Oh, how convenient

On news.com this morning – top story:

PM’s poll gamble rocked by scandal

Julia Gillard’s election campaign experiment has run off the rails on day one with the dramatic arrest of the former Labor MP Craig Thomson yesterday

Oh, how convenient. It rocks the PM.

I followed the link to the article here. Up pops a video promoting the Liberal Party’s Our Plan: Real Solutions for all Australians paper that was released a week ago.

Oh, how convenient.

I get to the article:

Julia Gillard’s high-stakes election strategy has been rocked by ex-Labor MP Craig Thomson’s arrest on 149 fraud charges, including allegedly using union funds to pay for prostitutes.

Oh, how convenient. The PM’s election call was a failure.

And in the article we read:

. . . Tony Abbott claimed the Thomson scandal reflected badly on Ms Gillard’s political judgement. “It’s always been about the judgement of the Prime Minister,” Mr Abbott said, during a major speech to the National Press Club.

Next to the article was a section called Related Coverage and linked to the “You can trust me, says Abbott” article.

Oh, how convenient. Julia Gillard can’t be trusted but Tony Abbott can.

But it’s beyond me how trusting Abbott is related coverage to the Thomson saga.

I guess it’s just convenient for news.com to say so.

Pathetic, isn’t it? Biased, isn’t it?

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  1. How is it a reflection of Gillard’s judgment? Assuming that even one of these charges stick (& most of them are so trivial as to be downright laughable) then these relate to matters which occurred *before* Thomson was elected in 2007-as part of a RUDD-led government. So if anyone’s judgment should be called into question, it should be Rudd & his inner circle, not Gillard. Likewise, this arrest was timed to conveniently draw attention away from the leaked e-mail exposing the internal divisions within the Coalition’s inner circle, & to draw attention away from Abbott’s appalling performance at the National Press Club. I suspect that numerous police officers could find themselves in deep, diabolical trouble before this is over!

  2. Even the ABC’s Lateline last night was knee-deep in baseless Opposition innuendo, none of which was challenged by Tony Jones. The MSM have decided they want a change of government and the only question is whether the people are gullible enough to do as they’re told.

  3. “Julia Gillard’s election campaign experiment has run off the rails on day one with the dramatic arrest of the former Labor MP Craig Thomson yesterday”. They can”t have it both ways. Liberal party say Gillard called the election because she knew Thomson was going to be arrested. Then they say her political campaign has run off the rails because he was arrested. Also on AM Agenda on Sky news this morning the Liberal guy said what was wrong with the media arriving at Thomsons office before the police did and this would imply to me he was admitting the Liberal party had tipped the media off. Biased reporting on anyones standard and wonder if we should all be complaining to some media standards board if one exists.

  4. Just wondering if, by calling the election, that Gillard has prevented the Liberals from changing their leader. It might mean that they have to keep Abbott thru the election. Is that what the Libs wanted? Is this a good move?

  5. Let’s face it, the NSW & Vic police, all the meeja, some plants in the HSU union, some retired union hack who now lives in Thailand, the US Tea Party, boat people from Sri Lanka. All of them are engaged in a huge massive conspiracy to bring down this democratically elected legitimate government. Thomson has done no wrong, the Union’s regulation allows him and other officials to have discretion over their spending. If it’s on hookers or election campaigns, where’s the evidence this is against union rules ?
    If anything, there might be a small FBT payment due to the ATO, hardly a hanging offence, and of course our government politicians have to be given some leeway, they are, after all, acting in the best interests of the country and its workers.
    This scandalous treatment of Gillard over the dishonesty of her then boyfriend is another huge conspiracy to defame one of Australia’s most brilliant and effective Prime ministers. How the hell would we have survived the GFC if it were not the strategic allocation of the surplus rightfully left for them, into improving educational outcomes and energy reduction programmes. The small amount of CO2 released from burning houses which had the insulation put in the roofs, is a fraction of that which would be saved through insulation. Even the trickle down effect of those overnight insulation companies which overcharged for roof insulation offers advantages for the economy. Hundreds of apprentice mechanics have work servicing Range Rovers and Lexus cars, bought by the insulation company bosses.

    Clearly, the rAbbott is to blame for all this hassle over Thomson’s arrest and the calling of the election. We keep hearing how Abbott is a volunteer with the RFS and the Lifesavers. These organisations have close working relationships with the NSW police and it is inconceivable that the cops would not have contacted the RFS HQ, passed on a message to the leadership there, who texted Abbott’s local RFS brigade commander (remember Abbott was himself a brigade captain, so he has the contacts) who then sent an SMS warning of Thomson’s arrest so that Abbott was unsurprised at the press club address.
    The MSM is complicit, as are the RFS, LNP, ABC and everybody else.

    Keep up the good fight exposing these crooks and shanks.

  6. Five coppers for the extradition of a man who so far has been found guilty of nothing unless buying ice-creams has become illegal? Big overkill there. They actually could have proceeded via summons but of course the Liberal dirt unit ruled otherwise and Baillieu had his orders.

    And if you look at Thomson’s relatively mild bail conditions you will see that. He still can travel and still take his seat in Parliament. But the average punter won’t bother reading that. They’ll be focused on the dramatic visuals – remember the supposed “riot” when the PM was confronted by some noisy but peaceful Aboriginal protesters (after remarks made by Tony Abbott) and was dragged away by the spooks?

    Disgraceful misuse of the law. Organised crime identities get better treatment.

  7. Joni, that’ll depend on how the polls look mid year, in my humble opinion. But yes, I think Labor will be quite happy to see Abbott in the role come Election Day. He is considered a liability to his party, judging from his approval rating.

    BTW, hope to catch up with you later in the year.

  8. Joni, I think that to change the leader would mean Turnbull who without a doubt would win and easily…far better to stay with Abbott who is bound to stuff things up substantially somewhere along the line.

  9. Andrew, it’s in Murdoch’s interests to have Abbott running the country. It was the day after Abbott’s luncheon with Murdoch that he came out and promised to rip up the NBN if elected. Obviously old Rupe fears he will lose a few bucks.

  10. Bev, there’s a lot wrong with the media being “in the know” before the event. And how did they know? Was it due to phone tapping?

  11. Jayanar, it certainly was a major overkill no doubt done in order to gain maximum publicity. Such a show of force is usually reserved for those who might be “armed and dangerous”..which he clearly wasn’t given (as you point out) the mild bail conditions.

  12. Jayanar, it was over the top, wasn’t it? Were they expecting a shoot out or something? Was Thomson considered armed and dangerous? Did it look good for the media? Yes to the last one.

  13. Also highly convenient is that the MSM can now happily overlook Abbott’s promise to axe the school kids bonus. Did I note a major headline? None that I could find.

  14. Marcus the DPP think they have a case against an ex-union man and it does appear that the whole HSU corruption scandal will finally see the light of day before the election.

    Of particular interest is a supposed HSU slush fund which got Thomson elected in the first place.

  15. This, from the Steve Lewis article:

    Police arrested the MP yesterday over allegations he misappropriated hundreds of thousands of dollars of funds while he was Health Services Union national secretary.


    Is that true? Was it hundreds of thousands of dollars? Or did he make that up?

  16. No, el trollo, the DPP act on advice of the Attorney General, who has been placed under enormous pressure over the last 12 months by one George Brandis. They’ve clearly just been biding their time to act in order to cause maximum disruption in an election year. The FWA case is on the verge of collapse, due to a lack of substantial evidence, & the trivial nature of many of the charges against Thomson highlights just how weak the overall case of the DPP is. I predict the entire thing will fall apart within 2-3 months. The HSU scandal to really look out for this year will be the one involving those good mates of Abbott & Pyne-namely Lawler & Jackson. I wonder whether the press will question Abbott’s judgment in aligning himself so closely to these characters?

  17. It isn’t true, Miglo. Thomson was cleared of the charges, to which Lewis is largely referring, by the Australian Electoral Commission. The amount is actually closer to around $10,000 which, even if true, would be chump change when compared to the money Kathy Jackson has been accused of misappropriating. Then there is the matter of Jackson allowing her partner-Lawler-gain unauthorized access to HSU computers/e-mail accounts.

  18. el trollo, this has been a constant refrain from the LibTards over the past 2 years. Time & again you’ve told us that this scandal or that scandal was just seconds away from bringing down the government-yet the government is due to see out its entire term, no matter what the outcome of the Thomson matter. The same might not prove true for several senior Coalition MP’s when the Ashby-gate matter is properly investigated. Also, if Thomson’s behaviour before he became an MP is somehow a reflection on Gillard’s judgment, then what does that say for Howard’s judgment given all the Ministers & MP’s who were caught out rorting the system whilst they were members of his government? What does it say for Howard’s judgment that he used tax-payers money to bail out his brother’s company, when there were still questions relating to Stan’s alleged malfeasance? What does it say about Howard’s judgment that the biggest bribery scandal in the last 50 years occurred under *his* watch? Yet funny how the press never really quizzed the Coalition over these matters-either then or now!

  19. All the lies and false accusations by members of the Coalition and the MSM is a blatant unsophisticated strategy to gain power of government by stealth. It is intended for those in our society who are easy to fool, and there are so many of them. And they will decide who wins the election and the Coalition is acutely aware of this.

    Commentators on this blog, and others, are too intelligent for this nonsense.

    First guide the sheep into the shearing shed, shear them, then guide them back to the paddock and the election is won.

  20. The recent Ashby fracas has shown that the courts/judiciary don’t like being embroiled in political shenanigans one bit. Just wondering how they’ll react to this latest farce…

  21. The Thomson matter won’t be heard until after the election, so its of no consequence.

    Higgs puts forward the proposition that the electorate is mostly composed of fools and that the MSM will direct them how to vote.

    Its a face saving argument for the rusted ons and I predict they will be moaning for years how ‘we wuz robbed’.

  22. At the NPC yesterday, Abbott, asked about Isabel Redmond’s resignation, claimed that she should have won the SA election , but lost due to some “Malfeasance” apparently by the ALP.
    News to me!

    Can anyone clarify?

  23. Watching ABC new lunchtime news. Made quite a lot of the fact that the FWA case has been put aside because of these criminal charges against Craig Thomson. How convenient. Just thinking, maybe this has all been very carefully stage-managed so that it pushes the HSU/Jackson et al and Ashby/Slipper stuff out of the public eye. Once again, how convenient.
    I am so angry with all of the stuff that the LNP have obviously been cooking up in their dirty tricks kitchen.
    What we need is for anyone who has any knowledge of the ingredients the LNP are using to search their consciences as to whether this is good for democracy in this country. The whole thing reeks. I AM REALLY ANGRY.

  24. I would so love to see some retribution for those who have printed and encouraged the spread of lies and malice. I can only hope that those who have been victims and their families can get back to leading somewhat normal lives. As a nation we should not accept such poor standards and the MSM needs a bloody good shake up.

  25. Quinninup, I haven’t heard that piece of speculation. The reason given was that Ms. Redmond resigned in order to end leadership speculation. There was also a note that her resignation would allow Alexander Downer to “take over” the SA Libs.

  26. Quinninup, by memory I think the SA election was decided by an independent who decided to go with Labor after it was widely accepted she’d side with the Liberals to form government.

    I’ve been reading the online papers today and I’m bemused at the number of journalists who are claiming that the PM’s decision to call an election the day before Thomson was arrested was evidence of her poor timing. As if she knew. Do they expect her to be a psychic?

  27. Vfmarky, the judiciary likes it not one little bit. Journalists are of course only privy to a minuscule amount of available evidence, but they run with this anyway thereby running the risk of tainting the case. Guilty people have had to be let off in the past for no other reason than this.

  28. Roswell, plus it defies logic. WHY would the PM introduce a major distraction at the very time that she was due (for once) to have centre stage. There was far more in it for the Opposition than for the government.

  29. Wrong, el gordo, I did not put “forward the proposition that the electorate is mostly composed of fools”. I said there are many sheep, not mostly as you put it for this word denotes the greatest part or almost entirely. I’ll elaborate. If 40% vote Labor and 40% vote Coalition and I grant them the intelligence to perceive and comprehend the nature and significance of their vote, then it is my assumption that about 20% of the voters are the sheep to whom I refer for they do not care, do not and cannot understand, and they will determine who wins the election for they are the gullible who are easily swayed by the propaganda that is bombarded day in, day out, by the MSM, and who also believe the lies spewed by all politicians.

  30. So, according to Brandis, Gillard knew the police were coming, did she? Yet it’s clear she didn’t tell Thomson, the guy whose “protection racket” Abbott alleges she runs?

    Sure, George! (dear gawd…)

    Not even Christopher Pyne can lie your way out of this hole you’ve dug for yourselves.

  31. Typical right wing projection= Abbott questioning whether or not PMJG knew about the arrest prior to her announcement of the election date, whist being himself in close proximity to the slimeball, ‘Journalist?’ Steve Lewis. 👿

    And the timing was perfect…. coincidence 😯 I doubt it!

    I feel vindicated in everything I’ve written about these scumsucking bottom feeders, and I feel dirty just mentioning them :mrgreen:

    Enquiries people, we need enquiries 😦


  32. There must be a poll coming up this weekend quick we need a distraction so arrange CT’s arrest. Coincidence ” Pigs arse” as one lieberel ex party pres often said.

  33. We certainly need an inquiry set up, the sooner the better. How do we go about getting a petition to demand one.

  34. During the last S.A. election, I think the liberals got more votes but didn’t get the required number of seats to form government. To imply as Abbott does that the 2pp winner should automatically form government is of course to demand that his own ministerial career should’ve ended in 2000.
    I’m glad this came up because I was only just then trying to remember the actual word Abbott had used. Just another lie amongst so many yesterday.

  35. ‘it is my assumption that about 20% of the voters are the sheep to whom I refer for they do not care’

    My numbers are different, the rusted ons from left and right account for 40% of the electorate, which indicates 60% of the electorate are the sheep you are referring to.

    They are primarily concerned about the hip pocket nerve and they care very much about how their hard earned taxes are spent.

    Ultimately the election will be won or lost in the marginals.

    Your comment that the sheep ‘do not and cannot understand, and they will determine who wins the election for they are the gullible who are easily swayed by the propaganda that is bombarded day in, day out, by the MSM’

    Aunty has been pumping out propaganda on CC for more than a decade, perhaps you haven’t noticed, its swayed the whole population into believing that AGW is real. Wonderful stuff.

    If they had taken a more proactive approach to the science, we wouldn’t have a carbon tax today.

  36. Miglo
    Yes, 98 it was. Silly me.
    I don’t remember what Abbott’s position was then but I do remember I was scared of him.

  37. During her term Ms Dullard has gone from one catasrophe to a bigger one and
    always at the worst possible time.
    Does anyone support her strategy to call a poll on 14/9?
    Certainly none of her team , cabinet included had been consulted. Very telling fact
    is the Greens and Independents were seemingly told before her own members .
    Now that displays two very negative but relative aspects
    1- the level of team work within her Parliamentry wing (close to zero)
    2- the level of trust Ms Dullard has for her members (probably zero and vice versa)
    The Early Call on the Election will be viewed in History as not only one the biggest
    blunders ever but also as one of the most ego centric.
    I repeat – Do you support the early call for the Election on 14/9?
    YES or NO

  38. Thanks Bob.. I knew it was another lie – a negative aspersion to shore up his position that he ws robbed in 2010, completely discounting the electoral system that operates in our country.
    To me this is unforgivable – an elected representative who incessantly undermines the very basis of our democracy, not out of idealism or vision, but in order to promote his own ambition.

  39. Even Ivan Milat did not have that many coppers to arrest him. Maybe Craig has a black belt in origami or something . I hate the LNP and the MSM with a passion. These freaks are a danger to our democracy but the truth will come out in the end and they will be the ones decorating the lamp posts. The Ashby/Slipper case involving the LNP must be investigated with ruthless scrutiny tho bring these bastards to justice.

  40. Quinninup:

    At the NPC yesterday, Abbott, asked about Isabel Redmond’s resignation, claimed that she should have won the SA election , but lost due to some “Malfeasance” apparently by the ALP.
    News to me!

    Can anyone clarify?

    When right wingers make absurd, puzzling or plainly dishonest accusations, it is probably a form of RightWingProjection. That is, seeking to distract from their faults/motives by ascribing the behaviour to their opponents.

    They’ve got a long record of using this as a political tactic.

  41. el gordo,

    The ABC has “swayed the whole population into believing that AGW is real”? All 22,620,600 of us?

    Your credibility has just snapped with that one.

  42. Bilko

    no doubt a newspoll this weekend.
    To add to all the cr@p yesterday, O’Farrel’s comments apart from defamatory are disgusting.

  43. Marcus, he was re-endorsed in 2010, after being cleared. He increase his margin in 2010 with the voters being aware of the allegations.

  44. @ Quinninup:

    To me this is unforgivable – an elected representative who incessantly undermines the very basis of our democracy, not out of idealism or vision, but in order to promote his

    Indeed .
    The previous efforts of the lnp in their repeated attempts to gain government by any means rather than electorally, via confected scandal(s), (and involving serious illegality at least wrt to Ashby/Slipper) does little to inspire any trust in something timed so “conveniently” to draw attention away from “their tony” is mere coincidence.

    Their continuing abuses of due process, particularly the notion of innocent until proven guilty begs the question, what are they trying to hide?

  45. “Disgraceful misuse of the law. Organised crime identities get better treatment.”

    Which Howard was good at while in power. Remember Haneef?

  46. Was not Jackson’s partner father and Abbott;s great friends.

    Were not they bought up together.

    I believe as well, the judge’s , siblings are in the police force,

  47. I am of the opinion, the PM wanted the attention to be on Abbott,

    The more he tells us what legislation of the PM he is going to undo, the more the people become aware of her achievements.

    Abbott has to deliver more that he has up to now. He is now in Tassie promising millions more. How can he keep that up for the next 8 months.

    Costings matter little.

    As for Thomson, when the storm blows over, one will realized little has changed.

    Abbott and Co, once again over reached, accusing the PM of running a protection agency and demanding that Thomson vote be negated.

    Abbott big promise to raise the standard of the behaviour in politics. How does that fit in with what he said yesterday. Did not last even to the end of his appearance at the NPC.

  48. el gordo, remember the Slipper matter fell very early.

    If today’s hearing went ahead, it was possible that would have also been the case. The matter dismissed at the first hurdle.

    It is not unusual for police cases being thrown out even before they begin.

    As the criminal and civil charges are similar, it would not surprise me, if Thomson and his legal bodies are ready to go.

  49. “:quinninup”:

    Another election that the liberals were cheated out of.

    Does one call that a Mundine moment.

    Pyne was no better last night., Claiming that they won the last election, but was cheated out of it, because the PM refused to all another election.

    Does one get the feeling that many are judging the Thomson matter through the eyes of Ashby matter.; Making comparisons of hhowthe MSM and Abbott has dealt with each.

  50. Interesting that Steve Lewis introduced Abbott at the Press Club. He remarked after the speech at what a warm reception it had received. It was loud but then again the audience was stacked with Libs, even Downer was there. It looked liked an old boy’s club. Women seemed to be a clear minority, but included the only journos to ask hard or incisive questions.

  51. PS. Wonder how much the UN pays Alexander to not solve the impasse in Cyprus. He spends a lot of time in Oz doing commentary as part of the sit-down comic duo Downer and Reith.

  52. Roswell, the PM could have has some belief that the FWA matter could have been dismissed today, bringing finality to the matter.

    That is what makes me very suspicious of the police action.

    If I am wrong, I am sorry, but that matter is being heard in Victoria. The police would have been aware he would be in the state today.

    They seems to have a very big police budget in relation to this ,matter and the Slipper matter. Expenses seem to be limitless.

    Was is self bail yesterday

    One needs to remember, a conspiracy does not need a conviction to be effective. It just has to be kept on the boil.

    Justice Rare’s judgment mucked the Slipper matter up for the Opposition.

    Abbott proved by his comments, he is not interested in whether Thomson is guilty or not., He confirmed this when he said it was not about Thomson, but the PM.

    Mr. Abbott is using the justice system as a political ploy.

    This is what needs to be condemned.

  53. Barry O’Farrel in big trouble for his comments. Barry said that Thomson and his lawyer should take a step back, as it is clear that Thomson does not mind taking his clothes off in front of strangers,

    Ch Seven news
    Has been ask to apologies, or legal matters will begin.

  54. ‘Your credibility has just snapped with that one.’

    My bad…. only 60% of Australians believe in human induced global warming.

  55. Which is it. My emphasis.

    “Abbott clearly believes that to be so. The leaked e-mail exchanges within his inner circle as disclosed by The Daily Telegraph is testimony to that.

    He seems satisfied that a booklet devoid of new policies is good enough for now, and instead the focus should be on persuading the “commentariat”, as he puts it, that he is a good bloke who is fair dinkum.

    It’s fair to say that is already the view of much of the gallery. They like him, no doubt. They are increasingly asking themselves whether he is avoiding the detail for strategic reasons, or because it’s beyond him. But for now, they are only asking themselves.

    There were a couple of awkward moments at the press club. Laura Tingle asked him whether he would “stop walking away from press conferences, particularly ones you have called”.

    Another questioner asked him whether Mal Brough was entitled to ask for Peter Slipper’s private diary. Abbott said that was a question better directed to Brough. Hardly satisfactory, but then right on cue the Thomson arrest was announced..”


  56. Sue and Migs, he whole CT arrest saga has me sick to my stomach, what with goebbels media scam it seems the Gestapo have been recreated and operate in lib states, not long before the banning of a gathering of three or more people aka Joh in Qld, comes into effect. WHERE THE HELL IS THIS COUNTRY GOING.

  57. me thinks it was setup media set up well before police irrives one man to arrest and six burly police arrive then we switch over to press club and tony abbott smiling ear to ear and had this guilty look on his face like a naughty school boy very fishy indeed

  58. Into the fray steps Barrie O’Farrell with the following repugnant comment.

    “I think Mr Thomson and his lawyer need to calm down a bit – after all, the allegations surrounding Craig Thomson is that he was all too ready to take his clothes off in front of strangers in exchange for money.”

  59. How did O’Farrell know he undressed. Did not know that was necessary. Fancy reaching my seventh decade and not knowing that.

  60. “Interesting that Steve Lewis introduced Abbott at the Press Club. “

    I wondered why that was so yesterday. It is not the norm. Any explanation given.

  61. Yes, CU, a Mundine moment, indeed. The brief footage I saw of the match showed Anthony(!) being decidedly beaten, so crying he wuz robbed is not a good look.
    Incidentally St Anthony is prayed to by Catholics to find lost things. Don’t know if Tones’ prayers can find lost elections, though..

  62. We are all being railroaded by a complicit media and a corrupt authority into fascism via the opposition.

  63. I think Steve lewis did the introduction as a form of challenge to anyone who might ask a question abbott didn’t want to answer. Was that him moderating and moving questioners along quickly when abbott evaded or didn’t answer them?
    It’s pretty frightening. What we used to read abut happening in non-democratic countries.

  64. Cu, as you pointed out it’s not about the PM and her judgement. It seems to me that Abbott sees federal politics as a game of aggression to be played between himself and Gillard. It seems that the voters to Abbott are there only to provide opportunities for himself, his photo ops..have you ever known Abbott to seek the opinion of anyone.

  65. Jaycee whoever controls the media controls the peoples minds. Didn’t we see that in history. Weren’t we warned about it? And now it’s here .. compliments of the LNP, murdoch and their big business buddies.

  66. TM, yes indeed, and if you look at coups, throughout recent history the first thing to be taken over is the media.
    And media restrictions are commonplace in countries like China and North Korea.

    We are being done over! 👿

    Cheers 😦

  67. “Craig Thomson is a man who has been treated poorly by his accusers, both political and otherwise. He has the right to the presumption of innocence and to a fair trial, writes Greg Barns.
    Craig Thomson’s chance of obtaining a fair trial in relation to fraud charges is problematic.
    The New South Wales federal MP has been subjected to a long-running campaign designed to undermine the most sacred of rights we have in our legal system – the presumption of innocence.
    What is more galling is that now he has been charged with offences the very same people who were happy to paint him as an unsavoury character last year, are now invoking the sub judice rule.
    In addition, the conduct of the police in Thomson’s matter has also been disturbing and it continued yesterday.
    But back to the political class. Yesterday Opposition Leader Tony Abbott said of Thomson’s case that his party “has certainly respected, or tried to respect, the rule that you do not comment on the specifics of cases which are currently before the courts.”
    But almost in the very same breath he went on to breach Thomson’s right to the presumption of innocence.
    “It’s always been about the judgement of the Prime Minister… who was running a protection racket for Craig Thomson for months and years,” said Abbott.
    Note the use of the term “protection racket” – in other words there is something crooked about Thomson. This statement by Abbott was disgraceful and no doubt Thomson’s lawyers will look at it carefully in the context of whether or not their client can get a fair trial..”


    Why did he have to take off his sox and underpants. Could it to be to see if he had any marks on his body, for further identification.


    Greg Barns is a barrister, former Liberal Party advisor and national president of the Australian Lawyers Alliance. View his full profile here.

    Not exactly a Labor lover.

  68. God help us. Abbott is Tassie,in a suit, not fluro.Still cherry picking answers.

    He said that he wanted to go to Tassie earlier, but could not, as he was on call from his own Fire Fighting Brigade.
    ABC 24

  69. The decorum of Tony Abbott’s Libs versus The Fibs election strategy revealed today didn’t last long.

    The man who late last year had said in Parliament that Ms Gillard was a “dodgy and unethical lawyer” because of her involvement in an AWU “slush fund” today made no mention of that episode and less mention of her personally.

    But the news that former Labor MP Craig Thomson had been arrested in NSW on behalf of Victorian police ended the nicely-nicely pose. It was back to personality politics. The policies could wait.

    “But the Thomson matter isn’t just about what Craig Thomson may or may not have done, what he did or didn’t do,” said Mr Abbott.

    “It’s always been about the judgement of the Prime Minister.


  70. Fancy reaching my seventh decade and not knowing that.

    You’re actually experiencing your eighth decade CU 😉

  71. Another interesting point that was first reported on Independent Australia was the strip search of Craig Thomson by NSW Corrective Services after his arrest. It would appear that humiliation was the order of the day, and it begs the question if they can do this to a Federal Member Of Parliament, what hope does the average John or Jane Doe have?

    One also wonders if the purpose of the strip search was to look for distinguishing features to help verify the story of an honest prostitute who may later appear. This has been suggested by many followers of the case.

    No matter what the reason corrective services found no hidden guns, no drugs, no explosive devices, and certainly no receipts from brothels tucked away where the sun don’t shine.

    Allegations of political motives certainly seem justified when police give Michael Williamson 24 hours to appear at Maroubra Police Station to be charged for allegations against him. Despite these charges and allegations being astronomical in comparison with Thomsons, Williamson was able to maintain his dignity whilst Thomson was arrested without notice, before a media pack and paraded in front of the cameras surrounded by detectives, I’m surprised they didn’t handcuff him for added effect.

    NSW Police have today confirmed to me in writing that Michael Williamson was not subjected to a strip search, despite his charges being far more serious then Thomsons.

    I wonder if Liberal Senator Mary Jo Fischer was subjected to a strip search when she was charged in South Australia for theft, and assault..


  72. Bilko

    A must read for tonight O’Farrell’s comment about following normal procedure, is only normal when the procedure hasn’t been corrupted.
    Seems as though the corrective Service officers put a big dent in the overall plan that was in play against Thomson, the PM and the Labor govt yesterday.
    Steve bloody Lewis was who was really edgy on stage before the arrest occurred probably had to scrap his follow up article,as possibly the full plan was foiled.
    No wonder Abbott flew off to Tassie

  73. Just wondering if, by calling the election, that Gillard has prevented the Liberals from changing their leader. It might mean that they have to keep Abbott thru the election. Is that what the Libs wanted? Is this a good move?

    Guten Tag, mein herr!

    Noice to see that you can still write Englisch … 😛

    But I think you hit on a very important “play”!

    Doesn’t help my candidate (Turnbull) but as I said on another thread I struggle with all the pigs at the trough these days …

  74. Sue, I believe the intention was to lock Thomson up for the night, but wiser heads pulled the plug.

    They denied police bail, but something went wrong. One could only justify such a search, if one was going to be held in custody over night.

    If Williamson was not searched, why Thomson?

    I suspect the reason for this action, ios the possibility of the FWA matter being thrown out today..

  75. “only 60% of Australians believe in human induced global warming.” Except it’s not about “belief”, it’s about the scientific evidence-something morons like you, el trollo, still seem incapable of grasping. Seriously, with an IQ as low as yours seems to be, I wonder how you’re even capable of operating a computer. Do you get someone to write on your behalf?

  76. ” and I predict they will be moaning for years how ‘we wuz robbed’.” What, you mean the way you moronic Tea-party trolls have been bitching & whining for the last 2.5 years? No, the truth is that we have far more dignity than you stupid Tea-Baggers.

  77. Sue
    CT should also go for abbort, brandis, etc wake all the buggers up.
    That neandertal piccie of abbort shows man has not advanced much in n-million years, well coalition supporters at least, brain power and logic that is.

    I have noticed that in most of the RW comments on the blogs re OZ’s debt features a lot. They all have forgotten that the coalition, you remember that party before the name change to noalition and abort’s backstabbing of Truffles led by brutus robb took over, had planned to go into a slightly smaller Debt stimulus figure $140-150m area comes to mind.
    They really have a closed mind to what happened back then its as if Winston Smith had updated history as per 1984.

  78. CU

    From Wixxy, “wiser heads” were the corrective Service Officers, who worked in their own time to process thomson so he could go before magistrate and not spend night in gaol

  79. Ah, Voyager, being desperately boring again. “One disaster to another”? Seems like you’ve been reading too much of your own propaganda. Abbott has failed utterly to achieve his dream of bringing about an early demise of the current government, whilst the government has gone on to pass a record number of bills. Abbott has turned an election landslide position into a virtually neck-&-neck position. Abbott has had the Slipper case blow up in his face, he has watched his preferred approach to asylum seekers be shown up as an abject failure, & has seen his frequent lies about the Carbon Price be proven to be false (hey Whyalla, you still there?) His own team can’t seem to decide whether they’re going to achieve a surplus or not, & Abbott has already started alienating key demographics with promises to get rid of the School Kids Bonus & the Low-Income tax offset for the Superannuation of Low Income Earners. The reality is that, if the polls are to be believed, the majority won’t be shifted either way on the non-issue of Thomson, but they will be shifted-away from the LNP-every time Idiot Boy opens his big fat yapper.

  80. Sue, they would be locals I believe. I live on the Central Coast, near Wyong.

    I have known the area well since the 1950’s. I can honesty say, I have not seen anyone out to get Thomson.

    Did worked for him at the 2007 elections, I live in an adjoining electorate to the north.

  81. Marcus, every time Abbott says he is going to get rid os something, will only highlight what the PM has achieved.

    Most seem to believe they have done nothing,

  82. CU
    Because the press now linking election 8 months, thomson arrested hence evans leaving must be baaaaaadd.
    riley saying conroy probably has numbers

  83. He is a senator, is he not. Easily replaced.

    We see, to have a new one with Abbott. Allow to rant on for what must be minutes, with not one questio0n being asked.

  84. “Senator Evans is the Minister for Tertiary Education, Skills, and Science and Research.

    He is expected to make the announcement at a press conference in Perth tomorrow.

    The Western Australian politician, who entered Parliament in 1993, is expected to stay on in the Senate.

    Fellow WA Senator Mark Bishop tweeted that Senator Evans’s resignation is “a loss”.

    “Serious, hardworking competent minister. Unassuming, consistent and effective Senate leader,” he said.”


    Well he did ,manage, if I recall, get on the wrong side of the PM. Not leaving the parliament. It is not unusual for people not to get on together.

  85. “………….Ten chief executive James Warburton said the rebirth of Meet The Press would help continue its role as an “iconic program on Australian television screens”.

    Another big question casting a shadow on the industry has also been answered with the news that Ten shareholder Gina Rinehart’s favourite Andrew Bolt will return on Ten.

    Mrs Rinehart, who owns 10 per cent of the network, was observed at Ten’s December shareholder meeting nodding in agreement when one of the shareholders said he would like to see the News columnist return to air.

    The mining magnate will no doubt welcome the fact that The Bolt Report will air on Sunday from March at 10am..”


  86. TB, I believe joni *wave to joni* is in the old dart these days. His English is probably quite good again by now 😉

  87. TB, I believe joni *wave to joni* is in the old dart these days …. and … Indeed. I’m now in the West Country (Bristol)….

    oh ar … moi gard, ‘is spakin’ll be bluddy arful ufn ‘ee gats bark ta Arstraaleear …

    I lurv the West Country … apart from the monstrosity they built at Land’s End …!

  88. ‘ALP vice-president Tony Sheldon has launched a ferocious attack on the political and moral crisis inside Labor and the toxicity of its most powerful faction, saying only a ground-up change of culture can restore its fortunes.

    ‘Speaking just days after Julia Gillard set September 14 as the election date and as Labor battles twin scandals in NSW, Mr Sheldon said the party faced a “catastrophic situation”, with its brand damaged by a failure to focus on what matters to members and supporters.’

    Peter van Onselen in the Oz

  89. el gordo, did you take the trouble to read what he said, I believe many here would agree with most of what was said.

    By the way, he said the PM is doing a good job, You are a little behind the with the announcement.

  90. el gordo, did you take the trouble to read what he said

    Cu, you are expecting too much. El gordo only takes the snippets of articles and twists them around to reinforce her antiquated ideals.

  91. Miglo, I believe the media, including Mr. Pyne thought they had something late last night. It cooled off I believe, after they actually listened to the speech.

  92. Bernard Keene this morning said it would be good if Mr. Abbott got equal time. It would be nice to see him stand before the media until the questions run out, as the PM has done on many occasions.

    Another issue raised, was the PM now be restricted in using government advertising.

    I cannot say, I have seem much from this government. That is a change from the Howard years.

    I do not believe that will bother the PM. It appears that the PM does not have much appetite for playing games.

    I suspect though, she could play a good hand of poker.

  93. ‘El gordo only takes the snippets of articles and twists them around to reinforce her antiquated ideals.’

    I used the first two pars of Onselen and didn’t twist anything.

  94. el gordo, you miss the point. It is prudent to read the article yourself, not rely on others.

    You seen something that looked good. Never checked the source.

    I suspect many of your climate change comments arise in the same way. That is why many catch you out..

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