The Great Manipulators


Another great post from The Pub’s very own Janice!

(Credit: Democratic Underground)

The kingmakers

Power hungry controllers of society – The Media


The Fourth Estate is a societal and political force or institution, whose influence is not consistently or officially recognised.

Supposedly, the Fourth Estate consists of professional men and women who are trained in the art of journalism, whereby they gather information, without fear or favour, and disperse same to the people.

Supposedly, these journalists abide by a Code of Ethics (regulated by themselves)

When media hyenas gather, someone is torn to pieces. The carcass is fought over so that every morsel is consumed in a feeding frenzy that serves only to quiet the hunger pangs for a short time.

In this country, journalists have always been rated below the used car salesman in the trustworthy stakes. I suspect this is because truth is never…

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7 comments on “The Great Manipulators

  1. Dont you just love the Media but cannot do without it even is this tech age.
    Ms Dillard has brought the ‘negative press’ on herself with her arrogant
    dismissive replies.
    Then the Media Bill – how dumb was that – Fail Again

  2. ME, precisely. Where is all the Liars & msm outrage at the way Mills was deposed, particularly Mills?

    I was reading the Drum today and the dingbats were still rabbiting on about Gillard=backstabbing bitch, but when someone rightly brought up Ballieu & Mills, their only response was they were unpopular so they had to go.

    Nothing about the treachery and gutlessness wrt Mills. He may have been a disaster, although he’s hardly been in long enough to make that call, I would have thought.

    But to wait until he was o/s so they could deny him the opportunity to canvas for support is lower than a snake’s belly, imo but so typical of the Liars Party.

    Imagine if it was the ALP; the msm & Liars shills would still be shrieking hysterically about it, as indeed they are 3 years down the track after the removal of Rudd. At least he was tapped on the shoulder and given the choice of a spill.

    So next time a troll starts on the Gillard=backstabber meme, I’ll ask them where Mills was when the NT Liars stabbed him in the back. I almost feel like asking Anal why he is so selective with his outrage.

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