Sunday Funday

Embarrassing moments. We’ve all had them.

One embarrassing moment had me running for cover.

About 20 years ago I attended the opening of a new restaurant in North Adelaide. People just stood around eating finger food while being served free drinks of all descriptions and chatted to whoever walked past.

One fellow kept calling me Imran. Yes, I was young and good looking once :mrgreen: and struck a familiar look to Pakastani cricketer and heartthrob Imran Khan. So naturally, I didn’t mind being likened to him.

But this fellow started to become very obnoxious after an hour or so and the thrill was starting to wear off. “Hey, Imran” he’d shout across the room. Once or twice is OK, but not 15,000 times.

Slightly bored I told him he reminds me of Skull Murphy. Some of you might remember Skull (pictured); a mean, nasty SOB wrestler from the 1960s. He was the ultimate bad guy.

“Why did you say that?” he asked, somewhat seriously.

“Your bald ugly head has something to do with it” I replied.

At that point he pulled out his card. The name on it chilled me to the core: Detective Richard Murphy.

“Skull was my uncle” he glaringly and frighteningly announced.

That’s when I announced my departure.

A photo of Canadian wrestler Skull Murphy whic...

Skull Murphy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

7 comments on “Sunday Funday

  1. I was once heckled on stage by a completely obnoxious prick.

    Usual comebacks,
    I remember my first drink champ,……
    last time I saw a mouth like that it had a hook in it……..
    have a go at this instant asshole just ad alcohol…

    After 30 minutes or so people were getting the shits big time.

    Ok that’s it…not one note till this dead shit is thrown out….

    For fuck sake wheres a fucking copper when you need one…

    Right here….Detective blah blah….

    small country town nowhere to go..very awkward.

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