Libs to axe Abbott after poll shock

Following the success of his article of the same name on Independent Australia, Alan Austin has kindly offered it for publication at Café Whispers.

Today’s horrific opinion polling for Tony Abbott has forced moves to replace him as federal Opposition leader.

“We have no choice,” a prominent Coalition power broker told journalists in a private backgrounder. “We must act now. Going to an election with Tony would be suicide.”

Newspoll today shows Abbott’s personal approval still only 39 per cent despite having risen 11 points since December.

This continues the run of negative poll results since Abbott narrowly beat Malcolm Turnbull for the Liberal Party leadership in 2009. That vote was 42 – 41.

Turnbull’s approval remains above 60 per cent.

“Tony’s numbers are disastrous,” a senior Liberal Party strategist admitted. “Never been above 40 per cent. And that’s with all the media constantly pumping him and bagging Julia.”

The strategist concedes that on current polling the Government would win the September election if Abbott remains Opposition leader. “Keating won in 1993 from a worse position than Gillard’s now,” he said. “And the little lying rodent won in 2001 from even further behind.”

“Abbo is a nice bloke,” said a Coalition frontbencher who declined to be named. “He got Fairfax in lockstep with Murdoch by promising whatever media laws they want. And the ABC is giving us an incredible run. God knows what he promised them. So kudos to Abbo for that. But we can’t expect the media to conceal the fact forever – the guy has no policy clue.

“Sooner or later, someone’s going to read his book,” the frontbencher said. “Talk about falsehoods and fantasy! I don’t know who wrote it. But he didn’t get a fact right.”

“If Laurie Oakes or Paul Syvret found it, they’d rip it to shreds. We’ve begged him to take it off the website.”

A source close to the Shadow Treasurer agrees. “If you think Joe Hockey is an economics moron – don’t quote me on that, will you? – just look at what Abbott says. I mean, everything about tax is wrong, everything on growth and productivity is wrong. It’s like he’s never read a briefing paper in his life.”

“Eventually someone’s going to notice the economy,” the source said. “We can only lie about that for so long. Reality will dawn – Australia’s books are the best in the world. By a street. The media all keep trying to credit Costello. But the punters won’t buy that forever.”

A National Party shadow minister in a marginal country seat confirmed the move is on. “Gotta face it,” he said. “We can’t win with Tony. He’s not just a policy buffoon but a compulsive liar. Switch now, and we have a chance.”

The frontbencher said the continual falsehoods were a central problem to conservative rural voters. “Like when he denied meeting George Pell. Stone the crows! And denying he organised the anti-Pauline Hanson slush fund. Geez, that’s going to bite us on the bum. His crazy claim he won’t do deals to gain office. Strewth! His lies about the carbon tax. His insane idea that China’s CO2 emissions would increase 500 per cent. His stupid porkies about why he didn’t visit the troops in Afghanistan with Julia. The ridiculous claim that BHP deferred Olympic Dam due to taxes. His absurd insult to all our allies that ‘the rest of the world was not going anywhere near emission trading schemes.’ Calling asylum seekers ‘illegals’. And his lies about Government spending. Fair dinkum! They just keep on coming.”

“Tony’s a good mate,” the shadow minister said. “Just no integrity. This is all off the record, by the way.”

According to another Coalition insider the move could come as early as next week. “We are just waiting for Tony to go overseas. Like the Country Libs in the Northern Territory.”

Asked if he believed the switch to Malcolm Turnbull would be a positive, the insider said, “Anyone but Abbott. But you didn’t hear it from me.

“Look, we gave him a go. Got in front in the polls for a while. But let’s face it. There’s only one reason for that – the media continually concocting stories about the Gillard Government with fabricated quotes attributed to anonymous sources.”

Alan (pictured below) is an Australian freelance journalist currently living in Nîmes in the South of France, but who returns to Australia regularly. His interests are religious affairs, the economics of development and integrity in government and the media. He has been published in many print outlets and worked for eight years with ABC Radio and Television’s religious broadcasts unit. He has also worked as a journalist with the aid agency World Vision and the Uniting Church.

65 comments on “Libs to axe Abbott after poll shock

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  2. Mig. Fantastic creative writing. You have a real skill. Loved it.
    FYI. And totally unrelated. The First Bloke flew to KL from the Hold Coast last Thursday just when all Gillard’s problems were unfolding. Weird hey.

  3. This is hilarious. I hope it’s not true though! Tony Abbott being such a dickhead is about the only thing that would stop Liberals being elected in September.

  4. Tweeds been to the Tony Abbott School of reading…… 🙄
    Great post ALAN, very insightful and humourous. Let us hope that it actually comes to pass. He really is a grubby little fellow, that Tony Abbott.

  5. What an amazing dilema.
    Just shows what a mega dilema Labor is in if this is true.
    I say if true how can Labor be so far behind if Abbott is that bad.
    Because of all the old baggage they have – headed by an even lousier leader!
    While Gillard stays its minus 35seats on 14Sept , very simple really.

  6. I am surprised that you whisperers are surprised. It has been writing on the wall since the NSW wipeout in 2011 and it started with The Carbon Tax.
    As bad as it seems for Labor now, today will be considered a relative high point as we get closer to September.
    Boats, Craig, Slipper, Gillard/AWU/Police, HSU/Williamson/Police, More Boats, May Budget, Debt Ceiling, Budget update just Prior to 14th September.
    ICAC/Obeid…….and Labor mates.
    And the biggie is when the Blame Game starts when the Labor MPs realise their Gravey Train with Biscuit Wheels has ground to a halt.
    You whisperer don’t listen to me. Abbott has had Gillard wedged since the Carbon Tax.
    His biggest wedging? he has managed to do enough but not too much so that Gillard remains at the helm.
    I do admit Abbott must be surprised at the consistent own goals from Gillard and Swan.

  7. Tweed doin’ the RW projection Twist…….. round and a round and a round we go again…… come on Tweed baby lets do the RW twist…… must be some huge prob’s in that house of ‘card’ known as the LNP. 🙄

  8. Scraps, …. yeah, ok, I call out this piece ” You whisperer don’t listen to me” 😆 ….. the rest is misdirection and projection. Gillard/AWU/Police…. the MSMLNP cult threw more energy at this than a Methane Hydrate plume, with the same result….. just a lotta hot air ….. MSMLNP former cultist Slipper, and when he was still a cult member, diiddles the the cab fair with a little known cross the ACT border rule and gets tarred and feathered for what looks like a whole grand ($). 🙄 …. oh, but thats Julia’s little speaker boy….. she must take the blame for the infamouse former MSMLNP cultist zillion times preselected Peter Slipper 🙄 ….. and on and on and on….. *yawn*

  9. Well well this is no surprise to me I new Malcome Turnbull was to quite he is just like a leopard waiting to catch his prey put The idiot in and let him stuff up and then say he is no good gee their really good at knifing one another in the back as I said once before its like the days of Al Chpone get rid of who starts to rock the boat and who is dead wood

  10. LOVO. Ease up on the substance abuse. Nobody can decipher a word you are typing. Try again in the morning.
    Brenda Orr. English is obviously your second language.. Well done. Your second language is obviously better than my second language….. If I had one. ..

  11. So, Brenda…… don’t supose we called meet up some time 😉 …… at least we have something in common……… Tweed thinks we’re beneath him…… lesser mortals…… prey even……… but, hey…. he’s an alpha……… he knows goodest betterest english than we…. he prob’s k-nows what Ad Hominem means……. me two !! me too!!!! me to!!!!!
    Bacch’s, … 😉 ……. so you think Migs will get it then….. 😯

  12. I’m always astounded how the Tweed etc could be so frightened of boats as the subject of boats always seems to dominate any discussion.

    Better close your eyes, because here comes a really scary one..

  13. TS, not a chance..that little guy has a genuine claim for asylum and will become an admirable Australian citizen. 😉

    Good one on Turnbull. He talks the talk but has failed to walk the walk.

  14. There is no talk of leadership in the Libs and if there was Turnbull would not be considered because the Libs would lose over 10% of their support.

    Of more interest is whom will be the next GG. Between Downer and Howard…I would like to see Downer get the gig but Howard would be better because you lefties would go into convulsions.

  15. What a trifecta for Howard…… worst PM ever…. worst Treasurer ever…. and he’ll be an even worse GG ….. what a man :roll:…… what a waste of…air…and money this looser ‘has been’, has been. I, like the people of Bennelong, say NO. 👿

  16. Wonder how many of those 17 from Howard front bench will last, if the next election turns out as is predicted.

    Does one really believe that all the new blood that will be elected are going to sit quietly, allowing such an aging and discredited front bench exist.

    I put the leader in the same camp.

    Howard was in power two terms ago, and this is the best Abbott can come up with.

    Why do not many more question why that shadow bench exists.

    There has to be some talent somewhere within the Opposition, but it is sure hard to find. None seem to have any backbone at all.

  17. Howard is a winner in one thing LOVO, the most expensive ex-PM this country has ever had. He’s costing more each year than all the other ex-PMs combined.

    Abbott is also a winner. The most expensive ministerial office in our political history by a long shot. And this is the man who says he’s going to save billions in government.

    The jokes on the Australian people if that clown gets in.

  18. Who believes that Morrison, Mirabella, Pyne, Abetz, Brandis, Cormon, and Bishop are good value.

    Does one want this mobe representing this country overseas.

  19. Scaper, for once you are at least partially right, as there is no leadership talk in the Libs (at least publicly), but there is plenty outside the Libs, and most of it from Lieberal voters who hate Abbott, and don’t want to vote for him. 😆

    Cheers 😀 😆

  20. I have been out of WiFi range for a few days. I was really embarrassed to see our bogan leader falling on her face while representing us overseas. The world must think we are a bunch of uneducated rednecks when they hear Gillard speak.
    Just embarrassing. We ended up with an unskilled MP who unexpectedly morphed into PM and expected lay didn’t handle the job. Time to moooove on.

  21. Again, you have no say. It is the swinging voters that determine governments, not rusted on lefties and righties. You lot are powerless…all bark, no bite.

  22. The word is Abbott is recognised as the best Opposition Leader in modern times. He will probably do the same sterling job as PM.
    The advantage is he is taking over at a woeful low base that Gillard has set. All he has to do is be financially competent, govern in the best interests of Australia. The most difficult task will be stopping the boats. 2200 queue jumpers in March. I told the whisperers months ago that the boats would start once the monsoon is over.
    As forecast t he weather is glorious, calm seas, no storms.

  23. “We ended up with an unskilled MP who unexpectedly morphed into PM and expected lay didn’t handle the job. Time to moooove on.

    Inexperience. A MP who held three big portfolios at one time. One who happened to be deputy PM.

    Yes, she has handled the job well. Well, at least she finds the time to read important documents.

    Abbott could not even manage to do this, while on a plane to London. Too busy doing important things., Still has not been able to tell us, what important things he was doing.

  24. TS. I keep telling you stuff and you don’t believe. Then when these things come to pass you get all antsie. There have been NO surprises in Gillard and Labor’s fortunes since Gillard broke her promise on the Carbon Tax. She should have told Bob Brown to piss off and put her promises to the electorate above short term sucking up to Bob.
    It has all been down hill. No principles, untruthful, bad policy and worse delivery. The punters have not been fooled and are rightly pissed off. No mysteries here TS.
    This government has been a dud. Gillard has been a dud.
    It won’t end at the election. Abbott will have a mandate to clean up the union corruption, stop the boats, rein in the budget deficits, run a pragmatic government policy instead of this warm inner glow BS we get from you guys, the nations passengers.

  25. Telling the facts is enough. We will leave the yapping up to you mob. All bark and no bite, from, where I am sitting.

  26. Tweed, my old granny was Welsh too..I’m sure that those overseas can cope with an Aussie/Welsh one. Goodness, strange accent..nope, no one overseas has an accent. 🙄

  27. What accent 😕 She may have an accent while overseas….but ‘she’ sounds like an Aussie city person to me….. but then again city people always sound funny to us here in the bush…….ay 😀

  28. The word is Abbott is recognised as the best Opposition Leader in modern times.

    By whom and on what planet?

  29. Möbius Ecko
    March 31, 2013 @ 1:09 pm
    “Abbott is also a winner. The most expensive ministerial office in our political history by a long shot. And this is the man who says he’s going to save billions in government.” Möbius Ecko
    March 31, 2013 @ 1:09 pm
    “Abbott is also a winner. The most expensive ministerial office in our political history by a long shot. And this is the man who says he’s going to save billions in government.”
    (from 5min 20sec on)

  30. It seems getting numbers in polls is all that counts.

    Policies, ability and honesty no longer counts.

  31. Tweed said

    She should have told Bob Brown to piss off and put her promises to the electorate above short term sucking up to Bob.

    She did, and then won that election, so implemented it. So stop lying.

    JULIA Gillard says she is prepared to legislate a carbon price in the next term.

    The fact that the oo are leading the ‘Carbon Tax Lie’ propaganda is astounding as this quote is from their very own papers. And you are lapping it up.

  32. Tom you are a Joker. What exactly do you think was the electorate takeout when Gillard said……there will be NO Carbon Tax under a government I lead…… Just days before an election.
    We thought OK she won’t bring in a Carbon Tax…. That’s good.
    Tom. Why do you think the electorate is pissed when Gillard brought in a Carbon Tax after kissing Bob Browns arse.
    Over the last three years we have seen where Gillard is a woeful negotiator. She doesn’t negotiate she just bends over for whatever vote she needs at the time.
    And the biggest insult and the greatest stupidity Tom? She folds to those with no Mandate, the Greens and Independents at the expense of us the voters. Dumb and weak and stupid is Gillard. Did she really think we would forget her lies and stupidity and arse kissing of the Greens and Independents by the time the election came around? Nooooo Tom. We have not forgotten.
    Tom. Keep your head in the sand if you wish. Gillard is incompetent and it didn’t take long for the electorate to sort that one out.

  33. What is more astounding is the cretin links to The Australian and pastes one line but conveniently ignores the third paragraph!

    Regardless…the lie stands out for the electorate. The left beaten at their own game, priceless!

  34. scaper, we are all well aware that many in the electorate believes the PM has lied. Still does not alter the fact, that the PM did NOT lie.

    Just reinforces the power of the MSM in this country to create false conceptions in the public arena.

  35. I guess the electorate listened to the whole sentence and has the wit to know that there is no carbon tax, so no broken promise.

    And just in case you’re too thick to understand the difference a tax is a levy imposed across the board, the carbon price is a mechanism to reduce carbon emissions by the 500 biggest polluters in the country.

    There is a price on carbon emissions, which Gillard promised to do. No broken promise and as usual you have proved yourself to be a liar.

    A number of businesses, including Coles and Woolworths, various councils and abattoirs had prepared for the introduction of the carbon price and as a result have reduced their emissions sufficiently to longer pay the carbon price but have also reduced their power consumption and therefore operating costs significantly.

    As usual, more lies and Liars Party distortions. Maybe you should actually do some research instead of relying on Liars Parrty bullshit.

    Then more lies wrt the Greens & Independents. They were elected by the voters in their electorates with a mandate to represent the voters’ interests.

    For you to imply the voters not only had no idea what their representatives stood for, but did not have the right to representation in the Parliament, is not only arrogant but insulting.

    But what else can we expect from the likes of Tweed and his fellow Liars trolls?

  36. I find it very telling that the hypocrite right wingers here keep going on about a Gillard lie that wasn’t but very conveniently overlook Abbott’s string of whoppers.

    So somehow Abbott lying through his teeth, even admitting he lies through his teeth, is perfectly OK with them but only if it the Liberals trashing democracy and lying.

    Friggin’ lying hypocrites to the core and always have been. And to boot they proudly announce their lies and hypocrisy in just about every post they make.

  37. Jane only has hate dreams. Liars Party? Oh, grow up!

    As far as politics go you have a very sheltered view. No one from any other political party lies??? Oh dear…

  38. The third paragraph from the article I linked to

    “I don’t rule out the possibility of legislating a Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme, a market-based mechanism,” she said of the next parliament. “I rule out a carbon tax.”

    Thanks for highlighting that scaper. Recall, a Carbon Tax, particularly at the time of the comment, although, in reality, that definition should not change, refers to a tax applied to carbon based products at the time of their consumption, whereas a price, is a market based mechanism applied to carbon based products at the time of production. What does what we have now resemble? There is nothing directly applied by

  39. Can call it anything you like, the swinging voters know it as the carbon tax and they don’t like it much at all judging by the polls turning after the announcement.

    Labor not only being workchoiced but the Libs also control the language. Classic!

  40. call it anything you like, the swinging voters know it as the carbon tax

    I’ll call it what it is, a Carbon price, and the msm will continue to call it a Carbon tax.

    No wonder they are going broke

  41. I do find it hard to dislike something that does not exist.

    Just tells one how the MSM and Abbott have been in creating false conceptions within the community. Not bad when so much hysteria can be stirred up about something that is not there.

    Somewhere along the path, reality has got to catch up with such misconceptions.

    What do we see today, paying off mortgages atan rate unknown of in the past. Housing sales and buildings going up. More savings than ever. Stock market good. MOre in higher education than before. Even more Indigenous kids in the classroom.

    Massive road work in the north on the Pacific Highway, coming into fruition, 15 months ahead of time. Murray”Darling river basin schemes in place. .

    It is hard to find a bad figure in any area of the economy.

    Does not sound like a bad economy to me.

    This PM has managed to turn around the excessive private debt that Costello and Howard left in their wake.

    CEF already showing positive results.

  42. Perhaps people need to be reminded about Liealot’s GST which costs them exponentially more than the carbon price ever will.

  43. Jane. You are an unresearched dill.
    John Howard PM took the GST to an election where the voters gave their decision and gave John Howard PM a MANDATE.
    This is the difference with Gillard. She lied, did not go to the voters, and the only Authority she had was a Bob Brown Mandate.

  44. Unresearched would be a compliment in my opinion. Let us not mention the other hidden taxes that were traded off for the GST.

    Gee, I’m no fan of the GST because of the compliance but that is the price one pays to run a business. Can’t be all sunshine and lollypops as all the phones, internet, computers, vehicles, fuels, expenses and even my new Bolle sunnies are tax deductible. Not to mention my Silky Terrier (guard dog) and my latest adventure in Perth.

  45. Alan Ramsey wrote (1998):

    “Telling a lie is easier than killing it, even for a prime minister. A lie is a lie, and once it is out on the street no amount of passing traffic can ever truly skittle it. John Howard told a lie on May 2, 1995. Then he told more lies to reinforce the first lie. To protect himself from what he judged a serious threat to his last chance to be prime minister, Howard lied and went on lying. Now, three years later, he is telling still more lies to hide that first lie.”

    …He issued a four-sentence statement saying, “Suggestions I have left open the possibility of a GST are completely wrong. A GST or anything resembling it is no longer Coalition policy. Nor will it be policy at any time in the future. It is completely off the political agenda in Australia.”

    Later that day, confronted by a clamouring press pack, he compounded the lie. Asked if he’d “left the door open for a GST”, Howard said: “No. There’s no way a GST will ever be part of our policy.”

    Q: “Never ever?”

    Howard: “Never ever. It’s dead. It was killed by voters at the last election.”

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