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A clearly agitated, nay disturbed Andrew Bolt thinks that Julia Gillard dumped Labor Senator Trish Crossin because she’s not black. Her replacement, Nova Peris, is. From his high horse dear Andrew cites how this flies in the face of the Racial Discrimination Act. He knows all about that Act; he himself having been found guilty of breaching it.

He might consider his ‘not being black’ statement to be a master-stroke of subtle revenge, but his subsequent rant about Julia Gillard’s contravention of the Act is a claim laced with extreme hypocrisy.

What did he have to say about this:

Mr Abbott said he was “very proud” that Mr Wyatt had entered federal politics as a member of the Coalition but said he hoped Northern Territory indigenous MP Alison Anderson would also join his team in order to better represent “the ancient cultures of central Australia”.

Mr Abbott flew to Alice Springs on the weekend to try to persuade Ms Anderson to run in the Country Liberal Party preselection race for the federal seat of Lingiari

It is understood Mr Abbott approached Ms Anderson about standing for preselection in Lingiari over breakfast on Sunday.

Absolutely nothing. It’s only a problem when the Prime Minister seeks an Indigenous representative.

Andrew Bolt is an idiot. Mike Carlton of the Sydney Morning Herald goes so far as to call him Melbourne’s village idiot. But Mike doesn’t go far enough.

35 comments on “The village idiot

  1. Labor internal affairs is none of those pricks’ business. They’re not going to vote any way other than Liberal.

  2. Bolt really is an ignorant lout … climate change denier, racist to the core and an apologist for right-wing nutjobs everywhere … he only got his channel 10 gig because of Rhinehart …

  3. Is any sitting Labor member safe in knowing that they will not be ‘backstabbed’.
    If this is a Captains Pick the morale in the team must be low.
    And a team with low morale will not win.
    Every ALP branch in NT must loathe Ms Dillard , all politicians think only
    of their wishes and needs.

  4. Of course the Liberal sympathisers love A. Bolt…after all THEY understand the concept of “aspirational”……at this very moment the vast majority of A. Bolt admirers aspire to lick his arse!….it’s how they get their daily protien, you know.

  5. Why do we even give Bolt the oxygen on this and other blogs. I know he won’t “go away” if we leave him alone – but reporting on his views give him creditability he neither commands or deserves.

  6. We do it, 2353, so we can lure dickw!t Liberal sympathisers like “voyager”here and then take the p!ss out on them!

  7. Well, for once Bolt is correct. If the senator was not black, there would be no need for her to move aside.

    It appears Labor has been trying for over a decade to get an Aborigine into parliament, with no success, mostly because os the sitting incumbents

    The PM has taken action to right a wrong. The wrong is that there is no black representatives, that are a great majority in the NT.

    The PM has chosen a person that is more than adequate and highly qualified for the job.

  8. Voyager, all parties do this. Mr. Howard is still very active, interfering in Queensland and NSW that I am aware. Mr, Abbott’s effort on the Central Coast, seen the matter ending up with the police being called, and in the court.

    What the PM has done, was her right, and very much out in the open.

    Yes, Voyager, being PM, does give one some power. That is why Abbott is so desperate to get his hands on the job.

    The only question that needs to be asked, is her choice the best available for the job. When one reads of this person’s achievements, in and out of sport, she definitely does.

  9. John Alexander anyone?

    And Abbott’s underhanded effort recently in the NT as well, any right winger like to comment on that?

    As to political parachuting. It’s wrong and an affront to the constituents whose members are replaced by selections other than theirs, but the right have no moral standing in this above the left nor the left against the right.

    And it if you think about it, it’s to some degree the fault of the constituents who blindly vote for one party and thus make the seat safe. If they all voted independent the moment a major party parachutes someone into their electorate, the two big parties would soon get the message not to do it.

  10. I suppose “Treeman”, if he is anywhere near the vicinity of Gladstone better be careful or instead of eating that bbq. ; “lamb, lamb, lamb”….he will be feeding the guppy, guppy,guppies!
    Hey!….I told him so! (post ; Jan’ 20th A.Bolt travelling weatherman…)

  11. Although till recently I’ve known little at all about the NT and the local Labor Party there I think I’ll venture putting in my two bits worth. Judging by the recent media appearances of all contenders for pre-selection, what they had to say and general personal presentation, plus what I’ve read of their contribution to the general well being of the territory I’d say that the PM has made a sound choice. Looks like things needed shaking up there and new blood injected into the party.

    Who better than an already known star who has been doing good work for indigenous people in her own and other communities? I’m sure Nova Peris will live up to her name and be a stellar performer on the national stage. Why, she could even prove a Supanova and bring about explosive change in Canberra! Look at how her ability and dedication while a very young Aboriginal woman had her achieve national and world class championship levels in two different sporting arenas.

  12. Towke And Morrison, Slipper and Brough? And interesting to note both Towke and Slipper are the victims of the usual Liars party smear campaigns to ruin their respective reputations.

    I don’t know much about Crossin, but perhaps she has reached her use-by date. I also note that she is not being subjected to a vicious smear campaign unlike Towke and Slipper.

    However, like ME, I don’t like political parachuting unless the constituents are also in favour. I do, however, think that Nova Peris will be an excellent candidate and I wish her well.

    As for Dolt……

  13. I think that everyone here needs to realize that Nova Peris was chosen by the PM because of what she has accomplished in the past 10 years. She has been very active in her community and will certainly bring a well balanced viewpoint as far as an Indigenous perspective is concerned.
    Political parachuting is a term that has been used, yet again, by the MSM without any of them doing their homework regarding this woman’s credentials.
    We asked that the PM take charge this year and lead from the front foot. Well, in my book she has just done that, chosen well and yet is now being criticized for making a bad choice. In whose opinion?

  14. …..and when Abbott approached Anderson for Lingiari there was already a LNP preselected candidate. Abbott wanted to over ride that preselection. Mr Abbott –people in glass houses shouldnt throw stones.

  15. Sandra, it seems some have been trying for 15 years to bring about change in the NT,

    Nova Perris is a worthwhile candidate for the job, She will need to have ability, to take on many that will attempt tp make her job harder..

    Cannot see her playing the role of a maid. She is a proven achiever in many fields.

    As I said, the locals have had a decade and a half to get their house in order.

    She was born in Darwin, and lived in the area all her life. Does not appear to be one that has been parachuted in. She is already there.

  16. It’s the same theme under which Bolt was convicted of racism, that being that some people of Aboriginal heritage were gaining unfair advantage due to their Aboriginality. At least this time Bolt isn’t arguing about Peris’s right to be “black enough”.

  17. “Clive
    JANUARY 26, 2013 @ 9:09 AM
    Bolt really is an ignorant lout … climate change denier, racist to the core and an apologist for right-wing nutjobs everywhere … he only got his channel 10 gig because of Rhinehart …”

    How quickly the left leap to demean and ad hom those who succeed. Bolta’s blog and Ch 10 show have left the competition for dead. Ditto Michael Smith and even Pickering.

    How the climate change treating you all down there today?

  18. Treeman and his alternate reality.

    Bob the Builder out rates Bolt and shows with far higher ratings have been axed by 10. No ad hominem but a fact Bolt only remains on air because of Rhinehart.

    Bolt’s blog also is not a great success story. Dog whistles to a core.

    Getting hotter globally Treeman and more weather extremes all over, as predicted.

    Hows climate change in the paid for by Koch brothers fantasy land Treeman, natural cylces and global cooling I can guess?

  19. In a quiet little village is a quiet little Cafe where the whisperings of truth can be heard, but out the front is a cunning jumped up stump, part of the echo chamber herd,… and their are some that say, he’s paid to be that way…. and some that would be glad to be rid of it, his names treetroll, he’s on a payroll…. the Cafe’s own Village Idiot… 🙂

  20. Oh Trollman, you’re so hilarious. Bolt’s Ch. 10 show is the lowest rated show on Commercial Television, even when you combine the audiences across two screenings. If he wasn’t so beloved of Gina, he’d have been canned years ago. BTW, got to love accusations of ad hominem attacks in defense of the worst offender when it comes to ad hominem-namely Bolt!

  21. Same seems to be true for Meet the Press. They say coming soon, but nothing else, just to check back.

    Most shows should be coming back in the next week or two. Next week is both Abbott and the PM as the NPC. I believe the week after, parliament resumes.

  22. Here he is!…Ol’ Treeman , back from his Lamb, lamb, lamb bbq. I may have it wrong, Tree’ but I have this notion you’re up there on the Qld’ coast…and if so I just wonder how your lamb bbq went..feet get wet?

  23. How is comparing a TV show to a blog relevant? Slaps hand on forehead (is there an emoticon for that?).

    Bolt is one of the all time lowest rating shows on Ten and the same small group hardcore nutjob wingnuts that visit his blog racking up hits watch the TV show. That’s also relevant.

    Bolt is a village idiot kept on Rhinehart’s short leash, that’s relevant.

    Bolt is irrelevant, that’s relevant.

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