When all else fails, blame the Government

Since the introduction of that dastardly imposition on human life, which Tony Abbott calls the ‘carbon tax’ , every job loss across the country has been attributed to it and Tony or his mates are lining up to shout it from the roof tops.  For example, yesterday we read that CSR cuts 150 jobs from its glass business and whilst CSR mentioned not one word that the ‘carbon tax’ was responsible, have a guess who did? No, not Tony, but:

The federal opposition’s industry spokeswoman Sophie Mirabella said the CSR job cuts proved the carbon tax was exacerbating what was already a difficult time for manufacturing.”

As manufacturing struggles, this is the worst possible time to impose a carbon tax on Australian industry,” Ms Mirabella said in a statement.

“This tax is a reverse tariff on Australian industry and is resulting in a significant loss of competitiveness for those that are trade exposed.”

This is just a continuation of the same old rant. I’ve done a search and have found many more, a sample of which I’ve posted below.

From Greg Bickley, Liberal candidate for Bendigo in Carbon tax sent small business to the wall:

Last weekend, one local business that had served the Kangaroo Flat community for 28 years took its last orders.

With proposed redevelopment of its premises and reduced profitability because of the carbon tax, the business could not afford to relocate. Jobs have been lost and a long-time business has closed.

From Michael Ronaldson, Senator for Corio and Corangamite in the Geelong Advertiser:

At Alcoa, Avalon Airport, Ford and Boral alone, more than 1000 Geelong jobs have been lost or threatened thanks to Labor’s policies, especially the carbon tax based on a lie.

Sophie again, this time on that masthead for human decency, her own website:

Since the announcement of the carbon tax (in February 2011), 41,700 manufacturing jobs have been lost in Australia. This equates to 1 job lost every 15 minutes – this was after manufacturing activity had expanded for 13 of the Howard Governments last 14 months in office.

Sarah Henderson, Liberal for Corangamite on her own website:

Geelong manufacturers are being damaged by Labor’s policies, according to Shadow Industry Minister, Sophie Mirabella, and Liberal candidate for Corangamite, Sarah Henderson.

“Friday’s announcement of over 200 forced redundancies, as part of the loss of 330 jobs at Ford, is another tragedy for Geelong,” Ms Henderson said.

“Local workers believed Prime Minister Gillard when she said in January this year: as a result of us making $34 million available to join with Ford in new investment to keep car manufacturing here, we’ll actually see the number of jobs grow.  There will be an additional 300 jobs as a result.

 “Instead, local jobs are disappearing almost every week under a Labor government that doesn’t seem to have any interest in implementing policies that encourage Australian industries rather than destroy them.

“As an industrial centre, Geelong already faces challenging economic conditions like a high dollar and intense import competition.  Making a bad situation worse is a carbon tax and other out of control costs and regulations being imposed by the Gillard Government.”

For something different, Tony Abbott blames a recent increase in the unemployment rate as being due to the unlikelihood of Labor returning a surplus this year. Even the workers dismissed at Rosella last week are blaming Julia Gillard.

I won’t go on with any further examples. I think you know what I’m saying and besides, you have more than likely read any number of articles over the last year blaming Julia Gillard or Labor for every pink slip handed out to the unlucky worker.

It’s good to know, however, that the Opposition has been trying to warn us how this mongrel tax will ruin the country. Months before it was even introduced, Tony was on the ball:

The Carbon Tax is continuing to claim jobs in Australia’s aluminium industry.

Alcoa is to delay a $3 billion aluminium project in Western Australia while Norsk Hyrdro has warned the future of its Kurri Kurri smelter is unsustainable due to the Carbon Tax.

Alcoa, which has already announced a review of its Point Henry smelter in Victoria where 600 workers’ jobs are at risk, has reportedly delayed a major project in Western Australia until there is certainty about the impact of the Carbon Tax. The project would have created 1,500 construction jobs.

In New South Wales, Norsk Hydro at Kurri Kurri has already announced that more than 150 jobs will go, confirming the future of the entire smelter is under consideration. The closure would have an impact on 2,000 jobs in the region.

These jobs losses will have a significant impact on regional communities.

Well, how nice of Tony to care about job losses and the impact they have on communities. Personally, I think he’s full of shit. Abbott wouldn’t care one bit about job losses . . . anywhere. If he does then you’d expect he’d have a harsh word to his mate up north who recently sacked 10,600 public servants. And how about his own promise to sack between 17-20,000 federal public service jobs if elected later this year? Here’s the thing, quoting Tony Abbott: these jobs losses will have a significant impact on regional communities.

It’s a couple of years old now, but this article in the Newscastle Herald clearly sates the impact of communities that suffer from public service cuts (as was the case when the NSW State Govt shed 5,000 public service jobs):

The case for shedding thousands of public servants has not been made and there’s every reason to expect that fewer public servants will mean diminished public services and other flow-on community impacts. It’s not possible to surgically remove ‘‘back room’’ public servants without impacting on employees engaged in direct (frontline) service delivery.

The most visible public services rely on less visible policy development, financial management, monitoring and enforcement, law making and all the other functions that comprise the public service.

Axing public servants is unlikely to save money or improve the state’s economy. When other governments have abruptly retrenched public servants, the consequences have included redundancy packages, costly reliance on consultants for services previously fulfilled by public servants and the loss of capacity for higher level policy development, analysis and planning.

And of course, there are the immediate consequences for the employees, their families and communities.

Cutting staff to the minimum required to deliver basic services is likely to remove agencies’ capacity to innovate and experiment, to plan how to meet community needs in the future or to prepare for times of crisis and increased demand.

So that is the impact of cutting public service jobs. It has the same impact as any job losses, although on this occasion it is endorsed by the LNP. The LNP are willing to slash jobs at will, which in Tony Abbott’s case is to a fulfill a political and ideological ambition.

But in the meantime he’ll harp on and on that the ‘carbon tax’ kills jobs. He has no alternative to save jobs so he’ll keep attacking the government if jobs are lost. When all else fails, blame the government.







Photo courtesy of Independent Australia

61 comments on “When all else fails, blame the Government

  1. We again had Hockey in MPI ranting on about debt, and lack of surplus.

    One would think to listen to him, everyone in the land was on the verge of bankruptcy.

    At least we no longer get those pesky, waste of time MSSO for one reason or pther.

  2. Gold digging Sophie Mirrbella would not know about as much about manufacturing as I know about brain surgery. She is a complete joke, just another shadow of intellect on the park bench that is the fiberals

  3. Some good news..a little off topic. Thank you Briony for the link..

    The federal government is set to boost its environmental powers in a surprise move today which could stop coal-seam gas (CSG) mining and exploration dead in its tracks around Australia.

    Echonetdaily has been told that federal cabinet decided at its meeting in Canberra this morning to use a water trigger under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation (EPBC) Act to assess CSG projects.


  4. Tony Abbott, Sophie Mirabella, Sarah Henderson, Joe Hockey, Greg Bickley and Michael Ronaldson are morons. I blame the carbon tax.

    This is fun! My dog has a cough. I blame the carbon tax.

    My son cut his foot on a piece of glass. Obviously the fault of the carbon tax.

    My car broke down. It’s the carbon tax!!!!!!!

    My husband has diabetes. I blame the carbon tax!!!!

  5. My understanding is that introducing a price on carbon dioxide emissions reduced such emissions by 8.6% in the first 6 months of its implementation. Does anyone have a (credible) link?

    And why hasn’t Labor repeated this success again and again and again?

  6. Also a bit off topic, but hows about that fuckwit from David Jones who blamed the carbon tax a year or so before its introduction? Typically there wasn’t much comment on that.

    Col @ 9.45.
    The media’s devoted almost no space to analysing any enviromental effects. It’s all “how much this will cost YOU!!!”. Even when it doesn’t.

  7. Problem solved. Here’s some links.



    Yes the government is to ‘blame’ for not saying it again and again and again. Should be the mantra that’s repeated before, during and at the conclusion of EVERY interview.

    I blame the government for its inability to ‘sell’.

  8. Howard was the master at telling everybody how good he is and most people started to believe him. Good example of not being good while everyone thinks you are.

  9. Mr-Rabbit won`t win Lefty`s, you really don`t need to panic. Mr-Rabbits stunts and negativity can`t get him over the line, no matter how many times he drags Mrs-Rabbit and their baby bunnies out glad-handing. The voters will eventually want to see something positive, beneficial to voter and/or nation, and something that is believable and not sound like a non-core promise. Mr-Rabbit cannot deliver on this.

  10. When the carbon price came into effect, journalists scrounging around for a bad story asked a senior Woolies manager how much it will cost them and how much the public will pay extra. Woolworth said that a year before the carbon price came in that they carried out a energy audit of every store in Australia and with the improvements made they would be paying less for electricity. The story did not make a big splash in the papers, just a little box in the middle of the paper.

  11. Miglo, Howard was no master at telling us what a great man he was. He was a master at using taxpayers money on advertising, to tell us over and over.

    Why, he even gave us fridge magnets, to ensure we remember every day to be afraid.

    Forget what the mouse pad was about.

    At least if Abbott became PM, we would not need that magnet. We would wake up each day with a feel of dread, fearing what he had in store for us.

  12. Can you imagine this lot of psychopathic Liberals in government? Guess we only need to look at the state LNP governments to see what it would be like except they are mere babes in arms amateurs compared to their execrable Federal colleagues.

  13. Cliff, they also managed to scrounge for a bad news story on the NBN, and eventually found a “typical” farmer’s wife who said straight out that she thought that the NBN was a waste of money..and anyway she isn’t into Facebook, so what’s the use of it. 😯

  14. Joy, plus they are supposed to be going to sack about 20,000 public servants..so whose going to run the country..the current Liberal front bench certainly don’t have the expertise to do so, so they’re going to have to rely on professional staff to help them out.

    But oh yes, that’s right. Abbott is going to cancel everything that he can lay his hands on and so he isn’t going to need the workers in the public service. No policies = nobody needed to implement The Nothing, now is there.

  15. Very good news concerning the proposed protection of the GAB from the possible effects of CSG extraction but only the start.

    Got involved with the issue in August 2011, when Greg Hunt approached Tony Bourke on my behalf. My line was because the GAB crosses state borders it has to become a federal environmental issue which I remember Tony saying word for word. The CSG extraction issue has made for very strange bedfellows which indicates the concern cuts through all ideologies and is a noble cause.

    Oh, but apparently I’m a Mitty according to the stalker so the proof of what I have said will be sent to Migs, as usual.

  16. So true Fed Up, Truth Seeker & Min. Your point, Min, about Abbott bragging about going to sack 20000 PS while the baying crowds cheer him on shows his abject hypocrisy when blaming the government for the loss of manufacturing jobs. Plenty of manufacturing jobs went when he was Minister for Employment & he knows it.

    Having overseen the sacking of 1,440 rail workers in RailCorp including CityRail & reducing maintenance, the NSW Minister for Transport, Gladys Berejiklian, after yesterday’s CityRail debacle, probably caused by lack of maintnance, blamed the previous government for the problem. She has been the Transport Minister for 2 years!! Funny, she had all the answers when she was in Opposition but it is a different story now she has to front the news cameras after yet another failure of commuting rail or buses.

  17. The PM has sprung the trap on asylum seekers. Abbott’s first question on the number of asylum seekers. The PM pointed out, it is time for the full Heuston plan to be put in place.

    Appears that is going to be th Oppoistion oine of questioning today.

    Still fail to see how 457 visa.s have much to do with migration. Do they come to sdaty. No, they are no ore that visa;s for guest workers, along with the temporay visa we3 have for allowing tourist6 to work.

    We do have a skilled migration programme. Do we want 457’s to be the main stay of our migration system. Why?

  18. Speaker already lost her patience.

    Abbott to stupid to see the trap is being sprung. Continuing with questions on asylum.

    PM pulling no punches.

  19. The PM, has reminded the Opposition of the gags that Howard put on religious groups and charities when they received grants. They were prohibited from voicing criticism of the government, on behalf of their clients.

    Also, it appears two journalist where threatened with jail. So much for free speech when it comes to the Opposition. Cando, has introduced the Howard doctrine in Queensland,.

    we know, form many that visits this and similar sites, it is only they that have the right to free speech. We do not.

    That right, also has a rider on it. Not only the right to speak, but the right not to be ridiculed for speaking out.

  20. It’s going to be great when Tony gets in.

    First our electricity bills will “immediately be cut by 10%”.

    Then milllions of trees will spring forth and soak up all the non-existent carbon from the atmosphere.

    Then the boats will magically stop and all those Carbon Tax victim factories will suddenly re-open and throw open their doors upon a new Golden Age of unlimited prosperity and we will all hold hands and sing “Kumbaya” while our government funded nannies look after the kids.

    The price of everything elses will automatically plummet and we can sit back, relax and congratulate ourselves on a job well done.

    It’s what happens after that first 3 months that bothers me.

  21. Yes wobbles, it will be like Alice disappearing down the rabbit hole through the smoke & mirrors of Tony’s non-policies.

  22. MPI. Morrison. Failure to protect borders. Did not know we her being invaded. What part of the country has been over run. Oh, I see, it is asylum seekers that once again threatens us.

    Morrison sound like some of our visitors, obsessed with asylum seekers, that he is unable to see reality.


  23. “The price of everything elses will automatically plummet and we can sit back, relax and congratulate ourselves on a job well done.”

    Not so sure this will not come to being, that happens in depressions.

    As for the boats, they will keep coming as long as people have to flee their countries.

  24. Morrison must have a spy in migration. Hope he is more reliable than the one they had in Treasury, the one that led to the downfall of Turnnbull.

  25. Rumour has it he’s been replaced by Adam Giles. I’ve known Adam since my ATSIC days. He’s a smart bloke. Hates Labor with a passion. He’s also Aboriginal. Will Abbott try to get mileage out of that, I wonder?

  26. The ABC online news says Adam Giles is supposed to have been elected Chief Minister.with Dave Tollner deputy. Terry Mills was in Japan at the time & was notified by phone he was no longer boss. Take about blood on the floor.

    Miglo, why does Giles hate Labor with a passion? Seems strange.

  27. Looked at his Wiki Miglo & it does seem as though he was well & truly Liberal before he went to ATSIC studying accounting & real estate (prime Lib breeding grounds) after leaving school. After ATSIC worked in the Prime Ministers Dept (Howard), stood as the Lib candidate for Fraser in 2004 before moving to the Northern Territory.


  28. Migs, it is not true, that all Aboriginals support Labor. They are like all other groups in Australia, they have many beliefs and views.. Would not surprise me if Abbott got a rude wake up call with this outcome.

    I am also sure that will as many against him, as for him.

    Maybe the Aboriginal vote is coming of age in the Territory.

    That is I believe, a good thing.

    After all they have the numbers.

    Says something for the stability of Coalition governments across the country.

  29. Migs, the question is, does he have any ability as a politician. Is he his own man, or one owned by the party, another uncle Tom, the Libs like cultivating. Remember Bonner..

  30. Adam Giles and Thomas, the health minister that was thrown out last week.

    Not all MPs in town. Chief minister out of town, in Canberra.

    Three members in all out of town

    Interesting mess.

  31. When was the NT government elections held. Not that long ago, I believe.

    Legislation foe the election roll is being debated. Ms. Bishop the elder not too please with the new laws.

  32. Fed Up, Adam Giles worked as a social & economic policy advisor for Howard’s Department of the Prime Minister & Cabinet after working for ATSIC, He was the Liberal Party candidate for Fraser in the 2004 federal election. Went to the NT & was elected as a CLP member in the NT government in 2008. He does seem to have been Liberal most of his adult life.

  33. Maybe the answer is in his background. Not sure that one finds many Aboriginal people in the Blue Mountains.

    At the same time, it is an a tight community, where even today, many people know one another.

    Does it say who and what his parents are anywhere.

    I have known many that did not know or want anything to do with their own people.

  34. Mr. Turnbull most of the time ridiculing the minister, and blaming every Labor for Murdoch power.

    Pity he did not take as much time to talk about the bills.

  35. The LNP are certainly living up to their reputation. Giles didn’t even have the guts to front Terry Mills like a man face to face but waited for him to leave the Country. But then he did wok for Howard so he has been well trained.

  36. Cliff @3.58am, I believe Coles did the same with a similar result. But it doesn’t make a very good government bashing story, so gets buried.

    I do remember in the months leading up to 1 July 2012, there were quite a few stories of that nature including stories of some councils harnessing the methane produced by their dumps to avoid paying the carbon price, instead of whinging.

    Fed up, I sent my magnet back together with a big fat serve. ASIO is probably still tapping my phone and bored shitless. rofl

    Abbott is probably the best of them, on that shadow front bench.

    That should make even the staunchest barracker blanche with terror.

    Min @9.01am, the mum from Kiama will have cancelled out the farmer’s wife, who wouldn’t be getting access to NBN anyway.


    LOL, wobbles @3.02pm.

    Note to wing nuts. The way to stop the boats is stop wars, persecution, civil unrest and famine.

  37. What a bunch of gutless wonders the Liberal/National are, the NT lot wait until their leader is out of the country before they do the dirty on him, gutless bustards.

  38. Rudd always waits for JG to leave the Country before he gets his lackeys to do the dirt on her, so maybe Rudd is in the wrong Party,

  39. We missed out on a magnet too & we lived on the main street of our town not out in the back of beyond. Still it saved us the effort of sending it back.

  40. Joy, I missed out on that one as well..however Migs has given me a WorkChoices mouse pad. Luckily the Howard government wasn’t into waste. 😯

  41. Lol If anyone was lucky enough to be wasted during the entire reign of Howard then they missed nothing really.

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