From Tony Abbott’s address at the Institute of Public Affairs 70th Anniversary Dinner on April 4 we read:

. . . I want to assure you that the Coalition will indeed repeal the carbon tax, abolish the Department of Climate Change, abolish the Clean Energy Fund.

Perhaps he missed Minister Combet’s media release on March 25. Combet, the Minister for Climate Change, Industry and innovation announced that:

The Gillard Government is merging the majority of functions of the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency (DCCEE) with the Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education (DIISRTE).

The detailed policy design work and legislation for the carbon price has now been completed and the carbon price is being implemented successfully.

He might have also missed the Channel 9 news that night where it was reported that:

The federal government has announced that with the carbon tax up and running, there is no longer a need for a dedicated Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency.

Well, he really is on top of things, isn’t he? The department was abolished within 24 hours of Combet’s announcement.

And of course, we had the Opposition condemning it:

Opposition climate action spokesman Greg Hunt said the decision to merge the department was “more climate chaos”.

“We’ve had pink batts, green loans, cash for clunkers and the citizen’s assembly all announced and abolished. Now we have an entire department announced and abolished,” he said.

Yes, the same department that Tony Abbott wants to abolish . . . no longer exists. Meanwhile, Hunt condemns the fact that it’s been abolished before Tony could do it.

The fact is, everybody knew it was abolished but Tony Abbott himself. A search of the internet reveals that the story of the department being abolished appeared in just about every newspaper in the country, including those media giants in Maribyrnong, Port Stephens, Parkes, Katherine and Mudgee.

Tony Abbott is, in a nutshell, clueless. Does he have any idea what going on in this country? He certainly is blind to what the Government has been doing.

English: Opposition Leader Tony Abbott address...

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott addresses a forum to discuss the Government’s recently-proposed carbon tax at Customs House, Brisbane, Australia on July 14 2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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  1. Well, there is one thing he is definitely clueless about, That is that state of the National economy.

    He seem to believe that it is in a disastrous state, with high debt and no growth.

    Mr. Abbott , like the climate deniers, is able to ignore the facts that are revealed each day, showing us how well the economy is travelling well.

    All new figures are much better than expected.

    Yes, clueless is all one can say of the man.

    How does one fix something that is not broken.

  2. He truly is clueless and a self centered piece of work. Surely the Libs will replace him soon. He can’t go on making huge blunders and not be noticed.

  3. I love this. Can one imagine Tony Abbott meeting with the Heads of Government from around the World when he can’t even get it right as to what is happening in his own Country. I have said it before and I will say it again THE MAN IS POLITICALLY ILITERATE and now he is CLUELESS.

  4. There is nothing more clueless than Wayne Swan.

    The four years of surpluses I announce tonight are a powerful endorsement of the strength of our economy, resilience of our people, and success of our policies.

    In an uncertain and fast‑changing world, we walk tall — as a nation confidently living within its means.

    This Budget delivers a surplus this coming year, on time, as promised, and surpluses each year after that, strengthening over time.”

    Swan should be told to not tell LIES to the Australian public. Talk about telling falsehoods.

  5. He’s not one for details… or the truth… or for table tennis. Hahaha, I made that last one up. He’s all for lies… let’s call him Toliar. That’s suits him right? Opposition Leader Fail…

  6. Migs, I think that you are absolutely right on that one..the thing which irritated Hunt is that the department was abolished before the opposition could grandstand about abolishing it…damn, there goes one of their major proposals for the forthcoming bleakness called “cutting the waste”.

  7. I’m afraid Julia’s not doing herself any favors with a speech yesterday once again telling everyone they’ve never had it so good! I know she’s trying to correct the misconceptions about the state of the economy but that’s not the way to do it.
    In my opinion the line should always be….. “The coalition would have you believe that Australia is performing poorly in every respect, they are lying!
    Last year more new cars were sold in Australia than ever before, we have the third lowest debt levels in the western world, our unemployment is lower than the long term average, and less than half the world average. Tony Abbott would have you believe that Australia is a basket case! NOTHING could be further from the truth. The opposition are playing very dangerous games with our national confidence, and I would like the media to report the facts, and call on the opposition to put up or shut up. They are talking the economy down and they are damaging market confidence with their lies!

  8. And as it appears they are not going to scrap the RRT, just rebadge it, then all poor negabore Tony is left with is the carbon price, and even scrapping that is no certainty.

    Abbott, which will be of now surprise to anyone here including the right wingers, will turn out to the greatest liar and failure this country has seen. He’s already the worst LOTO in our history and can only go downhill if he gains PM.

  9. That’s a good point recalcitrantrick.

    A recent study by a major finance institution and talked about on ABC Radio the other day demonstrated exactly that.

    Just about all of Australia’s perceptions of the economy being in bad shape and their struggling has been because of the opposition talking down the economy and telling them they are struggling.

    Whenever the hard cold facts are done Australians are better off now than they were over a decade ago when Howard lied about them never having it so good.

    Every fact and figure on our economy and how Australians are faring is much better than people believe. The study found that Australians thought they were worse off than three other major economies including the UK, when in fact they were far better off than all of them on every measure and Australia is second in the world on most cost of living and well being measures.

    Of course the right wingers can’t stand that and would rather see Australia go down the gurgler under a Liberal government than ever admit Labor are better economic managers. And just like it’s happening in the Liberal states the blame for the failures of a Liberal government are sheeted to everything and everyone but themselves, and especially to Labor.

  10. Could he be clueless and seen as being without an leg to stand on . Just heard Combet pull him to pieces about his lack of knowledge about how super works.

    Combet voiced that Abbott much have been caught up in the media hysteria and has not caught up with the facts of what Labor is really doing..

    Problem as I see it, he believes his own hype. Never takes time to see how it is going down.

  11. Poor Neil, his world exists around surpluses. Nothing else exists for him.

    Neil, I ask once again, if Costello’s surpluses were so great, why did we have so many interest rates rates in a row.

    Also how do you explain the highest personal debt figures, this country has ever seen.

    Neil, that deficit figure is still trending downwards. Much less than last year. Not bad in a still shaky global economy.

  12. Further more, Abbotts speech to the IPA is gift to Labor if they can wake up to themselves (you can tell I’m getting frustrated with them!) All they have to do is link Abbott firmly with the IPA and then start talking about what Abbotts plans really are! Here are just five things (from 75!) that the IPA suggest Abbott does in his first 3 years:
    (1) #18 Eliminate Family Tax benefits!
    (2) #28 Abolish the foriegn investment review board.
    (3) #27 Eliminate media ownership restictions.
    (4) #23 End mandatory disclosures on political donations.
    (5) #9 Abolish the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission!

    If that doesn’t scare shitless enough swinging voters to get Labor over the line, Labor will have done a lousy sales job!!!

  13. Australia’s most needlessly wasteful spending took place under the John Howard-led Coalition government rather than under the Whitlam, Rudd or Gillard Labor governments, an international study has found.

    The International Monetary Fund examined 200 years of government financial records across 55 leading economies.

    It identifies only two periods of Australian “fiscal profligacy” in recent years, both during John Howard’s term in office – in 2003 at the start of the mining boom and during his final years in office between 2005 and 2007. 😆 😆 😆

  14. Poor Neil, his world exists around surpluses. Nothing else exists for him.”

    That was not my point. You people are always blabbing on about truthful reporting. How about Swan and the ALP set the example.

    It was a promise by Swan. No “ifs or buts.”

    I can imagine the outrage from you lot if Costello said something similar. But no abuse for the deceitful Wayne Swan.

    This Budget delivers a surplus this coming year, on time, as promised, and surpluses each year after that, strengthening over time.”

  15. Totally agree recalcitrantrick. I’ve read the full 75 of the IPA wish list and it’s truly frightening. Labor needs to do a much better sales job but it’s hard with most of the media against you !
    That’s where sites like these come in to play – we need to use facebook, twitter, blogs and anything else we can come up with with to defeat this idiot (Abbott) and his dangerous neocons
    It won’t be easy but it can be done!

  16. defeat this idiot”

    You must be talking about Wayne Swan. The man who cannot tell the truth but then wants the media to be more truthful.

    What Swan really means is he wants the media to tell lies about the ALP. Like it is a good govt or something like that.

  17. Swan came out and was truthful when he told us it wasn’t going to be attainable and guess what, virtually all economists agreed that it was the right thing to do. income was reducing so the forecasts needed changing. Doesn’t any business, indeed household, adjust if required. It wasn’t a lie, at the stage the forecast was made, it then needed adjusting as ANY prudent person would do.

    Wake up and stop listening to MSM BS spurred on by the LNP. Surpluses would be fantastic but not a necessity IMO. The country is living well within our needs paying it off at what 10% GDP. Have a look at your own income to outgoings. I bet your mortgage/rent alone is much more than 10% of your household income. I know ours is.

  18. I worry that you guys concentrate on TONY too much. It doesn’t matter who the LOTO is – the LNP coalition will follow the same kinds of policies that John Howard followed or worse. While they may give minor crumbs of middle-class welfare to the gullible “swinging voters” to buy them off, they always benefit the top end of town. That is the basic approach. Sale of public assets to their cronies to “pay down the debt”, gutting all public infrastructure from education to health, to transport etc. etc.
    It’s the neocon agenda. I think there needs to be a bigger focus on that, and contrasted with what labor is doing.

  19. Swan came out and was truthful when he told us it wasn’t going to be attainable and guess what

    That is not what Swan said on budget night. It was a “no ifs or buts” ironclad promise.

    I have read enough posts by Labor supporters to know what would be said if Peter Costello made a similar promise and it did not happen.

    Truth should start with Wayne Swan not telling lies.

    The country is living well within our needs paying it off at what 10% GDP.

    It has gone from nothing in 2007 to 10% in just 5 years. And like all things Labor says that 10% is a lie. Labor deceitfully leaves out State govt debt which ballooned under ALP govts like Beattie/Bligh. Federal/Sate/Local debt is about 30% of GDP and will quadruple every 5 years Labor is in power.

  20. I think that Abbott and his pack are so focussed on spin and keeping up the dissemination of lies that they really do not know or care what the government is doing. Neither would they care about such a slip up. What does it matter when no one will challenge you, report on it or criticise? He knows the majority of Oz cit’s won’t hear about this or any of his guff.
    He no doubt feels so supremely confident of his position that he can say whatever he jolly well likes. Anything the government might try to do will be handled by Rupe and the right wing plants all over the place anyway.
    With every MSM news outlet backing him to the hilt and glossing over his glaring, gaping flaws, why would he give a hoot?

  21. Andyrob and,

    ..virtually all economists agreed that it was the right thing to do

    And in fact had been pushing Swan in that same direction. I would rather someone who puts the welfare of the country first and cops the political flack rather than someone who keeps their word against all common sense. However, with Abbott we won’t have to worry about that one because he has admitted himself that nothing he says can be believed.

  22. Totaram, not necessarily so. I believe that if either Nelson or Turnbull were still LOTO, that we would be seeing a far different set of policies coming from the LNP…perhaps a conscience vote on gay marriage would have been allowed, perhaps a Republic would be back on the agenda. With Abbott in charge, policies direction from the LNP has been akin to ploughing one’s way through the Paris sewers…very heavy going and the smell makes your head spin.

  23. Andyrob, I’m not sure if you know Neil that well. It is pointless to argue with him, or debate him, no matter how much evidence you can produce to support your claim. He’ll have you pulling your hair out.

  24. I would rather someone who puts the welfare of the country first and cops the political flack

    Well he should have come out and said I am going to run whopping greats deficits to save the country. But he did not say that, instead he lied. He said on budget night

    This Budget delivers a surplus this coming year, on time, as promised, and surpluses each year after that, strengthening over time.”

    And then Swan and you lot demand the media be honest. The Treasurer is not honest. My point is that you want everybody to lie. That is you want the media to praise Labor all day long while the ALP leaders tell falsehoods.

    Get your own house in order first.

  25. Neil, have to agree.

    I do like the economy this treasurer has delivered. Triple three and world leading.

    Gee, we are lucky indeed.

  26. @sulphurcrested – well said !

    @neil – you know very well who I was referring to but maybe you need new glasses
    @ totaram – your’e totally right regarding the focus on Abbott. He is just a useful idiot for the neocon far right agenda. He will be disposed of as soon as he has served his useful purpose. We need to counter the whole neocon agenda of the IPA.
    @andyrob65 – very good observations that need to be spread through the 5th Estate.

    That is what we are – the 5th estate taking over from what the 4th estate was supposed to do in our democracy- holding the powers that be to account !

    We are the new media, able to check facts and counteract shite coming from the old media and they REALLY HATE that !


  27. I believe with the figures available at the time, the surplus was in reach. Mr. Swan also gave an indication that they would make adjustments to ensure that surplus.

    What was not foreseen was the fall in ore prices, and the big falls in revenue.

    Even so, before Christmas, Mr. Swan did make more fiscal consolidation, to reach the surplus.

    After Christmas, it came clear, that further fiscal consolidation was not possible , without sending the economy into downfall, leading to bigger deficit and unemployment.

    In other words, no matter what Mr. Swan wanted, that surplus was not achievable this financial year.

    That does not amount to a broken promise. It is a desire that became unachievable.

    Mr. Swan kept up his desire to achieve a surplus, when all the experts were saying it could not be achieved and was unachievable.

  28. “What was not forseen was the fall in ore prices, and the big falls in revenue.

    I knew what was going to happen. Why didn’t Swan?? He told a lie for political purposes.

    What gets me about you people is how quickly you forgive lies told by Labor politicians but demand complete and total honesty by Coalition politicians.

  29. He’s not listening Fu 😉

    Time to just play with him now 😆
    [audio src="" /]

  30. I would love that crystal ball he must have.

    I know he never listens, but there might be some around that do.

    Mr. Swan was definitely guilty of counting the chickens before they hatched.

    I do not believe Mr. Swan would have made the silly comment, unless the figures at the time indicated that would happen.

    The sad bit about Neil is that he cannot see that deficits and surpluses in themselves mean nothing.

  31. Wonder who told him. Mr. Howard’s mob, I suppose. I do not believe that Mr. Rudd said that the refugees threw the children in the sea, like Mr. Reith and Howard did.

    It is now clear, with documents released lately that the allegations that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction came from the Howard camp. I would also say, they knew that it was unlikely to be true.

  32. Instead of worrying about Neil we should be discussing ways in which Labor can win over about 6% of the population in the next 5 months! That’s the only way we can keep Australia as a fair and decent society and not some antipodean America with the crime and despair that comes from poverty and ignorance.

  33. Migs, yep 😉 similar to others, I won’t mention names, we know them. I have now been introduced!

    Min, my point exactly.

    FU, exactly.

    Neil, what the fuck does state issues have to do with Fed policy. But wait shall we talk about QLD’s shit now, back stabbings in VIC and gees what about the poor bastard that was overseas working for his party/territory and got knifed while overseas. WTF was that? And you lot, along with MSM claim Fed gov is in CHAOS. You brought the states into it. You are starting to sound like a couple of other imbosiles I see commenting/trolling.

    totaram, yes it is a bit abbott focused but hey how can’t it be, he is the one leading them, apparently, I would say though a puppet for vested interests (Faceless men). Gees, Barnaby, Robb, Hockey etc. What a mess if they are to run the country. The only one I see as a reasonable option for the LNP is Turnbull but I hate how is pandering to their BS line. For gods sake, the man invests in FTTP in France, but doesn’t want the same for Australians. WTF.

  34. Yes, but one has to squash the lies that the likes of Neil are spreading. I know if you ask why many do not like the PM, they immediately come back with, “she lied”.

    That followed by the word “debt”.

    Why is Mr. Abbott pushing the words “broken promises”

    Yes, it is not the Neil’s we should be focussing on. The trouble is, one has to discredit the messages they are spreading before we can do anything else.

  35. recal, yes agree but I would prefer more than 6%. That, I believe, is the aim but we always seem to get side tracked by the likes of Neil. That is how the LNP and supporters work. Throw mud and scare mongering, never real facts.

  36. Tony Abbott is, in a nutshell, clueless. Does he have any idea what going on in this country? He certainly is blind to what the Government has been doing.

    Not only blind to the Government’s achievements, but also to reality, in the form of AGW, which will consign his thought bubbles on the creation northern “food bowls” and forced relocation of public servants, to well deserved oblivion, as ithese regions become increasingly unlivable.

    The right in general, are at war with reality, apparently in the belief that reality will eventually conform to their fantasies.(eg wrt to AGW, economic performance of this Govt.)

    That they need the agency of the Old Media to wage a propaganda war, their repeated (and illegal) attempts to gain power without an election, or having to expose their hidden agenda to voters betray them as the enemies of democracy and the enlightenment they are.

    The conservatives’ war on reality is of course, doomed from its outset, yet they persist in their attacks on the foundations of our society. Apparently, no convention or practice, legal, governmental, economic, or societal is to be allowed to stand in the way of their attempts to gain power, illegitimately or otherwise.

    As such, they represent an existential threat to our society (and, in general terms, our civilisation), particularly in the face of the coming storms.

    Why are they hiding their policies if they are to benefit Australia and its citizens?

  37. “Neil, what the fuck does state issues have to do with Fed policy.”

    I was talking about the deceitfulness of Labor supporters saying our Federal govt debt is low at 10% of GDP.

    – The first deceit is Labor claiming credit for our low debt when it was Costello that paid off our debt. Labor only creates debt. Hawke/Keating only created debt.

    -The second deceit is that we are a Federation. Countries like Britain are not. Britain does not have State govts. To compare our Federal govt debt with countries that are not Federations is not a fair comparison. You have to compare our Federal and State govt debt with other countries for a better comparison. And our Federal/Sate/Local govt debt is about 30% of GDP and rapidly increasing.

    And State issues are important. During the biggest mining boom in Australian history Queensland lost its credit rating. And the mining boom took place in Queensland.

    So much for those who say that Costello paid off debt because of the mining boom.

  38. Min @7.31pm, policies would indeed be a luxury, but I agree that either Nelson or Turnbull would have coughed up something resembling a policy.

    Poor old Nelson was out of his depth, and so Turnbull went for the knife, only to be knifed in turn by Liealot. Hmmmm!

    Deary me, such a lot of blood letting and they and their barrackers have the gall to feign outrage when Rudd was deposed.

    It’s odd how completely Nelson and his knifing by Turnbull has been airbrushed from the record. I think he was honest enough, but just not foreman material.

    Neither is Turnbull. And given his performance as LOTO and his craven capitulation wrt NBN, afaic he’s no better than Liealot, but wouldn’t be such an embarrassment on the international stage.

    As for Liealot, I don’t think there has ever been a worse LOTO; if he wasn’t protected by Rupert, he would have long gone the way of Nelson and Turnbull.

    Actually, it will be interesting to see what happens when Ettridge’s case cranks up. Can you be LOTO when you’re banged up?

    I would love that crystal ball he must have.

    Who wouldn’t Fed up? What is quite amazing is that Neil never once told anyone at all what he saw in that crystal ball. Not even Liealot. Tut! Tut! Or maybe he just made it up. ;(

  39. When Abbott manipulated his run against Turnbull, it was based mainly on action against Turnbull’s support of Rudd’s scheme.

    Abbott only one by one vote, with two absents. That suggests that more that 50% supported action to be taken to deal with carbon emissions.

  40. Neil, I wouldn’t get too excited about trying to use the Howard-Costello years.

    You’re making a big deal about so-called lying, and it’s a fabulous Liberal Talking Point about Gillard saying “There will be no Carbon Tax under a government I lead,,,” as a lie, as if she should have foreseen that she’d have minority status and covered that contingency in her statement. Whereas, her actual statement recorded by The Australian is here and pretty consistent with what she’s done

    As for lying in election campaigns, in the 1996 one, then Employment spokesman David Kemp promised to retain the CES and its Labor Market Programs. Now I happened to work for the CES, and I happened to have been informed that its abolition was discussed at the first cabinet meeting after the election. So was Kemp or Howard lying? Is this why Vanstone got the gig in Employment so that it wouldn’t look like too blatant a lie, as it would have if Kemp had been made Minister?

    So don’t bother with all that sanctimonious crap.

  41. Kevin Rudd said Saddam had weapons of mass destruction

    God you shit me Neil in your constant distortions of the history and the facts along with your constant false and very selective going on about debt ad nauseam.

    It’s bad enough that we address these things over and over, give you the data and facts but you always chose to ignore them and just bring up the same shit all the time, never changing a single thing.

    We have covered the Iraq war in depth and pointed out to you many times that Rudd went on the briefings given to him by the government of the time, the Howard government. Rudd later went on to iterate that and say he was wrong, something Howard and the liar in parliament Downer have never done.

    Rudd and many others, including Democrats in the US like Clinton and others in the UK, did the same thing because the governments lied to them and they took the word of the government. None lied more so than Downer, and he told two whoppers in parliament knowing the real truth weeks before.

    Of course Neil as you always do and always will, you’ll now change topic or do a look over there at Labor, debt, debt, debt etc. Of course it’s only Labor debt that’s raised, never Liberal debt. And if Liberal debt is raised it’s Labor’s fault.

    You have become irrelevant Neil and nothing more than a very annoying pest that constantly buzzes the same noise.

  42. It’s easy to run surplus budgets when you’re the highest taxing government in history & it’s easy to eliminate debt when you sell all of the family silver 🙂

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  43. “So was Kemp or Howard lying?

    You know I am a little more forgiving than you lot on politicians. i do not think it is an easy job. But i have seen enough leftoids blogs to know what you lot would have said if a Coalition govt had said something like this.

    This Budget delivers a surplus this coming year, on time, as promised, and surpluses each year after that, strengthening over time.”

    Labor supporters would have gone on for years about how a Coalition govt lied if Howard had said something like that.

    PS- Bacchus if it is so easy let us see labor do it. That can’t do it. never have and never will.

  44. Don’t let him get under your skin Möbius. We all know Neil’s FOS. Just play with him- he doesn’t merit serious treatment 🙂

    [audio src="" /]

  45. gorgeousdunny1

    And Howard’s greatest lie of 96, not not the never ever GST, the debt truck.

    Howard’s entire campaign was based around one thing and that was the balance of trade blowout and the growing trade deficit. To this day his 96 is still the campaign that ran the least policy or program promises in an election, it was based almost solely on the false scare campaign of the trade deficit using his famous debt truck.

    Fast forward and not only did Howard never decrease the balance of trade as he promised over and over in 96, he went on to have record trade deficit after record trade deficit in the longest sustained economic growth period in the world.

    Rudd and Gillard managed to turn around the trade deficit and just the last quarter Gillard managed a billion dollar turn around that was not predominately based on mining but on manufacturing and value added goods, something Howard could never achieve.

    Ignore Neil, he is utterly full of shit and will just bring up the same crap he always has, almost word for word, and no matter what facts you bring up he’ll either ignore them or change topic usually with a “look over there at Labor”.

  46. Oh dear, Neil, you really are a clueless moron, aren’t you? Costello got rid of relatively minor debt (less than $100 billion) by selling around $250 billion in assets (including gold reserves, when the prices were at an all-time low, which is a rookie mistake) . It also helped them to slash Federal funding for public health & education at around the same time as the mining boom kicked into full steam. From about 2000-2007, Howard & Costello racked up budget after budget where regular revenue streams (mostly income tax) were cut back, whilst expenditure streams were expanded. The last 3 budgets were in structural deficit (more money going out than was coming in) which is why the surplus got depleted so quickly. Then we had a little thing called the GFC, which caused an even bigger drop in the revenue side of the coin. Had Costello been treasurer, his response to the crisis would have been almost identical to the one employed by Cameron in the UK-namely savage cuts in welfare, health, education & the public sector-which would have plunged our economy into recession & put a surplus even further out of reach!

  47. Recal, @8.55pm… agree … “Instead of worrying about Neil we should be discussing ways in which Labor can win over about 6% of the population in the next 5 months! That’s the only way we can keep Australia as a fair and decent society and not some antipodean America with the crime and despair that comes from poverty and ignorance.”
    Neil is of no moment…. a bore even….. *yawn*

    I’ve bought this up before, and I supose in the mix of things, 4th V’s 5th estate and digital media etc… it may be some what ‘low tech’, but if you have a printer… and you like a comment that you have read here on the 5th estate… use said printer to desemminate that info to those that do not have access to ‘the new media’ and can only obtain thier limited news and views from ltdnews and Co’s….. hit print….. put copy in old mag…. take old mag to next Drs appointment….. leave mag amongst even older mags ( well it is a Dr’s surgery, my Dr still has mags from 1987 🙄 ) or amongst mags at your Chinese take-away or at Mc’s or Jack’s or the local laundramat ….. get the info out there, Rupert ain’t gunna do it for ya…. so do it yourself…… its easy to do… and at least you may have changed someones mind as to whats really going down……. and they tell someone …..who tells someone……. mm, about now you may be looking at your printer and thinking……mmm !!!! 😆 …….and PRINT.

  48. Deliberate lies that commit our country to an illegal war are in a totally different league to making adjustments to cater for changed circumstances…

    [audio src="" /]

  49. If we want to talk about lies, how about the lie about “fees for degrees”. Howard categorically ruled out full-fee Tertiary degrees way back in 1996, & continued to do so, yet brought them in around 2003. How about the Medicare Safety Net promise at the 2004 election? Or the promise, made to the press gallery, not to revisit Industrial Relations reform, during the 2004 election? Howard made a big deal about government funded advertising & ministerial standards in the lead-up to the 1996 election, only to go on to have one of the most corrupt front benches in Australian political history, & to be the biggest spender on advertising of any Federal Government-before or since. So very many lies-& so much more significant lies-yet Neil is prepared to forgive them, whilst flaying Swan alive over a miscalculation. Pathetic, even for a dunce like him!

  50. & to be the biggest spender on advertising of any Federal Government-before or since

    I am glad you brought up the topic. I have seen on television adds for the Household Assistance package and Federal govt adds for increasing Superannuation from 9% to 12%.

    Kevin Rudd made a solemn promise not to do advertisements like this during the 2007 election.

    Labor lied again.

  51. I know posting facts and figures is useless but for those other than Neil can you see what’s wrong with this picture? It’s made doubly worse because a leader went into an election campaign promising to do what Labor has been able to do since getting into power. As you can see that leader failed miserably in keeping their promise and in fact went on to bury it from the day they got elected.

  52. The truth is that this PM listed a number of things she intended to do. The PM has ignore the MSM and Opposition noise, and has quietly worked her way through the list, delivering nearly all.

    Some not a hundred percent they were at first perceived, but what has been doable. The poker machine legislation was one such example.

    One blight on her record has been the boat problem, There is an solution on the table, the Houston plan, but needs the cooperation of Abbott to succeed.

    What we now have is a harsher version of the Howard Pacific Solution, that no longer works.

    This PM has clawed back some of the expensive middle upper income welfare and rebates, which left behind ongoing structural deficits in the budget. There is much more to be done in this area.

    The PM has put forwarded strong plans for the future. The NDIS and Gonski in the lead.

    Yes this PM has been labelled a liar, but her actions and achievements, point to this not being true.

    She has delivered most of what she promised.

  53. Yes, Neil, the first I can recall from this government. No where in the same league as those one of falling chains off that man from the past. Just giving information of what is available. Just information of what is available and what one has to do, to ensure they do not miss out.

    No fridge magnets and mouse pads.

  54. “Yes, Neil, the first I can recall from this government.

    I have also seen ads for medical reforms and the mining tax.

    The thing is in 2007 Kevin Rudd made a big deal about not doing Federal govt advertising.

    Personally i have no problems with govt advertising as long as it is relevant and not overdone.

  55. Neil, you are lying, if you are trying to make out that this government abuses government advertising, as Howard did.

  56. No. Rudd promised not to do it. Looks like Labor changed its mind.

    Governments need to advertise. But Rudd made a big song and dance in 2007 about Howard govt advertising.

  57. Oh dear, Neil. Does it require effort to be as stupid as you appear, or does your stupidity come naturally? Rudd never promised to can *all* government funded advertising. He promised to rein it in-the same way Howard did. The difference is that Rudd/Gillard succeeded, whereas Howard spent somewhere in the vicinity of $1 billion dollars-about 5-6 times what the previous Hawke/Keating Government spent. You really are desperate to avoid facing the fact that your beloved Fiberals were unrepentant liars, & remain so!

  58. Fu don’t get into a tit-for-tat with Neil, it’s what he wants. As soon as you hit him with a fact he’ll go on another tact blaming Labor for something that’s bullshit, ignoring the fact.

  59. Where Abbott get his orders from. A little frightening, but at least they are now coming out into the light.

    “…….69 Immediately halt construction of the National Broadband Network and privatise any sections that have already been built

    70 End all government funded Nanny State advertising

    71 Reject proposals for compulsory food and alcohol labelling

    72 Privatise the CSIRO

    73 Defund Harmony Day

    74 Close the Office for Youth

    75 Privatise the Snowy-Hydro Scheme

    We really need to keep focus on IPA.

  60. “The difference is that Rudd/Gillard succeeded”

    Ah no. Rudd said govt advertising was a cancer on democracy and brought in rules so it would not happen. He then went ahead and broke his own guidelines so he could use taxpayers money to argue for the mining tax.

    However i have no problem with govt advertising. govts need to advertise.

  61. Abuse of government advertising was the problem. There is no evident that this is the case now.

    Not very good at creating lies, are you Neil.

  62. Abbott’s completely clueless, yet he had the master of deceit as a mentor in John Winston Howard. Who was it that paid for his Rhodes scholarship again???

  63. Who wrote the references needed. Believe it was one of the Jesuits. Wonder if Mr. SantaMaria played a hand.

  64. I have read that Abbott does not have the necessary licence to drive that truck. The truck was empty. It is said he did not drive it on the road. only in the depot.

    It is said, he travelled in a car, behind the truck.

    Not only clueless but a fraud and fake.

    Was it the real Tony that appeared at the 70th Anniversary of the IPA.

  65. “Not very good at creating lies, are you Neil.”

    No Rudd lied. Rudd bought in guidelines and then he had to break his own guidelines because he wanted to use taxpayers money to campaign against advertisements that the mining companies were running.

    You cannot admit when Labor tells a lie can you.

  66. Neil, we only have your words that any guidelnes were written. Do you know, they can be changed at anytime.

    What evidence do you have, that they have been changes, or if they have been broken,.

    I have not seen any ads that give concerns. Therefore you are making up stories.

  67. The thing is in 2007 Kevin Rudd made a big deal about not doing Federal govt advertising.

    The thing is in 2007 Kevin Rudd made a big deal about not doing Federal govt advertising bignoting.

    There, fixed.

    I have seen on television adds for the Household Assistance package and Federal govt adds for increasing Superannuation from 9% to 12%.

    So you’re against government letting people know about important legislation which will affect them?

    Fed up, you’re trusting Neil, a fully paid up member of the Liars party to tell the truth? He wouldn’t know the truth if it bit him on the bum, like all Liars barrackers.

  68. Neil’s not worried about the truth… Neil only believes in his ideology… truth being the first casualty…. LNP-ers are never wrong 😯 … even when they are 🙄 ….. and Neil THAT IS THE TRUTH…. you ad hominem-wit …… over to you Neil.. *yawn* ( I hope the next one they send is more inventive than Neil…. so how a ’bouts it Menzies Hovel, got a new one lined up… were kinda bored with Neil 😉 )

  69. Wow, Neil, you really are trying extremely hard to ignore the many,terrible lies of the Howard era by focusing on minutiae from the Rudd/Gillard years. Howard wasn’t giving people important information in his 2 biggest advertising spends (The GST & WorkChoices) he was instead engaged in a pathetic attempt to get people to accept his regressive, ideologically driven agenda. To my knowledge, neither the Rudd or Gillard governments have gone down this path. Spending on government advertising is currently at the lowest levels its been at for over 20 years (in real terms), so *yes*, I’d say Rudd *did* succeed in keeping his promise!

  70. Oh, what a surprise, the minions of the Murdoch Empire back your claims, Neil. No surprises there given that you’re all part of the same evil empire!

  71. So you are saying that the people in the department have been dismissed or are these people been merged with other departments like an infection? Everybody knew exactly what Abbott meant. First up will be “the dams will never fill again” Flannery’s head on a platter followed by the others to clean them all out.

    Has any of you economic geniuses ever heard of state and federal unfunded superannuation liabilities or know the amount??? Obviously not, judging by your uneducated comments on debt.

  72. Migs, good one 😀
    It’s not only Abbott that’s clueless though, but the whole of the LNP and their supporters like Nil of Syd and the MSM.

    The only difference is that for the most part the MSM are wilfully clueless, choosing to ignore those things that contradict their own agendas.

    A classic example is Ashbygate, which will hopefully be addressed shortly in spite of the MSM, through IA.

    “Our Democracy, the play thing of Abbot and the rabid right.”

    Cheers 😀

  73. Abbott out today with his lies as usual. At least he was questioned for a change. Answers left much to desire.

    The Sun Herald run on broken promises, include one that claimed the PM did not deliver on extra money for leading teachers.

    Yes, the PM delivered the money, but States refuse to spend it.

    This money is to cease.

    Yes, that part of the story is true.

    It is also propose that money will be supplied, to allow the states to spend it in the way, they demand.
    Where is the broken promised.
    Once again, no broken promise.

    Is it wrecking ball or simpleton. Both I suspect.

    “………Finance Minister Penny Wong has labelled Opposition Leader Tony Abbott a one-man economic wrecking ball for comparing the government’s superannuation changes with the crisis in Cyprus.

    Senator Wong joined Prime Minister Julia Gillard in attacking Mr Abbott over comments he made last week, when he said “every time a government raids people’s funds, there are shades of Cyprus about it”.

    On Friday, the government announced a series of superannuation reforms including a 15 per cent tax on superannuation earnings over $100,000, a measure it says will affect only 16,000 high-income earners.

    Senator Wong said Mr Abbott “behaves as a one-man wrecking ball”.

    “This is a man who wants to be the prime minister of the country, making economically reckless statements,” she told Sky News on Sunday morning.

    “For all my criticisms of (John) Howard and (Peter) Costello, can you imagine John Howard trying to damage confidence in the economy and in superannuation to make a political point?”

    Speaking from a business forum in China, Ms Gillard said the opposition leader was an “economic simpleton”, and the comments “a crazy statement that no person of reason could make”.

    The government’s superannuation measures will save more than $10 billion over the next decade, when combined with an already announced increase to the contributions tax rate for those earning more than $300,000..”

  74. A bit of light reading for economic dimwits courtesy of Bill Mitchell’s blog. It’s written by an American called Warren Mosler and is titled Seven Deadly Innocent Frauds of Economic Policy.

    Although he is American, what he has to say is applicable to Australia which also has sovereign currency and a similar economy.

    However, I disagree that the people in this country who are spruiking the the fraudulent claims are doing so innocently.

    More than one of the spruikers purportedly has an economics degree, but clearly doesn’t know his/her economic @rse from his/her elbow.

    Here is the list of topics Mosler discusses, debunking Liealot and the Liars bullshit wrt debt, budget deficits and taxation.

    Seven Deadly Innocent Frauds of Economic Policy
    1. The government must raise funds through taxation or
    borrowing in order to spend. In other words, government
    spending is limited by its ability to tax or borrow.
    2. With government deficits, we are leaving our debt burden
    to our children.
    3. Government budget deficits take away savings.
    4. Social Security is broken.
    5. The trade deficit is an unsustainable imbalance that takes
    away jobs and output.
    6. We need savings to provide the funds for investment.
    7. It’s a bad thing that higher deficits today mean higher taxes tomorrow.

    Click to access 7DIF.pdf

    No doubt scaper will claim that Liars propaganda has more cerdibility than Mosler, but I doubt that that argument will have any weight with any economist worth his salt.

  75. Don feed the trolls NOS the DOS cant even get his head around the sale of 72 billion in public assets to produce a Surplus from the laziest treasurer in Australian history….He is in fact a moron.

  76. cant even get his head around the sale of 72 billion in public assets to produce a Surplus

    I get told I repeat myself. But I have to with you lot. Asset sales were not put into the budget as revenue otherwise there would have been three huge surplus budgets when T1, T2 and T3 were sold. Asset sales were used to pay off debt however.

    Costello ran surplus budgets because he spent less than he got as revenue. Looks simple but Labor can’t do it.

  77. Hey Neil Sure Costello ran surplus budgets but a huge cost to the Public. Hospitals run down, roads run down, highways run down, education , it didn’t even come into his thinking, Pensioners, I think he gave us an increase of approximately $3. 50 or thereabouts which one Senator Amanda Vanstone condemmed as an insult, so Neil -or whoever u are- remember this was a man who didn’t even have the balls to run for the Leadership because he knew that he would fail at that also.

  78. Patricia, wasn’t that the sandwich and a coffee increase which Vanstone referred to, however Vanstone also made the comment that life on the pension was never meant to be easy..and the Libs made certain of that..

  79. Tom, no indeed and you have been one of the most observant here, that all the strategy comes from “elsewhere” hence the complete inability of Tony to provide a straightforward answer to any question which cannot be answered by a line pulled directly from prescribed text.

  80. I’ve been amazed (OK, not really) at the msm’s total lack of reporting on this meeting between or possible (ugh) future Government, the worlds richest woman, our leading cleric, the worlds most manipulative media man, and the conservative think tanks behind our countries AGW denialism. It’s like it has no bearing whatsoever on our countries future and direction, when in fact, it is attempting to shape and control that, and avoiding any media spotlight in the process. It is chilling to see this happen in the open. But how do you get the message out when those that control the message are all in it together?

    Luckily, a few appear to be sticking their heads over the Parapet. Well, at least one that I have now seen.

  81. This is a fairly obvious one..the people who the Libs plan to hit re super are low income earners and at least in Victoria, two-thirds of these would be women. Typical Howard-esque strategy..look after your voter base and as we all know with Tony, this is most definitely not women.

    A small prediction..look out for even more of this, how Abbott’s policies will effect women in particular..only of the more modest income earning variety of course.

    Acting Prime Minister Wayne Swan released figures showing 910,000 of the low-income earners the Coalition would hit lived in Victoria. Two-thirds were women.

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