I’ve got the job!

I’ve just hopped off the phone from speaking to the Prime Minister and this little black duck is happy.

Why? She has offered me a job on her PR team! She’s after fresh ideas from someone who has his finger on the public pulse. She knew I was that person.

Oh how she laments listening to some of the idiots in her team, such as the one urging her to be interviewed by Alan Jones.

As an avid reader of Café Whispers she is aware of our large number of intelligent contributors and she has suggested that I tap their brains for ideas.

And as a regular reader she is also aware that the site attracts comments from village idiots. “Ignore whatever they suggest” she pleaded. “You can’t expect any sense from those babbling clowns. I’m weary from reading comments about how climate change is crap or that my name is ‘Dillard’ or what happens in the NSW State Labor camp. Honestly, were they raised by a family of parrots?”

For fear of publicly offending those village idiots I will not disclose the remainder of our chat.

The important message is this: She wants your ideas. So, dear readers, you’re in the team. What positive ideas can you come up with?

PS – Idiots or trolls need not apply.

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  1. congratulations and well done I sujested to emmo last night stop talking about Abbott tweet policy day in day out talk about the things you will do for people stop entertaining media take control like the lady in nsw talk policy talk about what the future holds all labour MPs must do it blankett ban on the words Abbott coalition abbotts slips will get covered if media cant use you sack abc mark scott and get our abc back take control off the debate I know its hard but it has to be done challenge Abbott to public debates day in day out get him into public forum debate
    I hope this helps

  2. Please, please, PLEASE come out in support of same-sex marriage! Do an Obama and have a change of heart. Talk to Christians and Christian leaders who are pro same-sex marriage and get their support. Talk to anyone who is pro same-sex marriage hear their opinions on public policy. Talk to people who understand that marriage equality = equal social standing = greater self esteem for lesbian women and gay men = significantly less depression and suicide attempts. The law is a barometre of cultural values and those who are deemed to have less rights under our legal system are given the status of 2nd class citizens, both in the minds of those who are same-sex attracted and by those who would bully and oppress them.

  3. Hammer home constantlyl what families will lose through the School Kids Bonus. 2 kids at High School, 1 at Primary, that’s $2000!!! Repeat it at every opportunity until it’s ingrained in everyone’s mind. It’s a stark point that hits home when I talk to people about it.

    Secondly, I appreciate the PM maintaining dignity, but the LNP don’t play by the rules. Get some of the Ministers to be a little less nice and hammer the Opposition with policy facts that will help families and what they will lose with a change of government.

    Congratulations and all the best. The election can be won when the spotlight is put unrealistic policies of Tony Abbott nearer the election. The PM will know she has a lot of support from right-minded people who appreciate her calmness and resolve.

  4. Oh, I agree with Geoff Pearson’s comments above almost entirely. I know some things are politically not able to be done, but we need to stop pandering to the media. Call out their crap, even if it’s done with humour.

    Remember al,so that Newspoll was close to 50-50 not long ago, so the votes are there if the message is strong.

  5. Im sorry I forgot one thing and its important the carbon tax every mp needs to say carbon price penny wong needs to do a presser explaining that the PM did say she would put a price on carbon then use the word carbon price and show that its working Penny has credibility we need people to understand the carbon tax and the compensation to the polluters PM is being killed on this issue PM does not need to do alan jones show she need to do john faine show she needs to morning shows on ABC after sacking scott and getting ballance back into it and she need to get tough and what I mean by tough if a jurno in an interview want to go with crap ask them their name and where their from on air at her pressers and reply so your not interested in what we are doing for your family then go to another question and keep asking so your not interested in what we are doing for your family well people of Australia are so here is what we are doing if they posisit on asking questions about abbott tell them thats for mr abbott my job is took tell Austrlaian people what we are doing to help them. go ask Abbott what he is doing all mps must use same line dont alow media to control debate unlees it questions on policy just stand there until they do ask a policy question they will soon get the message

  6. I agree with some of the ideas already listed. However, not the same-sex marriage plea. I am in favour of same-sex marriage being legalised, but that is because I BELIEVE that. Gillard does not believe that, so she should maintain her personal beliefs. She has allowed a conscience vote. That is sufficient for integrity.

    I think she should stop saying Abbott, LNP, coalition, opponents. She should give a press conference each week somewhere in Australia (not just the Canberra gallery). She should go on 7:30, Q&A, and whatever the quality other shows are. perhaps Meet the Press and Australian Agenda on Sky. Regularly as they will have here. But only talk policy and use her own voice. Not confected, sound bites.

    She should outline and detail government policy across the board. She should drop the use of the expression ‘carbon tax’ and only say ‘a price on carbon’. She should not shy away from discussions on refugees and international obligations. She should not shy away from economic topics, including deficits and surpluses. She should insist that each minister do the same in their own portfolio. Each minister should ‘call’ their opposite to debate policy detail. The LNP lineup is weak and feeble and the nation should see the stark comparisons between the two front-benches, Swan/Hockey, Wong/Robb, Carr/Bishop, Dreyfus/Brandis, Shorten/Abetz, Combet/?, Bourke/Hunt. Each minister should concentrate on their the policy within their own portfolio and travel the country giving interviews and debating with their opposite numbers or challenging if debates not accepted.

    Gillard should stop wearing the fluoros, but should maintain Prime Ministerial dignity. The press only run crook images of her, but that is their choice. She should visit all areas not just concentrate on Western Sydney or the Central Coast of NSW. She should visit WA in the election period whether invited by the the ALP or no. She should visit Tassie and the NT. This is not electioneering. She is the Prime Minister for heavens sake.

  7. I wouldn’t be publicising any comments on this page (or anywhere else) that she’s made to you in a phone conversation. That seems particularly foolish from a PR perspective.

  8. Also, if the PM wants ideas from your contributors, I’d say that she means the people whose articles you publish on this blog, not those of us who read them.

  9. Congratulations Michael and thank you for the invite to input ideas. Geoff has hit on some great ideas especially about calling out journalists who wish to hit the sound bite on personalities.
    I think the Labor Party have to bring Kevin Rudd out of exile. I am a big fan of Kevin and was dismayed by his dismissal. I was ready to give the Labor Party the flick at that time. The one action that made me think was how Kevin after his dismissal left the presser and immediately sat in on Question Time on the backbenches. This showed me that the man really cared about his electorate and the party he serves. Because of his actions I stayed with my Labor values.
    Overtime Prime Minister Julia Gillard has gained my respect and 100% support. Many Labor Parliamentary Members are inviting Kevin Rudd to their electorates to help in the campaign against the Coalition and who could blame them he is very popular. To end the constant Media hype Labor need to harness this popularity.
    Perhaps he could be brought back in as a special adviser for the Asian Region ? Some measure needs to happen to unite Julia and Kevin if it is possible. I dare say this idea will open a can of worms for many but that is the idea of a discussion.

  10. If that’s the case well done Mig. Now the task ahead! If we could get some balance in the ABC that would be a start. The lies and negativity towards the government is almost treason. And a debate with the PM and TA would be good. He won’t turn up. Publicise it until he does. But with a decent moderator who will refer to the facts. ‘That’s what you say Tony .. now here are the facts’.
    Sort out the lies. Start with blanket coverage of the ‘carbon price’ speech. ‘There’s your basic Liberal party lie!!’
    And endless messages about the good Labor has done.
    And can the PM work with and give reference to the social media sites that are telling the truth (email/tweet to her followers) like Margot Kingston, your site, The Bisons’ etc. Have her tweet on the hour so we have a chance to catch her.
    PM – ‘If you want the truth you have to search for it these days. Look up the finnigans.com.au’ etc

  11. Congratulations. A great fresh face to JG’s team.
    Calm down backbenchers. There are a lot of people out here who are awake to Murdoch’s blatant attempts to destabilise the Govt. with leadership talk, protecting Abbott from scrutiny, suppressing info on good Govt initiatives/policies.
    Reiterating some points made above:
    A bit more front foot aggression using appropriate MPs: Albo, Emerson, Combet while JG remains dignified, firm.
    Don’t let media take over I/Vs with distraction. Take control of I/V’s. Always come back to policies.
    Maximum exposure on 7.30/Q&A/Breakfast programs,
    Libs not allowed to talk. Grab their space. Flood Twitter/ Doorstops with reminders about Libs planned cuts to Super, School Kids Bonus, tax-free threshold, killing NBN and ETS
    Remind again and again.
    Question: What lessons have ALP taken from Obama campaign e.g. Is fund raising via crowdsourcing happening?

  12. There is a problem with Gillard going out and selling the message to the people and that is it will always be painted as a lose for her. Whatever she does it will be a lose, even when it’s what the media or the opposition are asking for.

    The same happened for Rudd when he was PM and would again if he returned.

    The media, and that includes the ABC, along with vested interests want Abbott in power and will do and say anything to achieve that.

    To illustrate the point even community cabinets, a strength of Gillard’s, are being portrayed as negative for her. Latest on morning news “Gillard grilled at community cabinet.” Well I would hope community cabinets would grill her and any politician who ran them. Contrast to Abbott on the very rare ones he has where only one person turns up or they are carefully stacked and scripted, yet are painted as successful.

    I know that concentrating on Abbott’s considerable failings is probably not a good way to go, and already the opposition in typical right wing projection are falsely painting the meme of the government being negative and only attacking Abbott. The media are repeating that meme. Yet there’s one area that Abbott should be constantly attacked on and that’s his cowardice. Not his chest baring once a week manliness stunts but his constant running away from interviews and even mildly difficult questions whilst Gillard faces up to every fatuous media barrage and stupid questioning.

    That difference I believe needs to be highlighted. Abbott should not be allowed to get away with going into hiding to get his poll numbers up and he should not be allowed to gag his opposition members as they might contradict his brain farts.

    I know it’s a fine balancing act of being seen to be positive whilst attempting to spotlight the opposition’s considerable weaknesses and constant lies. Better people than I need to work that one out.

    Finally. Why are the opposition and the media, especially the ABC, allowed to come out with so many lies and distortions against the government and Gillard whilst not publishing the opposition’s and Abbott’s constant lies and distortions. Turnbull’s attacks and falsehoods on the NBN are an example. It is only a couple of online outlet like Delimiter that are revealing them when they should be splashed across the media to show the deliberate misinformation being spread by the opposition.

  13. Migs congratulations , well in fact you have really been on her team for a long
    long time just hope your new found celebrations are not cut short by her
    well rumoured replacement.
    I am sure that you of all people are certain to turn Ms Dillards electoral fortunes
    around immediately and lead to a 20 seat victory on 14 Sept.

  14. Migs, congrats 😀 and there’s a bit of an arse kicking for those idiots who have been telling you how to do your job 😆

    There have been many excellent suggestions so far, but I think the priority should be to deal with Scot and the blatant bias of the ABC.

    Force them to honour their charter, and address the overrepresentation of the rabid right, ie Peter Reith, the IPA, piers Akerman etc, as these people and their lopsided views should not be given oxygen, especially when the rest of the media is so full of it.
    Many here and on other sites have mentioned the ABC was always where they used to go for balance, and that balance MUST be restored ASAP!

    Cheers 😀

  15. Not a boat load but I have no problem with a small family as it’s all I could fit in. I’ve taken in unfortunate people in the past and I’ve worked in charity kitchens for the homeless in Melbourne along with other street and charity work.

    So don’t go mouthing off about things you know nothing about. It’s typical right wing to shoot off accusations and throw around straw men as projections of their own significant failings. Failings of moral fibre, credibility and integrity so deep they cannot be pitied.

  16. That’s the idiocy and projections that Gillard has to fight Migs.

    I don’t know how she and the government can fight it but it’s fuelled by the falsehoods and distortions of the opposition and right wing media (which includes the ABC). It won’t have escaped yours or others notice that the right wingers here only ever use a small handful of sources and regurgitate opposition specious talking points. There’s no originality or initiative in anything they post or state but across the media they repeat the lies and smears so often they become fact. How do you break that chain?

  17. Sure, Voyager…I’d love a “boatfull of asylum seekers” in my backyard…mind you, out here I got one hellova big “back yard”….and they’d be a damn sight more interesting than the conservative criothans that pass as humans nearby already!

  18. Möbius, you can tell which commenters treat everything they read in the papers as the gospel truth.

    I’ve been speaking to a lot of people who have friends who will be voting against the government, and when asked why, the answers are all the same. It’s what they read in the papers. Such people should start reading what’s being said in the social media. That’s where the truth can be found.

  19. Here’s something you may not know . . .

    Have you noticed the drop in the number of media releases from the Government. I’ll tell you the reason.

    Most media releases are now done through the social media, such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and government sites or blogs.

    Do you know why?

    Media releases were being distorted and twisted by the mainstream media so a decision to bypass them was made.


  20. Möbius and,

    There is a problem with Gillard going out and selling the message to the people and that is it will always be painted as a lose for her. Whatever she does it will be a lose, even when it’s what the media or the opposition are asking for.

    I also fear this to be the case. Julia goes out to sell policy and the headlines will read “reeks of desperation”. Magazine articles will then do several follow ups with discussions about how she should NEVER wear those sort of earrings and how the outfit made her bum look big.

    Having said that, if you’ve got it, flaunt it. I would cut the power dressing and put her in a low cut sexy number at every appropriate opportunity. Tony might have the legs for boardies, but Julia has the boobs for elegant formal numbers. No I’m not kidding, Abbott is using the photo op to his extreme advantage by doing the blokey thing, so turn the tables.

  21. It was interesting watching the news last night interviewing people going into the community cabinet at Aberfoyle Park. The journo asked them if they had questions, and they responded with things like Gonski, NDIS and a pretty good one from a self retired guy asking why they couldn’t get the pension card, and one bozzo who was going to ask how can she lead such a chaotic Government (wonder where he gets his news)

    The reporter looked pretty dejected, although he perked up after the last one (a ring in?) Then, he got straight back into leadershit, which is all the journos care about.

    The divide between the journos and the voter was spelt out clearly in that small segment, and the reporter didn’t even appear to be aware of it.

  22. Abbott made a gaffe yesterday with regards to, I think, health insurance. It’s about the third gaffe he’s made this week. On Monday he said they’ll always speak “with a strong Australian accent” – while they’ve got people such as Mathias Cormoran and Erica Betz on their ‘team’. On Tuesday he said “West Australians are the Best Australians”. No doubt idiot boy thought he was being smart by using a rhyming couplet, it never occurring to him that people outside of WA will say, Hang on, If they’re the best Australians, what am I, the worst Australian?

    The subject of the gaffes is not important. It’s the fact that he keeps making them. He doesn’t have the intellectual capacity to think and speak on his feet. If he’s not scripted he quickly puts foot in mouth.

    With that in mind he should be shoe-horned into positions where he has to speak off the cuff. The Prime Minister should challenge him to a series of debates. (hat tip to Geoff Pearson and TMSeaward). Make the debates about current issues: the economy, climate change, asylum seekers, health, education, etc). Ensure an impartial moderator (a challenge there) and an audience that isn’t stacked with Liberal suckholes. And then use the platform to demolish him and his slogans while letting him put his foot in his mouth, stumble, stutter and flounder for words. I’d pay to watch that!

  23. Speaking of which, does anybody know if these Community Cabinet meetings are available anywhere to watch?

    their abc have a tendency to cut them off just as they are getting good

    or, if not, perhaps you could raise that during your first day on the job Migs (facepalm voyager), stick em all on youtube, so voters can actually see what voters are interested in. Who knows, maybe journos will actually watch it and learn

    Although, I did google for it (there are snippets in the PM’s channel on youtube) and came across this. They did cut the end off, but you get the idea.

  24. Migs, thanks for that :mrgreen: I had just finished telling my wife that since being on oxygen I have been sleeping better, but having trouble waking up, and in my semi conscious state I turned on the laptop and read your post.

    Now in the recesses of my sleep addled brain, alarm bells were ringing, but I ignored them and put what lucid thought processes were available into the comment. 🙄

    Point taken 😛

    Cheers 😀

  25. The subject of the gaffes is not important. It’s the fact that he keeps making them.

    And doesn’t get reported on. Compare that with Swan saying the wrong number for the unemployment figures (apparently he corrected himself immediately, without being prompted) and the outrage and glee with which the media reported it.


    Mind you, channel 7, to their credit, did have a segment on it, but yes, all quiet today. Remember when someone in Labor put up on the transcript that they hadn’t heard what macklin(?) said about unemployment, and again, froth and steam from the assembled Oracles. Well, the libs actually changed what he said, and not too many appear to care. Mark Riley underestimates his colleagues ability to turn a blind eye methinks 😉

  26. Migs, it would seem that the MSM is prepared to do and say anything just to get “their boy” elected..prepared to have a good 40% of their readership turn off for starters. Perhaps turning to the alternative media is a good choice for the government…more readership. 😉

  27. that gaffe went viral on social media sites.

    But the msm doggedly refuse to acknowledge it.

    Which is interesting, because many now have ‘trending’ sections. I guess they only ‘trend’ when the journos say it is OK to ‘trend’

  28. Seems to me that local members are not doing enough to keep their seats – they need to get out their much more vigorously and sell the facts – visit universities and Tafe and enrol the youth to pitch the factual message (the party needs to put money behind this, so it becomes a community event with community groups that support the Labour government)- (i think labour voters feel a bit isolated in the community, I know I do down the pub) students all have fathers and mothers who are business people – seems they are riding on the identity of the PM to keep their seat not as a team that needs to communicate the message

  29. Steven, excellent points and to add, the government also needs to dramatically increase its sales pitch to younger voters who are far more concerned about issues such as climate change rather than trying to convert the Alan Jones listeners/Andrew Bolt readers.

  30. …rather than trying to convert the Alan Jones listeners/Andrew Bolt readers

    Agree Min. Labor should forget about trying to get through to those people. They are lost to reason. Anyone with even a miniscule modicum of progressive inclination would have run from the Bolt / 2GB propaganda with their ears on fire. All that’s left are the Liberal rusted-ons, lining up for their daily reinforcement of anti-Labor brainwashing. Idiots. forget them.

  31. The thing is, I think Labor are connecting well with people who are … connected 😉

    The problem is, a VERY large part of the population still get all of their news and ‘information’ through the OM. Labor need to somehow address that. Personally, instead of attacking abbott, they should attack the interviewer. Challenge the journo when they challenge them. At the moment, they dismiss them with a wave of their hand, and a little ‘piffle’. No, hold the journo to account. And correct them, aggressively, when they are wrong.

    Gillard should have done it with the ‘Carbon Tax’ all those years ago. “Yea, call it a tax if you want to lie your audience, I’ll keep calling it what it is, a Price” Instead, she just shrugged and went, ‘call it what you like”

    Our journos are letting us down, our politicians need to highlight this, so those not ‘connected’ can see it too.

  32. And by the same token Labor should not give a cent in advertising to 2GB. Why reward your enemies?

    Don’t go on their shitty programs. Don’t be interviewed on there. Refuse to take their calls. Cut them off entirely.

  33. More Photo ops with kids. The Prime Minister lights up the camera when surrounded by littlies, her delight is obvious.
    Never refer to Liberals, always use the term Conservative, and always’ describe Labor as Moderate, or Progressive. We are the party of Health, Education and considerate capitalism. Confront Conservative lies everytime, in strong forceful language, call it a lie and explain why it’s a lie. I know the response will be …Oh all pollys lie… but no matter, name them and shame them. Link conservative economics with a George Bush vision of America with one in six Americans ie. 40,000,000 people living in poverty, Talk about the Conservatives obsession with productivity, and link it with the U.S. minimum wage of $7.25 an hour. ( Or Gina’s $2 per day) Link poor health outcomes, poor education, and high crime rates with Conservatism and use U.S. statistics to prove it! Embrace Capitalism, but emphasise that the freedom that this country offers, also comes with a responsibilty to pay a fair share. Use the example of “gated” communities (U.S. and South Africa) where poverty has lead to violence and high crime rates. Whereas Australia has always endeavored to lift ALL it’s citizens and we have succeeded in not only becoming one of the richest countries in the world but also one of the most harmonious.

  34. Recal,

    Great suggestions! There’s so much material Labor could use to show how nasty and destructive conservative policies are.

    I think Labor should use the term “Liberals” – a lot. For example:

    The Liberals receive $x funding per year from the world’s richest woman, who says Australians are paid too much.

    The Liberal leader believes climate change is crap. Yet the Liberals want to impose a costly inefficient scheme supposedly to counter a problem he believes doesn’t exist.

    The Liberals tried every trick in the book last election to avoid releasing their policy costings. After the election it was revealed the Liberal figures were shonky.

    In my view Labor should associate every lie, spin and deception their opponents have produced with the Liberals, by name. Name them and shame them.

    I acknowledge (and agree with) the point you’re making – that these are Conservatives passing themselves off as liberals. However I doubt the public-at-large has the political sophistication to understand the difference in these terms, or the sleight-of-hand the conservatives employ by representing themselves as “liberals”.

    That’s not being elitist on my part; it’s a fact that the majority of Australians care little about politics. The messaging for these folks shouldn’t be subtle. Don’t expect them to have their political thinking caps on, let them have it plainly.

  35. Cuppa and “forget them”.. Exactly. As per trolls on blogs, responding only but provides them with recognition and notoriety and the false impression that their opinion is representative of more than a few brain dead fanatics.

  36. We need to keep in mind that the only people who matter at the moment are the swinging voters. I’m estimating them at about 20% and from that 13/14% will split and go each way, it’s that last 6% that really matters, that’s the 6% we need to get us over the line, that’s why Labor needs to really engage and denounce Conservatism. Wasting time and resources trying to garner green voters is pointless! it’s the middle where the gains are to be made. These people are, by their nature moderates, and they must be convinced that with Abbott you get fundamentalist Conservatism. No NBN, no Gonski, no NDIS, moralistic decision making via George Pell, instead of democratic public policy for ALL Australians! Miners will keep ALL their profits from OUR resources, no priority for health and education. They are the slash and burn mob, (see Qld.) no vision, no society, (Margaret Thatcher) no infrastructure!

  37. Hi folks, now this is what I call a really good discussion group (almost minus trolls).
    You all have made really valid comment. If anyone would like to take it further you might like to email David Donovan the editor of Independent Australia on editor@independentaustralia.net (sorry I tried to cut & copy this from my address book, tho it may need the http:/www before it,it doesn’t for me to make contact).
    I have been in touch with him in regard to a lot of the concerns we all have and regarding OM bias etc. keeping the gov. info from being properly broadcast. He is prepared to act as a conduit for contact.
    Migs, I don’t know whether you in particular acted on a couple of requests I made last night on your last blog, but it looks to me as if you might have. Looking forward to hearing more from you.

  38. I’ve been speaking to a lot of people who have friends who will be voting against the government, and when asked why, the answers are all the same. It’s what they read in the papers. Such people should start reading what’s being said in the social media. That’s where the truth can be found.

    I have a workmate whose a staunch conservative and though we don’t talk politics much at work we do talk media. Work knows my pet peeve is against the MSM in this country, to which they mostly agree. Once my workmate was bagging the government on something he read in a Ltd News tabloid. I pointed the factual errors in the story, how the headline didn’t match the guts of the story and you had to read ¾ of the way down to find the real one.

    I said this was true for almost everything he read and repeated whenever he bagged Labor. His response was that the MSM was where he got his information and he had to trust what they said was fact, and even it wasn’t 100% correct it would have a basis in truth. I asked about online services to get information. His response was that he couldn’t be bothered searching around just to find if a something was only a little bit wrong.

    In other words he didn’t want to be proven wrong and would stick with proven lies and distortions because they supported his ideology. By the way he hates Abbott, as do all the conservatives at work and most of those who I’m friends with. Not that hating Abbott will stop them voting for the Liberals. They just find excuses to put down the government or say they don’t believe Abbott will be PM for long.

  39. Thanks I have been raking my brain here is another sugestion ALP has some freat people we dont see them enough Tanya pilbasec Penny wong kate all need to hold pressers bing people up to date on their port filios what they have introduced and why at least twice a week show transpartcy Albo on his rds sport minister each and every one of the ministers explain their action as I said control the debate and as I said in wee hours this morning dont mention abbott just say to reporter ask Abbott about that we are getting on with helping Australians if all the ministers explain their policys it keeps PM out of spot light and leaves her to do forums get the forums on utube advertise forums on twitter facbook so we can watch them force ABC to cover them utube will cover the largest of young by doing this ministers look active and are selling their message MSM will have to come to the party lol

  40. That’s another point that I don’t if Labor can address, and that’s those conservatives who hate Abbott and might vote against the Liberals because of that.

    At the moment from the very small circle I move in, which probably makes it meaningless, those Liberals have convinced themselves that Abbott will be booted out before he can do much damage as they have seen Newman do and have spoken against.

    If there is a way to get them to protest vote against the Liberals because of their dislike for Abbott then it will be a few more votes they won’t get. Or if they can be convinced to preference Labor higher than they normally do because of Abbott.

  41. Brilliant hypothetical, Migs. But I do reckon you should pass on the collected ideas in these comments.

    I haven’t much to add except to reinforce what has been said above. All government MPs from the PM down must hammer home hard the benefits that this government has and is, providing for all Australians, but particularly those who are really struggling and then sledge hammer the point that this opposition WILL remove all those benefits and hand them to the wealthiest people in this country.

    Ask people if they think that the wealthiest woman in the world really needs financial assistance to pay her bills, put her children through school or get medical and dental treatment.

    Ask them if they think the opposition plans to deprive them and their families of a fair go are what this country is about. Ask them if they reckon THEY should have a fair go.

    Ask them if they think it’s a fair go that the opposition supports an employer who reckons all they deserve is $2/hour for their labour. Ask them if that’s what they want for their families.

    Then slam home the point that this is the fate the opposition has planned for them. Liealot and the Liars are on record saying they will rip all these benefits from those who need them most and hand them to those who need them least.

    Politics of envy? I think not. The politics of the great Australian FAIR GO FOR ALL!

    All MPs should be challenged to do the hard yards in their electorates wearing out shoe leather. Haunt shopping centres on pension days where they can have impromptu community meetings. Have fact sheets on hand. Earn their salaries.

    Correct any suggestion of the carbon tax meme. Correct anyone spouting Liars Party propaganda without rancour but with humour and firm facts. Set people straight.

    Finally, get rid of Scott, Uhlmann, Enema Alberici, Sales and dingbat droogs like the embezzler Reith, Akerman and the other assorted Liars barrackers who are collectively and wilfully destroying that once great broadcaster.

    Replace them with journos and hard hitters who give no one any quarter, Journos who don’t give any politician a free ride and who will call them whenever the bullshit meter starts heading north.

    I’d be prepared to put the house on the fact that no Liars MP would set foot in the place if they know they’ll be in for a grilling ala Red Kerry.

  42. Not throwing left wing values overboard to chase the so-called ‘aspirational’ vote might be a start. Getting some media might help, too. The Guardian is coming but who reads it ~ hmmm, those same lefties the ALP has consistently dumped.

    My own ‘list’ includes issues like getting the parasitic for-profit outfits out of social service provision (the term ‘for profit’ should explain why the budget just doesn’t stretch …), getting religion out of schools and governments and back into people’s homes and places of worship if they want it, ensuring women have access to proper health treatment choices regardless of which hospital they have to attend … the list goes on.

    It used to be mostly covered by ALP policy but less and less so by ALP actionsOf course if Abbott gets in he will delight in making sure the place lies in the smoking ruins Howard promised but was booted before he delivered.

    Actually, come to think of it, you might just remind the voters over and over about just WHY they got rid of Howard in the first place ~ all those gazillions of dollars not being used for taxpayer benefit, promises to get rid of Medicare, workchoices and job cuts , and you could target that at those same ‘aspirationals’. Explain how voting against their own interests isn’t actually winning.

    And get Julia talking, making some speeches from the heart, as she did with the anti-misogyny speech. When she cares about something, and talks about gloves off, it seems like the whole world sits up and pays attention!

  43. I think the elephant in the room here is really that its the MSM/OM who make sure that the whole messages in the pressers just don’t get to air.
    Geoff, it would be good if the ABC could oust Mark Scott, Uhlman etc but the gov. would then be accused again of interfering with democratic processes.
    It would be good if the old media ownership laws could be brought back. I would love to know how and when they got changed by the way. I know that the Canadian Conrad Black wanted to buy into the media here and I suspect that it was sometime after that. Anyway the outcome has occurred by stealth right under our very noses in the name of free enterprise & this is the price we are now paying.

  44. Geoff Pearson
    I agree, Penny Wong is a huge asset, she has a great grasp of her portfolio, she’s calm, measured, witty. She has always, (to me anyway) been able to put any argument, with firmness, politeness and humour, (and just a touch of patronising condescension) (subtle and nearly always funny) Penny Wong, COME ON DOWN!

  45. Migs
    had to prop up the ideas of a rusted on Labor stalwart last night who is not into computers and blogs, her only input being the MSM . I told her to ignore the papers its all bullshit, she said at her last oldies get together politics was a hot button item, not their usual conversational titbits. Something is happening out there and I am sure the msm will not pick up on it as they only talk to each other. So make this one of your messages to the PM at your next meet.

  46. Love what the Government is doing with Health funds to Victoria. The Victorian Premier is a dill, believing he could get away with his dishonesty. I would hope the Government doesn’t stop with Health but look into Education distribution of funds also.

  47. Makes you think why we have state governments the last they seemed concerned about is the people they claim to represent

  48. How about spiking the water fountains over at the IPA, 2GB and The telegraph with proszac. If they calm down a bit their brains may have a chance to catch up with their mouths. PS: Give the Prime Minister of Australia the Hon Julia Gillard my fondest and tell her despite the lies, sexism, and stupidity of the media I have checked the figures and am profoundly proud of this great reformist,visionary government.

  49. A while ago I asked Migs if I could copy and print bits and pieces of info from CW with the intention of distributing said bits and pieces around places such as, the local laundramat, shoved in mags at the Dr’s or asian take-away and the like…. this I have been doing around my local area and beyond for the past 6mths or so…… if you have a printer ya can ‘grass-root the news’ and say ‘bugger the MSM’, I’ll do it myself……… 😀 try it yourself next time you go to the Dr’s, print up say 5 copies of ‘woteva’ and shove them in 5 mags in the waiting room…… ‘word of mouth media’… grass root action ! Get the truth out there. 😉

  50. Aghh, pity about the hypothetical. I never believed it was real, except for a fleeting second..! Anyway I’ll still take you up on the challenge. Please tell the PM to:
    * Employ lots of people like you & Greg Jericho & Jim Parker on her team (genuine fresh voices who aren’t part of the politico-media machine)
    * Take on the MSM & make their bias & poor reporting a very ‘live’ national debate, reaching into every corner of Aust society, even the usually unengaged. Ask the question ‘how do you expect your news to be reported?’
    * Go hard on Labor’s successes.
    * Do not pay any attention to polls, or the 90% of news outlets that obsess about them, until mid Aug. They are meaningless.
    * Definitely bypass the MSM & keep searching for alternatives to get the msgs across to the punters. Forget trying to please the MSM – they have largely resolved to get her & it won’t change.
    * Research & adopt lessons from the Obama 08 & 12 campaigns, particularly how to mobilise large numbers of ordinary citizens.
    * Strike early & strike hard to dissolve, neuter or at least clean out the NSW Right. Divorce them more than they have the Greens. Massive vote winner.
    * Ethics, honesty & integrity – get on the front foot & OWN this issue. As this forum has pointed out before many times – the carbon price, the Slater & Gordon stuff, the ousting of Rudd, the Wilkie deal – all overblown out of all proportions and eclipsed 10x, 20x in magnitude by the sins of the former Howard Govt, and the utterances of Abbott both before & during his time as LOTO. Own the integrity issue & fight back against the smearers.
    These points & more should be etched in the minds & scrawled on the whiteboards of every ALP pollie & foot-soldier from here until 14 Sep.

  51. Patricia Bensted @ 12:48 pm

    Yet this morning I heard that being turned as a negative against Gillard by ABC Breakfast and a commercial outlet.

    So the Liberal States can remove 100’s of millions of dollars from Health, $600 million by Baillieu, and then expect the Federal government to break a commitment made with the States by making up the shortfall.

    The commitment made by the States was that if they cut funding then the Federal government would. This was to stop the States doing what they are now attempting to, savagely cut their funding and have the Federal government bail them out.

    The argument by the media was that the Federal government should just forget their commitment and continue to fund Health, Education etc. no matter what the States do.

    Oh good one. The Federal government goes further into deficit to make up for the States cut backs so they can go into surplus. Then the media falsely jumps on Gillard/Swan for being reckless with the economy and praises the Liberal states for being frugal. Then the moment Abbott gets in he slashes and burns and everyone suffers for the false conservative god of a surplus.

  52. The protest vote you are wishing for will fortunately or unfortunately
    be very strongly against Ms Dullard and her crew.
    Polls come and go we know but when all clearly show a unanimous result
    there is credibility. Negative 35 seats at this stage on current figures,
    indicates Australian Voters appreciation of current government.
    Very very hard to turn this into win, possible but highly unlikely.

  53. And Voyager, if you’re right, you’ll get the Government you deserve, and millions of decent hardworking Australians will be the losers! I’m glad you’ll be alright Jack!

  54. This is so much better here than in the AGW thread. This is what Labor should be highlighting, the constant bumbling foot in mouth failures of the opposition and especially their weak links like Hunt, Pyne, Hockey, Morrison, Bishop old and young, Abbott, …well all of them really.

  55. Maybe we need more honest older Australians like this one calling into radio and writing letters to the ABC.

    “Anyway, if God didn’t want Tony Abbott as a priest, why would I want him as my Prime Minister?”
    Elderly Lady Caller on Talkback Radio.

  56. Voyager, I’m a lefty… dinkom, ‘taint lieing to ya like a righty would 😉 ….. but you really have to drag yourself out of the ’50’s if your still saying things like ‘comrades’…. ’cause fair dinkom cobba if your still talking ‘comrade’ then you have absolutly no understanding of the Australian Labor Party or the 21st century…. your such a dullard mate, fair f’n dinkom bloke ay……… 😀

  57. @Tom R
    February 21, 2013 @ 2:50 pm
    It seems even hospital CEO’s are into the bias. This email was sent to all staff at Bendigo Health:

    Tuesday, 29 January 2013 12:31 PM
    To: Bendigo Health All Users
    Service Reductions Due to Federal Government Funding Cuts
    Dear staff,
    I am writing to inform you of the impact of the recent $2.9M Federal funding cut to Bendigo Health and what it means for our organisation. I know many of you have been waiting to find out how the cuts will affect Bendigo Health. We wanted to ensure that any decisions we made to cut services would not have a long term impact on our ability to deliver services and our vision for Bendigo Health.
    Cutting services mid-year is a difficult task and one that the Board and Executive have undertaken with a single minded focus of keeping the impact as minimal as possible. The reality is they will impact many of you.
    These cuts have placed us in the unfortunate situation of having to reduce patient services in the following ways:
    · Reduce elective surgery by 600 cases between Easter and June 30
    · Close 24 beds: made up of eight beds from each of the surgical, medical and orthopaedic wards
    · Cut spending in mental health by around $100,000 by not recruiting to vacancies and reducing regional after hours services
    · We will also be looking at not replacing some equipment
    The fallout is that these cuts will increase waiting times in our Emergency Department and result in a blow out of our elective surgery waiting list to over 1500, undoing much of the progress we have made in recent years where we have been able to keep the elective surgery waiting list under 1000 patients.
    We have tried to spread the load of the cuts across the service and we are mindful of the impact this will have throughout our community.
    Whilst these decisions were not easy, we are pleased that we have been able to avoid redundancies, but we will require significant cooperation from staff members taking annual leave at times that they might not consider ideal. We appreciate that asking our hard working staff to take leave within a set time frame is both frustrating and inconvenient and I want to thank you in anticipation of your cooperation.
    I would like to express my regret to you all for the impact that these cuts will have on your lives. This is no way to run a health system and if we had been given reasonable notice and time to plan I am confident that we could have managed a far better outcome for all.
    Throughout my years working in health leadership roles I have never before seen the goal posts moved mid-year and I doubt that the Federal Government had any appreciation of the impact that the funding reduction would have on individual health services. Despite our pleas, it appears clear that the decision will not be reversed and we can only hope now that it never happens again.
    The Board and Executive are now hoping to return our focus to leading an organisation that is planning for a strong and healthy future, where care is patient centred and we live within our means. We have very exciting times ahead in 2013 and it is our intent to share the journey with communities throughout the whole Loddon Mallee region.
    Further information regarding the implementation of the cuts will be provided directly to those departments and staff affected.
    Please ensure this email is printed out and placed on notice boards for staff who do not have email access.
    John Mulder
    Bendigo Health

    Not a word, not a peep of a mention of the state Lieberal govt’s $616million cuts to health and how this will impact the health service.
    Then he sent out this email, refuting what local Labor MP Steve Gibbons had said:

    Wednesday, 30 January 2013 4:15 PM
    Bendigo Health All Users
    Funding cuts and bed closures, clarification
    Dear staff,
    All of you may have seen, read or been informed of the impact that Federal funding cuts will have on our health service via internal communication or through the media. You can also read more about my views on the subject on my new blog http://www.bendigohealthceo.org.au.
    I want to assure you that the full extent of the cuts was revealed yesterday and that these measures are short term. I was concerned to read in some reports a claim made by Bendigo Federal MP Steve Gibbons that we had previously decided to amalgamate our surgical, medical and orthopaedic wards and are using these cuts as a smokescreen.
    He was quoted as saying:

    “I understand that a proposal to amalgamate the orthopaedic, surgical and medical wards had been under consideration for some time, again well before the Federal Government’s indexation arrangements were implemented.
    “The cost savings announced today by closing of 24 beds, made up of eight beds from each of the surgical, medical and orthopaedic wards will have precisely the same effect as amalgamating the wards. What a coincidence!”
    – Steve Gibbons

    I shouldn’t have to deny this comment as those of us working in the hospital system know how ridiculous such a move would be, even if it were possible given our ward sizes and building infrastructure. I also can’t see how closing 8 beds in each of the three wards “would have precisely the same effect as amalgamating the wards”. Over recent years we have been working in completely the opposite direction trying to reduce the number of medical patients in surgical wards, improving patient care in the process and we are not about to undo that work.
    For the record: The proposal has never been discussed in any forum where I have been present, such a proposal would never have my support,it is unfounded and completely untrue.
    John Mulder
    Bendigo Health

    Now we have an email after the PM’s move to send the money directly to healthcare networks because of Baillieu’s game playing politicking:

    Thursday, 21 February 2013 4:52 PM
    Bendigo Health All Users
    Good afternoon,
    Today the Board and the Executive welcome the announcement from the Federal Government that $2.9M in funding removed from Bendigo Health’s 2012/13 budget is being restored.
    This means Bendigo Health can now continue to deliver high quality health care to the people of the Loddon Mallee region without implementing the planned service reductions or asking our staff to take leave. These initiatives were due to be implemented at the end of March and it is a great relief to our whole team, and I’m sure the Bendigo community also, that the service reductions are no longer necessary.
    I wish to thank all of you for your support and co-operation during what has been a challenging period for all of us and I apologise for the disruption that this issue has caused.
    At this stage the Federal Government has not indicated that the cuts reversal will apply beyond this financial year so we may need to find savings for the coming three years but with time to plan we will minimise the impact on patients and our staff.
    We can now return our focus to the development of our upcoming strategic plan “Healthy Communities and World Class Healthcare”, the new Bendigo Hospital project and the exciting times that lie ahead for our health service.
    John Mulder
    Bendigo Health

    In the meantime, all staff at the health service who have received these emails would easily believe that it was the federal government that was cutting money from health budgets. There is no inkling at all how the greater cut of $616M is going to affect everyone. So is this CEO doing a bit of politicking himself? Is he trying to keep in sweet with the state Lib’s by not mentioning their cuts or addressing the effects of same?
    How does the Federal govt have a chance when jumped-up-johnnies in little ponds, like this guy, slants his emails to all staff in such a manner?
    Apologies for the length of this post, but it got my grrrr’s revved up.

  58. No need to apologise for that and I wish there was a way of addressing that glaring bias.

    LOVO as to Voyager he certainly is way out of touch with contemporary politics, or indeed those of the last three decades. Like most right wingers he lives in a carefully constructed cocoon that shields out all reality and only allows in extreme right wing mantras of lies and distortions.

  59. Thanks Mobius Ecko, I wish there was too. I suspect that the funding for rebuilding of part of the hospital that was committed under the previous state Labor govt, and then thrown into doubt for some while by the Liberals when they got into power and then suddenly reinstated again may have something to do with the bias.

    The PM spoke well in that clip that Tom R linked. It looked like the clip was cut off before she had finished though.
    Other people’s ideas in these comments for getting through the media blockade and disinformation agenda are good.
    I especially agree with and have thought for a long time that other ministers and MP’s ought to be stepping up and being more vocal, and that this should be ongoing.
    Also agree that Barack Obama’s methods to get around and beyond a hostile media and political opposition ought to be studied and adopted where applicable.

    I sometimes feel we are drowning not waving under the agenda driven media barrage in Oz. Yet I am optimistic that we won’t be inundated by the right at the next election. They’re cunning but not smart and may yet come unstuck spectacularly.
    I tell as many people as I can about online independent media and blogs -thank goodness that we have them.

  60. Change media ownership laws.
    Change the focus on maximising profit to sustainable profit (and reliable permanent jobs instead of contracts and casuals)
    Stop public services being run as businesses. If they are to serve ALL the public they will never be profitable.
    Change the way people think about problem solving (through the revamped media)from short term bandaid fixes (like offshore processing) to long term solutions.
    Explain the difference between old economies and what the world is moving to now and how that is related to putting a price on carbon – regardless of the actual effect on climate

  61. JG’s advisers must develop a powerful narrative for Labor’s accomplishments and cease defending any failures. Take a stand for what Labor offers and boldly demarcate themselves from the Opposition on a policy basis. Take for example Abbotts Direct Action Plan as an example of how this won’t work and hammer it home for the ridiculous policy that it is. See research article in The Conversation. I haven’t heard anything about this on the media. When giving a speech there needs to be much more contrast in the delivery. A lot more emphasis/definition on certain words and phrases which contrast with each other. This gives the public a sense of leadership. Don’t emulate anyone but pull out the passion from within. Go JG!

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