Tony Abbott’s pearls of wisdom

Tony Abbott says some amazingly stupid things. His brain fart comments on gay people, women and climate change are some examples. Strolling around the internet I’ve managed to find some more pearls of wisdom that haven’t had the exposure of his more famous gaffes, and I happily present them here for your enjoyment.

Let’s start with this one:

The Opposition Leader said roads were critical to improving life across all facets of society.

“Better roads means better communities; better roads are good for our economy; they’re good for our society,” he said.

“They’re good for our physical and mental health.

“They’re even good for the environment because cars that are moving spew out far less pollution than cars that are standing still.”

So next time I feel a mental breakdown or the flu coming on I’ll visit a road. They are good for my health. We should all do it. Roads do good things for Australians.

I know what he was really trying to say, but let’s face it, he stuffed it up. This next one is a real gem:

Ever since I was old enough to understand the term, I have regarded myself as a conservationist.  As a child, I used to play in the gullies and creeks surrounding the Lane Cove National Park. I wasn’t as careful then as now about protecting fauna, such as the red-bellied black snake, but I loved the bush for its potential for adventure and sense of solitude.In the valley behind our house, I first learnt to sleep under the stars. On canoeing trips, I learnt to read a map. On student bush walks, I developed a sense of direction.

As I said over at The AIMN, he no longer kills red-bellied black snakes and despises people who keep lights on. No wonder people such as Andrew Bolt rate him more credible than most of the world’s scientists. Scientists spend at least three years studying at university to become knowledgeable in their field. Tony Abbott reads maps. While floating down a river. How could you doubt him? How could you doubt a person who has a sense of direction because he walked in the bush yet needs a map to paddle a canoe?

This one is interesting:

Tony Abbott says he now has the “authority” to keep election promises. He admitted he had broken them in the past but said it was not his fault.

Well whose fault was it? Blame that ‘carbon tax’ I suppose.

I like this one:

Someone who’s earning $50,000 should be encouraged to move to $100,000.

Sounds fair enough to me. Tomorrow we’ll all line up to see the boss and ask for a $50K raise. Just tell him that Tony encouraged it (not that we’d need much encouragement).

This can’t be true:

Look, people should be polite to the Prime Minster. It doesn’t matter what they think of her policies or her government, they should be polite to her. That is the respect that the senior leadership of this country ought to be given and people certainly shouldn’t be disruptive of the Parliament.

Must be the new Tony we keep hearing about.

This is more like the old Tony:

Well, Kochie, I think the people of western Sydney want a plan, not a visit. They want a plan to ease cost of living pressures, a plan to ease traffic congestion and a plan to make the streets and community safer and the Coalition has real solutions to all these issues. We’ll build the WestConnex, we’ll end the carbon tax, we’ll stop the boats, we’ll stop the guns. Now, I think this is a big step forward for the people of Sydney.

Wow! How long have the boats been making it all the way to Western Sydney?

During a visit to Western Sydney (yes, the place where people shouldn’t visit) he said:

“We will bring in more trees and better soils, there will be incentives, not penalties and a green army for our degraded bushland and waterways under pressure”.

Where the hell are they going to pinch the trees from. Bring in from where? Maybe he’ll introduce a policy that all boat people have to bring a tree with them.

And finally:

I’ll be going to the National Press Club tomorrow (31 Jan). I’ll take questions then. Joe Hockey and Christopher Pyne will be taking media queries this afternoon.

History shows us that he ran away from questions asked.

I really don’t think Abbott tries to be an idiot. It just comes naturally.

(Tony Abbott – digital. Original 1200 x 1200px . © 2010, Andy Dolphin)

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  1. Migs, I always found that an interesting one could paddle a canoe and read a map at the same time. Plus why would one want to? Rivers tend to be somewhat limited in a teaching tool for map can go up the river, one can go down the river or one can go across the river… However, at least we know that Tony’s read something..a novel to speak. :mrgreen:

  2. Ricky. The MD of the company I work for is a staunch conservative and has friends in both the State and Federal Libs. He always pours scorn on Gillard but detests Abbott and never hesitates to say so.

  3. Abbott fails to impress Business Council
    Australian Financial Review, 8 April 2010, page 6

    “…Abbott has further strained his relationship with the business community after a closed-door briefing to the Business Council of Australia las week met with a lukewarm response…

    …some of those who attended….described Mr Abbott’s presentation as weak and lacking in detail…”It was a policy free zone”, said one person who attended the speech by Mr Abbott. “He just couldn’t provide any details on anything”, said another…

    …Abbott appeared tired after participating in the Ironman Triathlon two days before the meeting. He appeared to lose his temper on several occasions. Pushed to reveal policy, he is reported to have snapped “well, you tell me what your policy is”.


    Sydney Morning Herald, 10 April 2010

    Abbott turned up to the Business Council of Australia’s annual strategy meeting last week ”completely unprepared” and, according to sources, he got ”snappy” when he was pressed for direction or detail.


  4. Aaaah, pearls they are indeed. Many thanks, Migs, for the huge laugh they gave me. It started my day off well.

    How this man could ever have been a Rhodes Scholar, I’ll never know. He truly is as thick as a brick with very little real comprehension of what he is actually saying.

  5. ‘AM’, ABC Radio, 02 July 2009

    ASHLEY HALL: The Coalition frontbencher Tony Abbott says the New South Wales Government is playing “Nanny state politics” with its ban on smoking in cars with children. The former health minister has told a public health debate at Sydney University that smoking in front of children is a trivial issue and states shouldn’t intervene.


    The former health minister and Liberal frontbencher Tony Abbott says the ban is over the top.

    TONY ABBOTT: I was a child that was regularly imprisoned in a car with heavy smokers. My parents both smoked heavily when I was a kid. Now has it done me any harm? Well, yes, you be the judge, you be the judge. I mean maybe but for that I would have been six foot six, and I would have had much greater intelligence, who knows.

    But I have got to say, I wouldn’t do it. I would probably hope that it didn’t happen. Just that I would hope that pregnant women who smoke would at least give it up while they were pregnant.

  6. Roads are good for our mental and physical health! WTF! Tell that to the thousands who are maimed along them each year.

  7. Funny stuff, Migs. (may I call you Migs?) What’s not funny at all is that barring a political miracle, TA wil be our next PM. I feel sad for JG and for Australia’s future.

  8. Migs, after our much loved schnauzer has inadvertently eaten some of my wife’s hair, he drops what we laughingly call a string of pearls, and quite frankly his have more substance and value than Abbott’s 😀 although Abbott’s cause as much mirth except when you realise that he is serious, 😯 then it’s quite sad and a bit scary.

    Great work BTW 😀

    Cheers 😀 😎

  9. Hi Guys,

    Please can you update my contact details – please send stories to: and not as this email account will be deleted due to being overrun by spam.

    I do really enjoy your posts and am a big believer in your causes/issues. So please can I have info sent to the new address.

    Thank you.


  10. 6079 Smith W Geeza (@beezageeza) April 3, 2013 @ 10:41 pm
    Shouldn’t that be LGBTIQ people?

  11. Joy, the same as some “scholars” Abbott would appear to be adept at wrote learning but minus any understanding.

  12. Mark, the same thing happened to me. I had to unsubscribe and then subscribe again when I had set up my new email account.

  13. It’s bad having Ferguson,Crean, Husic criticising the Gillard Government, now we have Kim Carr doing the same, talk about self destructing.

  14. Yes, Min, I have noticed this failing. Seems to be rife amongst the LNP & some members of the press. Many others seem to lack comprehension skills also & will read one or two paragraphs of an article or a blog. They then completely miss the point & end up, loudly & wildly, accusing the author or the government of saying or doing (or not doing) whatever.

    Agree Crowey. Kim Carr has been doing this for some time now but it is a shame that the others have joined him in treacherously trashing their own government. They should be ashamed of themselves. It’s as if they are so busy devouring each other that they leave everything wide open for the LNP to march in & effortlessly grabbing an undeserved win. Disgraceful. They need grabbing by the scruffs of their necks & firmly told to behave!!

  15. Crowey, I am likewise disappointed at what might be perceived as several Labor people trashing their own team. Yes I know, I’m always the optimist but remember how only recently the headlines proclaimed that Bob Carr had said X, Y & Z. It eventuated that Bob Carr had said no such thing.

    IF there are sour grapes around in the losers camp, I would suggest that they instead should contemplate the prospect of Australia having The Mad Monk as PM.

  16. Does anyone here work in plastic I want a punching dumbbell with that picture of Abbott on it, you know the type that stands back up when you punch it, just in case he wins in Sept, although I don’t think it would last too long with my current rage level.

  17. khtagh, I prefer a dart board with picture of Abbott in bulls eye position. So cathartic ! Worked with Howard when he lost his own seat in 2007.

  18. Migs, pearls they aren’t, turds in the rough is how I’d describe them. If it wasn’t so tragic that this idiot is considered PM material, it would be hilarious.

    Crean, Ferguson, Husic & Carr should be told to STFU, resign or admit they are card carrying Liars members. Their tantrums and continued attempts to destabilise the government should be treated very harshly.

  19. A Green Army and planting tree’s … (what a laugh)….. one that will produce photo op’s that will last longer than the tree’s that were planted…. which in my experience is the norm in all three tiers 🙄
    “Where the hell are they going to pinch the trees from. Bring in from where? Maybe he’ll introduce a policy that all boat people have to bring a tree with them”

    As a LandCare volunteer whose group has been trying to set up a local provenance nursery, with very few volunteers and even less money and resources, I for one call Abbott on his BS….. I don’t think the ‘guy’ even has a clue to the reallities involved in the planning, growing, growing on, hardening off and then the eventual planting and the long term viability of planting tree’s, shrubs and herbaceous plants in marginal or degraded landscapes. Which is not suprising because it involves having a ‘long view’ and Abbott won’t be able to see past the photo op or at the very least ..the next quarter….. there is much more involved with planting out the bush than putting ‘the brown side down and the green side up’ …… 😀

  20. The Northern Territory’s new Chief Minister is clearly a follower of the Tony Abbott school of brain farts. He was reported as saying that the resumption of open speed limits on highways would be a good idea because ‘…the faster you can go, the sooner you get where you’re going and the less tired you are.’

  21. LOVO, but wait there’s more..when pressured by the Nats who said that no way was any pesky Green Army going to interfere with agricultural pursuits, Abbott then stated that this planting would only occur on unviable land plus urban parks and streetscapes.

    Precisely as you stated, but what does Abbott think that groups such as LandCare and DuneCare have been doing all these years? So apart from gathering an army of horticulturalists who must have quite considerable expertise given that they’re supposed to be growing things where nothing grows, we’re going to get an extra shrub on our nature strips.

  22. The Member for Warringah’s fascinating (literally) economic anaylsis:

    “In what year will Labor’s run of deficits finally end, given that the global financial crisis actually ended almost four years ago?”

    (Hansard, Wednesday, 20 March, 2013)

    Next day, the same Member said in the House of Representatives:

    “We know that these are difficult times for our country. There is a continuing economic crisis in much of Europe.”

    (Hansard, Thursday, 21 March, 2013)

    According to the Member and his frontbench there is a crisis and at the same time there is not a crisis, the economic crisis in Europe has nothing to do with the GFC and Europe is on another planet.
    His academic tutors must have given him his degree just for the laughs he gave them when they read his answers.

  23. VoterBentleigh, yes indeed, he is a prime example of where qualifications aren’t necessarily worth the paper they’re written on.

    But then when you listen to the whole of their economic team, you just have to shake your head and wonder how long they had to advertise to get such a bunch of economic illiterates.

    Most sensible people wouldn’t let them run a chook raffle. 🙄

    Cheers 😀

  24. TS, double lol. I guess it would be a stretch for 1300 tosspot, but I guess 1300 tosser would be adequate. 😀

    Michael Duffy, I’m with Min. It’s straight out of Liealot’s Enormous Book of Brain Farts.

    VoterBentleigh, another one to add to the book. He allegedly has an economics degree from the prestigious School of Weeties Packets.

    Now it seems he also has a degree in Geography from the Spanish Lottery University.

    Could he be more ignorant and stupid? Don’t bother to answer that; the only answer is yes. 😯

  25. VoterBentleigh..what’s the bet that Abbott just says *stuff* because of does not have to make sense, it does not have to have any factual information to back it up..just as long as Tony says it, then it’s A Headliner.

  26. At present I believe (having been busy elsewhere for a few days), Abbott is trying to convince some that those reaping in mega from their extremely generous super schemes should be keeping the $$$s. This was always going to be a difficult one, the clawback from the wealthy to ordinary Australians.

  27. VoterBentleigh:

    The Member for Warringah’s fascinating (literally) economic anaylsis:

    “In what year will Labor’s run of deficits finally end, given that the global financial crisis actually ended almost four years ago?”

    (Hansard, Wednesday, 20 March, 2013)

    Next day, the same Member said in the House of Representatives:

    “We know that these are difficult times for our country. There is a continuing economic crisis in much of Europe.”

    Hilarious! He’s as dumb as a bag of hammers.

  28. You just have to hear Tony Abbott’s ill-considered response to being asked what he thinks of the mooted changes to the Superannuation scheme to realise he hasn’t a clue as to what he is saying. No understanding whatsoever of what the policy is or will do.

    Of course, no journalists actually asked him if he had listened to or read what Bill Shorten & Wayne Swan had said during their announcement, but that is unimportant, I guess..

  29. Any danger we will see a political ad that has GWB and TA mimicking each other with their ridiculous brain-farts??

    I would pay money for that pic on a t-shirt with a GWB on the back by the same artist. On the back it would be called NFI and on the front NO EFFING WAY!

    (Love me some t-shirt!)

    Please, Obi-Wan-Miglo, you’re our only hope!

    Time to knock on some doors FOR LABOR!

  30. Knock on some doors? I would be very wary which doors as only 30% would tolerate some Labor foot soldier bothering them. I would be generous if bothered, ten seconds to get off my property before being frog marched into the gutter.

    A good time was had by all last night at the event in Melbourne. Rupes and Gingin send their love to the whisperers. Tony was there and seemed quite at home…all the people you lot love to hate were also there.

  31. I am certain that many will consider that we are avoiding the issue of Julia Gillard PM. But I ask, state your specifics..and no, just because you don’t like her Aussie/Welsh accent or her big bum (not that it’s nearly as big as some bums I have spotted lately), it isn’t good enough.

    I am certain that when Tony Abbott wins (and no I don’t think that Labor can win given current circumstances, given that the bad-mouthing and the rumour mongering has done the deed), let’s all say a loud Huzzah for Tony Abbott who has run the dirtiest, most vindictive, most slanderous campaign in all of Australia’s history.

  32. Scaper, you were banned from the gutter eons ago. 😆 😆 😆

    Likewise a wonderful event over the weekend, some special people but Migs and I cannot name names. It was mostly to do with the environment, imports and future events..but we’ll have to leave you guessing on that one. 😉

  33. Joy, it came to mind that because Julia just so happens to be a female that nothing she ever does will be good enough. While a male in her situation of being Prime Minister in a minority government would be lauded for his achievements…same..nothing Julia ever does will be good enough.

  34. Yep, a badge I wear with honour, the tools over there still talk about me.

    Still waiting for the Feds to come knocking on my door as TB reported me, so he says but a lot of what he says must be taken with a boulder of salt.

    Don’t you just love eventing! We kicked on last night and finished at the Crown. Don’t gamble but still was fun. Flew back a bit under the weather.

  35. So it seems that Abbott isn’t going to scrap the RRT, just repackage it.

    Of course it will be Labor’s fault he broke a major promise, just as it will be for every other promise he breaks in what will be a long line of them.

    And the right wingers will make the same excuse and not pull up Abbott for being a liar nor distort his name into insults and put downs.

    Wonder who else here will make excuses for his broken promises and lies?

  36. Joy Cooper is right. Abbott will regret rushing in to comment on the super changes. His is about the only criticism among all the experts. Any complaint comes from those who’d like to see the changes go further – too light a touch it seems.

    I love his suggestion that this is a government which takes our money in taxes to spend on their plans. Will he be using his own money on his plans if he gets into government?

  37. Of course, no journalists actually asked him if he had listened to or read what Bill Shorten & Wayne Swan had said during their announcement, but that is unimportant, I guess..

    Of course not, Joy. Liealot never listens to anything the government announces for a couple of reasons.

    He’s too dumb to actually understand what Shorten & Swan were saying, because their sentences contain lots of words, most of which are more than one syllable.

    He can only cope with 3 word slogans, provided they only have one syllable.

    Can you imagine how cringe worthy it will be when he makes a spectacle of himself every time he opens his gob on the international stage?

    The only thing that will go viral on social media will be howls of laughter at what clowns we are to have elected a brainless tool as PM.

  38. Scaper, I’ve known you a long time and I’m convinced you despise whoever is in power. I remember how passionately who hated Howard. Within a month of the Rudd victory you hated him passionately too. I could never understand why you changed so quickly. Before the election, Rudd was your hero.

    I’m presuming it won’t take long for you to hate Abbott too if he wins in September.

  39. Will he be using his own money on his plans if he gets into government?

    Fat chance of that, patricia. Just more proof that Liealot is a dolt.

    All that bullshit originated with the Rodent who filled people’s heads with the idea that government has no right to revenue raised from income tax.

    I remember the Rodent and Tip telling people that the tax cuts were their way of returning money to them which was rightfully theirs, not the government’s.

    I believe he picked up the idea from the extreme right wing in the US and it was the inspiration for the tax breaks he handed out hand over fist to middle and upper income earners, who swallowed it whole.

    It also explains why the $330bn windfall from the mining boom vanished without a trace.

  40. Five months out and ..again with the “when’ ‘it’ gets in…… the tide has turned… why the f* do you think ‘they’ are throwing so much money at the erection….. its because ‘they’ have a “cock up” front….his name is Tony….ordinary people understand ‘fair dinkom’ …. and Tony ain’t it…. 🙄

  41. Quite right, Migs. I shouldn’t have gone for dramatic effect. 😳

    There were large numbers of people who protested against the Rodent’s tax cuts.

    They wanted the Rodentochracy to spend it wisely. Updating infrastructure, more funding for public education, hospitals, health, roads etc.

    The Rodent would have none of it. Big noting as always, just like LIealot. So, as usual, it was left to Labor to fix everything.

  42. Migs, I’ll clarify a few thing for you. During Howard’s term I voted Liberal three times out of five elections. Didn’t really hate Howard, he lost me over Workchoices Mark II, no infrastructure building and the fact he didn’t step aside in 2006 to reinvigorate the party.

    It was four months after Rudd got in that I went sour on him. The reason…had two Labor ministers approach him with a suite of ideas and he took up one of them. The 2020 Summit which was stacked with sycophants that produced only one good idea.

    Rudd even used my language to a word and his actions spoiled any future government sanctioned coming together of visionaries to set a course to ensure a plan to take the nation forward for the next fifty years and beyond.

    Every dog has his day…got him back through Greg who passed on my request to Abbott. Next day Abbott ripped him to pieces in Parliament (Dr Death) and Rudd challenged him to three debates on health. That was the turning point for Rudd.

    I used to call Rudd “a pretender” but I always referred to him as our PM. Gillard has never been called that from me and never will. I don’t hate but Gillard is the exception and I await to dance on her political grave.

    You talk about Abbott being the tool of Rupert and Gina which I know to be untrue. Sure, there is some influence on policy that relates to vision, development of the north. I know for fact that Gillard is the unions’ doxy and their intent is of no value to Australia in the long term but what would be expected from that scurvy lot.

    When Abbott gets in and stuffs up I will call it that way as I ride alone and don’t worship any politician or party. Oh, on Abbott…this dog might just another day up his sleeve.

  43. no infrastructure building”

    Is that true Scaper?? I know i seem like a rusted on Liberal party voter but only because I have seen so many lies told by Labor supporters. Howard did spend on infrastructure. Whether it was less than Hawke/keating I do not know.

    Australian Government investment in rail and road infrastructure in 2005-06 is $2.2 billion — a figure that will grow even higher in future years as the Australian Government continues to implement AusLink, the National Transport Plan. AusLink has radically transformed how Australia plans and implements the rollout of essential transport infrastructure, directly linking rail and road improvements with industry needs and growth.”

  44. scaper, Liealot is a tool. Always has been and always will be. The only thing up his sleeve is his arm.

    He’s got form as a lazy, lying, corrupt bignoting incompetent in a government of lazy, lying, corrupt bignoting incompetents; you can’t sell him as a virgin or even marginally competent. The only thing he’s really good at is lying. Oh, and being corrupt.

    Gillard is the PM. She is the leader of the party in government. Rudd alienated nearly ¾ of the caucus and most of the public service.

    He did not have the confidence of the caucus, so he was deposed. He still does not have the confidence of the caucus, no matter how you spin it. He was not a good PM.

    Yes Neil, the Rodent did spend on infrastructure, he forced schools to buy flagpoles or miss out on funding.

    Apparently, in Liarsworld flagpoles are an educational tool. In the real world they’re flagpoles.

  45. Well said Jane & so very true. Howard was a master of the art of lying then denying he had lied even when there was proof he had done so. He even did this to win some Lux toilet soap bars on a Jack Davey show when he was 16. Tony Abbott continues in this proud Liberal tradition.

    Neil of Sydney was only able to come up with normal road & rail spending by the Howard government after 11 years of them being in power. That was not innovative infrastructure spending, it was simply using some of the petrol tax (which they had stolen back off the states), for the purpose for which it was designed. That is not developing infrastructure but as Jane said we do have plenty of flagpoles at schools most of which already had them. Lots of photo ops with Brendan Nelson “unveiling” them, too. His pitiful contribution to education. He should have remained a doctor.

  46. Neil, I mean big picture nation building infrastructure, your link is bread and butter. To be fair Howard did get built the Alice Springs to Darwin railway. It was sold to Genesee & Wyoming (Tarcoola to Darwin) for a third of the construct price. It is the second largest civil engineering project in Australia.

    The Ghan will realise its potential in around eight years time as the north/south freight backbone. Even more so when it is linked to the Iron Boomerang east/west line.

  47. Joy, further evidence for this was the hysterics following the BER..clearly to Abbott and the Libs things such as school halls, science centres and disabled toilets aren’t important..and why should they be as after all their little darlings don’t attend *those type* of schools.

  48. It is disgusting, Min, how all the state & federal born-to-rule LNP governments attack health & education every time they are in power. They strip BILLIONS from their budgets trying to destroy their ability to educate & care for the public. When Labor gets back in they have to spend all their time & budget on restoring them back to normal while the LNP scream about DEBT!!!. They forget about that when they are busily pork-barrelling.

    Of course, they loudly demand government handouts for THEIR private schools & healthcare. Woebetide anyone else asking for their fair share. Despicable.

  49. Shut up scaper. I wasn’t talking to you. Go live in Greece or Spain or the UK. Even better head off to Cyprus.

  50. It is disgusting, Min, how all the state & federal born-to-rule LNP governments attack health & education every time they are in power”

    What is disgusting is that Labor trashes the budget every time they are in power. Most Labor supporters appear to believe that money grows on trees.

  51. Selective quoting, eh, Neil? That is typical of the LNP barrackers.

    What is truly disgusting is how the LNP governments pander to their mates. Governments aren’t businesses which are supposed to make a profit. Any government who does is cheating the population. Australia currently has a low debt ratio to GDP & is the envy of the rest of the world

    But then as LNP aren’t nation builders any such innovation is way over their heads.

  52. Australia currently has a low debt ratio to GDP & is the envy of the rest of the world

    It is comments like that reaffirms my opinion that Labor supporters are the most deceitful of people.

    Our debt is low because of Costello. It took 10 years to pay off all the debt you economic retards created last time in power. And you dishonest human beings take credit for something you are not capable of doing and never will be capable of doing.

    Howard also took unemployment to 4.3%. You have to go back to the 1970’s to find unemployment with a 4 in front of it.

  53. Sorry Neil, but LNP barrackers have the monopoly of deceit & misinformation. The reason Howard so *magnificently* managed to get unemployment down to 4.3% was because his Minister for Employment etc Tony Abbott decreed that anyone working just ONE HOUR per week was fully employed. Huh? What about interest rates?

    Your sainted Costello was an economic midget. He did nothing for Australia. I do hope you are economically secure because you will need to be if Abbott & that buffoon Hockey get the keys to the Treasury.

  54. I don’t think I’ll have to go anywhere for at least a dozen years and certainly not Europe! It will take that long for Labor to rebuild after the thrashing at the next election.

    The Libs will be targeting the next generation of Labor leaders.

  55. “because his Minister for Employment etc Tony Abbott decreed that anyone working just ONE HOUR per week was fully employed.

    You must be new here. We have been over this a million times before. The way the unemployment rate is measured is an internationally determined method. It is the same in all OECD countries. Howard did not alter the way the unemployment rate is measured. It is an urban myth that never dies.

    “Neil, I mean big picture nation building infrastructure, your link is bread and butter.”

    O.K. Scaper, what did Hawke/Keating build?? I am assuming the condemnation of Howard over infrastructure spending is because Howard/Costello spent much less than Hawke/Keating. Is this true??

  56. I can’t think of anything that they built.

    I doubt that Cooper has been around the blogs much at all.

    Told me to shut up??? HAHAHAHAHAH!

  57. Joy, Neil is partly correct – the one hour work per week is the internationally accepted definition of “employed” (Defined by the ILO in 1982)

    I suggest we ask Migs what other areas the decietful little ^%$*# “meddled with” to make his unemployment figures look better – of course, Migs may still be legally bound not to tell 😉

    I’m guessing it may have something to do with other areas of welfare – disability support pensions and the like, and “discouraging” people from identifying as being unemployed…

  58. Many thanks Bacchus 🙂 but I guess it still doesn’t negate the fact that The Lying Rodent & his slavering sidekick the Weaselly Widdle Wabbitt were the ones to use that definition of “employed” to favourably massage their employment figures.

    I am sure there is plenty of smelly offal available to nail these deceitful people. Think you may be correct re thinking that many long term unemployed were possibly moved to disability support benefits.

  59. All governments use that definition Joy – it keeps some consistency across the years. I reckon the ABS should publish the underemployment rate with the unemployment rate each month too – that would tell a more complete story of what’s happening.

    Measurement of unemployment & underemployment is misunderstood by most many in the community. Many think that the figures come from Centrelink – the number receiving Newstart. In fact, it’s done by the ABS conducting a survey of a representative bundle of households. If someone in the household hasn’t worked at least one hour in the “reference period” but is available to start work now, they’re identified as unemployed. This criteria has been used since at least 1982…

    The ABS takes its definitions of employment and unemployment from the International Labour Organisation (ILO). The current ILO definitions were established in 1982, following a review of the previous definitions which dated from 1954. However, the underlying conceptual basis for measuring employment and unemployment has remained essentially unchanged since 1954, reflecting its continued acceptance by the international community.

    The ILO concept of work for purposes of measuring employment is based on the concept of production as defined by the United Nations System of National Accounts (SNA). This means that any economic activity, of whatever duration, falling within the SNA production boundary is considered as work for the purpose of measuring employment. For practical reasons, the ILO standards specify that the concept should be interpreted as paid work for at least one hour in a short reference period such as one week or one day. This ‘one hour criterion’ in the definition of employment is also considered fundamental to the ILO definition of unemployment, which refers to a situation of being completely without work.

    In common with many other national labour force surveys, the ABS has set one hour in a one week reference period as the minimum amount of work for deciding whether or not a person is employed. To select an alternative cut-off point, which inevitably becomes an arbitrary decision, would be contrary to international standards and practice.

  60. All that Abbott appears to have going for him, are those surpluses. Even then none have bothered to explain why, at the same time as the surpluses, interest rates rose numerous times in a row. Have not explained why they also had the greatest level of personal debt in this country’s history.

    Why did Costello have was it 17 failed attempts at bringing in fast broadband.

    Why didn’t they separate the arms of Telstra, when they sold it off, to pay that alleged debt.

    Is it wise to sell off the farm to pay debts? Suggest it is not. Money should always be re-invested in new infrastructure, thgat allows future growth and productivity.

    Why was not the money from sales of government owned bodies, invested in new infrastructure.

    Why were they allow to get away with renouncing road infrastructure many times. Very little of it came into being, when they were rudely thrown out.

    Why did Howard committed hundreds of millions of dollars, to build new facilities on Christmas Island, when It is claimed the Pacific Solution stopped the boats. Surely that would not have been needed, if the boats had been stopped forever.

    Why did Howard promised to put a price on carbon emissions, if it is as Abbott claims such action will not work and lead to the nation’s economy collapsing.

    Why did Mr. Howard change school funding, that means more being educated by the private sector, at the expense of the public school system.

    Why did they go down the track of wrecking the public health system, giving any new benefits to the private system. Same goes for Medicare.

    Did the demolishing of the CES and contracting out job services lead to a better system of helping the unemployed.

    How successful was working for the dole and mutual obligation. Did the obligations only go one way. Worker to government.

    What affect did Howard actions in moving to user pay, have on low income earners. Especially when at the same time, taxes were lowered and rebates given to higher income earners. The lowering of taxes always benefit the well off more than those on the bottom of the ladder.

    Why was it the self funded retirees that were always given extra assistance. while the full pensioner got nil.

    Has the GST wiped out the black money market.

    And last of all, who was supposed to benefit by WorkChoice It did not lead to a increase in productivity.

    The question that maybe one should ask, is who benefitted most from the Howard government.

  61. What does the new term of Abbott’s means. They tried to sort it out this morning opn Insiders. The word that gets me, is “unexpected” What does unexpected changes mean.

    Does Abbott support the changes made to super or not. If a gaggle of journalists cannot work out that answer, how are we poor unwashed expected to.

    “There will be no unexpected changes”. Can someone please explain, The emphasis is put on “unexpected” everytime Abbott voices the comment.

  62. Well thank you Bacchus

    However, the underlying conceptual basis for measuring employment and unemployment has remained essentially unchanged since 1954………For practical reasons, the ILO standards specify that the concept should be interpreted as paid work for at least one hour in a short reference period such as one week or one day. This ‘one hour criterion’ in the definition of employment.…..”

    But but but Joy said this “Tony Abbott decreed that anyone working just ONE HOUR per week was fully employed

    And you wonder why I do not trust ALP supporters most of the time. This “one hour” urban myth never dies. Why don’t Labor supporters like Joy get their facts correct before they post falsehoods??

    Furthermore most of the stuff ALP supporters post are also falsehoods.

  63. Well 90% of what Neil posts is c#@p – perhaps Neil should find credible sources for his info, rather than Lieberal party sites 😉

  64. When I see & hear the utter garbage that flows from the LNP & its barrackers I get ropeable. It is THEY who are the deceitful twisters of facts & information. Black is white when it suits them.

    As for Neil of SYDNEY & scaper, they are a pair of patronising prats.

  65. Creditable sources? Like the Labor party sites?

    There are three takes on disputation of facts…one side, the other side and the truth.

  66. “It is THEY who are the deceitful twisters of facts & information.”

    It wasn’t me who said this.

    Tony Abbott decreed that anyone working just ONE HOUR per week was fully employed

    Do you have a link for that???

  67. Oh dear, how old are you scaper? You are acting lie a 4yo or are you still suffering from a hangover caused by all the heady celebrity rah rahing frivolities at the IPA festivities?

  68. The festive season has just begun. Got an event in Brisbane this week. Tom Palmer at the Hilton. Might have to show ID to attend the bar. HAHAHAHAH!

  69. Scaper, I think you’d better stick to lemonade. I’d hate you to make a fool of yourself.

  70. It would be a very rare occurrence here for anyone to link to a Labor site. Sites like the OECD, IMF, ABS, Professors of economics, professional working economists etc. appear quite regularly, whereas when Neil deigns to post a link, many times it’s from a Lieberal minister or the Opposition Oracle quoting something a Lieberal has said 🙄

  71. “It would be a very rare occurrence here for anyone to link to a Labor site”

    I am not asking for a link to a Labor site. i am asking for a link where Abbott said this.

    Tony Abbott decreed that anyone working just ONE HOUR per week was fully employed”

  72. Why do Neil and Scaper bother to come here, to a site where they are pariahs and laughing stocks at best and otherwise ignored? Is there some medical explanation for oddballs like this lurking around sites among people with whom they have nothing in common? They don’t seem to have normal social lives and understand about how to have a productive exchange of ideas with other people.

  73. “Why do Neil and Scaper bother to come here”

    I have been posting with these people since 2007. We used to meet on Dunlops blog. Am I not aloud to give my opinion?? Your post reaffirms my belief that ALP supporters are natural totalitarians.

    My first post was on Dunlops blog. Why should i post on Bolts blog. I come here to find out what not to believe. If you lot are for it I am generally against it.

    Look at this comment.

    Tony Abbott decreed that anyone working just ONE HOUR per week was fully employed

    Total bullshit. It is my opinion that ALP supporters like to tell lies about the Coalition because they have no morals. Sluring the Coalition is also another weapon.

  74. Well Niel you are wrong VERY wrong, the one hr full employment WAS an LNP ploy to manipulate the unemployment figures in the rodent era, if you cant remember that far back don’t accuse us of lying, that mantel falls squarely in the Lieberal came, don’t try your projection here we know it all to well.

  75. The festive season has just begun. Got an event in Brisbane this week. Tom Palmer at the Hilton

    Well I hope he speaks very slowly Mack, otherwise it will go completely over your head. LOL. But then again, every ‘court’ needs its fool, and you qualify on so many counts.

    Good to see you are such a strong supporter of gay rights BTW.

  76. Just noticed:

    you are a sanctimonious wanker, scaper

    Indeed! In his own words he drove from Brisbane to Perth to ‘pull off’ a deal but again he shot ‘blanks’. Slunk home.

    So many ‘visions’ and so many ‘failures’. A very, very slow learner.

    Joy, if you want a list, I can supply. Indeed anyone who has any history of blogging can supply. It’s why, despite years of ‘sucking up’ to the rich and powerful, the powers that be won’t give him any credence. LOL.

  77. Yes Neil, you and Migs, scaper and indeed myself go all the way back to Tim Dunlop’s Blogocracy blog. Scaper might have also been on Tim’s Road to Surfdom blog as well. Therefore I can absolutely guarantee it, that no way are either you or Scaper trolls..or if you are, then you’re our trolls. 😉 We might agree with not a scrap that you say but you’ve been saying it for one hell of a long time, so we must therefore believe that you mean it. 😉

  78. Thanks Col. 🙂 After once being married to a conservative-voting BS artist I can spot them from kms away 😉

    Why is it when conservative LNP barnacles run out of cogent arguments they sink down to the gutter by throwing insults about the alleged lack of morals or intelligence in those who disagree with them? It seems to be a common trait with them wherever they comment.

  79. they sink down to the gutter by throwing insults about the alleged lack of morals

    Well I guess I should have been a little more polite but I am sick of seeing this

    Tony Abbott decreed that anyone working just ONE HOUR per week was fully employed

    It is an urban myth that never wants to die. Perhaps you can get your facts right before posting crap on the Internet.

  80. It isn’t an urbn myth NoS. Maybe your rose-coloured glasses only allow you see it that way but back in the day when the MSM was more ethical & balanced it was widely reported that your idol, Tony Abbott, as Employment, etc Minister ,had decreed that ONE hour’s work p/w was considered being employed. No doubt he got this idea from the international body mentioned above but it was he who implemented it here for statistical purposes.

    So stop being so petulantly stupid & mono-visioned. God you remind me of Tom of Melbourne. Are you sure you aren’t twins?

  81. No doubt he got this idea from the international body mentioned above but it was he who implemented it here for statistical purposes.

    Got a link for that?? You should look at what Bacchus posted at 3.05PM April 7.


    Unemployed” (Chronicle 24 June) accused the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) of adjusting unemployment figures to give a picture more desirable to the government. These accusations are baseless, and show a lack of understanding of the statistics produced.

    The ABS is independent of government, as guaranteed through an Act of Parliament. The way in which ABS statistics are defined, collected and published is decided solely by the ABS and is based on high professional and ethical standards. To imply otherwise attacks the integrity, credibility and impartiality that the ABS is known for.

    Employment and unemployment statistics in Australia are measured using internationally accepted concepts and methods. These have been used in Australia since the 1960s

  83. “………you think the bond yield is not a good proxy for whether government debt is sustainable, let’s quickly look to Italy and Spain, for example, where yields skyrocketed to 6 and 7% before the market calming influence of the European Central Bank was evident. In Greece, yields on 2 year government bonds exceeded 100% before the partial default and bail out funds arrived. Look also at Argentina over a decade ago and many other countries where high government debt has been a genuine problem.

    It is also worthy of note that between 75 and 80% of Australia’s $230 billion bond market is held by foreigners . They are not obliged to hold these bonds but do so for reasons of security, financial safety and return. Nervous about government debt? I don’t think so.

    Which bring us to the next point Sloan ignores in her fear campaign – Australia’s credit rating.

    In November 2011, Fitch Ratings upgraded Australia’s sovereign credit rating to AAA. This meant for the first time, all three ratings agencies, the others being Moody’s and Standard & Poors, rated Australia triple-A. It didn’t happen when Australia had no net debt, never happened when there were budget surpluses, but it happened in 2011 AFTER the move to budget deficit, after it was clear net government debt was inching up and after, unfortunately for Sloan, around 200,000 jobs had been protected from the fiscal stimulus measures a couple of years earlier.

    I just want to emphasise – the upgrade from Fitch was in November 2011 when the budget was in deficit. In delivering the upgrade, the first item Fitch noted was “low public debt”. Policy flexibly was also seen as a vitally important aspect of Australia’s low sovereign risk.

    Having seen the recent budget numbers and debt levels, Fitch and the other ratings agencies have all retained the triple-A rating, not that Sloan would want that inconvenient fact to get in the way of a good scare story…”

  84. Tony upset. Slow learner. When one makes extreme and outrageous comments, one must expect similar comeback.

    Turnbull, out this morning with his outrageous lies about NBNCo. Who wants those large steel cabinets on every street corner.

    Why does Abbott and Co believe they can only win by demonising the PM and lies.

    Why not try offering something better.

    Have been annoyed by the PM being referred to on the ABC by Ms. Gillard.

    Today I notice an improvement, the PM, Ms. Gillard. Sometimes only Julia.

    Wonder how hard they have to work to make the surname sound ridiculous. Just heard again, the way Julia Gillard has… followed by she. No mention of being PM. Sorry, things have not improved, we are getting Gillard.. Needless to say, the comments are being negative. Talking about China ABC local. Talking international politics.

    Have not notice that the Opposition leader gets Tony or Abbott the majority of the time.

  85. “………..The latest Australian numbers show that government spending as a percent of GDP will be 23.8% in 2012-13. Yes, it was 26.0% of GDP in 2009-10 as the stimulus measures kicked in but only three times in the past 20 years has this ratio been lower than the 2012-13 level. So much for Sloan’s confected concern about government spending. I should add too, that this level of government spending is being delivered with the biggest ever cut in real government outlays in 2012-13, another fact Sloan is not aware of or chooses to ignore.

    Sloan also chooses to muddy the waters, mixing gross and net debt concepts – a popular trick to get people really scared about debt, and then implies that Australia is at risk of replicating the economic crisis of Ireland where debt, according to Sloan’s numbers, rose from 20% of GDP to nearly 100% (the numbers are actually, according to the IMF, from a low of 12% in 2007 to 110% in 2013).

    I am not sure what motivated Ms Sloan to write her diatribe. Who knows, she might actually be nervous about Australia’s level of government debt. If she is, she is in sharing that space with the Tea Party nutters who also are probably nervous about the sky falling in sometime soon.

  86. but back in the day when the MSM was more ethical & balanced it was widely reported that your idol, Tony Abbott, as Employment, etc Minister ,had decreed that ONE hour’s work p/w was considered being employed.”

    Well if it was widely reported it should be easy to find a link. Still waiting.

    I personally did see statements like yours on leftoid blogs. Lots of other false statements as well.

    Perhaps you should apologise for telling falsehoods about Tony Abbott?? Yours is actually a variation I have not seen. It is usually Howard who allegedly changed the way the unemployment rate was measured not Abbott.

    In fact the whole accusation by you is a load of crap.

  87. What we do know about Abbott on industrial relations, and just a couple of snippets:

    ~ that those on unemployment benefits and aged 30yrs and under would be made to work in the mines. It was not stated whether or not Tony meant to include teenage girls.

    ~ that he has chopped and changed on the issue, once stating that WorkChoices “went too far”, plus the dead and buried comment but also stating categorically that what Australia needs is “a free and flexible” workforce and that WorkChoices was “good for wages, good for jobs and good for the workers”.

  88. Really”” You believe this crap??

    but back in the day when the MSM was more ethical & balanced it was widely reported that your idol, Tony Abbott, as Employment, etc Minister ,had decreed that ONE hour’s work p/w was considered being employed.”


    As a side note, the one-hour-a-week figure is an international standard, so that Australia’s headline unemployment rate can be directly compared with other countries. The ABS mounts a convincing argument for using this figure in its ‘Understanding the Australian Labour Force Using ABS Statistics’ document.”

    Working one hour/week to be considered employed is an international standard. Abbott nor Howard introduced it.

  90. I mean neither Abbott nor Howard introduced it.

    It never ceases to amaze me that this statement “Tony Abbott, as Employment, etc Minister ,had decreed that ONE hour’s work p/w was considered being employed.” keeps popping up.

    It just reaffirms my belief that ALP supporters have trouble with the truth.

  91. Yep, we do indeed have trouble sorting out the truth from the lies from those on the right.

    I have come to the realisation, it is easier to treat all as lies, unless there is proof that says otherwise.

    Todays effort on the NBN has been one example where they have excel themselves. They start off with making comparisons with Rudd’s failed first effort. with what we have now. Of course the cost and time to complete will be greatly different.

    What Turnbull ias proposing is not in the same ball park.

  92. They say plagiarism is the highest form of flattery, and I do love flattery. But if you want to flatter me, by using my caricature to illustrate your blog, would you mind providing a credit and link?


    Andy Dolphin

  93. scaper, Abbott better have something worth listening to, when the people once again, turn their attention to politics. That 30% and this week,in some of the 45% don’t knows or undecided, decide it is time to make a decision.

    Abbott better have something worth listening to in the public domain, or they will just move on.

  94. scaper, I believe Crean made up his mind to go before this.Crean has said, if it was about who he likes, he would have stayed with Gillard.

    scaper Crean is on ABC 24, you might just learn something instead of mouthing off.

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