World exclusive! Tony Abbott announces Coalition policies!

Tony Abbott shocked the country today when he announced the Coalition’s policies for the term of his office, should he win the election. To date, the Coalition have been tight lipped about releasing their policies this far out from September. In my opinion, he is simply trying to wedge the Government with this announcement.

Watch the video and hear the ‘things’ he’ll do to drive this nation forward.

I recall his recent visit to London where he said he was doing good things for Australia. Well he’s finally announced them.

53 comments on “World exclusive! Tony Abbott announces Coalition policies!

  1. Well, we know he can count and be doing things in year 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, what they will be is anyone guess.

  2. Oh that’s it. He’s turned me with his persuasive arguments. I’ll have to vote liberal now.

  3. Min your statement ‘shocked the world’
    Which world ? And which world, could not find a mention on BBC or NY Times.
    Or are they corrupted as well as all Australian media.
    Just how shocked were you and are you being treated for this life threatening
    shock. You may be eligible for compensation but it is so extremly exagerated.

  4. This is new..there is a timetable. 😯 And any tick of the clock now Tony “might” elaborate on the word..things…

  5. Umm, actually I’m quite mellow at present..nice dinner, had to run it up in a bit of a hurry tho’..otherwise shock factor about 10.5%

  6. TS, during the election campaign proper, all that Labor will need to do is inundate paid for electoral adverts with clips such as these. Who needs to make stuff up when Tony is there for all to see.

  7. Paul, it saves on ink..which when you consider that the other Liberal policy is to switch from Tim Tams to Butternut Snaps this should save a motza..

  8. Min, I’m still trying to get my head around a Rhodes Scholar finding 5years in a three year term 😯

    No wonder he can promise a surplus in his first year….. 🙄 This must be the practical application of Hockey’s “Eleventy” 😆

    Cheers 😀

  9. Ah, & I see that Voyager still manages to be a complete & utter moron. I really don’t know why he wastes his time-& ours-with his ignorant & utterly pointless posts.

  10. Marcus, you actually do know why he wastes his time and ours, you just answered your own question in the first line 😀 He’s a “Complete and utter moron” 😯

    Or did you deliberately make that a rhetorical question? 😆

    Cheers 😀

  11. Look at the stooges planted behind Abbott.

    One’s a bother boy and looks like he wants he wants to punch out someone in the media questioning Abbott.

    The big bloke has the death stare happen. Mind switched off and somewhere else entirely, anywhere but listening to the crap spewing from Abbott’s mouth

    The bloke in the back hasn’t even bother to go that far and has fallen asleep shutting out Abbot’s crap.

    Best of all is the token female. So insignificant is she to Abbott that a bother boy, a bloke who has shut down his mind and a man asleep are more important than having a wide awake women in shot competing for Abbott frame space.

  12. Möbius they reminded me of an Abbott Rent a Crowd..bung on a reflecto vest and a pair of steel caps, ten bucks and 20 minutes additional smoke-o and all you have to do is have your photo taken..

  13. What is very telling to me Min is the fact the female has been cut out of the shots, not just from Tens footage but from other snippets of the same Abbott presser. After all the talk from Abbott and his minders saying he is female friendly he can’t even be bothered to ensure they get equal footing with the thugs he uses for stage props.

  14. That’s even worse Di for what I saw she was cut out of the footage.

    What bulletin aired her speech?

  15. According to John Faine, Ted was pushed by Abbott, with the reason being “My election is more important than yours”.


  16. …. and his hard hat… ( well she is a RWingers wife )…….. I probably should’nt say that…. a tad disrespectful to…. umm, whats-her-name… as if she’s doin’ the ironing 😆

  17. Oh come on, plenty of Americans on the Left voted for Obama and he couldn’t even remember which year he was living in a little while back! I can’t wait to vote for Tony, oh wait, I’m not voting for him, I’m voting for an entire party and its policy platform, that’s right this is not a US style election.

    Actually can I be Prime Minister for a little bit, just so hopefully I can get a motion passed to ban people standing in the background when politicians are being interviewed. Seriously this annoys me for some reason. I swear the guy on right was asleep. Maybe Tony is boring after all.

  18. Look at the turmoil in State and Territory, which are run by Liberal/National governments, can you imagine the upheaval if Abbott and his cronies get control Federally

  19. I’ve followed your wonderful blog forever, but this is my first posting. I just had to copy this link for you – it’s Janice Peterson’s SBS interview with Abbott –

    Give the poor little man a break – he has policies doesn’t he? He’s going to keep the Carbon Price compensation, but not the Carbon Price after all isn’t he? Or not, according to Jockey? – “Que?”

  20. Min
    I like timtams why would anyone switch to others.
    Love this SBS copy it confirms tones to be an utter moron.
    $6bill saved on the AS issue, and he does not condone race issues like Julia there in western sydney, He was born overseas WGAFF. His answers were giving like a child speaking from a crib sheet and as to answering the questions forget it. A waste of 7 mins, cannot wait for the election proper when he has to provide real answers.
    As for the backdrop to the first video I could not see the shotguns being held to the back of those “volunteers” in fluros.

  21. I would have watched it on ABC..perhaps ABC News Breakfast..I don’t watch anything else. It’s his daughter Bridget and he introduced her as Bridgey and then stared at her with this creapy smile while she said absolutely nothing, then he thanked her and continued was bizarre. Not sure what her purpose there was…

  22. The west is Labor heartland…Rooty Hill the New Bellevue Hill?
    Love that SBS Interview, complete bullshit rhetoric, When he is cornered on detail, it is complete verbal diarrhea.

    Assalt of Foriegners?… class warfare? 🙄

  23. Just saw Abbott out West with another daughter lurking in the background on ABC 24, so decided to see what I could find on the Net. Came up with this:
    Notice one daughter’s torso, bra and all, under her translucent shirt – shades of Daddy Abbott and his budgie smugglers – a chip off the old block eh?
    Bye the way – I’m a laid-back mother of two adult women and not a prude at all – but, I noticed immediately – such inappropriate clothing to wear in front of all those happy snappers and TV cameras. No sense of propriety at all in either of them.

  24. More on the Abbott and No policies.

    Opposition Leader Tony Abbott opts for simplicity over big ideas in bid for office

    You can’t break promises you don’t make.

    Abbott’s most frequently promoted promises are fairly simple – scrap the carbon tax and mining tax and stop asylum seeker boats. But there are potential pitfalls with each of them.

    Abbott says his first priority will be to task the public service with a plan to revoke the carbon tax.

    But to remove it – and related compensation for businesses and consumers – will take time.

    Undoubtedly there will be hurdles – and people who suffer – along the way.

    The plan is further complicated by inconsistent statements by Abbott and his Treasury spokesman Joe Hockey about whether they will keep some of the compensation measures that go with the tax.

    Abbott has suggested he may keep the higher income-tax-free threshold of $18,200 that Labor has introduced to help offset the higher cost of power from the carbon tax.

    But Hockey has insisted there will be no need for any compensation measures once the carbon tax is removed.

    A future Coalition government could also run into trouble if it can’t meet its promise to “stop the boats”. This may be easier said than done, particularly now the Government has caved in to so many of the Coalition’s policies on asylum seekers that the differences between the two sides are minor.

    Abbott needs to convince voters he has a detailed alternative vision for government. He’s promised to do this, but we haven’t seen much of it yet.

  25. Translation of Voyager’s post…: “…ninety eight, ninety nine, one hu…CHANGE HANDS!…one, two…”

  26. Hey all I can use a calculator! Thanks Jaycee for the rev there.
    But as the Election Campaign is definitely not on ( quote Ms Dullia )
    Why would any Opposition go to detail with policy 190 days out.
    That is why setting 14Sept was such a poor strategic move.
    The ‘Republic of Rooty Hill’ exercise could only be marked as 5/10.
    Well on reflection I guess thats a good result for Ms FootinMouth.
    Did she win back any votes – probaly not.

  27. I’m glad you can use a calculator because you sure as hell have trouble with a keyboard.

    I hope you have better luck pressing the keys on a calculator.

  28. Poor old Tarny Rabbitt, forgive him for he knows not what he says!

    Oh gee he can speak to Australians everywhere!

    Oh G only feels comfortable amongst ALP party faithful, gosh Tarny who are all those people who applaud so loudly for you the LNP faithful??

    Stop the boats, had to be said didn’t it Tarny?

    Trim the Public Service??????? Sack the public service and sell it off more likely.

    Demonising foreigners??? 457 was brought in by Howard for his capitalist mates.

    The best way the ‘forgotten families’ can be helped is to get rid of you.

    We think, we think, we think yes Tarny, but you give no choices.

    Gee didn’t know there was a right way and awrong way to come to Australia, please explain?

    Do us all a favour Tarny, please get lost on another planet.

    What a loser.

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