What people are saying about Tony Abbott

No matter what Julia Gillard says or does, the mainstream media (MSM) will seek out someone to have a whinge about it. Whether it’s wearing glasses, wearing new clothes, visiting Western Sydney or visiting a classroom, the MSM will miraculously find a throng of people who reckon Julia’s done a bad thing.

We never hear about what people think of Tony Abbott. Because he’s larger than God in the eyes of the MSM it would be blasphemy for a dissenting word to be muttered against him. Displeasure of the man is forbidden. Except for those who participate in social media, we never get to hear what the people on the street think of him.

So I started asking questions to random but willing subjects. The question to each was: “In a few words, what do you think of Tony Abbott?”

Here are the results.

John, 45 of Sydney:

He’s a brilliant Opposition leader but I don’t think he has what it takes to be PM. He lacks the diplomacy to be our nation’s leader and this would not help him on the word stage.

Vince, 68 of Melbourne:

He does wonderful work for this country. He will be like John Howard when he becomes PM.

Steve, 51 of Canberra:

He’s a f****** dickhead.

Tony, 26 of Canberra:

The way he runs from hard questions suggests to me he’s utterly gutless.

Jennifer, 62 of Melbourne:

I’m not interested in politics. Don’t know much about him.

Rebecca, 25 of Sydney:

I don’t really like the way he talks to the PM and behaves in Parliament. He really has problems with women. I reckon it’s sickening he now drags his daughters around with him everywhere for photo shots.

Gerry, 35 of Alice Springs:

He’s the only one who could stops the f****** boats and do something about the lazy black bastards.

Penny, 40 of Sydney:

He’s simply horrible and I can’t stand the sight of him.

Robert, 27 of Brisbane:

He’s so far behind the times it’s ridiculous. Just another Jesus freak out of touch with the real world.

Greg, 45 of Canberra:

He’s just a puppet for the billionaires.

Max, 82 of Sydney:

We had a bloke like him in Germany many years ago. His name was Adolf.

Megan, 31 of Sydney:

I think he’s creepy.

Peter, 37 of Canberra:

God help us if that idiot becomes PM. Does that tell you what I think?

John, 57 of Sydney:

I think every time he opens his mouth he talks shit.

Leon, 61 of Melbourne:

He’s tough. We need someone like him running this country.

Dave, 23 of Wagga:

Definitely phoney.

Peter, 49 of Sydney:

I’ll form a better opinion when he releases his policies. We’ll see if he’s all talk.

Adrian, 48 of Adelaide:

Give me break. What do I think of Tony Abbott? I haven’t got all day.

Rosie, 52 of Sydney:

I think he’s adorable. He comes across as a wonderful husband and father. I don’t believe all that talk that he hates women. How could he with such a beautiful family?

Simon, 60 of Sydney:

He hasn’t got any balls. He needs to back up his words with actions. Real actions, not just putting out fires and reckoning he’s done enough.

Greg, 33 of Sydney:

Does nothing but suck up to Murdoch and Rinehart. I doubt he cares about the average Aussie.

Leslie, 47 of Melbourne:

He’s nothing to brag about.

Terry, 29 of Hobart:

He’s a jerk. I’d love to meet him in a dark alley and show him what a real man is like.

Jane, 23 of Melbourne.

Gross. Like totally gross.

Megan, 17 of Brisbane:

My dad likes him but my mum says he’s a creep. They always argue about him. I guess I’ll be on my mum’s side. She’s more sensible than dad.

Geoff, 30 of Melbourne:

The bloke scares the living shits out of me. We ain’t seen nothin’.

Luke, 31 of Townsville:

I’m a Liberal voter but I hope they get rid of him before the election. He’ll send us backwards.

Michael, 46 of Sydney.

He doesn’t come across as having a brain. He knows nothing about the important issues such as climate change or the economy.

Peter, 67 of Perth:

He’s a brilliant politician and will make an exceptional PM. I like the team he has around him.

Abdul, 22 of Sydney:

I think he’s racist and would like to have a white Australia.

Bob, 39 of Penrith:

Two things. He’s a liar and a policy-free zone.

Jenny, 51 of Canberra:

I hate the bastard.

Well there you go. That’s what a random sample of people think of Tony Abbott. He’s not as wonderful and universally loved like the MSM have lead us to believe.

Note: People were not asked who they would vote for. I’m sure that many of the respondents who despise Tony Abbott are still just as like to vote for the Coalition.

English: Tony Abbott in 2010.

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  1. I took some Gastro-Stop so that I could watch 60 Minutes tonight without getting the s**ts with Tony being asked powderpuff questions. The main thrust is that he is a changed man. Did not go over too well as their Facebook poll 61% to 39% said he is not a changed man. 5000 people voted.

  2. I live in a blue ribbon Large L Liberal conservative rural seat

    People here have always voted Liberal National Conservative

    So many of them especially older women just hate Abbott and say he is a woman hating creep

    They are having real issues about how to vote if he is the possible option for PM.

  3. So despite the best propaganda efforts of the Meredochracy the majority think he’s rubbish.

    It seems the people of this country are not as gullible and stupid as the msm would have us believe.

    I especially liked Megan’s answer and agreed wholeheartedly with Abdul.

    Please say that you observed that Peter of Perth’s tongue was firmly planted in his cheek, otherwise I’m terribly sorry, but there should be a culling program in this country. 😯

  4. I am so hoping that somehow the MSM is going to get a well deserved kick in the guts by the very people they are trying to pull over their eyes. Surely there can’t be that many stupid Australians!!!!

  5. They back him 100% because if the ALP retain power and that NBN goes through, They lose money. hahaha so see through. Idiots, It was funny to see how the polls shifted from one week to the next when the election was announced. Wow what a shift. And then tonight on sixty minutes polls they couldn’t rig. More than 61% say he has’t changed. Don’t give this idiot the keys to the lodge for God’s sake. Even God didn’t want him.

  6. Migs, they are different, but I still think there should be a culling program.

    Patricia Ryan @11.29pm, me too! I have a feeling that if they saw Migs’s small poll they would be very disheartened.

  7. Geoff, 30 of Melbourne:

    ” The bloke scares the living shits out of me. We ain’t seen nothin’.”

    Yep! That about sums it up

  8. Labor just got slaughtered in WA. The same will probably happen in September. Hopefully Labor will include some adults in the rebuild.

  9. “I think he’s racist and would like to have a white Australia.”

    If only that were true…

  10. Have just updated the post to include:

    Note: People were not asked who they would vote for. I’m sure that many of the respondents who despise Tony Abbott are still just as like to vote for the Coalition.

  11. Please know there are some very sad and disheartened Perth people over the state election results, and there are plenty of people who echo the sentiments of doubt over Abbott. Make sure the people you know who are between the ages of 18 and 25 are enrolled to vote, their vote could have made all the difference in the 2010 election for Labor and chances are they would see merit in the NBN, Gonski, NDIS and a price on carbon to stimulate growth in the renewable energy sector.

  12. I’m not one for polls, but at least this one asked a straight question and the answers were interesting to say the least. I presume this one was done properly and not like the other polls which I believe are done during the day when most people are at Uni or work, and by telephone. Guess what the main demographic sample is? Pffft.

  13. Mel, I think the 18-30yo cohort would overwhelmingly be in favour of NBN, Gonski, NDIS, the carbon price and other forward looking policies.

    I hope they’re not influenced by the msm, the Liars Party and the shock jocks, all of whom seem to have Miss Haversham syndrome, perpetually living in a past century when the print media was the source of all political wisdom, there were no mobile phones, internet, social media and blogs and the thought of a female PM was in the realms of science fiction.

    That’s why they’re content for us to have a national communication system which would have been fine in 1980, but is a pig’s breakfast in reality.

  14. Rosie – Phoney Tony couldn’t have a problem with women because he has a beautiful family?

    Stalin, Pol Pot were family men, too.

  15. lt would have been nice if you told us how you did this poll Miglo, was it online.? You have people from all over in it, or did you ask people face-to-face in `capital-city`.?

  16. I’d mentioned on another thread that I had a lot of spare time to kill at the Sydney airport so I thought I’d put that time to good use and talk to people. I got answers out of half of them, roughly.

  17. He’s the nastiest piece of work I’ve ever seen or heard and he’s ripped the workings of our Australian Parliament into shreds. I hope the worst for him and his cronies.

  18. Tell him he is dreaming…..if he thought I believed he has changed. Australia deserves better than him.

  19. Tony said or words to the effect, that it is not fair to judge him for what he said 35 years ago. Tony could have a point, except for the fact, that is not what they are judging him for.

    People are judging because of what he has being saying for the last 35 years.

    He has been saying and doing the same things until recently.

    As health minister in the Howard government, he allow his religion conviction to influence his decisions on more that one occasion. Take the oral abortion drug for starters. When the vaccination program to protect women from a sexual transmitted disease was brought by the Labor government, he fought it, saying he would not allow his daughters to be vaccinated. Did not hear a word, when it was extended to young boys recently.

    No he is being judged on what he has said and done in recent times.

    The biggest problem for Tony is, that he is still behaving in the same manner he was 35 years ago,

    We should have lear the lesson with Mr. Howard. When he got the chance, when gaining control of both houses,bought in policies that he spruiked as a young man.

  20. Being an impartial voter who usually votes independent to try and break the duopoly we so ridiculously call a democracy, this is how I see it at the moment.

    The Media and the Conservatives have won the mind games war. That battle is now over. People now fear good debt, boat people, sensible debate, good green policies and any possible tax whether it is good for our country or not.

    The ALP will be shattered at the next Federal Election unless Julia Gillard is replaced as leader. Sadly this will do even more damage to their reputation since the knifing of Kevin Rudd ( you all know my opinion on this subject so I will not repeat it again).

    People have been swindled into thinking you need a massive landslide for either side to havea good government. Rather than seeing the true democracy we should have where many individuals meet at parliament house to negotiate and debate proposed policies with an outcome for the people not the party.

    I prefer a hung parliement where the major parties are forced to negotiate. It removes extremism from either side.

    I personally have disliked Tony Abbott since he entered policits as an attack dog with a foul mouth, aggressive manners and dictatorial attitude, not sine he became opposition leader. He will never change his spots and people will realise this when he is elected, just as they have been hoodwinked in QLD with spin and lies before the election.

    All I can hope for is that Tony Abbott is replaced before the election and the decimation of the ALP is not as bad as here in QLD. My vote for an independent may be useless many times, but at least I can state I want a democracy not a duopoly and vote for a thinker with an opinion and not a lacky for an ideological party machine capable of being manipulated by those with money or influence to do the wrong thing.

  21. ” spare time to kill at the Sydney airport “
    l thought it must be something like that Miglo. lt`s funny that the responses you got are very similar to comments made by family, friends and neighbors, over the last few years. l still can`t see where this so-called wave of popularity Mr-Rabbit is going to `surf` into boganville on. The noise-polls are bullshit, and so is zombie media.

  22. Migs what a one eyed litany of comments. For evey one you have listed there
    are 100 absolutely caning Labor. Will someone with authority perhaps the
    Federal President of the ALP come out and tell us who will lead the Party
    into the next Federal Election.Certainity is needed by Labor.Or the WA result
    will look good compared with result on 14Sept.
    This coming week looks incredibly difficult for Ms Jillard.
    Somehow I’d prefer to be Abbott than Jillard.
    Her last week in the West was a disaster , she could be homeless by weeks end.

  23. Is that true 730reportland? I’ve always wondered who was polled. I only have a home phone, I’m on the age pension, 66 years old, a woman, always home and I’ve never been polled in my life. And, I don’t know a single person who would vote for the Coalition, including my 90 year old mother.

  24. @ Cazza, call up 2gb when Alan is on, when on-air tell Alan how wonderful Mr-Rabbit is and how terrible Joolya is. You will be getting polled every fort-night.

  25. Voy’er, If we wanted cookie cutter Liebral opinions, they’re abundant on the so-called mainstream media… so you’re redundant here.

  26. Cazza – people get phone polled I have had two in the past few years.
    But the pollsters have an excellent record of getting the correct result.
    This is shown last Saturday in WA no surprises there.
    The polls for Federal Labor are worse than bad they are shocking.
    At this stage totally terminal unless you are a doomsday denyer.

  27. ” what a one eyed litany of comments.” @ voyager
    l doubt it. Excluding the `black-bastards` response, l have heard the rest of them, or variations of, over the last few years. And l wasn`t in the airport.

  28. What is it that makes these ideologically blinded right wingers so out of touch with reality?

    It seems it’s all about boasting rights for them and stuff the good of the country. Policy and credible leadership doesn’t ever enter their right wing mashed pea brains.

    Take the win in WA, which they are falsely linking to the Federal sphere. There you had a Liberal government in power that in its term has sent the State backwards on just about every measure, including bringing in a deficit with the promise of more. This from State that is the greatest beneficiary of the mining boom and has significantly raised mining royalties.

    So by the standards they set the Labor governments they should be canning the WA one, but of course they don’t, they crow about a failing government because it’s Liberal and for no other reason. They don’t have think or apply any intelligence with that single minded blind following for to do anything else would hurt their heads.

    And oh how the Liberal apparatchiks love them for their blind loyalty as they screw them to the wall. The greatest thing for the Liberal Party wheelers and dealers is that even whilst they screw their base supporters, reduce their living conditions, increase their taxes, take away working and social conditions and increase the cost of living these blind followers still go mindlessly into bat for them.

    Go figure.

  29. Abbott, with a lot of help from his friends may indeed become our next Prime Minister and then will proceed to go down as the worst in Australia’s history. What exactly is Tony planning to do once he and Margie are installed in The Lodge..hold garden parties?

    Right whingers who are guffawing about the current opinion polls and gloating about how Tony is going to be a shoo-in should be cautious about what they wish for..if Tony becomes PM, we Lefties are going to be having one hell of a lot of opportunities for I told you so’s. 😉

  30. I have lived in Fisher (Peter Slipper’s seat) in QLD for 15 years, and have been polled a couple of times, in that time, as well as a couple of QLD polls.

    Safe LNP seat Mmmmmm 😉

    Cheers 😀 🙂

  31. TS, congratulations..I’ve never been polled in my life and don’t expect to be in the future given that I’ve either had a silent number or as per now my primary contact is via mobile phone.

  32. The names Abbott and Bishop do bring
    To the Libs a religious ring
    So along with George Pell
    They may all end in Hell
    When Our Maker his doing his thing.

  33. From one Patricia to another. There is no way the MSM are going to change their attitude toward the Labor Government. Their views you must remember come from Murdoch, who is a bully and will not let balanced reporting into his Media. He is the man who said before the last American election “I will bring Obama down” and his daily emails to his outlets here in Australia probably say the same thing
    “bring Gilllard down” Look what his papers have done in England. He has let his employees take the brunt of all the Hacking etc. that has gone on, and I bet he will even desert these people when they appear in Court.

  34. Min, the problem is that their questions are very specific, and don’t necessarily give you the chance to say what you would like to, so you end up answering in a way that doesn’t represent your real views, or give a more accurate representation.

    On another point, I notice that they are claiming a whitewash in WA, but ignoring the fact that the swing away from the ALP was a massive 2.2% when the largest swing was against the Greens. 😉

    Cheers 😀

  35. 2-2% in a state where the State Government hasn’t made the same massive cuts as Queensland and NSW and where the concept of the MRRT was most unpopular doesn’t suggest to me that the election is “unwinnable” for Labor. Although the fact that Julia has started wearing glasses in an attempt to change her image is a negative which is dishonest and worthy of attack. Tony repudiating everything he’s ever said on the other hand is just the sort of growth that occurs in people between the ages of 50 to 55 because at 50 we’re young and haven’t had enough experience, but those next five years… Yes, that was sarcasm. I feel in these times it’s necessary to point that out.

  36. Right whingers who are guffawing about the current opinion polls and gloating about how Tony is going to be a shoo-in should be cautious about what they wish for..if Tony becomes PM, we Lefties are going to be having one hell of a lot of opportunities for I told you so’s. 😉

    The right-wing whingers are going to be in a lot of trouble from Day One, if the media succeed in getting Abbott over the line. He is one of the stupidest individuals to lead a major party. If you need confirmation of this, look at tweed, right-wing projecting:

    In his deepest sleep he is smarter than gillard.

    When you account for Tweed’s projection, the reality is, Gillard in her deepest sleep is smarter than the dud Abbott.

    They know he’s a dud, that’s why they were hesitant to give him the leadership: he scraped in with a margin of only ONE VOTE – his own!

    Since then he’s been propped up by the “mainstream” media, who have protected him from scrutiny and relentlessly attacked the government on his behalf.

    After the election, if they succeed in their mission of getting their guy in, the hate media will find a lot of wind goes out of their sails. What’s Chaff Bag Radio going to talk about for 24 hours a day, for instance? They won’t have Labor to kick around, they’ll just be left talking up the Liberals. There’s not much mileage to be had for media talking up a government day-in day out. The audience isn’t going to wear that.

    And the problem for them won’t only be the dopey Abbott; it will be his the extremists and misfits in his cabinet. As they put start enacting their radical right wing agenda (the “policies” they are protected from revealing BEFORE the election), people will soon get their backs up. Taxes going up, prices going up, salaries and working conditions under attack, quite possibly an economic recession… A cushy ride for billionaires while ‘ordinary’ people are slugged with austerity like in Spain and Greece.

    People are so acculturated by now to whingeing about any little thing (thanks to the efforts of the hate media), when they’ve really got something to whinge about, they’re going to be out for vengeance. Abbott will be their primary target; he’s never been liked or trusted. He’ll start in government unpopular (should the media be successful in their rotten mission), and it will all be downhill from there.

    Meanwhile people will be find the media message doesn’t accord with their reality. They’ll hear the media spinning on behalf of the coalition about how “wonderful” every thing is, yet when they look at their own circumstances, and those around them, they will know it’s bullshit. They will trust the media less and less. Which will exacerbate the crisis for the media, who will already be at a loss since they won’t have a Labor government to pile hate on.

  37. rossleighbrisbane, yes a small swing in the west, in a state owned by Rinehart/Murdoch with an economy held up by mining and a first term government that traditionally gets a second term with an increased majority 😯

    Hardly surprising! 🙄

    Cheers 😀

  38. The media has turned full attack mode on to Julia Gillard, and full support mode onto Abbott, completely ignoring lack of policies from the coalition

  39. “a one-eyed litany of comments…..”

    Voyager, Migs has provided us with the comments of a random assortment of strangers and except for a a tiny number, which includes a very nasty Morrison type, the consensus is that Liealot is a corrupt lying toerag who shouldn’t be allowed to run a chook raffle in Outer Mongolia.

    Good judges of character, I’d say and as good a sample of opinions as you’d get from other pollsters.

    ME @8.36am, as always with barrackers, projection, projection,projection and blind,unquestioning allegiance to Liars bullshit.

    And of course hypocrisy.

    Why aren’t they ranting and raving about WA’s debt especially with Barnett promising to rack up more?

    Why is it unworthy of comment when a Liars government, allegedly rolling in cash and apparently such good managers that they’re ALWAYS going to have a surplus, is racking up debt?

    Where has all that money gone, I wonder? Roads to nowhere? Paying off Buswell’s victims, perhaps?

    So come on Tweed and Voyager, why the silence about Barnett’s debt?

    Min, we have a landline because there’s no mobile service where we live and work, but have never been polled either.

  40. Jane. I know. I agree with you. That dumb arse elecorate got it wrong ….again. They got it wrong in NSW two years ago, the electorate got it wrong in Queensland a year ago and now the electorate got it wrong in WA on Saturday. Surely the electorate can’t get it wrong again in September.
    Albanese got it right after the NSW, QLD elections. He said it had nothing to do with The Carbon Tax, The Mining Tax or Gillard’s lies and backflips.

  41. In Vic, Ted Bailleau gets stabbed in the back … MSM says nothing. In WA some disheartened Labor person criticises the PM … suddenly it’s front page BS. 60 Minutes was a joke last night … Liz Hayes couldn’t stop kissing Abbott’s arse. Didn’t bother asking any of the women in Abbott’s life whether they agreed with his view that (quote): “The greatest gift a woman has to offer is her virginity.” Ah, let’s face it, Liz Hayes is just another Eva Braun wannabe (like Janet Albrechtsen and Ashleigh Gillon)

  42. Abbott is nothing more then the mouth piece for big multinationals such as Rinehart and not forgetting our very Murdoch what a pair of creepy people.
    Wake up Australia they are stealing our wealth and our future ….

  43. Jane, it seems that many rusted-ons will vote Liberal *in spite of* Tony Abbott and certainly not because of him. When the polls turn which they inevitably do closer to an election (shoo-ins are not popular either with the public or those trying to sell newspapers), watch panic set in from the Liberal Party team.

  44. I love this one from the AIMN’s Barry Tucker..

  45. The only surprise is that some people are surprised by the polls.
    We have been telling you guys for more than a year…….

  46. Gotta listen to your own . When Alannah MacTiernan (former WA State Labor
    Minister) is quoted as saying
    “we cannot be a sheltered workshop for friends and relatives of Union Officials’
    This is not a subliminal message , treat it as such at your peril!

  47. Yes I heard that one Voyager. Just about sums it up.
    A good analogy is a cattle run leading to the knackery. All the Labor candidates are in the cattle run together, the journos are outside the cattle run poking the mike through to get the regular sound bytes.
    Gillard sees that success is defined as getting to the end of the cattle run ahead of the Rudds and Shortens etc.
    Abbott sees success defined as keeping them all in the cattle run, not stiring them up too much and letting them slowly shuffle to the end ….. contentedly chewing their cud.
    I don’t think there will be a leadership change. I think the election will be a far more conclusive result if they keep Gillard at the helm.

  48. bbott sees success defined as…

    …licking the bums of Rinehart, Rupert, George and John so as to stay on the good side of them. Knowing that the minute he displeases them he’s gone.

  49. When Mr. Abbott begins dismantling al that the PM has achieved, the penny will drop with many, as to how much indeed they have to lose.

    No matters what happens on Sept 14, this PM has already achieved a legacy that she need not be ashamed of.

    Yes, there is much to lose. In my opinion, there is little to be gained, in voting in an Abbott government.

    What scares me more, is not Abbott,, as I do not believe he will be around long.

    What is terrifying, is who will they replace him with. It will not be Turnbull, unless he agrees to fall in with those faceless men that seem to be in charge of the Liberals.

  50. Love the excuse they give for deposing the Victorian premier.

    He, it appears was to nice a man for politics.

    Do the Liberals really believe one has to be a bastard to succeed in politics in this wide brown land our ours.

  51. If Abbott thinks Howard was so clever let me remind him and the liberal party lackeys on here Howard was thrown out of power only our second PM to face such an end to their career.
    Further if the liberal party is that good how come we had a hung parliament last election,plus Abbott FAILED to secure the numbers to form Government.

    The Murdoch press is going all out against the Labour Party however they can’t do any thing about social media.
    The liberal party’s attack dogs such as Alan Jones have lost much of their impact and the Australian newspaper is increasing seen as more and more biased against the labor party and as for the voters out in the suburbs it must be remembered it was them who gave us the last hung parliament and what they do come Election Day is in the lap of the Gods

  52. I have noticed that many are saying, after watching Abbott at this time, that he appears shifty. That is true, when one takes time to look at photos we are now seeing. He is indeed shifty looking. Whether he is or not, I am not saying. Just saying that is what his body language is saying.

    “.So, Shelly, how did you come to your opinion on TA?

    ‘I just felt riled looking at the Tony Abbott interview. To me he looked so uncomfortable trying to say whatever he had to say to get elected rather than what he actually believed. I thought his sister looked particularly uncomfortable.

    ‘I understand that they are blood and still love each other, but when he is so vocal about being anti-gay and anti-gay marriage and now to be saying it is OK to be gay but no to gay marriage – he sounded like he was cherry picking.

    ‘I based my opinion of the interview and his body language and the squirming he and his sister did.’

    ‘I would like to stress that I am not an expert and I am not voting for Tony Abbott or Julia Gillard, partly because neither fit my values. I am straight and in a relationship with a man. I marched in the Gay Mardi Gras this year and it was an incredibly positive experience.’.”


  53. Comment at 8.11 cries out for the substitution of “dreams” for “deepest sleep” but one shouldn’t feed…

  54. This about sums it up 😆

    On being polled – I’ve been phone polled 3 times in the 37 years since I could vote + one detailed (written) Morgan poll last year that took about 2 weeks to complete on a wide variety of topics, including politics.

  55. “The only surprise is that some people are surprised by the polls.
    We have been telling you guys for more than a year…….”

    No Tweed, like everything else you state you lie again hypocrite.

    When the polls went south for Abbott and were trending upwards for Labor you disappeared or refused to comment on them coward. Only when they trended the other way on the back of a very sustained and disingenuous media attack did you crawl out from under your rock.

    What is it with these wingnuts and their rewriting history or living in alternate realities?

    Shit another poll tomorrow, Abbott doing badly in the West and on TV yet again and bingo up come leadership speculation.

  56. Has one noticed, this is the first time for weeks that the poll has not been announced early.

    When is a 2.3 swing in an election great?

  57. Although the fact that Julia has started wearing glasses in an attempt to change her image is a negative which is dishonest and worthy of attack

    What a load of bullshit, rossleighbrisbane. Well done for falling for Liars party crap hook. line, sinker and copy of angling times.

    Ask your self at what age a person is likely to start wearing glasses. Ask yourself why a person of 50+ starts wearing glasses particularly when it is known that they have worn contact lenses for years.

    Then ask yourself how stupid you have to be to buy into that sort of utter bullshit! So f*cken what if the PM is wearing glasses?

    It’s the same idiotic bullshit Liars trolls and the msm keep using to “prove” that the PM is incompetent, a liar, a poor communicator and all their other tosh!

    Oooooh, she’s got a big bum, like 99.9% of the female population. Ooooh she wears office clothes to work. Well, whoopdyf*cken doo!!! So do all the other women who work in that sort of environment.

    Just another example of misogyny directed at the PM. I’ll make a bet that twats like you would be gibbering the same shite if she whipped out a pair of reading glasses when she needed to read a document, but are hypocritically completely silent when Liealot does exactly that.

    We don’t hear Liars cretins getting stuck into Liealot because he needs glasses to read, but oh deary me if it’s the PM, it’s a stunt!! FFS f*cken grow up!!! Your friggin’ misogyny isn’t welcome here! Take it to Menzies house or 2gb; they specialise in that sort of thing!

    Tweed, if the cap fits. If debt is baaaad under Labor, then it stands to reason that the same applies to Liars debt. Debt is deb. So how come you aren’t squealing about the debt Barnett is racking up? I think it’s spelled H*Y*P*O*C*R*I*S*Y.

    As for the electorate getting it wrong, it seems that more and more Queenslanders, Victorians and New South Welshmen are agreeing that they may have made a mistake.

    I think they did simply because the governments they voted in are doing exactly the same things that I said they would, are telling the same lies that I predicted they would and are as corrupt as I predicted they would be in their first terms.

    Having experienced several Liars governments at state level and the Rodentochracy, I can say with conviction that if what you want is a government that couldn’t give a toss about anyone except the wealthy and you’re prepared to tolerate corruption on a large scale, the vote Liars.

    If that’s not what you want, then don’t vote Liars.

    And as usual, for evidence you turn to a serial conman, liar, gaolbird and crook. Sounds about right, because you can’t find anyone credible to support your bullshit!



    😆 😆 😆

    And there could be others: Rinehart with Liealot on a leash, making him sit up and beg.

    Rupert with the keys to the Lodge on a fishing line, making Liealot fetch them and snatching them away just as he gets to them.

    Rinehart, Rupert and Twiggy making Liealot jump through hoops while they take it in turns to shake the keys to the Lodge n front of him.

    Giant sized Rupert and Liealot in prison stripes, Rupert’s speech bubble “Dance, bitch!”

  58. There has not been an ALP sufficient media beat up to warrant Newspoll so wait a week and boost ruddsteration then try.

    There is only one word I have to say about Tones “UNELECTABLE” rather catchy like “Exterminate” a nice ring to it and I have my Gravator back

  59. Jane
    nice blast could not have put is so clear. Recently had a chat with a lovely Sri lankan lady votes Liberal I asked how could you vote for psycho like him ended up agreeing to disagree, none so blind as those who do not want to see, and these people are supposed to be intelligent. Goebbels would be dancing with glee.

  60. Bilko, so pleased to see you and your gravatar again. That certainly brought back memories..would it have been at Matty Price’s or Tim Dunlop’s blog, or both. 🙂

  61. Tweed, don’t have tickets on yourself. I personally have accepted that the polls are as stated, but that if correct and we end up with a religious nutto as PM who talks about daughters being virgins (I never liked that one), who talks about 2-tier marriages and who obviously has serious problems getting his brain around anything more taxing than things constructed of lycra or reflecto, then Australia is looking forward to some serious problems.

    However, America did survive President Ray-guns and Bush #2, and so I should imagine that we will also survive an Abbott prime ministership..however, and as a precaution, I would advise socking as much spare cash away as possible (sewing it into a curtain lining is a good place) and do not change jobs..you may never get another one.

  62. Murdoch’s ties to Big Tobacco

    Right wingers can you please tell me why it always comes back to Big Tobacco and/or Big Oil with the conservatives and their greed over all else, which includes humanity and the planet, yet you seem perfectly OK with that? More than OK actually, you go out of your way to lie and mislead for them to screw not only everyone else but yourselves as well.

  63. Right wingers can you please tell me why

    i’m hardly a right winger, but perhaps they imagine they’re on a “promise” for nice, shiny jackboots and a neat uniform?

  64. All your remarks about Abbott are absolute flattery in comparison with tonights
    Four Corners. Now dont get on the sedition band wagon – Red Kerry was the
    presenter that renown leftie, longtime ABC commentator.
    The sistemic inbred corruption displayed made me vomit. My carpet
    has been cleaned up, unfortunately no clean up has occurred within
    NSW Labor. Wonder why the West is lost? You must really be a silly silly bunch.
    This is a public display of the crooks that have ruled Labor for far too long .
    Come 14Sept anyone in NSW who votes Labor is corrupt and stupid
    in their own right.
    This again displays why the ALP’s primary vote hovers close to 30% more
    exposure as seen tonight could see it in the low 20% range.
    No one takes responsibility , no one fixes the problem, no one votes Labor

  65. Ahhh voyager if your remarks about no one voting labor any more is true what have you got to worry about Abbott has it in the bag.
    I wonder what you are going to rant about once we all bask in the liberal sun shine still we can all go a live in the wonderful state of Queensland just hope none of us needs any public services ……

  66. It would seem that all of the Left and half of the Right hate Tony Abbortt …… Rupert and Gina sure know how to pick’em 🙄 … gotta laugh, they bought a lemon and no matter how much MSM sugar they apply they still got a lemon…… a dour sour piece of dog=shit named Tony…watch your step Australia… 😦

  67. Voyager, this might interest you:

    Julia Gillard has regained her lead over Tony Abbott as preferred prime minister in the latest Newspoll.

    The poll, published in The Australian newspaper, suggests the Prime Minister gained six points in the preferred PM stakes and now leads Mr Abbott 42 per cent to 38.

    Labor’s primary vote has also climbed three points to 34 per cent, while the Coalition’s is down three points to 44


  68. Miglo, the other poll is also similar. with little change.

    Won knew they would not favor Abbott, when they were not released early, as has been the last few times.

    Has this one, as the Essential, have a big undecided number.

  69. It appears Labor has bottomed out.

    We still have the Ides of March to get through. The media appears to have pull out all stops in their effort to get rid of the PM.

    All we need is a few more efforts from Abbott like last night, to turn things about.

  70. voyager, what did you learn that was new in Four Corners tonight. On par with what is going on in Victoria, one could say.

  71. ……………….The poll bounce is sure to be welcomed by MPs who have returned to Canberra for the autumn parliamentary sittings.

    The Government hopes the Lower House will pass its National Disability Insurance Scheme bill this week.

    On Monday, Finance Minister Penny Wong would not be drawn on the question of Labor’s leadership other than to say it was resolved last year, but she acknowledges the party is in trouble……………..


    No matter what, the PM is still governing. maybe the media will drop the noie tomorrow. Hope so, as it is becoming very tedious and boring.

    We are seeing a very confidence Pyne tonight. Pity he did not have much of value to say.It appears he is sticking to the present discredited education funding. I was amazed to hear, he has two children with learning difficulties.


  72. Maybe Julia Gillard’s week spent in Sydney’s western suburbs wasn’t quite the disaster it was painted because the latest poll shows she is back in the lead as preferred prime minister and Labor’s primary vote has lifted.

    The Newspoll, conducted over the weekend and published in The Australian on Tuesday, showed Labor’s primary vote had improved three percentage points in the past two weeks to 34 per cent.

    And the poll revealed Ms Gillard’s support as preferred prime minister jumped six points to 42 per cent as support for the Opposition Leader Tony Abbott slipped two points to 38 per cent.

    The primary vote for the coalition fell three points to 44 per cent, with the Greens steady on 11 per cent.

    The Australian said that based on preference flows at the 2010 election, this translates into a two-party preferred lead for the coalition of 52 per cent to 48 per cent, which is down from a 10-point gap two weeks ago.

    The poll could quell further talk of Ms Gillard being replaced as leader, even though the survey indicated that former prime minister Kevin Rudd would be a far more popular leader than Ms Gillard.

    He remains ahead of her as preferred prime minister with voters……..


  73. Wait a minute…you people have been rubbishing the polls because they don’t go your way but when one poll gives Labor a boost you are all crowing???

    A word starting with ‘h’ comes to mind.

  74. Migs
    The old grav was everywhere way back then, ISP taken over new O/S installed and I lost it, now it is back I don’t feel so naked. Julia should get out a bit more as suggested elsewhere, Up goes her approval ratings down goes Tones and his burblings are becoming more and more bizarre.

    My earlier comment that “There has not been an ALP sufficient media beat up to warrant Newspoll so wait a week and boost ruddsteration then try”, so Newspoll surprised me and everyone else by the look of it, but it is a rogue so lets just move on.
    Tones cunning plan is to mention that they have a plan but wait until we are elected before we show it to you, trust me it is all about trust you know..

  75. Scaper, we have been rubbishing the polls because of valid concerns that they are increasingly becoming unrepresentative of true voting intentions. Reasons have included that it is highly unlikely that anyone without a landline will be polled ie. the younger demographic and especially those who might be more left leaning such as university students.

  76. The prediction was that the more that the public see Tony, the less they will like him. Will he once again go to ground?

  77. Bilko @9.9am, Liealot’s promise will resonate with Queenslanders. Isn’t that what their illustrious Emperor told them before he and his wrecking ball swept to power?

    Still, keep it up Liealot, That’ll be one state Labor won’t have to worry about. lol

    ……. the survey indicated that former prime minister Kevin Rudd would be a far more popular leader than Ms Gillard.

    Yes, but popular with whom?

    Fed up, the polls do seem to have bottomed out and I wouldn’t mind betting that the last couple of polls were outliers or that the questions asked were weighted to produce the results that they did, aimed at producing despondence in Labor ranks so that they could manufacture a leadership challenge.

    I am inclined to believe Kevin Rudd when he says he won’t challenge. I believe that he has checked out the entrails and knows that 1) he wouldn’t be successful, 2) that even if he did manage to grab the leadership, the msm would dish out the same treatment to him as they have Gillard and 3) Therese Rein would also be subject to the same grubby treatment dished out to her and the Rudd family while he was PM.

    Does anyone else find it veeerry interesting that the msm isn’t treating Margie Abbott the same way they treated Therese Rein, although she also is a successful business woman in her own right?

    Apparently, it’s OK to run a successful business and be independently wealthy if you’re a Liar, but a sin of major proportions if you’re Labor.

    Yet another example of biased and unbalanced reporting by the msm..

    And now we read that the msm is having a crack at manufacturing scandal about the First Bloke.

    Unfortunately for the msm and the Liars, I think it will be counter productive.

    I think the public is getting fed up with their grubby scandal mongering which soon is exposed as lies and has stopped paying attention, with the exception of the rusted ons who will desperately bung it on their endless loop of concocted bullshit.

    Trouble is they’re the only ones breathlessly listening.

  78. Abbott is finished as a leader the back stabbing so common in the liberal party is going to start soon, the man cant even beat a so called lame duck leader of a lame duck party……liberal supporters your attack dog needs to be put down he has had his day, remember the man is only there because of one vote….

  79. Jane, and your 1) – 3). You are absolutely correct in my opinion. How many times does Rudd have to say, No. On the last occasion Kevin came yay close to telling the idiot reporter to get fckd idiot.

  80. CEBG, I would suspect that quite close to the election panic will set in. At the moment the Libs are doing well in the polls, but this is *in spite of* Abbott and most definitely not because of him. Try as they might, all those photo ops, pics of him in the pool with his daughters, pics being the brave volunteer and his popularity goes nowhere. Question: is Tony Abbott becoming the Kardashian of Australian politics?

  81. Min, I don’t believe the unfounded theory that the young are unrepresentative in the polls. If one was polled one would know that the demographic is fairly spread. Know a few who have been rejected due to age.

    Newspoll has been very accurate around election time so I fail to see how it is not tracking voter sentiment.

    On another note…been in Brisbane for almost a week. Ah, to sleep in my own bed! Have come to the decision that I can’t bring the girls to Perth because it would not suit them. So flying out tomorrow and doing the crossing again.

  82. Scaper, it’s certainly a long haul to Perth.

    I like this quote from Antony Green..

    People change their opinion, people focus more on election campaigns. If opinion polls always told you what the result of the election would be, then parties wouldn’t spend money campaigning.

  83. Min @1o.59 & 11.05am, precisely. Whatever we may think of Rudd’s past behaviour, I feel that his recent denials wrt another crack at the leadership are genuine and he must be getting soooo sick of morons shoving a microphone in his face and trying to stir up trouble and suspicions.

    My hope is that he will be returned in his electorate with a bigger majority and an enlarged photo of his middle digit aimed at the msm. Ditto the other ALP candidates in Qld and elsewhere.

    ATM, I think WA is a lost cause, but if Barnett betrays the trust WA voters have put in him, as I’m sure he will, there could be a backlash come September.

    Beware the Ides of September may well become a bitter swan song for the Liars.

  84. scaper, I think the reason most of us have doubts about young adults being polled is because generally they exclusively use mobiles, most of which are not listed in phone directories.

    We have both, because mobile reception is poor to non-existent where I live and for our business we’ve found it pays to have both regardless of reception.

    However, we’ve never been polled wrt voting intentions, although I’ve done a few Morgan online polls, none of which have canvassed my voting intentions.

    Interestingly, there is usually a question wrt the NBN, ie. do we intend to use it? Sadly there is no ability to qualify our answer because we won’t have the opportunity, because of geography.

    AFAIC, the question posed should be: If you had the opportunity to connect to NBN, would you do so? It would reflect a more accurate picture of support for this massive piece of public infrastructure.

  85. I am bemused when one says they will or not sign up to NBNco.

    NBNco is not an ISP. It is the carriers, that ISP uses. Like the old Telcom. Eventually, the NBNco fibre will be the only option available.

    Maybe one is saying they will not sign up to the higher speeds that will be available. That is there choice, and I can see nothing wrong.

    l Saying that, I do not see many around that have not moved onto ADSL and higher ADSL2 speeds as they become available.

    Not many have held onto the speeds they used a decade ago.

  86. We have heard how Labor is in panic mode and fearing for their future.

    Now, all I have seen is MP’s as they get off the plane in Canberra, losing patience with the media and the mikes they push into their faces, asking inane questions.

    Yes, some appear to be losing patience with such an intrusive and irrelevant media Corp.

  87. Fed up, they’ll still have the opportunity to use wireless or satellite, but who in their right mind would when NBN is on offer?

    WRT panicking, i think it’s the msm and their corrupt playmates doing the panicking. With all they’ve been chucking at Labor, it’s still making inroads into Noalition support and there’s still 6 months to go.

    Six months of voter disenchantment with Liars state governments, breaking promises and taking sledgehammers to their economies.

  88. Federal Nationals MP Darren Chester says it is time for politicians and the public to lay off making ‘vicious and personal’ attacks on Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

    Mr Chester, MP for the Victorian seat of Gippsland, said he noticed the vibe while visiting Western Australia, and within his electorate, during the past three weeks.

    ‘I must say I am disturbed by the tone of the political debate and the increasingly personal nature of the attacks on our prime minister,’ he told reporters in Canberra on Tuesday.

    ‘I believe we need to lay off the prime minister and the personal attacks.’

    The ‘vicious and personal’ comments about Ms Gillard were not Australian.

    Mr Chester said MPs could display leadership by focussing on policy and not personality.

    ‘I am not apportioning blame to either side of the house because some of the personal comments about Tony Abbott have been entirely inappropriate,’ he said.


  89. I thought there was to be a protest today in Canberra.. Have not read of such event, but there was once again a noisy mob in the visitors balcony of the Lower House.

    I assume Mirabella was busy signing them in. At least one was ejected.

  90. Polls are surprisingly good for Gillard.

    What a load of biased twaddle. It’s the other way round ideologue fool. The last few polls with Abbott hidden away have been surprisingly good for him, Gillard has led Abbott for ages and sometimes by huge margins. Abbott at one time got the lowest every polling for an opposition leader.

    Whenever the polls go bad for Abbott, especially when he’s brain farting or running around doing stunts that backfire, then there is a concerted media campaign against Gillard and always without fail Rudd leadership, and now Shorton, is raised. This and hiding Abbott away gives him a small boost.

    They learnt the trick about hiding Abbott away to rehearse his three word slogans and given lines from the first day he got the leadership on a cheat by one vote. The moment he had to elucidate he crashed and burnt so from then on they strictly controlled him. Even so every now and again he goes off script or brain farts and costs them billions and a backward step in the polls.

    Don’t know what their plan is for him during the election since he lost them the last one because of his brain farts and WorkChoices is well and truly out there. He can’t deny it as he’s now stated it will be their policy at the end of their first term.

  91. My other point on this is the crap sprouted by a right winger that Gillard had a terrible week in Western Sydney, and yet again like just about everything that poster states, was wrong and living in an alternate reality.

    Even Coalition and conservative commentators are saying she had a good week there but it was due to her going on about jobs, which is apparently a bad thing and giving a billion for a road that Abbott promised more for.

    I believe both are wrong in propping up State government infrastructure failure for now where does it stop, but my point is that these commentators are painting the government’s largess as a terrible bad thing because it worked but Abbott’s even more generous largess as the greatest thing to ever happen to Western Sydney.

    In the meantime the Federal Opposition are saying that the only poll that counted this weekend was the one in the West as it was a shocker for Gillard and the government. Ha.

    This is also gross hypocrisy, don’t they and their mindless supporters love walling in it, for these very same Coalition pollies were espousing Labor State victory after Labor State victory as having nothing at all to do with Howard.

  92. By the way Labor can win with a TPP of 49 to 51 against them and certainly with 49.5 to 50.5. So the 48:52 figure this far out with Abbott yet to shoot off his mouth in election mode as he did last time is pretty close.

  93. Listening to the Drum. Of course, the good figures for the PM are not going to last.Will buy her a week or two of respite.

    Wonder if these people are reading comments that are turning up on many sites. Many more supporting the PM than previously. More condemning Abbott.

    I have no idea, whether that is true or not. I will add, neither have they.

  94. Sorry for the multiple posts but I heard a ripper on The Drum a short time ago.

    Apparently the Right Wing media, commentators and the opposition would be very relieved that the leadership speculation (that they engineered and started by the way) has not come to fruition as they could not win against Rudd or Shorten but a shoe in against Gillard.

    It was a dummy spit plain and simple. Gillard beat them, as Abbott said on not lying down and dying, and they are miffed. Every underhanded, dirty and false attack using the massive resources of big business and the largest media organisation around failed.

    I’ve seen it time and again, even when I voted for them. They are the greatest sore losers on the planet and dummy spit long and forever. They still haven’t gotten over 2007 and Howard being booted let alone 2010 where they believe they won and actually are the government. For the first six months they behaved exactly as if they were the government and wouldn’t even call themselves and opposition or behave like one. They still aren’t behaving like but that is some dummy spit and refusal to face reality.

  95. Fed up @3.34pm, they must be panicking, for one of them to suggest that the vicious personal attacks on the PM. Perhaps there’s been a bit of a backlash in his electorate, or the new polls are causing some concxern.

    I wish Mr Chester luck in finding any Liars policies to sell and/or debate.

    However, I take my hat off to him for at least acknowledging that the attacks are vicious and personal.

    ME @6.54pm, shades of 1972, The Liars were ropable that voters had the temerity to chuck them out, but with Unca Rupert’s help soon corrected that mistake.

    They are very sore losers, I’m afraid and never use the time in opposition to examine where they went wrong and work to fix it with better policies and less arrogance.

    2010 was the year that threw that character flaw into high relief,

    I’m sure that Windsor, Oakeshott and Wilkie would have loved to negotiate a conservative government into power, but true to form, arrogance was the order of the day. Forget negotiation chaps, just give us the numbers and piss off!

    No wonder they couldn’t march to Julia Gillard’s door fast enough and sign on the dotted line.

    And as I’ve said before, they have stuck with her through thick and thin, which confirms to me that the Liars propaganda is just that, because those men would not support a liar who breaks her promises.

  96. You see it with the gormless right wingers here jane.

    They don’t care one iota if Abbott is the worst leader this country has seen and completely screws it as Newman is doing.

    They don’t care if Liberal governments lie and break major promises, notice how they ignore all the Liberal State government broken promises.

    They only care that the Liberals win and are in government. Once in government they’ll blame everything and anything for their failures, especially Labor, but they’ll never admit they are screw ups.

    When they lose there’s this massive dummy spit that goes on for a while and then they disappear for a good bit only to emerge bitter, vicious and vindictive. Abbott may win but if he doesn’t then I think their blind right wing supporters are going to engage in the mother of all dummy spits and the MSM are going to go into epileptic reporting seizures the likes of which the world hasn’t seen.

  97. Jane, I think that you might have it..strategy-wise. In order to make the Libs and especially Abbott seem more “poor form” than they already are, that the PM should become as visible as possible. It’s quite a contrast, the dignity of the lady compared with the “JuLiar” snideness of the opposition and their supporters. It’s quality versus the mean-spirited.

  98. Moby. Newspoll is just one of many polls. The major parties do far more polling than Newspoll.
    It must be the Ides of March for you guys.
    infamy infamy …. they’ve all got it infamy
    Get over it. Don’t be so precious. Polls are just the voters saying what they think.

  99. Polling is showing, none believe that an Abbott government will be any better. In fact, they seem to be saying, things will be worse.

    That does not compute.

    Why would so many be willing to cut off their nose to spite their face on the grounds they do not like the PM.

    Their own personal prejudices seem to over rule their own wellbeing.

    None is saying he will be a BETTER PM.

  100. It is so obvious this is largely a lefty rant and rave losers’ opportunity to vent against Tony Abbott that is a smoke screen for the gross inadequacies of Gillard and the soon to be demolished Labor Party. Get a life! Just wait until the election and weep into your Weeties you red raggers!

  101. A little of what was said in the House today.

    …………………………………………………Ms GILLARD: Yes—this is the kind of hypocrisy that we see from the opposition. It was under the Howard government that two News Limited journalists faced jail for contempt of court. The reaction of the
    Howard government: do nothing. The reaction of this government: provide journalist shield laws. It was under the Howard government that churches would have their grants taken away—their services
    smashed—if they spoke out against government policy.

    Mr Turnbull: Madam Speaker, I rise on a point of order. This is not relevant. I am more than happy to debate freedom of the press. I have asked the Prime Minister—

    The SPEAKER: The member for Wentworth will resume his seat. The Prime Minister has the call.

    Ms GILLARD: I beg to differ. I think churches and charities being able to speak out freely is important to freedom of speech—and we have ensured it can happen. We have taken away the gag clauses
    that the Howard government had to stop churches and charities ever questioning an aspect of government policy. So maybe the member for Wentworth, who has been out today talking about freedom of speech,
    should take a look in the mirror and at the record of those opposite on these questions. The government’s reform agenda has been misrepresented by the member for Wentworth in his question—completely

    Mr Turnbull: What about Spycatcher?

    The SPEAKER: The member for Wentworth is warned.

    Ms GILLARD: Spycatcher was a long time ago. And those gag clauses are far more recent, as well as that threat to jail journalists. Coming back to the member for Wentworth’s question, the member for
    Wentworth has completely misrepresented the nature of the government’s reforms. What is being discussed here—and proposed to the parliament—is better self-regulation through an independent public interest
    media advocate. I would ask the member for Wentworth: why does he think that an appropriate selfregulation for our media should not occur? Why doesn’t he think that? I am not going to be drawn on
    examples because it is inappropriate for me to do so—…………….


  102. “Johanngrivet”

    What is your point?”

    May be you can tell us why we should change our mind and move to Abbott.

  103. LOL Fu “Johanngrivet” doesn’t have the capacity to even understand your question, let alone answer it … 😉

  104. I am totally with you Johanngrivet.
    Like a big chunk of voters we are sick of the economic and social vandalism Gillard continues to spew into parliament in her dying days. No Mandate, Independents who are accessories after the fact. Gillard and labor just don’t get it. Those in Parliament are supposed to be servants of the voters. Public Servants.
    Lets just see what the voters think of Gillard and labor’s behaviour come September.The voters, owners of policy in Australia, will cut through the Gillard/Swan/Labor policy and delivery debacle.
    Thank God for the constitution where Gillard is forceably dragged to the Polls to be judged for her actions, by us the voters. Can’t wait till September.

  105. “Thank God for the constitution where Gillard is forceably dragged to the Polls to be judged for her actions, by us the voters. Can’t wait till September.”

    Forcibly dragged to an election. How does one come to this conclusion, when the PM announces the election will be held on a date, in line with the constitution.

    The fact is that in spite of Abbott and the MSM obsession and continuing attacks in bringing the PM down for nigh on three years, it is the PM who is still standing.

    No, you are once again wrong. The PM has NOT been force into anything.

  106. What economic vandalism?]

    Low inflation. Low unemployment. Continuing growth. Low interest rates.

    Building of infrastructure for the future.

    A strong economy, in spite of a high dollar.

    Improvements in education and health, bringing us into this century.

    On the way to improve the life of those disabled with the NDIS.

    Better and fairer funding for the education of our kids in the pipeline.

    If this is vandalism, bring it on.

  107. Fed Up.
    Gillard has been ridden hard and put away wet by the Independents, the Greens. Gillard has been a hopeless negotiator and this have been the root of her policy design and policy delivery. Asylum Seekers? Forced into a stupid dismantle of Howard’s Solution.
    Pink Batts, Cash for Clunkers, $10B pissup forced by Brown and Milne.
    The ludicrous spend on BER, both delivery and design, was an expensive sop to the teachers union.
    Don’t even talk about AWU Scandal which is just coming to the boil. Craig, Williamson, HSU,
    Gillard and Labor have been a cluster fuck. They should hang their head in shame.
    Thank God for the constitution

  108. Fed Up.
    Oh I was remiss to mention that Swan’s Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Delivery is now summarised by the target of keeping the debt ceiling below $250 Billion this financial year. What a Joke this government is.
    Time to pull down the Big Top and send the circus out of town.

    *Edited due to insults against the person.

  109. Swan’s Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Delivery is now summarised by … being voted the WORLD’S GREATEST TREASURER 🙂

  110. Well Tweed thanks for confirming to all of us how factless you are and right wing projection in full flight.

    Abbott hasn’t been able to negotiate a lolly for a photo op with a two year old in a playground and his woeful negotiating skills cost him an election.

    Gillard has got through major reforms along with 400+ pieces of legislation, many through negotiation. Of the things you say are failures, most were highly successful. Howard had more policy and costly policy failures than this government, and as the Liberal States are proving, who you love to avoid referencing, so will Abbott.

    Just what alternate reality do you live in?

    I have noticed that the Right Wingers after the last polls and Gillard’s mostly successful trip to West Sydney has them more visceral and venomous than usual, but it also highlights their lack of political perspicacity being blind closed minded right wing ideologues following the herd.

  111. Tweed, what you are repeating once again, has been shown to be bullshit every time you put it up.

    Yes, there is a hatred out there of the PM. It is not based on what she has done.

    The polls are saying, loud and clear, they do not expect Abbott to do any better.

    It appears to be based on personal dislike of the PM. It appears many are willing to cut off their nose to spite their face. They are willing to get rid of the PM even if it is at the cost of their own wellbeing.

    Does not make sense to me.

    Even if defeated, this PM will leave behind a legacy that she can be proud of.

    This PM has achieved much.

    There appears many that are too blind to see, too wrapped up in their personal prejudices.

    Saying it again, does not make your slogans true.

  112. Yes Fed up why doesn’t Tweed and the other right wingers mention that Abbott is hated as much if not more?

    As to dismantling the Howard asylum seeker policy this government has wrongly reinstated it in full and even worse with the punitive actions against the asylum being a measure above anything Howard had done, yet the boats kept coming.

    How can that be if the policy was so successful under Howard? The answer is it wasn’t that successful, only had a short term effect and in concert with a global downturn in refugees.

    Gillard has now thrown that back at Abbott and Morrison and asked for the full Houston reforms to be implemented, which of course they will never allow as they have a chance of being successful, something this bereft of any talent and decency opposition will never allow now matter how many people suffer because of their obstinate negativity for no valid reasoning.

  113. Right Wing Projection from Tweed(ledumb):

    Gillard has been a hopeless negotiator

    Lol, She negotiated with the Independents for their support after the 2010 election. Conservative independents, what’s more, who said in essence: It’s Gillard or noone.

    The hopeless negotiator is Abbott, who told the Independents he would do anything for the job except sell his arse, and he’d even consider doing that.

    Tweed(ledumb) again:

    The ludicrous spend on BER, both delivery and design

    The BER – Building the Education Revolution – provided new infrastructure for every school in the country. Addressing years, sometimes decades, of neglect. Infrastructure which will benefit the schools and their communities for decades into the future.

    The Liberals’ “contribution” to school infrastructure when in government was FLAGPOLES, yes, flagpoles.

    Labor’s economic stimulus program (of which the BER was a core component) was lauded by experts, both domestic and international, as state-of-the-art for averting economic downturn. Australia was the only developed economy in the world to avoid recession during the GFC, the most severe global downturn in a lifetime.

    51 economists back Labor’s stimulus spend

    Sydney Morning Herald, 16 August 2010

    The Labor federal government prevented the Australian economy from falling into a deep recession and a consequent huge rise in unemployment, a group of more than 50 academic economists say.


    The group, which includes professors and lecturers from the nation’s leading universities, today released an open letter supporting the fiscal stimulus measures taken during the global economic downturn.


    The open letter on Labor’s financial management was signed by 51 economists led by Raja Junankar, Emeritus Professor of the University of Western Sydney and visiting fellow at the University of NSW School of Economics.

    It was also signed 15 other professionals in law, social policy and economics, as well as union advisers, taking the total signatories to 66.

    “We the undersigned economists are convinced by the evidence that the coordinated policies of the Australian Labor government have prevented the Australian economy from a deep recession and prevented a massive increase in unemployment,” the letter said.


  114. Cuppa, plus somewhat ironically Kevin Rudd was voted Australian of the Year by none other than The Australian newspaper for his government’s handling of the GFC. I say somewhat ironically due to the oo’s continuous and decidedly monotonous criticism of exactly that.

  115. Tweed point out where I have written something that is wrong. They are figures from treasury. They are the reality.

    Why is the little debt we have a problem?

    Take another look at the global economy in the western world. Most countries are still struggling. We do have to survive in that economy.

    We are still doing better than most. Those that are doing the worse have gone down the track of cutting services and government spending, in an attempt to bring down debt, are finding it Is not working.

    Abbott is putting abroad that the economy has no growth. Thankfully this is not true.

    How can Abbott fix something that is not broken.. How does one do better, when one misdiagnose the problem.

    Yes is much that needs doing, when it comes to the economy. What Abbott is proposing is not the answer. There are still remains of the budget structural defects that Costello left behind, cause somewhat with the obsession of lowering taxes for the wealthy and introduction of upper class welfare.

    The answer is to promote growth, by improving eduction and traing. By putting the infrastructure in place to take us into the future. The NBNco is a good example.

    By encouraging cooperation between the employer and worker,Industry can now plan for the future, now that we have the CEF in place. A scheme that punishes those who emit carbon A scheme that in the long run, will add to a growth in productivity. Is already doing so, in companies that have the ability to look and plan ahead. Many have lowered their power costs. Lower costs that will continue into the future.

    Tweed, the choice is between a government that has the anility to see ahead, and plan. Against a government that promises to demolish and looks back to the distant past for the answer.

    Yes, between a builder and a demolisher.

    We now live in a rapidly changing world. We are becoming more global everyday, in every area of our lives. We are in the right region, for the first time our history to be a main player.

    Tweed, are you willing to throw this away.

    Some need to stop looking to the past, Turn the head, and look into the future.

  116. We should also compare the performance of the two parties when confronted with serious external economic threats.

    Labor – GFC:

    World’s strongest developed economy
    Only developed economy to avoid recession
    Unemployment, debt and deficit lower than comparable overseas economies.


    Liberals – Global downturn of the late 1970s, early ’80s (Treasurer, John Howard):

    Double-digit unemployment
    Double-digit interest rates
    and double digit inflation

    … all at the same time.

    Debt and deficit that climbed year after year.

    And Australia’s worst recession since the Great Depression.

  117. Labor’s superior economic management…

    Australia’s best economic fundamentals since 1964
    Stephen Koukoulas, Market Economics, 2012

    The current economic data in Australia are about as good as one could expect to see.

    Australia has GDP growth of 4.3%, at the same time inflation is running at 1.3%, at the same time the unemployment rate is below 5.5% (5.2% to be precise), at the same time mortgage interest rates are below 7% (6.85% for the standard variable rate).

    Delving into the various data bases to try to match up a time when Australia’s GDP growth was 4% or more, inflation was 1.5% or less, the unemployment rate was 5.5% or less and the standard variable mortgage interest rates was 7% or less, and I came up with March quarter 1964.

    That was a few months after the assassination of JFK; Robert Menzies was Prime Minister; Arthur Calwell was Leader of the Opposition; the Beatles visited Australia; and Donald Horne’s The Lucky Country was first published.


  118. On the subject of media reform.

    This to me appears to be a typical “look over there” ploy from the Opposition. Senator Conroy is talking about an independent regulator and the Opposition is trying the diversionary tactic of “free speech”.

    Surely, more assurance of independence will enhance the democratic process by ensuring that all “opinion” and news events receives a variety of interpretations instead of the vast majority of this coming from one major source only.

    Causing most controversy is Senator Conroy’s central push to appoint an independent regulator to oversee the press councils and judge whether media ownership is ”in the public interest”.

    The Coalition said this trampled on free speech and some key crossbenchers agreed.


  119. “How can that be if the policy was so successful under Howard? The answer is it wasn’t that successful, only had a short term effect and in concert with a global downturn in refugees.”

    If Howard thought he had the answer, why did he begin spending millions in Christmas Island before he was thrown out,

    Howard, himself said recently, he did not expect it to work today.

    We now have a harsher version. It is not working.

    As I said, one does not find the answers by looking back.

    History has shown with asylum seekers, measures taken to prevent them coming, only last as long as they take to find a way around the new barriers.

    What we have now is not viable, is cruel to asylum seekers. Expensive to the tax payer.

    I believe the PM threw down the gauntlet yesterday.

  120. Just saw footage of Abbott sitting in parliament as a debate was going on.

    Sitting angled away from the speakers, eyes closed with that stupid half grin and just slightly but rapidly shaking his head from side to side. It was weird. He wasn’t listening to anything being said yet it appeared he was subconsciously reacting negatively to it.

    The man’s subconscious core is negative and he hasn’t a positive thing to offer to anything or anyone despite his lie of being a changed positive man.

  121. ME, to stupid to see the PM and Conroy is toying with him on this one, The proposed legislation is so mild, that I cannot see the PM caring much whether it went through or not.

    It has got the results, I am sure the PM was after. Showing both the MSM and Abbott overreaching.

    The PM is also toying with Mr Morrison. I believe that trap door is about to be sprung.

    Maybe the silly look he has on his face, is confusion, from the success the PM has in beating him at every turn.

  122. ME, Abbott gets that look with every stunt he pulls. Has not learnt yet, to wait for the eggs to hatch, before to counting the chickens.

    He would not be much good at playing poker. Surprised he has success as a boxer, no slugger, as he forecasts all his punches.

    It appears that Abbott does not turn the TV on as well, not reading documents. If he did, he would realize the media outcry is not getting ticks.

  123. It says something when those who attack this PM and Labor government, have to keep repeating falsehoods, misinformation and unfound allegations to attack.

    All that are from far back in the past, most that have nothing to do with this government.

  124. This government a failure, Howard didn’t achieve this:




    And the graph that really shows that this government did something right during the GFC.


    What the GFC and the government’s correct reaction to it has shown is that the most important thing regardless of cost is to avoid a recession, yet going into recession was exactly the policy the Coalition in opposition proposed as their reaction to the GFC, and for only $4 billion less in stimulus.

    So if the Liberals had been in power and followed their GFC policy proposal we would have gone into deep recession, lost tens of thousands of jobs, thousands of businesses and still had a large if not bigger deficit than we have now.

  125. One can only but conclude that due to the ferocity of Daily ‘graph’s attack on Senator Conroy, that an independent regulator is something that the Murdoch media have something to be very very concerned about..and it isn’t “freedom of speech”.

  126. …………he Baby Bonus is a case in point. By the end of the Hawke-Keating government in 1996 Australia had one of the tightest social security systems in the world. On one estimate, 92 per cent of government payments went to the half of the population that earned the least. By the end of the Howard government a decade later, many more of the payments were spilling over to the top half. A lesser 87 per cent went to the bottom half…….

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/opinion/political-news/middle-class-has-cake-eats-it-too-20130313-2g0lr.html#ixzz2NSnhnKTZ

  127. Talk about an overkill from the DT..

    As Telegraph itself explains on page 5 of the newspaper the ad: “focused on countries where the press and other media are shackled by governments, where criticism of the state is stifled, censorship imposed, journalists jailed or killed, where truth, democracy and the right to know are among the casualties.”

    And from Pugwash on Mumbrella’s blog..

    When Murdoch and his muppets say ‘ no to regulation’, they mean ‘say no to accountability’ – which is exactly how it is now..


  128. Funny isn’t it, how when the topic is about Tony Abbott that the trolls, and I might add somewhat successfully try the good old “look over there” tactic where suddenly the Lefties are in a position of having to try to defend things from years ago…

  129. Thanks Tweed. Once again you gave us the opportunity to correct many of the misconceptions that are abroad concerning our PM.

  130. Min, there is no need to defend from the past. We just have to point out what is occurring now.

    especially when most have nothing to do with this PM or government.

  131. Who is this Tweed idiot? The stuff he posts has no basis in fact and sounds like the overly emo rantings of a two year old denied a lolly at the shop.

    Evidently his name reflects the fact he is a dense clot(h)…

  132. I note that Tweed did his usual cowardly thing of coming into a topic, posting one or two statements of right wing baseless nonsense and then scarpering again when the facts come out and the debate moves to something more in depth than a right wing propaganda slogan or bash of the day.

  133. Fed Up. I wish I could draw you a picture. When Howard was PM and Coostello Treasurer Australia was one of the rare hand full of developed countries that did not have government debt. Now after 6 years of Swan’s budgets and Gillard and Labors largess we are long gone from that small group of well run democracies who continue to have no debt. Labor’s response to this situation is to now compare Australia’s economic performance with the Basket Case economies of the world. Fed Up. Grow a brain. Swan is straining against the legislated debt ceiling of $300 Billion.
    Of course Fed Up the interest on this debt is racking up daily and Swan is now changed his strategy from getting the Budget Back Into Surplus 3 years Early to I’ll try and keep debt under $250Billion this financial year.
    Remember Rudd campaigned on Fiscal Consevative Values.

    **edited due to personal abuse.

  134. Howard and Costello, those pair of Abbotts sold the farm….. we had a surplus with nothing to show for it….. it the country is still paying the cost for their abortion of an govt….. Howard was the worst PM and treasurer in history… Stick that g.s.t. up your i.m.f., tweed. ya *#@!& abbott %*##! ……** self edited due to abuse. 😀

  135. God Tweed really does live in alternate universe where there’s an rewritten history going on.

    And if you honestly believe low debt as compared to a percentage of GDP that builds assets and socially helps the population is such a terrible thing then why aren’t you and the other right wingers railing against the Liberal State governments who are also racking up debt. And that’s from the ones who increased their mining royalty taxes and are in the wealthiest States?

    And I can guarantee if an Abbott government also racks up debt you will be blaming everyone but Abbott and his government.

  136. Tweed, there is nothing wrong with debt. Do you get it. Nothing wrong.

    Many experts are saying, the way states have funded road infrastructure over the few decades was wrong.

    That private partner or whatever they call it, funding is wrong. They are saying it would have been cheaper for the roads to be funded with government bonds. That is a debt, I believe. The old fashion way of providing new infrastructure.

    Tweed, there i nothing wrong with debt. Not using debt could be wasteful, inefficient and more costly.

  137. Tweed, there is much wrong in leaving structural imbalance within the budget for future PM to have to deal with.

  138. “Howard and Costello, those pair of Abbotts sold the farm…”

    I have no problem with selling off some of the farm, if it no longer benefits the people.

    What I do have problem with, is using the money to pay off debt and balance a budget.

    The money should be used, to build up new infrastructure for the future. A perfect example of this, is the NBNco. Why not use the Telstra money in developing a fibre network. The necessary technology for the future. That private enterprise was unable or unwilling to provide.

    A nation does not need to salt money away for a rainy day. A nation needs to invest in it’s future.

  139. Tweed, I wish you would stop the lie, you keep repeating. Australia’s economy ifs far from a basket case.

  140. Abbott knows Giles well.Worked with him. Taking credit for giving the country the first Aboriginal leader,

  141. The PM has just let know, that she also studied economics. Has the text books still in the shed. Is happy to lend them to him.

  142. Largest increase in jobs since 2000. That is in 13 years. \\

    Not bad for a basket case economy. That includes I suspect the hundred thousand and more guest workers.

    Unemployment 5.4. Remains stable.

  143. a GOVERNMENT THAT CREATES MORE THAN 900.000 since coming to power. We need to remember those AAA rating from all agencies.

  144. Change of tactics today. Abbott is asking all the questions. Putting emphasis on “illegal” immigration seekers. Albanese is now challenging him. Not illegal to seek asylum.

  145. Here Tweed some of those nasty facts on the economy you like to avoid, or more likely can’t get a right wing addled brain around.

    Why going into debt to avoid a recession is quite a good thing as recessions aren’t easy to recover from: Cumulative GDP Growth Q1 2003 – Q4 2012

    Remember that Hockey and the opposition proposed exactly that, going into recession and said the government spending to avoid it was wasted.

    Ask those many tens of thousands whose jobs and businesses were saved if it was wasted spending.

  146. Some Liberal pollies are Tweeting about rumours of a government leadership spill.

    This after the Libs got a thrashing in Parliament, as they normally do.

  147. Well tomorrow is the Ides of March.

    Wonderful statement of Abbott today. The Libs party room, unlike Labor removes leaders. (words to that effect)

    Gee, where did I get the idea, that it was Rudd’s fellow members in the caucus, that lost faith in him, and voted him out. Well they would have, if Rudd had not declined to stand after the spill.

    Another is Abbott and co. standing up in the house, claiming ownership of NDIS. Claiming it is the premiers that are ensuring its success in spite of the PM.

  148. Haha. Abbott got a smackdown. Went on about government percentage of debt when it was pointed out his personal debt was at 200%.

    Hey right wingers why are you angry at Abbott’s debt, it’s far worse than any government debt racked up, even worse than Howard’s huge one when he was Treasurer.

    Also heard that Hockey was overruled by the Liberal party room and isn’t happy. Don’t know what that was over.

  149. Well rumours of a Gillard leadership spill went viral on @auspol for a bit but it looks like that’s all they were, rumours started by the Libs or their supporters that got out of hand.

    Now the story is that an unruly anti-government protest mob was planted by the ALP. This apparently came from Bolt’s mob.

    The wingnuts are seriously becoming shrill and unhinged and we’re still six months out from the election. What gives with them?

  150. The PM and those sitting behind her did indeed looked relaxed.
    MPI is a little boring, but the theatrics are wonderful.

    Conroy must be doing well, when one listens to the hate aimed at him.

    Yes, that NBNco, could, no will, save this government.

    Media is out of control.

  151. That protest was arranged over a month ago. What is amazing, is that it was a complete flop.

    Just like the one outside the Rooty Hill Motel. So big, that we did not see any real pictures.

  152. Bishop. Something about breach of privilege. Right of reply. I believe something to do with the PM.

  153. I know I am suspicious but does one get the feeling that Abbott is installing his own people in the states and territories.

    The Japanese Consular met Mills in Sydney. Other Japanese were at Darwin to meet him. Does not make Australia look good.

    Abbott was glowing in his description of Giles. Stating how close they have worked together.

  154. A federal Nationals MP is backing the retention of the baby bonus despite saying the 5000-dollar payment is a two-edged sword in his electorate.

    The coalition is divided over a government decision to reduce the bonus to 3000-dollars for second and subsequent children.

    The MP for Parkes, MARK COULTON, admits the bonus payments have not been the greatest success in his western NSW electorate.

    But he says it does give young working families a huge boost.

    Opposition frontbencher Christopher Pyne said there was no division ‘whatsoever’ within shadow cabinet on the matter.

    ‘It was the Peter Costello/(John) Howard brainchild,’ he said, adding the bonus reflected the costs new families faced…………


  155. Feed up, that feeds into the story in Victoria that it was Abbott who pushed Baillieu to install his puppet Napthine.

    Barnett, O’Farrell and Newman are already Abbott toadies.

  156. scaper will probably turn out like all the disasters that are about to befall this PM since the last election,

    All have been much ado about nothing.

    The pesky PM will just not do as scripted. The PM finds she has choices, they never predict. She just will not lie down and die.

  157. Social media is calling it right Fed up.

    Good economic figures for the government, major policy reform passed, 457 visa crackdown and employment security measures introduced that are going down well with workers and the opposition got absolute poundings in parliament since its sitting return, so out comes a viral leadership spill rumour that looks to have started with the Libs and then propagated by their zombie trolls.

    That got short traction and was called early for the bullshit it was and then out comes the story, again it seems started by the Libs, that Rudd was announcing he’s quitting.

    This was all to pull attention away from the good news stories on the government floating around at the time, and they did that.

  158. Miglo, you will be surprise, that was not a coup in the NT. What happen was he was approached and asked to take over. No spill, No vote.

    Wonder what would be said, if Rudd turned up with similar story. I suspect, it would not be believed.

    Was it not the third attempt in the NT since the election last August. Was that meeting on for seven hours last week.

  159. Lot’s of baseless rumours started by the Libs, with Laming at the forefront, immediately on the breakup of parliament in which the Libs got a drumming and know it. The right wing zombie trolls dutifully took up the Lib initiated cue spreading it on #auspol drowning the sensibles who were calling it for the bullshit it was, though initially I was questioning if it was true.

    In response some of the left wingers started a comedy routine of Hockey taking over from Abbott that somehow got a life of its own and became an online rumour.

    Go figure.

  160. One very curious phenomena which sets in at times is the panic in the Liberal camp and for no discernible reason as after all why worry then the Libs are supposed to be a shoo-in. But panic they do, when it’s anything pertaining to Tony Abbott.

  161. Showing themselves to be very fragile aren’t the Min, and very tutelary of Abbott, overly so. They certainly are worried about him being lose off the leash and know he’s their weak point.

  162. Conroy’s obviously on the right track. I wonder what colour Anal’s wattles are? Rupert must be spitting even more venom than usual. That’s why we should have a Canadian style truth in news reporting clause in the legislation.

    That would really set the cat amongst the pigeons. Anal’s wattles would be engorged above that too tight collar.

    Gillard has been a hopeless negotiator……..

    Dear oh dear, Tweed. Gillard’s is such a hopeless negotiator she managed to negotiate herself into the Lodge, whereas that superior negotiator Liealot managed to negotiate himself into LOTO. Bwwwwahahahahahaha!

    Just think, if he’d been as hopeless a negotiator as Gillard, he’d probably have been PM since September 2010, and you’d no doubt be on the dole; one of many 1000s of victims of his fiscal irresponsibility,

    Hopeless negotiator. Bwwwahahahahaha!

    And your genius Howard got rid of his debt by bunging it on YOUR credit card. You’re probably6 still paying it off.

    BTW, you’d get a lot further if you took up ME’s suggestion to include the occasional fact in your rants.

    Fed up @2.12pm, roflmao!

    ME @2.50pm, Prissy looks just like Rocko’s boss Mr Bighead.

    ME @6.51pm, if Liealot’s picked them. they’re bound to be flops.

  163. They just never stop do they. On ABC Breakfast showing the newspapers segment there was and article in one that Federal Labor is in turmoil and questioning Gillard’s judgement on the Media reforms, so if they don’t get the legislation through next week then the spill is definitely on.

    Internal Liberal polling must be bad at the moment.

  164. Fed up apparently the spill will now happen next week if the Media bill doesn’t get through. It’s likely that the bill will be defeated and according to the right wing media Labor is in turmoil and not happy with the way Gillard is handling things.

    FFS they just don’t ever stop, and as I’ve posted previously they plan to go on about a leadership spill even if Gillard wins the next election.

  165. That’s exactly it Min.

    The moment Rudd became PM, and even a while before that, they were attacking him and his wife, and over the most petty things at times like his pet peeing on the lawn. Those attacks were ramping up and were at times vicious, just as they have been for Gillard.

    If the public believe that reinstating Rudd will have the media become as benevolent to him as they are to Abbott then they are sadly mistaken.

    Abbott has made his deal with the media devil, sold his soul to them and they will do everything, including lying and propaganda, to get Abbott in. The reward must be that great for them/Murdoch.

  166. Mobius, I can see the headlines now..A double knifing!! Always, always the leadership speculation theme ramps up via either of 2 scenarios – when Abbott stuffs it up (again) or when the government introduces legislation. These 2 events are briefly noted, but then we end up with endless leadership speculation..again. I wish that I had kept a tally, would this be at least the 30th occasion where Gillard was about to be rolled.

  167. There’s a third scenario you missed, whenever the polls are going well for Labor and/or bad for Abbott specifically, otherwise you have it spot on.

    As to the number of times, it’s a lot. Now they have abandoned attempting to invent or push for individual spills and have invented a constant ongoing leadership spill that even extends after the next election if Labor wins.

    The idea of course is to paint a party and government in turmoil, which is really a projection as it’s the opposition who are rudderless and dysfunctional as is proven by the number of times they contradict each other on just about everything.

  168. ……………………or regional television, ACMA was made to impose a licence condition on regional television broadcasters to broadcast “a minimum level of material of local significance” regardless of whether that material would be watched or was wanted by audiences.

    For regional radio, ACMA was made to impose a licence condition on any radio licensee that changed ownership, containing a number of requirements:

    to maintain an “existing level of local presence” relating to staffing levels and studios and production facilities;
    to require at least 4.5 hours of local content
    to require a minimum number of minutes of local news – 12.5 minutes a day; and
    to lodge with ACMA a “local content plan” to explain how licensees would meet local content requirements.
    Moreover, the Minister was given a power to direct ACMA about how it was to oversee all these requirements, and given an unrestricted power to direct ACMA to impose more conditions on licensees about local content.

    The commercial radio industry was outraged about these additional requirements and powers, and long complained about them. In 2012, the current government passed legislation that removed the more onerous radio licensee local content requirements.

    The impact of the amendments passed by the Howard government was to dictate to broadcasters what material they should broadcast, give the government-appointed regulator the power to directly dictate the nature of news material on threat of losing a licence, and to give the Minister power to directly dictate the same matters. Under these amendments, a communications minister had the power to tell ACMA to impose a licence condition on radio broadcasters requiring them to shape their news content in a particular way………………..


  169. ME, I got the impression that Conroy is aware that it might not get up. Said as much when he introduced it.

    Personally, I believe it is an exercise in getting the reaction of the opposition and the media.

    That indeed has occurred. An over the top reaction to a very mild proposition. One that does nothing the media is accusing it of.

    As for Abbott’s announcement yesterday, calling for inclusion of our first people in the Constitution. That referendum was supposed to be a part of the next election.

    Was abandoned because of lack bipartsanship. The PM needs to announce immediately, that the referendum will now be going ahead.

    As for fining parents that do not send their children to school. Sounds good, but does not work. Another simple answer to a co,plicated problem

    There are also many white people who do not send there kids to school.

  170. It may not be ther polls that are amiss. It could be the number and the way the data they reveal is being disseminated. The media claim that say things, which is far from the truth.

    One only has to observe the crowd when a vote is called on anything. There are hands that go up immediately. There are others that falter, looking around. There are those who are always going to go with the majority.

    I would like to see polls suspended once the writs are issued. Some countries already do this. They serve no useful service as far as I can see.

    We now have all political comment, focussed around the polls. That cannot be good for any democracy.

  171. It’s time to call out the incredible hypocrisy of politicians banging on about tape. And also the way politics is trumping policy on an almost daily basis.
    Politicians love to hate ”red tape” and its evil business-strangling sister ”green tape”. They regularly pledge to cut it, or slash it. This often has the added advantage of allowing them to claim savings, with ”crazy over-regulation” the only thing that gets hurt. Sure beats cutting family payments…………

    Read more: http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/opinion/politics/without-hated-red-tape-wed-be-in-a-bigger-tangle-20130315-2g5s0.html#ixzz2NfvwXzHb

    This article is worth reading in full.

  172. ………………..And the minister? O’Connor insists the proposed changes were the result of his department making recommendations that were embraced by the advisory council. If some of the government’s language has been intemperate, he insists it is mild when compared with that of the opposition and sections of the media. ”People want to masquerade this as xenophobia, when it’s not,” he told me on Friday. ”You might think it’s intemperate. Most people say it’s OK for the government to say we want to put Australian workers first. You might think that’s jingoistic. I think that’s pretty much standard issue around the world.
    ”If all we are trying to do is make sure we demonstrate that there are skill shortages before you get temporary skilled workers, what is the problem? That’s my only question.”
    If it was the government’s sole motivation, the answer would be more compelling. And credible.

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/opinion/politics/gillard-takes-on-abbott-in-the-populist-and-cynical-stakes-20130315-2g5xv.html#ixzz2Ng0eH6G2

  173. Which ever way you want to project it… Tony Abbott, his bosses, Georgina, Rupert and ‘their; MSM, have turned this election into ‘class warfare’….. and in the 21st century 🙄
    …… crikey, these people think that ‘fair dinkom’ is no more than some jingle. Which of course will be their down fall…… we ‘downstairs’ folk don’ts take kindly to ‘upstairs’ bull…… and that can’t be ‘spun’, no matter how many $’s those manipulating traitors throw at it…… Gina and Rupe’s are an embarrasement to all things Australian…’dinkom ay.

  174. What is the go with his tongue? He gives me the creeps the way he licks his bottom lip all the time. It’s disgusting no wonder most women hate him. IHe looks like a creepy dirty old man.

  175. My biggest worry is that the general public have lost interest in politics and are made up by dumb and dumber who believe the Murdoch media brainwashing.
    GOD help us . What Campbell Newman has done to Queensland is nothing to what Tony Abbott will do for working Australians. The USA way.

  176. I would like to recommend that everyone have a good read of an impartial Website called : http://www.phonytonyabbott.com just to refresh memories of Tony’s past record for as has been said I do not believe a the leopard will ever change his spots, and God help us if he gets in control.
    Mr. Abbott the Julia hater
    Does all that he can to bait her
    God help all us folk
    If were stuck with this bloke
    Whose nothing but a bloody Dictator.

  177. I am in Washington DC at the moment.
    A quote I read at the Smithsonian yesterday seems pertinent to our current debacle. It was under the heading of
    We Believe That
    “Government requires the consent of the Governed.”
    The US Founding Fathers understood. Pity Labor never got the message.
    Another quote
    “If they had put Rudd in a few months back he could have saved the leather lounge suite. If they put him in now he may be able to save the bean bags.”

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