Tony Abbott: high anxiety


It seems that politics in Australia exists in some sort of parallel world. Is it that the Australian media is completely disconnected from reality, or is it that it chooses to be so?

From reading or listening to little but mainstream, it would seem that the media and the Liberals would prefer the impression that nothing has changed since the last election. The rhetoric remains stagnant: the Gillard government it is repeated, is in deep trouble. Julia Gillard’s hold on power is tenuous we are told; and we have been told the same thing since 2010. As Rossleigh so ably put it in his topic at The Australian Independent Media:

A leadership spill is speculated to occur tomorrow, and on Thursday . . . Friday at the latest. If not Friday, certainly sometime before or after the next election.

Yet strangely, little is forthcoming from the Opposition to enlighten us as to why this is “a bad government”. Where is the rhetoric, the photo ops, the hard luck stories to back up the imagine which Tony Abbott wishes to convey?  It seems that it exists in this parallel world, in the imagination of Tony Abbott and the media.

If The Master (and I do not use this term as a compliment) John Howard was in charge today, then by God we Aussies would know we were in strife as not a day would go by without pictures of Howard’s “Battlers”; photos of Aussies “doing it tough”. Mums, Dads and kiddies would be out there on the streets displaying their ragged and torn Nikes while mum sobs into her somewhat bedraggled pure silk Ralph Lauren hankie. The headlines would read: This is what has become of Howard’s Aspirationals under a Labor government.

Yet where is Tony Abbott? Tony is on the beach with a daughter or two, Tony is hard-hatting it with the workers, Tony is downing a cleansing ale. Empathy with Howard’s Battlers does not exist for Tony.

Tony (not) empathising with workers and unhappy domestic situations, and yes he managed to do this all in one brief sentence:

Bad bosses, like bad fathers and husbands, should be tolerated because they do more good than harm…

Tony (not) empathising with the gay community:

Well, there is no doubt that it challenges, if you like, orthodox notions of the right order of things…

To me, this is a WTF moment on indigenous issues:

Racism used to be offered as the complete explanation for Aboriginal poverty, alienation and early death. Racism hasn’t disappeared. Still, if racism caused poverty, why hasn’t poverty declined as racism diminished.

Tony yet again (not) empathising with the indigenous community:

There may not be a great job for them but whatever there is, they just have to do it, and if it’s picking up rubbish around the community, it just has to be done.

Tony (not) empathising with the difficulties facing Australian businesses:

To be honest, I think that Australian-made campaigns are feelgood campaigns at best.

Tony (not) empathising with mental illness:

…we just can’t stop people from being homeless if that’s their choice…”


We can’t stop people drinking; we can’t stop people gambling; we can’t stop people having substance problems; we can’t stop people from making mistakes that cause them to be less well-off than they might otherwise be.

Is this the picture of public anxiety which the Liberals wish to convey? If there is community anxiety, it should be that a person with these opinions might become Prime Minister.

However, onward Tony Abbott hastens all a’flurry on a road back to nowhere in particular, and all the while providing constant visual images that just perhaps Australians aren’t doing it all that tough after all. Yet again and all the while, glossing over and trivialising the many important issues which Australia has been facing, and will face in the future.

So here is our parallel world where Whyalla, the government and our society are about to collapse in chaos and despair we remain where we started, with a photo op and little else.

It is with some gratification that an article in the Herald Sun announces that:

TONY Abbott’s budgie smugglers have been replaced with ”stopping the boats” and ”people smugglers” in an analysis of the most used political words in mainstream media.

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  1. Yes, it’s all about Tony, isn’t it? Especially in his view. The LNP is allowed to spout off the same old tiresome trash – bad guvmint, toxic tax, dysfunctional guvmint, worst PM ever, ad nauseum . No one in the Coalition is challenged to put facts of this before the people. No wonder Tony can talk gobbledygook & get away with it.

  2. TS, no Migs retains his boyish charm..I’m the cynical one. 😉 It is indeed a sincere compliment to have my writing mistaken for his.

  3. Ahh yes. All the news Rupert thinks you deserve. No mention of Ashby/Brough robberies, No mention of Abbott being hauled before the courts over One Nation.Just loud unsubstantiated noise about “Worst Government” when all the evidence points to the Gillard Govt being the best for many decades!

  4. Joy, the coalition might not be challenged on putting facts to their assertions, but they are emotionally, morally, honesty, integrity, credibility and policy challenged 😯 😀

    BTW Min, I really did think it was Migs piece, and that is a compliment 😀 😎
    Cheers 😀

  5. Abbott was very lacklusted this morning. Speaking at some event that is supporting jobs for young people. Aboriginals I believe.

    We had Pyne is complaining about the government introducing 18 bills. Means they will have to give the house some attention, and do some work.

    Also tells us the PM is in control of the house, in spite of being an minority government. Pyne wants a extra week.

  6. You are so correct, TS. It is lazy journalism at its sickening worst.

    BTW Liberal puppetmasters!! The squillions you are spending on the makeover artists to polish your “new” Tony is money wasted. He is still the same old tired piece of buffoonery he always was. Plus I am already sick of seeing him wearing a “trust me” blue tie.

  7. Fed up, that was my first thought when I heard Pyne whinging on the ABC.
    “How dare they expect you to do what you are paid to do… WORK? 😯

    Joy, funny you should mention the “Puppet Masters, as my latest poem “The Abbotts Puppet Masters” will be posted on my site later today 😀

    Cheers 😀

  8. Yesterday, the baiting of the health minster for the whole of QT, I believe led to the PM’s comment that the myscognist Tony was back.

    For the first time I have seen Tanya upset. Abbott is adapting the younger Ms. Bishops stare. The one he gave Riley.

    It was not nice to watch. It is a shame one cannot hear the words.

    The PM was not insulting Mr. Abbott. She was just stating what was a fact.

  9. I would also like to point out, Mr. Turnbull was very impressive last night. Made Abbott look like a amateur. Not that I agreed with anything he said, but he did pull out all stops. To remind one of his earlier court appearances.

  10. Senate report makes the point that these laws are afront to human rights. Bullshit. Turnbull announcing report.

  11. In a way I think that this is why the Australian public is somewhat confused. They have been told to not like Julia Gillard, and that’s as a person..policies are something which has been completely avoided except when vested interests such as the gambling industry and the mega miners have their own interests to push.

    One would have to ask people, so you agree that nothing should be done about problem gamblers? So you agree that Australians don’t deserve a fair share of their own resources?

  12. voyager, do us a favour. Show us where in the propose legalization, how that could happen.

    Well all the experts say that is not so.

    Do you really believe that Labor would past a bill that gave the Opposition that power.

  13. This time next week the media laws will have been passed and all will be forgotten. Except that the PM is the least effectual PM in Australia’s history. Oh! Wait – – –

  14. Archie, for least effectual Gillard certainly has had some impact on the future and I think of the NDIS, plus hopefully there will be time for reforms in education and the gambling industry as well. For ineffectual, try Tony Abbott..and Fed up might be able to help me with this one, how many amendments to legislation has Tony Abbott been able to achieve since he became LOTO?

  15. I just want to know one thing.
    We have been subject to all of the manipulation by the LNP & MSM/Murdoch/Fairfax propaganda for so long now, I reckon that ‘they’ think that we believe it.
    Well I reckon (again) that if that’s what they think, well let them keep on thinking it.
    It will be a real pleasure to ‘sock it too ’em’ on Set. 14th.
    Fun aside. Great article Min.
    Pity the troll is at it again, party pooper!

  16. Voyager, IF such an occasion might occur then isn’t there a possibility that what is proposed is not in the public interest..the main players today would argue that they deserve to be in control of around 86% of the media, a figure which places Australia around 26th in world as regards freedom of speech. The government argues that something approaching a monopoly is not in the public interest, that diversity of opinion is required.

    ”You either want to protect media diversity in this country … or you don’t,” he (Senator Conroy) told ABC TV.

  17. Thank you Sandra. I keep getting the impression that all that Abbott is doing is running around saying “Look at me, I’m popular”. I personally could not give a stuff about Tony Abbott cutting up a fish or that Julia wears glasses..but that’s the standard that the Australian media has descended to.

  18. Milne. PC 70% chance bills will pass. Wilkie challenged to step up to the mark.

    Greens have reached agreement with the government.

  19. Can’t stop all the important stuff the affects many Australians directly but apparently he can stop the boats.

    So the things he says he can’t stop by leading a good government he could but the one thing he can’t stop, boats, he says he can.

    Is there something wrong with this picture that goes directly to the failure of this man as a leader of anything.

  20. Drive to airport heard Turnbull going apeshit on the radio as it looks like the media bill has a good chance of passing with just a change of a single person oversight to that of a panel.

    So here is the opposition saying the whole credibility of the government and of Gillard lies in this legislation passing or failing, and now it’s looking like passing it means the credibility, not that they ever had any, of the opposition is in tatters, they are throwing kiddie tantrums.

    Turnbull’s spray against the Indies and Greens was disgraceful.

  21. Not many amendments. No important ones I am sure. What is worse, they have not taken enough notice of what goes through the house, to even bother. Abbott’s focussed is the stunts, the MSSO and little more. Even the question asked in QT are of poor quality.

    Abbott is not interested in my belief. I have heard them make comments, that conflict with what this government has had passed.

    When they get back to the media bills, it is going to be a noisy time, if last night is any indication. Then I could be wrong. In the past, once beaten, they run out of stream quickly.

    I assure that Turnbull cannot do better on last night’s effort. Not sure that Abbott would want him to. He sure showed up Abbott in a weak light..

    If the PM gets this legislation through, no matter how weak, it is indeed an achievement. It6 will also mean, she has done through without consulation and giving into the media moguls.

    If the PM and Conroy had done, as advised, not moving quickly, with strict time limits, the government would have faced six weeks of assault from the media moguls and Opposition. The PM force them to show their hands quickly. It was not a pretty picture, if one tuned into the committee hearings.

    We have seen what happened with the MRRT and the attack the miners maintained.

    I think the debate might be back on.

  22. One needs to remember, when following Oakes, he took the deposing of Rudd personally. Has hated the PM from day one.

  23. @Min, I believe that Gillard is the best PM Australia has had since Chifley. What we will read next week, after the passing of these media laws is that she is ineffective, ineffectual and offensive. And the cognitive dissonance within the Australian electorate is such that there will be no outcry at the manifest falsity of the columns which are printed in our dead tree media and the hours of self-serving hypocrisy we see and hear on our electronic media.

  24. ME, if you listened in last night, you would have an hour or more of it. I believe the bills will ow pass. That is why Turnbull is so angry. The PM has outsmarted them, and they know it.

    Katter is now on ABC 24

    Complicated panel set up. Made up of 12 I believe.

  25. 1:38pm: There’s a lot of white noise around today. Static even.
    There’s also an awful lot of governing going on.
    The Minister for Workplace Relations, Bill Shorten, is firmly in the governing camp.
    Earlier today he introduced new legislation to establish the Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency.
    With asbestos related deaths not expected to peak until 2020, Mr Shorten said, a national agency with the powers to tackle illegal dumping and promote safe disposal is vital.

    Read more:

  26. Great post, Min. I take it that when you refer to The Master, it’s in the Dr Who sense?

    Unfortunately, I think Liealot’s “empathetic” statements, particularly wrt gays & Aboriginal people, are held by a lot of people in the country.

    Although I find it ironic that he’s bragging about Giles, when he clearly supported & continues to support Dolt’s racism, to the extent that he’s prepared to remove racial vilification as a reason for legal action, so that creatures like Dolt can continue to lie about people of different cultural backgrounds without fear of prosecution.

    As for the confected outrage about freedom of speech, afaics, it’s code for freedom to slander, libel, smear and lie about individuals and organisations without fear of prosecution.

    But that freedom is not extended to NGOs which the Howard government muzzled on threat of their tax status being removed, as the Newman government is threatening to do

  27. Archie, I agree with you about Julia. The amount that she has achieved when it seemed that “the whole world” is against her is truly to be admired. However, I would not expect any recognition anytime in the near future, perhaps not even in the next decade…one for the history books.

  28. I used to like Turnbull, but lately he’s been behaving like a Liberal politician. Behaviour unbecoming of him.

  29. Roswell a very similar thing happened to Hockey, though it was Howard who turned him to the dark side and removed most of his brain and all of his compassion and sensibility.

    I would never have believed it, especially the way Abbott and his faceless controllers white anted Turnbull at every turn, that he is now so firmly entrenched in the Abbott camp, but worse, the Abbott endless mindless negabore mindset.

  30. I think there is an under swell of respect for ‘our’ Julia, respect she herself has garnered from standing her ground in front of all those reporters and not leaving until they had run out of questions…… I think that people are waking up to the obvious MSM bias and that the LNPs credability is starting to be questioned….. ‘The Lady’ ain’t finished, she’s only just hitting her straps. 😀

  31. Roswell and Mobius, most definitely..gone to the dark side.

    I would have thought that T’bull would have made his play for the leadership by now as he isn’t hanging around in politics for no reason at all. There have been so many “almosts” from Turnbull that I am doubly wondering Why and the only reason that I can think of is that he could not get the numbers with the Libs polling so well. When you’re travelling well, that is most definitely not time to upset the status quo.

    I am thinking that T’bull’s plan might be, wait a year, sit back and watch Abbott stuff it up and then offer yourself as a savour. Hockey will be araldited to Abbott as he knows that there are others with far more talent than himself such as T’bull and Robb for the Treasurers position. T’bull if leader would replace Hockey so fast that it would make your head spin.

  32. LOVO, it’s extremely difficult to remain optimistic with it coming at you from all sides, but with encouragement such as yours Our Julia will win through..or go down giving it the biggest fight of her life, and I dare say there have been quite a few of those.

  33. “I think there is an under swell of respect for ‘our’ Julia”

    No, no there isn’t

    “The Lady’ ain’t finished”

    Yes, yes she is

  34. My inside source tells me Turnbull is more dangerous than Abbott because people see him as the good guy(only the tip like an iceberg) but underneath pure venom ask anyone who remembers the Republic debate his way or the highway, that went pear shape just as Howard planned playing Turnbull like a violin.

    Truth be told he made his run at LOTO too soon (turn) Bull in a china shop approach now it is softly softly but will also go pear shape it is in his DNA.

    Come Sept 15 when Julia triumphs he and Tones will at last be in agreement as they both announce their retirements. alleluia alleluia

  35. Erin, you’re just trolling. There is plenty of respect for the PM and she has the numbers. The groundswell will only get bigger as time will keep on giving TA enough time to completely disintegrate. He is a plaster cast of a man, his image is crumbling and so are most of his front bench.
    No credibility when you are in the hands of the Master Puppetier (Murdoch).

  36. Australia was most critical when the Editor of ‘The Fiji Times’ was deported.
    Australia remains critical of Freedom of Speech violations in other countries.
    Australia is critical of China for jamming Radio Australia transmissions to China.
    Australian Government is lampooned Internationally for infringing Freedom of
    Speech in its own Country. Its a Joke.
    This is a great platform to enter into an Election with such Labor Policy.
    Poo to PIMA!

  37. VOYAGER – S y d n e y
    March 20, 2013 @ 12:11 pm

    Migs what do you do?
    When the Public Interest Media Advocate (PIMA) shuts you down.

    Hey Voyager if you gonna throw grenades mate at least have the bottle to back yourself. I suggest you have read neither the Convergence, Finklestien or the actual bill so here I will do you a favour.

    Here’s a bit of homework for you before you go off hysterically quoting the corporate convergence cowboys meme lie of the death of free speech or impending Orwellian autocratic communism.

  38. Voyager, I think if you take the blinkers off, Labor is protecting free speech for all. Not just media moguls and the wealthy.

  39. So has anyone produced any evidence yet that a media outlet can be closed down (that wasn’t written by someone employed by NewsCorp or Fairfax)?


    Methinks NewsCorp and fairfax are protesting a tad too much if they have nothing to fear (or hide).

  40. 2353 All the people screaming about “free speech” get paid handsomely for opinion as opposed to the reality of free speech in regard to discourse. If anything they are hijacking free speech, terrified by the press council actually having some clout. Self regulation as displayed by News is essentially no regulation.

  41. Erin, just because you want this PM to fail, doesn’t mean she will.

    She’s head & shoulders above anyone in that mob of Howard’s Has Beens on the opposition benches.

    I can’t wait for Liealot to cop a sentence after Ettridge finishes with him.

  42. erin, if the lady is finished, so what. Labor has had two terms. The lady would be leaving a legacy she can be prouud of.

    That is how democracy works.

    Love to know why you hate her so much,.

    The economy is good. There has been many improvements.

    One thing I know, no matter the results at the next election, Labor will be returned at the one after. We will see something that does ot happen often in this wide brown land. A one term government.

  43. .The Media needs to be controlled it is dominated in this country by one man which is dangerous!

  44. …….The trouble with the above propaganda is that to drive a B-Double you require a Multi-Combination Licence.

    So if Tony did drive that vehicle, even one inch onto a Queensland (or indeed any) public road, he is guilty of a serious traffic offence.

    Did he drive it on the road?

    Reliable sources tell me that the only time he drove the truck was in the yard at Nolan’s Gatton Depot, for the media’s cameras and scribblers.

    As for the trip down the coast, from Nolan’s to Coffs Harbour, reliable sources again tell me that the truck was empty, and was indeed driven by one of Nolan’s managers, and not Tony The Truckie.

    All the press you saw of Tony was of him standing outside the truck with his fluoro vest on, slacks and nice collared shirt. NO stubbies and Jackie Howe for this Man Of The People… and I guarantee you that he didn’t sleep in the cab in the truck. My sources again inform me that T-T-T stayed in motels along the way, at taxpayers’ expense.

    There was no freight either. The truck was empty.

    He also apparently spent a lot of the time in the limo following the truck down the highway. As you would, if you were an imposter.

    All this information is from eye witnesses. The media were eye witnesses too, but declined to report the truth.

    “No big deal” you might say, and in the Big Scheme of things I guess not, but it is just another example of the lies and deception that this man will spread to fulfill his life-long “destiny” of becoming Prime Minister.

  45. ricky @5.28pm, you know Voyager isn’t interested in facts. They give him indigestion.

    He thinks free speech means that the Liars and the msm should be free to lie about, smear and slander anyone they don’t like with impunity.

    Sorry Voyager that just makes them liars like Dolt, Anal, Liealot and the rest of the Liars and their barrackers.

  46. From you link FU

    The media were eye witnesses too, but declined to report the truth.

    Why report events as they happen, when they speculate. Although, finally, one of the leakers has been named. It appears that Rudds ‘camp’ is extensive, reaching even to the opposition benches. Come on down hockey.

    Dreyfus talks here (about three quarters through) about hockey spreading a rumour to journos about a special caucus meeting that was (speculatively) to be called for 4PM last night (this one didn’t happen either). He then goes on to say that he believes the entire leadershit obsession by the media is a ‘concoction’. Good on him.

    [audio src="" /]

  47. Patricia, there might be some who don’t see anything particularly wrong with the media putting forward an extremely limited range of opinions but I wonder if they would still hold the same opinion IF (and it’s highly unlikely with a Murdochracy in charge of this country), all the Headlines were negative towards Tony Abbott and his Liberals.

    I would find it difficult how anyone could argue that having 86% control of all media coverage in the hands of one organisation could be good for democracy.

  48. IF (and it’s highly unlikely with a Murdochracy in charge of this country), all the Headlines were negative towards Tony Abbott and his Liberals.

    Funny you should mention that Min. I saw this on newslibited this morning, and thought I was dreaming. Does this mean we are about to enter speculation on liberal leadershit?

    IT’S the wall-punching episode Tony Abbott insists “never happened” but now another mystery witness has emerged claiming the Liberal leader did try and intimidate university rival Barbara Ramjan.

    The saga of whether Mr Abbott punched the wall on either side of Ms Ramjan’s head prompted a strong denial from Mr Abbott when they first emerged.

    But the allegations are backed up today in journalist David Marr’s new extended book version of his Quarterly Essay: Political Animal by a mystery man claiming to be a witness.

    Read more:

    If murdoch is printing this stuff about abbot, things can’t be looking good for him within his own party I reckon 😉

  49. Tom, by way of coincidence I was just reading that self-same article. Interesting isn’t it..that is fairly damning stuff and especially coming from the Murdoch press. We even have a “sneering” photo of Tony to go with it, just to give emphasis…

  50. Also..if things aren’t looking good for Tones, then let’s see if T’bull makes a miraculous reappearance in the newspapers. A thought: even though Tony looks to be a shoo-in it is likely that many Liberals want to see it nailed and completely. There is only one way to do this, replace Abbott with Turnbull because the Libs know that while many Labor voters will NEVER vote for Abbott, many will vote for Turnbull.

  51. especially coming from the Murdoch press.

    One wonders how, if the media had expended a fraction of the resources they invested in either AWU, Thom(p)son or Slipper, this would have come out a long time ago. Were they simply hoping it would fade away, like all of the other things abbott gets way with. The the link to PBtragix about the truckie ripoff is another one that needs to get out there. I wonder if the underbelly of abbotts past has been deemed to be too toxic to sweep away for too long, especially with all of the extra criticism of the medias bias is under recently.

    I don’t know if turnbull is their option though, not only is he reputedly hated amongst the libs, he also has a lot of baggage; think Gretch 😉

  52. Jullia hangs on by a thread but by tomorrow there could be a retread leader.
    Still no passage of Media Laws just another Dillard/Conroy stuff up.
    How long before the Titanic in Canberra sinks?

  53. Yep the Titanic captained by incompetent Abbott is heading straight for an iceberg of a whole bunch of his past failures and malfeasances.

    Turnbull the retread is waiting to pounce.

  54. How long before the Titanic in Canberra sinks?

    Dunno Voyager, we’ll have to wait for the mystery witness to appear. God knows who’ll lead that bunch sorry bunch of Rodent has beens when they chuck Liealot on their scrap heap.

    I suppose Trunchbull will be as good as any, but his leadershit form isn’t too flash-utegate, Grech etc.

    Julia will either do him slowly or just demolish him, wipe a bead of sweat off her brow and call out “Next!”

  55. Fix your own problems within Fed labor before commenting on anything else.
    Any wonder things are so desperate with no fixers .
    Imagine being a Federal labor member – talk about day to day survival and
    walking mobidity.
    More resignations will come soooon!

  56. Voyager I would like your opinion of Howard’s media control and content legislation of 2006 as compared to the current proposal, and why you would think Howard’s control of the media would be OK but the current self regulation proposal is not?

    When undertaking this exercise, which you won’t of course, remember that Howard jailed two journalists and closed down free speech with Abbott proposing the same as can be seen in the example of what Newman is doing.

    But then again with you this has nothing to do with free speech or democracy at all, not even failure. The Liberals can do whatever they like, screwing you whilst taking away your rights, freedoms and failing across the board, as Abbott is doing, but that would be perfectly OK with you because you are so ideologically blinkered you can’t see the truth when it’s right in front of you. The only thing that matters to you is that the Liberals win so you can childishly go nya nya.

  57. You don’t have a clue what is happening in the opposition camp.

    The media don’t have a clue what’s happening in Labor party either, except, apparently, from what the liberal party tell them.

  58. More resignations will come soooon!

    Haven’t all of the recent resignations come from the coalition side of the fence? Ides of March lol. It was for the tories.

  59. Scaper even the Opposition doesn’t know what is going on in their “camp” so how would anyone else know?

  60. Crean on SKY admitting that Rudd’s troops have been busy. I suppose Crean is an opposition plant? Labor is in chaos or better still…Kaos! Anyway, truth or not the damage has been done as far as the electorates are concerned. Can’t win from here.

    Will be interesting to see if Barnaby gets preselected to take on Windsor. If so, will be very well funded…got to look after the ANDEV pollies.

  61. Scaper Barnaby Joyce put his hand up previously but the Nats chose Richard Torbay instead. If they chose him this time he is their second choice not their first which doesn’t bode well. He is too well known in the electorate.

  62. Crean on SKY admitting that Rudd’s troops have been busy

    Or accepting that what the journos write is correct.

  63. Tom, the Gretch matter contributed considerably to my changing opinion about T’bull. It was opportunism and “easy options”.

  64. Clearly it’s best to listen to Crean’s exact words rather than reading the MSM’s interpretation. Crean said that he refuses and has always refused to comment on speculation. This was later reported as “Crean refuses to answer…”.

  65. ….it crossed my mind this morning that the only thing Gillard hasn’t sold to Caucus in the last 3 years is the Sydney Harbour Bridge. She should have a crack. They have swallowed everything else.
    …….. The best one was The Long Game Theory a year or two back.

  66. Oh dear, here comes all the Liberal Party trolls, as always. How can we believe the leadership speculations of a media that was completely blindsided by both the knifing of Baillieu, & the knifing of the NT Chief Minister-whilst he was OUT OF THE COUNTRY. Not only were the media blindsided, but they then went on to report the knifings as perfectly innocent and above board, as opposed to the *evil* deposition of poor little Kevvy Wevvy. If that doesn’t scream MEDIA BIAS, I don’t know what does!

  67. Something “crossed your mind”, Tweed? Wow, that would be like something coming across the Loch Ness Monster or Abominable Snowman. Last I checked, your so-called mind was entirely mythical in nature. Which of course makes you typical of the Liberal Party support base-thick & lacking in original thought!

  68. It was opportunism and “easy options”.

    Exactly Min. The shadowy figures pulling these stunts from behind have learnt with Thom(p)son and co, get it into the courts, and tie it up in there, the outcome is irrelevant, but the opportunity to smear is endless, provided you have a compliant media ready and able to abandon all propriety and journalistic standards and repeat the allegations endlessly until it becomes a part of the national psyche.

    No wonder they are petrified of a media that must hold to its own standards. It currently fails to do that.

  69. So, no doubt all those poor dearies screaming about “Freedom of Speech” were entirely livid when Howard had “The Glasshouse” cancelled? Or when Howard threatened to send Wilkie to prison for blowing the whistle on the Iraq War lies? Or when Howard had 2 journalists sent to jail because they embarrassed his Veterans Affairs Minister? Or when Howard passed the most draconian sedition laws in over a generation? Nope, the Lie-beral trolls only get *their* knickers in a know when a bunch of Media Moguls & Mining Magnates might have their ability to tell lies, & spruik for one political party above others, might get slightly curtailed.

  70. What I find so odd is that Wilkie is choosing to side with the very forces who tried to destroy/imprison him about 10 years ago. I suspect his “Look at Moi” syndrome is overwhelming his common sense!

  71. Hmmm, scaper, given that the entire Front Bench of the Flopposition are former members of the Howard Government, I believe that what Howard did during his reign is entirely relevant today. Especially as it it makes their whining over “Freedom of Speech” sound incredibly hypocritical…..and suspicious.

  72. Plus Abbott has said precisely that he considers the Howard years “the golden years”. I have no doubt whatsoever that Abbott looks longingly at having control of both houses of parliament so that he can bring in his “pets” which are based mostly on conservative RC ideology.

  73. Talk about living in the past.

    lol, this from the same poster who made such tasteless accusations about Gillard from 20 years ago. 😯

  74. Labor really aren’t doing themselves any favours. This lastest initiative from Ellis and Garrett (Childcare pay rise fund) is either very poorly thought-out, very poorly communicated, or a combination of the two.

  75. very poorly communicated

    Did you read about it in a paper?

    Perhaps the loss in communication is not attributable to the ministers, but the ‘subbies’ (who appear to be blamed for everything lately, no wonder they were ‘subbed’ out)

  76. Abbott has plainly stated, a rarity for him, on several occasions he wants to bring back the Howard years and policies. He is the one who keeps referring to the past and to the Howard years so it is perfectly legitimate to point out the considerable failures of those years like the curtailing of freedom of the press.

    For Abbott control of the media will actually be control by Ltd News as that’s whose really running the Liberals. As we have seen how viscous an vengeful Ltd News gets against anybody who goes against them or tells their secrets, whilst they cry “freedom of speech”, then this means that they will have full say over everything that gets to be made public, and can shut down and arrest through Abbott anybody or any organisation/competition they don’t like.

    It has always been Liberal governments who have bought in draconian legislation to curtail rights, personal freedom, diminish oversight, increase secrecy, muddy transparency and reduce social good.

    The real threat to democracy and freedom has always been the Liberals and their masters but the right wing supporters are too blinded by their ideology to ever see that.

  77. Whilst it was breifly covered in the MSM, I first heard about it from the gov. themselves (DEEWR) and various industry groups including Big Steps. The gov. is proposing to setup a 300 million dollar fund to provide payrises for childcare workers, but only in one sector (long day care) and only for a limited number of workers within that sector. So apparently only ‘some’ childcare workers will be worthy of the payrise but most will not. Coupled with the fact that the fund exists for only 2 years . . . so who funds the payrise once the two years is up. Parents I guess ?? And no mention of the follow on costs for superannuation, payroll tax or workers comp, which all increase with pay rises. So again, who funds that. Parents I guess ??

  78. So, ERIN, are you saying that parents won’t be prepared to pay for quality care for their children? If so, then that reflects poorly on them as parents IMHO. Note, though, that Child Care costs are actually lower-in real terms-than they were under Howard’s failed & very costly policies (policies which only led to increased profits for the private child care providers-one of whom still managed to go into receivership), so a slight rise above this lower baseline is entirely reasonable if it provides a higher quality of long day care for children.
    Still, I wouldn’t expect a dyed-in-the-wool Abbott Adorer to understand such concepts.

  79. Also, ERIN, we all know that your beloved Abbott would have *caned* Labor if they’d proposed to spend anything more than $300 million on this proposal (as, just like Howard, he wrongly believes the private sector can do a better job), & the Right Wing media would have backed Abbott in this regard. Kind of “damned if they do, damned if they don’t”.

  80. No Marcus. I’m saying (as I have said above) that this was either poorly thought out, poorly communicated or both. With the information provided so far from DEEWR, this only applies to long day care. So the people working in other forms of care such after-school care, family day care, don’t deserve the increase apparently ??. Does that seem fair to you. And of those employees working in long day care, it appears less than half will be eligible (based on some yet to be defined criteria). So even the least qualified staff of which there are approx. 70,000 odd in Australia most of them won’t be eligible. Does that seem fair to you. And there has been absolutely nothing outlined as to what happens at the end of the two year period when the gov. stops the funding. Where does the money come from then ? Or the substantial / additional costs I mentioned above (super etc). Where does that money come from ? I don’t think these are unreasonable questions so it makes me wonder. Did the gov. not consider these issues at all, or did they consider them all carefully but decide not to mention them when they released the information. It can only be one or the other.

  81. Who is the current Prime Minister?
    Who is the Prime Minister by COB Friday 22/3/13?
    What a convoluted cauldron of muck we have within the Circus -opps
    I meant caucus. Not much difference really.

  82. Scaper, I believe that Gillard would be foolish to refuse. Crean was right, the air needs to be cleared and there is only one way to do it.

  83. Marcus, I always found the ABC receivership of interest as one of the former directors was none other than Larry Anthony, son of Doug..Larry being a former Minister for Child Care and member for Richmond. I got to know Larry slightly as Doug used to live around the corner when I was living at New Brighton. A few wines were shared down at the beach at Newie. According to reports, Larry walked away with close to 1/2 a million for his efforts as Director.

  84. ERIN as you have your knickers in knot over an announcement re long day care did you read in DEEWR (or whatever) that they conducting a TRIAL of long day, O/N or W/E child care for shift workers such as police,.nurses & ambulance officers/paramedics? It will be carried out by family day care providers who are licenced to care for children in the carers’ homes & will consist of 500 placements (I think. I stand to be corrected on that) throughout the country for a trial period tom see how it works before making it a permanent arrangement.

  85. Joy . . . I have read about that trial, but one thing really has nothing to do with the other. This ‘pay rise fund’ is at best, poorly planned, divisive and extremely short sighted. At worst, it is a deception designed to win votes from childcare workers and parents. One of the corner stones of early childhood is continuity of care. How much continuity will there be when employees feel compelled to leave the long day care centres that aren’t eligible for the funding to try to find employment in those that are. How on earth is that good for children, parents or employees. And again . . . what happens at the end of the 2 year funding period. Does the gov. expect childcare workers to give up their wage increase. Surely not. So what then. Do centre’s then pass on the costs to parents ? Do they let staff go to reduce costs ? Or do they close their doors altogether ?

  86. Sorry bout that 🙂 . . . I won’t bother . . . bearing in mind what’s happening this afternoon, it’s kind of a mute point anyway.

  87. Not at all ERIN, that’s why we have Café’s a forum where people can discuss issues which interest them.

  88. The Opposition is having a whacko time in the house. Sometimes it is better to sit on the sidelines and just observe. The hate and bile pouring out of their pores is unbelievable.

    Could not imagine the PM, going into the house and acting in this way, if the positions were reversed. Could be wrong.

  89. Fed up, that’s one question we’ve never had answered..for all the anti-Rudd and later anti-Gillard rants not once has the question ever been answered: Why will Australia be better off with Abbott as Prime Minister? The only answer is that he’ll cancel the price on carbon and make Australians pay instead of the polluters. This is in spite of the fact that the Indies via Tony Windsor have assured us that the legislation is etched in stone.

  90. Well whisperers that is the leadershit out of the way the election date already set, Simon takes one for the team. WHAT on earth is the MSM going to talk about now, good god POLICIES oh crap.

  91. Bilko, I am likewise as optimistic that the MSM might stop “speculating” and start reporting the can but live in hope.

  92. Voyager, Labor may indeed get a caning, but let’s give Abbott a turn and see what Australia he envisages for the future as at the moment his policies are either unworkable or a meaningless scramble of slogans.

  93. Including one here Migs whose still attempting to paint it the other way in their usual know it all way. By the way they have called the spill a couple of times in the past and got it terribly wrong and I think they are miffed they can’t get much right.

  94. Thing is Min the moment Abbott breaks his first promise, like Newman it will be in the first week, and stuffs up everywhere the likes of Voyager and co will be making every excuse and blame shift under the sun and still blame Labor.

    It’s all Liberal supporters and Liberals know, blame everyone and everything else but themselves for their own fuckups and being fuckups.

  95. Wonderful watching the media trying very hard trying to spin it as bad for the PM.

    Will someone tell me what the PM did to bring today’s action on. She has been very busy governing.

    As Windsor said there have been many important bills past this week.

    Crean on. Said Rudd should have run. Would be better outcome for the PM.

    Crean said he wanted a circuited breaker. I am inclined to believe him.. He wanted a vote.

  96. Every time Labor achieves or the Lieberals stuff up, their loyal MSM trot out Ruddstoration….. now what 😆 …… ‘The Lady’ has p*wned them again 😆 ….. can’t wait for what this ALP government, under Julia, will trot out next year…… one wonders whom the Libs will put in as caretaker LOTO after Sept. 14th ( or before 😆 ) … one wonders in which monastic order Tones will bury his head, mayhap the Order of Holy Santamaria Batman. 😆 LMFAO at the spin the MSM have tried since the ‘non-spill’ at 4.30, the laughing stock they have made of themselves as Kevin said NO….. a good day for all things ALP, bwwahhaa 😀

  97. This is a beauty. Has one looked at the opposition aged shadow front bench, most sat on Howard’s front bench.

    Wonder who needs a new infusion of new blood

    ……..A former Australian Prime Minister says the Labor Party needs new blood.

    The party is set to vote on its leader at 6.30PM this evening, after the Arts Minister, Simon Crean, called for a party spill.

    He wants Kevin Rudd to run for the top job.

    Former Prime Minister John Howard told Newstalk ZB’s Larry Williams that is not a very progressive option.

    “The idea that he is a completely new man on the block, and a break from the past, is fanciful.”…..

  98. Why would would the possible demised of a Labor government, be a drag on the dollar and the share market. Surely they do not fear Labor being replaced by the Coalition. Nothing else makes sense.

    ……………Labor turmoil drags on dollar
    BY:ADAM CREIGHTON From: The Australian March 21, 2013 6:29PM
    LABOR veteran Simon Crean’s dramatic decision to call for a leadership spill pushed the Australian dollar down in the immediate aftermath of his announcement.

    The currency was trading at $1.0373 at 5pm AEDT, down from $US1.0391 at 1pm when Regional Affairs Minister Simon Crean called for the spill.

    Markets expect ongoing political uncertainty around Julia Gillard’s prime ministership, even after Kevin Rudd elected not to nominate f.

    Political uncertainty hits stocks

    THE Australian share market has closed lower after being buffeted by speculation over the Labor leadership.

    Key market indicators dipped slightly after Labor stalwart Simon Crean called for a leadership spill.

    But the local bourse recovered somewhat after Julia Gillard called a caucus meeting for 4.30pm AEDT to settle the leadership issue and Kevin Rudd elected not to run.

    The benchmark S&P/ASX200 index was down 7.9 points, or 0.16 per cent, at 4,959.4 points.

    The broader All Ordinaries index was down 5.8 points, or 0.12 per cent, at 4,976.8 points…

  99. I suspect that all those sources have now dried up. Wonder what the journalist are going to write about. Could it be, that now the gossip has dried up, they will have to turn do doing some work.

    Barry Cassidy was wiser when he told Akermann that one con no longer trust their sources.

    Ulhmann and Leigh do not seem to have got the message yet.

    Listening to Crean, he seems disappointed that Rudd did not run. Sounded if he was genuine about a circuit breaker.

    It would have been better for the PM, if he did.

  100. Uhlmann and Leigh unbelievable on special 7.30 Suspect that the ABC prepared for Gillards downfall.

  101. Thank heavens that Kevin Rudd spoke up in time. That really is what Crean was trying to get him to do & I think that he was prepared to sacrifice himself for the party.
    The PM got another unanimous endorsement and Rudd is prepared wholeheartedly prepared to work for the good of the party. The main aim of the game is to stop TA & the LNP from getting into power.
    I personally don’t think for one moment that the MSM, their bosses Murdoch & Fairfax & Aunty will stop trying to nobble this gov. The more they try to destabilize they more the general public will realize that they are being peppered with the propaganda that is being peddled.
    We are not stupid, a lot of us remember what happens when propaganda is being used to get people into power. Before the 2007 election, propaganda was being used by Howard and the rest of his party. TA and most of his front bench are still trying to convince us that that period in time was good. We know it wasn’t and that is what we should be concentrating on. That is the message.
    The good work that this gov. has done so far is evident to all in sundry. It just needs for all of who remember what happened from 2000 to 2007 to vote once again for a UNITED ALP.

  102. ABC 24 efforts for the last few hours has been a shocker. Everything they could find to make the PM and Rudd look bad is on show.

  103. Of course they are Fed up. What else would you be happening. All of the MSM and their owners as well as the ABC have been made to have egg all over their faces.
    They try to manipulate the news to suit their agenda and that is to get TA into the Lodge.

  104. Kevin R was not keeping his word . Lack of numbers kept him at bay.
    He was keeping his credibility, well he has lost that as well.
    Kevin R its over, you are now not only recycled but shredded.
    And your new life is that of a ‘sole of a boot’ of some worker in China.

  105. I must admit I was wrong. Gillard is a leader and has successfully reunited Labor, has stacked the ministry with talent and resists the temptation to punish the Rudd backers and will put together a sound leadership team. Gillard is truly a statesman Australia can support and be proud of. This weekends Newspoll will confirm the above.
    Gillard and Swan are policy giants in Australia’s political history. Policy formulation and implementation are their forte.
    Swan as a fiscal genius deserves special mention.
    What a bright and productive future the country can embrace as we approach the September election.
    Abbott is finished as a political force.

  106. Tweed, I take your comment to be satire. It is possible that this time you could be correct.

    Then I cannot see the PM is nice this time. She had tried that, it has not worked.The PM gave Rudd foreign affairs. He threw her gesture back in her face. Last time, she left many of Rudd’s supporters in their place. They have not played the game fairly.

    Tweed, I think this time, she will be prudent , and turf the whole lot out. They know it, and are saving face by resigning.

    We can be thankfully, that Labor has much up and talent on that back bench.

    This does not appear to be true in Abbott’s shadow front bench., Is it 14 or more members from Howard;s front bench. Many approaching or past retiring age,

    The PM’s biggest problem, even in the polls, is the popularity of Rudd. Maybe that has been neutered.

    I suspect that the media sources will have dried up.

    As for Abbott, the PM has long had his measure.

    Tweed, yesterday, all those who went with Rudd, have neen careful not to criticise the PM.

  107. The unfortunate thing is that the LNP and MSM will re-work the resignations to be a lack of confidence in the PM. At least Mr Windsor is openly supportive of the main government agenda.

    LNP……….. re-arranged Neuro Linguistic Programming? Let’s all talk to Tony and his mob and see what they repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat.

  108. Ding Dong! The Witch is dead. Which old Witch? The Wicked Witch!
    Ding Dong! The Wicked Witch is dead.
    Wake up – sleepy head, rub your eyes, get out of bed.
    Wake up, the Wicked Witch is dead. She’s gone where the goblins go,
    Below – below – below. Yo-ho, let’s open up and sing and ring the bells out.
    Ding Dong’ the merry-oh, sing it high, sing it low……..
    The Wizard of Oz

  109. Tweed was seriously worried about you ‘complimentry post’ earlier as we
    recognize you as one of the most sensible on this site.
    Fortunately this position has been reaffirmed by your second post immediately above.
    Is it ok to call Ms Dullard the Wicked Witch? What do you call Tim?
    Answer – tiny foot in mouth tim.
    Think most Australians call her much worse!

  110. And talking of High Anxiety….. I’m thinking of buying a new car, but will have to wait till Sept. 14 to deceide…… if Julia gets in I’m gunna go for it….. if Tony ‘ subsidise the rich’ Abbortion gets in I and my children will become ‘the working poor’.. again…. so I’ll have to give that a miss……. and thats a truth ordinary Aussies like me face. “Little Lone” that mortgages will rise under The Rich peoples puppet, Abbortt…… The LNP puppet sold outs will f*ck the economy again like they did under Howard….. and leave ordinary Aussies, like me, worse off…again……. and that IS A FACT. 🙄

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