt spending

    There we can seen that annual spending has risen by $90 billion since the last year of the Howard government. That is a rise of 33 per cent in nominal terms and more than 20 per cent after adjusting for price changes. That is the equivalent of adding the annual expense of four additional Defence forces, three extra education and training systems or two new national health and hospital services to the existing expenses in the last Costello budget—in just four years. No wonder we are in deep deficit despite full employment, an unemployment rate starting with a four and the strongest terms of trade in our history.”

    We had an enormous increase in spending under Labor. Some people would argue that this stimulus spending was need to save the economy. That is a valid argument. I don’t agree with it but it is a valid argument.

    So Labor is cutting back on its enormous spending increases and Koukamaniac says this great. Labor is only getting trying to get spending back to more normal levels and Koukastupid says this is wonderful.

    Koukaoulas is a liar and a fraud.

  56. Mobius, that is what I do not understand. Remember, in all those polls, there is still up to 30% undecided votes. That, I believe is not the norm. Maybe when push comes to shove, those undecided might find they are unable to put 1 beside Abbott’s name. Note, we did not hear much about the last poll. Wonder why?

    Patricia, I believe we have an exceptional PM. She has already earned her place in history. That is why I say, If Abbott did win, I do not see him being around for long. I cannot see the business world allowing him to wield that wrecking ball, or allowing him to create political instability with the threats of the ongoing elections.

    There is not much that they do not like about what this government has done.

    What scares the daylights out of me, who will follow Abbott.

    Patricia, once again. Love your pome.

    We are lucky to have you, John and TS. Wonder if there are some out in the cyber world that can give us few cartoons and even short videos.

    It would be good to see some of the poems put to music. Any takers.

  57. cuppa, the biggest fiscal consolidation in the history of the Federal government has been occurring for years under this government.

    I am sure there is no low hanging fruit left for Abbott to pick. I believe he will find that waste, he alleges this government has made, very hard to find.

    His whole election campaign is based on lies.

  58. Neil, will you believe the budget figures when they came out. Do you believe last year’s figures, which showed the fiscal consolidation in progress.

    Sorry, another inconvenient fact that interferes with your beliefs.

    By the way Neil, I do believe you are genuine in your beliefs, just misguided.

  59. Sadly, Turnbull has joined Abbott in his lies. One saving grace for Turnbull, is that his body language gives one the impression, he is not good at lying.

  60. Watched Turnbull and Conroy on seven this morning.

    What was surprising, was Turnbull talking over the top of Conroy.

    Suggested to me, that Turnbull for once, just did not have any answers.

    Have not noticed Turnbull behave like that in the past.

  61. Perhaps this is because all the companies that can go bust have already gone bust.

    Yes they did, Neil. When the Rodent was in power. Suck it up princess.

    Sadly for you, Koukoulas actually does the research. You and the Liars should take it up.

    And let’s face it Turnbull is not a very reliable source.

    This is the bloke who swallowed “that” email whole without doing any research or bothering to check its veracity.

  62. Thanks for responding re pome, Fed up!

    I think Turnbull comes across as less and less substantial by the day. I guess he knows what a tough job he has convincing so many of the Libs they need to change tack. Or is it that he’s accepted that they never will and that he is the one who has to change if he is ever going to lead them.

  63. Jane

    Have you ever thought of becoming a comedian?? I think you could make some money telling your jokes in pubs and clubs.

  64. Apart from the occasional outburst of frankness regards Liberal economic (mis)management, Turnbull has little credibility. The Grech Affair, where he accused the Prime Minister and Treasurer of corruption on the basis of documents forged by a fellow Liberal conspirator. His selling of #fraudband, described as “the biggest lemon in the history of Australia”.

  65. Well there would be a great deal of hilarity if I tried to convince people that Liealot was anything other than the mendacious corrupt toerag that he is.

    He’s got form, Neil. The Get Hanson slush fund accompanied by lying to the AEC and more importantly the Parliament. His involvement in Ashbygate. Lies about Alcoa, lies about the carbon price, lies about the NBN, lies about the state of the economy.

    Is there ANYONE who can give us an example of Lielaot telling the truth?

  66. Neil of Sydney said:
    “Bankruptcies are at their lowest level since the March quarter of 1996,”

    Perhaps this is because all the companies that can go bust have already gone bust. You know the saying, there are lies, damn lies and statistics.

    Another possibility is that people are much more timid under Labor and are not willing to give business a go. Safer to keep your money in the bank rather than risk losing your money under Labor. People were much more willing to have a go under Costello because business trusted him.
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Nope, can’t be that.
    According to the ASIC website (http://www.asic.gov.au/asic/asic.nsf/byheadline/2013-company-registration-statistics?openDocument), there’s a total of 1,977,305 businesses registered in Australia as at the end of March – a record high number.
    44514 were registered in just the first 3 months of this year (an average of 14838 new business registrations per month).
    But maybe that’s a statistical blip, so how about we take an average over a full year:
    The monthly average of new business registrations in 2012 was 15407.
    In 2006 (the last full year under Costello as treasurer), the average was 11190.
    If anything, the data shows that people are far LESS ‘timid’ under Labor, and more willing to give new businesses a go.

  67. If anything, the data shows that people are far LESS ‘timid’ under Labor, and more willing to give new businesses a go.”

    Really?? Unemployment was at 4.3% when Howard lost office. It is now at 5.6%. Looks like all these news businesses are not employing people.

  68. Neil, said “Perhaps this is because all the companies that can go bust have already gone bust. You know the saying, there are lies, damn lies and statistics.” ….thanks Neil for your MSMLNP point f view…. Then Jane said, “.Yes they did, Neil. When the Rodent was in power. Suck it up princess……so p*wned

    “Sadly for you, Koukoulas actually does the research. You and the Liars should take it up.” …………. and.p*wned twice…… ummmmm, Neil, 😉 …… Neil, if you had a choice between “Have you ever thought of becoming a comedian?? I think you could make some money telling your jokes in pubs and clubs” and ” your funny, no you are….. you should have your own show…..still 😆 ……. please Menzies Hovel, will ya learn 🙄 …..We are so over/all over Neil….. next!!!!!!!
    ………….. sorry NoS, but as you would be aware, you “aspirationals’ have a use by date…….. just ask Peter Slipper.

  69. Rupert is certainly pulling out all stops.
    On the Drum we have had Kevin Morgan and Joshua Gans high fiveing the LNP Fraudband. Joshua Gans talks about our copper network is in pristine condition.

    Kevin Morgan should remember that liars should have good memories. In todays Drum article Fraudband get tick of approval .

    In 2009 he wrote an article in the Age taking a complete opposite view and here is what he said in his last sentence in the Age article.

    “Welcome to 21st century broadband Australian-style, delivered over rotting copper wires.”


    Ruperts boys are sure working hard but both articles in the Drum were panned but you got the dill LNP trolls liking Fraudband after spending the last 3 years panning NBN of any type.

  70. Hey Adrian, remember some time back we had a back and forth on “asylum seekers” and I outlined the similarities in language used by “bleeding hearts” here vs. Australia (aka you). Pull vs. Push factors etc…Anyhow, I mentioned how the illegal immigrant issue here also paralleled your “boat people/asylum seeker” issue in Pull factors aka remittances and of which you lambasted me as “radical” or something along those lines? At least some people “get it”; I am sure this article is very enlightening for you…Welcome to reality dude…


  71. Sparta’s here doing the ‘look away’ too….as well as 🙄 such marvelous confirmation of how Mal has p*wned Tony, oops 😳 …. I mean how the MSMLNP have delivered another policy dud with their NBN nonsense…… look over there….. Kevin Rudd…. dang 😳 … I mean boat people….. look over there, don’t look at Abbotts oops….. or his main man mal that brought the internet to Australia…. oops… look over there….. its Kev the boat people….. or just look over there….please don’t look at the MSMLNP coming up wanting…… again/still … look at thems evil boat peoples …… and not our latest oops. 😆

  72. That is not my “falsity” scaper & you well know it.

    At the risk of boring everyone, including myself, I shall repeat that what I quoted was what Tony Abbott stood up in front of a room full of IPA luvvies & said, stating that Rupert Murdoch WAS a longstanding director of the IPA just like his father. You would have heard him saying this as you claim to have been in attendance at this glittering soiree. Why did you not stand up & correct him??

    What I want is for you to apologise for calling me a hypocrite, ill-informed & inferring I am a liar. You still haven’t read THE SPEECH have you. Stop playing your silly games. .

  73. Joy, I agree with you. When one listens to Murdoch himself, one gets the same impression.

    Whether director or not. Murdoch claims special connection to the IPA, and was clear in saying his father was a foundation member, and he carries on the proud tradition.

    Yes, another example of Abbott either lying, or too lazy to get his facts right.

    Why did scaper not provide the evidence himself, instead of playing games, with the intent of undermining you.

  74. Sparta fail to see the point of your comment. Most of the Sri Lankans now arriving, find themselves on a plane back to their countries in days. They are not being accepted as genuine refugees.

  75. Fed up, scaper gets his jollies by playing, what he thinks, are clever games but in truth are just mindless, pathetic inanities. Yes, he could have had his own *AHA!!* moment by producing “the evidence” himself but he didn’t nor did he read Abbott’s speech. He just got his miserable kicks from hectoring & impugning me. Typical.

    He still hasn’t said why he did not stand up at the IPA dinner & correct Abbott. 😉

  76. scaper, I printed a list of directors.

    I agree with Joy, who got the impression from Abbott’s speech, that Murdoch was a director. Yes, I agree that is what Abbott said.

    Joy cannot be blamed for believing what Abbott said. I would agree, knowing the history of Abbott, taking his word as fact, is a dangerous practice.

    Read what is written scaper.

    Yes, according to the site, Murdoch is not a director. What is clear, he certainly carries great influence in the organization. He is not a ordinary member. A director, it appears not.

    Take the matter up with Abbott, if you do not like our answers. Joy was misled by what Abbott said.

    Then Abbott is the master of giving out misleading imformation.

    In this case, he was too interested in licking the arse of Murdoch. Then Abbott is the master of giving every audience what he believes they want to here. Does walk both sides of the fence on all issues.

    scaper, you cannot accuse Joy of being wrong or lying. That honour belongsd to Abbott.

  77. Thank you, Fed up,for your clearly stated & well thought comment. Scaper will still distort things to suit his narrative.

    Re Murdoch, if the truth be known, probably owns the IPA. If not he would be a \major backer.

  78. I quite enjoyed watching Joy make a fool of herself on this thread.

    Wow, now she claims that the truth being Murdoch probably owns the IPA! Got a link to back you up, Joy?

  79. Scaper you are really tiresome & boring. Where is my flyswatter?

    Now again, why did you not stand up & correct Abbott when HE said Murdoch was a director of the sneaky shadowy IPA????

  80. Yes, Joy did indeed make a fool of herself. She relied on what Abbott said.

    Did you bother to listen to the Abbott’s speech. You are making a fool of yourself by continuimg to harrass Joy.

    Yes, Joy, I believe that Murdoch, closely followed by Rinehart are major financiers of IPA. This is why they were seated next to one another, in a position of honor, at the main table.

    That photo of Abbott on his knees, between the pair is so telling. Neither turned their head to look him in the face,

  81. scaper, if any enjoyment was found in what Joy had repeated, it is the fact that one, once again, cannot rely on the word of Abbott.

  82. Fed up, while I thank you for your support I do not think it was me who made a fool of myself. It was Abbott who made a fool of himself & scaper for carrying on like a prat. He was the one who claimed he had attended that IPA dinner when, if the truth be known, he would not have been let in the door.

  83. Waiting for that link to Murdoch owning the IPA. IN fact I challenge you to provide evidence to back that up otherwise you are lying.

    Getting yourself in deeper by the comment, you fool!

  84. scaper. it is widely known that Murdoch contributes greatly to the IPA. Just Google, I am sure you will come up with a link.

    Listen to Murdoch’s speech as well. I think you might learn something. God, scaper, his father was a foundation member. A fact that he said in his speech, he is proud of. Does that sound like a man that does not contribute to the organization.

    Joy, I love scaper continuing wiith the stupid campaign of his. Gives one the chance to emphasise Abbott’s misleading information.

    Why are you not concerned about Abbott giving out misinformation.

    I love the way, you and your cohorts, when given information that proves you are incorrect, always comes back with the insinuations, that we are lying, or the sources we give are.

    Never fails.

    I am starting to believe, that you people believe there is a great conspiracy, in the wide world, out to get Abbott. That if one does not agree with you or him, we therefore must be liars.

  85. “Is there any point in public debate in a society where hardly anyone has been taught how to think, while millions have been taught what to think?” –
    Peter Hitchens

  86. scaper, you could not be as dense as you are trying to convince us, you are.

    When does one need to provide proof for throw away lines, which are clearly meant as a joke.

    scaper, we were sending you up. Maybe that was not nice, but you do drive us to sometimes.

  87. Joy, he is surely capable of taking many twists and turns. Does not worry him, that many make no sense. One does not take him any way seriously. Well at least I do not.

    I do believe he is serious in his beliefs, not like some that come here only to make trouble and divert any thread.

  88. Fed up your quote from Peter Hitchens is so very pertinent &, sadly, so,true. We have the evidence for this here, in Australia, with its concentration of media ownership in the hands of those who wish for a conservative right wing government. In the process various societal groups are maligned ferociously to the detriment of our society’s decency. There is no balance in the MSM any more & it is sorely needed.

  89. Sounds like you two were only taught what to think as your opinions are of the herd.

    The classic there is no balance in the MSM confirms it.

  90. scaper, if the polls are correct, the herd is not here, but out in the wider public arena.

    Most here, if the polls are right, are going against the stream of perceived public opinion.

    We are not following the herd, as you say.

  91. Neil of Sydney said:
    “If anything, the data shows that people are far LESS ‘timid’ under Labor, and more willing to give new businesses a go.”

    Really?? Unemployment was at 4.3% when Howard lost office. It is now at 5.6%. Looks like all these news businesses are not employing people.
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Oh look, the goalposts have moved. Unable to come back with any actual data on business creations, I suppose.

    Ok, on to unemployment data then.

    In November 2007 (when Howard lost office), the seasonally adjusted Australian unemployment rate was 4.5% (http://www.abs.gov.au/AUSSTATS/abs@.nsf/allprimarymainfeatures/433430E411DE5F4CCA2573D20018EF67?opendocument), and as at the end of March 2013, it is 5.6%. So yes it’s increased.
    However, the economy of any country does not exist in isolation. You may have noticed a little thing called the Global Economic Crisis ?
    Let’s examine the unemployment rate in Australia compared to that in other advanced economies at the same point in time (www.tradingeconomics.com):
    Australia – Nov’07 4.4%; Mar’13 5.6% (1.2% increase)
    USA – Nov’07 4.7%; Mar’13 7.6% (2.9% increase)
    UK – Nov’07 5.3%; Mar’13 7.8% (2.5% increase)
    NZ – Nov’07 3.7%; Mar’13 6.9% (3.2% increase)
    So, while the unemployment rate has increased since November 2007, it’s increased by significantly less than in other countries over the same period.

    And in response to your assertion that new business startups are not employing people, the total number employed increased from 10,530,600 in November 2007 to 11,592,700 in March 2013.
    That’s 1,062,100 additional jobs created since Howard lost office.
    Looks like those new businesses must be employing people.

  92. scaper, Joy didn’t make a fool of herself. She used a direct quote from Liealot’s speech to the IPA coven. Lieloat was not corrected by Murdoch, leaving one to believe that Liealot was, unusually, telling the truth.

    Joy made the mistake of assuming that either Liealot or Murdoch is <strong.ever capable of telling the truth.

    Trusting of her, but as she is an honest, truthful person, she thought that even creatures like Liealot and the wizened foreigner would be honest about whether they hold positions in the IPA.

    Interestingly, for someone who claims to have been an enthralled spectator at the gathering, you’re remarkably uninformed as to the content of Lieaot’s speech.

    It’s also remarkable that you have cynically chastised Joy for believing anything issuing from Liealot’s gob, when it’s obvious that as a barracker, you know he is not to be trusted under any circumstances.

    I suppose it is a small sop that you acknowledge Liealot’s mendacity.

    Unlike poor old Neil who swallows everything he and the rest of the Liars spew forth, even when presented with proof of their lies, it appears that you don’t care.

  93. SocksFullOfSand, Neil thinks the GFC was confined to Europe, the UK & the US. He appears not to understand that we trade with these countries and that economies are linked globally.

    It’s all a bit too much for him to comprehend, I’m afraid and no amount of facts or truth will persuade him to take the blinkers off.

  94. Just listening to a rerun of the NPC episode on super. Worth a catch up, it one is interested in the topic.

  95. Labor is out, telling us where the cuts will be.

    What do we get from Abbott, more slogans that he will create a stronger economy.

    He has criticise every cut that Labor has made.

    Time to demand from Abbott, not what he thinks of Labor’s cuts, but what he intends to cut.

    Bet it does not happen.

  96. Jane, thanks for your response above.
    The GFC certainly had a major impact in the USA and Europe, however there were effects across the economies of rest of the world. Nobody who has even a marginal interest in the news during the past 6years could be unaware of that – surely not even Neil of Sydney.

    I could perhaps have compared Australias’s unemployment rate to the average across OECD countries rather than picking just USA, UK and NZ. The OECD has 34 member countries including non-Anglo/non-European ones such as Chile, Israel, Japan, Mexico and South Korea.
    Average unemployment across the OECD rose from 5.7% in November 2007 to the most recent data point of 8% in February 2013, an increase of 2.3%, compared to Australia’s increase of 1.2%.

    Which ties in rather neatly to the topic on hand as Thursday’s media release from the Minister of Employment Participation, Kate Ellis MP (http://www.ministers.deewr.gov.au/ellis/australias-unemployment-rate-remains-among-lowest-industrialised-world) doesn’t seem to have made it to the MSM. It starts with:
    “Labour force figures released today by the ABS confirm that Australia’s unemployment rate remains one of the lowest seen in the industrialised world….”

  97. SFOS, acknowledging that the GFC was a GLOBAL financial crisis doesn’t dovetail with Neil’s Liars indoctrination, so he just keeps repeating his mantra impervious to the truth or facts.

    No matter how much evidence you produce, Neil, and most of the other barrackers who troll here, keep repeating the mantra they’ve received from Menzies House, where they have to check in every year for indoctrination.

  98. There must be limited quality of cardinals in the Catholic church if the new pope picks Pell to help clean up the Vatican. Maybe the pope should tell Pell to clean up his own backyard first.

  99. Cliff, I do not know if it is a master stroke on the part of the new pope, or his first misstep. The cardinal did behave much criticism of the last pope when last in Rome.

    Either way, I believe that our eminent cardinal will find his time consumed by dealing with the enquiries into a sexual abuse that are now underway.

  100. Either way, I believe that our eminent cardinal will find his time consumed by dealing with the enquiries into a sexual abuse that are now underway.

    Which should keep his nose out of politics to a large extent as he fends off the msm and possibly angry crowds with torches and pitchforks.

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