Tony Abbott . . . who do you trust?


Tony Abbott was clearly channelling John Howard and the ghosts of an election past when he made his announcement that the forthcoming election was to be “all about trust”.

“Who do you trust to reduce cost of living pressures?” he (Tony Abbott) said. “Who do you trust to boost small business and to boost job security, and who do you trust to secure our borders?

“That’s what this election will be all about.”

Abbott’s strategists have been working on this for some considerable time, with the primary challenge facing Abbott’s people being Tony Abbott himself: The Gospel Truth Tony and Phoney Tony.

From Bernard Keane:

But Abbott also has long-term form in struggling with the truth in interviews. In 1998, he — commendably — undertook a personal mission to destroy One Nation..trouble was, he later denied to the ABC ever funding Sharples — a blatant lie he was sprung on in 2003. Then there was his curious denial of meeting George Pell during the 2004 election campaign, until Tony Jones jogged his memory and Abbott suddenly recalled that he’d met him the previous week.

Infamously, Tony Abbott would be the first leader in Australia’s history to come forth with the statement: Don’t trust me – make sure that you get it in writing.

The vital decision then had to be made by Tony Abbott’s strategists on whether to tackle Abbott’s trust predicament, or to make an attempt to avoid it completely. Clearly avoidance and attempts to replace Abbott’s image with non-threatening positive images have been “it” up until this present point in time.

It is no coincidence that photo ops of Tony always coincide with the issue which is currently foremost in the minds of his spinmeisters.  Defence, Tony holds a gun.  Small business, Tony is with a dead fish.  Women are the issue, enter Mrs. Tony.  Trust is the issue, Tony is a volunteer.

Contingent on this plan was the device of endowing Prime Minister Gillard with the habitual patterns and aspects of behaviour of which Abbott himself is guilty.

Enter the JuLiar Campaign.

At the 2004 election, the method used  to tackle the Lying Rodent and Honest John issue was to confront it, and there would be many amongst us who sputtered at the temerity of John Howard’s declaration:

This election, Ladies and Gentleman, will be about trust. Who do you trust to keep the economy strong and protect family living standards? Who do you trust to keep interest rates low? Who do you trust?

At the Howard-Latham election, “who do you trust?” was a shock tactic and it worked.

The promise made over and over is that Abbott is on the cusp of reinventing himself with plans to dispel his entrenched negativity.

. . . the Opposition had been preparing to roll out its policies and move on to a positive agenda.

The above was written by Lyndal Curtis – the date: May 18, 2010.  Tony Abbott was unable to sustain the momentum then and it is inevitable that he will be unable to sustain the momentum this time around.  This inability suggests a lack of discipline which is quite at odds with the perception which Abbott has gone to great lengths to promote, such as the “almost an excuse” conveniently provided by Michelle Grattan.

He is obsessed with discipline though seemingly unable to avoid periodic lapses.

It is therefore highly likely that during this year’s election campaign that little will be uttered on the issue of Tony Abbott’s image as Mr. Positive; the negativity is far too firmly entrenched. To do otherwise would require a complete change in Tony Abbott’s method of functioning which, as has been proven in the past, has been impossible for him to maintain.

Trust is the issue on which Tony Abbott hopes to run his campaign, however unlike Howard whose longevity provided some barrier between reality and rhetoric, Tony Abbott has no such barrier.  Once again the challenge facing Abbott is Abbott himself.  It would take but one slip, one single act of an aggressive approach such as on the occasion of his debate with Nicola Roxon for history to repeat itself.  Does Tony Abbott possess this discipline?  We are all about to find out.

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  1. Abbott replied to a question this afternoon re the Ashby saga and said “with my hand on my heart I can categorically say that no one from the LNP has had anything to do with this event” Who can u trust, not this lying clown. I wonder if the MSM will take this comment from him on board. Don’t hold your breath.

  2. We are back to the bullshit, that the PM stop accepting Thomson’s vote.

    It does not belong to either Mr. Abbott or the PM. It belongs to the people of his electorate. Mr.Abbott has no right to deny their representation.PM to do anything about Mr. Thomson.

    That is up to the legal system.

  3. Patricia, I wonder if Abbott even bothers to read the newspapers..or watch TV. Is he completely oblivious to the ruling by Justice Rares..??

  4. Cu, thank you for the logic. What Abbott is saying is that the people of Thomson’s electorate should be denied representation. Is it even possible under the Constitution that an elected representative be denied a vote, thus disenfranchising his electorate..Abbott is suggesting that Gillard as PM has the ability to do so. I would like the opinion of a Constitutional lawyer on the legality or otherwise of that one.

  5. Min I think the man is so full of himself that he thinks he can do no wrong. I bet when he was a little boy he never wet the bed, he probably did it on the Pillow!!!

  6. It’s rubbish night here, & in between filling the bins I’ve popped in to see what 9 News is contributing. A fair bit actually. I understood that yesterday they were whipping up outrage about Queenslanders being put out by Julia’s announcement of the election date during their hour of trial. No such scruples tonight as the Thomson affair was aired with the standard shots of Gillard being questioned about it in the middle of what looked like a background leftover from Apocalypse Now.
    With a smartarse voiceover from Laurie Oakes who pointedly used Abbott’s NPC comments about Thomson. And Laurie didn’t use much else from it beyond a token pickup on the schoolkids’ bonus. So much for the Grand Old Man of the Press Gallery.

  7. It was pointed out when this ruckus was on before, when the PM defended her stand, that the parliament was not a court of law, or should it be.

    In otherwise, to prevent Mr. Thomson or anyone else from sitting would be setting up a kangaroo court.

    I will go further, the parliament has to respect the role of the judicial system.

    In our democracy, they are separated. Up to Abbott, I believe this was the accepted wisdom.

    In other words, no one has the right to restrict an MP from voting, unless one is convicted of a crime that attracts 12 months, I believe jail sentence.

    The same went for Mr. Slipper.

    The PM is not, as Abbott claimed today6 protecting Mr. Thomson, or for that matter Mr. Slipper.

    The PM is following the dictates of the law.

    Yes, Min, I do question the actions of Mr. Abbott, especially when he ran for that door.

    One should question Mr. Abbott’s lack of respect for the law and for conventions.

    I seen Mr. Abbott say today, if one compares him to the PM, he presents himself more for interviews. Slid over the ones he runs away from Can anyone give me an instance of when the PM behaved in a similar manner.

    What was better, was watching Mr. Pyne claim that they have not abuses question time, and that they did not MSSO’s on most days.

    This occurred on more than 72 occasions. Not many days that they did not. Also he is the only Opposition leader that has done this.

    Mr. Pyne was bare faced lying.

    Yes, who can one trust.

    Can one trust a man that accuses the PM of running a protection agency, when all she is doing, is upholding the law.

  8. Min, think about this. If an MP was able to make allegations against another MP, and it was open that he could be made to resign, because of the allegations, parliament would become unworkable.

    Many of the scandals, concerning MP are mostly political, that lead nowhere.

    Very few of the accusations lead to convictions, or even being charged.

  9. A beautiful mistake by Steve Cannane on the drum tonight, but never a truer word was spoken…………”Tony Abbott made new…. no policy… announcements today”
    So it’s true, He doesn’t have any policies!! I Guess Steve meant to say “No new policies”

  10. unlike Howard whose longevity provided some barrier between reality and rhetoric, Tony Abbott has no such barrier.

    @ Min, I think the msm have been diligently providing such a barrier for abbott, the remaining question being whether the msm will to continue to do so as the conflict between reality and their fantasies becomes increasingly apparent , or whether there will be an attempt to subject abbott to a bit of scrutiny, or even to “switch horses” in a last ditch effort to regain credibility by the msm.

    Neither abbott nor the msm warrant trust, imho.

  11. I do not TRUST the media, the police or tony abbott’s liberals.

    Hand on his bloody heart ” he knew nothing about Ashby/Slipper/Brough” with Steve Lewis sitting beside him.

    Then the big bloody smile when news “broke” police had arrested Thomson all with the tv crews present and the media given a news pack of the arrest details BEFORE the accused Thomson had received them.
    Oh yeah I can believe Abbott and MSM using TRUST as their motto.

    What a ********** disgrace to what is supposed to be our democracy.

  12. Pyne 7/30 Illegal government. Does things never change. According to Pyne, the PM should have called a new election straight after the last election.

    As I say, how can one trust those who have not respect for the law or the Constitution.

    Uhlmann is making some attempt at questioning. another great interview worth watching.

  13. Thomson is facing 149 charges. It will be interesting how many of these actually eventuate. What happens if the court throw out the FWA actions, tomorrow I believe.

  14. 149 charges
    according to McArdle 1 is for buying icecream another for hiring a video while at a hotel.
    and that took 5 coppers to arrest him

    and a tv news crew to occur at 1pm. no wonder Steve Lewis was looking anxious must have been worried that thatmany coppers could get confused on the timing.

  15. Ah Voyager, full of crap as always. Ask Trish Crossin you say? How about you ask Malcolm Turnbull before he got a knife in the back-thanks to a conspiracy cooked up by Abbott & Cori “failed to declare his interests” Bernardi. Ask Slipper, whose career has been destroyed by a phony smear campaign dreamed up by Ashby, Brough, Pyne & Bishop. Ask the Liberal Party MP whose reputation NewsCorpse tried to destroy in order to make way for Morrison (does someone have that guy’s name?) Ask the Liberal Party MP who Abbott tried to shove aside in order to have his preferred candidate parachuted into the seat. You see, Voyager on a sea of Liberal Party lies, you accuse Gillard of “misdeeds”, yet the actions pale in comparison when compared to the vile tactics of your beloved Liberal Party.

  16. “with my hand on my heart I can categorically say that no one from the LNP has had anything to do with this event” . Yet a judge, one appointed by the previous Coalition Government, names *several* people from the LNP who quite clearly had something to do with this event. This guy couldn’t lie straight in bed!

  17. Pterosaur, we have seen an occasional switching of horses. It seems that whenever the msm thinks that they might look too stupid, that they attempt a modest amount of scrutiny.

  18. Marcus
    obviously a very under achieving student – ‘just answer the question’
    Those I mentioned can only answer . Or did you do a quick ring around, no not that
    And who do I trust?
    The Bookies say you are all tools. The odds quite remarkable ie Centrebet
    ALP $4.05
    LIB/Nat $1.05 If you back Labor you will loose.
    Sorry too much – Bookies dont Loose not in their vocab.
    Does anyone want to back Labor ?

  19. Marcus,

    Ask the Liberal Party MP whose reputation NewsCorpse tried to destroy in order to make way for Morrison (does someone have that guy’s name?)

    Towke, was it?

  20. I have to admit I’d be a bit reluctant to put money on a Labor win, what with all the forces aligned against them. I’ll be needing it all as a hedge against an Abbott government.

  21. voyager, Abbott might win I believe, reading what others say, we all know that. What are you so concerned that you have to convince us. He might also lose. That is what happens in a democracy.

    We are not like your mob and especially Pyne, who cannot accept that fact. It is up to the voter. Sometimes they get it tight, sometimes they get it wrong.

    There is always another election in three years to put matters right.

    Personally, I would hate to see him win. I do not like the man or his methods. That is my opinion, that he deserves to lose.


    “Tony Abbott made two things clear in his response to Julia Gillard’s surprise election announcement: one, he’s all about positivity, and two, he means to be John Howard II. In a brief media conference of less than 3½ minutes, Mr Abbott used the word ”positive” six times. But most striking of all was the similarity to his mentor’s rhetorical style on calling the 2004 election.
    ”This election, ladies and gentlemen, will be about trust,” Mr Howard said then, before asking: who did the voters trust to keep the economy strong, living standards high, interest rates low and terrorists away?
    On Thursday, the only change his protege made was to drop the ”ladies and gentlemen”. Other than that it was just a matter of updating the issues – slightly – and the verbs for opposition rather than government.

    Illustration: Rocco Fazzari
    ”Who do you trust to reduce cost of living pressures?” Mr Abbott said. ”Who do you trust to boost small business and to boost job security? And who do you trust to secure our borders?”
    Mr Abbott wants to appeal to voters’ memories of Mr Howard’s economic management in the relatively stable era before the global financial crisis. In the same vein, he pledged to restore the asylum-seeker policies”that we know will work”, because they’ve been ”proven to work”..”

    Read more:”

  22. Voyager, don’t forget that Abbott lied to Hockey when he said he wouldn’t challenge Turnbull for the leadership. Or have you conveniently forgotten?

  23. Bloody hell………..

    There were 7 police not 5 to arrest Thomson

    lots to come out about police and libs and certain media

  24. Is it my imagination or does Abbott’s face look puffy, especially around rthe eyes. I thought it was my TV earlier today.

    Looks like he has been crying.

    As for the PS, looks like it is to be Howard all over again.

    I have always believe that Abbott is just a puppet. Looks like thepuppeteer could be Howard himself.

    Why don’t he just run It appears we are going to have a rerun of his policies.

    Tony Abbott has promised no night of the long knives, but public service bosses have been put on notice that not all their jobs are safe.
    The Opposition Leader will not assure departmental secretaries they won’t be replaced should the Coalition win this year’s election.
    Answering questions at the National Press Club on Thursday, Mr Abbott praised the work of the public service but he did not back away from his commitment to slash thousands of jobs in the sector.
    Specifically on the question of department secretaries, he made it clear that some would be replaced.
    ‘‘Government can’t do anything on the ground without the involvement of the Australian Public Service. So, I respect them and I’m going to work with them,’’ he said.
    ‘‘Can I say that every single departmental secretary will stay in his or her existing position? No, I can’t.
    ‘‘But there certainly won’t be anything resembling a night of the long knives or a bloodbath of the public service. Not at all.’’
    Following John Howard’s 1996 election win, the Coalition thrust Canberra into recession with big job cuts throughout the public service.
    Mr Howard also replaced half a dozen department chiefs.
    But Australian National University politics professor John Wanna believes Mr Abbott should not follow his former leader’s example.
    ‘‘There is a perception in the Coalition that John Howard really stuffed it in ’96 and that it destabilised his government for some months,’’ Professor Wanna said.
    ‘‘Kevin Rudd managed it better when Labor returned to office and he took a good look at people before slowly making some changes.
    ‘‘It would be hard to find any of the department secretaries today who are overtly political. Most of them are professional heads of agencies. But Howard came into office distrusting the public service. Abbott would be well advised not to take that view.’’
    A high-ranking public servant has told Fairfax Media that several of the secretaries are expecting to be tapped on the shoulder if the Coalition wins office.
    ‘‘We’re hoping for a decent outcome, but many are expecting the worst,’’ the contact said.
    Mr Abbott attempted to portray himself as a friend of the public service, even though he has plans to slash at least 12,000 jobs in the sector. ‘‘I have spent many years working with the Australian Public Service – as an employment minister, as a workplace minister, as a health minister, as leader of the House of Representatives,’’ he said.

    Read more:

    Not too sure Rudd did the right thing leaving many of Howard’s appointees there.

  25. It is going to be a matter of degree who will make the most cuts.

    “..Former consultant and senior public servant Terry Fewtrell said the public sector could be looking at two different types of spending cuts, with any cuts made in the next budget by the Labor government likely to be specific and policy directed.
    He said Mr Abbott probably would seek ‘‘dramatic, root-and-branch’’ cuts to the public service.
    And former senior public servant Stephen Bartos told ABC radio that almost eight months’ notice of an election did not necessarily mean almost eight months of job security for the Australian Public Service.
    Mr Bartos said public servants could try to use the time to shore up their positions within their departments and make a good impression, but it was likely both the opposition and even the government already had specific plans for cuts.
    ‘‘The public service shouldn’t feel at all complacent about this timetable, that it’s going to shield them from cuts in the meantime – the government’s pretty clearly signalled it wants some.’’…”

    Read more:

  26. So Abbott wants to replace Public Service Secretaries with Liberal supporters. The politicisation of the Public Service will begin again.

  27. Who do I trust? It’s certainly not anyone in the Liars Party. Hand on heart…what was it Justice Rares said in his judgement, Liealot?

    Unfortunately with the msm looking anywhere but at him, Liealot can get away with such blatant lies.

  28. …not long now and the political circus will come to an end.
    Will the cops come for Gillard or Williamson first?

  29. Tweed – quite a lineup here to really challenge ‘who we trust’
    There just needs to be evidence and any of these could be charged.
    PS are Ms Dillards glasses optical or just a fashion/intelligence statement?

  30. ‘‘I have spent many years working with the Australian Public Service – as an employment minister, as a workplace minister, as a health minister, as leader of the House of Representatives,’’ he said.

    And I well and truly fucked up each and every position I ever worked in.

  31. Voyager, you grade A moron, you’re the one who failed to answer the question posed by the writer of this article-so you must be the under-achieving student, Like all good Liberal Trolls, you engage in typical distraction tactics to avoid answering the difficult questions (just like your beloved Abbott). I clearly must have hit a nerve by exposing the vile tactics of your beloved party. Now, Voyager, be a good troll & skulk back to your cave.

  32. voyager, with those glasses, the PM might be copying Abbott. Who knows. When most women wear glasses, they are to see and a fashion statement. I take it, the PM wearing glasses does not suit you.

    As for evidence, it is not unusual for evidence to be challenged and police found wrong.

    That is why we have the presumption of innocence.

    Time will tell. At the moment we have one charge of the misappropriation of funds involving an amount I understand of $300.

  33. Miglo, why was Abbott seen creeping out of Howard’s home about the same time Abbott lied to Hockey. Why did Howard see both, in his home before the before the vote?

    Maybe the police might come after Abbott, in relation to Ashby. Wonder where the request for an enquiry to Brough went.

  34. I have been distracted from the news, has the PM been charged with something. If not, what has she to do with any crime that Thomson may have or nay not have committed.

    Since when has it been a crime to respect the law by presuming the presumption of innocence at any time.

  35. Cu and,

    I have always believe that Abbott is just a puppet. Looks like the puppeteer could be Howard himself.

    I would consider this highly likely. Has Abbott got anything going for him whatsoever by way of leadership qualities, any intellectualism there at all…?

  36. See the Opposition are still pushing that the PM should reject the vote of a duly elected MP. It is not her place to do so.

    It is not the role of the house to decide the guilt of anyone. That is the duty of the courts.

    It would be a dangerous policy for the house to take on this role. There are good reasons for the separation of powers and die process.

    One cannot choose the rules and conventions they like.

    The Federal case concerning FWA has been adjourned.

  37. It looks like the Victorian police would have known that Mr. Thomson would have been in Melbourne today, for the other case. If so, why the circus yesterday.

  38. @ Tweed. I see you’re again posting links to a misogynistic fraud-thinking that this in some way proves your point. All it proves to me is that you can always judge a person by the “company” he keeps. Thus I must judge you a very vile & low person indeed. You can crawl back to your troll-hole too, Tweed.

  39. Ah, Voyager, I see you’re taking solace in betting odds. No surprise given the increasing lack of comfort you can derive from the official polls. Yet even that is turning against you & your beloved party-Sportsbet now show odds of $3.75 to $1.25-a significant narrowing on the odds you showed. Of course, how do these odds compare to 9 months ago? I suspect that as Abbott becomes increasingly exposed as the imbecilic disaster area many of us already know he is, then both the polls & the betting odds will continue to trend towards Labor. Not that I expect a Fiberal Party troll like yourself to understand that. We still have Jacskonville, Ashby-Gate, Australians for Honest Politics & Corey “failure to declare interests” Bernardi to run their course-even before we consider the policy free zone that is the Fiberal Party!

  40. I believe many should do as the former PM said this morning, take a step back and let due process occur.

    Many should dump their confected moral outrage to the rubbish bin, where they belong.

    Mr, Abbott says it is all about character. Yes, for once he is right. It is about the character of both.

    We must question the character of Abbott, who is willing to deny a man his right to due process of the law, A man who is willing to use criminal matters as a political tool. A man that does not respect the due process of law, and the right to the presumption of innocence. A man that does not respect the Constitution and it’s rules when it comes to the parliament.,

    On the other hand, one must respect the PM for having the guts to uphold the laws of parliament and those of the judicial system.

    Lets take a step back in time. Before the 2010 election, this matter was considered and the re-endorsement of Thomson went ahead. Does anyone really believe this would have occurred, if they believe there were problems. Thomson went on to improve his numbers, this being against the trend of that election. The voters where well aware of the allegations. To add salt to the wounds of Abbott, this was a seat he believed he should have won.

    I listened to local ABC m and in particular, this morning. They discussed the matter.

    Funny there was no great rush of callers, condemning Thomson. Some did contradict the government man that said everyone that is arrested, is stripped searched. That is not my experience when I have attend police arrests in my former job. Then I am talking about many years ago, I suspect it could be the case, if one is being held in the cells. This was not so in this case. He was arrested and taken to court, where the police did NOT oppose bail.

    The re-endorsement went ahead, because the matter had been investigated by the authorities and it was found there was no case to answer. Yes, it was deem he was not guily of the allegations put forwarded.

    In our toxic political climate, does one really believe he would have been allowed to stand if they believe he was guilty. The governemnt and the PM rightly stood behind Thomson, taking the findings into account.

    If Abbott did not want or need that seat so badly, the matter would be where if was before the last election.

    Taking the history of this matter into account, how does that reflect on the PM’s character.

    When it first errupted, the PM nust have wished she could take the easy course and walk away. The PM did not. That takes character.


  41. I would like to add, there was a possibility that the FWA case could have been thrown out.

    We have seen the spectacle of the FWA issuing subpoenas left, right and centre, with no results.

    One wonders why they ave not called on the witnesses they police seem to believe they have.

  42. Thanks for the post Marcus. Deep and incisive comment as usual. Up to your usual standard.
    I really think Gillard has lost it. Starting the election year pretty much as she has ended 2010, 2011 and 2012. I have said in a few blogs. Tony simply needs to keep landing light punches to keep the numerous Labor/Gillard wounds open and running freely.
    Predictions re Craig have come to pass. Lets see, we have Slipper in the pipeline. The AWU/Gillard scandal will be the classic signature dish of the Gillard era.
    The monsoon season concludes in about 6 weeks so the Asylum/Illegal Entry/Border Protection comes to the front burner.
    For Tony this is the year of scheduling. The challenge is to keep the flavours of the Gillard cockup smorgasbord separate. Savouring the distinct flavours slowly.
    When do you think they will bring the Williams/HSU to the courts?
    My favourite is the Gillard/AWU. It just has everything.

    Tony is breathing easy.

  43. Migs, good post, and the question is “Who do you trust?”

    Well considering that the LNP are not only a policy free zone, but also an honesty free zone, I would trust Jack the Ripper to run a prostitute admiration society, before I would trust Abbott and co run this country, or for that matter to run around the block! 👿 😦 👿

    Cheers 😀

  44. Tweed, you make it sound as if it’s a very amateurish game..the truth of the matter is that the Australian people should have the opportunity to scrutinise fully costed and precisely detailed policies in order to make a choice.

    How do you feel about the kids school bonus being axed? How do you feel about Tony’s intention to give millionaire mums tax breaks for the hire of their au pairs and nannies? How do you feel about international mining companies taking all of their profits overseas and giving us back sweet bugger all.

  45. Min, agreed, but I wouldn’t let him anywhere near the top job, the man (?) is an absolute nut job 👿 , and so are the rest of his team as well as the puppet masters 👿

    Cheers 😦

  46. “How do you feel about the kids school bonus being axed? ”

    Appears this one has to go, as we cannot trust lower income earners to spend the money on school expenses.

    It appears that one needs to set up an expensive system to ensure the money is spent on the kids, Receipts are needed.

    The question I ask, is why.

    I be;lieve not., If the kids are at school, the money is being spent. Parents have no choice in the matter. All parents would be spending much more than this grant.

    Abbott would like to see in back as a tax deduction, where one has to spend the money and wait. A system that benefits the higher income earners more,

  47. Min. I am a supporter of good management of the countries finances and social responsibilities. Even if I wasn’t an Abbott supporter I would vote for him because Gillard has been a cluster fuck (expensive) since 2007. The cock ups have increased exponentially since 2010.

  48. Hey, big spender: Howard the king of the loose purse strings

    Australia’s most needlessly wasteful spending took place under the John Howard-led Coalition government rather than under the Whitlam, Rudd or Gillard Labor governments, an international study has found.

    The International Monetary Fund examined 200 years of government financial records across 55 leading economies.

    It identifies only two periods of Australian “fiscal profligacy” in recent years, both during John Howard’s term in office – in 2003 at the start of the mining boom and during his final years in office between 2005 and 2007.

    Read more:

  49. ‘TS, it won’t be Abbott running the country he is but a figurehead, a puppet..’

    Is this a conspiracy theory?

  50. Shane. These rats leaving the sinking ship are some of the most senior and most blind and forgiving supporters of Gillard.
    I suggest there is a fair amount of STICK IT UP YOUR ARSE going on in Labor HQ at the moment.
    Watch Garrett today being interviewed on SKY. 5 years of the Educashun Revolution and what do we see????
    An now as if she hasn’t learned from her past mistakes Gillard is trying to fit Gonski into the budget. All good questions from SKY.
    All this education policy foolishness from Labor is driven by the education unionists. How can these tools contribute when they have their chips balanced on each shoulder.

  51. Let’s see how many esteemed media pundits do recall John Winston’s regular election years’ Cabinet reshuffles, retiring Ministers and all; which paved way for the exciting, and refreshing, and renewing resumes now blessing pretty much all of the Shadow Ministry and its collective wealth of experience.

  52. That’s the hypocrisy of them Disarray and always has been.

    When a Liberal government at State or Federal level goes down and their ministers start quitting it’s a refreshing of the party, when it’s Labor it’s rats deserting the ship.

    Nothing new in their double standards.

  53. Tweed

    It is only right wingers that complain about education funding. Thye want us to go the way of the USA where the public are getting dumber and dumber as funds are diverted from education to defebce and war. Then all people know is the bias reporting in the media owned by private companies.

    Most of your heroes in the Liberal Party were educated for free under Whitlams socialist education reforms or with scholarships. Use it for their benefit and then dercy and belittle it and roll out the typical union hatred band. A union is a collection of workers. An association is a collection of businesses yet they are not lambasted, why, because big business and CEOs run the associations.

    So the only tools are the conservatives who scream socialism, after using it themselves. Hypocrisy is startling.

  54. I rest my case shane. You teacher union types approach education with a chip firmly attached to your shoulder. It may be pertinent to sit back and ponder. Contrary to the cluster view of the teaching unions you guys do not own our public schools. Surprisingly shane there are many many schools that achieve excellence without teaching unionists. You guys just go through your careers with this interminable class hatred and I suspect class envy.

  55. Talking of hypocrisy.

    The State LNP opposition in Queensland at the time decried the moving of Grantham residents from flood prone areas after the previous floods, but it seems that move was very successful so have now announced they will move other areas out of flood plains.

    Thing is local councils are already doing this and some now have active policies of not approving developments on flood plains and water inundation areas.

    This is similar to something O’Farrell has recently done, re-announce previous policy and programs as though new and innovations of the Liberal State government when neither is the case.

  56. Tweed
    February 1, 2013 @ 3:59 pm

    Min. I am a supporter of good management of the countries finances and social responsibilities. Even if I wasn’t an Abbott supporter I would vote for him because Gillard has been a cluster fuck (expensive) since 2007. The cock ups have increased exponentially since 2010.

    Tweed anyone that quotes Prickering is a fucking idiot. The very fact that your read Prickering and are a climate change denier speaks volumes about your character. Anyone that engages with any of the vile filth offered by Prickering, a convicted conman is of floored character and low intellect.
    Liberals are economic incompetents. Howard was the worst treasurer in modern history and when he was PM sol 72 billion in public assets to achieve the surplus they use to spin the bullshit story that they are better economic managers. Like everything from the opposition it’s a big fat lie, workchoices, productivity, children overboard, on and on. The economic figures and every credible economic mind in the world envies and praises Australia’s economic position and the only people on the planet that are saying otherwise are the power lusting Libs, who’s economic credentials are a joke. I especially love this line “were going to get Australia’s economy on track”, train wreck more like.

    So I will call you out as we do with all the trolls to tell us the 10 personal traits of outstanding character that qualifies Abbott for the job.
    A Pickering quoter, what a douche 🙄

  57. Tweed are you a teacher, I can tell like Howard , Abbott and Bandis you opposed to Unions because they stand in the way of your oppressive totalitarian neocon ideology. Funny how when teachers and nurses make a point to politicians their main opponents are ideologists who have never worked in the industry. You rest your case? Maybe in that twisted feeble mind you pimple brained troll. 🙄

  58. Once again, the PM is being presented as liar by Pyne and media.

    They have to do this, so his wild assertions make some sense. If the PM is telling the truth, all the headlines make no sense.

    I would expect more notices of resignations, from both sides in the near future. Now is the time for that, as people make decisions as to if they want to rerun.

    Oakshott has already announced he will be making next month.

    It is ignored,that the PM appointed Roxon as GG, knowing that she nad made the decision not to run for the next election.

    Yes, the outcry of shock makes sense, if one denies the reality.

    The truth is that the government under both Mr. Rudd and this PM has been one of fewer changes than most.

    I think Mr Howard came close to holding the record for the most changes.

  59. As usual, more spending promised. Where is the money coming from?

    Federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott will support Queensland Premier Campbell Newman’s calls for more federal funding to flood proof cities if he wins government.

    Mr Abbott was in the flood-ravaged central Queensland town of Bundaberg on Saturday to offer support to residents and help clean up the area.

    The visit came just days after Mr Newman called for more federal funding to build protective levees and other flood mitigation methods to prevent another disaster like the one currently affecting Queensland and NSW’s east coasts.

    Mr Abbott said the Howard government had initiated a program to relocate flood victims in low lying areas and he would support a similar scheme.

    “I think the federal government should be prepared to look at the proposal that Campbell Newman has put forward because obviously prevention is better than cure,” he told reporters.

    Mr Abbott also called on the government to introduce relief loans and assistance for businesses that were not only physically damaged, but also commercially damaged.

    Is he the messiah?

  60. By the way, no one seems to noticed that we now have a new AG and an new Immigration minister.

    Both new ministers more than worthy for the job.

  61. In a surprising twist, Ms Roxon thanked former prime minister Kevin Rudd during her resignation announcement, a sharp turnaround from the blistering character assassination delivered during last February’s leadership ballot.
    The former Attorney-General was less than civil in her comments about the opposition leader Tony Abbott.
    ”My only regret as health minister is the inordinate amount of time we were too long fixing many of the problems that Mr Abbott left from his time as health minister,” she said.

    Read more:

  62. ………………..The resignations come three days after Ms Gillard stunned the nation, and many in her party, by setting the election for September 14, an unprecedented eight months out.

    Ms Gillard brushed aside suggestions her government was in chaos.

    ‘Why on earth would anyone say that,’ she replied.

    Ms Gillard said she had been talking to both Ms Roxon and Senator Evans for a year about a planned exit for them.

    ‘I have always had it in my mind that this was the appropriate time to announce new arrangements as we move back into the parliamentary session,’ she said.

    She hopes to take her reshuffled cabinet into the next election but says sometimes personal issues intercede.

    ‘I can’t wish away the real world … but this is the team I intend to take to the next election.’………………………………

    Why indeed would one say that?

  63. aaahhhh …CU. Roxon was only appointed just over a year ago. So after accepting the job of AG and saying how honoured etc. she then tells Gillard oh FYI Jules, I also plan to leave politics in a years time. Dumb and dumber. They can’t even get their stories straight……

  64. Ricky (Tory Torcher)
    FEBRUARY 2, 2013 @ 9:08 AM
    Ricky. I keep re reading your comments and can’t fathom your logic. Can you send some stick drawing to explain your rambling responses…. or maybe get your Mum to pen your comments so we can all enjoy your contributions?

  65. Tweed, it is possible she told on or before. What difference would it had made, knowing that she intended to resign in what was two years. Your thinking sometimes amazes me.

    It is possible she told the PM when the offer was made.

    Will have to do better to prove her a lie.

    What ever the case was, she did a good job. She is highly regarded world wide for her cigarette packaging legislation.

    Did a good job of cleaning Mr. Abbott’s Health messes up. I assume she has to start with that hospital in Tassie he bought on a whim just before the 2007 election.

  66. Tweed, I have no problem working out what Ricky is saying, does anyone else.

    It seems that Tweed has comnphrension problems with many of us. I wonder if the blame laids with him, not us.

  67. Miglo, that maybe why so many of them refer us to Pickering. He is into similar drawings. I wonder if it works better of if they are a little crude.

  68. C u, Ricky’s fine, but English comprehension seems to be a common problem amongst a majority of the rabid right, either that or they’re dishonest for the sake of their own arguments, or they’re just plain stupid, or a combination of all of the above 😯

    But then they’re not called the RABID RIGHT for nothing 😦

    Cheers 😀

  69. Migs, it’s not STICK drawings that are needed cos nothing will change their arguments, the only STCK that’s required is when we tell them to STICK IT! 😛

    Cheers 😀

  70. Tweed
    February 2, 2013 @ 6:36 pm

    Ricky (Tory Torcher)
    FEBRUARY 2, 2013 @ 9:08 AM
    Ricky. I keep re reading your comments and can’t fathom your logic. Can you send some stick drawing to explain your rambling responses…. or maybe get your Mum to pen your comments so we can all enjoy your contributions?

    And you contribute what? Articles and quotation’s from a conman? Hatred and blatant untruths in relation to Labor’s economic record which are lies strait out of a Bolt Blog. The only stick you understand is the truth stick which does not seem to beat any measure of tangible sense of truth into that thick head of yours. You’re a gutless anonymous troll posting hate and lies in a blog that is opposed to your delusional neocon ideology. I don’t see any of the 10 these gleaming attributes of character in defense of your, new improved faux hero? So if you don’t understand what I am saying to you, please feel free to join Hall and spread your lying hate in his kitty litter pit. In relation to rambling unsubstantiated logic, I bow to your prowess.

    Keep posting lies and bullshit opinion from a Prickering blog and I will remind you what a fucking idiot you are. I swear this on my dead mothers grave you lying predictable troll.

  71. Torch Boy. Keep in mind Larry is a four time Walkely Award Winner.
    I am impressed not so much with his style in the Gillard files but his fearless prosecution of the facts. Many in MSM either got bullied into silence or kept quiet because they have to feed their families.
    When the dust settles he will probably get another Walkely. The other guy I respect is Hedly Thomas. He is very quiet at the moment which suggests he is about to do an update on his investigations.
    Newspoll this weekend.

  72. Tweed
    February 3, 2013 @ 10:01 am

    Torch Boy. Keep in mind Larry is a four time Walkely Award Winner.
    I am impressed not so much with his style in the Gillard files but his fearless prosecution of the facts. Many in MSM either got bullied into silence or kept quiet because they have to feed their families.
    When the dust settles he will probably get another Walkely.

    Boy? Walkley awards? ..yeah for drawing pictures not journalism. So did Josh Massoud with a story that was complete bullshit, which speaks volumes about the state of the Walkley’s fast becoming an industry joke. Prickerings scribes can only be categorised as baseless ideology driven rubbish from a misogynistic pig who is trying to sell products.

    Your mate Larry is a fucking crook who pushes this bullshit for profit. Prickering is a bankrupt conman who has run scams conning people out of their money. The fact that you admire him for his “fearless prosecution of the facts”, all of which are baseless lies resulting in nothing is testament to your own gullible idiocy. Your an ignorant blind sheep who employs “opposite is good” stupidity. Why else would you target whispers with such nutty diatribe parroting the opinion of others with the same delusional stupidity.

    If your so intelligent and switched on, where is your blog? You cannot even provide us 10 character attributes on why Abbott will be a great PM. Instead you blindly follow contemptuous frauds like a politically vacuous lemming parroting the hate press of Bolt and Prickering. Of course you admire them, your full of ignorant hate yourself. They push the stupidity button on that pronounced forehead of yours.

    Bullied into silence to prevent starvation ? litigation. Oh you poor stupid, ignorant person, believe what you will as we can’t put brains in a statue. Con men like prickering build brands on lies and baseless innuendo masquerading as journalism which is nothing more than opinion designed for the foolishly gullible like you to sell crap.

    I suggest you try and think for yourself and write me 10 character attributes that would make Abbott would be a good PM and not post anything more until then. By that time Abbott will be dumped as leader after he loses the next election. Anyone who refers to a 51 yo man as “boy” anonymously is a cowardly disgrace but then again we already know that troll.

  73. What is it with Tweedle’s and ‘boys’…. 😕
    ……… oh, yeah….. 😳 sorry, for a second there I forgot which side Tweedle’s on 😉 :mrgreen:

  74. “…………..Across all tiers, our government spending is 35.9 per cent of GDP, compared to the US with 41.7 per cent and the UK at 49 per cent. Our taxes are 20.9 per cent of GDP, unlike 24.8 per cent for the US and 35 per cent for the UK.
    The more general lesson from yesterday and all such previous occasions throughout our political history is that the partisan choice must be firmed up to make it easier for voters to leap from the government wagon. Nobody will be losers under the plans of an opposition leader because, as New Tony said, “Our vision for Australia is about you.”
    But we know from the leaked email that Tony and his team do worry about voter backlash against government cuts. As much as he insisted yesterday that he was not a Gillard who says one thing and does another, he quickly flicked the ball when questioned about Mal Brough and the Slipper affair or about his quick exit from his own press conferences. This is less a case of personal hypocrisy than the political discretion and manoeuvring that all pollies must indulge in at one time or another.
    And the question is how long he can keep that up in the coming months, even when government budget figures come out. We have low government spending, taxes and debt already, but he’s promising to cut them further. Yet despite all the silly nostrums about running a government like a household or a business, it isn’t either of those. The International Monetary Fund recently admitted that its predictions about the worth of austerity were all wrong. In fact, governments have a role, contrary to the way businesses and households run, of keeping money flowing in the economy through what is called the multiplier effect. Take the government spending out and the economy tanks, as the British government has found out. Moreover, a level of government debt is necessary to the bond market.
    So is New Tony willing to (a) specify losers from his spending cuts; (b) withdraw money from the economy at inappropriate moments; and (c) stand up to business leaders who demand cuts to spending? I’m thinking here of the lovely Mike Smith of ANZ who features prominently in the recent Liberal policy launch but who last year advocated cuts to the dole to force people to the boom states. As if that would help them afford the exorbitant rents there.
    Yesterday New Tony played a very effective straight bat to force the partisan choice but the game has a long way to go.
    Mark Rolfe is a lecturer in the School of Social Sciences & International Studies at the University of New South Wales. View his full profile here.

  75. What point? The PM said Roxon told her about a year ago. What has when she became AG got to do with the matter.

    I said it was possible Your information says I was wrong.

    How does that prove the PM lied.

  76. Small torch wrote:
    “Your mate Larry is a fucking crook who pushes this bullshit for profit. ”

    Unfortunately for you Pickering has been shortlisted in best Australian Blog…no mention of a certain cafe!

    Oh dear Labor crashes back to 32% primary vote, confirmed in two most recent polls. PM swears that she’s not done yet which suggests she prefers to be done slowly!

  77. Morning Treeman. I said two weeks ago the Newspoll of 15th was a rogue.
    he union pollling, Essential, has stayed at 55/45 since the carbon Dioxide Tax was announced by Gillard.
    Top of the discussion Agenda today in Caucus is whether Gillard should commit to The Glasses for the Long Game to September. McTernan will be sweating on this Policy Reform during the week and will advice Caucus accordingly.

  78. Ricky (Tory Torcher)
    FEBRUARY 3, 2013 @ 4:46 PM
    Sorry Torch Boy.
    your comments did not seem like coming from a mature 51 year old. Still fighting the class wars from Uni days. Most of us have moved on Torch Boy (I suspect you may be a New Chum?).
    I think what gets up the nose of the Whisperers is that what I tell you is going to happen,…. actually happens. I’ve been saying for a long long time that Abbott has wedged Gillard and Labor at every turn.
    I must make the note that I was wrong on the Asylum Seekers. I thought they would not start again until after the monsoon finished. The Navy picked up a boat of !30+ yesterday. Ominous Torch Boy. I have always seen Border Protection as the area that Labor never learns.
    I revise my prediction. Queue Jumper numbers will explode considering Gillard has extended the Use By Date of the people smuggling model until September. ….giving certainty as Gillard puts it.
    The only glimmer of success for the Labor Policy is that Sri Lanka/Indonesia/Myanmar ……. might run out of old rickety boats before September.
    ……..well, I’m off to the snake pit, to keep the wheels of industry turning, Torch Boy.
    It is nice to know I can get a rise out of you whenever I wish……
    Torch Boy in that skill set you are right up there with the best of the whisperers .

  79. Tweed Uni, class wars, blah, yawn… Abbott Attributes.?.Oh zero again is it ? “0”. So who’s the boy? Interesting turn of phrase there from a racist, climate skeptic who parrots hate jocks under gutless anonymity. Would you like to debate me in person? Oh that’s right no intestinal fortitude, just empty words 🙄 I’m sure a gutless troll without a fact to save their life would spontaneously combust from ignorant embarrassment at the thought . Crawl back under the rock you intellectual pygmy. Your a bore

    Off your fucking what, they still sell the telegraph and I wouldn’t wipe my ass with it. If he is so good why isn’t he writing for MSM? Your off your tree as always you write utter shit Treeman., but then again that’s what we come to expect from you, defense of Prickering :roll:. Low.

  80. “…It became absolutely obvious after the Copenhagen conference that the rest of the world was not going anywhere near carbon taxes or emission trading schemes and that’s why the Coalition is absolutely right to say no to a carbon tax and to say no to an emissions trading scheme. As long as a carbon tax or an emissions trading scheme damages our economy, without reducing emissions because it’s not being copied anywhere else, we would be crazy to go down that path – Opposition Leader Tony Abbott, answering questions at the National Press Club on January 31, 2013.
    Mr Abbott’s statement is inaccurate on two levels. His first claim that “the world is not going near a carbon tax or an emissions trading scheme” is not correct. His second assertion that “a carbon price damages our economy without reducing emissions” is also far from the truth.

    More than 33 countries, covering a population of over 540 million, now have a carbon price in place. In each case, the decision to implement a price on carbon came after detailed economic assessments on the best form of policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. After considering approaches such as direct regulation, it was decided that pricing carbon was a cheaper and more environmentally effective way to achieving emission reductions goals.

    Let’s look at the facts. The European Union Emissions Trading Scheme (“EU ETS”) has been operating since 2005. Norway, Switzerland, New Zealand now also have emissions trading schemes in place. Last year, Korea passed laws to implement an emissions trading scheme. On 1 January this year, emissions trading schemes started up in California, Quebec, Kazakhstan and Croatia. China, after closely examining the European and Australian experiences, has concluded that of all policy options available, an emissions trading scheme is the most economically and environmentally effective; and it is already implementing schemes in several provinces, to be followed by a national scheme (the size of the Beijing one alone is significantly larger than Australia’s).

    What this indicates is that there has clearly been a global trend towards the implementation of carbon pricing since the Copenhagen Conference in 2009.

    In 2011, the World Bank launched its Partnership of Market Readiness. This $100 million targeted fund is aimed at helping developing countries to implement market mechanisms. Through this fund, major developing countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Mexico and South Africa have revealed plans to introduce a carbon tax or emissions trading scheme.

    Needless to say the World Bank is not known for its social radicalism. It is economically conservative and yet it clearly accepts that market mechanisms such as emissions trading schemes and carbon taxes are the most efficient means to achieve emissions reductions. There is no equivalent World Bank “direct action” fund.

    Tony Abbott’s statement also flies in the face of other leading global economic institutions such as the OECD, the International Monetary Fund and the Productivity Commission. They have all suggested that carbon pricing, through instruments such as emissions trading schemes, is the most effective means of tackling climate change.

    Now to the second claim. Treasury modelling predicted that the carbon price would have a less than 0.1% impact on Australia’s gross national income growth. Figures released for the last quarter have shown these figures to be accurate; the impact on the economy has been minor.

    In combination with this, six months since the start of the carbon price, emissions from the electricity sector in Australia have fallen, as has the demand for energy by consumers. Cedex, the consultancy that published these figures, described these changes as “unprecedented” in the entire 120 year history of the electricity supply in Australia. In short, the evidence suggests that the carbon price is already contributing to a reduction in Australia’s emissions without ruining our economy.”

    Well not Abbott.

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