Right royal hypocrites

Mobius made a comment on one of our topics that is worthy of a post in its own right. He wrote:

Abbott’s wearing glasses. So where’s all the media headlines and why aren’t the right wingers here outraged as they were when Gillard wore them?

Oh silly me, that’s right, they’re hypocrites.

Now I, and I would assume Mobius as well, don’t really care if Julia Gillard wears glasses. I don’t care if Tony Abbott does either. I don’t really care if Julia Gillard wore a track suit or Tony Abbott wore a kilt. They can shave their heads and I wouldn’t be fussed, or if they decide to keep their hair, sport a Mohawk each.

But the point is, Julia Gillard wore glasses during her recent National Press Club address and it has become the biggest issue in this country since Menzies declared war on Germany in 1939. It overshadowed contemporary issues that I thought might be important, such as Ashbygate, the Liberal Party’s proposal to rob the poor should they win the election, or even their paucity of policies coming into the election.

The two medias, mainstream and social, went into overdrive in their condemnation of this spectacle (forgive the pun). I won’t name them, but right-wing irritants who visit this blog demanded explanations as to why the PM needed to wear glasses. Each of us were singled out and criticised for not condemning this as a political stunt.

How odd that we of the left didn’t even consider it a political stunt in the first place. The thought never crossed our rational minds. But it certainly occupied theirs and they went into hysterics.

Then we see in the news a photo of Tony Abbott wearing glasses yesterday. Forgive the pun again, but why wasn’t that turned into a spectacle either? Where’s the mainstream media and the right-wing banshees when we ask for some balance?

I’ll repeat what Mobius said as it offers the only answer:

Oh silly me, that’s right, they’re hypocrites.

Right royal ones at that.

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  1. And just a day or so after Glassesgate a weird orange creature resembling a work experience project for Michael Jackson’s plastic surgery team got up & addressed a great many of the nation’s journalists. Speaking in a forced, explaining stuff to kiddies voice specially concoted for the occasion. Before placing a severe structural strain on the new facial architecture by bursting into a radiant smile as the “news” of an arrest “broke”. Why no mention of this? Because, as you say, they’re hypocrites. Hypocrites on a mission.

  2. The only people excited were optometrists and journalists. If you consider wearing glasses is a stunt then seek help, your officially stupid.

  3. I don’t think the Libs have yet seen the power of Social Media…for social people, which obviously excludes them.

  4. The glasses still can’t hide the misogynist look on his face. Pm has been wearing glasses since she was a little girl, so nothing new there, yet Channel 9 made great fun of her the other morning.

  5. Listening to Senator Cash ABC 24. Australians are a sport loving people. What we expect is honesty. Talking about the sport doping.

    I have something to say to the lady, we Australians also expect the same from our politicians,

    Yes, she is correct, something had gone wrong.

    What has gone wrong, in my opinion, is that our sportsman, like politicians from the right, believe the ends justify the means. Anything goes, as winning is all that counts.

    Yes, Senator Cash, many are now following the lead of your party.

  6. Abbott has been reading glasses now for some time. He pulls them out, I believe when he cannot see, and rips them off as quickly as possible. I believe he is too vain to wear them more often.

  7. Cash, Discussion paper that clearly says so.

    Was that also true for Ms. Roxon white or discussion paper, which they insisted was proposed legislation.

    Then went onto say, that all would not be entered into legislation, was accused of backing down.

    Will the same be true for Mr. Abbott, when we hope he dumps most of it.

  8. ” Julia Gillard wore glasses during her recent National Press Club address and it has become the biggest issue in this country since Menzies declared war on Germany in 1939. ”


    Dr Karl Kruszelnicki left gillard’s glasses for dead when he exaggerated global warming by a factor of ten, goading a response from Craig Emerson…both have been shown up as fools.

    “DOCTOR Karl Kruszelnicki presents science on the ABC. Dr Craig Emerson is a Minister in the Government that makes you pay a carbon tax.

    So the two should at least know the basic data about global warming.


    Dr Kruszelnicki, one of Australia’s “National Living Treasures”, last week tweeted in outrage: “How does A Bolt get away with saying planet hasn’t warmed in the last 16 years.”

    Dr Emerson, the Trade Minister, replied: “Mr Bolt can have his own opinions but he can’t have his own facts. Global temperatures are rising. Fact.”

    “Fact”, Craig?

    This wouldn’t be serious if Dr Kruszelnicki wasn’t helping to promote a great scare that our gases are frying the world, and Dr Emerson wasn’t a member of the Government making us spend billions to “stop” it.

    Let me try to explain something to them.
    (Subscription required for full article.)


    Reader Bill is curious about Dr Karl’s tweeting:

    Maybe Dr Karl could clarify a Twitter comment he made a few days ago when he was quite emphatic that what he said was a truth.

    Dr Karl ?@DoctorKarl, Jan 30, “MET office data of static warming for last 16 years is a misconception? @JWSpry @25outsidefifty Yup, world has warmed 0.3C in last 16 years.”
    (Dr Karl appears to have deleted this from his twitter a/c)

    The conversation:

    No sign of that exchange now on Dr Karl’s Twitter site. No correction. No apology for attacking me, misleading Craig Emerson, misinforming his readers. No sign that a fundamental misapprehension – believing in 0.3 degrees of warming in 16 years rather than just 0.05 – has changed his opinion on global warming, as it should.

    Just in case there is any doubt about what the Met figures show, here is the Met in its own words, excuses and all:

    The linear trend from August 1997 (in the middle of an exceptionally strong El Nino) to August 2012 (coming at the tail end of a double-dip La Nina) is about 0.03°C/decade, amounting to a temperature increase of 0.05°C over that period…

    If I had exaggerated a temperature trend by a factor of six, what would have been said of me by warmists?

    Dr Karl, let me repeat, presents science on the ABC – and BBC, too. His employers pay him to spread this misconception?”


  9. The new galsses were probably part of a New Julia, or is that Newer Julia or Most New Julia….. whatever.
    Anyway I don’t think the glasses would have overcome
    the arrest of Craig.
    … and Craig’s stupid denials before seeing the Magistrate and after seeing the Magistrate
    The resignation of Roxon and Evans.
    The likelihood of McLelland changing careers and having a by election.
    …and will Slipper take is super money and run before it gets confiscated.
    The own goal of announcing a 250 day election campaign.
    …… and when will the cops knock on the door of the lodge to ask questions about AWU stuff?
    No I think McTernan will have to think deeper than some new frames to make Gillard appealing to the electorate.
    Next week?
    I’m thinking boats will be front and centre next week. The forcast is fine, light winds and slight swell…perfect for a sail to Oz.

  10. On the subject of hypocrisy, there is no greater perpetrator than Wayne Swan.

    “AN Australian worker would need a lump sum superannuation balance of up to $5.6 million to get the equivalent of Wayne Swan’s lifetime pension of $166,400, which the Treasurer is guaranteed if he leaves parliament in September.

    Nathan Bonarius, of Rice Warner Actuaries, said that to match Mr Swan’s retirement income would require an initial investment of $5.6m in a CommInsure lifetime annuity at current rates – indexed at 3 per cent a year and payable monthly. If the potential retiree waited until they were 65 (Mr Swan is 58), such an annuity would be $1.2m cheaper at $4.4m.

    But unlike many other workers, Mr Swan won’t need such a balance because he is in the pre-2004 parliamentary “defined benefit” pension scheme, which does not require contributions from the beneficiary and is indexed.

    Mr Swan is leading the push within government to find additional budget savings in the super system, particularly by targeting the wealthy.”


    “There were reports yesterday that Mr Swan could qualify for an indexed pension of 75 per cent of his final salary, or $277,500 a year, but the pre-2004 system is sufficiently byzantine that it is hard to be certain.

    If that were correct, then theoretically he would need a lump sum of more than $6m to finance that pension.

    Another calculation provided by annuity specialists Challenger Group said it would require a $3.7m lump sum to provide a 58-year-old with an indexed lifetime pension of $166,400 a year, or $6.2m to provide one of $277,500 a year.”

    Who are the real hypocrites here?

  11. More on hypocrisy…Every Australian has the right to be treated fairly at work – except Trish Crossin…

    “DUMPED Labor Senator Trish Crossin has revealed the brutal details of the night her political career was terminated at the Lodge in an “unfair dismissal”, including the moment the Prime Minister told her: “I am offering you nothing…Many MPs had assumed Ms Crossin was sacked by phone but it has emerged she was ordered to fly to Canberra to attend a meeting at the Lodge, suspicious of what it meant but oblivious to the fact Ms Peris was already travelling to Canberra to be announced as her replacement.

    Ms Crossin had spent the morning in Melbourne organising the sale of her elderly mother’s home to raise a nursing home bond before flying to Canberra for her political execution.

    She told the Prime Minister: “I don’t think I am here for a sleepover”, prompting Ms Gillard to admit she was not endorsing her for the Senate seat and would be backing Ms Peris to replace her. Ms Crossin also confronted Ms Gillard over whether her dumping was a result of her support for Mr Rudd – a suggestion the PM rejected. Instead, Ms Crossin said Ms Gillard again insisted it was about her “legacy” as Labor leader. “I said, ‘Is there something for me – a board position, an agency, an ambassadorship’,” Ms Crossin said.

    “She said, ‘I am the Prime Minister, I don’t get involved in organising those sort of arrangements’. I said to her, ‘Well, that can’t be possible you are just about to organise a Senate preselection unilaterally. And surely if you wanted people to go willingly you would arrange for life after politics for them’.

    “That’s when she said to me, ‘I’ve got nothing to offer you. I am offering you nothing’. People have said to me, what are you getting from this? Where are you going? And when I have said to them ‘well, nothing, absolutely nothing’, they are quite surprised.

    “They are shocked at the brutality of it.

    “They are shocked at me personally because I am a hard worker.”

    The next day, Ms Crossin was sent a draft press release by the Prime Minister’s chief of staff Ben Hubbard which included a line from Senator Crossin endorsing Ms Peris as her replacement, despite her telling the Prime Minister she would not do so. Senator Crossin instructed the Prime Minister’s office to remove the line from the official press release because it was a lie.


  12. And Treeman shows his hypocrisy in singling out Swan for something all the pollies get and none more so than Abbott if he becomes PM. Abbott has made no bones about being in it for the money and has stated in the past he believes he’s underpaid.

    Put on top of that the most expensive annual office expenses in our history that make Swan’s payout look small then Treeman proves yet again he’s a hypocrite.

    Tell us Treeman whose the most expensive ex-PM in our history and still raking in more than Swan will get? Hint. Three ex-Labor PMs combined are not as expensive as this one PM.

  13. Also Treeman does his usual lazy response of just throwing back what’s thrown at him, then singling out very selective cherry picked pieces whilst very carefully avoiding same or worse malfeasances and failures by his precious Liberals.

  14. Notice how the wingnuts also throw in strawmen in a lame attempt to throw attention away from their rank hypocrisy.

    At least their consistent. Consistently hypocrites and projectionists.

  15. On the resignations, at least Labor has up and coming YOUNG talent unlike the moth-eaten has-beens which occupy the Opposition benches. Pity anyone who considers that they might have talent knowing that under an Abbott led government that there are never going to be any promotions. Howard used to be called (among other things), Old Araldite..it seems now that the entire Opposition is likewise araldited..

  16. Mobius, that’s not the point. It’s the gillard govt seeking to tax those self funded retirees with the level of investment Swan would need if he were one. You must be as thick as two planks!

  17. Treeman, if anybody’s missing the point it is you.

    Have you bothered to note what this post is about, or do you just want to keep introducing your own topics?

  18. “Have you bothered to note what this post is about, or do you just want to keep introducing your own topics?”

    Miglo you brought up the subject of hypocrisy…

  19. Miglo, Treeman will NOT be invited to join our Scrawny facebook page, we can do without people who are so right all the time., and also being a Tory would not help.

  20. Miglo you brought up the subject of hypocrisy…

    Treeman, you seem to be filling that position of hypocrisy quite well.

  21. No Treeman it’s you who missed it and again fell right into the right wing media propaganda and misdirection.

    “There were reports”.

    No sources, no quotes from the government and certainly nothing from Swan yet you in your blind ideology fall for the right wing media lines time and again whilst ignoring the facts, real data and what’s actually happening out there, like Abbott putting a tax on low income earners whilst cutting it for the wealthy.

    So thick as two planks Treeman, and how apt the name fits the slur, you show your hypocrisy in spades by always quoting and cherry picking those pieces that conform to your closed minded ideological view and then lambasting us and the government, but especially Gillard whilst overlooking the significant failings and shortcomings of your beloved Abbott and his wanting cronies.

    But you still haven’t addressed the fact that Howard gets far more than Swan will and Abbott even whilst in opposition runs the most expensive office ever and has intimated he like his very close buddy Newman will spend considerable tax payers largess on himself.

    That’s hypocrisy Treeman, pointing out something that all pollies get, including the Liberals, by singling out one in particular for criticism. If that piece had been fair it would have given the retirement figures for all pollies past and present and the huge amount Abbott will get if he becomes PM whilst he increases taxes to the low income earners. That wouldn’t have been hypocritical.

  22. Here is a story from Fox news about Hilary Clinton, this basically the same thing as the PM’s new glasses.

    Fox News’ Latest Sexist Attack Against Hillary: ‘Face Lift, Perhaps?’

    Fox and Friends host Steve Doocy took a shot at outgoing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Wednesday morning, speculating that she underwent a face lift in the last two weeks. In a quick headline roundup, Doocy quipped that Clinton’s new website featured her “glamorous new face,” while Fox showed a side-by-side comparison of her website photo and a photo from Clinton’s exasperated testimony at the Senate’s hearing on the Benghazi attacks.

    Is this the face of presidential ambition? Days after retiring as Secretary of State, somebody has launched a website for her, showing off this glamorous new face. Face lift, perhaps? Well, that’s fueling rumors about a run for president in 2016, but her aides say it’s simply a way for fans and the media to reach her.

    Is this more hypocrisy from the right media, who give a f### if she had a facelift.


  23. If and it is a big IF the noalition are lucky enough to win (now I will wash mouth out with scotch & lemonade) the next election and as abbort is sticking with his current front bench, how many extra wheel chair ramps will have to be installed to guide these septo/octenarians into the chamber. Just imagine if a division is called. that Dave Allen sketch of the first coffin to the graveyard comes to mind.

  24. ‘cherry picking those pieces that conform to your closed minded ideological view’

    Both sides play that game, its only natural.

  25. I don’t see the big deal of either wearing glasses. You say that some of the media and (anti) social networks went off at Gillard wearing glasses but that is what you get from the chattering classes.

    Speaking of the media…had a good chuckle over the so called leak referring to developing the north. I’ve seen the discussion paper and had a good laugh at the speculation as obviously the reporters in question haven’t seen it.

    You lot complain about media bias but soak it up when the issue in question leans to your side. Most entertaining.

  26. Peter Hannam is pushing hard for the warmista in Fairfax, this is one for you guys.

    ‘Australia is unlikely to build new baseload power stations burning coal because of tumbling prices for renewable energy and the rising cost of finance for emission-intensive fuels, according to research by Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

    ‘Even without a carbon price, wind energy is now 14 per cent cheaper than a new baseload coal-fired power station and 18 per cent cheaper than a new gas one, BNEF said in a new report.’

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/business/carbon-economy/rising-risk-prices-out-new-coalfired-plants-report-20130207-2e0s4.html#ixzz2KCb5LTF0

  27. Scaper what is the inside gos on the rail link from Townsville to West Oz?

    There’s nothing in ANDEV.

  28. I see they want to create a Californian food bowl in the north.

    It is a pity that cannot be done. California has a mediterranean climate, and to the west, that mountain range that has a permanent snow line.

    It is near impossible to flood proof the north as has happened in NSW with town levees, because of the monsoonal rain and flat land.

    They are wonderful dreams, that are totally impractical.

  29. el gordo that is good news, it just goes to show the the Government is on the right track to invest in green energy solutions, now all you have to do is convince the LNP to not scrap the carbon price.

  30. We have to scrap the carbon tax because the European market has collapsed and without subsidies the Green Machine will probably grind to a halt.

    As I’ve mentioned before, everyone we know is paying three times as much for energy since July 1. You can blame the wires and poles fiasco, but on the ground there’s this feeling we are subsidising renewables …and we aren’t happy.

  31. This is hypocrisy, and of course it was uttered by a right winger.

    Peter Reith described Labor politicians as “has-beens and hacks”.

  32. El Gordon, my power bill is on par with last year, even with the carbon price, as you have stated it is the poles and wire that has increased power bills, that is a state issue and the federal government is dealing with this issue to bring the prices down by taking on the state governments.

  33. CU its imperative Australia creates a food bowl in the north to match the MDB in the south. Climate change is always with us and we should be prepared for any eventuality.

    The Chinese in particular are very conscious of the need to diversify in agriculture, in other countries, buy the farm and why not. Food security is uppermost in their minds and there is also a need to satisfy a burgeoning middle class in their own country.

  34. ‘No, Abbot Point, Queensland to Port Hedland in WA.’

    That would be project boomerang?

    The economics must be a huge hurdle, but I like the dream.

  35. ‘it is the poles and wire that has increased power bills’

    In this election year we should see a few good arguments on the issue by politicians , so we might as well wait to see what they have to say.

  36. el gordo, did you not read what I said, It cannot happen. Yes, there are things that grow in the north, but not what you are saying.

    el gordo.,there is only one reason anyone would go down this track, is if they believe in man made climate change and the climate in the north changing.

    I have been i n Central Queensland in the wet. It is nearly impossible to walk around in that lovely black mud, that sticks to everything.

    Cannot see how one could work the land during the summer. I am not even talking about floods.

  37. Anyone got any idea of what he is thinking in that snap.

    Dunno, CU, but it’s a scary look. He must have been in training with Mesma.

    Just as a matter of interest, what’s with all the hoo ha about the PM’s goggles? Has it not occurred to any of the morons that she’s wearing glasses because she has to if she wants to read stuff.

    ME @6.27pm yes we sure know whose ex-prime ministerial snout is firmly embedded in the taxpayer funded trough. And the LOTO whose office and phone expenses are up to 5 times higher than the Prime Minister.

    No doubt for faxes and phone calls harrassing people to buy his book, which no doubt spends more time propping up the kitchen table than being read.

    Peter Reith described Labor politicians as “has-beens and hacks”

    Not bad coming from the biggest and most corrupt and irrelevant has-been and hack going around.

  38. Glasses on Gillard and Abbott – so what.
    What you all overlook Ms Dillard wants to ‘dish it out’ as she sees fit but when it is
    dished out to her in return you lot cry foul and whinge.
    It dont work like that.Its called being a Sook!

  39. voyager you have it wrong, this is what it should have said.

    What you all overlook when Phoney Tony wants to ‘dish it out’ as he sees fit but when it is dished out to him in return you lot cry foul and whinge.
    It dont work like that.Its called being a Sook!

  40. I wore glasses once………… and the beer stung my eyes went up me nose and wet me shirt…… and I still couldn’t see any better 😕 😕 …. don’t get what all the fuss is aboot… 😀

  41. For once Voyager is right. When Liealot, Prissy or any of the wankers get called or given a few home truths, they run to Mummy msm, squealing about how those naughty ALP people were cruel to them.

    Sooky, sooky lala.

  42. I loved this comment on Facebook in response to this post:

    So what if the PM has new glasses? Abbott wears goggles, helmets, aprons, rubber gloves and overalls at every photo opportunity, and pretends he’s a Working Class Hero. Are tradies and factory workers gullible enough to swallow his Man of the People act? Dunno, but Abbott obviously thinks so

  43. Voyager gives us an good example of right wing projection.

    Gillard has stood there and taken it and gives back as good as she gets or better. She has been doing that to Abbott in parliament for a long time now. As stated it’s Abbott and his cronies who are the sooks and have glass jaws often running away or to the media whining when they cop a deserved home truth.

    Difference now is that the media are also complicit in giving it out to Gillard and still she is stalwart, whereas Abbott falls to pieces at every interview that gets even mildly difficult or strays outside his carefully rehearsed three word slogans.

  44. ‘…there is only one reason anyone would go down this track, is if they believe in man made climate change and the climate in the north changing.’

    Climate is always changing naturally, as in the case of Britain’s cool wet regime which, in the old days, would have produced mass starvation. But this is not the thread for such serious matters.

    Joolya’s stylist has the right touch, its a good look for the PM.

  45. LOVO:

    I wore glasses once………… and the beer stung my eyes went up me nose and wet me shirt…… and I still couldn’t see any better 😕 😕 …. don’t get what all the fuss is aboot… 😀

    Lol, Sounds like a drinking problem..

  46. el gordo also gives a great example of this thread’s topic by discussing climate change outside its thread whilst saying don’t discuss climate change outside of the dedicated thread.

  47. Climate is always changing naturally..who would have thunk it.. It’s the unnatural changes (insert that umpteen hundred links presented just on this blog alone). One could talk until one is blue in the face, present all the expert logical reasonings but some stoopid fool will still…ah well. Let’s all just be grateful to not be married/partnered to a person who cannot accept that they just might be wrong.

  48. Did we ever get a response from the Whisperers to the Parts Per Million question?
    Remember I asked the question, if Carbon Dioxide increases by 50 PPM to 400 PPM by the year 2100 what happens to the other of the 999,650 PPM in the atmosphere?
    Does the 780,000 PPM of Nitrogen change or does the 210,000 PPM of Oxygen change? More importantly….does it matter?
    Fair Dinkum you climate changers/Whisperers live in a tea cup.

  49. To me one of the worst hypocrisies is the different way that women of the Left are treated. When Amanda Vanstone said on Q&A that women in politics have always been subjected to humiliation and denigration perhaps she could consider that comments about her copious blouses are hardly on a par with a Pickering cartoon. Where the debate has changed under an Abbott leadership is that sexual references are now encouraged. This was once off limits (at least in politics) as a method of attacking women.

    I wonder why no journalist has bothered to ask Tony Abbott what he thinks of Pickering’s sleazy efforts? My thought is that this is “background noise” which Abbott heartily approves of as it works for him in his ambition..that is, the man has no standards and no conscience.

  50. Tweed, there is a thread devoted entirely to the Climate Change debate..use it, that is unless you have something new to offer.

  51. Peter Reith described Labor politicians as “has-beens and hacks”

    So what the hell is Reith – a has-been and hack!

    And Abbott’s Shadowy cabinet – has-beens and hacks!

    Right Wing Projection from Mr phonecard.

  52. Cuppa, what we are looking at today is that the current bunch of Libs were only ever part of John Howard’s B-team. Howard detested Abbott and his ultra-conservative Catholicism.

  53. Memo to the right wingers here: (i) changing topics does not win any argument; (ii) quoting News Ltd virtually loses the argument by default, such is their lack of credibility.

  54. Off topic, but . . .

    I see that el gordo has gone over to The AIMN and has started talking about climate on John Lord’s “The Virgin Birth” thread.

    Now I ask you, is that not trollish behaviour to you?

    It looks like it to me.

  55. Miglo, could we please have any comments in relation to the weather, moved to the dedicated post. Personally I would just delete, as they are becoming tedious, to say the least.

    Miglo, after all you have been generous enough to allow them that space.

    Also, I would like to point out, that one can ask questions, but not demand answers. It just means that none consider the question worth answering, or the readers are not interested.

    I wonder why some do not believe that plain good manners and respect for others are not necessary on this blog.

    Visitors, can you explain why this so. Maybe you can also explain why you all believe all truth lies with you.. Further more, why is what you people want, the only thing that count. Why cannot you realise or understand, others want different outcomes, a different Australia.

    Why cannot you all comprehend, it is not about being right or wrong. It is about having different values and beliefs. A different future for this great land of ours.

    The final thing I am asking you all is what do believe you add to the blog. The funny thing is, none of you are doing your cause any good.


  56. “I wonder why some do not believe that plain good manners and respect for others are not necessary on this blog”

    Because you encourage it! Case in point Jaycee and Miglo at liberal strategy

  57. the current bunch of Libs were only ever part of John Howard’s B-team

    That’s right Min. Look at Bronwyn Bishop. She was being touted as a possible Liberal leader back in the NINETEEN EIGHTEES. And Kevin Andrews – he was a dinosaur when serving under Howard, which makes him a fossil today. Same goes for Ruddock, Sloppy Hockey and so on.

    And that’s exactly why Phonecard Reith is throwing the term “has-beens and hacks” at Labor. Because he knows all too well (and we know) that the has-beens and hacks are on his side of the House. He’s a has-been and hack himself, as he squats under the floodlights every day at their ABC,.

  58. No, we do not encourage it..

    Migs does allow it to continue, in his generosity in allowing you all to comment.

    The thanks he get for this, is some taking advantage of the privilege. Yes a privilege, not a right.

  59. Case in point Jaycee and Miglo at liberal strategy

    If the Liberal Party trolls don’t like it here, LEAVE. No one’s asking them to hang around. They’re not welcome, at best tolerated.

  60. Mr. Albanese said he came into parliament in 1996, I think it was,

    Mr. Albanese added that he is seen as senior member of the government.,

    Compare that with the Opposition, many my age, that belong to another era.

    If not “has beens”, definitely past their use-by date. In fact, some are even past that. Not suitable for consuming.

    When one has 14 on the shadow front bench from a government that was dumped in 2007, and two governments since, one wonders at their relevance to today’s needs.

    As for his effort yesterday, may be one needs to look at what this government is doing in the north. AI believe much can be found in the Asian paper that was recently released. Feasible stuff, not what is found in fantasy land.

    “………Ms Gillard said Labor had focused on clever solutions to complex problems.

    She added that others had floated ideas “that on their face are absurd” and had no details or costings.

    “This government will always focus on the real things that matter to our nation,” she said.



  61. Migs, that’s such a shame..John Lord is such an excellent author, to try to derail another person’s work is disrespectful in the extreme.

  62. “How????????????????????”

    You do encourage it (lack of plain good manners and respect for others) by not snipping the language from Jaycee’s comments, for starters.

    FEBRUARY 7, 2013 @ 8:33 AM
    But truly, they come here because the left-wing blog sites are the only place where they at least can fake some sort of intellectual cred….the right-wing Smith and Bolt type sites, demand a certificate of full-frontal lobotomy before accepting your sympathetic comment…..at least here they can pretend to baffle us with their “Wikepedia-Wisdom”, or their “Bolt-Bullshit” and can top it off with a juicy dollop of Liberal Lasciviousness”……But for Christ’s sake, some lend the bastards a pot of vaseline…they have some research to do over at Liberal Central.”

    FEBRUARY 7, 2013 @ 8:48 AM
    Jaycee @ 8:33. I agree.

    Get it now?

  63. Cuppa @ 10:42 am

    Bronnie Bishop, the once touted to be the first female PM of Australia until she stuffed up every portfolio given to her and was gradually demoted further backwards nearly year on year.

    Interesting thing is that if you look at Abbott it was similar in that he kept screwing up his portfolios, but unlike Bishop the older he had a use as a mindless attack dog kept on Howard’s leash.

  64. Why does Treeman keep going on about others not getting it when it’s plainly he that doesn’t. Is that more right wing projection?

  65. Results of encouragement:

    “they are just little bits of shit stuck to bum-hair…they are the sort of trash would be caught with their hand in the charity tin!…they are of the class of traitors would sell this country to Murdoch and Rienhart for a zac…”…Aye, and get down on their bended knees and thank the Lord Jesus Christ they had a country to sell!…

    Now,I don’t know what their occupations are…. about the only thing I can imagine a couple of them doing is renting a one-room clinic for applying vaseline to suffers piles and easing them (the plies) back up the rectum and it saddens me to have to dwell on those nether regions, but that is the material we are dealing with when referencing the said culprits.”

  66. Yes Cu.

    This came on the back of yet another Business Council whine about productivity, Fair Work Australia and the plunging standard of living, all things they regularly bring up and all that are false.

    You can’t get a clearer message that Abbott is lying when he says he won’t return to WorkChoices under any name than his support for the lies the Business Council are pumping out.

    I can also predict one thing, and something that so aptly illustrates the hypocrisy of the right wingers, that when Abbott does bring in WorkChoices in whatever guise and name, meaning a far greater lie than Gillard’s non-lie on carbon pricing he has gone on about for a long time now, they will defend Abbott’s lie to the hilt and make and excuse for it whilst twisting and distorting that it isn’t a lie.

    Footnote. When the Business Council and other big business lobby groups go on about falling living standards they mean for millionaires who only increased their wealth by 100% this year instead of 150%, and then only by 150% the next year instead of 200% and so on.

  67. “…………The Gillard Government has its own plans for opening the north as a bridge to Asia and having Darwin as a city to rival Melbourne – all laid out in last year’s Asian Century white paper. Meanwhile, Chinese state-backed corporations are already investing in horticultural projects in far northwestern Australian……………….


  68. Mobius, without a doubt Abbott is setting the scene for a return to WorkChoices. Some evidence might include running down the economy (WorkChoices thereby becomes “a necessity”) – businesses “doing it tough” (equates with “more flexibility” in the workplace) – increasing unemployment even if only marginal (see above, “more flexibility”), a promise to return the budget to surplus (bring back WorkChoices or the country will be roooned), Andrew Bolt demands a return to WorkChoices (shucks, whatever Bolt says must-be-done), “the public” demands a return to WorkChoices..with Abbott’s media entourage rushing to interview Mrs. Weinerbottom at No.9 to provide evidence of this…

  69. Treeman, this is a left-wing blog site. It’s staying that way, no matter how much you protest.

    If you don’t like the way Jaycee or others treat you then you have three options: change your attitude, suck it up, or leave.

    You claim that you hang around here for your amusement. Well then, stop complaining if we like to gain some amusement at your expense.

  70. This sums up jaycee to a tee.

    ““Annoy a member of this class sufficiently to strip away their veneer of politeness, and soon you will be called an “idiot” and eventually a “racist”.

    “If you oppose the regulating class, you will get called an “extremist”, a “nut”, a “conspiracy theorist”, “right wing”, and every variation of “stupid” and “ignorant”, irrespective of the merits of what you say. Say anything that mentions or might imply race and they will also call you a “racist”….

  71. Poor Tree, he must be so lonely…….. I felt sorry for him, so I took it upon myself to try and organise a tea party for him…. I went to Telstra to try and hire a venue but apparently they don’t hire out telephone boxes 😕

  72. On the subject of hypocrisy…there are some 1.7 million results for “gillard’s hypocrisy” That’s quite a few by any standards, even if “Abbott’s hypocrisy” gets 1.5 million…Get going CU et al, a dismissal is imminent!

  73. On a lighter, parting note…

    A old stationhand named Billy was overseeing his herd in a remote pasture in the outback when suddenly a brand-new BMW advanced toward him out of a cloud of dust.

    The driver, a young man in a Brioni® suit, Gucci® shoes, RayBan® sunglasses and YSL® tie, leaned out the window and asked the old man, “If I tell you exactly how many cows and calves you have in your herd, will you give me a calf?”

    Billy looks at the young man, who obviously is a yuppie, then looks at his peacefully grazing herd and calmly answers, “Sure, why not?”

    The yuppie parks his car, whips out his Dell® notebook computer, connects it to his Cingular RAZR V3® cell phone, and surfs to a NASA page on the Internet, where he calls up a GPS satellite to get an exact fix on his location which he then feeds to another NASA satellite that scans the area in an ultra-high-resolution photo.

    The yuppie then opens the digital photo in Adobe Photoshop® and exports it to an image processing facility in Hamburg, Germany ….

    Within seconds, he receives an email on his Palm Pilot® that the image has been processed and the data stored. He then accesses an MS-SQL® database through an ODBC connected Excel® spreadsheet with email on his Blackberry® and, after a few minutes, receives a response.

    Finally, he prints out a full-color, 150-page report on his hi-tech, miniaturized HP LaserJet® printer, turns to Billy and says, “You have exactly 1,586 cows and calves.”

    “That’s right. Well, you’ll be helpin yourself to one of me calves, then, since you won it fair en square.” says Billy.

    He watches the smartly dressed yuppie select one of the animals and looks on with amusement as the man gingerly picks it up & stuffs it into the boot of his car.

    As the yuppie is carefully brushing the dust & hair off his suit, Billy says, “Hey, if I can tell you exactly what work you do & where you come from, will you give me back my calf?”

    The yuppie thinks about it for a second, wondering what this wrinkled up dirt encrusted uneducated old man could possibly know? He grins and then says, “Okay, old fella, why not? I’m a believer in fair play.”

    “You’re a politician & you work in Canberra.” says the old timer.

    “Wow! That’s correct,” says the yuppie, “but, tell me how on earth did you guess that?”

    “No guessing required.” answered Billy “You showed up here even though nobody called you; you want to get paid for an answer I already knew, to a question I never asked. You used millions of dollars worth of equipment trying to show me how much smarter than me you are; and you don’t know a thing about how working people make a living – or about cows, for that matter. This is a flock of sheep.

    Now give me back my dog.”

  74. Cuppa @12.29am, roflmao!

    Abbott hints at more ‘flexible’ IR laws

    Flexible for whom, do you reckon, CU. Three guesses and the first two don’t count. 😆 😆

    ME @11.24am, hear! hear! Brilliantly said.

    blockquote>If you don’t like the way Jaycee or others treat you then you have three options: change your attitude, suck it up, or leave.

    I vote for leave, Migs.

    Oh good one,Tweed. Like anyone can place any credence in what that criminal has to say. Liar, cheat and conman; is that the best you’ve got?

  75. Treeman Your are funny. Liked the Hitler ones. This clip has gad more UTube showings than the original film.

  76. jaycee does have such a wonderful way with words – and accurately paints the subject very colourfully. Well done jaycee! 😆

  77. Möbius, I am of the school that believes the PM did not dismantle much of WorkChoices.

    I see FWA as a light weight WorkChoices.

    Funny, the parts that have led to disaster, are those of Mr. Abbott’s, that was lifted wholus bolus from WorkChoices. The Qantus dispute comes to mine. Also some of the present HSU dispute.

    More flexibility for whom. We have one of the largest casual workforces in the western world.

  78. Does Christine Milne wear a wig. Looks so today. Looks like she has grabbed it as she left the office.

  79. Tweed

    Cheers, missed that cartoon by the legendary Pickering…I’ll give you 10,000 to 1 she never kicks a goal. More like goes to gaol!

  80. Treeman, I thought you were leaving, especially when you said this….

    On a lighter, parting note…

    you and a fellow right wing troll that use to visit here, would make great friends, he also like Hitler videos, he wet his pants with joy when Poodle Pyne likened the PM to the Hitler and the Nazi party.

  81. ..the potty mouth Larry Pickering..

    I guess that we now know where you are coming from, those who believe that denigrating women via sexism is funny. I’ll bet that you’re the type who screams Ban the Burqua while rah rahing a 15yr old girl to Take it Off, Take if Off at a wet T-shirt comp.

    Pickering is commonly known as a cartoonist, but he’s also an inveterate liar, a bankrupt conman with a seedy history of fleecing the gullible of millions of dollars while not paying his own bills.


  82. Tweed, so why the guffaws about a woman being portrayed with a big bum.. I would say that Julia is around a size 12 which is about 2 dress sizes smaller than the average Australian woman. She is not super skinny, but I think fairly representative of what most adult Australian women would prefer to be.

  83. I find it very interesting that Treetroll, Tweed and the Liars Party are falling over themselves to be associated with the Nazi Party.

    Min, it comes as no surprise that Treetroll and Tweed would be so keen on the pornographer Pickering. That’s the mentality of Liars supporters.

    Pickering, a conman, liar and thief-fits perfectly with Liars philosophy.

  84. Min @7.37pm, go figure. Liars projection, probably.

    I don’t think Tweed, Treetroll et al need worry whether someone like the PM would cast a second glance in their direction. The woman has taste.

  85. ‘The woman has taste.’

    I like her glasses, it makes her look studious, but her choice of men over the years has been deplorable.

  86. Does Christine Milne wear a wig. Looks so today. Looks like she has grabbed it as she left the office.

    Does she have a big bum? Does she wear glasses?

  87. silkworm, I did not mean any thing nasty by that. I believe in a job were one has to look groomed all the time, a wig makes sense.

    It could have been that her hair was just blown about. When if comes to a big bum, that is something that few has control over. If one looks at the PM now, that bum seems to have disappeared. Still struck with the big bust though.

    Then there are many men, that believe both are good. ]

  88. Tweed you a small dicked, intellectual pygmy. Anyone who qoutes Prickering is a Fucking idiot of low morals.

  89. Once again Torch Boy. Very deep comment. Shows lots of consideration. You must have used Phone A Friend…….
    You never did answer. Are you a New Chum from the Old Country? The word Tory is usually a term used by blue collar unionists from the 20th century.

  90. Why do the right wingers always attempt twist and distort things.

    Since 1832, the term “Tory” is commonly used to refer to the Conservative Party and its members.

    Since the 1800s, has always been used to refer to a conservative or conservative party. Before that from the early 1600’s it was an Irish derogatory for a royalist or supporter of the British Monarchy.

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