Tony Abbott’s Australians for Honest Politics

Time for another gem from Truth Seeker, and this one is a real gem. After enjoying this piece you’ll probably agree with me that it’s his best yet.

Tony Abbott’s Australians for Honest Politics

Australians for honest politics

Is another Abbott lie

The slush fund that won’t go away

Despite how hard he’ll try

He’ll push the usual Abbott lines

Of spin and lies and slogans

But the truth won’t set the Abbott free

Just expose his bunch of bogans.


Ms Hanson was the problem

That Tony felt he had to fix

By garnering some funding

From his mates, the right wing dicks

Terry Sharples, Abbott guaranteed

Would not be out of pocket

If the disaffected Hansonite

Made sure that she would cop it.


So with Abbotts clear assurance

Sharples lodged his supreme court writ

But it soon came clear to Abbott

That the case had turned to shit,

He said, “Terry, you have perjured yourself,

So terminate your action now.

And costs will be ordered against you

But I’ll just milk the LNP cow”.


Then the Abbott set up his slush fund

And called it Australians for Honest Politics

Then he sold it to his donors

A bunch of wealthy right wing dicks

But when the AEC asked who they were

The Abbott promptly lied

Saying he’d spoken to a lawyer

And those names, he’s right to hide.


So the AEC were fooled

Taking Abbott at his word

Which, with Abbott’s form on lies and spin

Seems totally absurd

Then his right wing lawyers said to Sharples

As he was holding out his hand

“Abbott’s not prepared to pay all your cost

But he’ll give you this ten grand”.


Though Sharples lost, Hanson paid the cost

And to the gaol she went

While the questions asked of Abbott

Showed the man is really bent

And when questioned about lying to Tony Jones

He said, “misleading the ABC

Is not as bad as misleading parliament

As a political crime, you see”.


Now all this happened from 1998

To the year 2003

But Hanson served less than three months gaol

And on appeal, she was set free

But there were questions that were never asked

Of Abbott and his donors

With their born to rule mentality

Who when winning, all get boners.


So fast forward to, 2012

With Abbott’s plans all gone awry

And his schemes and machinations

To steal government, just won’t fly

So with typical right wing projection

He points the finger at our PM

Saying the AWU slush fund affair

Was illegal way back then.


So his mates in the MSM decided

To dig up all the dirt

And he gave the task to Bishop

To be executioner, in a skirt

But being morally deficient

She just couldn’t hit the spot

And her sidekick Pyne proved spitting dummies is fine

But it’s all the poodle’s got.


Still they dug and dug, and accusations flew

But none of it could stick

Till the PM finally called the bluff

On the Misogynistic dick

And the best he had was an ambit claim

Of conduct unbecoming

For a lawyer with a shonky bloke

With whom, with hindsight, she was slumming.


But corruption claims, they could not prove

Cos there were no points there to score

But in the process Abbott’s own slush fund

Started coming to the fore

And the people want some answers

To some questions never posed

Of the Abbotts slush fund and the investigation

That the AEC conveniently closed.


And the names of all the donors

That the Abbott would not disclose

With the whole thing, like a corrupted version

Of the Emperors New Clothes

With the Abbott in his budgies

Crying “Gillards still a crim”

While the spotlight slowly turns around

To focus right on him.


So the moral for the LNP is just

Be careful, who you accuse

As with skeletons in your own closets

It could be you that starts to lose

And it’s at your own sad peril

When you start throwing your stones

Cos just like Abbotts slush fund skeletons

He’s rattled . . . the wrong bones


66 comments on “Tony Abbott’s Australians for Honest Politics

  1. Wow! To quote Maj. Dennis Bloodknock, “I don’t know who you are, but you’ve done me a power of good.”

  2. The similarities between this case & the more recent Ashby case can surely be no coincidence. Time for a Federal Police Investigation into whether this slush fund still exists, who currently runs it & who is donating into it-as its existence represents a massive threat to our democracy. Using our court systems to remove MP’s on trumped up charges is just plain *wrong*!

  3. Marcus, yes it was a combination of all the levels of corruption taking place at the hands of the LNP that prompted the writing of this, The first of my poems for 2013, with many more to come 😀

    Roswell, thanks for that! 😀 Glad you liked it 😀

    Cheers 🙂 Grin: 😎

  4. Patricia Ryan, thanks for your comment and support 😀

    yes I will do my best to keep them coning, and we all need to keep these issues on the front burner, as the MSM are MIA, so it’s up to us of the fighting fifth! 😀

    Cheers 🙂 😀

  5. Once again, you hit the spot.

    I am sure you will find much to write about this year.

    He is the gift that just keeps on giving.

    Waiting for the first question, he is asked for his efforts this weekend. Could be “where has the surplus gone?”

    or maybe, how does one have unity and diversity within a culture at the same time.

  6. Cu, yes you are absolutely right, he is the gift that keeps on giving…. to the ALP 😀 and I am sure there will be an embarrassment of riches for all of us.

    You keep up the good work too 😎 😀

    Cheers 🙂 😀

  7. Very well written, right on the mark, how about one on Tony’s use of taxpayer funded transport to promote his private book, “Battlelines” as espoused by Greg Milne?

  8. cmskinner, thanks for your feedback, and I’ll have a think about your suggestion. 😀

    There is just so much to work with, as cu said, and I have also made the point, Abbott is the gift that keeps on giving 😯

    There is already a lot on my blog, written last year, if you are interested. 😀 😆

    Cheers 🙂 😀 😆

  9. Not only that cmskinner but the unbelievably enormous office expenses that seem to be for running around engaging in stunts for party political purposes in campaigning and not for alternate policies or government policy enhancement and amendments as should be the case for a credible opposition.

  10. It appears that Mr.Abbott made a comment at today’s outing, look how much hotter it would be without the carbon tax, Maybe he and his supporters can see a loke in that.

    What is also true, is how much hotter it would been for over one million homes, if that wasteful insulation was not in the roofs.

  11. Cu & Migs, yes a policy failure that has resulted in only shonky employers (probably LNP supporters) being charged! 😯

    And the LNP still are carping on about it, ignoring the elephant in the room! 👿

    Cheers 😀 😆 😀

  12. A good break down of the rubbish that Michelle Grattan penned this morning. Worth a read.

    “………….There is another reason Abbott needs to do more than just scrape in. A strong lower house vote helps the Senate vote and that could be very important for Abbott. Unless the conservatives get a right-leaning Senate, Labor and Green opposition to Abbott’s promise to repeal the carbon tax might force him to meet his pledge to go to double dissolution. And that would be high risk.

    This seems to be the best part of the piece, speaking of some real issues Abbott would face if indeed he has a narrow lead. It seems to be a feature of many of these articles that any decent analysis is left to the end. Pity that the rest of it sounds just like the coverage of a product launch. Or maybe that really is Grattan’s whole point – that the Coalition are just about the image. I would love it if she was being that subtl…

  13. Yes, tree, you are correct. The PM has taken on board, the actions that Tony demanded when it come to asylum seekers. She put in place what he wanted. It does not work.

    Yes, you are right, it is a complete failure.

    Yes, it is time that Tony comes to the party, and allow the whole of the Houston plan to be put in place.

    It is now time to work on the Malaysian solution.

    Yes, what the PM has said in that video is what is needed.

    Yes, the only answer that might work, os a regional processing centre.

  14. Yes, tree, the PM has a plan. It is time for Abbott to allow her to put it in place.

    The Greens have a different agenda, therefore we cannot rely on them.

  15. Why are we looking at floods that are reaching record heights, so soon after the last ones. We are sure having to endure extreme weather conditions.

  16. I cannot say that I like Labor’s current stance on asylum seekers. Tony Abbott swore on 100 bibles (with cherries on top), that Nauru was The Solution. It’s not and Labor knew that it wasn’t. Therefore I do NOT like this one little bit – it’s wasting time, money, resources and importantly subjecting genuine refugees to unnecessary suffering. And this is all in the name of politics; so as to diffuse Abbott’s accusation against Labor on the issue and hopefully take it off the agenda at the forthcoming election. I understand where Labor is coming from, but there are some things that one should not play politics with and this is people’s lives..but on the other hand when have the Liberals ever put the welfare of the common man above their own political gain.

  17. “Catching up
    JANUARY 27, 2013 @ 5:04 PM
    Yes, tree, you are correct. The PM has taken on board, the actions that Tony demanded when it come to asylum seekers. She put in place what he wanted. It does not work.

    Yes, you are right, it is a complete failure.
    Patricia Ryan
    JANUARY 27, 2013 @ 5:35 PM
    It is obvious that Tree troll doesn’t want to come down from the trees. Doesn’t really want to acknowledge the truth.

    Now that left wing consensus for you!

  18. Catching up
    JANUARY 27, 2013 @ 5:17 PM
    Why are we looking at floods that are reaching record heights, so soon after the last ones. We are sure having to endure extreme weather conditions.

    CU, careful now you’re out of your depth again. Records show clearly this has all happened before, and worse by a long shot

  19. tree, your answer is pure stupidity. when one breaks a record. it suggests that this level has not been reached before.

    Calling one names, does not change facts. It just suggests that you have no answer.

  20. Also scaper I respond in my own time like anyone else here and you do. You didn’t have a clue where I was and what I was doing in the stupidity of demanding I answer within 11 minutes.

    Get off your high horse for once.

  21. Get off my high horse…why? The view from here is much clearer than what you can see.

    State politics will not have much bearing on the federal election. The partisans from either side are just noise as the swing voters decide who governs. They are not stupid and to suggest the media can somehow influence them is an insult to their intelligence.

  22. scaper, the problem with a high horse, is that if it’s too high, as yours appears to be, then you can’t see shit cos your head’s in the clouds! 😦
    And you last post clearly proves my point! 😯

  23. My horse is not too hig as you say. As far as your understanding of the game goes…pram comes to mind.

    Hey lizard, do you dispute my link or was Oxley and Lockyer evil Global Warming deniers too?? Your inference is a low (c***) act!

    Looks like the flood will be half as high as 2011, around 2.2M I believe. North Qld has been smashed. On standby.

  24. I get your drift. If you are not with us you are against us. I stand alone because it is neither.

    It is fucking tough in the middle.

    On another note…glad I left my Ovation back over there. Crossing the plain would have cooked it. Was 48 degrees and my calculations were wrong, didn’t allow for evaporation of fuel. Limped into Norseman on what was left in my fuel line

    Going to buy another guitar next week as so lonely, been a long time since I have considered a purchase. Got any advice?

  25. TS, another pearler of a pome. You’re on fire!

    We in the 5th estate have to keep the bastards honest, because the msm sure isn’t going to. Liealot has many, many questions to answer wrt his involvement in the Australians for (Dis)Honest politics slush fund, lying to the AEC, lying to the Parliament and his involvement in the Slipper/Ashby affair.

    I’d bet the house that he’s up to his neck in the Slipper smear campaign, he’s got form and it’s got his sleazy fingerprints all over it. The same goes for those slime bags Prissy, Brough, Brandis, Hockey, Bishop and the entire cast of liars, spivs and shonks that make up the Parliamentary Liars Party.

    The government should hold an inquiry into the Slipper/Ashby affair. It seems obvious that the Liars have tried to pervert the course of justice, have attempted to use the courts for political purposes and have lied constantly about their involvement.

    I reckon that sprint to the doors of the House would look like amateur hour if the government does announce an inquiry. 😆 😆 😆

  26. Your inference is a low (c***) act!

    How so scaper?

    They have revised the level to be around a couple of metres lower than 2011 when it peaks around midnight tonight.

    Was 2011 the record or not?

  27. Jane, was thinking..isn’t it amazing how nothing which the opposition tries ever quite works out the way that they plan it. It doesn’t matter what it is..policies which are almost immediately contradicted by their own people (Robb versus Hockey/Abbott versus the Nationals), and even when they attempt *a scandal* it comes to nought and is but an indication of their grubbiness.

  28. Mayor of Lockyer Valley just on ABC Breakfast says flooding there 3 metres higher than 2011.

    Other areas lower than 2011 whilst some are close to those levels.

    That’s the point.

  29. Yes Min, whilst trying to paint this government as the worst ever and only getting any traction on that because of the media, we actually have the worst opposition ever by any measure.

    If the media had done even a part of their job, as they have for past oppositions, then this one would have collapsed ages ago.

  30. Is it just me, or has Michelle Grattan become somewhat fawning…

    No wonder he’s risk averse. He won’t contemplate a reshuffle – it just creates whingers. He minimises ”hard” interviews. His office has made an extraordinary effort to counter Labor’s claims that he is ”anti-woman”, with his chief of staff, Peta Credlin, willing to publicly talk about how he encouraged her to use his parliamentary fridge to store her fertility drugs. And why was this ever a story?

    He is obsessed with discipline though seemingly unable to avoid periodic lapses. He knows he can be his own biggest risk. Just plain obsessed IMO..

    His deep personal unpopularity and his negative branding are problems to which he will apply his usual diligence. But can he change his image? And how much will it matter in the end? No he can’t change because how do you improve on perfection..

    The social researcher Hugh Mackay believes Abbott’s brand – being negative, destructive and dismissive – has been unchanged for so long that it has become ”indelible” and it’s hard to see him being able to break out of it. That’s the *real Tony*

    But one of Abbott’s senior colleagues argues: ”He’s strong on the tangibles. He’s an Alpha male. Alpha males are runners, jumpers. They build things.” He believes Mr Positive will be convincing.God give me Alpha male.. 🙄 I personally wish that he’d run and jump off the nearest cliff..

  31. Mobius, it would take nothing more than even a mild effort on the media’s behalf..nothing indepth, just a casual appraisal would do the trick.

  32. Well the social media is certainly trying to hold Abbott to account, at least for his constant walk outs on the media.

    How come he can demand that Gillard answer questions, which she does, but he can constantly walk away from the media even from mild questions asking to account for something?

  33. Jane, thanks for your kind words 😀 , and yes I agree entirely, lets have an enquiry with terms of reference wide enough to cover all the areas of corruption that the LNP are involved/implicated in! 😆

    scaper, depends what you want it for, if you want a nice instrument, I’de go for a Taylor Cedar Top small bodied Concert, but if you want something to lug around, I’ve got a Crafter Traveler which has got a big sound and a great pickup (best value Traveler INHO) otherwise there are lots of good middle of the road guitars; Crafter make some good value acoustic instruments, worth a look if you can find them. 😀

    Cheers 😀

  34. Mary River and Gympie higher than 2011 record, expected to break more than 20 metres in the next hour. Also the fastest rise of flood waters experienced.

    Some areas of Gympie might not be as bad as 2011 but will be close.

  35. has Michelle Grattan become somewhat fawning…

    ‘become” ❓ She’s been fawning since he became loto. It’s really quite embarrassing. Mind you, it took me a couple of paragraphs to realise that the bold was yours. It confused my sleepy mind for a minute there 😉

    Interestingly though, she is one of the few actually advertising this positively as the libs would have expected. Last night channel 7 (who have become massive liberal supporters here in SA since they lost the court case brought by Rann) was extremely derisive of it, and even showed their camera man following tabot down a hall after he refused to answer anything about the clown bernadi.

  36. Another case where the media failed

    That was an absolutely shameless speech by tabot ME. Reminiscent of his attitude last Australia Day when he started the whole tent embassy rubbish. Luckily for him, the media found a patsy for themselves.

    But the speech also shows just how ignorant he is. Not only did he ignore the first Australians completely, he rabbitted on about convicts being the first Australians to a state that prides itself on never having accepted convicts at all.

    And also the fact that, to my knowledge, was the only MP not in his electorate to perform his civic duties for the new citizens. Would rather be on a tax payer jaunt to ride his bike in front of the cameras.

  37. “Bundaberg expecting biggest floods ever.”

    Alone, that would probably mean little. But the rapidity and regularity of these extreme conditions is what is truly worrying

  38. And if the record flooding wasn’t enough and the in places the unprecedented speed of it they are now expecting cyclone strength winds of 140kph this arvo or later.

  39. The unusual speed of flooding could not have anything to do with water being released from all the dams.” Just a thought.

    Seems a lot of flooding as a result of the first rain.

    One would have thought the thirsty ground would have soaked up much of this rain up to now,

  40. I’ve wondered that Cu and discussed it. It might be that the releasing of the dam water early on Newman’s order may have made the flooding of the Brisbane river less than 2011 at the cost of other areas.

    Disaster management workers have been instructed by Mr Newman that the priority was putting southeast suburbs in the best position to bear the brunt of flooding over the next few days.

    Newman ordered the opening of the gates and that the gates are to remain open without consulting the hydrologists from what I’m reading.

    It seems that those in areas effected by the dam release will not be able to specify to their insurance companies what was natural storm flooding and what was dam release, so the insurance companies might not cough up and put those payouts onto the State government.

  41. Abbott’s haste down a corridor the other day to avoid a Bernardi question was a classic Cu. This time though the reporter followed him and the whole scene reminded me of the current affairs shonks running away from the reporter to avoid answering questions on what they had stuffed up.

    Wait on… it was a shonk running away from a reporter avoiding answering a question on a stuff up.

  42. Does lying matter? Which side lies the most? What is a political lie?

    It appears the right believe a lie to be when a politician fails to deliver, no matter the reason or change of circumstances. This meaning applies only to Labor. The likes of Abbott are allow to say whatever they like.

    “……………And have we forgotten the articles about Malcolm Fraser’s ‘Top 40 broken promises’?

    Lies, about-faces and broken promises are as follows:

    Gough Whitlam: 7
    Malcolm Fraser: 52
    Bob Hawke: 4
    Paul Keating: 3
    John Howard: 41
    Tony Abbott (as minister): 17
    Kevin Rudd: 4
    Julia Gillard: 6
    Tony Abbott (as Opposition Leader): 15 and counting.

    I found this to be particularly revealing so I inquired as to the authenticity of the figures and he replied with the following.

    Before your time, John, I wrote a piece for The National Times in 1977 about what were then Malcolm Fraser’s top 25 blatant lies and broken promises. The then editor Trevor Kennedy – later to become one of Rupert’s henchmen – headed it “Malcolm’s battle with the time machine” which I thought at the time was unduly generous towards Mr Fraser.
    Later, in 1980, I wrote a piece for Nation Review on Fraser’s top 40 lies and broken promises which then editor, Geoffrey Gold, headed ‘Promises, promises.’
    Neither are on line, unfortunately, but i have them in my clip file.
    Since then, I have kept tabs on all Prime Ministers and would love to write about it.

    If i get a publisher, I will let you know. (I am tentatively titling the piece ‘Lies, damned lies and I support the elected leader of the party.’)
    Point being that there is simply no comparison whatsoever between the falsehoods and about-faces of the Conservatives and Progressives. The ratio is about 8 to 1.
    Which is why the current perception that Ms Gillard is ‘Juliar’ is so bizarre from this vantage point. (I am in France. Which means I read other media than just Rupert Murdoch’s.)…..”

  43. MO. I believe this will be the norm for the coming year. Began this in London, when questioned about Brough. Walked off, but came back when the questioner promised not to ask more questions. Video of that effort does not appear to exist.

    Imagine the outcry if the PM pulled the same stunt

    The PM has been greatly criticised, when to some, she has had the hide to question the validity of the question being asked,

    Yes, the number of videos are will grow to great heights.

  44. I’ve wondered that Cu and discussed it. It might be that the releasing of the dam water early on Newman’s order may have made the flooding of the Brisbane river less than 2011 at the cost of other areas.

    Nah CU & Mö – the sheer volume of water coming out of the sky is the major difference. In the last month, family & friends north of Gympie and at Montville have had to buy water because their tanks were empty. In 2010, it started raining in October and didn’t stop till January 2011. (remember this from 2010? )

    In 2010-11, the rain was MUCH more widespread in the Stanley & Brisbane river catchment areas – these are the main inflows to Somerset & Wivenhoe dams.

    This time, the major disaster areas are unaffected by these dams – Rockhampton, Gladstone, Bundaberg, Gympie & Maryborough. The problem here was that the remnants of cyclone Oswald was virtually static for several days, dropping up to 1000mm of rain on the area.

    In Brisbane itself we have only received 268mm in all of January, compared to 354mm in 2011. Brisbane & Ipswich will only have “minor” flooding in comparison to 2011. Note: minor in this case is a relative term – many houses & businesses will still flood, but we’re talking 100’s, not thousands…

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