Beware the Teaparty Down Under: Abbott is a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Smart people, those Americans. From the outside they can see how dangerous Abbott is. We need to follow suit.


We’ve heard this garbage before, but we’re used to hearing it from right wing crazy people here in America. But when a prominent politician and possible PM hopeful in Australia echoes Freedomworks‘ anti-Science stance on global climate change, it is cause for alarm. Tony Abbott pictured here, has gone on the record saying: ‘‘I don’t think we can say that the science is settled here’’ He went on to question whether ‘‘emissions are quite the problem that some people say they are’’, and argued, ‘‘whether carbon dioxide is quite the environmental villain that some people make it out to be is not yet proven.” This is contrary to the findings of roughly 97% of climate scientists who study the effects of man-made pollutants on our global ecosphere. Unfortunately, Australian politics is not laden with stars in the Labor party (which is akin to our Democratic Party in…

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96 comments on “Beware the Teaparty Down Under: Abbott is a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

  1. Another ‘Blame Game’ – yes blame someone else for labor’s failings- the Tea Party
    from the US. What a crock!
    Best suggestion fix your internal organs.
    Can anyone with authority state in simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ terms,
    have Obeid and mcDonald been expelled from the NSW Labor Party?
    Start with surgery to win back the confidence of the electorate.
    No more excuses today please.

  2. ‘No more excuses today please.’

    Not from me. When the new PM (presumably kev) stands up in parliament after Easter … I want him to tell the people the truth.

    What a stinking mess the party has become “and the latest scientific evidence suggests that CO2 is a harmless trace gas, so we will dismantle the whole Green Machine and get rid of the tax.”

  3. Voyager, Vegasjessie just so happens to be’ll never guess. 🙄

    She is therefore viewing events from an American perspective.

  4. Voyager, you obviously haven’t read vegasjessie’s full post or you’d know that people outside Australia with no axe to grind wrt local politics reckon Liealot is an anti-science religious zealot and buffoon who has embraced Tea Party bullshit and who clearly has no regard for the future welfare not only if this country, but the planet.

    grodo, when Hell freezes over, you can expect Mr Rudd will be leader of the ALP. There is absolutely no chance of him regaining the leadership or the PMship, because he lacks the support and confidence of ¾ of the caucus.

    Obviously your arithmetic is as faulty as your science.

    In fact, Mr Rudd has already told the people the truth-he firmly believes that climate change is real and a threat to this country and our planet. In that, I am in lock step with him, so go peddle your faux science elsewhere.

    I believe Liealot subscribes to your view point and we all know how much credence we can place in anything he professes to believe until the next brain fart.

  5. “Voyager, you obviously haven’t read vegasjessie’s full post or you’d know that people outside Australia with no axe to grind wrt local politics reckon Liealot is an anti-science religious zealot and buffoon who has embraced Tea Party bullshit and who clearly has no regard for the future welfare not only if this country, but the planet.”

    And Jessie isn’t an aggressive atheist for Obama, just a voice of reason from the US

    And Miglo didn’t put the ideas into silly jessies head during his October visit.

    And giddard never has brain farts because women of the left don’t

    What a crock

  6. Abbott’s problem – one of them, anyway – is his very conservative inclination. This makes him resistant to change. Hardline conservatives like Abbott hanker for a status quo of long ago. The world has passed them by, while they remain rooted to some idealised past, flailing with rage at the changing face and trends happening in the world around them.

    One such “change” that’s left Abbott moored in irrelevance is the conception and gradual acceptance of the theory of anthropogenic climate change. In Abbott’s day (say, the 1950s) there was no climate change theory. The Bible assured him that man can do with the earth (“tame the earth”) as he wishes. Climate change theory tells him that man should not be using the planet’s atmosphere as a dumping sink for the filthy byproducts of fossil fuel combustion.

    Here is Abbott hankering for a simpler time before we had to worry about pollution, when we weren’t troubled by the knowledge that putting crap into the air is likely to change the planet’s climate, when it was “business as usual” – consumption without consequence.

    So he fights this change-enemy by resisting the theory itself. He simply denies it. “It’s absolute crap,” as he and other conservative extremists say.

    Meanwhile around the world, from China and other Asian spots, through Europe, Canada, States of the US, South Africa, governments have put retarding conservativism to one side on this issue. They are legislating to reduce emissions in their economies, in spite of deniers who say there is no need to change anything.

    Abbott’s political agenda of resisting action on climate change is assisted, and probably insisted upon, by some of the wealthiest forces on the planet. He dares not upset immensely powerful resource vested interests. They provide much of his party’s funding, as well as contribute to propaganda and astroturfing campaigns through the western world including Australia that benefit generally the conservative side of politics.

    So he’s doubly motivated on this. First, by his reactionary conservatism, second by the imperative of keeping his financial benefactors on-side. Expect him to resist, resist, resist action on climate change. He’s not in the position to do anything else.

  7. What a farce – Ms Dillard, Swan and Shorten getting on with Governing the
    Country. What a crock they are at the ACTU National conference at the
    Gold Coast. More ranting more excuses from all. These days Labor does
    not get all the Union vote unfortunately many now vote for the Coalition.
    (At least the weather at the Coast is cyclonic and most unpleasant – maybe
    this si an omen for the immediate future!)

  8. The trolls just like to bad mouth anyone who has anything sensible to offer here. Pity they don’t have any commonsense or a brain, hearing or eyesight. Don’t know what they are really doing here really. Oh, that’s right, they’ve also lost their sense of direction in more ways than one!!!

  9. Treetroll, what has being an atheist, if in fact she is one, got to do with vegasjessie sussing that Liealot is a dangerous religious and anti science zealot?

    His conservative Catholicism is no secret; neither is his stance on science and climate change and the rest of his and the Liars’ views are in the public domain and would be more than enough to confirm her initial assessment of him as a loony.

    And Voyager’s ignorant knee jerk comment made it all too evident that he hadn’t bothered to read the post before pounding away on the keyboard.

    Voyager you twat, attending conferences like the ACTU National Conference IS part of governing the country.

    And considering Liealot intends to reintroduce SerfChoices and victimise the lowest paid members of the workforce wrt his plan to cut any tax breaks on their superannuation, while handing out welfare to the wealthiest in the workforce and the mega wealthy like Gina Rinehart, won’t win him any votes in the union movement.

    Cutting the school allowance, funding for public health and education and the $18,000 tax threshold as well as other government initiatives aimed at lower income earners, while at the same time ramping up middle class and wealthy welfare won’t endear him to the union movement, either.

    Unlike Liealot, unions actually care about low and middle income workers and the economic and actual health of the country.

  10. I see the regular F*wits ignoring the truth as usual 🙄
    … that weather ‘thingy’ they say is ‘not’ happening is going to bring Tony down, imo…. Climate Change=LOTO Change…… but hey Trolls, keep on avoiding the elephant in the room, it will be Tonys’ doom. Tones campaign will disappear along with the Arctic ice. 😦

  11. Wow the ad homs are flying here today…as logic is replaced by desperation!

    Meanwhile Tony Abbott’s attributes pale into insignificance where giddard and murphy are concerned…

    “SENIOR public servants who advised the Gillard government on the $400,000-a-year appointment of a Federal Court judge were not made aware that the successful candidate was the legal mentor, former colleague and longtime friend of the Prime Minister.
    Documents released under Freedom of Information to The Australian show that the public servants who helped manage the selection process, including background checks, did not know of the long-standing relationship between Bernard Murphy and Ms Gillard until it was raised in media reports in 2011, soon after the appointment was approved by cabinet.
    Mr Murphy was Ms Gillard’s manager in the industrial unit at Slater & Gordon lawyers until they both left the firm around the time of the Australian Workers Union “slush fund” affair in late 1995.
    Mr Murphy had recruited Ms Gillard to her job as a solicitor at the firm in Melbourne.
    The Prime Minister’s spokesman cited cabinet confidentiality for refusing to comment about whether cabinet was told, or knew, of Ms Gillard’s ties to Mr Murphy at its March 28, 2011 meeting.
    The meeting of cabinet, chaired by Ms Gillard, rubber-stamped the appointment after a recommendation by Robert McClelland, the then attorney-general. Mr McClelland refused to comment when asked if Ms Gillard told him to recommend Mr Murphy instead of one of the other four candidates, all barristers, who had been short-listed for the job”


  12. Should the PS be made aware of that Treeman? It shouldn’t influence them, so it shouldn’t need to be said. In fact, making it known might well influence them.

    Yes Scurrilous indeed that article is.

  13. If Murphy was a Liberal under Howard the PS would have been told exactly who he was and precisely who to pick.

    Which is why we would have been baying.

    Are you going to address my question, and also perhaps admit that you can’t spell ‘progressive’ (aggressive) 😯 ?

  14. If Murphy was a Liberal under Howard you lot would be baying for blood!

    If Murphy was a Liberal under Howard I still wouldn’t care one little shit.

  15. Disturbances in the Liberal ranks that threaten to simmer to the surface come election time. Several Liberals are demanding a conscience vote on gay marriage and one gay preselected Liberal is speaking out.

    Seems they’re not all Tea Party in the Coalition and not all willing to toe Abbott’s dictatorship.

  16. And still quoting The Australian. Fail.

    And still not answering questions in regards to a story he posted.

    Or does that spoil the fun of trolling?

  17. “If Murphy was a Liberal under Howard …” There have been many, many “men” under Howard..!!??…I bet you’d drool to be one of them, Treason!

  18. Another day of the unexpected.
    The Greens ditched Labor now why would they do that?
    The Greens have acted as though they controlled Labor Caucus and were elected
    to Govern.
    What happens to preferences?

  19. Migs
    Sorry if this off topic.
    Do you remember my nightmare email to you I mentioned it to my lad, he responded that Abbott’s NBN policy was announced at the NPC no problem he said, I said they have backflipped so many times one more would not make a difference.

    From this link (not a proper one)what are your thoughts now.

  20. Treetroll, so vegasjessie is an atheist. Your point?

    “SENIOR public servants who advised the Gillard government on the $400,000-a-year appointment of a Federal Court judge were not made aware that the successful candidate was the legal mentor, former colleague and longtime friend of the Prime Minister.

    So the public servants who made the decision were UNAWARE of the successful candidate’s association with the PM.

    Wow! What a scandal! You mean the PM applied absolutely no pressure on the selection panel, which means they chose him on his merits????? Scurrilous indeed.
    This would NEVER have happened under the Rodentochracy. 😯

  21. Treefrog certainly has a bee in his bonnet about vegasjessie. First I corrupt her. Now she’s an unworthy human because she’s atheist.

    Truth is, vegasjessie has more credibility than Treefrog’s favourite tree.

  22. TS, I quite like Jessie. I think Treefrog’s attacks on her were uncalled for and pathetically immature.

    Sadly, that’s what I’ve come to expect from the parasite.

    A banning is imminent.

  23. “A banning is imminent.” ….. Migs, ya can’t ban Treeman 😆 …. his opinion is…..umm, is…, umm, ….. is….is not really worth that much, always the same round in circles bile…. same..same 😯 …. yeah, f* him…. trunkate him 😀 … he dosn’t add… he detracts …… same, same, ….. yawn !!!!!!!!

  24. Cory Bernardi went to the US to learn about Tea Party ways. The principal thing he learnt was how to set up multiple astroturf websites, such as Menzies House, that supply right-wing talking points on a daily basis to an army of trolls. I read somewhere that he set up about 40 such websites.

  25. But the Opposition Leader today rejected the analysis, saying it was Labor that relied on imported techniques and party operatives.

    He said he wanted to get away from the “deeply negative politics which I think some of my opponents are trying to import from the United Kingdom and the United States”.

    Mr Abbott appeared to be referring to Julia Gillard’s British media director John McTernan, a former senior staffer to Tony Blair.

    “You will never find from me or from any government I lead the kind of politics of division which I fear others seek to introduce,” Mr Abbott said.

    Swan warns of Aussie ‘Tea Party’

    “I will never try to divide Australians on the basis of class, on the basis of gender, on the basis of race. I will just never do that.”

    The Treasurer, in a speech to Australian Workers Union delegates today, warns that a Tea Party-style movement could gain a foothold in Australia under an Abbott government.

    He says the September 14 election presents Australians with a “similar choice” to that faced by Americans in last year’s US presidential elections, in which “they rejected the politics of fear”.

    Mr Abbott rejected the charge outright: “We just don’t believe in imported politics. We believe in strong, home-grown policy, we believe in strong local candidates, and that’s what you always see from the Coalition under my leadership.

    “We will speak with a strong Australian accent; always have, always will.”

    Yes, we know that Mr. Abbott would never play the politics of divide and rule.

  26. You lot are nothing but lazy intellectuals…
    Abbott’s critics are the ones out of touch
    “OFTEN, the truly important things about people are rarely known. That is especially the case of those in the public eye. With daily dissections of public figures by apparently curious journalists, we imagine we surely have their measure. Usually we don’t. But it takes an honest mind and a good heart to admit that.

    I learned two things last week about two men I thought I knew well enough. One – a distinguished military man, only recently awarded an Order of Australia, an alpha male, a sportsman, a former journalist, an accomplished writer, a once brute political operative for both sides, a deep thinker with a cheeky wit – is now a woman. Malcolm McGregor is now Cate McGregor.

    McGregor is also the author of a magnificent new book An Indian Summer of Cricket. Whereas Malcolm wrote the book, Cate attended the book’s launch. As McGregor writes towards the end, “By the time this book is launched I expect to be living permanently as a woman”.

    McGregor’s crisis about gender is covered in a few short pages at the end of her book. Like viewers left bewildered by a simple catch dropped at mid wicket, those who know McGregor are left shaking their heads. How did they miss the disturbing psychological dramas tormenting McGregor for many years? More than once during this clever and beguiling book, McGregor helps us out by invoking Jung’s claim that what was true in the morning becomes a lie in life’s afternoon. A few days ago, McGregor told me over the phone she is now able to say: “this is my authentic life”.

    The other man I learned something important about is Tony Abbott. The Opposition Leader has known McGregor as Malcolm for more than 30 years. Both deeply inquisitive about people and ideas, Abbott and McGregor have shared many raucous conversations over a curry in Canberra.

    How did Abbott respond when Malcolm became Cate? With compassion and humility about human frailty. With gentle humour and stalwart friendship, too. Catholic teachings against transgender had no bearing on Abbott’s concern and support for McGregor. The Opposition Leader segued seamlessly from offering up his usual vigorous handshake to a mate to greeting his old friend with a hug and a peck on the cheek.

    It is a far cry indeed from the cruel cartoon-like depictions of Abbott by his political opponents for “his misogyny”, his “macho image”, for being “a relic of another time”, “a man’s man”, “seriously dangerous” with a “narrow worldview”, a “zealot and an “ideologue”, who will “lead the country back to the dark ages”.

    From the Gillard government girls to angry feminists such as Susan Mitchell (who didn’t bother to interview Abbott for her book about him because “that wasn’t the sort of book I wanted to write”), the accusations levelled at Abbott have been vicious and untrue. If a zealot is one who deliberately redoubles their efforts when the evidence suggests they are wrong, then Abbott’s critics are the zealots. Likewise, if an ideologue is someone concerned more about ideas than human beings, they are also the ideologues. Those interested to learn more about Abbott will realise that rather than talking about the “real Tony”, his authenticity comes from doing. And mostly the doing is kept away from the spin-doctors and the cameras. Whether he is spending his spare time with volunteer bush-fighters or running, swimming and cycling for charities such as the Manly Women’s Shelter or the McGrath Foundation which raises money for breast cancer nurses, Abbott doesn’t need to attach an adjective to his name to prove he is for real.

    Late last year amid the cut and thrust of politics, when he was being wrongly assailed for misogyny, the alternative prime minister took time to pen a tribute in The Spectator to his friend’s book and to his friend. There was no fanfare, no strategic overtures to favoured journalists to report Abbott’s heartfelt review. Just a low-key and touching review headed “Tradition meets change”. Of a book that elegantly explores the military exploits of Ulysses S Grant, the brilliance of Rahul Dravid, includes pen portraits of Kim Beazley and Roger Bannister (among others) and describes McGregor’s love of and frustration with the great game of cricket, Abbott wrote: “It’s hardly standard fare in a cricket book but this, after all, is a meditation prompted by cricket from one of the most perceptive political analysts I have ever met.” Of his friend, Abbott drew upon Field Marshall Slim who remarked that moral courage is a higher and rarer virtue than physical bravery. Of Army chief General David Morrison’s decision to launch McGregor’s book, Abbott said it was a fitting salute to courage “how’s that for an institution that is so often supposed to be out of touch”?

    The same could be said of Abbott. Writing about Abbott’s review on The Hoopla website, Gabrielle Chan challenged us to “get a glimpse of a more complex man”. Yet the man demeaned by critics in the most insultingly fraudulent manner rarely gets a fair run in the media. Abbott’s review was published in November last year. McGregor, well known in Canberra media circles, particularly among press gallery journalists, was interviewed on ABC radio and television. Yet the curiosity of our intrepid ABC journalists did not extend beyond the author’s change of sexual identity. Journalists normally so keen to marry the political with the personal did not mention that the nation’s alternative prime minister had published a compassionate and caring tribute to a friend in need. The review is on the website of publisher Barrallier Books. Alternatively, a quick Google search of McGregor brings Abbott’s review to the screen. While Jim Maxwell, ABC’s doyen of cricketing commentary, noted Abbott’s gracious review, other members of the taxpayer-funded fourth estate seemed to fear that peeling back the truth of Tony Abbott might clash with their own political causes. And, needless to say, the rest of the press gallery was rather busy echoing the Gillard government’s misogyny line.

    Should we be surprised by any of this? Not really. Labor will continue the character assassination of Abbott. Other critics and intellectually lazy members of the media will toe the same line. But neither should we be surprised by Abbott’s quiet act of loyalty and compassion. Abbott’s character is plain to see if, that is, one is open to learning more about him”

  27. Tree troll, you are an ignorant, delusional wanker.

    Character assassination can only be achieved if the alleged victim has one in the first place, as usual you are getting confused with the truth, which is evidenced by the last paragraph of you nonsensical and delusional comment.

    BTW, I only read the first line, and then whilst replying to that, noticed the last paragraph, (Thanks for the laugh, it’s just sad that you actually believe that crap) which is more than I normally read of your puerile ramblings. 😦

  28. I fail to see the point of the above, Are you suggesting that the PM and Labor would put the boot into the man, like Abbott did to that man who was dying from effects of asbestos.

    Yes, we have seen a marvelous make over of Abbott since Christmas. What one needs to ask, do we now assume what we see is reality, or do we take into account his behavior and actions for most of his adult life.

    Why are the supporters of Mr. Abbott so angry. After all they are the ones that believe the PM cannot survive.

    What does it matter what some say about him.

  29. treeman pastes more crap from the oo (no, I didn’t read it), and still can’t answer a simple question. Probably still spells ‘progressive’ as ‘aggressive’ lol

    the trolling is becoming obvious.

    OK, it probably has been for a while, but I haven’t taken much notice of him before.

  30. Abbott’s critics are the ones out of touch
    BY:JANET ALBRECHTSEN From: The Australian February 20, 2013 12:00AM

    OFTEN, the truly important things about people are rarely known. That is especially the case of those in the public eye. With daily dissections of public figures by apparently curious journalists, we imagine we surely have their measure. Usually we don’t. But it takes an honest mind and a good heart to admit that.

  31. “Boycott MSM Day” on 14 July, 2013 (Australia) Please Share!

    Now that sounds like an excellent idea. I reckon it should be expanded to coincide with the convoy of consonance second coming. I’d love to see that on the news at night, a rally against the news 😆

  32. So the snow job for Abbott begins.

    It’s been going on since he became lotto ME. It’s just becoming more obvious now as the layers of polish are simply covering up previous layers. It’s even uncertain if the ‘real’ abbott is still in their anymore, or if howard himself has taken up the shell

  33. Treeman only has a very small handful of sources he utilises and would be utterly lost without them if he had to articulate his closed minded follow the leader point of view off the bat.

    So we see him post extensively from his select smattering of right wing sources thinking it gives his argument validity when all it does is lose him credibility, not that he has much to lose in the first place.

  34. ALBRECHTSEN is a ‘source’

    she might be on it, but she certainly isn’t one.

    treeman also can’t answer simple questions (or spell simple words)

  35. So Shorten shores up Ms Dullards leadership. He has stated unequivocally
    yesterday that he supports her leadership and there will be no change at the top
    prior to the Election.
    Do you believe and trust this man?

  36. Do you believe and trust this man?

    More so than a guy who can’t even keep his word when it is written down.

  37. I’ve just spent a few entertaining minutes reading a screed of pro-Abbott propaganda by former ABC Director, Janet Albrechtsen. Like so many others with a media megaphone including Bolt, Akerman, Sheridan, Jones, Hadley, Uhlmann etc, Albrechtsen apparently feels the need to come to Abbott’s rescue when needed to “correct misconceptions”. I call it Spin and Propaganda.

    The Albrechtsen piece was posted by Treetroll, who, surprise! surprise! is another rabid right wing Spinner. (there’s an endless supply of them out there.)

    Albrechtsen described Abbott as:

    deeply inquisitive about people and ideas

    I find it hard to credit this. Let’s take two of the more prominent international political themes of current times. And because Abbott moves in political circles, let’s see how “inquisitive” he is about them.

    1) Peak Oil. Abbott: “Look, it’s not a term I’m familiar with”

    2) The Tea Party. Mr Abbott said he was not deeply familiar with and had not closely studied the US Tea Party. (We have to take him at his word on this).

    Laurie Oakes observed of Abbott (my emphasis):

    His strength is the sweeping statement and going for the political jugular – not getting into the detail of issues and doing the hard yards

    Paul Keating, in describing Abbott as “an intellectual nobody”, said:

    “Abbott is dumb and if the public takes him they will get a large kick in the bum and they will deserve it.” 09 May 2012 reported on the ruminations of the Great Philosopher here (my emphasis):

    …And Mr Abbott was also drawn into the heated debate over sending money directly into bank accounts of families with school children when he appeared stuck for an answer to a relatively uncomplicated question.

    Asked why the school cash payments were different to his generous parental leave scheme payments he said: “Well look, they just are.’

    Janet Albrechtsen again:

    …the “real Tony”, his authenticity comes from doing. And mostly the doing is kept away from the spin-doctors and the cameras. Whether he is spending his spare time with volunteer bush-fighters…

    Lol, did she write this with a straight face? Does she somehow not know about his recent firefighting stunt? Where he tweeted in advance he was going to a fire-affected area, there to be met by waiting camera crews? (Someone wanting to “do” quietly would not call attention to thenmselves by tipping off the media in advance). When there he posed for photos (which were quickly put onto his Facebook page), including one where he stood near a fire engine, model-like, with one hand daintily placed on a hip.

    Surely she heard about his stunt where he went to flooded Brisbane? Where he filled a couple of sandbags for the cameras, and when the cameras were switched off, waltzed off, probably to the next stunt!

    The Daily Tonygraph

    He’s not known as Phoney Tony for nothing!

  38. Good one Cuppa and it still only scratches the surface of the bullshit being spun about Abbott.

    They indeed must be desperate and know they need to polish a turd to have any hope of getting him over the line. If he had to do so on his own merits and face the scrutiny of the public, as Gillard has done every time, he would fail miserable and a polished turd or not he would still be a steaming pile of dung.

    Note that whilst all this spinning and turd polishing is going on for Abbott the man himself is mostly missing, avoiding the media and public except in the occasional snippet. They do this because they learnt from the last time they used to hide Abbott away for extended periods on his polls going down after he would make appearances only to go up again when he vanished. Problem was people started questioning where he was and why he disappeared, so now they are carefully stage managing when he appears for his short stints.

    Other problem was for that tactic in the past his Coalition oppos would come out and say things in his absence that would directly contradict what Abbott had stated before his vanishing or when he reappeared. He was obviously not keeping up with what was happening when he was hiding away.

    To get round that problem the dictator Abbott orders his shadow ministers not to appear in the media or social networks so that is also carefully stage managed for Abbott.

    Talk about being all stunts and spin, this opposition and Abbott take the cake.

  39. Tony Abbott and daughter Bridget donned board shorts at Queenscliff beach, Sydney, yesterday to promote Surf Lifesaving Australia’s “Boardies Day

    As Labor battled talk of leadership changes, Mr Abbott was looking relaxed, basking in the sun in a pair of board shorts. He took daughter Bridget along to a Sydney beach to promote Surf Lifesaving Australia’s “Boardies Day” fundraiser.

    “I’m just not going to get into the poll numbers today, I’ll leave that to others, I’ve never run a commentary on polls, I don’t intend to start now,” Mr Abbott said.

    Bridget Abbott confirmed voters would see more of her during the campaign.

    “It’s a big year and dad needs the support of his family for something like this, and we’re all really excited as well, so definitely,” Ms Abbott said.

  40. I wonder what Mr. Windsor had on his mobile, that he waved at Mr.Abbott in the house.

    Mr. Klopper. BHP Biliton has resigned ABC 24

  41. Love the photo of Abbott at the Manly Daily, but I wonder why the lady in the backgroud has her head in her hands. she is probably too embarrased to be seen near him. I wonder where the next stunt will be staged?

  42. Tom, I’m not sure that Abbott is even remotely away of how he contradicts his own statements..and the msm certainly aren’t. 👿

  43. and the msm certainly aren’t

    it is glaringly obvious that the msm are simply not aware of anything outside of their little cubicles, which appear to have an internet connection restricted to the liberal party website.

  44. Patricia, at one stage I was contemplating just how many stunts of Tony’s would receive publicity before it all got so much of a yawn that people started to turn off. It would seem that these are never-ending as the msm keeps providing endless free publicity..who cares if we’re all bored out of our brains, just as long as Tony receives his free publicity is what is important. Note how it is almost always something which Julia cannot do, pics doing blokey things, pics with his children. This is of course a deliberate strategy, the image of Action Man/Family Man compared with our “deliberately barren” Prime Minister.

  45. Fed up, and people say that Julia should *do better*..but how when one is confronted with such a barrage of negatives. The list down the RHS provides proof absolute.

  46. Wow Fed up, just read that independent Australia article, and it is damning in its forensic take down, particularly of the David Day article. But the most damning for me was the last bit

    Finally, to dispel any doubt that Fairfax is driving the Coalition’s election campaign, here’s the opinion poll at the bottom of the article:

    Poll: Do you think a leadership change will help Labor’s chances of re-election?

    (a) Yes, something has to change
    (b) No, it’s the Labor brand that’s on the nose
    (c) Not sure

    Now, could there conceivably be any other answer to that question than those three?

    First Murdoch. Now Fairfax. And now the universities? Such, it seems, is Australia’s doom.

    And to think that a Labor MP is currently being dragged through the courts because of his statement about push polling 😯

  47. TOM R-
    Fairfax saying ‘its the Labor brand on the nose’
    I have been saying exactly that here for about 12 months but most CW’s
    are so ingrained with Labor’s righteousness. All they do is firstly make
    Excuses and secondly Blame others, at the moment its the media.
    Till recognition of shortcomings and failures occurs its all downhill.
    Dillard or Krudd it will make no difference to the Election result.

  48. Voyager thought he had an original thought in referring to the Prime Minister as “Dullard”.

    But it wasn’t an original thought – just another example of #RightWingProjection. – right wingers projecting their own inadequacies onto others.

  49. Truth Seeker,

    In a way I guess we should be thankful for the right wing trolls. Their every comment shows the world at large how brainwashed and lacking in substance and morals right-wing Liberal spruikers can be. But, yes, pathetic they are.. because if the media do succeed in getting the gormless Abbott into power those same spruikers will have to spend every minute defending and making excuses for him as he brings on ridicule for the stream of gaffes and brainfarts he lacks the capacity to avoid releasing. 😀 Cheers TS.

  50. ” But I wonder why the lady in the background has her head in her hands. ”

    I wondered that when I first seen it.

    It bought back memories of the Mr. Abbott, in the early hours election day, after he spent was it twenty four hours rushing around the country, ending up at the Campbelltown Police station.

    The look on the faces of the police present said it all. They clearly where not impressed.

  51. Mobius @9.25am, the problem for Abbott’s publicity team is that he should be seen but seldom permitted to speak. After all he is just a pretty face *choke, choke*.

  52. “Treeman only has a very small handful of sources he utilises and would be utterly lost without them if he had to articulate his closed minded follow the leader point of view off the bat.

    So we see him post extensively from his select smattering of right wing sources thinking it gives his argument validity when all it does is lose him credibility, not that he has much to lose in the first place.”

    Ha Ha Ha…credibility doesn’t count for much in the cafe of ad homs and smear!

  53. Oh dear, desperation has set with this sort of drivel:

    “They indeed must be desperate and know they need to polish a turd to have any hope of getting him over the line. If he had to do so on his own merits and face the scrutiny of the public, as Gillard has done every time, he would fail miserable and a polished turd or not he would still be a steaming pile of dung.”

  54. Treeman, drivel in what way? Sorry, not good enough. If you want to put forward a contra argument, then what about some factual information.

  55. Of course, our perceptions of the PM could not possibly be tainted by the MSM’s belief that they have her sussed, could they Janet Awfulbrechtson? Oh, no. Only piss weak Tony Abbott needs constant defence from the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. Poor old Tones. Meanwhile, the PM (who does not need to be at the levers 24 hours/day trolls – there are no levers) gets on with things. FMD! I’m so over right-wing trolls taking over political sites, especially proudly left-wing ones!!!!!

  56. voyager, I beleve they went a long time ago. I did answer earlier. Why not do what all other do, Google

    Now what has that to do with the PM?

  57. VOYAGER – S y d n e y ….. a simple question has been asked of YOU and YOUR ilk for a long, long time now…… and you demand answers to yours 😕
    Why would a Tony Abbott Govt. be a better Govt. ? Simple question……!! Why do you have such a hard time answering it? …… and a ‘it just will’ or a ‘ because we will be better’ ain’t gunna cut it …… and please don’t bore us with ‘Juliar’ and ‘surplus’ bull……. what is it you think Tones will bring to the table that would benifit you? me? us? and our land? AAA ……. oops, sorry I meant oi, oi, oi. ay 😀
    p.s. ..just say’n 😉 :- Tea Party…… fancy name…. a tad overboard maybe….. but definitly a manly man-type name………………………………………………. scone anyone……. 😀

  58. The man that travels regularly to the USA to take part in Tea Party activities.

    LIBERAL senator Cory Bernardi has spoken out in support of anti-immigration Dutch MP Geert Wilders, saying a double standard on free speech is emerging in Australia.
    Mr Wilders, who is on a speaking tour of Australia, has in the past called Islam ”a retarded culture” and in Melbourne on Tuesday called the prophet Muhammad a ”warlord, terrorist and paedophile” and called for a ban on migration from Muslim countries.

    Read more:

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