Have you read the news lately? Apparently Julia is bad and Tony is good.

It’s impossible to find a political article on news.com that is at least half-balanced. The scales are certainly balanced in Abbott’s favour. ‘Media populism’ I like to call it, as it takes on a flavour not dissimilar to the political populism practiced religiously by Abbott himself.

I noticed an article tonight that joined the ‘ho-hum, Julia is bad, Tony is good’ mantra: Did Gillard reveal election agenda in on-air slip-up?

Let’s grab a few lines out of the article and pick out the ‘Julia is bad Tony is good bits’.

The Prime Minister came close to admitting her western Sydney visits ending today are part of the September 14 election campaign.

Why is that a bad thing? Of course it’s part of the election campaign. God forbid! The PM is electioneering in what might be marginal areas. Bad, bad Julia.

The Opposition also has been in the area after a leak of the Prime Minister’s plans to stay in a Rooty Hill hotel gave them five days to prepare a counter offensive.

My goodness, the Opposition want to campaign in Western Sydney too. Apparently that’s OK. Good Tony.

Ms Gillard insisted she was talking to and listening to locals after being accused on 2UE of having never “slowed down to have a look at people”.

How many people can you talk to during an election campaign? Not enough, apparently. Bad, bad Julia.

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott, also in western Sydney today, belittled the Prime Minister’s visits.

“Western Sydney isn’t like a foreign country to me. I don’t have to make a big deal about my visits here,” Mr Abbott said in the marginal seat of Lindsay.

Wow, is that the best he can come up with after five days of planning? Gosh he’s good.

OK, so Tony can belittle the PM for visiting Western Sydney because she is there to campaign? What’s Tony doing there then? Isn’t a counter offensive to the PM’s electioneering meant to include electioneering too?

Can you please let us know how many people he talks to while he’s there?

Here’s a photo of good Tony talking to people without running away from the hard questions.

49 comments on “Have you read the news lately? Apparently Julia is bad and Tony is good.

  1. Hadley said tonight on the footy show that the Prime Minister has set up a smokescreen targeting NRL players for drug use to divert attention from herself..Bad Julia 🙄

  2. love the pic illustrating the hard questions our Tone is up against …. it has been ever thus!!

  3. The sight of Tony Abbott clutching the hand of one of his daughters as they appear with them in public is evidence of a clumsy attempt to portray him as a “normal” family man over against Julia Gillard’s less conventional life choices.

    Certainly political wives are frequently seen doing this, but for a father to hold hands with his young adult daughters is quite odd in Australia. With Abbott, the unnatural awkwardness of this behaviour as seen on TV footage indicates the falseness. They are attractive, lively young women, but to use them as props as though they were his wife is deeply ugly. Of course, Mrs Abbott is unconventional too, as she does not follow the script as previous political wives have done, so Abbott is not quite the conventional man he wishes the electorate to see him as.

  4. Yet another whinge @ CW’s. Always same old tatic – blame someone else!
    The ‘Rooty Hill Experiment’ was always high risk and subject to high levels
    of cynical criticism. And seen for exactly what it was , an attempt to win back
    lost labor support. This has again failed.
    There is presently not one indicator that Ms Dillard has the capability of or
    likelihood of winning the upcoming Election.
    Sadly for her the Australian People have turned off anthing from Ms Dillard.
    I repeat – the strategy shown to date will cause the greatest Election defeat
    in Australian History. Will leave it to CW’s to apportion blame.

  5. Quinninip I’m glad this has been brought up regarding Abbott and his daughters. I notice quite a few things about Abbott when he is around young women. The man never seems to look at them he LEERS at them. His frolicking with his daughters in the swimming pool was quite unhealthy.

  6. Hello Patricia

    My own perspective is more that he is acting for public consumption, trying to project an image of close relationship with females to counter the public perceptions of misogyny. I do not doubt that he has a good relationship with his daughters, but I find it unattractive that he uses them, and I think fails, because he does not have the capacity to express warmth physically, so turns out looking clumsy and false.

  7. Ah, yet another whinge from the terminally stupid “Voyager”. Always the same old tactic-use ad hominem attacks against the Prime Minister, without actually citing evidence of *why* she is bad, & totally avoid addressing the actual complaint-namely the kid glove treatment that Abbott gets from the MSM. Seriously, “Voyager”, given the lack of a substantive contribution to this site, why the *hell* do you even bother coming here if it seemingly frustrates you so much? I can only assume that, like so many of your other Lib-Tard mates, you’re being paid by Menzies House to come here & derail the discussions. If this is the case, then it makes it all the more necessary that you just get the hell out of this site-& don’t let the door hit your @$$ on the way out. Comprende?

  8. ABC expert on Technology IT Nick Ross has been hauled over the coals for pointing out the defects and costs of Liberals NBN proposal. The Fix is in.

  9. Yep, that’ll be former Howard Staffer-Mark Scott-at work. Why Labor didn’t ditch these Howard-era lackeys from the board really boggles the mind!

  10. Yep, that’ll be former Howard Staffer-Mark Scott-at work.

    Marcus, read my link, the oo apparently made it all up. Nick Ross has come out and denied the story.

  11. “Why Labor didn’t ditch these Howard-era lackeys from the board really boggles the mind!”

    Because they can’t until their terms runs out. It turned out that during Howard’s time quite a number of positions came up and he fully utilised the opportunity to install his lackeys. He also changed their constitution to remove the position of ABC staffer on the board, which I believe has been or is going to be restored.

  12. Do you run this site shout your alias Voyager?

    Then if that’s appropriate a post on every International whatever day, week, month and year would be appropriate as well.

    And if you did even a skerrick of a search you would find plenty of sites with posts on International Woman’s Day, including some high profile women on Twitter mentioning Gillard’s speech, how great it was for women and Abbott’s misogyny and how bad he will be for women.

  13. Since Voyager is making exclamations on what is appropriate for posts on this site, can I make a polite request that we have a post on why women would be worse off under an Abbott led government?

  14. And if we are going to have a post on International Women’s Day then how about including the media and how they are deliberately gagging women. You know the same media that the right wingers here endorse because they are giving their beloved Abbott a free ride and lying for him.

    Are women’s voices being gagged?

    Follow the fantastic Tracey Spicer or visit Hoopla to get a perspective on what women are saying out there. Abbott doesn’t come out well at all.

  15. What I find fascinating about people like Voyager is their brittleness and the way their rigid adherence to simple ideas always – always – creates textbook examples of projection. If Abbott is good, then everything Gillard does is bad. If Abbott is doing the same thing ( ie campaigning in the west) then we just wipe it from our narrative. If I need to cling to a simple idea like ‘climate science is crap’ then acceptance of scientific evidence must be ‘alarmist zealotry’. If Abbott says not to believe him unless it is written down, then JuLIAR it must be. If images of big daddy Tony fill you with disquiet ( the body language is astoundingly weird) then Julia the misandrist it is. If ideas are contested, well ‘everybody’ and the ‘Australian People’ know who is right. So simple and dogged, broadcasting their psychological need to cling to simple ideas.

  16. This about good Tony

    Abbott backs Vic campaigner despite tape scandal

    Tony Abbott has backed Damien Mantach, the man charged with running his election campaign in Victoria, despite him being caught up in a corruption investigation.

    Former premier Ted Baillieu called in the Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission to investigate the state Liberal director, as well as his chief of staff Tony Nutt, after conversations recorded secretly between the pair and disgraced former staffer Tristian Weston were made public.

    The tapes revealed that Mr Nutt and Mr Mantach offered cash, accommodation and employment assistance to Mr Weston, after he was forced to resign when his role in a plot to undermine former police commissioner Simon Overland was made public.


  17. paul @5.38pm, and this is the creature that simps like Voyager, Anal and Hadley want to be the next PM.

    The really weird thing is that they seem to think that the world outside Australia is unaware of Liealot’s and the Liars Party’s corruption and complete unfitness to run a chook raffle for the kindy.

    And if they were running the chook raffle, I’d have the buggers searched before they left the premises.

    Even weirder is their ability to completely ignore any and all evidence they don’t like and invent evidence to fir their prejudices.

  18. I don;t think Voyager is Hadley, because Hadley does not have the ability to think for himself. He has been hit over the head too many times. My belief is that VOYAGER is Graham Richardson a nasty individual.

  19. Just read that Gillard has had a good week in Western Sydney but that’s bad for Labor.

    Work that out.

  20. Migs I heard Napthine’s taking up office interview on ABC radio and he spent more time bagging Labor across the board, going back more than a decade, but most especially Gillard, than he did about the leadership spill and his role in it.

    The rest was crowing about how great the Liberals are and even how they do leadership spills so much better than Labor. I kid you not, he was bragging about how his takeover of the leadership was a brilliant thing whilst Labor’s past ones were the worst thing for the wonderful State of Victoria and are destroying Australia Federally.

    Only the Liberals can take the exact same thing and spin it as being brilliant when they do it and awful when Labor does. Howard was a master at it until the people cottoned on and he did it once too often, stretching credulity too far.

  21. Min @7.01pm 8/3, hmmmmm. VERY bad for Labor.

    paul @5.36pm 8/3, that’s bound to be bad for Labor and yet another example of the PM’s incompetence and accident prone leadership. Did I say it’s bad for Labor? 😯

    But, but ME. Michael Kroger said it was a failure and that MUST be right ‘cos he said it. And we all know that Michael Kroger is as honest as, as um….oh I know Peter Reith.

  22. Header
    “It’s important to realize that whenever you give power to politicians or bureaucrats, it will be used for what they want, not for what you want.”–
    Harry Browne

    “Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn’t mean politics won’t take an interest in you.” — Pericles, 430 B.C.

    So one needs to ensure, what the pollie wants, fits in with your needs.

  23. ………….A curious thing happened on the ABC’s 7pm news last Tuesday. There was a brief sequence of Tony Abbott and assorted hangers-on plodding into someone’s lounge room in suburban Melbourne.
    Whenever I see Abbott on his hind legs I find myself wondering if the nation really wants a prime minister who walks like a chimpanzee. But that’s not the point here. What puzzled me was that neither the newsreader nor the reporter offered any explanation for this odd interlude. It was not news, not in a fit, but there it was. Abbott plonked himself on to a couch, arranged his features into what he presumably imagined was a beguiling grin, and attempted to strike up a conversation with a small boy.
    ”You’re almost at the age of going to pre-school I presume, are you mate?” he blathered. Possibly aware of the dangers of speaking to strange men who accost you out of the blue, the tot ignored him and stared resolutely ahead. Stunt over, the story then cut to Abbott launching into a blast of hypocrisy all his own, the gist of it being that foreigners were and are a wonderful thing.
    It was outrageous. Just days before, his ……………….

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/opinion/politics/xenophobia-and-the-fine-art-of-politics-20130308-2fqsq.html#ixzz2N2HCP88L

  24. ………….t’s a classic trick from the Liberal Party playbook. Abbott himself used to be sent out to shovel the muck so that John Howard could keep his hands clean. Now that he’s leader he’s got Morrison and the likes of Christopher Pyne, Cory Bernardi and Eric Abetz to get down and dirty for him. They will make an ugly government.
    Speaking of John Howard, there is said to be a push for Abbott to make him our next governor-general. It got a run in The Australian the other day, a piece written by a hack from the paper’s ever-expanding stable of right-wing nutters.
    ”He would make an excellent governor-general. It’s his if he wants it,” one Liberal heavy was quoted as saying. ”But the big question is: does he want it?”………………

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/opinion/politics/xenophobia-and-the-fine-art-of-politics-20130308-2fqsq.html#ixzz2N2HeKKym

  25. So it appears, we will not only get Abbott as PM, but Howard as GG. Wifie would love moving back to Kirribilli.

  26. Fed up, good to see you back at it, and I was saddened by the way that reb treated you.

    I had my own run in with him a few times, but finally got fed up (no pun intended 😀 ) with his pseudo intellectual snobbery, and called him on it.
    He is an egotistical wanker and deserves nothing but contempt, which is pretty much what I told him, and now he ignores me and I him.

    Works for me 😀

    You contribute heaps, and the likes of him contribute SFA 😀

    cheers 🙂 😀

  27. It is just a matter of not letting grudges go. With you and others, it is not a grudge match. I am hoping he backs off, but I will not hold breadth. He will not be happy until I am gone.

    It goes back to 2010, this is the first time he has had to get at me. His problem really, but one can only let a certain amount slide. He will be back worse luck.

    Lovely at the moment at both sites. Many newcomers, which I hope to hang around.

  28. Fed up, don’t let the likes of him drive you away, most of us value your contributions, and he adds nothing to the conversation or in fact the site.

    Cheers 😀

  29. I will not be giving up. I am pretty stubborn. Sometimes it pays to pull back. Thanks for your support.

  30. Fed up, I didn’t know reb has been up to his old tricks getting stuck into you. He doesn’t learn, does he?

    I don’t know why he thinks he can bully you into submission. He’s definitely bitten off more than he can chew, imo. You go girl.

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