Let the scaring begin

Between now and the election you will not be able to read a newspaper without trembling in your boots at the mayhem and destruction the Gillard Government has hoisted upon us. Up to now, the media has been coming up with some stories that quite literally cross the bounds of not only credibility, but reality. But just how bad is it going to get? Here are some stories that my crystal ball predicts will gain ferocious prominence in the following months.

A mad scientist, who incidentally received funding from the Gillard Government, genetically manipulated some koalas turning them into fierce drop-bears which lust after the taste of human blood. Whole towns – unnamed of course – have been attacked by packs of these vicious little creatures. People are urged to stay well clear of trees. Tony Abbott dumps his dubious plan to re-green Australia by planting a million trees and urges industry to clear as much land as possible. “The habitats of the drop bears need to be destroyed if we are to eliminate another failure of Julia Gillard”. If only the government hadn’t have funded science in the first place.

Over 5,000 Whyalla residents are hospitalised after an outbreak of cholera. This is linked to the mining tax. Tony Abbott says he was misunderstood when he said that Whyalla will be destroyed on July 1, 2012. “What I meant to say, was the destruction of Whyalla would be slow and painful after the introduction of the mining tax and that outbreaks of deadly diseases would be imminent”. He adds, “Those dying Australians, whilst not all of pure heart, can thank Julia Gillard for their demise with their dying breaths”. It is understood that he sent a private email to his friend Lott, urging him to flee the city with his wife and children. They are not to look back, he warns.

The average price of Australian houses is expected to fall by as much as 80%, an unnamed economist has warned. Joe Hockey says this confirms the uncertainty created by the Gillard Government because interest rates have not been fluctuating wildly. “If interest rates were jumping up and down we would not be witnessing the huge number of layoffs of Sydney bus drivers. This proves that the Labor government should have built more dams. As Treasurer I will ensure that interest rates keep climbing. The Australians struggling to pay off their mortgage need some certainty in their lives, and I will deliver this. The Gillard Government cannot be trusted to guarantee enough milk production in remote areas”.

Eighty-two million refugee boats are seen heading to Christmas Island. Tony Abbott holds a press conference to reveal that internal Liberal polling has identified that each boat contains on average four terrorists, five pedophiles, nine people who have relatives that were let into Australia by Julia Gillard personally, and one passport. He also announces – before fleeing the scene – the Coalition’s plan to resettle these people in areas known to be inhabited by large numbers of drop-bears.

The record temperatures recorded over Summer are confirmation that global warming is not happening. “This is God’s work” says Tony Abbott. “God wants more people to go to the beach because this will help the ailing public transport system in Western Sydney. Julia Gillard does not want people in Western Sydney to have access to God’s beaches”. He promises – before fleeing the scene  – that His government would build 19 transport corridors leading from Western Sydney to Bondi. “Make that 20” he shouts while escaping from the building.

A faint voice is heard in the distance: “Make that 21”.

Laurie Oakes receives an email that reads: “Make that 22” and publishes an exclusive story in The Australian that an Abbott Government will construct 35 transport corridors from Western Sydney to Bondi and five from Western Sydney to the Gold Coast. He also reveals that a friend of his second cousin’s eye specialist was told by a friend of a Labor front-bencher’s hairdresser that Julia Gillard plans to dump 400 million tonnes of sand around Western Sydney to give it that “seaside feel”.

A seagull is found dead on a Perth beach. Tony Abbott promises a full investigation and again accuses the Gillard Government of funding mad scientists. “This was clearly the work of an evil mind and has the Government’s dirty finger prints all over it. This seagull would be alive today if it wasn’t for Julia Gillard”. An autopsy reveals that the probable cause of death was old age. The Daily Telegraph publishes those findings on page 19.

Julia Gillard holds a press conference without wearing her glasses. Alan Jones is livid. Andrew Bolt convinces his readers that this is ‘typical of those pathetic lefties’ while Piers Akerman sees this as something Satanic.

The Herald Sun speaks to 45 women who have left ‘things’ in Tony Abbott’s fridge, providing further proof that he loves woman. Because Julia Gillard’s partner is a man, she is accused of not loving women. When she says that she does love some women she is accused of being a lesbian. Tony Abbott announces that further internal Liberal polling reveals that of the eighty-two million refugee boats heading our way, 12% of the captains have a sister who is a lesbian. Alan Jones is livid. Andrew Bolt convinces his readers that this is ‘typical of those pathetic lefties’ while Piers Akerman sees this as something Satanic.

Coming soon to a newspaper near you!

152 comments on “Let the scaring begin

  1. Rats, Miglo, you beat the media to all the exclusives (Ch 7’s very favourite word). Shall be expecting to see these used for discussions in focus groups for the Liberals. The MSM will follow suit.

  2. Miglo – `Scaremongering’ – but isn’t that what you’ve been doing for the last few years. In fact I was quite surprised you didn’t get the Oscar for your performance.

  3. In fact I was quite surprised you didn’t get the Oscar for your performance.

    I’m a writer, not an actor. The Oscar should have gone to Tony Abbott.

  4. Migs, Tony Abbott is neither a writer nor an actor, mot much of a man either for that matter, I think he would only qualify for a Razzie 😛

    Love the article BTW

    Cheers 😀

  5. BS claims and political scaremongering directed at Labor ???? What, is John Mc Ternan changing sides ???

  6. Well, at least you’re denying it. Strangely ironic that a group of people supposedly championing the truth, would embrace someone so hell bent on distorting it. Two sets of rules me thinks.

  7. And there it is. When all else fails and you can’t mount a logical arguement, just throw out an insult. Thanks for making my point for me.

  8. Well we will have Abbott stalking the PM next week. Could that be a part of the scare programme.

    Today’s effort seems to be that the action taken by Labor has led to too many doctors.

  9. No, you’re right Cuppa. The truth isn’t an insult. And reporting failed policies, broken promises and economic mismanagement is not misogyny. Although our good mate John would try to have us believe it is.

  10. Nellie, I agree, reporting those things isn’t misogyny, just blatant dishonesty, but the way that Abbott has treated certain women, and his attitude towards them generally can certainly be construed as misogyny!

    Cheers 😀

  11. Well Truth Seeker, I respectfully disagree. I suspect we have very different measurements for failure or success. Pink bats anyone. But that aside, the misogyny card has already been played by John’s team and it just didn’t take. It was a valiant effort, but all the rhetoric and grandstanding in the world can’t make up for the fact that it’s just not true.

  12. Nellie, would you mind pointing us to any legitimate, non partisan economist that has said that Australia is a mis-managed economy. If things are as bad as you say, it shouldn’t be hard! However I’m pretty sure none of us here are holding our breath for your proof. However I’m sure that one of the biggest obstacles will fall if Abbott gets in, because his slash and burn policies will drive us into the first Australian recession in 22 years which will cause a collapse in the dollar and we will save millions in overseas holidays no longer taken.

  13. Nellie who is this John you keep mentioning? As for the pink Batts it has been proven to be a huge success with a big reduction in energy usage & fires. The 3 or 4 very unfortunate deaths were a direct result of shonky work practices

  14. Yes definitely Pink Bats Nellie. It was a bloody good scheme screwed up by a few dodgy turds doing the wrong thing. How about the war in Afghanistan if you want to count unnecessary deaths?

  15. So Rick, are you suggesting economic bungles like the MRRT are indicative of good economic management. I mean Seriously.

    Joy, the John is John McTernan. The imported political strategist who will ultimately be one of the key contributors to Labor losing the coming election.

  16. Don’t forget, Nellie, your beloved Tony is foreign born. imported to Australia under the assisted migrant scheme. .

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  18. Honestly Joy, it really doesn’t bother me who comes from where, Tony or John. But Labor mis-stepped with McTernan, and it’s going to cost them dearly. Not because he’s imported per say, but because alot of people don’t like what he brought to the party.

  19. If the object of an MRRT is to tax super-profits without overtaxing business during normal trading periods, then yes I’m quite happy with it, By the way why don’t you like it? Is it because it doesn’t raise enough money or because it raises too much?

  20. What exactly did McTernan bring to the ALP Nellie apart from some extra oomph & why don’t people like it? I don’t like what Peta Credlin & her faceless backers have done either.

    Hope McTernan is the right person to counteract the sleaziness coming from the LNP.

  21. Nellie, as Joy mentioned the pink batts had en enviable 97% success rate, which would be the envy of most businesses for such a large project.
    The MRRT is working as designed, and with an economy the envy of the developed world, interest rates, unemployment and inflation at very low levels as well as a debt to GDP at a mere fraction of comparable countries, you are obviously looking in the wrong places for facts, if in fact it is facts that you are interested in?

    Cheers 😀

  22. Radio Liberal are panicking…

    2GB is heading West.

    Next Tuesday, March 5, join Alan Jones, Ray Hadley, Chris Smith, Ben Fordham, Ross Greenwood and Steve Price as they broadcast live from Rooty Hill RSL.

  23. Well said Truth Seeker. The LNP Opposition have never let facts get in the way of a good scare & neither have the compliant media.

  24. MRRT A tax on super profits, working as designed.

    Pink Batts. A very successful scheme that has led to millions of dollars power bill saving. Every study, says so. Same goes for BER.

    Yes, you could be right, Abbott is not women hater.

    Just has trouble with women who have the hide to believe they are his equal.

    Women in their place are safe. That is when they are serving him, not competing with him.

    As for John, how is that different from Cory Bernadi joining up with the Tea Party in the good old USA. Setting up similar operations here.

    We have a good economy on all fronts.

    Low inflation. Low unemployment.

    Affordabble housing for the first time in many years.

    Low interest rates. Savings of up to $5000nper year on the average mortgage.

    Cheaper goods, including cars.

    Better pension for the aged.

    More support for lower income families.,

    Infrastructure for the future being put in place. NBNco and CEFco.

    On the track for reforms, such as NDIS and Gonski. Better deal for the disabled and school kids.

    Taxation reform, leading to one million more not having to fill in a tax return.

    There is one glaring thing that needs fixing. It will take a bipartisanship to bring about a solution. That is to find a more humane way of dealing with asylum

    To finish off, the PM did not lie.

    There is much more to be lost, if votes for Abbott.

    I forgot, I see today, they believe the minimum wage should be abandoned.

  25. Nellie seems to have dissapeared??? Maybe she’s fact checking with Arthur Sinodinos!

  26. I’m curious as to what the 97% relates to. I’m judging it on its entirety. Four deaths, house fires, major maintenance reworks and ultimately abandoned. Again, some of you must have a very different measure of success than I.

    As for the MRRT. If its such a resounding success, why were the Gov. so reluctant to release the numbers. It was such a tightly kept secret until they finally had to reveal that the revenues were only a fraction of what they expected. Yet they had already forward allocated the revenue on various policies / promises. Revenue that doesnt exist. Yup. That’s screams brilliant economic management to me ????

  27. Pink Batts, screwed up by a PM panicking and not supporting his minister.

    What Garret left, was the regulation of the industry, leaving it much safer. The fire and accident rates have been lowered. The industry is much safer now.

    The men responsible for the deaths have been dealt with by the law.

    By the way, safety regulations for this industry is the responsibility of the states. That is where one should direct their anger.

    Not a bad outcome. Well over a million households continuing to save on power bills.

    A safer work place is something not to be sneezed at.

    Nellie maybe you should tell us how you judge success.

  28. Nellie, what is so bad about hiring someone from the UK, if you believe they are the best available for the job. After all we live in a global economy.

    Another success of this government, which was inherited from the Howard years, is the lowering of the massive private debt. They have also made headway on the structural budget deficit that Costello left behind.

  29. Time to scrap the minimum wage?
    Alexander Philipatos
    Published 4:40 PM, 28 Feb 2013

    As the saying goes, you reap what you sow. For the government, this applies to yet another well-intentioned but poorly thought out policy.

    In an effort to wean the long-term unemployed back into work, the government introduced subsidies to entice businesses to hire workers who have been unemployed for more than two years and have little to no recent work experience……………..


    By the way, it is time for Sinodinos to go.

    Nellie, it is very dangerous to take your information from what Mr. Pyne has to say. He is nearly always been shown to be wrong.

    There were many fewer deaths and fires under the Labor scheme. This is thanks to the action Mr. Garrett took from nearly day one.

  30. Nellie, 97% IS the recognised success rate which means there was in total 3% of the total work that was less than successful, it’s not rocket science, it’s basic percentages.

    The irony of the LNPs claims are that the failures were due not to the government, but rather to shonky small business operators that would almost definitely have voted LNP! 😯

    And again you’ve got it wrong, it was the tax dept that refused to give the amounts to protect their clients rights!

    And even your beloved LNP cannot control world commodity prices!

    Cheers Grin:

  31. Migs, I just realised, it was the arguments re the Insulation scheme and Ber, that bought me originally to the Blogs and Cafe.

    It is hard to understand why we are still arguing the same facts, over three years LATER, AND A GOVERNMENT AGO.

    They really have to dig deep for the negatives.

  32. I am watching Turnbull discussing the republican movement on Capital Hill, ABC 24. Serious debate for once.

  33. Migs
    Could Julia have the AFP arrest Tones for stalking her, with intent to deprive her of her lively hood.
    Anyway Tones cannot sell off government assett’s as Costello has already done that in a fire sale way back during his frequent hammock naps, to achieve budget surpluses.
    The other thing that amazes me is the million homes insulated where did those voters support go the same goes for the parents of the pupils whose schools had the new BER facilities. Ungrateful or just blindsided by the MSM waste propganda???

  34. So we’ll just ignore the insulation companies that were driven to the wall, the lives that were lost, the massive cost blow outs. And we really don’t have to dig deep at all. The MRRT and the carbon tax (ohh don’t call it that eveyone, call it a price on carbon) will not be forgotten by the electorate. I know it, you know it, and Julia knows it. Or is that just a hysterically inaccurate claim LOL

  35. Nellie you are starting to get tiresome. Any facts contrary to your firmly held belief system is summarily dismissed & twisted to suit you. This is typical of LNP apologists who never let the plain facts get in the way of their rigid dogma.

    There is nothing we say which can change that.

  36. Nellie, the facts are the facts, do with them what you want, but it won’t change the facts, you just end up making yourself look silly.

    sadly you have chosen to believe those that treat you and the rest of us like fools, the difference is, we refuse to be treated like fools! 😀 while people like you choose to believe them….. your loss 😦

    Cheers 😀

  37. Nellie, dearly me girl you are talking rubbish you know. Insulation is still manufactured in Australia using Australian labour, and the last thing that good Aussie companies need is for people such as yourself running down their product by being party to a politically motivated scare campaign. Have a hard look at yourself and give some consideration to others rather than “playing politics”.

    On the 4 deaths, all were OH&S related..perhaps you will also show similar outrage for the deaths which occur regularly on mine and construction sites throughout Australia..for example the crane operator at Pilbara, the scaffolder also at the Pilbara. In 2012 and in Victoria alone 18 people died on worksites, and none were installing Pink Batts.

  38. Nellie now you are really being ignorant/deliberately stupid..do you know the difference between a price on something and a tax..sigh..clearly you don’t. Well just imagine yourself trotting off to Miller’s to check out the latest bargains, is that helpful?

    TS, sometimes as you would know it’s just having to exercise a good deal of tolerance, but other times you think WTF, I’m tired of fools.

  39. The deaths and fires, are the responsibility of the states anyway.

    I wonder if the likes of Nellie are confronted with the facts for the first time, when they come to sites such as these.

    I believe Mr.Morrison and co have over reached on asylum seekers.

    Who would up rather have living next door. The likes of Morrison, Abetz and Bernadi or an asylum seeker.

    Remember asylum seekers are 47 times less likely to commit a crime than the general community.

    We know from what many write here, not many are satisfy with the present situation.

    I believe most want the problem dealt with. I do not believe that entails making things harder.

    i sense that Abbott is going to wish he had not heighten the issue in the public arena.

  40. Let’s face it Joy, that door swings both ways. I’m not trying to persuade anyone here of anything. Just expressing my opinion. And I’ll be expressing it again in September 🙂 Best of luck fighting the good fight till then. Ciao

  41. Nellie, now I do agree. It was wrong of Mr. Rudd to abandon the programme as he did, leaving others to clean up the mess.

    Mr. Rudd should have had the guts to support the programme and Mr. Garrett.

    Mainly because it was a worthwhile and efficient programme.

    I believe that action led to Mr. Rudd being removed.

  42. Oh and Min, if calling me juvenile names makes you feel better about yourself then good for you. Just remember, when Julia gets turfed (and like it or not it’s going to happen) I’ll be having a quiet chuckle to myself and thinking “Hmmm. I bet poor old Min’s not having a great day today” LOL

  43. Not for long Nellie – it won’t take long for the horror of an Abbott government to affect everyone adversely. The austerity promises he’s making have proven to be massive failures throughout most of the rest of the world, and in LNP states here…

    Just think Newman on steroids 😯

  44. I get the feeling that Nellie, isn’t really Nellie. Sounds a bit like one of the other trolls who usually hang around here trying to sound as if they know what they are talking about.
    Once again they just don’t realize when a satirical piece is being written, done with the proverbial tongue in cheek. Boy they are really dumb.
    Good laugh by the way Migs.

  45. Nellie, IF abbott wins 😆 we’ll all be having a bad day, you included, but at least we can say we did everything we could, you will have to live with knowledge that you are responsible for the damage to our great country and our kids futures 😯
    Cheers 😦

  46. Nellie, if that happens. I believe we will be the ones, having a very loud chuckle.

    We will make ourselves comfortable, while waiting for the side show to begin.

    We will be hoping at the same time. that too much damage is not done before the following election.

    One saving grace could be Mr. Abbott’s lack of ability to cope with more than one thing at a time. The other is his failure up to now, to focus on the task in hand.

    Good at head kicking, yes, but not much more.

  47. Here’s what a commenter said to a Fiberal troll at a Crikey blog…


    The party that you troll for go to bed at night wet dreaming about placing wage and salary workers in a slave relationship with their employers. It does not bother you that you would sell your family and friends into a debauched industrial relations system . Judas goats have more integrity.

    Barracking along with the likes of Murdoch, Alan Jones,Ray hadley and your fantasy girl, Big Gina the Vogon lover,does not say much for your self respect.

    Lift your mind above your navel, Gina would crush you with out a second thought. You and supporters like you are the gullible plonkers that the sectional interest need to gull, to get them into power.

  48. In fact our reaction will be the same, as we accepted the election of the three eastern coast premier.

    We will a have small smile, as each day passes and the mistakes mount,.

    Yes we will have a gentle poke now and then, and an occasional we told you so.

  49. Sorry Sandra but I’m not one of your regulars, and yes, blind Freddy can see this was an attempted satirical piece. As for it being a good laugh. Hmmm, I suppose if you like that dumbed down Adam Sandler type humour then sure.

    And team, let’s just embrace it and forget about the IF’s. Julia, as it was so eloquently posted on her own Facebook page “is Gonski”

  50. It amazes me, that many come here, telling us the PM is going, and expect we will be collapsing on the spot.

    It is about politics and democracy.

    Some you win , some you lose. There is always another day.

    That does not mean, will not keep up the good fight. until the last vote is casted on Sept 14.

    Another bugbear I detest, is being told we hate Abbott. Why would one do that. What one feels about a politician, is immaterial.

    It is the policies and what they are likely to do that counts.

  51. Gee, I am thick. I took it seriously. Because that is what we are going to get for the next six months, the same as we have had for the last three years,

  52. Well, I do appreciate the discussion and whilst we obviously have very different opinions, I will respect all of yours and leave you be. Thank you

  53. Whoe Nellie Interesting diatribe. So all the economic indicators from every credible agency indicates prudent Economic Stewartship, and you are claiming mismanagement? I don’t get it. I will put this fact out there. Howard is the model held in high regard, how is selling 72.3 billion dollars worth of public assets, including Telstra (NBN mk1) retiring 33 billion of Howards debt good economics?.

  54. Talking about declining Tories after they win power and bring in failing austerity measures. The Lib-Dems have won an Eastleigh byelection in the UK with the Tories coming third with the news reporting they are in crisis as they expected to win.

  55. Nellie – ask a lot of those people that voted LNP for the first time in a long time last State Election if they still feel that Newman is doing what he was elected to do. Abbott will do to Australia what Newman and O’Farrell have done to Queensland & NSW respectively.

  56. I really don’t get the ‘Nellie’s….. how have they missed the truth… and WHY???…… surely thier faith based mantra for Tones doesn’t stop them from seeing that thier wallet is fatter under this present ALP govt. …. surely if they have a mortgage they may have noticed that they are paying less…… surely somewhere along the way they might have come across the three A’s…… surely they may have noticed that we have gone up 3 places to 12th wealthiest nation under this PM, after having gone down 3 places under Howard…… surely they have noticed how many other countries were badly affected by the GFC…….. surely they have noticed that here in Australia we faired better……surely they have heard about the IMF ratings of previous govt., surely they must wonder why?????
    Nellie, the reason why our country is doing well is because we have a Labor Govt. in power……. and that’s the truth.

  57. Actually Nellie it wasn’t calling you juvenile names, it was an assessment of the intellect which went into your post. You’re playing with the grown ups now and we expect accuracy of information, detail and referencing..that’s if you can hack the pace.

  58. Good one Min. And you’re right. I am playing with you and it has been an entertaining distraction, but that’s about it. Here’s one final thought for you Min. Just remember this . . . . . “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, spend their time blogging about it”

  59. Doesn’t Nellie sound so much like another with the jumped up full of themselves attitude? Poor thing believes they have been playing with us and it’s “entertaining” when in truth they have provided some base comedy here with their inane right wing free of fact prattlings.

    In other words just another gormless wingnut clown,

  60. A gormless wing nut clown. Wow. Quite the scholar aren’t you Möbius. You can post all the blogs, rhetoric and insults you like, but at the end of the day, this little group of self congratulatory wannabes are the only ones taking notice. I (honestly) stumbled on this for the first time yesterday, and it seems what most of you do best is high five each other. If you want to make a difference, then get out there and go make a difference, because lets be real about it. You’re not achieving a whole hell of alot doing what you’re doing here. LOL

  61. Well, Nellie, I do hope for your sake that you are very rich financially because you will need to be if we have the misfortune to have the current set of LNP amateurs running Australia. They have already shown in WA, Vic, NSW & Qld, they do not know what they are doing when in Government. They are like kids who have the keys to the lolly factory.

    Your snide remarks show you have lost the argument & can only throw insults which is rather typical of those with the same political leanings as yourself. We only have to look at Question Time.

  62. Sorry Joy, but “it’s not an insult if it’s true”. I read that on a blog somewhere, so it must be right. 😉

    Clearly I’ve gotten under the skin of a few folks here so I won’t post again.

  63. Is that a promise, Nellie? You keep saying you are leaving us to our ignorant rants but you keep returning.

    No, you haven’t gotten under my skin. I feel sorry for you.

  64. “Clearly I’ve gotten under the skin of a few folks here so I won’t post again.”

    This is another sign of their arrogance. From across the Interwebs and through the monitor and touch of a keyboard they ascertain they have riled when the truth is nothing of the sort has occurred.

    It’s a delusional power trip for them to believe they have the ability to upset someone remote from them and their blind ideology has them believe are inferior.

    There is nothing clear about it at all. It’s only clear that like others who in their superbia say they will leave to prove to themselves they have won what was never a contest in the first place, yet won’t go away when they say they will. They can’t even be honest about that, yet expect us to take their devoid of facts and truth statements on their word.

  65. Very true, Mobius. The only thing that does get under my skin is that such wilfully uninformed people have the vote!!

  66. There certainly is a sustained lack of integrity (intellectual and otherwise) in the trolls conservatives.

    Their weird repetition of recycled lies, baseless triumphalism and bullshit is remarkably the same (and universally lacking in facts), no matter the alias posting.

    The functioning neuron they apparently share is stuck in a self referential feedback loop, incapable of admitting evidence, or in dealing with reality

    Hence the attempted condescension and blustering boasts that they are seeking amusement all the while exhibiting the traits they claim to decry. 🙄

    WRT to the NBN a magnificent, if long read, pointing out the vast differences between the NBN and the opposition’s “policy”(ies?)

    The Coalition’s NBN alternative is different by almost every measure. It uses different technologies to connect the bulk of the country; it has different uses and applications; it affects Australia’s health service differently; it provides different levels of support in emergencies and natural disasters; it requires a different amount of power to operate; the cost of maintenance is different; the overall cost, the return on investment and the re-sale value are different; the management, ownership, governance, competition and monopoly factors will be different; it has a different life-span and upgradability issues; the effect on businesses (of all sizes) and GDP is different; the effects on television are different; the effect on Senior Citizens is different; the viability and potential for cost blowouts is different; the costs of buying broadband will be different; the reliability is different; the effect on property prices will be different; the timescale is different; the legacy is different. Ultimately, it has completely different aims.

    In just about every case the Coalition’s alternative compares unfavourably to the current plans – and usually in dramatic fashion. That’s based upon the facts and the information currently available in the public domain.

    (my emphasis)

  67. Migs
    Whilst composing your post, tongue in cheek not withstanding, you left out the most scary thing, what if Abbort won in September.
    While Piers Akerman sees this as something heavenly, for the rest of us not so.

    We could be sent off on the long march to the north to plant trees, open up the NT, building hovels alongside AS’s, including their yellow stars attached to their uniforms, courtesy of Gruppenführer’s morriscum and abetz, to distinguish them from real aussies who talk like Tones.
    With our food vouchers in one hand and begging bowls in the other, Oliver Twist like, and the Mister Bumble’s of this world standing around canes at the ready, watching our every move and pictures of Big Brother(Tones) everywhere, now that is a real scary story.

  68. That is a great article Cuppa and has explained the home insulation scheme and the fallout engineered by the media, but most especially the opposition, to a tee.

    As Tiffen states the opposition and media put an onus of responsibility onto a minister that has never existed under the Westminister system of government and had never been imposed previously. If the Howard government had been put under the same responsibility most of his senior cabinet would have been sacked or sent to jail, including Abbott.

    The problem for Abbott is that if he wins government, by his own precedent he will have his minsters come under the same impossible onerous responsibility. I think Abbott has realised that for I see that Turnbull just the other day flagged changes to cabinet responsibilities if they win government. He spun it in a positive way but it means do as we say not as we do. Or in their case, no care no responsibility.

  69. I posted this elsewhere. Feels it also applies here.

    It appears that it matters not what this PM does.

    It appears they are not interested in how good the economy. They care less aboiut what the PM has achieved.

    It appears they are not interested in looking at Mr. Abbott or what he would do in government.

    Appears they are not interestest in good governance.

    The only thing that matters, is the perception that this is a bad PM. Not interested in checking if that is correct.

    Well it seems an extensive study of the area is identifying this as the reason for car low numbers in the poll.

    This is what I heard this morning on ABC radio news.

    This is what I have been saying for weeks. The voter is willing to vote this PM out of personal dislike, or hate in many cases.

    They are willing to vote Mr. Abbott in on their personal antipathy to the PM. We know when we look at the facts, at how the economy is travelling

    It is not on her policy to get things done. It is not in her ability to introduce and pass good policy.

    It is not in her ability to lead a stable, minority government.
    It is not on her guts, or the ability to cope with all that is aimed at her.

    One can only believe that bad perception of the PM is based on her being a unmarried woman living in sin, that happens to be an atheist.

    I would hate to think it was only because she was a woman.

    I find it hard top believe that there are so many that fo bot, or do not bother to look at what a person has achieved, before voting her out.

    Has this country reached the lowest stage where we judge another, not on what they have done, but on our personal, narrow minded dislike of them.

    If so, many are going to learn, in a hard way, this is not the way to cast a vote. They will surley reap what they sow.

  70. Fed Up
    From your comments which I agree with, the country is sleep walking into hell and the rude awakening will be a year away. I shall then be sporting “Don’t blame me I voted Labor sticker on my car.

  71. Pretty much what is happening in Qld, Bilko. You’d be hard pressed to find many there who would admit to voting for the disaster that is now Qld.

  72. Joy
    My cousin, despite us having a labor polly in the family, voted for Candoo now wishes she had not and that was not long after he took over, it seems Murdoch propaganda was successful once or twice so on it rolls like a blitzkreg. We must adopt old Winnies tactics “we will fight them on the beeches etc etc”

  73. Min I find your article scary.
    I wonder how the setting up of ‘The Republic of Rooty Hill’ is going.
    I also find it revealing that Ms Gillard has been banned from WA in the
    weeks before their own state Election.
    The leadership issue is far from over. It is key topic daily.
    Unfortunately it is damned if you damned if you dont position.
    Rudds resurrection will be hammered in all areas.

  74. http://www.couriermail.com.au/news/opinion/abbott-off-the-hook-but-for-pm-its-all-poll-destroying/story-e6frerc6-1226588702624

    Very scary indeed. During the last election, the one thing I do recall, are all those shots of Abbott cramming food into his mouth.

    Wonder who paid for his early morning trip to Leumeah railway station. Did he go by train. I little hard from his home on the northern beaches.

    I suspect that station might just be in the southern or south west suburbs of Sysney. Who needs that road directory.

    Leumeah is a suburb of Sydney, in the state of New South Wales, Australia 52 kilometres south-west of the Sydney central business district, in the local …

  75. news Australian telecommunications analyst Paul Budde has published a strongly worded blog post arguing that the HFC cable networks focused on by the Coalition in its rival NBN policy are akin to steam trains in the 1930′s through the 1960′s — they’ll still around for decades, but don’t represent the future of their industry.

    The Federal Government’s current National Broadband Network policy would see the HFC cable networks operated by Telstra and Optus shut down as the NBN’s fibre to the premise network is rolled out. The two networks are only used by close to a million premises in Australia and have not been strongly focused on by the two telcos over the past decade. Many in the technology industry consider them to be legacy technology as they represent a shared telecommunications medium which slows down dramatically when many premises use the networks simultaneously.

    However, Shadow Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull last week confirmed part of the Coalition’s telecommunications policy would see at least one of the networks – that belonging to Telstra — upgraded and opened for wholesale access. The Coalition’s policy would also see a national fibre to the node network constructed — but areas outside the HFC cable footprint would be prioritised, despite the fact that many within the HFC footprint cannot technically connect to the HFC networks…


    There was a Premier, during the depression that was pushed out of office by people with the same mindset of this day.

    The Lang was his name.

    I. For one am grateful for the electrification of the Syndey rail lines. Something that has lasted up until today.

    One only needs to visit many hospitals in the western suburbs of Sydney, a look at whose name is on the dedication nameplates. Yes, many are now gone, but they did serve for fifity years.

    I am glad they built when times were bad, that harbor bridge, that had many lanes that were not needed at the time. That also stood us in good stead for seventy years.

    Yes, building for the long distant future does indeed point to good governance.

    I am sorry for those, with the imagination that only allows them to see today, and their own pockets. If I do not benefit, it is not worthwhile and not it’s necessary.

    It could not possibly a persin’s persoanal dislike for other reasos that make many attack the politicies so hard. Even when the facts prove them wrong.

    I will say again, some should be more honest in the reasons they are attacking this PM.

    Personal prejudices rate high on the list.

  76. Nellie, you have described the PM to a tee. The PM can and does deliver. The PM is can do personally. Delivering many things, at the same time.

    The PM can also walk and chew gum at the same time, unlike her opponent.

    Why he is unable to read documents and perform his daily stunt. The stunt always comes first.

    Just heard Abbott says he lives and knows Sydeny.

    Will someone please tell him, he missed is his way today. It was Southern Sydney he was in, far from those western suburbs.

    He must have followed the wrong railway line. If he looked at Strathfield, he would have realised he was on the southern line.

  77. I would be surprised if you got under the skin of any here. If you took time to read the replies, you would realise this.

    All most do, is shake our head in sorrow for those so blind, they cannot see. Most realize the problem is, not that they are blind, but they do not to want to see.

    Reality down the track, will bring them back to reality quickly.

    This is why we shake our heads.

  78. I wonder how many pensioners are going to enjoy having the rises we get this week taken off us by Abbott.

  79. Hi Patricia – you can do that yourself 😉

    (Using Firefox browser) Right click on the photo above, select “Copy Image Location”, and you have the link you can post where you so desire.

    Alternatively, the link I got from that process is here: 🙂

  80. Hey Bacchus. All done thanks for help. He has certainly got a BIG MOUTH hasn’t he. Love the look on the chaps face sitting next to him.

  81. …….his time, apparently, it’s different.
    This time, voters are not just waiting for Gillard with the proverbial baseball bats. This time, according to Senator Nick Xenophon, ”some of them almost have a nuclear missile”.
    The hatred of Gillard is such that voting her out of office is not enough. She has to be nuked.
    ”It’s a devastating business, a terribly cruel business, politics,” Malcolm Turnbull said on Monday night. ”Because all of your mistakes and blunders are out there in the public arena. You’ve got nowhere to hide. There is not an ounce of privacy.”
    Nor, in the case of Australia’s first female Prime Minister who, we were reminded again this week by the (female) Liberal candidate for the western Sydney seat of Lindsay, has no children, is there the slightest drop of mercy. Or respect.
    Is mockery the new misogyny?
    Anne Summers is a journalist and author.

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/opinion/politics/pms-critics-make-a-mockery-of-political-debate-20130301-2fbi7.html#ixzz2MMNP8uGc

  82. With only 190 + days to go it just becomes more difficult.
    Some cadidates will be excited some will be petrified as to how bad the
    outcome will be.
    There will be no fence sitters in this Election.
    This will be a ‘Landmark Election’ and the results will reflect this.
    No amount of sandbagging will save those West Sydney seats at this stage.
    There are swings of between 12 and 20% plus being
    recorded on average in all the polls.

  83. It is strange how the LNP MPs neglect to mention that their very own Julie Bishop, sitting way up there in her ivory tower, also has no children. She is now in a relationship with Peter Nattrass. Her previous partner was the delightful Ross Lightfoot. Guess she is ok because she has a religion.

  84. …………….But it is also increasingly absurd the way the media no longer waits for leadership failure; it now anticipates it and, with no attempt to disguise its bloodlust, makes the presumption of a change in leadership the prism for day-to-day coverage of politics. Such is the fate of Julia Gillard, whose demise is confidently predicted on a daily basis by the politician commentariat. If her party doesn’t get her, the voters will. Either way she is dead, politically speaking.
    Such is the confidence of the journalists and shock-jocks and others who peddle these opinions, that they see no need to wait for history to happen. Why bother waiting for the actual voters to actually vote when these pundits have persuaded themselves that already it’s all over? As a result, they feel no obligation to respect the person, let along the office of prime minister, since in their minds she is already gone.
    So they feel free to mock her in ways that would have been inconceivable with other leaders and, as recently as a year ago, even with her.
    Gillard has always had to put up with intense, often unfair and sometimes cruel commentary about her clothes, her voice, even her body shape. As I have documented, since she became Prime Minister Gillard has been subjected to vile sexual and at times pornographic vilification of a kind that is new to our political vocabulary (and which still continues).
    But now there is a new element. The pundits are scoffing and mocking her every action, from her new glasses to every policy or political step she takes, as if to say: why bother, lady, it’s all over anyway.
    They are mocking her plans to spend a week in western Sydney. (No one mocked Tony Abbott when he spent a week in Aurukun with indigenous communities last year.) They are mocking the name of the place where she will stay because Rooty Hill is seen to have sexual connotations. The obnoxious Larry Pickering, who continues his cartoon offensive against Gillard, this week drew her at a place he labelled ”Nookie Knoll” with the Prime Minister, as always in his cartoons, carrying an enormous dildo. (In fact, I understand Rooty Hill was so named in 1802 by Governor King after a hill on Norfolk Island that had been difficult to dig because of the number of roots under the surface of the soil.)………………….

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/opinion/politics/pms-critics-make-a-mockery-of-political-debate-20130301-2fbi7.html#ixzz2MMrHuYOb

  85. Has someone not told Mr. Abbott, that he did not find himself in the western suburbs of Sydney today. Did not seem to understand, he found himself in the southern suburbs. At a stretch, one could say south west, but definitely not west.

    I noticed that Ms. The machine was out reminding the pensioners that Mr. Abbott will take away the increases we are getting this month. I suspect she did find her way to the west.

    Then, this is not the first time Mr. Abbott has found himself lost. Seem to recall a squad bike ride he took. The only number he could recall to ring was that of Peta, thousands of miles away.

    For those who do not know Sydney, it is rare for someone from the far north shore to know anything about the west of Sydney. Most would get lost, if they ventured there.

    Most would only past through, on the motorways on their way south or west, to other cities or states.

  86. But now there is a new element. The pundits are scoffing and mocking her every action, from her new glasses to every policy or political step she takes, as if to say: why bother, lady, it’s all over anyway.
    They are mocking her plans to spend a week in western Sydney. (No one mocked Tony Abbott when he spent a week in Aurukun with indigenous communities last year.) They are mocking the name of the place where she will stay because Rooty Hill is seen to have sexual connotations. The obnoxious Larry Pickering, who continues his cartoon offensive against Gillard, this week drew her at a place he labelled ”Nookie Knoll” with the Prime Minister, as always in his cartoons, carrying an enormous dildo. (In fact, I understand Rooty Hill was so named in 1802 by Governor King after a hill on Norfolk Island that had been difficult to dig because of the number of roots under the surface of the soil.)
    They are mocking her, openly and shamefully, when she tries to communicate with the Australian people. When Gillard and Treasurer Wayne Swan this week tried to talk about the G20 meeting they have secured for Brisbane in November 2014 – a gathering that will bring many millions of dollars of income to the city and state – all the media wanted to know was whether the visit to western Sydney meant she was ”campaigning” rather than ”governing”.

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/opinion/politics/pms-critics-make-a-mockery-of-political-debate-20130301-2fbi7.html#ixzz2MMwZ5ZPv

    This is OK. I assume.

  87. BY CHRISTMAS, Rupert will have smiled proudly and murmured: ”That’ll do, prigs. That’ll do.” And Andrew Bolt, Janet Albrechtsen, Greg Sheridan, Piers Akerman and the other shepherds of the right will breathe out, their work done, the flock guided through the booths. Labor seen off and the kingdom, though perilously poised, with deficits feeding its single mums, saved. And the long reversal towards a top-heavy national wealth with a stalactitic drip-down to the hoi polloi can begin.
    It will start as a relaxing Christmas for the conservative voices. I imagine Alan Jones lounging poolside being handfed cress sandwiches by a valet carrying a urinal puck in each pocket for ambience. I imagine Bolt in Stubbies and thongs, fussily running a pair of secateurs over his private privet, turning it into a life-size topiary Ayn Rand, calling to the kiddies: ”Come see, come see, young things, daddy’s made a herbaceous saint.” I imagine Albrechtsen with her battery-powered Howard … No! Stop! Suffice to say they will be feeling good.
    For the conservative commentators won’t know yet that their zeal is leaching from them over the festive season and flowing across town and up through the soles of the spruikers of the left. They haven’t realised that by early 2014, the progressive commentators will be taking energy from an infuriating status quo the conservatives had hitherto got fat on. The foul injustice of having a god-bothering anti-science Tory as PM will make the left’s pens golden and their tongues rapiers. The politically disempowered are empowered artistically, and both the polemicist and the poet write better from the underground than the inner sanctum.
    The conservative flank of the commentariat will grow lazy with nothing to rail against. For an ideologue, the emptiness on losing a lifelong enemy can be deeper than that felt when losing a lifelong friend. What became of Hunter S. Thompson once his ogre was slain? What did he write after Nixon? Can you imagine the pallid suburban adulthood Harry Potter must be living now, having vanquished Voldemort in his spotty adolescence? What will be the point of Alan Jones without Juli

    Read more: http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/opinion/politics/the-hostile-pen-is-mightier-than-a-wellaimed-taser-20130228-2f6y0.html#ixzz2MMy6lLfn

  88. Min, Min, Min you just don’t geddit. Nellie and the rest of the barrackers don’t give a toss about industrial deaths, just the ones they think they can cynically exploit for grubby poitical gain

    If they ever gave a shit, they would have been appallrd at the number of insulation installers

  89. Min, Min, Min you just don’t geddit. Nellie and the rest of the barrackers don’t give a toss about industrial deaths, just the ones they think they can cynically exploit for grubby poitical gain

    If they ever gave a shit, they would have been appalled at the number of insulation installers

  90. Min, Min, Min you just don’t geddit. Nellie and the rest of the barrackers don’t give a toss about industrial deaths, just the ones they think they can cynically exploit for grubby poitical gain

    If they ever gave a shit, they would have been appalled at the number of insulation installers who lost their lives prior to HIP.

    But that doesn’t suit their smear campaign.

    And really, when was the first tim

  91. The dirty Liberals apparently had no ethical problem accusing Peter Garrett of industrial manslaughter.

  92. They are now trying to link Peter Garrett with some sort of industrial (??) waste “scandal” “brought to you exclusively” by Channel 7 which is supposedly happening in Peter’s electorate. Federal land near Maroubra beach. It is, apparently, being cleaned of waste & 7 has claimed the contractors are storing the waste, before removal, (shock horror) too close to the beach. Keep showing the same footage but tonight they added some images of Peter Garrett just for extra effect.

    It is all suitably over-dramatised for maximum effect.

  93. Yeah, was pretty low but I remember Labor using the same tactic which some here have echoed on a refugee boat that sank.

    No wonder sensible people have disengaged from the grubby mess that is politics. Only fools support either party but it keeps them off the streets!

    It’s not a freak show out west

    ………..Importantly, under Australia’s long-running program of economic liberalisation, the rising tide has lifted all boats. The bottom 20 per cent of income earners have experienced a 27 per cent gain in real disposable incomes while the 20-40 per cent band is 30 per cent better off. Western Sydney has been a big part of this success.

    Not that one would know it from listening to the political debate with its non-stop whingeing about “cost of living pressures”. The culture of tabloid TV and talkback radio has soiled our democracy, whereby any issue, at any time, offers an opportunity for all-purpose complaint.


    ……….While it is true, in many ways, that Labor has lost western Sydney, the reverse cause and effect is also valid. The region has lost Labor in that it no longer supports the working class template of government regulation, subsidisation and state-led development. If anything, people want government out of their lives, giving them the freedom to turn a dollar and raise their children the way they want. All they ask for is good schools and a health safety net.

    On the back of 20 years of liberating economic expansion and wealth creation, the west has become like most other parts of the country.

    Even when the cancerous impact of Ian Macdonald, Eddie Obeid and Craig Thomson works its way out of the system, Labor will have more marginal seats in the region than safe ones. The indolent days of ticking off a list of electorates which can never be lost are gone forever.

    In effect, we helped to create a new region through the reforms of the 1980s and ’90s – the greatest achievement in Labor history. Western Sydney has become a much better place for the true believers, a place with less poverty and more opportunity. But now, inexorably, it’s a tougher place for sustaining the public’s belief in a thing called Labor.

    As ever, the only answer is for the party to change, to update its structure and policies, to match the modern western Sydney ideal. Forget about the personality pap of Kevin Rudd and other short-term fixes.

    The choice for Labor is brutally clear. As the NSW general secretary Sam Dastyari, puts it: “reform or die”. It’s as simple as that……….


    Maybe if Abbott goes out today, he might find the west this time. Even Latham got it a little wrong. Green Valley is south west.

  95. Well, scaper if you can show ANY evidence at all that a solitary Liar ever showed the least concern for insulation installers who died prior to HIP, I might feel a modicum of respect for the faux outrage of the Liars.

    That’s why it’s impossible to feel anything but scorn and quite frankly, disgust, at the ignorant, deliberately uninformed drivel posted by the likes of Know-nothing Nellie.

    An ignorant pedler of Liars propaganda, smear, lies & innuend. Wallow away, Nellie, we’ll enjoy laugbing in your face as Liealot embezzles your cash & leaves you

  96. Fed Up – a very good post on the West.
    Not only does Labor have a bad brand but also the inability to adapt.
    The true sign of a dinosaur and we know what happened to them.
    The West has been lost for a long time . Four days of smiling and lip service
    will do more harm than good.

  97. Dindins, so you post the Bingo thing do do what exactly… to inspire, entertain or simply amuse us ….or yourself??? Just saying. 😉

  98. Well Abbott’s better half found her way to the west today. She is having a bike ride from Homebush to Parramatta, or is it the other way.

    Not too sure where Abbott is looking at the rubbish with his outing. Plenty in his oiwn party at the moment to attend to.

    Even Insiders said that Abbott has just had a shocking week. One would never know that, if one relied on the media for news.

    Watching PC PM. Yes, she is indeed talking about protecting our borders. Nothing about asylum seekers though.

    Morrison did not do so well on Insiders. The one question he could not answer, is why the police should be notified. The one question he has not been asked, is why health authorities should also be notified. Is he saying or alleging, asylum seekers are a danger to our health?

    Does it matter that Sinodinos was connected to Obeid, and is letting go of more than million dollars, to get himself out of the mess.

    Both Sinodinos and the Liberal Party benefited from that connection.

    Is it time fro Abbott to come clean about the matter. Once again Abbott was caught out about not bothering to read what his shadow ministers are saying. Once again we got, “I do not know what they said.”

    I bet that the PM makes sure she is aware of all that her ministers utter.

    Once again we have doctored transcripts of what shadow ministers say. Words being omitted. This applied to Abetz interview during the week.

    I have not noticed if the PM has a policeman from NSW supporting her policy and announcement on law and order, as Abbott had a couple of weeks ago, in Queanbyan, when he parked in the disabilty parking spot.

  99. “no ethical problem accusing Peter Garrett of industrial manslaughter.”

    No problem either with making false allegations. No problem with blaming wrong governments.

  100. @ Scaper

    Even the lounge lizards admitted it is all over for Gillard.

    What a surprise! Not that it represents any deviation from media groupthink. 🙄

  101. Voyager, I doubt it..that one is left for the Smuggler with very little Budgie to promote on behalf of his *drool* mentor Gina. Gina needs cheap labour don’t ya know…

  102. Pterosaur, but that requires imagination to depart from what one is told to think…

    Under normal circumstances this constant harassment/demonisation of Julia Gillard would be considered to be a bad political move due to the risk of the sympathy vote. However, the PM has been demonised to such an extent that it has become “trendy” to embark on a Julia-bash-fest. Pity about Abbott’s policies though..but then only those who care about the future, care about what sort of country we want to be, who care about education, our ability to compete with China in the future and who do not Australia to become a country as per the USA with an underclass of working poor care about such things as policies.

  103. Indeed Min.
    Nick Ross(ABC) in his analysis of the NBN and the mess being offered by the coalition has demonstratwd the real power of journalistic analysis over the tired opinions usually on offer from the press.
    More’s the pity that so few others have the courage to point out that the putative “emperor” “has no clothes” wrt to any “policies” on offer.

  104. Well I have no problem with the western Sydney drongoes voting for Liealot as long as they immediately relinquish any benefits that have come their way courtesy of the Gillard government, so they can get the full benefit of a Liars government.

    As they’re baying for an early election and desperate for a Liars government, I also think that a random selection should be sacked and the rest subjected to SerfChoices to get the authentic experience of Liars rule..

    If they wish to be connected to NBN, it should be the garbage the Liars are pushing. But good luck stumping up the 3 grand.

    After a couple of months living under their saviour’s benevolent rule, they could be polled again as to their voting intentions and which party looks after their interests.

    Ditto for whinging pensioners. I think they should also be stripped of all the benefits they have received from this government so they can make the adjustment to living on a much reduced pension.

    People need a sharp reality check. And laying out the financial cost to their hip pocket is probably the best way to hand it out. They aren’t suffering cost of living pressure; they’re suffering from living beyond their means pressures.

    When you have the msm spruiking that people earning $258,000/annum ($4960/week) are struggling to pay for private health insurance without welfare, you know there’s a snow job of monumental proportions being run by the msm.

    And you know there’s any amount of greedy simpleton’s who are more than prepared to swallow this bullshit whole.

  105. Could not agree more, jane. It is a puzzle to me as to how many people, who are obviously not so well off, do spout some dreadful garbage about our PM & the Labor party, all of which is based on the lies & distorted information fed to them by shock jocks & certain sections of the MSM.

    Don’t they know how badly treated they will be under a Tony Abbott-led government? They seem content to remain blissfully unaware of the full effects, of what they claim to want to happen, will do their own lifestyle. Like lambs to the slaughter with no interest in hearing the truth.

  106. scaper.. March 3, 2013 @ 1:16 pm

    Morrison did not do so good on Insiders…he creamed Barry. Even the lounge lizards admitted it is all over for Gillard.


    See this is why this guy is such an obstinate imbecile..was he watching the same show? Morrison made a complete idiot of himself. He played right into Cassidys hands… Barry, there are more politicians charged with offenses than asylum seekers…

  107. a puzzle to me as to how many people, who are obviously not so well off, do spout some dreadful garbage about our PM & the Labor party, all of which is based on the lies & distorted information fed to them by shock jocks & certain sections of the MSM.

    I think you’ve answered it yourself Joy. Most people are politically unengaged. Inasmuch as they give politics any thought at all, such thought is likely to be along the lines of the Spin fed to them by the MSM. That’s why a one-sided partisan media (such as Australia’s) is so insidious. Democracy thrives with a well-informed citizenry. A grossly manipulated one causes the opposite effect. Enormous conservative advantage at the expense of democratic health.

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