A set of testicles, anyone?

A guest post by Inga Leonora

“… If she [Julia Gillard] was less concerned about herself and her own survival, there would be an election.” said Tony Abbott in his press conference minutes after the outcome of the ALP leadership spill was announced this afternoon.


Mr Abbott seems to have momentary forgotten that Ms Gillard called an election for September 14 2013.  In February. And what’s even more strange is his unusual consideration of Ms Gillard’s need to be concerned with her survival.

Quite without reference to the importance of today’s earlier events for thousands of Australians as the PM delivered an apology to victims of forced adoption and completely overshadowing a moving speech by Ms Gillard, (and the unfortunate event during which Mr Abbott was heckled) Simon Crean had a tanty in the halls of Parliament House. And the hero of his tanty fairytale, Kevin Rudd, elegantly smiled and short termed his way out of the looming epic leadership challenge shortly after. Which left us with a fat load of nothing, according to most everyone.

It’s not completely clear why Crean decided to call his little press conference, and put himself forward as a candidate for Deputy PM. He’s probably wondering the same thing now he’s moved to the backbenches. I have my suspicions that it has to do mostly with the MSM, who have been talking about it until finally, someone, like Crean, bought it. Points to them, proving that some people still read newspapers. But he admitted he hadn’t spoken to Kevin Rudd in over 48 hours. So, he just thought he had that level of clout? Certainly the ABC commentators several times referred to him as an ‘elder statesman’ of the ALP during their coverage. Possibly a reference to his growing confusion, rather than the influence Crean is under the impression he wields.

But whilst the media will continue to focus on a plethora of  opinions on the events, least of which Mr Abbott’s, and break down the ‘timeline of events’ in blue graphic glory, they will fail to highlight the most important aspect of today. And that is Gillard’s behaviour in the face of the absurdity.


Gillard was not ’emotional’. Aggressive. In minutes she announced a spill, catching all off guard, and threw down in front of Abbott, who managed nothing more than to deliver a loop of previous statements and sound bites, and my absolute favourite (because I am convinced this is the only thing he actually understands in terms of the procedure in the House) motion to suspend standing orders followed by a no confidence motion. That was never going to happen. And always seems to be accompanied by circus music in my head. In response though, the PM delivered a list of policy, legislation and commitment to that policy and legislation. Without skipping a beat. The House divided, Abbott lost, and within seconds, QT was over. Because the PM said so. 5pm rolled around and Gillard emerged from Caucus, and not one of her colleagues contested a single leadership role.

Oh yes, I see what you mean! Here is a woman on the edge, completely out of control, desperately moving for numbers in her own party to cling hopelessly to the leadership. Fighting for her survival. Maybe you saw this too, the pained, strained and emotional women in front of the cameras pleading for her job? The men emerging to tell the tale of their compromise and pity? No?

No. What I saw was a bunch of time wasting men who for whatever reasons declared the instability of the government from both sides. The instability was caused entirely by Simon Crean, who Abbott lauded as respected college in his little number in the House (and the Press Gallery, let us not forget, they’ve been convincing people of whispers of rumours of unnamed sources regarding the ALP leadership for over a week now). Is it possible that these men hoped you would not notice? That in fact the desperate, unstable behaviour in the Parliament today came not from our female PM, but the ol’ boys?

If any of these men had clipped, contained and felled a leadership spill in the time, manner and elegance that the PM did today, with her almost air of disdain for their tomfoolery, we would call him a ‘real leader’. We would say, here is a ‘bloke you don’t mess with’, and perhaps that ‘these other ‘Nancys’ should go have a lie down’. We would say, ‘well he sorted that out.’ But we don’t when it comes to our current PM. And I am beginning to believe we won’t for a long time yet.

There is no prowess this woman can demonstrate, there is no complete deftness at debate and confrontation, no skill in adversarial situations this woman can show in real time, that could possible overcome the fact she is in fact a woman. This is the only concrete difference I can pin point to the complete failure to apply the standardised terminology in these cases. And here is a talent in those situation if ever there was one. Over and over and over again Gillard has demonstrated some of the most brilliant ad hoc speeches the House has seen. Journos and pollies alike who have no where near her skill scoff and blunder about her ineptitude. The woman is quick, aggressive and I would not want to find myself in a court room where she was on the other side. An elder statesman of the ALP called for a spill, and she handed it to him, just like he asked, and not one person in the caucus contested either leadership role. Someone in that room got served, and it was not the ‘desperate and unstable’ Julia Gillard. It would seem Crean was handed several things by Gillard today.

Ms Gillard is not fighting for her survival. It would appear that she does not have to fight at all. And does more than simply survive, Kevin Rudd survived, just. No, she is leading, and not even breaking a sweat in situations that would cause me and most people to have an anxiety attack. And that’s comforting. This fills me with a sense of stability. I know I can rely on Gillard to always deliver in the House, under pressure, with the same aptitude, every time. She always does. Like a leader. Dare I say it, like a man.

No male leader who behaved like that in the house today would be described as anything other than decisive, strong, effective, squashing dissent, demonstrating his skill at demolishing those who oppose him. Peter Reith is busy telling ABC24 that people have seen Julia Gillard in action and they don’t like what they see. Even as I type this. Compared to what? Christopher Pyne only this week and his “a desperate comment from a desperate prime minister” outburst?

Drama, shambles, instability, chaos, failed. These are the terms of today. I must’ve been watching the wrong channel or following the wrong hashtag, because I saw a leader who was decisive, infinitely capable of conquering a House and caucus within minutes, and it seems to me that this level of aptitude must be why they have managed to get so much legislation through the house. The “failed experiment” according to LOTO Abbott. And she didn’t have her head fly off in a rage to do it.

Am I wrong? Is this all about policy? I don’t even like ALP policy, as a whole, nor intend to vote for the ALP in the coming election. I have a long time thought the ALP was in function and premise two parties, that should divide and separate, but I would not call Gillard’s behaviour weak or desperate or shambolic. The continue disparity between the terminology applied to our first female Prime Minister and what we would apply to any other male political leader was never so obvious as it was today.

The problem continues to appear a biological one. So let me suggest that perhaps Simon Crean has what the Australian people and the media are looking for, now, detached and useless, and maybe even still on the platter they were served to him on, that the PM might borrow for a bit.

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  1. Migs, it appears thaf testicles, are over valued. This fiesty woman has shown us, they are not needed.

    It also appears that one does not have to be an iron lady like Thatcher.

    One just has to be able to stay focused, Not allow tjemselves to be diverted by the noise around them

    One can be nice but tought.

    When are they going to stop, undervaluing this woman.

    One just has to have the brains and imgaination to come up with what is right for the future.

    No matter what happens on Sept 14, this woman has already carved his niche in history.

    I have a feeling that she would like to win, but would also be ready to move on with grace.

    Special now on ABC 1. Hope they have their act better this time.

    I suspect, we will be watching a mob of jouno’s still trying to work out what happened.

    It is simple, they were outsmarted.

    How does one commit political suicide at 64. That is Crean, I am talking about.

  2. Some Labor men did indeed make bad political decisions in recent times. Noticed my member, as usual standing by Rudd. Will still be tempted to find an independent.

  3. Where is the party in disarray. A handful of idiots, working along with Rudd to undermine a PM. Has not stopped the PM or government from performing.

    All we hear is polls, polls………….

  4. Anyone else reminded of the hilarious quote, attributed to the actress Betty White:
    “Why do people say “grow some balls”? Balls are weak and sensitive. If you wanna be tough, grow a vagina. Those things can take a pounding.”

  5. Mig – ‘a set of testicles anyone’ Bad heading as an intro.
    Well I offered you the prized set of my German Shepherds testicles
    some weeks ago when you were in hospital, even suggesting a transplant.
    The offer went unaccepted.(You would have been a changed man)
    Unacceptable is the farce we have witnessed today.
    Our leader is lost . Lost by many in cabinet and caucus they will wait to
    decapitate this demigod sooner not later.On todays performance
    she could lead the Party to the Election on a <25% primary vote.
    All that has happened is a few more ALP sitting members probably
    lost voter support hence their seat in the House come 14Sept.
    Labor disintergrates , support today has slipped.
    Mig – grow up write some hard hitting stuff so your own people listen
    this excuse bit , blame bit , always Abbott or the corrupt media bit
    is over. Why ? Because it is the same old- same old.
    I have posted this message here for so long and have been burned by many.
    I feel today for those long term Labor supporters who have been abused
    by the current Party royality.

  6. I like my balls…… I’m very attached to them…… we hang around together quite often…… I think JUlia’s got a lot more going for her than ‘ balls’….. or big tits …. or a great arse……. and lets not get into my ‘red-head’ thing……….. the Lady’s got brains, heart and her feet on the ground……. which makes her more than the sexy little vixen she are…… it makes her PM, …… one of our best…… *sigh* 😀

  7. Lovo – you must be so so silly after todays farce.
    She survived by good luck.
    She has half a carcass opps I did mean caucus who want her gone.
    After one of the worst weeks ever in the history of Parliament you think she
    is wonderful. You are in need of serious medication.When it works you
    will support the need for an immediate Election.
    After today Labor to lose 30+ seats.

  8. Rudd could have stopped his supporters (30) from white anting the party but he did not and kept up with this bull about cold showers. When he was PM it was all great when he had Turnbull against him and when Abbott came in Rudd got smashed everywhere by Abbott.

    All this bull about how noble he was for not challenging and keeping his word is crap. He did not have the numbers and he hung his supporters out to dry.

    A true psychopath.

  9. I think the PM set a trap for the msm and the backgrounders and snared them without effort, because they still think they’re smarter than she is.

    They suffer from good old fashioned chauvinism, which does not allow them to consider that they can be outsmarted by a woman or that a woman is capable of leading them.

    You can see it in the attitude since she became PM. She has to be put in her place as a hand maiden, patted on the head occasionally and allowed to join the real power brokers sometimes, to silently admire their smug, self satisfied “genius”.

    That’s what outrages the opposition and their barrackers in the msm and the shock jocks. The outrage at the this woman isn’t confected,

    They are genuinely infuriated that she’s had the gall to assume leadership of the country without deferring to their superior knowledge and experience. They’re infuriated that she won’t let them patronise her, that she obviously doesn’t respect them.

    Even more enraged are the Julie Bishops who will always be the bridesmaid, never the bride. Bishop would never grasp the opportunity that Gillard has and run with it. That’s why Bishop hates her with such venom; she knows she would falter and be unequal to the task.

    Despite everything they throw at her, she sails on, unfazed. She is concentrating on the legislative program she has set for herself and the government, not on the petty snideness of the msm, the Liars and their barrackers.

  10. Cliff you have it 100%
    Rudd burnt a lot of people today.
    That is why he is so hated by his own ALP members.
    They hate Rudd more than Abbott.
    Lazarus rose once but Rudd cannot rise again.
    Worst of all for Ms Dillard is she has a caucus that is 50% offside.
    No one likes a loser as your leader. She has no chance on 14Sept.
    This cannot be fixed untill Rudd is removed from parliament, this must
    happen. It is a fatally divided Labor Party.
    Rudd is a Psychopath , an Egotist , he is totally Self-centred and uncontrollable. This is also very damaging longterm post 14 Sept.

  11. Once again, while the opinionati were confidently discussing amongst themselves exactly how & when Julia was to be subdued & dissected, musing idly on the choice of weaponry & its wielder, she smashed them right in the fucking kisser.
    Perhaps Rudd’s performance today is illustrative of why he went in the first place?
    But the Rudd/ Media axis has been made a fool of. They won’t be happy.
    It’ll be interesting to watch the commentariat’s reaction to this. There are of course the “this changes nothing” people, reminiscent of those who’ve staggered out of the “ask what you want” S & G pressers & immediately began reassuring themselves there were Questions To Answer… But their doggie has let them down, didn’t even get out of the box. One remedy for that…

  12. I believe that Julia Gillard is one of those very, very rare people. The job she does in no way defines her. Julia Gillard defines the job she does. She is redefining the way politics are practised in Australia. Messy at this point in time but she will prevail.

  13. Voyager, I don’t hate Liealot. You can’t hate such a weak, pathetic liar.

    Rupert’s puppet, dancing to his tune. And that’s what you want as PM for this country? Rupert’s plaything.?

  14. As usual and of no surprise whatsoever to anyone here, Voyager (and Cliff) get it wrong again. Even a casual reading around the traps, except for the right wing MSM of course who have failed spectacularly, shows the reality of it but the wingnuts prefer to hold onto their flawed and self harming ideologically tainted view of things whilst their tainted source of illumination is going the way of the dinosaurs.

  15. Julia Gillard called a party room meeting to settle the Labor leadership matter, and the winner was Tony Abbott.

    Labor managed to inflict serious new damage on its present leader, fatally wound its only real alternative, expose itself as deeply riven, and subject itself to ridicule.

    And it was all self-inflicted.

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/opinion/political-news/and-the-winner-is-8230-abbott-20130321-2gizk.html#ixzz2OD6sH6Ru

    Considering the way harcher started this week, with a story a real journalist would have been sacked over, and then to say it was ALL “self-inflicted”, is the height of hypocrisy.

  16. Tom R –
    ‘if you asked to have your house painted white you would really expect it
    painted black’ You obviously cannot differentiate basic principles.
    Yesterday was totally self inflicted. Are you saying it was some media plot?
    No it was not, it just turned into a messy farce. A farce not even seen in the
    Grade 3 Election of Class captain at the local State School.
    Rudd never had the numbers because the members loathe him.
    Unfortunately Australian Voters loathe Ms Dillard – what a road to perdition for ALP

  17. An odd situation we have here. It seems that Crean may have done this all by his little lonesome with help from a couple of well-meaning mates. He said it himself, so as to clear the air. Perhaps Simon Crean fell into the trap which so many have, that is, took constant rumours emanating the Libs and the MSM as factual information. A clue comes from this statement:

    Crean declared he would be putting himself forward as deputy in a fresh leadership team, hopefully led by Rudd, to fix the government’s “stalemate position”.

    That is, he did this all the while hoping that Rudd would be a party to this. However, what Crean failed to remember was that Rudd promised that he would never make another challenge for the leadership..and Rudd reminded everyone of his promise.

  18. Voyager and,

    Mig – grow up write some hard hitting stuff so your own people listen this excuse bit , blame bit , always Abbott or the corrupt media bit
    is over.

    If you care to peruse the topic, you will find that the author is Miss Inga Leonora a very astute and articulate young lady. I personally find the article very hard hitting because it tackles precisely a topic which is almost entirely overlooked by the MSM..the reason why the PM is treated differently.

    On Inga’s topic, another ploy which I read about recently is the habit the opposition has of calling the PM “Julia”. The author gave the opinion that this is deliberate so as to “little girl” her. Tony Abbott’s extremely bad habit of calling her “she”, always spat out with some venom has also been noted.

  19. Are you saying it was some media plot?

    Min clears it up

    He said it himself, so as to clear the air.

    This week started with another leadershit story that was entirely fabricated. Whether the fabrication was by harcher or the ‘unamed sources’ is irrelevant. A journalist shouldn’t be printing false scuttlebutt, whether he is starting it himself, or passing on made up stories by someone else. If it is the latter, he has brought his profession into even more disrepute by pushing obviously partisan and politically motivated views, and should be sacked. If it is made up … he should be sacked.

    We also heard that the libs were spreading leadershit stories, stories that were being spread by journos as ‘unamed sources’. That is an indication of how low and how partisan our press has become.

    So no, it is not ‘entirely’ self inflicted. The media had more than a hand in this, and Crean, the more it looks like, is the patsy who has taken the fall for them, more by dent of his own gullibility and stupidity by the looks of it.

  20. I realise this blog is ‘proudly left wing’ but to suggest that this was all a cunning plan set by Gillard to fool the opposition and the MSM. Seriously ?!?!

    So, having constant accusations of instability and discourse leveled at them (some of which have been eminating from their own party) the gov. decides to put an end to it all by having a senior minister call for a leadership spill. Then have the would be challenger and formerly deposed leader stand down, sack the minister involved and lose a few others along the way. And all of this to prove to the opposition, MSM (and for that matter the electorate) that the Labor government is in turmoil . . . it’s diabolical ?!?!?

  21. The author gave the opinion that this is deliberate so as to “little girl” her. Tony Abbott’s extremely bad habit of calling her “she”, always spat out with some venom has also been noted.

    And yet note how quickly the gender card tag was pulled out when the PM goes on the attack to abbott. Never a mention about when he and his team do it consistently.

    You know it’s working when the journos cry foul about it 😉

  22. it’s diabolical

    Yes, I don’t think the whole thing was planned. I still think Crean jumped at shadows, shadows that if not cast, then ably propped up by an all too willing and eager and totally inaccurate media. A media who have been declaring loudly that support for Rudd was equivalent to Gillards, only to have their dreams dashed when Gillard called the bullshit, and showed them where the party really stands.

    And it was right behind her. Any more leadershit bullshit should be seen for what it is. But then, it should have been seen for what it has been since the last election, which is why I don’t think that it will stop now, especially when the next newspoll comes out catastrophic for the PM.

    Which is just what the media and the opposition wanted.

  23. …some of which have been eminating from their own party.

    Can you name them and the the instability they have inflicted?

    Of course you can’t and neither can any of the media who have been going on about unnamed Labor sources for more than two years now without any truth in the supposed stories that came from these unnamed sources.

    I agree with you on it not being a cunning plan, but it was invoked by a gullible minister who fell for the opposition, who started the spill rumour that the media took to a crescendo.

    But there are two silver linings. The leadership bullshit is dead for good, not that it will stop the media and the opposition still playing that card until election day, and some of the old guard Labor have been cleared, something that desperately needs to happen to the Liberals as they head for their own turmoil.

    Gillard got overwhelming support, and that’s twice now she had got a huge majority in the caucus, whereas Abbott only got there by one vote and that was because two Turnbull backers weren’t able to get to the Party room to vote.

  24. ERIN, not to fool the MSM but to get them to shut the fck up. How many times over how many weeks, nay not weeks unto months did Rudd get asked the exact same question. How many television presenters spent how many hours speculating and speculating and discussing and dissecting and guess what, by Monday absolutely nothing happened..again. And guess what happened this time..you have it..Crean decided to “clear the air” and guess what happened..absolutely nothing. Well I personally am absolutely fed up with this thing called absolutely nothing and am very much looking forward to the MSM getting on and talking about something else..for once…

  25. Just heard Barry Cassidy say, there is a lot of spin in the media this morning.

    Some say one thing, others the opposite.

    Abbott has put a no confidence motion on the notice paper in the lower house.

    Windsor said he will always support MSSO, but not a no confidence motion. Thatis what happened with the independents yesterday.

    Six weeks is a long time.

  26. What is amazing, is the mature Latham we are hearing. He is scathing of some in the party, and their disloyalty to Labor,

    What he also mentioned during an interview on 702, is a specch given by someone from the RBA. He said it as a wonderful outline of the present Australian economy.

    Does not one judge the PM by the results. It appears this one has delivered.

  27. Tom, added evidence for this apart from Crean saying the was “hoping that” Rudd would come on board is the fact that Crean also stated that he hadn’t spoken with Rudd. I am not sure whether Crean stuffed it up monumentally or just stuffed it up completely. 😉 but either which way, Rudd repeated what he has always repeated over the months and months..a resounding No.

  28. I don’t think the whole thing was planned that way either. I think Simon Crean (and others) were not happy with the leadership of the ALP under Julia Gillard. And I think Simon Crean (and others) are confident Labor will lose under Julia Gillard in September. I also think that Simon Crean (and others) thought Rudd would make a play but in the end, it’s a lose / lose for Rudd. If he does challenge and doesn’t have the numbers he looks like a goose. If he does challenge and has the numbers, he’s taking over a sinking ship anyway. I think Rudd was very happy for Crean (and others) to mistakenly believe he might step up, because he can make himself look virtuous to the public, whilst simultaeously putting questions about Gillard’s leadership back in focus. But irrespective of the ballot result, what transpired yesterday does not reflect well on the gov. or the leadership and it still looks like a party in turmoil.

  29. I wonder why the panic from Abbott? He has been crying in his Wheeties ever since the Indies sided with Gillard and demanding another election. Hasn’t Abbott read the news..there’s going to be one in September. Perhaps Tony can put up a calendar on his bedroom wall and count “how many sleeps”.

  30. Erin, I suspect that many are sick of the criticism that the PM is getting, not necessary the PM herself.

    Sad, Bowen is attempting to whitewash Rudd. He believes that Rudd made the right decision. They told him the numbers were close.

  31. Min, also it does not make sense to have an election before July. One can only have one for the lower house. It will put the houses out of sync. It will be a long time before he can have any chance to get control of the senate. I think it is just mischief making on Abbott’s behalf.

    It is not in his interest to have one before July.

    Love the pictures of Abbott grasping that pamphlet to his breast.

  32. Great Piece Inga, as a Green voter I won’t be changing my vote anytime soon, however what I saw from the PM yesterday was admirable and Leader worthy. I agree with your comments that had this been a male PM the whole event would have probably not even taken place, from the beginning the opponents have beguiled and belittled a very capable and intelligent woman, to their collective Shame !!
    Regardless of one’s political alignment or blind uninformed following of the LOTO, she stood proud, confident and capable as opposed to the mealy mouthed Abbott who again and again relies on short pointless one liners that do the Liberal party members no favours in the eyes and hearts of thinking Australians…
    Please to can we remember that the rhetoric about the Greens/Labor alliance is as formal and appropriate as that of the LNP, each of whom would not come within a stone’s throw of leading a parade without their particular alliance. It would be timely for someone to actually produce a list of achievements of the Labor Green government as I believe they are substantial…now over 450 pieces of legislation – with only a few truly unfortunate Labor decisions ie Refugees, Newstart, single Parent payments etc That said it’s not too late to rectify these and make things right.

    I’ve heard it said that Crean may have fallen on his sword yesterday but he has positioned himself as a future leader of substance in his decision to crack the whip (pardon the pun – we’re looking for 3) and close this tawdry tale once and for all.

  33. I noticed that Bowen is not running down the PM. It appears that some maybe letting polls influence who is best for the job. Yes, who may win, but not necessarily the best.

    Bob Carr on soon ABC 24

  34. Signe, those would be my list of disappointments in the Gillard government as well, plus the failure to achieve marriage equality. I believe on this that the PM should have abstained from voting given her reasoning that she does not believe in marriage per se. However, I do give her a B+ for at least an attempt at addressing the problem of asylum seekers and recognising the other victims of people smuggling..the impoverished Indonesian fisherman crews who end up languishing in Australian prisons courtesy of mandatory sentencing laws.

    However, the list of achievements is substantial and we have the Greens and the independents to thank in this regard. As Migs mentioned to me yesterday, all this about the leadership yet not a mention in the media that the NDIS was passed. If the Gillard government achieved nothing else, the NDIS is something to be exceptionally proud of.

  35. Sorry, spell checker and eyes let me down. We cannot all be perfect, but I am sure you know what I mean. Do not believe I do too bad for an old woman.

    Wonder if you will cope as well when that time comes.

  36. This weekends Newspoll result will be interesting. Could get back down to the blind base that would vote Labor even if they were axe murderers? That would be around 27%.

    Still laughing at those here that believe Labor will win the next election. The last Labor internal polling had them losing around twenty seats. The campaign manager is budgeting expenses on a predicted 32% of primary votes.

    Labor know they are stuffed but the foolish sycophants live in false hope.

    What happened yesterday has sealed their fate…no bounce to come now. Also found it interesting that the numbers were so close. United behind Gillard…my arse they are but now resigned to follow her over the cliff.

    Oh, it has also ensured that Abbott will be the next PM as if Rudd got the nod there was a possibility of replacing Abbott. So enjoy the next twenty something weeks in the sun as at least a decade in the dark awaits.

  37. Fed up,

    You do very well for a woman of respectable years. I hope that I will be as up to the minute as you are if I am fortunate enough to live so long.

    I think that the disrespect shown for our prime minister is a reflection of the way that society disrespects women in general. Women have achieved a lot since my mother’s time but there is still the suggestion that women must be objects of sexual desire and domestic goddesses but not much else.

  38. I think Julia did very well yeaterday. Rudd was sacked for a good reason, one that has not changed. I liked Simon’s speech & one can only hope the air has cleared. One thing is for sure, If you were watching the Oppo’s response you would (If you were a conservative, at least) wonder who they can put in as LOTO! Abbott is as thin as a water biscuit & his front bench should be way down the back. Pathetic!

  39. Turnbull’s poll rating is similar to Rudd’s but if you actually looked at the breakdown you would realise a high proportion of the support is by voters of the opposite parties.

  40. Staff, that would be the strategy..concentrate on the errors of the government so as to avoid any scrutiny yourself. Some of Abbott’s mistakes and verbal blunders have been quite horrific, but if they were mentioned at all by the MSM they were quickly glossed over. However, Abbott cannot run and hide for ever. Too many mistakes and Turnbull probably with Robb as backup will be there to offer their services.

  41. scaper, it might have missed your noticed that we have a PM that believes it is not good governance to make your decisions with the polls in mind.

    Being a PM is more than being popular. PM’s sometimes, for the good of the nation, have to do things that are unpopular.

    This PM is not beholden to the media, or should I say, Mr. Murdoch.

    Yes, the polls might be interesting. Saying that, it will only show people’s reactions to the events of the last couple of weeks. It does not predict what voters do on Sept 14.

  42. Cu, if you believe Gillard or any side, for that matter does not watch the polls and play to them on policy announcements then you are more deluded than I thought.

    The polls are much more powerful than you think and has quite a sway on swing voters come election time. Labor got a bounce at the end of last year and I doubt there will be another bounce under Gillard. Rudd was Labor’s last chance to get a respectable vote.

  43. Scaper, one could speculate on that however at least union “thugs” do not control the media and as a consequence provide daily instructions on how to think.

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  45. Speculate? Speculate? SPECULATE??? Are you kidding?

    This media conspiracy is just bullshit but it is quite funny as if true WTF are you lot going to do about it? Bed wet?

  46. With thanks to Kay D who posted this on the Cafe’s facebook page..

    Public: ‘Ello, I wish to register a complaint.

    I wish to complain about this leadership challenge story what I heard not half an hour ago from this very radio station.

    Hartcher / Grattan etc: Oh yes, the, uh, the second coming of Rudd…What’s,uh…What’s wrong with it?

    Public: I’ll tell you what’s wrong with it. The story’s dead, that’s what’s wrong with it!

    Hartcher / Grattan etc: No, no, ‘e’s uh,…it’s resting.

    Public: Look, matey, I know a dead news item when I see one, and I’m looking at one right now.

    Hartcher / Grattan etc: Nononono, no, no! ‘It’s resting!

    Public: All right then, if it’s restin’, I’ll wake it up!

    Hartcher / Grattan etc: There, it moved!

    Public: No, it didn’t, that was you hitting the cage!

    Hartcher / Grattan etc: I never!!

    Public: Yes, you did!

    Hartcher / Grattan etc: I never, never did anything…

    ‘It’s not pinin’! ‘It’s passed on! This story is no more! It has ceased to be! ‘It’s expired and gone to meet ‘its maker!

    ‘It’s a stiff! Bereft of life, ‘it rests in peace! If you hadn’t continually speculated in the public media it’d be pushing up the daisies!
    ‘Its metabolic processes are now history! ‘It’s off the twig!
    ‘It’s kicked the bucket, it’s shuffled off this mortal coil, run down the curtain and joined the bleedin’ choir invisibile!!


  47. I don’t understand how people can still believe the ALP’s leadership issues are a concoction of the opposition and MSM.

    Gillard herself said . . . ”I think political watchers will know that for some period of time there’s been an undercurrent in our party and it was dealt with yesterday and brought to an end.”

    That undercurrent being the division between Rudd supporters (who never got over him being rolled) and the Gillard supporters. It’s always been there and despite yesterday’s dog and pony show, it continues to be there. Some of Rudd’s supporters have resigned, some have been sacked, but I don’t believe for a minute that this is the end of it.

    Julia needs to stop worrying about the number of supporters she has in her party, and start worrying about the number of supporters she has in the electorate.

  48. I’m really finding it hard to believe that Crean suddenly took it into his head to “clear the air” without consulting anyone at all. It’s completely out of character for him; he’s not a lone wolf.

    Maybe I went a bit ott, but it’s not the first time Labor has chucked out bait for the unwary.

    As for Voyager’s bullshit, all he does is regurgitate msm & Menzies House propaganda. He chooses to forget how long the leadershit stuff has been pushed by the msm. Even after it was well & truly laid to rest last year, they’d still go off on their weekly feeding frenzy.

    Anyway, time now for the government to have a fair dinkum go at media regulation laws, with a particular emphasis on truth in news reporting complete with harsh penalties for doing what they’ve been doing for the last 5 years.

    And I think it’s time for a hard look at making shock jocks accountable. Some real teeth in any legislation.

    Media diversity also must be addressed. The government should closely examine what the UK is putting in place and also Canadian law wrt fitness to own media.

    A regulator (body?) completely independent of both government and msm, with no political affiliations. Perhaps former high court judges?

    No more self regulation. It obviously doesn’t work and has been consistently abused, it seems.

    Unfortunately, while all this furore has been going full bore, once again the heat is off the opposition. Another “look over there” to save Liealot’s bacon

  49. Julia needs to stop worrying about the number of supporters she has in her party, and start worrying about the number of supporters she has in the electorate

    That would be easier achieved if the media would stop worrying about it the number of supporters. We have had so many cries that someone, anyone, will challenge, and so many declarations of ‘Gillard Gorn’ that it has become a laughing stock. Nobody has challenged, and Gillard is still there. Even when she called out to ‘Get In The Ring’ after someone blinked, there was no-one. Where were all of these challengers the media have been spruiking? Is it possible they are a fiction, a phantom of the inner circle of the journojerks? Even after Rudd declared his support, and his intention NOT to challenge, the media didn’t care. Now, even after there is no challenge, the media won’t care. Leadershit will rear its ugly head again. I estimate just under two weeks time (or enough to play on the next newspoll)

  50. Anyway, time now for the government to have a fair dinkum go at media regulation laws,

    Sorry jane, I think they have missed the window of opportunity there. In this case, I think Gillard misplayed her hand. Not by much, but enough to see that opportunity slip through her fingers. And it might prove a fatal loss.

  51. Notice when Abbott has his staged pressers he is back stopped by nodders. Bishop yesterday was not nodding but Truss was to all Tones “profound ” statements. Maybe I am being cruel as it was a big day for Truss and he was a bit tired.

    The most overenthusiastic nodder would have to be Michaelio Cash when she back stops Abbott. They remind me of those nodding toy dogs that some people think is a great idea to have them in the back windows of their cars.

  52. Nope, union thugs do not control the media. 😉 Close, but not quite…

    I’ll give you an example which you may have missed. On a survey of stories pertaining to the price on carbon, the stats came in at around 86% of stories negative about the impacts of climate change. Surprisingly, some of the most balanced commentary came from Melbourne’s Herald Sun. Balance is all about the ability to make informed choices. When you have a situation where the MSM is running 86% in one direction, irrespective of the issue, this then denies the public the opportunity to form their own opinions.

  53. Cliff, being a nodder is about all Truss is capable of..and the reason why Barnaby wants a seat in the Lower House is…

  54. Jane, on former high court judges (and an excellent idea BTW), what about Justice Kirby..remember the mincemeat that the MSM made out of him and the “trolling for boys” story. These days such overt suggestions about a gay person would not be tolerated, so at least we’ve progressed a little in that regard.

  55. I think this statement sums up the situation perfectly and IMO leaves absolutely no doubt as to why Simon Crean did what he did:

    “I think that the way in which the Labor Party has always operated most effectively is when it has been inclusive, when it’s sought consensus, not when it’s sought division, not when it’s gone after class warfare”.

    He appears to be one of the only ALP members not focusing on the party politics, but on governing for the people of Australia.

  56. Well ERIN (is that an acronym or are you shouting your moniker?) that statement (is it Simon’s?) shows how wrong who ever made it is.

    Over 450 pieces of legislation passed, all opposed by Abbott and the opposition, who have engaged in class warfare, and a great majority of which have been inclusive, written with consensus and without division and have been about helping those who most need it and about helping the majority of Australians, not a select few that is Abbott’s plan as he has inferred it.

    Doesn’t seem like a party in turmoil to me.

    Yet on the other hand we have the opposition who have been barely able to come to a consensus on anything but three word slogans and have so often contradicted each other there had to be a gag put on their public speaking. Let alone getting into the State Liberals and even back to Howard, all who lost and sacked more ministers.

    So just where is the division?

    Trouble with you ERIN is that you read the right wing MSM and blindly believe what they falsely write.

  57. ERIN, you’ll have to shoot me but I believe that “class warfare” is perfectly appropriate. Australia used to have one of the most advanced and egalitarian education systems, hospital systems in the world. This was mostly due to the rise of the lower classes following WW2 as those who had served their country now expected better for their children than what they received. They knew that they had been canon fodder for the Brits and the upper classes and did not want their children to suffer the same..they demanded a better education for their children than the basics taught to the lower classes prior. They expected and fought for the basics, a living wage, education and health.

    And so it was that once all in Australia could expect a certain standard of excellence, however, if a person wanted better then they had to pay for it. Today we subsidise the lifestyles of the often extremely wealthy via private health and funding for private schools. And Tony Abbott would take it even further via a parental leave scheme which gives maximum to the highest paid and would even include nannies and au pairs as a tax deduction..all at our expense of course.

  58. That is Simon Crean’s comment and what appears to be his justification for doing what he did yesterday. But I’m sure you’re right. I’m sure you have significantly more insight into the workings of the ALP than one of it’s long standing ministers.

  59. Yep, certainly has more insight than Crean. Seems to also know what the Libs will do when they get in…another insight from someone with giant crystal testicles.

  60. Min, I wouldn’t necessarily dis-agree with some of what you’ve said. I think the wealthy should pay their own way. I’ve seen many people (under the current gov) receive substantial subsidies when they really don’t need or deserve it. Pissing away money is not something exclusive to either political party BTW.

    My acknowledgement of Crean’s quote above is in part attributable to my feelings about the latest Gillard policy for child care wage rises (which I posted about before). It’s anything but cohesive and would go along way to dividing the early childhood sector . . . and I cant for the life of me understand why they are doing it ?

  61. ERIN, I’ll have to plead guilty to not being up to scratch with the subject but the thing which I read was the Early Years Quality Fund which is for funding to improve wages in this sector. Surely recognition of the expertise required for child care workers can but only increase the professionalism of this, one of the lowest paid of the professions.

  62. “and I cant for the life of me understand why they are doing it ?”

    At the risk of quoting myself 🙂 . . . I think I can understand it. It’s about winning votes with parents in time for the September election (childcare has always been a hot issue after all and this fund kicks in in July) and it’s about appeasing the unions. Other than that, it appears to be a policy with very little genuine purpose or merit.

  63. scaper. I did watch. He seem to be saying they would do better with Rudd. He did not say the PM had done wrong. He thanked her for what she has done.

  64. Just missed your post Min . . . it’s a very specific issue so I understand most people would not be fully accross it. In a nutshell, ministers Garrett and Ellis annouced this policy that would provide pay rises for childcare workers paid for by this newly established fund ($300 million). From the information provided (by the gov.) the increase is only available to one sector (Long Day Care) and excludes other sectors such as after school care or family day care. Further, the increase is only available to approx 30 % of employees in LDC, with the remaining workers being excluded by some as yet to be defined criteria. Centre’s that participate must agree to sign EBA’s and agree not to pass on costs to parents (after all the gov. is funding the increase). But the fund only exists as a grant for 2 years. So what happens after that. And how do all of those other hardworking carers in the other sectors feel when they see they have been excluded ? I have no issue with recognition of this profession, but shouldn’t we be recognising everyone in the profession. Wouldn’t that be more cohesive and better for the industry and the children as a whole.

  65. Of course they watch polls. Who would not.

    It is not healthy for a democracy to govern by polls.

    You are delusional if you think that should be the case.

  66. How do you come to that conclusion. The unions are a PART of Labor. Yes, they have som,e say.

    Are you saying that the Liberals are not influence by outside influences,.

    Scalper, grow up.

  67. Scaper, you and your ilk were laughing at us for believing the PM would survive

    I noticed she has.

    Martin Ferguson on ABC24 Another to fall I believe. This one does not surprise me

    At last he is getting his come upperance. Not one of my favorite Fergusons.

    Would have supported Rudd. Always knew he was a fool.

    scaper. would this be one of your union thugs.

  68. AntonyG, thanks. Just could not resist having a dig.

    I hate to say this, but I am enjoying watching a minister resign.. One who is a disgrace to his wonderful father. Have always suspected he had trouble with women, since I was a member of his brother’s branch, long before he joined the ACTU.

  69. So what’s that now . . . 7 in 24 hours . . . I wonder if Julia will have any one left to take to the election in September :p

  70. Scaper, it appears that the union heavies were unable to control this PM, at the rate they are resigning.

  71. AntonyG, we women still have a long way to go. That is the beauty of this PM, she is doing it on her own terms.

  72. ERIN, could you provide a link for that as I haven’t been able to locate details. The details found is as below which doesn’t mention which type of child care only that those with Certificate III and higher will receive the pay rise.

    This means that grants go to centres to offset the cost of employing more qualified carers. To receive funds, employees and childcare centres have to agree to pay workers with a Certificate III a pay rise of $3/hour more. Similar increases will go to more highly qualified staff.

  73. Have you actually read what the “Early Years Quality Fund” is about ERIN? I have my doubts, after having just read through it myself…

    For example, you rant about after school hours care and family day care (private businesses, not employees) – what has that got to do with having qualified educators within the early childhood education sector? If you know anything about this sector at all, you’d realise this means before school age.

    Link in case others want facts, instead of ERIN’s misguided thoughts:

  74. Actually Bacchus, I’ve read through pretty much every bit of info that has been trickled out. I’ve also asked numerous questions of the various stakeholders (including the ministers in question). This funding has likely been established because of the NQF and it’s impact on the sector (if you don’t know what the NQF is . . . go look it up). This framework (which has introduced a number of new staffing requirements in early childhood) has resulted in quite significant cost increases. The services affected by the new framework include preschools, LDC’s family day care, and out of school care (all part of early childhood education).

    I’m not sure what you’re reference to “private businesses, not employees” is, but can only assume it’s because you really don’t know a great deal about this topic. The vast majority of long day care Centre’s are privately operated and they represent a large number of employees. As does family day care, etc, etc. Out of school care is just one more component but still part of the early childhood sector.

    So, being that believe yourself to be well versed on this issue, maybe you could answer a few questions:

    1. If there are approximately 70,000 Cert III working in LDC’s in Australia, and each of them could be eligible for this gov. funded payrise, just how far do you think $300 million will go. And that’s not factoring in the other qualified staff, or the additional costs that follow wage increases such payroll tax, super, and workers comp. If you need help to get started, that’s a min. of 70,000 employees, getting $3.00 per hour over a std 38 hour week.

    2. What happens at the end of the 2 year funding period ? Surely you don’t expect the employees to give up their wage increase, so who’s funding it after that ??

    3. Why only the long day care sector . . . there are many other employees who work hard to advocate for children’s needs and education in the early childhood sector. Explain to me why they don’t qualify and LDC employees do ?

  75. getting a bit worrying with all the resignations.
    Is this part of the plot to undermine Gillard, and give Shorten the call, or are they fair dinkum.
    Gillard is a strong fiesty determined woman.
    will be intersting.
    the old chinese proverb, “we live in interesting times”
    seems relevant today

  76. Good article , Inga.

    One thing, though, I am so over, so really very far a long way over is that what is outstanding in some positive way being associated with testicles.
    If I never hear that again, it would be too soon.

    @ theferraripitstop March 21, 2013 @ 10:18 pm
    “You can lose the “Dare I say it, like a man” bit, but otherwise a good post. I have nothing but immense admiration for our PM.”

    Patricia Ryan March 21, 2013 @ 10:27 pm
    “A woman of courage, compassion, empathy and determination. A bloody great leader in my books.”

    Fed up March 21, 2013 @ 10:34 pm
    “… it appears that testicles, are over valued. This feisty woman has shown us, they are not needed.”

    My thoughts exactly.

    And @jane March 22, 2013 @ 12:26 am, your whole post beginning :
    “I think the PM set a trap for the msm and the backgrounders and snared them without effort, because they still think they’re smarter than she is. ..” is inspired and so well articulated.

  77. @ ian March 22, 2013 @ 12:47 am
    “I believe that Julia Gillard is one of those very, very rare people. The job she does in no way defines her. Julia Gillard defines the job she does. She is redefining the way politics are practised in Australia. Messy at this point in time but she will prevail.”

    That is a great insight, Ian.

  78. Rudd appears to be naming Albanese as a supporter. I suspect this is not true. One is presenting himself as a saint, the Saviour of the PM.


    They have not given up.

  79. @ Min, “..the MSM is running 86% in one direction…”

    Who/what are the 14% MSM not running in one direction, Min? I’d seriously like to know where to find them. I’ve given up MSM completely b/c of their persistent, delusional propaganda and attempts at nation wrecking.

  80. I’ll reply later over on the Café Talk XX thread ERIN. Your rant has nothing to do with the topic of this thread…

    Busy setting up a new laptop atm.

  81. Sulphurcrested, that was a strong complaint that Abbott has..that Gillard refuses to lay down and die. Abbott also complained that with Gillard as leader that it would be unfair fight because *gasp* how could he be an attack dog against a woman. Well he was right there, he hasn’t been an attack dog just a condescending pr*ck.

  82. Sulphurcrested, the remaining 14% are around page 13 hidden under the advert for discount toilet disinfectant and just right of a cartoon of the PM depicted as having a protruding backside.

  83. You’re right Bacchus . . . it has nothing to do with this thread so apologies to Inga, Min and everyone else. And it’s not a ‘rant’ it’s just frustration. But don’t bother replying. You won’t have the answer’s to those questions, because frankly, nobody else does either 🙂

    So how many have left now, and can someone remind me how this is a good thing again. I suspect most of the voting public don’t really give a toss about the internal machinations of the ALP. They see a leadership bought into question by it’s own party and then the subsequent sackings and resignations.

  84. Min, “..Abbott also complained that with Gillard as leader that it would be unfair fight because *gasp* how could he be an attack dog against a woman. Well he was right there, he hasn’t been an attack dog just a condescending pr*ck…”

    Abbott would complain about the sun coming up in the morning if it didn’t suit his purposes.
    I think he’s been an attack dog and a condescending prick. He knows he is totally outclassed by Julia, he’d really have to be as thick as 4 planks not to know this (it’s possible though). But it would be hard to admit it to himself.

    What a stupid complaint anyway, and it shows just how much he belongs to the past. It would run something like this: “I can’t force her, I can’t beat her, I can’t intimidate her, so what else can I do? It’s not fair.”
    What a puff of smelly wind he is.

  85. Min, re the 14%, thanks, I see. Well I won’t be searching for it, will stick with quality online media.

  86. We have the likes of Ferguson complaining the PM did not take them into her confidence. Could that be, because the PM was well aware of where cabinet leaks were coming from.

    Maybe the behavior of these, who spent their time, undermining the PM, is the reason they were not consulted with.

    One has to earn trust, even ministers.

    Why has the walk out been mainly from Victoria.

  87. Hey Cu, by your comments you don’t have a clue about what is going on in the party that you blindly support.

    Ferguson one of the faceless thugs that steer Gillard? One of the only grown ups that was left in the rabble of a government. Albanese supporting Rudd is bullshit? Oh dear, you never cease to amaze me with your lack of knowledge of what goes on. Idiot comes to mind.

  88. When it comes to Martin, I am very knowledgeable. Known him from before his ACTU days.

    I do have respect for his brothers, especially Laurie.

  89. scaper, there is a depth of new and young talent on that back bench.

    scaper, there are discontents in every party.

  90. You’re right Bacchus . . . it has nothing to do with this thread

    That’s why Migs provides the “Café Talk” series of posts ERIN – for general discussion 🙂

  91. hi everyone, been gone a while. i’ll start catching up with all the posts, but before i do just this comment.

    ‘ i was watching the all the “i did it for the good of the party’ press conferences when Martin Fergusson outed Simon Crean with “Simon had been chatting with Rudd for months, getting assurances that he had learned his lesson and would be more consultative” That kind of blew away Crean’s credibility for me as his press conferences yesterday were rather confusing. No wonder he was SACKED by the PM for disloyalty. In those words by Fergusson, Crean was a senior member of Cabinet aware and part of the destabilisation of a Labor PM. He should be lucky to be considered for election in september, may be he will find a way to say “I think it is time for some new blood into the party” Hope someone whispers it into his ear

  92. Well CW’s what a week – probably cost 2-3% off primary vote
    So its probably in the high twenties or low thirties.
    The worst week for Labor since Dudd/Dillard teamed up in 2007.
    The Coalition looked great and Labor just got more unelectable.
    The Resignations (as per my much ealier post) have gone further than
    contemplated.Many good and well experienced Ministers have been lost
    probably forever. Meanwhile Australia is at a standstill while internal party
    frollicing and trading is sorted within those awful ‘Factions’.
    Rudd looks as though he has signed off , just awaiting his resignation from
    the house or should I say not re-nominating. He is a troublesome little
    bugger. I could have told you that back in 1990.
    What does Labor do as the polls continue to dip?
    Who is in the mix for the Leadership fix prior to the Election?
    Sure isnt the one you have got now – this weeks derision of Labor has been
    totally caused by MsDillard.
    Australians wish tomorrow was Election Day. At worst only 172 days to go.

  93. Min @11.36am, ROLMFAO!!!!!! Brilliant!

    and @12.46pm, I was thinking of Kirby when I wrote that comment. No room for Liars flim flam with him. 🙂

    We also heard that the libs were spreading leadershit stories, stories that were being spread by journos as ‘unamed sources’. That is an indication of how low and how partisan our press has become.

    But did we hear it from a press concerned that the opposition would resort to such tactics? Astonishingly, no. We heard that the government was in disarray, in turmoil, disunited, paralysed, about to fall on its sword and leadershit this, leadershit that , leadershit the other….you get the picture.

    Any news about David Ettridge’s suit against Liealot? An in depth report about the Ashby/Slipper affair? Any digging wrt Justice Rares damning summing up? Abbott’s slush fund? His lying to the AEC, lying to Parliament? Utter silence.

    If the msm was doing its job, the Liars would be in single figures in any poll. There’s enough dirt to keep a fleet of journos going for 10 years, but instead we get breathless leadershit garbage day in, day out, broken only by the massive scandal that the PM now wears glasses.

    And nary a word about the 450 pieces of legislation this incompetent, disarrayed, turmoil ridden, paralysed government has had passed, including such groundbreakers as NDIS, the carbon price, $18,200 tax free threshhold and the roll out of the NBN.

    NDIS passed yesterday with the assent of all members of the Lower House, nod of approval to the Liars, credit where it’s due. However, if you rely on the msm for your news, you wouldn’t even know there was such a thing as NDIS.

    And they have the gall to squeal because there will be legislation requiring them to adhere to their own code of ethics!

    Tom R, I don’t think they’ve shot their bolt wrt media legislation. I wouldn’t mind betting Conroy’s already working on it.

    Looks like the PM is having a good clean out. Of course, what these disloyal idiots haven’t got the wit to realise is that their disloyalty will quite likely have really disastrous consequences, not just for them but for Labor.

    These fools could be inflicting a Liars government on this country for years! Thanks idiots!

  94. Really loved your article and agree with your opinions strongly.
    The only thing i would question is forming a strong view on Crean’s actions. He backed Gillard in the last ballot and complained publicly about Rudd’s disloyal behaviour, demanding the PM sack him.
    The things he has said since yesterday seem designed to crush Rudd into oblivion.
    I think he may have thrown himself rather spectacularly on his sword and , given his complete devotion to the party, this probably not surprising.
    How else could Rudd have been stopped, and his real supporters shut up? They don’t have the luxury of being able to chuck him out of the party for several good reasons that i can think of.
    You are terribly correct about the weakness of so many of the blokes who need to be told : ” But screw your courage to the sticking place and we’ll not fail.”
    And haven’t you heard Betty White’s quote about vaginas?

  95. salzagal, I agree with your take on Crean. For him to have gone over to the dark side is completely out of character, imo.

    He did what he did for the good of the party and to give the Gillard government clean air to breathe.

    He’s 64, near retirement age, and I wouldn’t mind betting that he intends to retire after the election, so he made the ultimate sacrifice.

  96. Remember, there is one reason that Abbott wants a election today. He has not got the balls to wait until September 14

    Abbott knows now, that the Labor boil has been lanced, the media have no choice but to turn their attention to him and his policies.

    If we went to an election today, Abbott would get away with having no costed policies that can be perused.

    The voter would be electing him, sight unseen.

    There must be a raeason that Sinodinos has gone into hiding. As he was mentioned along with Torbay, who they have dumped from the party, from his seat and from standing in September, must be serious.

    As for Crean, he come across as being more angry about Rudd not standing, than having support for Rudd. In fact, in this regard he had given support for both. Has a history of supporting the PM, up to an hour before he made his declarations.

    As for Labor, there is a depth of talent, that now allows the PM to bring into cabinet. Many in the areas that Labor needs to win.

    I could not say the same for the opposition. Who would you replace their shadow front bench with.

  97. If anybody really thought Kevin Rudd had sealed up and shelved away his aspirations to seize the Prime Minister’s office from Julia Gillard, after realising on Thursday that he was nowhere near the numbers, then his media conference on Friday showed us to think again.

    This ugliness is not over. It has not even been suspended between now and the September 14 election. The mass resignations of heavyweight Rudd plotters and supporters from the Government on Friday — including Resources Minister Martin Ferguson, Tertiary Education Minister Chris Bowen and Human Services Minister Kim Carr — smack of more orchestration designed to exacerbate rather than alleviate the leadership crisis that has enveloped the Gillard Government………


    Cannot jhelp but agree. The question is whether if they try, there will be a backlash against them, not the PM.

    The impression I got yesterday, was that Rudd has not given up.

    One does have hope, when one looks at those who are standing behind the PM. The cream of Labor is there.

    The Greens are already attacking the likes of Ferguson, not unreasonably in my opinion.

    The government is not in shambles. There has been much achieved this week. The business of government has not faltered for one second.

    Even the media bills could be seen as one of courage, an attempt to get them through. Leaving them on the table for six weeks would have allowed the media moguls to mount an attack, similar to that of the miners,. Nothing to stop them being worked on, and bought back in the budget sitting.

    The ministers that have supported Rudd have complained of the PM not taking them into her confidence and by passing them. Could not their support of Rudd, be the reason for that.

    I am sure the PM has long been aware of who they are.

  98. Abbott out with daughter, with that pamphlet in front of the camera. I do hope people do read it. As Laurie Oakes, said, light weight and not much information.

    Yes, Abbott does need an election, before he is questioned about his so called, informationless and uncosted policies.

  99. Scaper, it’s odd that you are critical of us for being hateful towards Abbott, yet you express hate for Julia Gillard. Are you the only one who is allowed to hate?

  100. Joel does come across as a little naive.

    The PM is beong asked to bring some of those who supported Rudd back into the tent.

    Why, she has done that twice, and they have shit on her.

    I have a problem. I have a local member, who I have been aware of for a long time, is a Rudd supporter.

    Was angered seeing her in that small crowd that stood beside him on Thursday.

    What do I so. I am in an area that Abbott will be targeting. A region that lost a lot of seats at the last election. This lady in my opinion way lucky to survive then,. Have made many attempts for her to get a branch for me to join. I suspect she knows I am a Gillard supporter. Happen to praise her, when talking to staff members. I am stiill waiting for that phone call.

    My problem is I need a branch that I can exist, as I rely on poor public transport.

    This was no problem in the past, when a member of the Laurie Fergusons branch. He always assured that those in my position were picked up.

    I suspect that members of this caliber, do not want new members. May give her a reminder. But then last time, to get a reply, I had to go through the PM;s office.

    Who do I vote for?.

  101. scaper, could I suggest, that Joel showed poor judgement.

    He is a young man, and still has time to learn, for success one puts the team ahead of self interest.

    The place to fight, is within the team, not demolishing the team.

  102. Interesting aside on Crean and an illustration of the true nastiness of the Liberals, but most of all that horrible little man Howard.

    When Crean was made leader of the Labor Party and thus opposition leader he gave an inaugural leader’s speech in parliament, which is tradition for all new first time Party leaders to parliament.

    Crean’s was one of the best inaugural speeches ever given and was almost universally lauded as such.

    Howard turned his back on Crean for the entire speech. The first time in Australian parliamentary history or since that a Party leader deliberately turned their back on the speech being made by a new Party leader in parliament.

  103. What I’m hearing everywhere is how nobody wants an Abbott Govt., Greens say it, ALP’s say it, even some LNPs say it,.. yet then go on to say something along the lines of ‘When’ Abbortt is PM we will fight against him and hold him to account…etc…..etc 😯
    FFS….. has everyone laid down and died already….. talk about shutting the gate after the horse has bolted 🙄 We know that he’s just a stooge for ‘big money’, we know he’s a lieing rat-fink…. we know he’ll rip the economy apart for the benifit of the “1%”…. we know he thinks that the biggest threat to us all, CAGW, is crap….. we know that most Australians will be worse off under the Abborttion and yet people are thinking and saying ‘When’ he gets in etc……. to my mind the best way to hold him to account is to NOT talk in some MSM induced way as if he’s already in the Lodge in the first instance.. and second, NOT vote for him at all……you can lay down and die all you want, but I for one have signed the pledge to do all I can to stop the little shit from getting in, I will do what little I can till Sept 14, I WILL NOT lay down and die… 👿 and niether will ‘The Lady’.
    FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHTS….. or you may as well ‘off ‘ yourself now 🙄

  104. LOVO – you must live in a sound proof ,padded cell.
    Or your hearing aid has flat batteries.
    This morning at the market their was a Labor info booth –
    well the reaction and interaction typifies the situation.
    They were in the firing line and could not fend it off.
    Australia wants and needs an Abbott Government!

  105. Lest we forget…….

    “teddysea on January 28, 2013 at 8:16 pm said:
    For too long Tony Abbott & the LNP have been allowed to bully, bluster and obfuscate parliament, lie about Australia, disrespect our economy and our legally elected government. He has split Australia with his nastiness and mean spiritedness. He, and his syncophantic media backers, have brought scorn on all politicians and government bodies.
    Now we have a record of his words and actions .. and the truth about Tony Abbott and the devious Liberal National Party, so long ignored by the mainstream media, is here to see.”

  106. LOVO, taken the pledge. Unfortunately, the msm is part of the con job being perpetrated on the public. Let’s hope Joe & Josephine public will wake up to this before it’s too late.

  107. LOVO – quoting Shakespeare while the ship sinks .
    Good diversion and highly typical of Dullard Government and supporters.
    Cut the rubbish talk and give Australians a fair go and an Election now.
    But if you want more pain and bigger losses have it 14Sept
    Only 171 Sleeps .
    Did you man a Labor information booth today?

  108. LOVO, I’ve taken the liberty of copying and pasting the excerpt from the James Button piece in NormanK’s comment.

    Time we heard truth about the real Kevin
    by James Button SMH

    But Rudd’s prime ministership failed, and the failure was above all his own. The story of his government, and of its end, has still not been fully told. The consequence has been deep damage to Australians’ faith in politics and in government.

    The truth is, Rudd was impossible to work with. He regularly treated his staff, public servants and backbenchers with rudeness and contempt.

    Not only does Aa’s post provide chapter and verse of Liealot’s lies, but Norman K provides a window into the Rudd PMship.

  109. The truth is, Rudd was impossible to work with. He regularly treated his staff, public servants and backbenchers with rudeness and contempt.”

    And the Australian people voted for a man like this in 2007. Shows you how bad the judgement of more than 50% of the population was back in 2007.

    The Labor Party does not govern for Australia. It only governs for vested interests.

  110. The Labor Party does not govern for Australia. It only governs for vested interests.

    That’s not bad for someone who votes for a mob controlled by Rupert Murdoch and Gina Rinehart. Liealot has to check in at Rupert Central each week to get his orders! I believe Gina just telephones with hers in.

    I’d rather Labor’s vested interests (ordinary people) any day of the week. Rudd was dedicated to serving ordinary folk, not the rich and super rich exclusively. He just can’t work strong>with people.

  111. What a stupid comment.

    I believe Gina just telephones with hers in.

    Any evidence for this?? Or are you making stuff up??

    I am glad you admitted Rudd was a disaster. That was my opinion in 2007. You are only 5 years behind me.

  112. Jane on top of that Rudd kept caving into the media attacks and changing or dropping policy because of them. The very successful insulation scheme is a prime example.

    Abbott is already caving into big media as opposition leader and is totally beholden to them for his standing and very existence as a leader. Abbott will do nothing but produce policy predicated on what the media and big business want and the people of Australia can go jump.

  113. For those right wingers who jump and down and go all gooey over the polls then the recent one taken after the Labor Party kerfuffle should illustrate to them what an absolute loser they are backing in their beloved hero Abbott.

    In what should have been a lay down misère for Abbott that should have seen him streaks ahead of Gillard he crawled ahead within the margin of error as PPM.

    Shit if the happenings of the last few days can’t give him a boost, including silly dancing in the street with a young girl, along with all the support of the MSM across the board then nothing more illustrates what an utter dud the right wingers are supporting. Says a lot about them as well that they are willing to throw principals and country to the wolves purely out of the idiocy in their blind belief of a flawed ideology.

  114. I have a feeling, this PM will have the last laugh. Is it possible she will wait and see what the next couple weeks. I believe this PM is capable of doing what is best for the country, at her time and agenda.

    The PM has enough nous to know she has a legacy that is worth preserving, one that she would not want to see trashed.

    I believe, and agree at this time, it is between her and Rudd. I believe the PM believes she has the best chance of taking Labor to another win. If not a win, not a bad loss..

    I am not too sure what the PM would do, if she came to the belief someone else had better chance of winning. That option has not been discussed in public, that I have noticed.

    What I do know, it will not be what the media moguls or the Opposition wants. What it will not be, a hand over to Rudd.

    The PM does not have a history of acting, the way her opponents expect. She always does the unexpected.

    It is interesting times.

    Pyne started off all bluster and confidence with Barry Cassidy. Ended up very much on the defensive.

    All is not great in the Opposition camp.

  115. ALP membership in Broken Hill up by 20% since the start of the year…… poll that. Goes to show that the Tony brand ain’t selling because people are starting to realise he’s a fake/flake..

  116. Bolt has accused Abbott of not building a mandate. That pamphlet is front and forefront.

    Will be changing to the Fair Work Act.

    The bolt is actually giving his a bad time. Making him state policies.

    Worth a listen. Not that I agree with anything Bolt says. He is forcing Abbott to state his stand.

    Will give the link when it comes available.

    Cannot but help think that Bolt has taken his orders from Gina. Not the interview I expected.

  117. ……………….ANDREW BOLT: Well, obviously, we have the plan. But our plan is the plan, regardless of whether Julia Gillard or Kevin Rudd leads the Labor Party.

    ANDREW BOLT: Well let’s go to your plan. Now, your critics say that Labor’s going so badly that you are under no pressure to release detailed costings or detailed policies. I mean, you’ve got your plan – but detailed. My concern is a little different. You are not building a mandate. You look like having a terrific – going in, the chances are you will have a terrific majority. You don’t want to waste it on a do-little mandate. Are you doing enough? Take about – take IR, for example, you could really make a difference.

    TONY ABBOTT: And I believe the commitments that we have already announced, to fully restore the Australian Building and Construction Commission – a tough cop on the beat, in a difficult industry – to have a registered organisations commission, that will act as a kind of an ASIC for unions, a corporate cop for unions, to have the same penalties for dodgy union officials as we have for dodgy company directors. These are very significant steps in the right direction. They will improve the culture of our workplace. And, look, there will be careful, cautious, responsible changes to the Fair Work Act to address the militancy problem, the flexibility problem, and above all else, the productivity problem. And we will be saying more on this in weeks rather than months.

    ANDREW BOLT: So you – there will be more changes? I mean, you can’t go and sit there on the – you know, leading a huge majority and have a little, a small mandate to change.

    TONY ABBOTT: But – but what we want to do is keep faith with the Australian people. Now, this Government-

    ANDREW BOLT: No sudden changes?

    TONY ABBOTT: This Government has broken faith with the Australian people. And, should I get the honour of being the Prime Minister, I want to keep faith with people, I want to have a no-surprises policy, and, and…

    ANDREW BOLT: But you do want to have a do-things – I will give you one example. 6 million Australians now – 6 million of us, one in four – are living on pensions or public service salaries.


    ANDREW BOLT: Now, we can’t keep on this way. Joe Hockey, your Shadow Treasurer, said, “End the age of entitlement”. What are you going to do about this? Is this not unsustainable?

    TONY ABBOTT: If we can cut the unnecessary taxes, like the carbon tax and the mining tax – abolish the carbon tax and the mining tax – if we can take an axe to red tape, if we can inject a bit more of the rule of law into our workplaces, that will boost productivity. If we boost productivity, we can improve economic growth. Economic growth-

    ANDREW BOLT: That is not actually taking any-

    TONY ABBOTT: Gives us more jobs. But, but in the end, what we need is stronger economic growth, and more jobs. Let’s not forget-

    ANDREW BOLT: I’m not arguing about that. I’m not arguing. I’m saying 4 million – or 6 million – Australians on pensions or public service, that’s unsustainable, isn’t it?

    TONY ABBOTT: What we need to do is to grow the economy, expand employment – as we did under the Howard Government – because then you will get fewer people living on benefits and more people living on wages.

    ANDREW BOLT: But you are not saying anything about actually cutting public service, you’re not saying anything about cutting entitlements?

    TONY ABBOTT: Well, we are talking about cutting the public service, Andrew. We will trim the public service by at least 12,000, because we don’t need the 20,000 extra Commonwealth public sector employees now, on top of those that we had back in 2007.

    ANDREW BOLT: A drop in the bucket. I’m thinking, more needs to happen. But we will see, I guess. Thank you so much for joining us, Tony Abbott.

    TONY ABBOTT: Thank you.

    ANDREW BOLT: Coming up – can Labor recover? Our panel is next..


  118. ME @2.25pm, that is surprising, considering the blood letting. Maybe folk out there are starting to wake up to the fact that they’ve been sold a pup by the msm & Liars.

    NoS, maybe about Gina, although I wouldn’t discount it, but the Rupert meetings have been confirmed by a Press Gallery journo. Read all about it in Migs’ post of 26/2/13 Revealed! The media conspiracy against the Government


    Fed up @3.21pm, wtf? Dolt? Giving Liealot a hard time? What in the world is going on? is all not well in Liarsland?

  119. jane, I think Bolt thought he was doing the right thing. Obviously believes his won spin. Abbott looked uncomfortable being put on the spot.

  120. but the Rupert meetings have been confirmed by a Press Gallery journo.”

    What is your point?? Do you know that Kevin Rudd stayed at Stokes place.


    PRIME Minister Kevin Rudd stayed with billionaire media mogul Kerry Stokes at his lavish mansion in Broome last weekend.

    Mr Rudd and his wife, Therese Rein, spent the night of October 2 at the Channel Seven owner’s Cable Beach compound as part of a three-day trip to WA.”

    I do not know a lot about Murdoch but what get me is that the ALP gets 45% of the Australian peoples vote. Surely 45% of the population can get together and publish a newspaper that produces ALP propaganda. It looks like 45% of the population are not capable of producing ALP propaganda unless they get govt support.

    You already have the ABC and Fairfax on your side. Looks like you want all the media praising the perverted ALP.

  121. I bet Abbott would love an immediate election before he has to do the below, and also release other costed policies.

    Also would not want Labor’s plan to fund Gonskie, NDIS and other policies set in stone, within the budget.

    Would not mind also manipulating hinself into thre PM’s chair. That sceanario gave Fraser much power5, back in 1975.

    ….The federal opposition will unveil its full industrial relations policy within weeks.

    Opposition Leader Tony Abbott on Sunday reiterated promises to make ‘careful, cautious, responsible changes’ to the Fair Work Act.

    He says the coalition has already pledged to re-form the Australian Building and Construction Commission, set up a registered organisations commission to keep tabs on unions, and bring in laws that establish the same penalties for misbehaving union officials as for company directors.

    ‘We will be saying more on this in weeks rather than months,’ he told Network Ten on Sunday.

    ‘There will be careful, cautious, responsible changes to the Fair Work Act to address the militancy problem, the flexibility problem and above all else the productivity problem.’

    Mr Abbott says his party is ready for an election whether it happens on September 14 or earlier.

    ‘We’ve got all our candidates in place,’ he said.

  122. Also would not want Labor’s plan to fund Gonskie, NDIS and other policies set in stone, within the budget.”

    From what i have seen the ALP has no money to fund these schemes other than borrowing more money from China.

    I believe we are heading for a $10b deficit this year.

  123. Neil, Liealot checks into Ltd News every week for his orders. Rudd stayed with Stokes, how many times? Oh yes, once.

    Bit different from having to check in for his orders every week, isn’t it?

    I suppose Liealot has to physically appear every week, because he’s too dumb to be given Rupert’s orders by phone.

    A $10bn deficit? So what? It seems that any economist worth his/her salt seems to say that’s fine. Perhaps you should read what reputable economists have to say about governments and deficits, rather than listen to Tip, the ignoramus.

    I’ve posted a link to someone who is economically literate for you.


    As for your claim not to know much about Rupert, I call bullshit.

    Heard of the Leveson Report, widespread culture of phone hacking by News Ltd, bribery of police, hacking murdered teenager Milly Dowler’s mobile phone and deleting messages, blackmailing and intimidation of actors and politicians, interference in politcs?





    This lot ought to keep you going for a while.

  124. Have posted this elsewhere.

    Some facts, as I see them.

    Mr Abbott is terrified to go to an election on September the 14th.

    He knows the trap that the trap the PM has set, will spring shut. The longer things go as they are now, the more costed and detailed policies Abbott has to release.

    When the likes of Bolt start to put pressure, on, one wonders how much longer can he get away with slogans and daily stunts. Screaming debt and deficits cannot last forever,especially as such outcries are not based on facts.

    Each day, we are beginning to see the media, point out how well the economy is travelling.

    Even heard a good defence of the NBNCo today by their head.

    Abbott seems to have decided he needs an election immediately, even if in the long run is not in his interest. One can only be held for the lower house before July. That would lead to electoral instability for many years. Would lengthen the time before Abbott had any chance of doing his demolition work. Not too sure what business will think of the uncertainty he will create.

    Not too sure that many businesses really want his Direct Action over the present CEF we now have. Some are already beginning to speak out.

    I believe that Abbott is terrified of an election being held on the 14th.

    Abbott would also love to be in the PM’s chair leading up to an election. Who would not.

    The PM will have many options and choices in the next six weeks. I suspect if she believed there was a chance of a no confidence vote getting up, she will call an election early.

    Before July. Why make things early for him, when he creates the scenario. I suspect that the cross benches would also be of like minds, particularly the Greens. The Greens will want to hold onto their power in the Upper House as long as possible. She would do this, to ensure she goes to the elections in the PM’s chair, not Opposition Leader.

    The PM would also have the option, if she came to the view, someone else might do better, of touching them on the shoulder, and having a new face as PM.

    Abbott, if he keeps to what he is saying, is setting out deliberately.

    Do not know if there are any Constitutional aspects of this action.

    I am far from a Constitutional expert.

    Maybe there is one out there that could explain some of the consequences of movers being made by Abbott.

    If Abbott is relying on the advice of Bishop and Brandis as experts, I suspect the PM would not have much to fear.

    The next few weeks will be like a great game of chess. From what I have seen of Abbott, he would be lousy at poker, as he broadcasts all his moves. Suspect chess will be beyond him.
    Would not like to play poker with the PM.

    As PM, she has appeared to be many moves ahead. A good talent for chess, I believe.

    Abbott to me is an opportunist and reacts to events. Never seen any long term moves from him. Appears to have an inability to change his strategy mid game.

    Could be wrong.

  125. Neil, I believe we said that it was only this PM, the first I believe in history that does not curry favor with the media moguls.

    She is paying the price I believe. Some see that as being political stupid, or showing bad judgement.

    I see it as guts, and for that reason she deserves to win, so the power of some media moguls can be broken forever.

  126. jane. if the deficit ends up at 10 billion, it is a long way short of last year’s effort of over 40 billion. Still trending downwards.

    I suspect it will be more like 15 billion, still trending downwards.

  127. Neil, Liealot checks into Ltd News every week for his orders.

    Even if this is true, so what?? Nothing to stop Gillard turning up as well. I have heard she does know News Ltd’s phone number since she rings up the Editor and abuses him from time to time because she does not like what News publishes.

    But you people seem to want the media to be praising Gillard all day every day. I do agree with you that the media is biased. It is biased to Labor. Labor has all the ABC plus Fairfax. And News Ltd has both Labor and Liberal writers so it is pretty even with News Ltd.

  128. jane I have not read a single post Neil has written since someone left the door open and the blowfly got in again.

    You know why, because reading your post I can see that Neil is posting exactly the same bullshit he has always posted, and deficit is top of the list, but only ever Labor deficit. For instance he always conveniently overlooks the recent State Liberal’s deficits, O’Farrell’s first was good as it went into future infrastructure building and he’s going to post more deficits.

    Guess which Liberal State is doing the best economically?

    jane honest don’t waste your time and effort. You can give Neil all the information and facts in the world, show him sources to economics and economists, you can spend long posts and time researching to answer or rebut him but it never ever goes anywhere. All Neil ever does is regurgitate the same narrow minded crap over and over that always boils down to; Liberal = Great, Labor = Not Great.

    Even when the Liberals do the same thing as Labor it was bad when Labor does it but fantastic when the Liberals did it. Liberal debt = fantastic, Labor debt the worse thing in the world.

    And whenever the facts and figures fly and the evidence is presented Neil just falls back to one thing and that one thing every time, and has been doing so for years now, Labor Debt.

    Ignore the economic and political ignoramus, you’ll be better for it.

  129. ME @6.59pm, Neil should be ignored, i admit, but I like to irritate him.

    He finds it irritating to be reminded of the Liars Party’s mendacity and corruption and particularly irritating to be reminded of the Rodent’s corruption. 😆

    But, I’ve had my fun and I will cease feeding the troll(s).

  130. As the nasty Liberals have a “Bolt Report” (dumb name) on national television to push their insidious cause, progressives can exploit the situation somewhat if they’re on Twitter.

    You’ll find plenty of Liberal dupes singing from the hymn book in one place at the hashtag #boltreport. Good of the “Bolt Report” to make it so convenient for us to unearth a rich vein of wingnuts to “debate”.

    The good thing about Twitter is that it’s unmoderated. Unlike Old Media, there’s no house bias that locks out lefties.

    So if you’re in the mood for messing with right wingers’ tiny minds with facts, data and reason – go get ’em! #boltreport


  131. What on earth is Julia Gillard thinking. After the week that was, why on earth would she do an interview with Kyle Sandilands and then take a series of happy snaps with him at a charity event. If you believe (for even one minute) that the MSM is out to get her, then Julia is as guilty as anyone of handing out the ammunition. She has made her very famous public stand against misogyny (vowing to stamp it out where-ever she sees it), then she makes not one but two very friendly and public (appearances) with a man who has been widely accused of the most terrible misogynistic comments. She’s either getting some very bad advice, or completely ignoring the good advice ?????

  132. Mr. Abbott if getting rid of upper class welfare, tax cuts and rebates to the wealthy is class welfare, bring it on Julia.

    Please Mr. Abbott cannot you get some new messages.

    The economy is travelling well. There is not a debt problems. There are no industrial problems in relation to the strikes. The poresent laws works well. The deifict is trending down.

    Time for the election, is when it is called in Sept.

    Mr. Abbott , the indepenmdents are not saying they will support a no confidence motion. They are saying, they will allow you to seek one.

    In fact some of the independents see no reason to dump the PM.

    Mr. Abbott, you have to be joking when you say you have full confidence in that aging shadow front bench of yours.

    Announcer, listening to what Abbott and Hockey had to say, told us it was nothing we have not heard before.

  133. “The deficit is trending down.”

    I love your very positive terminology there Fed Up:

    “Captain Smith, Captain Smith . . . we hit something and the ship is sinking”

    “Don’t panic, it’s not sinking . . . . it’s trending down” LOL

  134. We have comments being made that the PM is rewarding her union loyalist.

    Did I miss something.

    Are not both Fergiuson and Crean, former leaders of the ACTU.

    Why do some find it so amazing, that Labor party which arose from ther Labor unions, that was founded to represent the worker, should have members that come up through the union movement. A very good training ground for politics.

    Surely one does not expect them to come from big business.

    I am glad to see, that Crean is refusing to take the rap for Thursday fiasco. He is staying clearly, Rudd was in charge. He did not get that text message, Rudd said he sent. Truth seems to be absent on the side of Rudd.

    If the numbers were close, Rudd would have run. Even if the PM had a narrow win, she would have been finished. Rudd did not need to win. He did need to improve his position. The numbers were obviously not there.

    Splits in Labor in the past, I believe we’re about ideology. This one seems to be based on naked ambition and inflated egos of some MP’s. There does not seem to be any explanation, except for the gender of the PM.

    I am of their of opinion, some of the malcontents were not supporting Rudd, but using him, to get their own way. That was clear in a comment that crank made. He said he would run as deputy to keep Rudd in line. Rudd was clear he did not support that position.

    Now for the new cabinet.

    I expect western Sydney to do well.

    Would be nice to see some role for Rudd.

  135. “This one seems to be based on naked ambition and inflated egos”

    I would agree . . . the naked ambition and inflated egos of both Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard. Coupled with a bloodlust for revenge. He for being knifed by her and her for anyone who supported him. What a lovely couple they make.

  136. Yes, Erin, the deficit is trending down.

    This is no accident by the way.

    This government over the last few years, has practiced the greaestt fiscal consolidation this country has seen.

    Yes, Erin, there is no easy fruit left for Mr. Abboitt to pick.

    Yes, Erin, Mr Abbott has challenged every saving this government has made. Is promising to restore all. Well at least, those that have been taken from upper income earners. I suspect the poor, as usual will pay the price. Someone has to.

    What we need to know Erin, what Abbott is going to cut, to put in place his plan of fiscal austerity. Which by the way, has sent economies into free fall, where they go down this path. The UK is into it third economic collapse.

    The deficit should be about a third of what it was last year. Surely that is an improivent. Surely that is trending downwards.

    Sorry if they are inconvenient facts, that prove Abbott and Co are wrong. More than that, they are liars, when it comes to the economy.

  137. Erin, do you not realise, trending downwards, means the economy is closer to coming into surplus. That in many eyes, that can only be seen as a postive.

    Yes, there are times for deficits, times for surpluses. What is important , is how one gets to that surpluses. Neither a deficit or surplus means much within themselves. There is much more to running an economy than deficits and debt. Much more.

    This government did aim for the surpluses, until it became clear, that to continue cutting back, would lead to a greater deficit, mainly because of the global economy

    Yes, Erin, we live in a global economy. One that Abbott seems to believe, he doesn not have to take an account of.

  138. Why does the PM have an inflated ego, when all she does, is carry out her role of PM. The PM has now faced three votes of her caucus. They have voted for her on each occasion. Where is the ego there. She has the numbers.

    The PM has led the party to a narrow win. The PM has held a minority government together, passing of 450 or more pieces of leglisation. Most of it of a reforming nature.

    Why is this being egoistic.

    One can only come to the conclusion, is that when they say she has an inflated ego, is because she believes she has earned the right to be PM. Not only the right to be PM, but the right to make decisions that the role gives.

    Yes, Erin, she is PM, whether one likes it or not.

  139. Oh dear, what a load of tosh you ALP apologist!

    Up until just before Xmas they wee promising a surplus…now at least $13.5B more than the Treasury estimate. Last year over $20B on their estimates.

    Bill Leak has got it right.

  140. Fed Up . . . Of course I understand what you mean by ‘trending down’. The problem I see with the gov. is that aside from continously promising a surplus they could never deliver, the economy can only sustain so much debt. We do live in a global economy and if you look at the economies in europe (Greece, Spain) that were heavily in debt, they are not doing well at all. Money that might be spent on higher standards of living etc is being used to service debt and that’s not good for any economy.

    As for the PM’s ego. I would assume you have to have a certain amount of ego for the role to begin with but the events of the past week would suggest to many people that Julia is determined to hold onto the leadership no matter what, including losing a number of her MP’s and losing the coming Sept election. (IMO of course)

  141. scaper. Still a lot lower that the 40 million last year.

    What we do know is if the fiscal consolidation continues, it would send the economy into a downfall. If one does not believe that, look at the countries that have gone down the track of fiscal austerity. That is what Abbott is promising.
    This country has 21 years of growth. Must be doing something right.

    Has had a Labor government for the last five and half years. Yes, nearly two terms.

    Not bad for an illegitimate government, as some still see it.

    One of the best economies in the western world, and is still growing.

    What ewas that house sale figures on Saturday. Yes, over 75% sale rate.

    Record job creatons. More affordable housing, the first time in years.

    Sadly, Australia has seen one sorry growth. That is the growth of whingers that seem to abound in this wide brown land of ours.

  142. Erin, surely there should be some credit for clawing the defict back, in the uncertain global economy we have today.

    Do you really believe that Abbott; s desire for fiscal austerity is what this nation needs at this time.

    Do you reject the glowing description that the RBA is given for our future.

    Have you really believe that there should always be surplus. Even when no economist agrees with you.

    Do you undersand, that deficits and surpluses are no more that tools, to keep economies on a even keel, using your boat anology.

    Do you really believe the election is about deficits and debt. There is much more to a flourishing economy than that.

  143. Sorry Erin, you cannot compare us to the likes of Spain. It does not compute.

    We are not a member of the European Common Market. We have an independent economy, that works entirely differently.

    There are some that comment here, that can explain it to you, better than me.

    What has not worked in the countries you name, is more fiscal austerity.

    We have very small, very manageable debt. Even in the household budget, debt is OK as long as one canh manage it. In business, debt is used for growth. Suggest that the same occurs in the nation economy

    Whether you like it or not, it is an inconvenient fact that households budgets, do not work the same as the nations budget. They re entirely different animals.

    In light of this inconvenient fact, talking about debt and deficits means little within themselves. One has to take much more into consideration.

    Much more.

  144. Have to agree with Abboitt. His front bench is indeed stable.

    More that 14 aging members, from a government the public threw out two terms ago.

    One he says, will remain if elected to governmnet.

    Where are the new faces and talent with the Opposition. One can only assume, there is none, if this is the best he can put forward.

  145. Well FU, I don’t agree. IMO the fundamentals are the same irrespective of the EU, the australian economy and even house hold economies. I do understand that there are other complexities and factors at play, but if you continue to spend much more than you earn and you continue to borrow to service that debt, you will end up in financial difficulty. No ?

  146. Slipper matter adjourned to April 8. Slipper still has not been formally charged., Does not have to appear at next mention.

  147. Erin, I could not care if you agree or not. What I say is fact. So me an economist with any reputation that agrees with you.

    I am afraid you will be in for a long search.

    We do not have any debt, that is of any concern.

    Simple fact.

  148. No Erin, the fundamentals are not the same. Nothing alike.

    Even if they were, we do not have the debt problems of those countries.

    We have no debt problem.

    Why do you think that Abbott and Hockey keep pushing this barrow. It is to divert one from how well this country is traveling.

    I am not saying things are perfect. They are not. There are many problems in the future.

    The trouble is, that are not the one that Abbott and Hockey are raving on about.

    If one cannot identify the problems, =how can they address them.

    This country has gone through the greatest structural change of all time. We are fast moving into a global economy, that brings new problems.

    The answers are not going to be found by someone that at all times, looks to the past.

  149. OK so if our debt levels are fine, why were Wayne Swan and Julia Gillard so determined to return us to surplus ?

  150. Simple. Because of political reasons.

    Thankfully, they pulled back, when the evidence was put forwarded, that continue would lead to disaster.

    There were no economist that I know of, that supports Labor in this regard.

    Yes, for the aim for the fiscal consolidation was worthwhile,

    Yes, one is not in favour of waste. That is another argument.

    The question I need answers to, is what is Abbott is going to cut. Erin, I am sure that would also be a worthwhile quest for you. Do not fall for Abbott’ s thimble and pea trick. Ask him what he is going to cut.

    Ask him what he is going to do about the high dollar.

  151. FU. Surely your not suggesting that Wayne and Julia were pulling a fast one for political gain at the potential detriment to the australian economy and it’s people ? That would be unheard of !!

  152. … pulling a fast one for political gain at the potential detriment to the australian economy and it’s people ? That would be unheard of !!

    Not for the ilLiberals it wouldn’t

  153. Oh I see what you did there Cuppa. You turned it around and made it about the Liberals . . . your a crafty one you are 🙂

  154. It seems like a fun game, ERIN. Can I have a go at crafting a suggested narrative?

    If you’d like to consult orthodox economic theory and/or many budgetary statements over time about temporary, targeted, and timely stimulus and its scheduled withdrawal, fiscal (re-)consolidation was always meant occur over a number of years, with surplus and necessary debt repayment, not including that quantum of debt-asset meant to operate as an ongoing moderating money supply pool, occurring by circa 2017-18.

    Hence, Abbott’s and Hockey’s blatherings and blusterings about “fixing” the budget before they can and can’t do anything substantive, as their contributions to faster ones and more: I have a plan, in year one – things, year two – things, year three – things, years four and five – more things.

    So, don’t be surprised if there are immediate ideological cuts and distant aspirational promises dressed-up in fancy imperative rhetoric among those fully-costed and fully-budgeted things on the menu: the Australian people know we must mean within our lives.

    Or, some counter-currency like that.

  155. ………why were Wayne Swan and Julia Gillard so determined to return us to surplus?

    To stop uninformed twats like you & other Liars barrackers’ incessant whining, i imagine.

  156. I’m quite prepared for ‘immediate idealogical cuts’ . . . and as for ‘distant aspirational promises dressed-up in fancy imperative rhetoric’ how is that any different to those in power now.

    And Jane, you are right . . . the drive towards a surplus was purely political at the time. But then everything this gov. has done has been purely political IMO so at the very least they are consistent.

  157. So NDIS, Gonski, the carbon price, BER, HIP, pension increases, NBN, maternity payments, a dental care scheme to name just a few are for purely political reasons and have no social benefits for people?

    As opposed to welfare for the wealthy and some flagpoles, I presume?

    All I can say is thank God for those purely political public health, infrastructure and communications programs.

    A far better way to spend my taxpayers $$$s than pissing $300bn up the wall of middle class welfare, imo.

  158. Oh I see what you did there Cuppa. You turned it around and made it about the Liberals . . . your a crafty one you are 🙂

    The Liberals stink.

  159. Is it not shocking that a PM, who is practicing politics, has to take politics into consideration for every decision made.

    Of course Mr. Abbott does not behave this way. Of course that could not have been true of Howard.

    Does not one recall all those ads, we got each day, of people in chains, etc. Of course none of that was pure politics.

    I believe this PM acts in a political way, less than her predecessors.

    No mouse pads or fridge magnets. Nor be afraid and alert. No massive police turnouts whenever there is a government do. No closing down of our city centers.

    No flack jackets, that I have noticed.

    No flooding of the airwaves and TV, telling us over and over, of what he had done.

    No announcing new policies, many times, at the end of the day, disappeared into the ether.

  160. So NDIS, Gonski, the carbon price, BER, HIP, pension increases, NBN, maternity payments, a dental care scheme to name just a few are for purely political reasons and have no social benefits for people?”

    No money for NDIS and Gonski. BER was a waste of money. Labors NBN will not be finished until we are dead. The biggest fraud however is Labors dental care scheme.

    We had a dental care scheme set up by the Howard govt and Labor abolished it to save money to try and get a surplus budget. This hurt a lot of people. Labors new scheme has not started and there is no money for it anyway.

  161. Neil, who says there will be no money. The PM says, they will do as they have the last few years, find the money.

    It is a matter of priority.. There is till plenty of fat to cut from upper income welfare and tax rebates.

    There is the option of clawing back some of the income tax reductions to the wealthy, which Howard pursued, leaving structural inbalances within the budget.

    Neil, there are many options.

    The problems that the USA are facing is caused as much by taxatation reductions to the wealthy, as by increased spending. Yes, caused by those who can afford to, not pulling their weight.

    Havng wages that one cannot live on, having many unemployed does not lead to a productive economy. That is were the real waste lies. Having people not being able to perform to their full potential is the greatest waste in any society.

    Why should a wealthy society, such as ours, not look after its most vulenable people,

    Wht cannot we educate our people to their highest potential. Sounds like to me, a recipe for success.

  162. Neil, I suspect that the PM is terrified of budget week.

    He knows that after the budget is delievered, he will have to deliver. Then the games will be over.

    That is what behind his desperation to still bring around a early election. One that is not in his benefit, or that of the nation.

  163. EMPLOYMENT Minister Bill Shorten had an unlikely victory over fitness fanatic Opposition Leader Tony Abbott – beating him by 10 minutes in a fun run.
    The Labor MP finished the 15km Run for the Kids charity run in 1 hour 22 minutes and 52 seconds.
    Mr Abbott finished in 1 hour, 32 minutes and 43 seconds, according to official results.
    Mr Shorten said he was not sure why he had beaten his Liberal counterpart, who is known for completing gruelling ironman events.
    “I checked my watch. I started at 9.03am and finished at 10.25am,” he said. “That’s about 5 1/2-minute kilometres.”

    Read more: http://www.news.com.au/national-news/nsw-act/finally-labor-victory-over-tony-abbott-with-bill-shorten-fun-run-win/story-fndo4bst-1226604569443#ixzz2OYYyoo00

  164. BER was a waste of money.

    Not according to anyone to anyone with any credibility.

    Howard’s dental scheme was just another rort for the wealthy, like everything he did.

  165. So are we still of the opinion that lasts week cleaning house was a win for Julia. It would appear the polls and even the PM herself don’t think so. But I’m sure a few days of repeating the phrase “the week that was, was the week that was” will magically make it all go away.

  166. Howard’s dental scheme was just another rort for the wealthy, like everything he did.”


    Total dishonesty is my opinion of you people.

    Labor got rid of the Howard govt dental scheme to save money so they could balance the budget and not break another promise.

  167. Are Australians the new whinging POMMs?””

    What is your point?? The economy was in better shape in 2007. Did not help Howard win the election.

    Under Howard unemployment went down to 4.3% and trending down. You have to go back to the 1970’s to find an unemployment rate with a number 4 in front of it.

  168. Erin, who in hell has said last week was a win for the PM. The silver lining is that the malcontents and Rudd have been shown in their true colours. Not very pretty.

    The PM has managed the whole sorry episode with grace. The PM has acknowledge it was not good. Yes, at least now, Labor can keep on with the job, without wondering were the next attack is going to come from.

    The new ministry seems to be accepted. The fresh blood is not going to do any harm. In my humble opinion, it is a very good ministry. They appeared to have hit the ground running.

    Whether the PM can full off a election win wil be up to the voters. This I know, she will give it her best try.

    At least the Oposition is now being asked a few questions. That is good enough for me.

    Did you watch media Watch last night., It was not only the PM that had a bad week. Many journalist also had to face the fact, that they were being used by the Rudd faction. Yes, used. Many were left with egg on their faces.

  169. The economy was in better shape in 2007.

    The economy was in worse shape in 1983 after eight years under John Howard as Treasurer.

    Under Howard unemployment went down to 4.3% and trending down. You have to go back to the 1970′s to find an unemployment rate with a number 4 in front of it.

    Australia’s best economic fundamentals since 1964

    The current economic data in Australia are about as good as one could expect to see.

    Australia has GDP growth of 4.3%, at the same time inflation is running at 1.3%, at the same time the unemployment rate is below 5.5% (5.2% to be precise), at the same time mortgage interest rates are below 7% (6.85% for the standard variable rate).

    Delving into the various data bases to try to match up a time when Australia’s GDP growth was 4% or more, inflation was 1.5% or less, the unemployment rate was 5.5% or less and the standard variable mortgage interest rates was 7% or less, and I came up with March quarter 1964.

    That was a few months after the assassination of JFK; Robert Menzies was Prime Minister; Arthur Calwell was Leader of the Opposition; the Beatles visited Australia; and Donald Horne’s The Lucky Country was first published.

    Stephen Koukoulas, Market Economics, 2012

  170. The economy (1983) after eight years under John Howard as treasurer:

    Double-digit unemployment
    Double-digit interest rates
    and Double-digit inflation

  171. FU. It was just an observation. There were comments last Friday from Gillard supporters that ‘she has shown everyone how strong and decisive she is’ and some people even suggested it was a cunning plan by the PM to trick the MSM and the opposition. Well, unfortunately it didn’t. It showed that her own party seriously questions her leadership and so does the electorate. And no, I didn’t see Media Watch but does it really come as any surprise that Rudd has been playing funny buggers with the media. The die was cast when he got rolled way back when, and it’s been that way ever since. And who knows what Kev has in store for the next 6 months.

  172. Support: Kevin Rudd was prepared to be drafted as Labor leader last Thursday and he had family members ready to witness it if it all came off. His son Marcus was signed into parliament last Thursday while daughter Jessica flew from Sydney later in the day. Rudd’s loss of the prime ministership hit his family hard. One of Capital Circle’s enduring memories of the 2010 leadership coup was of Marcus Rudd, standing next to his dad at his final press conference as prime minister, staring out blankly at the media as Rudd choked with emotion.,………………….


    Wonder what really went wrong?

  173. The latest Newspoll has of course shown the government’s slump in popularity, as well as a slump in Gillard’s status as preferred PM. All this was kind of expected, but these are not of interest to me. The purpose of Crean’s doorstop and the non-contested challenge was to put a stop to the leaks from the Rudd camp, and hence all the leadership speculation which has filled the airwaves for the last several weeks, and which has been driving the govt’s poor polling.

    Now Rudd has been exposed, and his prospects for a return should theoretically reduce to zero, and along with it, his status as preferred PM over Gillard. But do you think I could find any mention of this in the media? Not at all. This to me is the real story of the latest polling, and Rudd’s drop in popularity would be a sign that Gillard’s tactic (which I have regarded as necessary) had worked.

    So, can anyone help me out and direct me to the latest Newspoll results showing Rudd’s status as preferred PM, and whether it has dropped? My suspicion is that Rudd’s popularity has dropped significantly, but that the media has failed to report this as it does not suit their agenda of destabilizing the government.

  174. Silkworm, the thing to me about polls is that it’s all in the past. Polls can be useful if the right questions are asked and can provide an overview about where parties might improve, otherwise they’re as relevant as to who is the King of Pop…that is interesting as you can tell who is likely to win but gives zero indication about where this King is headed once he is crowned.

  175. … the thing to me about polls is that it’s all in the past

    That doesn’t make any sense. Polls reflect public sentiment. I am interested to know if the public sentiment towards Kevin Rudd has changed. The media used Rudd’s popularity to push for Ruddstoration. If Rudd has done poorly in the latest polls, then the media cannot use that as a club to bash Gillard with. Based on their failure to report on Rudd’s status as preferred PM, we must conclude that his popularity has plummeted as a result of the non-coup. Isn’t anyone interested in this?

  176. Slikworm,

    Could it be that since the spill-that-wasn’t, the polling companies have realised that Rudd is out of the race and won’t (or unlikely) to be back in it?

    If they think he’s not going to be a leadership contender again, questions comparing him to Julia Gillard would be irrelevant?

  177. I would like to know the answer. I would say the numbers for Rudd are bad, otherwise we would have them.

    If that is true, it would mean Rudd is indeed finish.

    This is the first time in three years there has not been a comparison made.

  178. But he didn’t contest the leadership. And he’s repeated that he won’t be leader again. So if he’s out of the race, why would polling companies poll his PPM?

  179. That’s true FU. I think before they constantly used his polling to try to goad him and his supporters into challenging. Then when he didn’t challenge, and the media and polling companies were made to look sort of foolish for having beaten it up to an anticlimax, it kind of drew a line of finality under it for them.

  180. If …… IF,.. Kev wasn’t gunna run like he said…. and if …IF.. the whole Ruddstoration thingy was just a ‘beat up’ from the MSMLNP sect… then mayhap more than Simon have fallen on their proverbial…… just say’n…… 😯

  181. September sure is gunna be busy…… 1st Sept. is Australian National Wattle Day, an inclusive day where all Australians ‘can’ celebrate being lucky enough , here in the 21st century, to be amoung the 22 million of the seven billion that get to call Australia “home”, whether your Labor or Liberal, christian or muslim,Geelong supporter 😉 or an Port supporter 😉 , republican or monarchist, first Australian or one of the last to call yourself an Aussie….Wattle Day is an’ inclusive’ start to election month… and a time to reflect on what it is to be an Aussie …… 2 weeks later on the 14th, we,.. together, make an important decision. then 2 weeks after that on the 28th is..( no, not the Roller-ball Grand Final)….. the AFL Grand Final…. what a month…… what a trifecta……. the 103rd celebration of Wattle Day….. Julia still PM…. and Geelong wins ……again…… ( fingers firmly crossed) 😀 ….. bring it on 🙂

  182. Mr. Abbott out as usual, defending with great gusto, upper middle class welfare.

    Yes, he is fighting for super benifits that cost many billions, going to the top 10%, at the expense of the lower 60%.

    Not only can we not afford the encouragemants given to these people to inveat in super at this time. The cost is growing rapidly every years.

    Do not be taken in by the Abbott spin.

  183. I believe that some of these upper middle income earners get around $11,000 per year. Ths same amount, the unemployed haver to jump through hoops to get, to live on.

  184. I can assure people superannuation is a Labor creature and we will always nurture it well,” Ms Gillard said.

    Tony Abbott, visiting BAE Systems Australia in Melbourne today, has vowed to leave our super untouched. Picture: Ian Currie
    Earlier today, Mr Abbott said there had been ”far too much fiddling” with superannuation from Labor and if elected as Prime Minister on September 14 he would put a stop to it.

    ”There have been at least five significant changes to superannuation from this government,” Mr Abbott said.

    ”I want to say to people that super is safe under the Coalition.

    ”We will make no adverse unexpected changes to superannuation in our first term.”

    The Liberal party has previously confirmed it is their policy to reintroduce the 15 per cent tax on superannuation for 3.6 million Australians earning $37,000 and under, which was cut by Labor.

    It could mean a tax slug of up to $500 per year for one in three Australian workers under an Abbott government……………..


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