Welcome to the war

Welcome to the war. The media war, that is. Against Julia Gillard.

The way the media reports the results of opinion polls would have one believing that nothing else has happened in the world. Julia Gillard could find a cure for cancer yet we’ll only read about the poor opinion polls against her. I’m not saying that the dissection of the opinion polls are media beat ups, rather, they beat them up out of all proportion at the expense of something newsworthy.

Of course, the media are free to write whatever they want, however, I never see what they write as being in everybody’s best interests.

Nominally, I’d like them to focus more on policies that are important to this country and let the reader make up his or her own mind about how such policies will effect their lives or livelihood. At present they are focusing too much on writing about personalities, such as Gillard versus Abbott. Why not more focus on ALP policies versus LNP policies? And why all the focus on who they are voting against rather than what they are voting for? Their only mentions of policies are that climate change is rubbish and that the price on carbon will ruin us all, and of course, such articles always degenerate into the echo of “it’s all Julia Gillard’s fault”.

In the end it doesn’t matter who is Prime Minister. Sure, some are better than others. Some can be out of touch with ordinary Australians or make fools of themselves on the international stage, but the PM is only a figurehead. What matters more is which party is in Government, not who sits at the head of it.

John Lord provided a list of what electorally significant policies are ignored when readers of the media get sucked into their war against Julia Gillard. While having it hammered into them that Julia Gillard is doomed, and accepting it, they ignore what this Government has provided them and hence:

They overwhelmingly reject the need for a price on carbon. This in spite of the fact that it is bedded down and working well. They are prepared for the opposition to rip it up in favour of a plan that economists and environmentalists say will not work. And they are even prepared to go to a double dissolution.

They overwhelmingly reject the need for a broadband network of the standard the government is building and would be happy with a Mickey Mouse network that the experts say is inferior.

They overwhelmingly reject the need for a better and more equal education system for their children and think that the Gonski report is not worthy of implementation despite it receiving loud applause from academics and the public. Remember the Coalition had said they are happy with the current system.

They overwhelmingly reject the need for an NDIS and are happy with the status quo. Again this policy has received widespread community support. The Coalition while supporting it say it is not in their immediate plans.

They would overwhelmingly forgo any possibility that gay folk would ever achieve marriage equality.

They would overwhelmingly forgo any possibility that Australia might ever become a republic with its own head of state. Not even a plebiscite.

They overwhelmingly think it’s fine for families to lose their school hand outs that help to pay for school fees etc.

They overwhelmingly accept that a large portion of the population (3.6 million and mainly women) will have their taxes increased.

They overwhelmingly say that they are not interested in a 3% increase in their superannuation.

They overwhelming think its fine for the Opposition to rip up the Murray Darling agreement.

They overwhelmingly reject the Government’s handling of the economy which most observers believe to be amongst the best in the world. If not the best.

They overwhelmingly want to get rid of the mining tax despite it having the potential, repeat, potential to spread the wealth of the nation.

They overwhelmingly could not care less that between 13,000 and 20,000 public servants will lose their jobs.

So they have decided overwhelmingly to reject all this even without an Opposition card on the table.

Now I could probably go on and some might also add some other policy areas but these suffice to make my point.

And of course we have a judge finding that members of a political party (The LNP) conspired with James Ashby to use the courts to bring a false claim against the speaker of the house with the eventual intent of bringing down the government. Do I take it that this means nothing to the electorate?

None of those important issues ever make it to the front page, unless the old “it’s all Julia Gillard’s fault” tag can somehow be twisted into the story.

To give you an idea of how focused the media is on the latest poll results, I have been provided with a list of the most viewed articles across the Fairfax media sites. The results speak for themselves.

Most viewed articles on Brisbane Times

  • Beware knives of March
  • Rudd resurrection is no fantasy: just ask Walt
  • Poll a ‘wake-up call’ for Labor
  • Final nail in PM’s coffin
  • PC WCs no wee matter

Most viewed articles on WA Today

  • The discount fuel docket illusion
  • Fighting the stigma of mental illness
  • Final nail in PM’s coffin
  • Poll a ‘wake-up call’ for Labor
  • Beware knives of March

Most viewed articles on The Sydney Morning Herald

  • Beware knives of March
  • Final nail in PM’s coffin
  • Poll a ‘wake-up call’ for Labor
  • Bully-boy Malaysia immature and Australia’s reaction so limp
  • Rudd resurrection is no fantasy: just ask Walt

Most viewed articles on Canberra Times

  • MP says legal costs no threat to keeping his seat
  • Beware knives of March
  • Obama-style fight ‘could save PM’
  • Stalemate as queen bluffs all
  • Och aye, PM could be on a hiding to nothing

Most viewed articles on The Age

  • Poll dents faith in Gillard
  • Poll a ‘wake-up call’ for Labor
  • Final nail in PM’s coffin
  • Beware knives of March
  • Rudd resurrection is no fantasy: just ask Walt

And that’s just the Fairfax group. Do we dare look at what the Murdoch media are writing about? Probably its usual anti-Gillard tirade with splashings of trivia about a reality TV show or a woman born in Borneo with three nipples.

Where are the important issues? Where is the policy debate? And in regards to the LNP, what are their policies? Can we please see them, or do the media just want to continue their war against Julia Gillard?

54 comments on “Welcome to the war

  1. Migs, great article, but there is one thing that I think is, if anything, more important, and that’s the war being waged against our democracy.
    By their lies and deception, and their withholding of truth and facts, they are denying voters their democratic right to be able to make an informed decision about who they think is best qualified to run this great country.

    Instead we are being led by the nose to vote for who the media moguls think will;

    1 Be best for them

    2 Be easiest to manipulate and control

    3 Be an advocate for not only maintaining, but building their wealth, usually to the detriment and at the expense of the less privileged.

    4 Be prepared to introduce legislation like workchoices that will wind workers rights back decades, in the name of productivity increases

    5 Change the the tax laws so that those that can least afford it, pay more so that the mega rich pay less as per Reaganomics and Teaparty ideologies.

    These are only the tip of the LNP iceberg that threatens to sink our economy and way of life so that the mega rich can further improve theirs INHO.

    Cheers 😯

  2. I have but a short response…
    Does anyone really believe that Julia Gillard, Primer Minister of Australia is merely sitting back, wearing these non stop attacks on her and her Govt by the Opposition, Big Business plus all the MSM, including the supposed peoples unbiased, down the middle ABC, without a plan of retaliation? Really? Then you have, like the aforementioned, sadly underestimated this lady.
    Ensure you are out of the firing line when Julia decides the time has arrived to give the order to attack. There will be serious permanent casualties and damage.

  3. A comment from Independent Australia:

    20 February, 2013 at 4:10 pm


    It’s unbelievable what is happening in this country. Older generations feared being invaded by the Japanese, or Indonesia. But it’s happening very differently than most could have imagined. The invasion is coming from within, with the assistance and egging on of corporate thugs like Murdoch.

    And the people are unaware of the fascist invasion taking place under their noses.

    Who needs stealth bombers or armies or drones when you have control of the media? Fool the people into voting you into power. That is the way to invade a country and seize power in the 21st century.

    Well, bugger them. We are not defeated yet, and never will be.

  4. Gozo
    20 February, 2013 at 3:34 pm


    This is looking like being the the most sinister ‘regime change’ in history. Watch out for more of the same ever increasing attacks from MSM- supported by 50% of the ABC.

    The strategy is to have the Government implode before September 14- force an early election without the LNP having to explian its policies 9if any) and the consequences.

    I think the PM needs to get on the front foot and ensure the game is really on.

    Those of us who can see what is happening need to become engaged -let the neo cons know we are onto them.

  5. RobbyV
    20 February, 2013 at 3:31 pm


    Anne, thanks for joining up. I hope other people persist and go to the ALP website and join up. I checked again and it looks like have entered the link correctly.

    This is a critical time for all of us who believe in government for all Australians, not government for Gina Rinehart, Rupert Murdoch, Clive Palmer, Twiggy Forrest and corporate activists. The miners, big and small, who dig up shit and pump it into the atmosphere. These types use their decadent wealth to smash any opposition to their self interested goings on.

    it is not in my personal interest to back a Labor govt; I am in that group of Australians who benefited greatly form Howard’s largesse, most importantly tax breaks on superannuation, not to mention the health insurance rebate (which I always decried as unfair and unnecessary). My attraction to Labor has always been one of trying to find a party that is progressive: I want renewable energy NOW. I want to shut down the mining industry NOW. I want the NBN NOW (regional Australia desperately needs this most important piece of infrastructure. Under Abbott The NBN will be stopped in its tracks and, with Gina and the rest of them on Tony’s speed dial, there will be no interest in renewable energy – just more holes in the ground digging up shit! Look at NSW and Queensland. That’s just the first act.

  6. The only places where you can find any interest in policies is in websites such as Cafe Whispers. Newspapers and TV are only interested in sensational headlines which appeal to uneducated people. One thing I find surprising is that there is no protest from LNP voters so it can only be assumed that they have no interest in objective reporting and could not care less about the level of media sensationalism. Tony Abbott says nothing except that we need to get rid of the government but he never spells out what we would get as an alternative. No swing voter would feel satisfied that they could compare policies of the major parties. The polls only reflect the opinions of the media not any real information.

  7. dafid1, I agree that she has a plan, and I believe that the first part of her plan was the announcement of the election date, which I also think was the reason for the vitriolic response that we have seen with the poll results and subsequent leadership speculation.

    As someone pointed out at the time, she has effectively denied them numerous front pages of speculation over the next seven months, and it is interesting that some of the headlines allude to an earlier poll as a result of the “inevitable” leadership spill 😆 spurred on by the LNP spin doctors (bullshit artists).

    The point that I made in my poem ” The 2013 Political Olympics” is that it is a marathon, which turned out to be somewhat prophetic, as it was written long before the current events. 😀

    I also agree that you underestimate Julia Gillard, at your peril, which is really the point that I was making, I am more concerned for the possible damage to our democracy and the mentality of those that are prepared to put that at risk, to further their own interests, than the survival of the PM or the ALP.

    Even in the 21st century, there are still countries where the actions of the media and pollies involved, would be seen as treason, and their punishment would be swift and permanent.

    They are abusing the privilege of living in this great and hard fought for democracy. 👿

    Cheers 🙂 😀

  8. Migs, I think its about time to block the trolls. I know that you want to remain fair, but we don’t need their negative stupid comment.
    Now, Truth Seeker, Cuppa, dafid1, Ricky, Migs could you all please contact David Donovan at IA. Soon would be good.

  9. I pretty much agree with Cuppa’s quote at 8.10. The media’s strategy’s now inseparable from Abbott’s. Get Labor out now, the less Labor does the less needs to be undone. The less scrutiny Abbott gets the less excuses they’ll have to eventually make. They’ve gone way too far to back off now.
    P.S did anybody else see ABC1’s pathetic, dutiful attempts to keep Ruddstoration alive tonight? Some bloody you tube video of him talking to American students seized upon with a desperate enthusiasm to explain the robbing of oxygen, etc etc.
    Robbing (if such is the case) entirely reliant on a vicious media’s enthusiasm for reporting it.
    And while I don’t get ABC24 on my National Trust gazetted TV I learn that their coverage of Gillard’s community cabinet meeting tonight was cut short by a sports program. No robbing of oxygen there…..
    I’ve been musing about the fucking ABC tonight. I wonder what it’s like working in an organisation that’s been ordered to deliberately trash itself so it can be gotten rid of?

  10. Sandra Searle,

    Now, Truth Seeker, Cuppa, dafid1, Ricky, Migs could you all please contact David Donovan at IA. Soon would be good.

    Happy to contact David any time. But with regards to what specifically, please?

  11. Cuppa and Bob, thank you for putting into words something which had come to mind..why is it that the msm is in full attack against Gillard, why now that the election has been called? Could it be that they want an even earlier election? And what could be the motive?

  12. I have said in many places that this is really a war on facts, knowledge and science – the products of the Enlightenment. We have a world where everyone is entitled to an opinion, and we should listen to those opinions. It doesn’t matter how uneducated they are in the particular field or how much thought they have put into it, as fellow citizens (aka voters) we. We’d to listen carefully to what they have to say.

    So, if its snowing outside how can I trust the climate scientists? If my last grocery bill seemed pretty high, then the economists must be wrong! I might lose my job – the government is hopeless. You MUST guarantee that not one single individual person will be worse off under your policy. And we now have vox pops on the ‘news’.

    Every single personal anecdote is breathlessly reported, and the people who have demoted their lives to studying and understanding the world are ignored (at best) or even vilified.

  13. Hey dont be so surprised with the media- the answer is very very simple.
    Everyone has had enough.
    Same old , same old – when a question is asked Ms Dullard arrogantly
    replies ‘I answered that back in November’ ( she must have had a busy month
    because she seemed to answer all the difficult questions that month)
    Even the Jurno’s have had enough.Look at every public forum
    on every media site – its all the same Dillard/Labor being hammered.
    You all live in bat cave and bats carry disease.You need to be quarantined.
    If you are complaining now prepare for the Real Election campaign
    because there will so much muck ‘On Gillard , Swan etc’ this site will melt.
    Richo predicts Labor will lose 35 seats with Dillard but only 15 with Rudd,
    but its terminal. Too many whiteants this time.

  14. I wonder if there are any honourable and true journalists left in the ABC who would be willing to come forward and blow the whistle on ABC management and how politically corrupted they have become.

  15. I worded up one of my disabled sons wrt what would happen to him and fellow disabled people if the Liars were to be elected. He also knows quite a few people who are in low paying jobs. I told him what Liealot has in store for them.

    To say that he was unimpressed is an understatement. He now knows what Liealot and the Liars Party stand for and their plans for the virtual enslavement of the poor and disadvantaged.

    This is a campaign that can easily be carried out at grass roots level. I’d say that anyone who completes a tax return this year and experiences the benefits of the new tax free threshold, won’t be too keen to have that snatched away if they give Liealot the nod.

    Ditto people who receive the school bonus, only to have it wrenched away from them and handed over to people who earn many times more than they do and who have absolutely no need for welfare.

    Anyone who knows a pensioner should also get busy telling them what a vote for the Liars will cost them.

  16. A couple of thoughts have occurred to me wrt the frenzied attempts by the Liars and msm to go to an immediate election.

    One is what I mentioned above; that after completing tax returns this year, low paid voters won’t be too keen to lose the $18,000 tax free threshold, tax breaks on their super and other benefits like the school bonus, this government has provided them.

    Ditto pensioners. Will they really vote for a reduction in their pensions and the perks this government has coughed up? Some may be stupid enough to do so, but I suspect most won’t want to hand them back.

    I suspect the government may also start hammering this point home big time.

    The other thing is that there may be a big fat Liars Party scandal bubbling away which won’t be able to be contained unless there is an election well before 14/9. Just saying…..

  17. Cannot believe that You Tube post of Treeman at 11.22pm.
    I guess it is an example of how Jurno’s feel about Dillard and why
    their reports mostly show her incompetence.
    It is a moment in time when any politician lacks words! !

  18. Mig – your reply is typical of the root of the problem
    Firstly – lack of action by State Branch
    Secondly – lack of interest and will by any decent CW to do anything,
    it is the way to loose credibility and votes.

  19. Was their ever any credability to start with. You can’t lose what you don’t have. Oh and like Migs said Why?

  20. Voyager, seeing you actually live in NSW, it should be easy for you to find out. I’d never heard of either until very recently.

    Mind you $60m is chicken feed compared to $300m paid to someone with whom we were at war. Isn’t that treason?

    I’d still like to know why the desperate need for an election NOW? We have an election date, why the unseemly haste?

    After all, the msm and the wingnuts reckon Liealot is a lay down misere, so why the campaign for an instant election and the hysterical slagging of the PM?

    I still feel there is a huge scandal about to erupt around Liealot and the Liars Party. I just wonder if the Slipper/Ashby affair might be about to blow up in their lying corrupt faces. Now wouldn’t that be a tragedy?

  21. I don’t listen to commercial radio or watch commercial television – but a lot of my friends do – and the ALP policies they describe to me don’t correlate at all to reality! Even people who will suffer under a Liberal Government seem to be supporting a change. I don’t understand it at all – especially as these people are not rich, they don’t have private health insurance, they will lose the school bonus and their tax free threshold – they are real battlers.
    I was amused the other day to be told that Gillard is going to introduce new $5 and $10 coins – they were complaining about how heavy they were going to be to carry around!? WTF is happening out there in MSM land?

  22. Especially when the only election we can have before August, is in the lower house.

    it Abbott won,he would have a hostile upper house. The houses would then be out of sync,

    It simply does not make sense, this drive for the election sooner.

  23. Thanks for the great article Michael. You only have to look at who controls 80% of Australia’s media. They have an agenda. On the Project one night Steve Price summed it up. He stated that if you work for Murdoch you where never told what to write but if you did not follow his views you would be out of a job. Really is much the same idea.
    The real impact for our country is the many people who only get their views via Main Stream Media. there is so much information out there on the internet but many time poor people just don’t have time or inclination to do any research on the current political situation.
    The proof of this is those that continually sprout the slogans thrown around by Abbott and Coalition. Reinforcing these slogans are the likes of Bolt, Jones, Pickering, Smith, Price……………..

  24. Allison White -‘ PM to introduce new $5 and $10 dollar coins.’
    What they are all objecting to is the fact that both coins will have Ms Dullards
    effigy on both sides. (reason : new Labor Policy to eliminate 2 up)

  25. I still feel there is a huge scandal about to erupt around Liealot and the Liars Party. I just wonder if the Slipper/Ashby affair might be about to blow up in their lying corrupt faces. Now wouldn’t that be a tragedy?

    Actually, there were a few over at PB musing over the same thing. They couldn’t understand the recent explosion of Gillard Bile being spouted in the paper, especially if you take the rest of their drivel at face value, ie “She’s gone, Labors lost, our job here is done”

    It appeared that the panic was in to push her out earlier, and the only reason they could see was something big was going to blow within the next few months. Something that will embarrass the libs big.

    Or it was just wishful thinking 😉

  26. It is pointless to blame media for Gillard Labor’s woes. Where there is smoke, there is a fire.

    In terms of policy debate, I am sure that coalition will put out their more detailed policies – after the May budget announcement.

    This is because Labor Wayne Swan who keeps fiddling and changing treasury numbers almost on a daily basis. How is anyone able to do any accurate costings?

    In my opinion, sometimes no policy is better than a destructive bad policy. Do No Harm is always the first principle in medical practice.

    Labor is the master in the area of making destructive bad policies on the run with fatal consequences, materially and politically speaking – open border policy and the drowning death of asylum seekers just one of the examples.

  27. Ah the old double standards. Demand Labor put out their policies from day dot no matter what the real budget position of the Liberal government of the time but fob them off when in opposition.

    True to form Dasha.

    And can you please tell exactly what smoke please?

    As to asylum seeker policy, they died under Howard as well. Can you please tell us exactly what this open border policy is? Has the government secretly shut down the defence forces, the surveillance radars, JORN, Coast Watch, cooperation with out neighbours etc? If they have can you please let us know so we can blast them for it?

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  29. Ah Dasha, enter another troll from stage right.

    Tom R, I know it’s probably wishful thinking, but why the sudden urgency to get rid of the government right now?

    It’s not like the election date is still to be decided and if we’re to believe the polls the Lodge is there for the taking-Margie can call in the decorators and Liealot can have his pretend shed.

    It’s just odd in the extreme. There is no logic in the sudden shrill hysterical demands for an election, NOW!

    Or could Liars Party internal polling show that despite Newspoll etc, Liars Party internal polling is showing something less positive for Captain Cowardy Custard and the Prune Brigade?

    Or even that the next lot of public polls will show that the last lot were completely off base? It’s worth a thought.

    If that’s the case, I wonder how many of the so-called pundits will be shrieking their baseless ill-informed opinions from the rooftops?

  30. Möbius Ecko,
    where were you in 2008 and since?

    Riding high in 2007 federal election victory, Labor abolished Howard’s successful Pacific Solution In 2008, purely out of foolish grandstanding moral high ground.

    Look at what happened since:
    – there were only 4 asylum seekers in Nauru detention in the end of 2007, but more than 32,000 flooded into Australia since 2008,

    – more than 1,000 people drown on the way ( probably more unrecorded),

    – more than $ 6 billions budget blowout spent on these 32,000 people ( enough to paid for the annual cost of Gonski ),

    Now out of panic and despair, Labor went back to part of Howard’s solution and reopened offshore detention centers. What a fiasco.

    Think about this, how many Australian citizens are able to offer to or dare to have a high court challenge? But these people seemed to have unlimited tax payer- fund court appeals for their failed cases.

    Most of Australians welcome genuine refugees. We want our government have controlled, orderly refugee taking program. We don’t want people smugglers in control of our border.

  31. Yet Abbott would “enhance” Nauru via the reintroduction of TPVs which have been proven to encourage women and children to board boats. And then Abbott would turn the boats around.

  32. Please define successful, Dasha. Why did John Howard abandon his own Bali Process in favour of pursuing a Pacific Solution? Where did the ‘refugees’ end up going/not going? What orderly resettlement program and/or long-term response to a long-term local, regional, and global phenomenon was advanced by the Pacific Solution? What effect did the Pacific Solution have on the broader issue and incidences of people smuggling; the underlying preconditions for irregular, transborder migrations; multi-country flight? What effect, more broadly, did the Pacific Solution have on modes of entry and exit and cross-border flows? What enduring international cooperations did the Pacific Solution achieve? Why was the Pacific Solution so fraught with so many real-world problems, not including the necessity of excising chunks of Australia from the migration zone, attempts at removing the Solution from judicial oversight, and pretending that a deficient refugee intake suffices as lip-service to international humanitarian responsibility?

  33. Jane, I would suspect that eventually Tony is going have to answer questions, therefore an election in the shortest timeframe possible..before he really stuffs things up.

  34. Min, as I have said before, a week is a long time in politics, and seven months is a bloody eternity when you’ve got to stop Abbott from putting both feet in his mouth, and maintain some level of control over his mega brain farts. :mrgreen:

    His minders must be crapping themselves! 😀

    Cheers 😀

  35. @ Tom R at 11:02 am

    I understand that Gretch lost his job at treasury as the result of his fabricated case against Kevin Rudd. It also damaged Malcom Turnbull’s leadership at that time. You paid for the price for doing wrong things.

    Ashby’s sexual harassment case was not heard and was thrown out by the Federal court judge stating political interference by LNP candidate Mr Brough. But Ashby has appealed ( ? Granted, ? Waiting) so it is still in legal process. Besides, one of Labor MPs has written to police requesting investigation of suspected LNP/ Brough involvement.

    I am interested in seeing the outcomes too. Investigations are in process, no point in hyperventilation.

  36. Dasha. take a moment out from PM bashing and look at a little reality.

    There is a much harsher and crueler Pacific Solution back in place.

    It does not work.

    What would change if Morrison was administering it. There will be no turning back of the boats. It was Howard that dumped that. As for temporary visas. No longer relevant, as all that is available npe is bridging visa’s and no advantage test. No chance of permanent visa, until all those off shore are given visa’s. Five or six years at the most.

    Now I ask again, what can Abbott do to make it crueler, than it is now.

    Morrison and Bishop made fools of themselves with their visit to Sri Lanka. Stunt did not last the day. Mainly because the numbers from there have dropped dramatically.

    Yes, looking at the facts and reality does change much.

    Look past the preceptions that the MSM have created.

  37. “Most of Australians welcome genuine refugees. We want our government have controlled, orderly refugee taking program. We don’t want people smugglers in control of our border.”

    Well one would suspect if this was wanted, one would support the Heuston Plan in totality.

    Mr. Abbott will be putting his hand up to do so, Mannus Island and Nauru were only a stop gap measure under that plan. Thanks to Mr. Abbott, that is where we are now bogged down.

    I suspect that makes Mr. Abbott happy, bugger the asylum seekers. Politics is the only game in town for him. Winning is the aim, bugger the means.

  38. Unlike you it seems Dasha, who only gets their information from the right wing media and Abbott’s opposition, I’ve been following the asylum seeker issue, and have been for a long time, especially since I used to pick up Vietnamese refugees when I was in the Navy.

    You’ve been answered by others but Howard did not stop the boats. He did for a short time but they were coming again and their numbers were increasing, which continued into the new government.

    There are several factors involved during Howard’s policy influencing both decline and the increase, like court rulings late in his last term against some of his policy that ruled out part of what he could do.

    And if Howard’s policy was so successful then why isn’t the current policy working, for it’s a much crueller one with worse conditions on the remote detention centres, including the detention of children who are self harming, and as has been mentioned the visa system is harsher than TPVs.

    So you tell us what the government has to do to “protect the borders”. Which by the way is an utter bullshit term coined by Abbott. I bet if he’s in power and boats keep coming that term will disappear from the media and his lexicon.

  39. Why was Howard spending hundred’s of dollars on Christman Island, when he was thrown out?

    Is Morrison entitled to sheet all the blame to Labor today with the latest tragedy.

    Is not it time for all MP’s to get together and come up with a bipartisan solution.

    Will someone ask what he means by stronger methods.

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