Joe the Goose

“Wayne Swan is the most incompetent treasurer in Australian history,” Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey said in Sydney today.

Naturally, he is demanding Swan’s resignation after he revealed the mining tax collected just $126 million in its first six months against a budgeted $1B.

This is the same Joe Hockey who moments later promised that a Coalition Government would scrap the tax.

This is the same tax that Joe Hockey predicted two and a half years ago would destroy our mining industry.

Six months ago it was our economy’s wrecking ball. Yep, Joe said it.

Last September he’d spurted that he wants it scrapped.

Way back in August 2011 it was going to raise too much tax.

Last November it was a botched tax and also that month he made the ridiculous claim that the Treasurer knew nothing about the tax. 😯

He even went to London to tell people the tax should be scrapped.

But it’s hard to beat this gem from last month:

The federal opposition says the government should come clean with the public on how much the mining tax raised to date, then immediately move to scrap it.

Joe is a goose. How can you repeatedly call for a tax to be scrapped, arguing that it’ll kill Australia, then turn around with the complant that it hasn’t rasied enough money?

He really has some more egg to wipe off his face.

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  1. Migs, you are unfair to the lovely goose. They have more pluck and guts, than Hockey will ever have.

  2. Around about now I can see Joe doing a panic about how he is going to produce a surplus or at least give the illusion of one on paper. I know that the Libs believe that the Australian public are dumb and dumber, but everyone knows that you cannot “make savings” with less revenue without making cuts somewhere… and although the sacking of public servants has some populist appeal (or at least it used to until the Lib state governments tried the same), most people will around about now be thinking: Who is going to be effected? Might it be me…

  3. Maybe Joe is going to do a Cameron, tax the poor so they lose their house whilst Cameron himself owns several luxury houses.

  4. @ scaper; Hockey will be treasurer. The Abbott has promised that his shadow bench will be his front bench “When” elected. With all 15 ex-Howard members still on it! Unless he is telling a – shocked voice – LIE!

  5. Abbott a liar, archie? Who knew?

    Low inflation, low unemployment, low interest rates, steered the country through the GFC-that’s the sort of rotten Treasurer I’d like behind the wheel, not one who thinks eleventy is a number and thinks a catering company is qualified to check his budget costings.

  6. With a thread called, and dedicated to, “Joe the Goose”, I thought it was worth re-posting my poem also dedicated to “Joe” 😀

    Sloppy Joe

    Cocky Hockey, or sloppy Joe
    Call him what you like
    The man talks only lies and spin
    And should be told, get on your bike
    His economic creds are shot
    The man’s a total knob
    And rubbish is the only thing
    That dribbles from his gob
    To give him keys to treasury
    Would be a huge mistake
    Cos like his leader? Abbott
    He’s a… monumental… FAKE

    Cheers 😀 😀

  7. Worth a giggle, Migsy. The Mining Tax was to pay for budget initiatives yet it won’t raise a quarter of the projected revenue.

    Swan and Gillard were conned by the big three multinationals in their haste to put the debacle behind them. Yet you spin on Hockey as a diversion? Adrian’s catch phase comes to mind…projection.

    I stand by my question…will Hockey be the Treasurer if the coalition wins government? We’ll see.

  8. Friday, April 20, 2012.

    Joe Hockey travelled to London,
    To make his declaration
    That it was time to turn the page,
    And bring to an end the age
    Of what he called Entitlement.

    You may well ask why didn’t he
    Announce it in North Sydney
    That we’re citizens of Asia,
    Neighbours of Malaysia
    And the Indian subcontinent.

    There, he said, they are satisfied
    With what their families provide
    To support them when they’re old.
    Now Oz could save amounts untold,
    With something the equivalent.

    When asked to whom the scheme applied
    He hesitated and then replied,
    “Oh, we’d have to have a means test
    Which would eliminate the rest…….
    ……Of us who prove ourselves non-indigent.”

    Remember how less than a year ago Joe Hockey our Shadow Treasurer, made a speech in London on the other side of the world which included an unambiguous statement about the age of unlimited and unfunded entitlement to government services and income support being over in the Western world. 

    He even appeared on Lateline that same evening and answered some very pointed questions from Tony Jones about exactly what that might mean under a Coalition government.

    Lots of lovely quotes in there for the election campaign about Coalition plans for Oz!

  9. That fat head Hockey is nothing like an elegant, beautiful goose. Geese are also clever, and have integrity. They will always tell the truth and are never duplicitous.
    Try as I might, I just can’t see any resemblance to a self serving nincompoop, nonentity like eleventy Hockey.

  10. Geese also always know where they are going being able to migrate great distances.

    Hockey never knows where he is often running around in circles and doubling back on himself in his idiotic attempts at denigration of the government. It’s a pity he doesn’t double back and disappear up his own arse.

  11. if the coalition wins government

    If they get into power it won’t be because THEY “won” anything. THEY will have ridden in on the back of the media, being too disabled to stand on their own feet.

    Look at the cartoon Patricia posted above: Sloppy is being carried by someone else. That’s the whole Nolalition relationship with the media.

    They’ve got no policies they’ll own up to. They don’t ‘do’ costings, they don’t ask questions about their portfolios. All they have done for years now is spin in the media all day and repeat focus-grouped three-word slogans.

    The world’s longest dummy spit.

    Hey Joe, wadda ya know?

    So you would cut all those initiatives?
    Absolutely, you can’t afford them.

    …a couple of hours later, Hockey was complaining on Twitter about being misrepresented.

    “Misrepresented”, how the hell do you misrepresent a direct quote that was an emphatic statement and the entire context was published. What a goose.

    Tony Abbott’s office moved immediately after Hockey’s doorstop to indicate there was no change in the Coalition’s support for the move from 9-12%, which is already difficult enough to believe given the Howard government welshed on a similar commitment in 1996.

    That shows the form of the Liberals and why Abbott will renege just like his State Liberal counterparts on most of his promises, let alone those like the Super 9% to 12% promise they have no way of funding along with the rest of their unfunded $70+ billion of promises.

    The more Hockey tries to put down Swan as an incompetent Treasurer the more Hockey shows why he’s not fit to be a Treasurer.

  13. How appropriate that you’ve used the term goose because this sums up Swan (the real goose)to a tee.

    Treasurership Down
    King Canute is standing there in his best raincoat and wellingtons, waiting for the rivers of gold to come pouring down the dry creek bed, and all that comes round the corner is a rusty tin can, rolling slightly in the breeze.

    Meanwhile over at Tim Blair’s blog, correspondent The Old and Unimproved Dave has suggested that Wayne Swan’s Treasurership is going to end in a massive chase scene like The Benny Hill Show.

    I can never resist an old TV rerun reference, so picture if you will a frantic Swan chasing a group of mining magnates through a park at high speed, tearing off their clothes and trying to empty their pockets at the same time.

    Cue that unmistakeable music …

  14. Patricia..another gem. Such is the poor standard of journalism in Australia that such quotable quotes quickly pass from memory..except for those who are concerned about the implications for Australia’s future.

  15. We know which “battlers” the Liberals have a history of putting first..

    Liberals’ super pledge to hit the poor hardest

    Superannuation policy has emerged as a class-war issue between the parties.

    Labor accuses Mr Abbott of callously hitting 3.6 million of the poorest taxpayers while opposing changes to curb disproportionate tax advantages for the wealthy.

    Treasury figures show the top 5 per cent of income earners, who have a greater capacity to direct savings into super, obtain a combined benefit of nearly $6.5 billion a year.

  16. I’ve got a new nickname for Joe Hickey, try this one OPIUM, which is defined as a SLOW MOVING DOPE.

  17. Call Hockey what you will but there is no escape for the real goose…”THE Gillard government’s political-economic agenda has unravelled. The Treasurer has no clothes.

    Hope for a 2012-13 budget surplus, promised for three years as part of good economic management to create jobs and restore confidence, is gone. The $2 billion funding – down from original estimates of $10.6bn – for “spreading the benefits of the boom” through the Schoolkids’ Bonus, family payments, carbon tax compensation, company tax cuts and superannuation rises is also gone.

    In the past eight weeks, Wayne Swan has been forced to abandon his political fictions and face the economic reality that has been long apparent. The delay in revealing the inevitable reality has been almost, if not more, politically damaging as the disclosures themselves….It’s all about political overreach and economic under-delivery.

    “THIS government is not the first to introduce an appalling tax. And sadly it won’t be the last.
    But when it comes to the minerals resource rent tax it is hard to think of another tax that has used up so much political capital yet raised so little revenue relative to expectations.
    Recall that, after the botched effort to get the resource super-profits tax up, the government negotiated with just three companies – Rio, BHP-Billiton and Xstrata – to settle on the MRRT.
    To be levied only on coal and iron ore, the initial expectation was that $4 billion would be raised in the first year.
    This was revised down to $3bn in the May budget and further reduced in the mid-year economic and fiscal outlook to $2bn.
    After weeks of ducking and weaving, Wayne Swan decided to come clean with the bad news – $126 million in the first six months of the financial year, with more revenue in the second quarter than in the first. (The gossip on the street is that $20m was collected in the first quarter.)

    Let’s face it – if the government got close to $500m for the full financial year it would be doing well.
    According to the Treasurer, the paltry revenue from the MRRT is the result of global turmoil, falling commodity prices and the high dollar. The trouble with his analysis is that, if anything, the world economy has stabilised in the past six months; commodity prices, particularly iron ore, have recovered strongly and the dollar has been high for a lot longer than the past six months and would have been factored into the revenue forecasts.
    One of the issues now confronting the government is the link it established between the MRRT revenue and particular expenditures, including the increase in the superannuation guarantee charge and infrastructure funding.
    This link was emphasised by Assistant Treasurer Bill Shorten when he said, “This is why the MRRT is so important to our nation’s future: it pays for the cost of increased superannuation’s concessional tax treatment. Around a third of the proceeds of the MRRT will be used to increase incentives to save for retirement, including increasing the superannuation guarantee from 9 to 12 per cent.”

    Given the revenue shortfall, should we now assume the government will delay the increase in the superannuation guarantee charge and the infrastructure spending and any other item it chose to link to the MRRT proceeds?

    In all likelihood, none of these items will be deferred, which then leads the public to conclude that even more stuff is being put on the tab. The reckless spending continues.

    The MRRT has scored a remarkable double. It has introduced a very unwelcome element of sovereign risk to investment in the Australian resources industry, but has raised virtually no revenue.

    With a design that is prohibitive of risky investment in coal and iron ore, the negative impact of this tax will be felt over time if left on the books. There is a very strong case for its abolition”

  18. And before you slam me for posting opinion pieces, that is all you have here…

    Poor old treetroll relies on Liberal media to spoonfeed him his ‘opinions’.

  19. Wow Treeman is getting desperate in his hunting for right wing media to prop up his blinkered right wing view and throws in a strawman to reinforce it.

    No we don’t just have opinion Treeman, the facts on Hockey posted are that, facts, not opinion.

    Everything Hockey says of Swan is opinion though, as is just about everything you quote as you almost exclusively rely on biased right wing sources.

  20. ………..the age of unlimited and unfunded entitlement to government services and income support being over in the Western world.

    Unless you’re wealthy and have absolutely no need for it. That’s the Liars Party way. And Min’s comment @9.34am drives home the point.

    And for “proof” of Swan’s “incompetence” Treetroll trots out Tim Blair, ffs. More eleventy incompetents trying to smear someone who can actually count.

    And then we have the tired old surplus bullshit. And when you ask these twats what is the use of a surplus, the answer is silence, because anyone with half a brain knows that a surplus proves one of two things-you’re overtaxing or running public infrastructure down.

    I have marked the government down for being drawn into the surplus bullshit and thankfully they’ve given it the flick. Far better to invest in public infrastructure which benefits everyone than have a f*cken surplus which benefits no one and makes you look like a dumbcluck who can’t be bothered looking after the country.

    BTW, whose opinion are you regurgitating? Someone who knows what they’re talking about or just another Liars Party barracker who doesn’t know their @rse from their elbow endlessly repeating Liars spin?

    At least the opinions expressed here are their own, not some media hack’s.

    Nice try, but still no cigar.

  21. If an election was to be held, say, next month I’d be bothered by this verbal diarrhoea. But with seven months to go, the more Hockey spues forth the sillier he’s gonna look. Commodity prices are on a massive rise right now, so one would assume that the tax take will rise with it – especially if the Greens’ attempt to plus a loop-hole in the legislation comes off next week…

  22. Facts that Hockey overlooked, or more probably just can’t get his lack of financial knowledge head around.

    Mining tax shortfall: the experts respond

    Wow Liberal States raising taxes (royalties) against the miners to a much higher degree than the full MRRT will ever do doesn’t raise an eyebrow or a single condemnation from Abbott and his zombie trolls. This is the man who goes on about taxes being increased as the greatest evil in the world and something only Labor does. Surely he can’t be lying (AGAIN!)?

    And Hockey screwed this up and that’s fact. He wasn’t taken out of context the full transcript is there.

    Cutbacks would hit millions of people

    So Abbott plans to increase taxes for the poorest in this country whilst significantly cutting them for the wealthiest 5%.

    Why aren’t the right wingers up in arms over Abbott raising taxes as they constantly are over a Labor government that is actually a lower taxing one than the previous Howard government? Abbott it seems wants to not only go back to being a high taxing Howard type government but tax even higher.

    How about addressing these instead of throwing in strawmen and biased opinions from right wing media organisations. And whilst you’re at it what about the $70 billion in unfunded liabilities the Abbott opposition have committed to, of which on dodgy accounting Hockey has said $50 billion can be made in savings purely on cutbacks. Shutting down the entire government would not save $50 billion let alone sacking 20,000 public servants. Something hokey Hockey still has yet to clarify but they want us to vote for them on spec.

    This is the party that uses caterers to do their accounting, but again the hypocrite right wingers here go on about the government economic management, management that got us out of a GFC and delivered hundreds of thousands of jobs as compared to Hockey’s US/Europe style proposal at the time that caused deep recessions and cost millions of jobs.

    Please, opinion pieces aren’t going to convince a single soul that Abbott and his opposition led by eleventy Hockey are better financial managers than this government who have the runs on the board, let alone using biased right wing media pieces as a supposedly credible source.

  23. Meanwhile the REAL GOOSE just keeps on giving:
    This transcript is from The Treasurer’s government website – pre-censor!


    The Opposition raised the issue about pamphlets, taxpayer pamphlets released in the ten Labor electorates which said we delivered a surplus on time as promised. This is before your comments later in the year that the surplus wasn’t being delivered. Can you tell us why these pamphlets said you delivered a surplus on time and as promised when it is only as had been forecast?


    That’s right, that is what we had forecast. At the end of last year, I stood up and said it was unlikely that that forecast was unlikely that that forecast was would be achieved because there have been a substantial change in the revenue outlook caused by global volatility


    You put out a pamphlet saying we have delivered a surplus. That is a huge difference.


    We have put in place a fiscal consolidation which is ongoing and that has been a key part in very significant interest rate cuts delivered by the Reserve Bank because our strict fiscal discipline has given them the capacity to adjust rates downwards but forecasts are adjusted. Twice a year, we first of all bring down a budget, then we bring out a mid-year budget update. Because of what occurred in the second part of last year, after the update, I provided further guidance of what had happened with revenue.


    It says “We delivered a surplus” and you hadn’t.


    We had forecast a surplus, put in place a fiscal consolidation to achieve that surplus. Only somebody who would stick their head in the sand would ignore changes in the global economy. The facts have changed, so responsible Governments have to change their settings to protect growth and jobs. Fundamentally, when we take decisions about budget settings, what we have to do is grow the economy and support jobs. I said at the end of last year, in response to those events, the responsible thing to do was to support growth and jobs and not to further cut public spending. Those people who are pushing this line are in fact advocating a substantial cut to public spending which will reduce growth and push up unemployment.


  24. ….because anyone with half a brain knows that a surplus proves one of two things-you’re overtaxing or running public infrastructure down.

    Actually three jane.

    It also proves that the government is shifting debt from the private sector to the public who have to make up for the shortfall of reduced government spending of their money (taxes) back into the financial system.

    This is the biggest thing Howard did, and you see it on statistics of the constant exponential growth of private debt under him to the point of Australia being the highest private debt per capita nation. Something by the way that Costello finally spoke out against five years too late as being unsustainable, but Howard fully intended to keep stoking.

  25. Shock, shock, a tax based on super profit, does not collect anything when the super profits no longer occur. Yes that is shocking indeed,

    The whole budget, Mr., Hockey says is going to collapse because we might not collect the whole two million.

    It is a shame that Mr., Rudd was unable to bring his model in, years ago, because of the action of Mr. Hockey and Mr. Abbott. how much money have the taxpayers been deprived of.

    By the way, Mr. Hockey is still saying, this tax, which collects nothing in normal times, is destroying the industry.

    I noticed one that is criticising the treasurer most, is a man that doesn’t not even understand fiscal consolidation. Does not appreciate the damage the high dollar is doing to the community.

    The MRRT is never meant to be a major part of the revenue. It is just icing on the cake.

    Yes, the collections are slowly increasing, as the price of ore increases.

  26. Haha

    Hockey on Twitter denying something he said that is in transcript as being Labor making things up in desperation, but when the transcript is pointed out he goes silent.

    Real GOOSE. Not erroneous right wing opinion of one.

  27. Someone from the Coalition on ABC 24m just said that al the government has to do, is to bring back what they did in power, to solve the boat people problem.

    They are not listening to the people who mucked it up.

    It is amazing how they ignore, that is exactly what the PM has done, Not only done, but proved not too work.

    Time to look for new solutions.

    . Scott Morrison due ABC 24 to respond t what the PM is doing in NZ,

    I know this is not about the goose Hockey, but then thought, we could extend the post to other geese in the Opposition.

  28. Scott, PM is wrong to arrange for NZ to take a few more boat people. Applies to who are already in the country. Gee, that is so wrong.

    She she she she she

    What we should be talking about, Mr.Morrison is the system you impose on the country that does not work.

    Yes, we should be putting the whole of the Heuston plan into place.

  29. “Someone from the Coalition on ABC 24m just said that al the government has to do, is to bring back what they did in power, to solve the boat people problem.

    They are not listening to the people who mucked it up.

    It is amazing how they ignore, that is exactly what the PM has done, Not only done, but proved not too work.”

    What planet are you on? gillard has done nothing except prvaricate on the issue. The last gasp attempt to revive the Howard solution hans’t worked because it’s not yet up and running. You’re in lal la land CU and that’s being kind!

  30. Well the PM has done something. The PM has made Mr. Morrison very angry.

    Would also like to say, the interview was via broadband from Sydney, Assume southern beach suburbs, It was so bad, blurry, stop and go. Says something for the quality of broadband in that region.

    Yes, another goose.

  31. Cu, again statements coming from Joe the goose do not compute. Whinge how the MRRT is sending the country broke and then whinge because it’s not collecting enough. Does this then mean that according to that reasoning, that because the miners aren’t paying enough that they’re being sent broke??? Ummm errr… But of course the Libs are trying to make the non-computable computable by saying that it’s the anticipation of having to pay tax which is stopping the miners from mining. That sounds good..I think that most people do that..they stop working just in case they might have to pay extra tax (while still making an extremely healthy profit).

  32. Patricia, it is only false entitlements when one talks about those on the bottom end of the economic ladder.

    For those at the top, you know the ones born to rule, it a right, what they are entitled to.

  33. Treeman, and

    What planet are you on?

    I would say that your knowledge of the asylum seeker issue is gained from reading Andrew Bolt.

  34. When al else is lost in the debate just throw in a bunch of Youtubes as if that well and truly wins the argument. The fact dozens of videos the other way can be thrown up is ignored.

    Someone here says it’s fun coming to this inconsequential blog, so inconsequential they spend and awful lot of time and energy on it, but it’s more fun watching a clown turn and squirm avoiding the subject of the topics at hand.

  35. There is something very naïve and petty about the She Lied argument. Lying, at least to me means a deliberate effort with the aim being deception. A simple example would be, I’m going to make banana bread. I then discover that someone (Min waves to Daniel) has eaten 2 of the bananas. Does this then mean that I LIED about making banana bread or that situations change making a revision of the original plan a necessity.

  36. It is terrible for Mr. Swan said there would be a surplus, based on the figures available. Yes that is bad. Who says so.

    We then come to a time, the figures changed, Ore prices unexpectedly fell. No more super profits. It is hard for a tax to gather revenue, when is is aimed at super profits.

    At the time, the treasurer believe we were into surplus. The figures were on targaret,

    What is wtong with that.

    Now, as soon as it was clear had changed, the treasurer came out and told us, the budget was no longer on target for a surplus,

    He also stated that they would not be tightening fiscal policy more, to bring the budget back on target, as to so so, would lead to a rise in unemployment and a further tightening of the economy.

    In other words, it would hurt us to do so.

    What is true, the budget is still on trend to come back into surplus, on;ly later.

    The deficit is much narrower this year, than last.

    As I have asked in the past. what is the difference between a small deficit which we look like having, and a small surplus, in economic terms. Nothing much I assume.

  37. Here’s another LNP Goose worshipping a previous bigger NP Goose.

    The Coalition’s regional development spokesman, Senator Barnaby Joyce, who has advocated zonal taxation since his Maiden Speech, said being a “Joh Bjelke-Petersen idea” was “a great recommendatiopn because I think Joh Bjelke-Ptersen was a brilliant politician.”

    Another of Abbott’s finance team who can’t count.

  38. I believe what we now have with the boat people is much harsher that anything Howard introduced.

    It does not work.

  39. Yes, thanks Mr. Hockey.

    “…………………..MORE than 900,000 Victorians would face tax increases under a Tony Abbott-led government, thanks to his pledge to close off the low-income superannuation concession.
    Across Australia, 3.6 million people would lose the concession, which reduces to zero the normal 15 per cent rate applied to super contributions.
    The concession, which costs the budget about $1 billion annually, was introduced by the government last year and was to be paid for by revenue raised by the mining tax.
    It benefits people earning less than $37,000 a year who would otherwise have no concessional advantage from superannuation.
    At its maximum, it is worth $500 annually, but most people get less than that….”

    Read more:

    Repeat of Oliver at NPC, Has many questions for Mr. Abbott.on ABC 24

  40. Lets post some more facts, not opinions, of hokey Hockey being a Goose.

    Revealed: Tony Abbott’s email on election agenda
    However, an email exchange within his inner circle, including his wife Margie, obtained by The Daily Telegraph online, has revealed that Mr Abbott appeared more concerned with making friends in the media and convincing them to think he was a “good bloke”. …
    he suggests that the speech contained enough personal stories “that’s personal for the commentariat to say…yes he is a good bloke, and yes he is more fair dinkum..”.

    So how did Hockey address this revelation of Abbott being about spin and perception, not honesty and integrity?

    Joe Hockey tried to portray this leak as being the work of a stranger taking a screen cap of Tony Abbott’s computer in the Qantas Lounge.

    Oh FFS a screen capture in a Qantas lounge, but the Goose in attempting to put up that ludicrous notion only proved that Abbott’s disingenuous was true. Nice one Joe, how to help a mate NOT.

    Or this. It’s another case where Hockey is in transcript and the full context is published but the Goose tries to say it’s bias, which seems to be his standard response everytime he’s quoted in context and it’s damning.

    On Channel Nine quoting Hockey about getting rid of the Liberals promise of a 9% to 12% super levy.

    We now have the ludicrous situation where reporting facts and telling the truth leaves media open to accusation of bias from the LNP.
    Are you serious, Mr Hockey? Channel 9 are your boy and girls, they’ve been aligned with the Liberal government since the days of Black-and-White TV, just because you can’t keep them on a short leash, does not mean they don’t check the facts.

  41. “……………..NZ Prime Minister John Key said: ”We’re conscious of the view that a regional solution will be found.
    ”I see the issue as an Australasian issue and as a regional issue and from New Zealand’s point of view, I stand by my publicly stated comments in the past that it’s my view that a boat will at some point turn up in New Zealand.
    ”We work very closely with the Australians and they provide a lot of support for New Zealand, so in that regard we are looking to work with Australia.”
    Prime Minister Julia Gillard said in a statement: ”Our partnership has been forged between shared values and history, strong people-to-people links, an close government, security and economic ties.”
    If the deal proceeds, it would echo a similar one struck by former NZ prime minister Helen Clark with prime minister John Howard over the 2001 Tampa affair, when he refused to allow a container ship carrying more than 400 refugees to land.
    Asylum seeker policy has also been a pressing political issue for Ms Gillard, who has revived controversial offshore processing centres in Nauru and Manus Island……..”

    Read more:

    Deal similar to the one made with Mr. Howard.

  42. Both sides of politics have been guilty of this..a slash and burn program in order to achieve the magical surplus which are really only paper numbers anyway. However, Australia will truly be in trouble if the Libs have their way due to having to reimburse the mega wealthy for their support..that is, no means testing on anything, cancel revenue raisers and make the less well off pay, pay, pay. We have it as plain as the nose on one’s face – it’s you and me who will be paying, it will be the disabled and the disadvantaged who will be paying..and all to make Gina and Twiggy happy.

  43. Well ME, he did do one good thing, Mr. Petersen that is, he halted Mr. Howard’s grab for power for many years.

    Ir allowed Mr. many years to work on that shoulder tic, that let him down in his first campaign, which he lost.

    We can be thankful that Mr. Hawke and Mr. Keating got the chance to bring our economy into the modern age.

  44. Oh Migs you are at again.
    Ever heard of Pandoras Box? Well why would you open it when Labor has absolute
    title for the worst Economic Management .Labor wins hands down in every poll on
    this one.
    Calling a Goose when you have the Golden Swan about to make a ‘Swan Song’
    in Lilley on or before 14Sept – just silly from a bit of a turkey.

  45. Yes, we will go back to the early days of Howard.

    That of user pay, mutual obligation and co payments.

    All things that transferred the government debt to the lower income taxpayer.

  46. I noticed the approaching 800,000 but thought to let it slide by.

    Hope I’m online for the million.

  47. For such a hopeless site, we do seem to attract some attention. Wonder if it because of our visitors, or in spite of them. Would be nice to know.

  48. Voyager, on Labor and “worst economic management” try..The Australian newspaper who is not exactly a leftie organisation, awarding Kevin Rudd Australian of the Year for his astute handling of the GFC. Remember when the opposition was tearing at forelocks about all that *gasp* spending on shovel-ready projects..meanwhile overseas Australia was receiving accolades for economic management with Obama being criticised for being too slow. Unfortunately that’s what you get when you restrict yourself to the Murdoch media to obtain accurate information.

  49. Hi Mo, I noticed that milestone. It came quickly and even sprang me by surprise. I’, predicting we’ll get the one million on our 3rd birthday – June 6.

  50. Hockey the goose want to kill this golden goose.

    Miners cash in on iron ore boom
    February 9, 2013
    Paddy Manning

    AUSTRALIA’S leading mining companies are set for a wave of profit upgrades with bullish analysts factoring higher iron ore prices into earnings forecasts as China’s economic recovery gathers pace.

    BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto and Fortescue Metals are due to report in the next two weeks and Commonwealth Bank and UBS analysts have highlighted the upside to earnings if iron ore prices remain above $US150 a tonne.

    Thing is without detailing how they are going to fund it, Abbott is promising they will still fund the things the MRT is going to fund.

  51. Labor has absolute title for the worst Economic Management .Labor wins hands down in every poll on this one.

    And there folks we have it – the Lieberals are only interested in the spin, the perception of truth, rather than facts. Insignificant facts like EVERY credible economist has the Rudd/Gillard governments streets ahead of the Howard government on pretty well every economic measure…

  52. Miglo @ 2:05 pm

    Wonder what the combined number would be from Tim Dunlop’s Blogacracy, joni’s and reb’s Blogocrats, and the other blogs that followed out of them, of which this is a continuation, plus the time or two you restarted resetting the count?

  53. Möbius, it is with great relief that now that the election has been called that people are starting to demand an answer to the question: but how are they going to pay for it all.

    The only clue and a vague one at that came from Pyne on Q&A..cuts. I would not mind an answer from a right winger..cuts from where? And no, cutting a non-specific thing called “the waste” is not answer.

  54. Min, I suspect there is not much low hanging fruit to cut.

    Most of the examples they used, have already reached their end by date. Even the laptops finish in June.

    All the GFC spending had end by dates built in.

    I believe that the Opposition will find that most of Labor’s so called wasteful spending has been tightly targetted.

  55. Lieberals lying:

    Labor has absolute
    title for the worst Economic Management

    More bullshit from the Lieberal trolls.


    * International Finance Minister of the Year (twice)
    * World’s strongest developed economy
    * Only developed economy to avoid recession during the GFC
    * For the first time, economy rated Triple AAA by the world’s top three ratings agencies
    * Other notable achievements – Track down the BISONs


    * The most wasteful government in the last 200 years
    * The biggest-taxing government in Australia’s history
    * The biggest trade deficit ever recorded
    * The longest run of successive monthly trade deficits ever recorded
    * Biggest foreign debt in Australia’s history (number 4 in the world in dollar terms)
    * Highest levels of household and business debt ever recorded
    * The lowest value of the AU$ (2001)
    * 94% of the mining boom tax windfall frittered away in just 2.5 years
    * Interest rates consistently above the OECD average
    * Highest inflation in 16 years
    * In mortgage rates, the highest interest component-to-average income level ever recorded
    * Housing affordability the lowest ever
    * Personal bankruptcies the highest in two decades
    * Government investment in Tertiary Education in reverse


  56. This is important Min as not only have the Coalition not said what they would cut, and Hockey has stated they have identified $50 billion in “waste” without detailing it, but just as relevant is what they have stated they promise not to cut, and this they have detailed, for example Defence.

    What they have promised not to cut are some of the biggest costs.

    So unbelievably, and it really is pie in the sky Loony Toons incredulous mumbo jumbo, they, as they have been since 2007, will be lower spending, lower taxing, lower interest rates, lower cost of living, (no MRT, CP other promised cut revenue), smaller government, bigger bureaucracy (e.g. DAP, parental leave), bigger Defence, better environment managers, more infrastructure (cranes over cities), higher politician wages, higher cost of government offices especially Abbott’s, spend $70 billion in unfunded liabilities, all on far less revenue.

    Surely even the right wingers don’t believe that and are only going along knowing Abbott and the Coalition like their State counterparts will break just about every promise they make, and will then blame Labor for the string of broken promises, making every excuse under the sun that they “didn’t lie”.

    If they do believe that then they are far bigger fools than anyone imagined.

  57. “………..Labor accuses Mr Abbott of callously hitting 3.6 million of the poorest taxpayers while opposing changes to curb disproportionate tax advantages for the wealthy.
    Treasury figures show the top 5 per cent of income earners, who have a greater capacity to direct savings into super, obtain a combined benefit of nearly $6.5 billion a year.
    The opposition counters that Labor is preparing to soak the rich in a bid to replace its underperforming mining tax and salvage its budget position..

    Read more:

  58. Hi, could a mod post this cartoon too, please. From @GeorgeBludger:

    Sloppy Joe Hockey uses a special ‘patented’ calculator 😀

  59. Cu, oh deary me..poor little Gina might have to go on a fiscal diet as *gasp* according to the Libs she is going to be soaked.

    **note to self, do not always use descriptions provided by the msm..the wealthy and soaked??? champagne or is it ewe’s milk…

  60. If we are going to use our navy to patrol the Sri Lankan coastal zones, our defence budget will have to be greatly increased.

    No savings there for Mr. Hockey.

  61. How much a year do those on say a $300.000 mortgage now save since Labor came to power.

    How many interest rises did we have in the years of Howard’s surpluses.

    Maybe there is someone that can remind us.

    I believe the answer to mortgage repayments is something like $5000.00 per year,

  62. We might as well as Scott Morrison to the goose tag.

    He said that the New Zealand deal for 150 genuine refugees was sending the message of Kiwi with sugar on to the smugglers.

    First. Howard did a similar thing but the Liberals claim he stopped the boats. So surely Howard was also sending the same message of Kiwi with sugar on top but by some miracle the smugglers didn’t sell the sugar message to the refugees.

    Second. Only genuine refugees are going to New Zealand, you know the ones that are found to be OK. So is Morrison saying that genuine refugees should be denied asylum in a country that’s willing to accept them?


  63. “So is Morrison saying that genuine refugees should be denied asylum in a country that’s willing to accept them?”

    That is what he is saying. He is also saying we cannot afford the extra 7000 that the PM agree to take.

    I believe he is really saying, we cannot take any from this region.

    He and Ms. Bishop made a big thing of their trip to Sri :Lamka early in the week. No one took one iota of noticed. It appears that Sri Lanka today, is a paradise for these people.

    The problem for Mr. Morrison, is that Labor are sending most from Sri Lanka back already, therefore his announcements made no sense.

    I agree with the Greens today. Mr.. Morrison scheme is not working. Time for the coalition to go back to the drawing board.

  64. Min if you think back Abbort when challenged over a backflip uttered those immortal words ” if circumstances change it is only correct that a policy changes” or wtte. BUT not for Julia or any labor spokesperson.

  65. Sloppy Joe Hockey. Just proves you don’t have to have a long neck to be a goose. Sloppy and Phoney: In your guts you know they’re nuts.

  66. I have a suspicion, the PM is now ready to deal with the last big unfinished business she has. That is the asylum question.

  67. What makes me laugh about sloppy Joe, is that it was only a couple of weeks ago he was proclaiming, with his “I’ll hurt you” pout, that the MRRT was a failed tax because it didn’t raise ONE DOLLAR.

    Now that it has raised $126M, he’s whinging that the tax that was going to destroy the mining industry, didn’t raise enough, so again its failed.

    And if it had raised the projected $2 B, then he would have complained that it’s raised too much and is proof that it will destroy the industry, and severely dent Ginas ambition to be the richest woman(?) in the world 😦 😥

    Not only that but he must have removed a shoe so that he could count to eleventy 😯 And this is their choice for treasurer FFS 😉

    Let’s hope that he is one goose that is cooked very slowly 😀

    Cheers 😀 😆

  68. Abbott may have a nice new pale blue tie but he is still a snake-oil salesman. And no matter how many times he says it, he will not be able to ‘axe the tax’ because it is already working and he will not be able to ‘stop the boats’ because the navy won’t do his dirty work for him. Hopefully there will be enough intelligent voters who won’t be fooled by his propaganda.

  69. 94 comments on Joe…….. 5 Treeman ( discounted Vids 🙄 ) 1 V.Syd……… touchy point,mm……. Joes’ Ineptocracy must be a salient sore 😉

  70. Saaq Madiq @7.01pm, roflmao.

    mludowyk @12.10am, exactly. And a pouty, tantrum throwing snake oil salesman at that.

  71. Truth Seeker @ 8:33 pm

    That’s been Hockey’s modus operandi from day one, paint everything as a lose lose for the government.

    Remember the continuing idiocy of his interest rate attacks. They go down it’s a sign of bad government economic management, if they stay the same it’s a sign of bad economic management and if they go up it’s a sign of bad economic management.

    Yep, he thinks he’s got all the bases covered and he’s clever. When asked about interest rate movement under a government he might be in the whole thing gets turned around. Down is good, same is good and up is very good. You should see him disappear on Twitter whenever he’s challenged on this imbecility.


  72. “We are indeed maturing, we have reached 802,528 hits without anyone noticing.”

    Ha Ha…you must have contributed at least half with your incessant unctuous platitudinous rants…The rest from a handful of like minded group thinkers make up the numbers…

  73. Treeman, you really are starting to give me the shits. I suggest you piss off from this site. If you don’t, then I will block you.

    You offer nothing here.

  74. The weather’s fine thanks scaper. Heading for 30, which is fkn hot for Canberra.

    You might have noticed I’m getting a little annoyed with a couple of people. I’m on the warpath.

  75. Goodness, el gordo’s already raced over to reb’s site to mention her moderation status. And surprise surprise; the announcement is laced with a large dose of bullshit.

  76. Of all the annoying things el gordo does, bad mouthing this site and other things from one blog on another is the lowest. It demonstrates an insincere person craving attention and status.

  77. Well at least this time el gordo can’t intimate a lie to everyone they were banned when in fact el gordo had banned themselves.

  78. Mo, she’ll no doubt say she’s been banned, when in fact she has only been placed in moderation. She has a history of stretching the truth. 😯

  79. What I am sick of, is being abused for having left wing views. With some, it is more being a woman, an old one at that, with left wing views.

    I am fed up with those from the right believing they are entitled to abuse all that do not agree with them, not only agree but bow to their superior knowledge.

    I would like to point out, it is not about being right or wrong. It is about what we each want for this country.

    I do not want, what the right do, therefore I cannot support their policies.

    I have been accused of paranoia. Sorry, that is not the case.

    I believe after listening to Insiders this morning, that paranoia is rife in Abbott;s camp. So much that he is withdrawing from all sites where he can be interviewed.

    It appears the L:iberals are terrified one of their mob, mainly Abbott, might say the wrong thing. It was pointed out, he has not done a serious interview since the Leigh Sales one six monhs ago.

    Yes our visitors come here to abuse, in the hope of gaining attention for themselves. It is all about them. What lonely lives they must lead.

  80. Migs, just catching up. Funny how one old lady gets under their skin, especially Tree.

    Must be hitting the bone, or would that be the core, Trees have no bone, therefore no spine, do they not.

  81. Voyager, I suspect this goose is barren,.


    Lisa WilkinsonVerified account
    Disappointed @TonyAbbottMHR has pulled pin on our Fri @thetodayshow interviews. Esp when he was SOcritical of PM when she did same. #auspol
    Reply Retweet Favorite More

  82. Treeparrot…. Your again posting others opinion and mistaking fact for opinion. All of Migs quotes are fact, Hokey said them. Hokey is an economic illiterate. I don’t know what economy you ate living in, but according to current economic figures, Swan is an incredible treasurer, 1000 fold that of costello or the worst in australia, Howard. Treeparrot, your a failure like the floposition.

  83. I will order ‘Swan a la Obeid’ for dinner. The Critique of the serve:
    ‘Sure to be an abject failure overworked and underperforming leaving a very bitter
    taste on the palete. Has been known to cause violent vomitting witin in hours
    of ingestion.’
    Cure is very simple just never go near a stale Swan with a Lilley.

  84. WTF Voyager you make less sense than Abbott, and that’s not much, like this.

    Tony Abbott is ready to discuss readiness to already be ready to discuss a discussion paper on LNP readiness to already be ready

    Or Abbott only appearing on TV with Uhlmann and Jones, two men that molly coddle him. So Abbott has been whopped by three women, Gillard, Sales and Wilkinson so he runs and hides, as he’s always done when he can’t bully.

  85. The overseas experience..our experience with the states’ slash and burn, and what to expect if Joe the Goose is in charge of our economy.

    Yesterday, I argued that U.S. fiscal policy is heading in the wrong direction, toward the economics of austerity. If you want to know where this path can lead, look across the Atlantic to poor old Blighty. For almost three years now, since the election of a Conservative-Liberal coalition, the British government has been slashing government programs and raising taxes, supposedly to reduce a big budget deficit. As I’ve written previously, the results have been pretty disastrous—both for ordinary Britons and for the public finances.

  86. Catching up
    February 10, 2013 @ 1:34 pm

    How scaredy cat. tony si too scared to be ‘interviewed’ by a morning chat show host 😯

    What’s worst, is that a chat show host is almost indiscernible to a journalist these days.

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