Come back, Paul!

Are there any retired politicians you’d like to see back in the halls of Parliament?

I’d love to see a return of Paul Keating; in my opinion one of our best Prime Ministers, Treasurers and Parliamentary performers we’ve had the pleasure to witness. And silly me voted against him in both 1993 and 1996. Just goes to show how politically ignorant I once was.

History has shown the extent of my ignorance.

Australia’s booming economy owes much to him, for example. By introducing compulsory employer based superannuation in the early 1990s he has now added over $1Trillion dollars into our economy.

But despite his previous accomplishments, more than anything I’d just love to see him hanging the likes of Abbott out to dry during Question Time. 😉

Which (living) politician would you like back?

English: Paul Keating in 2007.

Paul Keating in 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

71 comments on “Come back, Paul!

  1. I’ll go with Keating, he ripped Howard a new one. Tony would be so pissed he’d be waiting out the back of the parliament bike shed with a tyre iron.

  2. We need Gough! No-one, even Keating, has ever come close to Gough . He had great oratory, wit and intelligence. He would make minced meat out of Abbott without missing a beat.

  3. Such a good choice, everything political starts with Paul Keating for me. His treasury and Hawke’s PMship defined the Hill for me from the beginning, or shall I say, my beginning. 🙂 However, I think Ms Gillard does a fine job of hanging the LOTO out to dry, quite regularly. The problem perhaps is the same today as you indicated it was when you twice voted against Keating: The truth of the matter really doesn’t always count for much of anything when it comes to what the great unwashed want to vote for.

  4. Whitlam the orator, Keating the knee slicer, Hawk the Aussie Bloke and the late Don Dunstan, Premier of South Australia, eloquent, artistic, intelligent, who did so much for this state and it’s people. Sadly we have lost Don, but his legacy lives on.

  5. Oh I would love to see Paul Keating pick holes in Abbott’s spin. Absolutely Love it. Can someone make that happen ;0) That’s what we need, clever, witty, powerful, leaders. Julia’s good but the media, for whatever reason, don’t listen to her message. Paul Keating had everyone sitting on the edges of their seats in anticipation of his next utterance.

  6. Ah yes. Mr Keating.

    This was the unemployment rate when Keating was around. Thirty months of double digit unemployment

    Sept-Dec 1991- 10.1, 10.0, 10.2, 10.4
    Jan-Dec 1992- 10.3, 10.4, 10.5, 10.6, 10.7, 11.0, 11.0, 10.8, 10.7, 11.0, 11.0, 11.2
    Jan-Dec1993- 10.9, 11.0, 10.8, 10.7, 10.8, 11.0, 10.8, 11.0, 10.7, 10.9, 10.8, 10.6
    Jan-April 1994- 10.4, 10.3, 10.3, 10.1

    And during this time the USA did not have any double digit unemployment.

    All due to the ALP. During this time Victoria almost went bankrupt and Keating lost control of the budget producing 5 large budget deficits. Keating flogged off Qantas, Commonwealth bank, CSL and who know what else and used the money for recurrent spending. We also had home loan interest rates at 18%.

    Unemployed people during this time remember things like that.

    Rusted on Labor voters are insane.

  7. The Abbott & O’Farrell Liberals are crowing today about Western Sydney. But you only need to go back in time (1960s – 1970s) when the Liberals were governing NSW & Federally at the same time. Under Whitlam we finally got sewerage, a major teaching hospital, and free University education. Under Hawke & Keating we got major infrastructure renewal, Government office re-location, Western Sydney University and much more. What did we get from the Howard Government? What did we get from the O’Farrell Government and what can we expect from the Abbott Opposition? Paul Keating has always been a “Westie” a great Treasurer reforming/modernising the Australian economy and a great PM.

  8. Neil of sydney look back a little further to Frazer with Howard as treasurer when he accomplished something no other treasurer in australias history has managed. Double digit unemployment, Double Digit interest rates and Double digit inflation. Keatings reforms were necessary to get growth back into the economy and much of the life we enjoy today is a follow on from that. Unemployment was double digits when he got the job thanks to Howards failure, anything on that was an improvement. People criticize him for his deficit but expressed as a percentage of GDP it was lower than howards and well and truly on it’s way to recovery long before Howard and Costello regained the reins. If Keating had another term his legacy would have seen him bring the budget back into balance WITHOUT the sale of public interests and assets that we saw under Howard.

  9. ls the Lefty panic setting in here after this weeks sideshow.?
    Are you no longer loving Joolya.?
    ” Which (living) politician would you like back? “
    Does Kevin07 count.?
    But do `really` believe Mr-Rabbit can win sep-14.?

  10. 730reportland. Nobody is panicking. Obama had similar popularity ratings 6 months before the US election. Guess who won. Because the Americans realised the opposition, Romney, was a complete fake. Just like Abbott. Simon Crean, whether by design or accident, has done a huge service to the ALP, and moreso by sacrificing his own political career.

  11. ” Nobody is panicking.”
    Wrong. Everybody was panicking. Simon, Joolya, Kevin07, and the Canberra Press Pack. All were panicking and hyperventilating, and it was such fun. Let`s hope we can do it all again real soon. Mr-Rabbit would have spent a good time panicking too, until Kevin07 said there was `no-spill`.

  12. For once I can’t say I like this post, much as I loved Keating. It hasn’t been said but I don’t like the inference that we are nostalgic for him because we aren’t happy with the present incumbent.

    Who could have stood their ground without losing their cool as Julia Gillard did this evening facing that insolent Leigh Sales? After a week such as she has had of treachery from within her own team and non-stop media attack from without? Sales was adding insult to injury, hoping for a coup and to bring our great Prime Minister down. Well she didn’t.

    So no, I don’t want to join your ‘come back Paul’ refrain, Miglo.

    I am glad we have Julia Gillard making decisions for this country. Can you think of any better person to have looking after us in a crisis?

  13. ” that insolent Leigh Sales? “
    Really.? The Lefty`s seem to have been doing a lot of bleating that the embedded media don`t do their job(and_me). Leigh did her job tonight. Suck it up princess, doing the solid interviews is the best way Joolya can revive her tattered image with the non-rusted public. Mr-Rabbit can`t do solid interviews.

  14. patriciawa, we’re not dissing the PM. she regularly wipes the floor with Liealot, but it is a bit of fun thinking about a line up containing the PM, PJK, Hawkey and Gough toying with the Liars.

  15. Sorry, jane, I lost my sense of proportion there, and my sense of humor too. I was still seething from that 7.30 interview which was so unprofessional and unproductive with constant interruptions and presumptive ‘gotcha’ type questions designed to bring the Prime Minister down.

    And I’d also been taken aback by the hostile tone of some of those so called feminists over at another blog. You’ll know the one I mean – you had something to say there too, I noticed.

    Some sanity restored by a surprisingly fair interview on Lateline by Emma Alberici of Gary Gray giving him ample opportunity to explain his reversed position on climate change. I liked how he resisted the openings she gave him to criticize the PM. In fact the interview ended, maybe disappointingly for her, with forthright praise of PMJG by her new Minister for Resources.

    Similarly I was very heartened by Brendan O’Connor’s performance on Q&A and his clarifying and supporting the position of the PM without throwing insults around at the dissenters. Let’s face it, their departure from Cabinet cannot be commented on as if it were defection. Carping hostility from colleagues could lead to resignations and the PM has a hung Parliament to manage here.

    By the way, has anyone noticed how stressed Tony Abbott is looking right now? I guess he was banking on Julia Gillard having been seen off and gone by now! And how about the derision from the audience at K O’D’s attempt to paint him as the great lover of women and healer of our society! And soon after that Christine Nixon’s praise for the PM’s courage and the job she’s done, and the heart felt applause for her her wish that she does carry on and prevail in September!

    There’s a lot of that support out there!

  16. There is nothing wrong with our present PM. If the Media would give her a fair go and report all the good things the Government is doing instead of pouring Shit on her day after day it would be a different story. I only wish people would wake up to the fact that Rudd and his loonies knew that they could not defeat her,so the next best thing for him to do was to bring her down by their constant underhanded back stabbing. She has a lot more support than the Media would like to admit to. As for O’Dwyer she is only rabbiting on because she wants a front bench seat if they win the Election.

  17. If Keating had another term his legacy would have seen him bring the budget back into balance WITHOUT the sale of public interests and assets that we saw under Howard

    You people live in La La land. Keating had lost control of the economy. And you obviously you do not know. Because of what Keating did in selling the Commonwealth Bank and using the money for recurrent expenses, Costello removed money received from sale of assets from the budget. Money received from selling Telstra was used to pay off debt and was not put into the budget as revenue. Costello brought the budget back into surplus without asset sales.

    All I remember about Keating is 30 months of double digit unemployment. Nothing like it since the Great Depression.

    It took a Parliament House riot to get the budget back into surplus.

    I only wish people would wake up to the fact that Rudd and his loonies”

    But you voted for Rudd in 2007 and now he is a loonie?? Shows how great your judgement was in 2007.

  18. Migs
    My rusted on next door 80+ liberal would love Menzies back those were the days however I want to see our very own Julia up there spreading fire and brimstone on the noalition and as they say in the movies “kicking arse”
    I have lived under 7 PM’s since arriving on these shores in 73 but Julia is the gutsy one head up regardless of which way the bullets are coming, our very own Iron Lady

  19. I was watching a clip of Putin walking down the hall of his palace and I realised that Tony Abbott has got the same aggressive swagger as Putin. Is this a sign?

  20. How about the return of Crean, Evans, Carr, Ferguson, etc . . . what did happen to those guys . . . . .

  21. ERIN The difference is the ALP has an extremely good selection of talent sitting on the backbench, that’s more than I could say about the LNP.

  22. “The difference is the ALP has an extremely good selection of talent sitting on the backbench”

    Well let’s hope so for Julia’s sake. Who knows how many more times she’ll have to do another reshuffle before the election.

  23. I don’t know . . . is it ? So you’re saying Tony Abbott is trying to maintain his front bench, whilst Julia Gillard is gutting hers ? You might be right about that !

  24. Scaper, yes I had seen the polls. They make Abbott’s drawn face all the more surprising. He is stressed, no doubt about it. He knows his opponent and had hoped that she would be gone.

  25. After seeing what happened on Thursday, I’m not sure how any of the past politicians would want to come back. 😦

    I still find it hard to believe that so many ‘Labor’ people were working actively to undermine their own party, just to push their preferred candidate. It is truly despicable.

    Also, it has exposed the media for the partisan hack it is. Last Nights Media watch was sight for sore eyes

    It takes apart many of the press gallery, but reserves a special place of ignominy for harcher, as it should. It is also unclear just how much was fed by the rudd camp, how much by the libs, and how much was just simple ‘extrapolation’ by the media themselves (see harcher).

    I also am not sure how much blame can be sheeted to Rudd himself? It appears that some ‘supporters’ were actually pushing and leaking harder than he did or wanted to.

    To say that winning from here is going to be hard is an understatement to say the least. Even I am looking at the sort of people who would undermine their own party to this extent and wonder why should I. Then I remember the BISONS, NDIS, NBN, MDB, Carbon Pricing, MRRT, Plain Packaging etc. It is also good to see that the faction that was perpetrating this dog act is now outed, and out. And, the media have also been exposed for the partisan hacks they are.

    Whether Labor can present as a unified force now is the big question. Particularly when the opposition and their media megaphone will be reminding voters of this constantly until election day. If the party can get the point out that the media were players in this as much if not more than the rudd camp, that message will be far diminished.

    Rudd himself has now forever tarnished his legacy though, whether by his own hand, the hand of his followers, or the media, the end result is the same. He was the Savior, but is now and forever just Chicken Kev, the under-miner. And I for one am glad that the likes of him and his followers didn’t win control of the Labor party. Controlled by Union Hacks it may be, but those Union Hacks are, almost to a person, there to help workers first, no matter what the media and other vested interests try to tell you. The Labor party has won it’s internal battle, and now has a monumental task to win the external one. It should prove far easier with internal solidarity and policy record, although it will still prove a herculean task.

  26. .And I’d also been taken aback by the hostile tone of some of those so called feminists over at another blog

    As was I patricia., particularly the person who wrote the post. All she did was trot out msm bullshit afaic. She also didn’t support her arguments well, imo.

    I thought it was a snide, bitchy post and her constant hectoring of commenters who disagreed with her was an eye opener.

    She certainly has it in for the PM and was very subjective inn her comments. Those who supported her also just trotted out the usual msm bullshit and should have been ashamed that they have swallowed it whole.

    As for the Eva Cox contention that the PM was lightly treated by the msm because she was a woman, made me see red. I was too angry to write anything at that stage, but I can only hope that Ms Cox cops some of the PM’s favoured treatment for a few weeks and see how she handles it!

    All in all, it was not the sort of post I had come to expect of that site and don’t know if i can be bothered going there again. What I saw in the main was a bunch of hollow, smug, self satisfied know alls pushing Liealot’s barrow.

    You, Min & Patricia Benstead run rings around them.

    I didn’t watch 7.30, Q&A or Lateline, so feel heartened by your report of the respective performances by new cabinet members.

    Emma Alberici is a bit of a dark horse. imo. Sometimes watching her in action is a pleasure, almost a Red Kerry in action, then she disappoints by reverting to Liars Party propagandist

  27. I seem to remeber a timne, whan Keating was hated. Hated so much, that Howard was voted in.

    I could not understand the criticism that was aimed at him at the time. I am glad to see that history is treating him better. The same goes for Whitlam. As for out present PM, the same will apply.

    Erin, the ministers you mentioned, are paying the price for being disloyal. They will not be mi8ssed. Are already yesterdays amen and women.

    Clift, Abbott has often been compare to Putin. I suspect that Putin might have more talent though.

    As for the polls, who would have expected any different today.

    We will need to wait and see, whether in is a one off reaction. I would not get too excited over the numbers.

    In spite of all the PM has endured in the last few weeks, she has come over as positive and confident in all interviews.

    As for Keating, Labor did themselves a disservice when they distant themselves from him for years. That was one of Mr. Rudd’s biggest mistake.

    I believe that then, I believe it now.

  28. Erin, the ministers you mentioned, are paying the price for being disloyal.”

    Disloyal?? Who was it that stabbed Rudd in the back?? The person who said she was not interested in the leadership. The person who said she would be more likely to become full-forward for the Western Bulldogs than PM.

    Please do not talk about loyalty.

  29. I seem to remember a joke about Keating went something like this:

    Australia Post is compelled to return the Stamps with Paul Keatings image
    because the vast majority are spitting on the wrong side. . . .

  30. Well I’m confused. Did Crean and co sacrifice themselves for the party by resolving the leadership dispute once and for all or were they disloyal to the party and are now paying the price ? Seems to be a foot in both camps here.

    Or is there a third option. Everything that has transpired is directly attributable to Julia Gillard and Julia Gillard alone. She rolled Rudd and was naive to think that wasn’t going to continue to dog her. Then a string of broken promises, failed policies and divisive tactics have sealed her fate. I mean for heaven’s sake, she played the misogyny card when it suited her only to be proven to be an absolute hypocrite by associating with the likes of Kyle Sandilands. If you ask me, she seems to be on a path of self-destruction ???

  31. ERIN – Rudd did not have the numbers and in his self serving fashion
    ducked a vote ( the 71 to 31 drubbing of last time still emblazen in his mind)
    and left all his supporters hung out to dry. They hate him you must know that.
    Rudd must stand down or not renominate, he just cannot help himself with
    the media. Rudds presence within Labor will cause on going instability.

  32. They all deserve each other as far as I’m concerned. I’m sure the fun and games aren’t over yet. But Julia is running out of people to blame.

  33. ERIN, Crean, I’m still undecided about. He might have just got sick and fed up and wanted to put it all to rest, or he could have been simply jumping at the medias froth, and sucked in by their spin, or simply he was trying to get himself ahead. I’m still undecided, but, in the fallout, am glad that it finally was brought to a head. The others, have obviously been destabilizing behind the scenes for a time now, to different extents, but their comments since leaving, which feeds into the anti-Labor media narrative, exposes them as hateful little men who have put their own jumped up opinions ahead of the party.

    The only thing attributable to the PM is being the leader at a time when some party members personal feeling of self importance led them to undermine and hurt the party itself. If they felt that way, they should have argued that way behind closed doors. And accepted the decision of the remainder of their colleagues with equanimity and grace, even if they didn’t believe in it fully themselves.

    They failed to do that, so good riddance

  34. Tom, I suspect that in the eyes of the average punter, they will see all of this as no different to what she did to Rudd in 2010. Just more in-fighting, back stabbing and back room deals.

  35. I trust everyone has picked up on “The Plan” folder that Tones carries everywhere. He has a plan to introduce a plan to plan the release of his policy’s as soon as he has any.

    I attended an ALP meeting last night, the guest speaker was Tony Eggleton of the ANU talking on climate change, he was very good explained it in simple terms even Tones could understand it if he so chose.
    His book titled “A Short introduction Climate Change” is worth a read.

    The media abc leigh sales (not worth capitals) was very confrontational with Julia on the 730 report, I hope she is the same with Tones if he develops a spine and attends an audience with her ladyship, her award has gone to her head.

  36. Thanks Tom R – a sound summing up. We need to keep re-telling that story.

    Agreed, jane. I won’t be going back there. I have little time to spare for writing these days, anyway. I did one last comment there today to support Casey who has has long been a commenter at that site. I enjoyed reading that site and learned to contribute there years back and so was sorry when it folded a while ago. The decision to re-start, if only for the election period, doesn’t seem to have restored it to its old standard. Casey I guess, like many of us returned to support old friends, but like you and me and others felt she had to challenge the negativity of the poster and a few other influential contributors there, who kept talking about Gillard’s failures! And how much she had harmed vulnerable women. As well as being a bad Prime Minister!

    As Casey observes above, two negatives ‘don’t change the good stuff’ among which I list in a quote below from

    National Broadband Network (NBN)
    National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)
    Education funding review (Gonski)
    Minerals Resource Rent Tax (MRRT)
    Clean Energy Future (CEF)
    Murray Darling Basin Plan (MDBP)

    There’s a second list of the ‘Social & Economic Achievements’ of this Govt, I’ve split into sub categories:


    Lowest debt in OECD
    Low unemployment
    Increased productivity
    Wealthiest country per capita in the world
    Housing market coming back
    Share market back to levels pre-GFC
    Amongst the world leaders in low sovereign risk
    21 years of sustained national growth
    11 successive years of wages growth greater than inflation
    13% national growth since the GFC
    3 AAA credit ratings for the first time.
    Lower tax to GDP than Howard
    Record investment
    Record terms of trade
    Record Infrastructure spend
    over 900,000 jobs created
    Support for Manufacturing


    Paid parental leave
    Flexible Child Care
    Equal pay

    Personal Finances:

    Record increase to Pensions
    Tax-free threshold up from $6,000 to $18,200 and going to $24,000
    Superannuation to 12%
    Lower interest rates saving the average household 5k p/yr

    Health & Ageing:

    Plain (Cigarette) Packaging
    50% more on Health
    More doctors, more surgeons, more nurses and more beds
    Better Aged Care
    Better Mental Health


    School kids bonus
    Record spending on Education
    My School
    National curriculum


    $10b Green Energy fund
    World’s largest marine parks
    First Murray Darling water plan in a hundred years
    CSG environmental protection


    National Sorry Day
    National Apology to The Stolen Generations
    National Apology for Forced Adoptions
    Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse
    Seat at the UN
    400+ Bills passed

  37. Seen some other interesting private polling today.

    I will stick my chin out and predict Labor holding 47 seats at best after the election. The Upper House is not looking pretty for Labor and others too.

    I feel sorry for you guys.

  38. Patricawa – all I can say that Ms Dullard must have done such a wonderful job
    with an impressive todo list as you haver shown.
    Why will she go down as a one term wonder and with one of the biggest
    Election defeats in our history?
    Scaper – has been privy to some other ‘private polling’ which shows the
    extent of loss .
    PWA – can you pls explain?

  39. Scaper, I’d feel more sorry for those people who vote for Abbott and then soon regret it. Like the rest of us, they’d be stuck with him for three years.

    Three. Long. Years.

  40. ” still seething from that 7.30 interview which was so unprofessional and unproductive with constant interruptions and presumptive ‘gotcha’ type questions designed to bring the Prime Minister down.”
    Nonsense. Leigh did her job. Joolya needed to get out and take her/Alp `Lumps` from the embedded media. lf she didn`t, those `lumps` would of only dragged on thru the embedded media cycle. Joolya did the right thing, the sooner the `lumps` are dealt with, the sooner things can `move on`.

  41. I feel sorry for you guys

    Really? At least we have a chance of ‘winning’ and a real risk of ‘losing’ but for you who never takes a political stance ‘winning’ is never a possibility. Get some backbone and adopt a position and argue for same. But then again ‘nihilism’ and or ‘anomie’ becomes you.

    Now tell me about that life changing trip to WA, where the people were so nice and where you ‘always knew you’d finish up’. Shakes head.

  42. l think that`s the interview with Mr-Rabbit that Leigh `won` a walkley for. This should be the `standard` the embedded media operate at normally, not just `occasional` performances. lt is also proper that both `sides` of the duopoly are interviewed solidly, and pressure applied for explainers from politicians for their `own` nonsense.

  43. I hadn’t seen the Sales interview with Gillard, but, having watched it, I can see why some are outraged. With the tabot one, she simply allowed him to continue to spout his slogans, even if they weren’t directly relevant to her question. All she did was ask if he had read a document, which was apparently the peak of modern journalism 😯 Yes, that is how far it has sunk. Considering the amount of times he answered questions with slogans, she only interrupted three times.

    Go to Gillard, and she was interrupted ten times, and mostly when she was directly answering the question, and not in a manner that suited Sales line of attack. The other problem I saw was Sales acceptance of opposition memes, in particular, the ‘Carbon Tax’, and, when Gillard answered this, accurately, Sales simply talked over here, and ignored the answer, sticking with her belief ‘you lied!’. Even though Gillard explained that we have what she promised. Sales wasn’t interested. She didn’t give the audience any time to reflect on the PM’s answer before stating ‘you lied’. It was a fact, in her mind, and therefore it appears it should be in her viewers s well, and nothing Gillard was going to say would change that.

    LEIGH SALES: Well, Prime Minister, you’ve given me a laundry list there, so let me give you one back. When people look at what you’ve done, they also see a promise not to introduce a carbon tax broken, they see a promise to deliver a budget surplus this year broken, an East Timor solution for asylum seekers proposed then withdrawn, a Malaysia solution proposed and then abandoned, even as today we see a ship sink and people killed in another incident, a ban on live cattle imports imposed and then withdrawn, the disastrous appointment of Peter Slipper, the redesign of a mining tax so it now returns a fraction of what was banked on. I return to my earlier question: how do you expect the public to have any faith in what you’re planning to do going forwards?

    JULIA GILLARD: Well, Leigh, I’m happy to go through those one by one if you would like. We said we would introduce a price on carbon. I always wanted to see an emissions trading scheme. And by the time people vote in September, we will be less than two years from that emissions trading scheme and the end of the carbon tax. On things like …

    LEIGH SALES: But Prime Minister, you’re not addressing my central problem there, which was that there was a broken promise …

    JULIA GILLARD: Well, I’m not agreeing with your list, Leigh.

    LEIGH SALES: No, no, there was a broken promise there and there is a long list of initiatives that the Government has introduced that have been failures or have not come to fruition. The most recent of course last week, the media reforms. Let me put it to you …

    JULIA GILLARD: Well, Leigh, if you’re going to go through a list, I think you’ve gotta give me the opportunity to answer it and certainly on carbon I’ve addressed that before. I meant every word of that during the 2010 campaign. I didn’t foresee a minority parliament. We’ll get to that emissions trading scheme we spoke of. On the Malaysia arrangement, I would implement that tomorrow if Tony Abbott got out of the way. On the live cattle ban, I think it was the appropriate thing to do and it has secured the future for the live cattle industry because they were not going to get the social licence they needed unless we addressed animal welfare standards.

    This one also caught my eye, not that any of the rest of her ‘laundry list; is anything but opposition talking points.

    the disastrous appointment of Peter Slipper

    I’m guessing Sales missed the judgement handed down by the courts in this matter, not that I’m surprised, the media just isn’t interested in that. Apparently, all the filth and slime that came out of that appointment is all Gillards fault, not the players the judge mentioned in his decision.

    The entire interview could be broken down in that manner, with ‘assumptions’ made by Sales stated as hard truths, exposed as nothing more than fantasies within the interviewers own mind. Compare that abbotts interview, where he hung himself out to dry with very little help from the interviewer, facts alone doing him in. The facts with Gillard were on the PM’s side, but Sales wasn’t having a bar of it.

    And this is from the ‘lefty’ ABC. bolt was right about one thing as he left insiders when he said ‘we have won’. theirabc is off the rails, and has been for a long time now. The media reforms should start there.

  44. I detect the first signs of a ‘Broken Woman’
    The Dillard persona/body language very down as you would expect.
    She needs to agree to an early Election as Australia already seems in the
    caretaker mode.

  45. Here’s a thought (although not strictly in accordance with the “living” rule), PM Gillard versus Menzies. I reckon the current PM would rip Menzies a new one as well on a bad day.

    There is a Reachtel poll coming soon on Queensland’s privatisation push – got polled last night.

  46. (The red headed lady will cry )

    She wouldn’t cry, dullard. She would know that she had fought the good fight for the everyday people of Australia (including yourself), who were conned into voting against their own interests by among the most one-sided media of any “democracy” on the planet.

    But crying will be those you care about when the Liberal Party that you cheer for: raises their taxes, cuts their wages, closes their services, sends them to wars, and causes their interest rates to rise. A replay of what happened last time your “Liberals” (not) were in power.


  47. Didn’t watch the interview, but on reading that excerpt, she did not do her job, unless she does the same in her interview with Liealot.

    I expect her to produce a laundry list of his actual lies and constantly interrupt and talk over the top of him.

    Sales should hang her head in shame at her lack of professionalism. The interview is not about her sucking up to Murdoch, nor is it about her opinions and prejudices.

    Sales and the rest of the Murdoch wannabes should be made to watch Red Kerry, Andrew Olle and the host of professional interviewers which have been produced by the ABC.

    Rule #1, Ms Sales; the interview is NOT all about you.

    That appalling demonstration of how not to conduct an interview, should go into training manuals. She’d get her wish for fame for all the wrong reasons.

    I trust Conroy has sharpened his pencil and is writing new media legislation.

    Meanwhile, the ABC should be flooded with complaints about Sales’ lack of professionalism and lying.

  48. I expect her to produce a laundry list of his actual lies

    That should be a standard for any interview jane. In this case though, in order for her to maintain ‘balance’, she needs to provide a laundry list of fabricated lefty talking points, and stick to them as if they were facts, ignoring and talking over abbott should he break mould and actually defend himself with proofs rather than slogans.

  49. Tom R, I agree, but of course it won’t happen, but the thought just occurred that because Sales has resorted to lying in the interview with the PM, it’s more cause for complaint and perhaps to demand some sort of disciplinary action.

    In any case, it has completely discredited her interview and her reputation.

    Perhaps complaints should be more strongly slanted toward the lying.

  50. The other point is that she has shown her utter contempt and disrespect for her audience, which will start dwindling as further proof, if it’s needed, that she is nothing but a Liars & Murdoch shill.

  51. The sad fact for Ms Dillard is – her lips move , her diction is shocking
    but no one is listening.
    Her problem is the Australian people are turned off , tuned out call it
    whatever you like.
    What happens if the polls continue to slide even further, what do you do?
    Who can be conscripted to be Federal Labor leader?

  52. Voyager and,

    I detect the first signs of a ‘Broken Woman’

    Yuk, sexist condescension.

    OMG, her diction..then she certainly shouldn’t be PM, throw her on the hillside and let the ravens pick out her eyes…

    Nothing like a good insightful comment on policy. 🙄

  53. Note the way Abbott ‘speaks’ … or tries to. Abbott, the best man the conservatives could put up!

  54. Min, I read elsewhere that she wore fake big pearls ie costume jewellery and is therefore unfit to be PM.

    And of course all the bullshit about the specs-she announces an important policy and the incisive and detailed analysis by the msm is whether a) she’s induced poor eyesight as a stunt and b) did she go to SpecSavers, ffs?

    ….let the ravens pick out her eyes…

    Surely another stunt, for which several acres of trees will be sacrificed so the msm and nodding heads on Q&A can provide more incisive and detailed analysis on whether the ravens’ feathers are too shiny.

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