In my street there lives a German . . .

The dust has settled somewhat over Opposition immigration spokesman Scott Morrison’s suggestion that police to be notified when asylum seekers are released into the community. Well, almost settled. I understand that Julie Bishop defended him to the hilt on QandA last night, but I didn’t watch it for the sole reason she was on it. I hate the thought of someone staring daggers at me through the TV. In an act of self defence I might have kicked the TV all the way to the next postcode.

Despite the howls of protest that his comment attracted, Morrison has felt the need to defend it. As a community minded Australian I will jump to his defence and suggest that his dreamworld police state cover more than just asylum seekers.

Here’s one for him: A German lady lives in my street. She was a toddler when WW2 ended but I’m not taking any risks. She was a German in 1945 so that makes her a Nazi. Pay no attention to the fact that she’s lived in Australia for over 50 years and drapes the Australian flag over her gate on Australia Day and is the sweetest lady you’ll ever meet; she is a natural born killer. All Germans born before the end of the war are inherent murderers and lust to kill again. I’ll peep through her window to see if she wears a Gestapo jacket and report her to the police. I might just report her to the police anyway, after all, she has a distinctive Aryan look about her. And here’s the clincher to show how evil she is . . . she knows some Aborigines. She must be planning an uprising.

And speaking of Aborigines (and Andrew Bolt would love this one), how about we paint all ‘fair skinned’ Aborigines black so we know where they live? That would make me feel safer as I could avoid them or spend my days taunting them when I have a few mates around. They might be hard to see during the night so can we issue them with fluorescent jackets? I want to know if I need to cross the street if I see one approaching? Like all the LNP policies, this one should be a hit with the redneck voters. Perhaps we can paint Germans black too.

I’m not sure if many people in my street attend Church. This must go against Morrison’s ideology so can I suggest that these heathens be marked for life? Perhaps we could paint them black as well. I’d like to know if an Aborigine, German or heathen is loitering in the neighbourhood or standing near me in the check-out aisle at Coles. Disgusting people, these blacks.

Goodness, imagine a nation of black people.

OK, I’ve been silly with my suggestions but I invite you to do the same. Have some fun. 🙂

63 comments on “In my street there lives a German . . .

  1. Could a mod please post this cartoon.

    Where it all went wrong for the fearmonger…

    [CARTOON by Kudelka, 02 March 2013]

  2. I had a convicted drug dealer move in next door, with a cache of arms. He was a middle aged Anglo Saxon male. Could Morrisson please constrain all middle aged Anglo Saxon males to declare themselves when they move into the neighbourhood?

  3. I wonder if the residents of Cronulla were armed when the Hill Song heretic moves in from Bronte. did they chant his most famous fail “Where the bloody hell are ya?” after the board of tourism Australia gave him the flick as a complete failure.

  4. The ‘stats’ suggest that Australian citizens are 45 times more likely to be convicted of an offence compared to a ‘refugee’. Compared to an elected member of Parliament the ratio is almost immeasurable. Accordingly, be very afraid if a politician knocks on your door or if one lives in your neighbourhood.

    But as Benjamin Disraeli pointed out many years ago “there are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics”. You see the refugee crime rate is only that low because those refugees are so very, very cunning. They almost never get caught. They are ‘criminals’ with almost magical powers, honed by years and years of apprenticeship in some of the most crime infested cities of the world.

    I think that’s the message that the Opposition is trying to get across. And with some success. Just sayin …

  5. And everyone knows’ Dagoes, Wops, and Eyeties all carry knives! Oh gosh! I forgot this wasn’t the fifties!

  6. Col and, “They are ‘criminals’ with almost magical powers….I think that’s the message that the Opposition is trying to get across. And with some success. Just sayin …”. And they throw their children overboard, same story, same message.

  7. A cop here in Canberra was trying to tell me that all tall, skinny black people are suspected of carrying knives. I think she was referring to Somalians. I think the cop might have been a wee bit racist.

  8. Migs, at least they’re now targeting a new group..not all criminals or potential ones are now all Lebanese. 😉

  9. Despite dodging bullets from Japanese snipers in New Guinea in WW2, my Dad forgave the enemy the day after the war ended.

    And yet, after thousands were killed in Japan after the Tsunami a few years ago, idiots were writing in to saying it was payback for their WW2 atrocities. Yes, the deaths of all those young people was celebrated by racist, redneck Australians.

  10. And should I add that according to Teresa Gambaro (now know as Stinky Gambaro in political circles), most of them have poor hygiene.

    And worse still they wear dresses, eat ‘disgusting’ food, often with their hands, don’t shave, wear sandals …

    In short they are different and so the ethnocentricism kicks in.

    It’s a powerful ‘dog whistle’.

  11. I swim regularly in Cronulla as part of my regime. A mate and myself ere in Cronulla the day of the riots, it was the first time in Australia I have ever seen a “lynch mob mentality” in Australia. We left around 1 after a made me so ashamed. There is no doubt the Lebs were at fault but the reaction as like a powder keg. Morrison fits right in don there.I as pretty ashamed on the day I must say, my mates a conservative and he was mortified at the reaction. Its racist central down there I can tell you.

  12. Let’s forget the ‘crap’ that Australians are ‘special’. That they aren’t ‘racists’, ‘ethnocentricists’, don’t engage in any number of what I’ll call disgusting acts, have irrational views and the like. They do.

    All nationalities/cultures have a ‘dark side’.

    What I find so outrageous is that that this ‘dark side’ becomes the vehicle through which governments are elected. Even worse is the ‘reality’, that it works so well, that other options seem impossible.

  13. Must admit, while it may be good for the ‘soul’ to lament the dire situation that confronts us, I’m bereft of ideas as to what might be done that hasn’t already been tried. It seems to me that the average voter decided how they would vote some time ago and now that decision is being simply reinforced on a daily bais through the MSM.

    How to ‘shock’ them out of their complacency seems like the prime task.

  14. My dad, bless his soul was a unionist and a life member of St George Soccer association amongst other things. He was strong advocate of multiculturalism. We lived in a weatherboard , he was known as a weatherboard socialist. Croatian on the left, Polish Jews on the right and Lebanese Arabs behind. We were literally surrounded and dad loved it. If a racist word was cast, the old man would step up swingin. The food…ahh the food. Not for dad though, he’d put tomato sauce on everything.

    He started a soccer club in the 70’s which was multi ethnic. You name it we had it. The classic thing is when wogs start being racist. That kills me. Were all wogs, were all from somewhere else. I gues my point is assimilation is no further than the extension of the hand of friendship. After dad died a family bought the Croatian’s house. My mum welcomed them as you do. After about two months they invited us over and over a few of my home brews, Lin told me a story that blew my mind. His terrifying journey from Vietnam on a boat. I looked at his mum, his gorgeous wife and their kids living the dream and that image will always stay with me. Lin could not speak a word of English when he arrived and learnt English in Villawood detention centre. He is an IT professional, his wife works in admin and they are proud Australians.

    Morrison comes from the Eastern Suburbs and moved to Cronulla. He is a pentecostal christian, he knos jack shit about ethnicity or religious tolerance. He is one of the lowest pricks in politics today.

  15. @ Col

    hat this ‘dark side’ becomes the vehicle through which governments are elected. Even worse is the ‘reality’, that it works so well,

    How has this come to pass?
    The digusting slime of the rodent is how. 👿
    Howard was the first PM since Menzies to incorporate and exploit racism in attempting to gain, and keep power.
    Among his many crimes one of the most disgusting imho

  16. Ricky, some of those stories were horrible. Worked with those from Cambodia and other countries. When a lovely man, sits at the lunch tables, says I buried five of my kids. They starve to death. What does one say,

    He was teacher. There were many more. The saddest part of this story, is the baby they had here was born Downes Syndrome. Some have all the luck.

    I heard similar stories of the men being killed, from the mothers and children, of those who fled the middle east wars. Yes, in Guildford was where the first muslem refugees sought haven.

    What annoys me most about the likes of Abetz, is the presence of these people as somehow inferior, that do not speak English and are uneducated. The facts could not be further from the truth.

    The worst is that they are riddled with disease. Why would Mr. Abetz and Mr. Morrison doesn’t only say the police should be notified, but also health authorities.

    I have even spoken to refugees from Africa, black as one can be, also with professional qualifications and very good English.

    Many have skills we need. Why not offer some 459 visias. Make sense to me.

  17. I guess tacit racism is powerful political power, the new reds under the beds pterosaur1. The thing about racism is it’s a way of thinking which cannot be changed. You find hen racists band together they have a pack mentality, anyone on a lederhausen with a stein sauerkraut is fair game

  18. How has this come to pass?

    Not sure! Haven’t a clue? What I do see is that politics in Australia borrows so heavily from the the US Republician ‘playbook’. For example, you start from the position that you have certain weaknesses (all parties/candidates have). And then you ascribe those personal/party weaknesses to your opponents. Thus your ‘problems’ become their ‘problems’ which they must defend.

    Works a treat. Particularly when you have a MSM that operates on the principle of ‘he said’, ‘she said’.

  19. BTW, The White Australia Policy was down to Labor. Historically the ALP has a bad record in that regard. But that was then and this is now.

    Time for a change?

  20. Yes, Col, that is true. It is also a history we do not try to hide, I do not believe many are proud of it.

    One had to live back in those times. We were a insular and isolated and in my opinion, very narrow minded country. Some could even say bigotted..

    The waves of immigration have made us a much better country.

    I, for one, would hate to go back to that time.

  21. Fed up, I’m not sure we can be very ‘proud’ of how we treat asylum seekers today. In fact, I am disgusted. We engaged in a race to the bottom. And politically it hasn’t helped at all. (Not that such a political quest could ever be a moral justification.)

  22. Once again in complete agreement. We have nothimg to be proud of. The question is, what do we do about it.

  23. Yeah we sure grew up… Is this divide and conquer mentality using race as political collateral? Many conservatives who are my friends are horrified by racism and especially by the fact that the opposition is implicitly using it as a tactic, especially religion. I am not surprised that Morrison is doing this he is a pentecostal and anti multiculturalism. He is also a bully ho does hat he likes, this is evident in his sacking from tourism Australia and the way he run the libs in NSW. Regressive attitudes spaun as good old fashion values.

    Fed Up….My friend went to Cambodia, the first ones killed were the academics, Its a young country who has to import expertise as it was all destroyed in the killing fields of Pol Pot. Horrible stuff. I would love to go and see the ancient temples. (they filmed tomb raider there)

  24. What do we do about it.

    Politically it’s too late. But what should we have done about it many months ago?

    Well for starters we could have pointed out again and again and then again and again that the numbers of ‘refugees’ coming to Australia were of no relative consequence. Quite simply, they were only a small fraction of those who overstayed their visas, something in the order of 60 000, more than half of whom had overstayed by more than a decade. And such ‘overstay’ was of little consequence.

    In short, we should have ‘attacked’ and not ‘defended’. We had nothing to fear except fear itself. We ran away. And looked what happened.

  25. It’s those black Irish single jewish mothers on pension in Northern Ireland that are causing all the troubles in the world…. imo… 😯

  26. And everyone knows’ Dagoes, Wops, and Eyeties all carry knives! Oh gosh! I forgot this wasn’t the fifties!

    But they’re still members of the mob, recalcitrantrick. Obviously we have to paint them black as as well.

    I’m also very concerned at the number of yellow perils running good Aussie Chinese shops. Should I paint them black and notify the police or Scott Morrison?

    And what about people with Irish names? Obviously IRA terrorists. I’d better tear down to the local hardware shop and corner the market in black paint.

  27. Whether you’re a pallor Brit, a sunbathed Sri Lankan or somewhere in between this discussion of “who comes” and “why” or under “what guise” all boils down to the same thing…People looking for a better circumstance. The question I always ask is why certain political parties support one group over the other? Unfortunately for Australian’s who deem themselves as somehow different from their American counterparts nothing could be further from the truth as embodied by your politicians and their rhetoric…

    Liberals: WANT MORE LABOR by screaming for more 457’s to fill skill shortages that don’t really exist,; here we call them Republicans and H1b visas. This satisfies their big business buddies at the expense of the average citizen who now gets to see his job outsourced within his own borders. Lovely…

    Labor: WANT MORE LABOR and VOTES using the refugee/boat folks as just one of many means to do this. Now to be sure they really HOPE these same folks will work not live off the dole but more importantly VOTE labor. Unfortunately, like all “groups” most will vote in their group’s best interest which is usually not the same as the average citizen. I mean, if you can’t change the voters’ minds with your policies you change the voters. Here we call them Democrats and illegal aliens. By the way, don’t bring this up or you’re labeled a racist for stating the obvious here in this “free” country.

    Regardless of the party or rhetoric the end result is the same…a growing population that is more fractured, bankrupt and balkanized. As I have said at nausea the rhetoric aside; to what end? It seems despite all the talk about the environment/social ills on the left they advocate policies that are in direct opposition to their long term goals by importing more poverty and consumerism, insanity if you ask me or to ensure the industries that cater to these causes continue to grow perhaps?

    The right for all their rhetoric import peoples with traditions and religious beliefs that do not “tow the Christian line or embrace a Protestant work ethic” while decrying and demonizing certain group when they don’t live up to said standard….Again, to what end?

    I am convinced it is simply a “political/ruling class” that they seek to sustain and the average voter simply doesn’t seem to be able to put it all together anymore. The average citizen is so dumb down now and refuses to take any action which will in any way impede on their personal comfort as to be rendered impotent as such. Left or right, both sides are pundits for their respective industries and niche causes; citizenship itself no longer has any meaning.

  28. I have new neighbours. I was wondering whether this fact should be reported to the police.

  29. Did you know it finally caught up with him. Who you may well ask?
    The Pope of course the only reason he resigned was because he was pushed.
    Because he was a former Nazi!
    This is a true story.

  30. Racism has now overtaken sport as our national obsession. We have sunk to a deplorable and regretable state. It will take a generation to recover from this.

  31. I do not want this person living in my street, this is his view on people being childless.

    On that measure any pollie who has no children because they have chosen not to is going to be considered suspect. Just as deliberately childless people in the wider community are considered suspect.

    I know a lot of people who are childless and have a wonderful life.

  32. Sparta, and BTW nice to see a dinky-di right winger American on the blog. I should say that I previously had a very poor opinion of Americans (not your fault Sparta ;)) and thought them loud, opinionated, rude and basically ignorant. However after the experience of a trip to Las Vegas late last year, I retract. I found the vast majority of Americans to be polite, curious about people from other countries (in spite of the fact that they thought that we were Poms. :D) and warm.

    Here I am remembering an African American gentlemen who Migs engaged in conversation at a restaurant (it’s the pic on our header, the one with the lovely 1920’s and 30’s ladies). He was a tall gentleman, extremely well dressed who was seated by himself. Migs asked if he would “mind the lady’s handbag” to which he nodded with good grace. Migs then engaged him in conversation and listened intently while this gentleman described how he was a Vietnam War veteran. On his departure he offered, God Bless.

  33. Voyager, the Pope was a member of Hitler Youth which was compulsory..on the other hand the former Pope could be a Nazi. 😉

  34. There you go Migs, all the proof the wingnuts ever need to show illegal people end up producing undesirable elements in Australia. This is why they keep tagging asylum seekers as illegal when they aren’t.

  35. Never mind asylum seekers, I want to be notified if Jehovah’s Witnesses or Mormons move into my street (so I know to keep the front door locked and never open it). If we’re being notified of these sorts of menaces, why not a notification for people who have dogs (barking at all hours of the day and night) or children learning musical instruments (an eight-year-old learning the recorder should be a form of torture banned under the Geneva Conventions).

    The worst thing refugees did for Australia is they opened up our cuisine to a wider range of flavours – for which I thank them sincerely. I have several cookbooks which predate the ending of the White Australia policy in their creation, and my GODS they are frightening to read through.

  36. I’d like to be informed when anyone who moves into my street:

    : has a teenage son with a drum kit.
    : drives a Holden V8.
    : has lots of friends who ride Harleys.

  37. Miglo, I fear my great grandfather might also have jumped ship. Was a baker on a French ship about 1860

  38. “This is why they keep tagging asylum seekers as illegal when they aren’t.”

    Ok Adrian, for the sake of semantics and the desire not to get into another back and forth with you over legal jargon; what do you call an “asylum seeker who has 14,000.00 dollars to pay a smuggler to sidestep more than one country for Australia”?; perhaps an entrepreneur but hardly a genuine asylum seeker.
    Does it help to enlighten you that for some odd reason said “asylum” seekers by boat increased in numbers when the Australian policies where changed?

    Nah….Dude, as you always say to others, you have no credibility on this topic! Zero, zilch!!!! You have been wrong on just about every occasion in terms of this discussion. Lamenting such thing as “ there are no pull factors” either…Oh please…Stick to bashing Israel, Abbott or the US “imperialism”….LMAO

    This discussion really has nothing to do with the Asylum seekers themselves as you always seem to miss; it is about rule of law. Plain and simple; try to follow.

  39. I have been trying to work out what the look that Abbott seems to have on his face lately in every photo.

    Is it a turtle or Goanna head.

    The stance is new since Christmas. I suspect he has had some drama lessons, but like all he has study over the years, not much has sunk in.

    Could it come from the years of cycle riding.

    Maybe Bushfirebill has summed it up.

    One’s bad enough, but TWO of him is far too much to contemplate…

    Notice how the rest of the face moves, but the forehead stays stonily still, Easter Island-like.

  40. Migs, I did not want to be nasty. Still in every shot of him, is the same. Seem to replaced that walk, with sticking his neck out.

  41. Sparta, you do realize the countries they came through, and ended up in, offers them no future at all. If we got that regional processing up and running, maybe they would be willing to wait, with the hope of some light at the end of the long dark tunnel.

    Creating a queue. Most would stay in the nearby countries. We already spend money tin those countries. The problem is they have very few options. If they wait too long, the money runs out and they are struck. We take a negible number from the region.

    The choice seems to be, stay and know that is where one will be struck, of take the risk while there is still some money available.

    Many in their own country were not peasants. Many are professionals and educated.

    Having access to money, does not compute to, you cannot be a refugee. Where that idea comes from, I do not know.

    What we now have, when it comes to asylum policies is the worst of all worlds.

    There is no way that Abbott will turn the boats around or stop them. Even Mr. Howard has said, he is not surprised his solution is no longer working.

    I suspect the really wealthy have other choices.

    Personally, believe Mr. Abbott and Morrison are happy with things the way they are.

    What needs to happen, is make Abbott take some responsibility for what we have now.

    In th8s country, the numbers of refugee is not that great. It is no where near the perception that we are being invaded on a daily basis.

  42. “Sparta, you do realize the countries they came through, and ended up in, offers them no future at all.”

    According to the UNHCR the situation you describe does not apply to many of the purported refugees seeking asylum in your country or in many countries in the WEST. They are, as the UNHCR describes them, ECONOMIC MIGRANTS, not refugees. Classically the program was for those:

    “owing to a well-founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion, is outside the country of his nationality, and is unable to, or owing to such fear, is unwilling
    to avail himself of the protection of that country.”

    Correct me if I am wrong here, but when did “poverty” in and of itself become a legal rational to claim asylum? There is nothing in the current charter that says a host country is to “PROVIDE THEM WITH A FUTURE” simply because they seek it. You are confusing legal “immigration” with this topic.

    “Having access to money, does not compute to, you cannot be a refugee. Where that idea comes from, I do not know.”

    I didn’t say it did just suggested that the overwhelming majority of those who really need “help” are not “working professionals” with bank accounts. You are of the opinion that “seeking a better life” is now a legitimate claim for asylum; since when and by what measure? Not even the UNHCR, which is outdated, makes that claim. You are simply acknowledging the “PULL FACTORS” some here were lambasted for mentioning. The concept of whom or what constitutes a modern refugee like so many other discussions these days has completely gone off topic. Many individuals seem to think picking and choosing which laws apply, how they apply and when we decide to enforce them should be the SOP. Why have law at all is my point if the new standard is there is no standard? What kind of society is that?

    What you inadvertently advocate is a system that is no different from skilled migration through fraudulent means. We have 457’s/HIB visas for that sham already.

    I do appreciate that you acknowledge the obvious motivation here by those using boats, plane or in our case here in the States, simply walking across the border. I said some time back that economics was the primary motivation here and around the world only to have one very huge “ego” consistently say otherwise despite the evidence. However, as I said then and continue to say, you do not do anything “LONG TERM” to change anything by simply IMPORTING poverty; here or abroad.

    I am not sure if anybody looked around but we have ran out of places to RUN. Solutions must be found, not feel good gestures and catch phrases; to change conditions at their source. Boat people, asylum seekers real and “created”, illegal immigrants etc are just symptoms of a bigger issue. However, we don’t address this bigger issue by ignoring it or playing along with the political parties whose only real concern is to win votes and stay in office….Nor do we cow tow to “special interest/lobby groups” whose vested interest is to causes that are nearsighted and naive or that ultimately undermine our systems of governance.

  43. “These asylum-seekers receive a federal government payment equivalent of up to 89 per cent of the Centrelink special benefit or about $440 every two weeks.”

    886 of 1882 returned to their countries of origin in 2012…Nah, no “pull factors”…Where is the resident genious aka “Adrian” on this topic? Nope, no illegal aliens here/economic migrants…LMAO!

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