A hundred years from now

I just listened to an interesting interview speculating about the human race in 100 years from now.

What technology will we have? What will the environment we live in be like? Will we have artificial intelligence? Could we have wiped ourselves out by then? Could we be wiped out by artificial intelligence? Will we travel to other solar systems? Will wars be commonplace? Will we evolve intellectually? Could we have cured all disease? Will we need to be employed? Will we have mastered time travel? Will we engage – friendly or otherwise – with extraterrestrials? What will our agriculture be like? Will society be recognisable from 2012?

What, what, what?

Not all of those questions were discussed, and I won’t reveal what was predicted.

I thought I’d leave that up to you.

A hundred years from now, what will life on planet Earth be like?

17 comments on “A hundred years from now

  1. Catagory 6 will be the new normal……and dog wont taste as bad as you thought it would……ugg…… but hey thats just an extreme view point……. in a hundred years from now Tony will still be trying to be PM or the Pope…. he just wont lay down and ‘die’…. oh the unrequited-ness of it all 😀

  2. I’m still waiting for the Jetsons lifestyle, where we get about in airborne pods and the sidewalks roll like conveyor belts.

    Still waiting for man to go to Mars, a cure for the common cold, yes, and an end to all wars. Sometimes it seems progress goes so slowly, when you’re in the midst of living day-to-day. I guess you need to look at the forest not the trees.

    A hundred years ago the way of life was a precursor to how we live today. Travel was limited, inconvenient, often arduous. The telephone was a new wonder. The washing machine and vacuum cleaner had only recently become available to take some of the daily drudge off housewives. There were no satellites, shopping centres, nuclear bombs. The top hat and black suits were common wear. We’ve come a long way (though not always in the right directions). I expect the current technologies to be developed further and evolve out in different directions. Not a lot of surprises.

    Predicting the future is an inexact science. We still haven’t got to George Orwell’s 1984, and there aren’t the ubiquitous robot servants they said we’d have by now. Steady as she goes! Our descendents in a hundred years from now will look back on our way of in the early part of the 21st century and wonder how we got along with our clunky GPSs and iPads. Funny isn’t it.

  3. Higgs boson will see us travelling faster than the speed of light.

    Everything else on your wish list will automatically follow, although its fair to say that human nature will probably be unaltered by this technological revolution.

  4. The world will evolve, borders will be less restrictive and thus interracial mixing will be very common place & hence we will have less “black and white” but more olive skinned people. Political parties will be less conservative/republican and more labor/democratic as the younger population strive for even better equality/equal rights and denounce all conservative parties as old fashioned. Religion will fade away as science gives us conclusive proof of us and our position within the galaxy.

    All energy will be 100% renewable.

    100 years from now will be peaceful,

    unfortunately – getting there will probably see a war that could well involve nuclear warheads and we will have some very bad storms from global warming.

  5. Homo sapiens have been around for about 150,000 to 200,000 years, based on bone fossils and MtDNA tests, so its a remarkable achievement considering our beastly nature.

    ‘All energy will be 100% renewable.’

    More likely fusion.

    ‘we will have some very bad storms from global warming.’

    Global warming will not be an issue five years from now and your projection is wrong.

  6. Mark, I am hopeful that this will be so, after all how many wars were fought over territory and resources. If all energy was renewable, this deletes one of the major causes of war.

  7. grodo, pity wisdom, tolerance and goodwill haven’t evolved as far and fast as technology.

    The Liars Party would fit very comfortably into 15thC Florentine politics.

    I think it won’t take a century for our current phones and ipads to seem clunky and for people to wonder how we managed with such “primitive’ technology. After all, it’s only around 20 years ago that phones were first fitted with cameras and in even less time than it took to develop that technology, mobile broadband is boringly commonplace, and adverts for new products include a web address to order them online.

    Once a technology is developed, it grows at what seems to be light speed.

    When I was in primary school, biros were a wonder of the world, phone calls had to be routed through the exchange via a human operator. Making a trunk call was quite a performance-anybody remember being interrupted by “Three minutes. Are you extending?”

    Supermarkets only existed in the US, along with airconditioners, dishwashers and credit cards. I didn’t get my first card until I was in my 30s. And as a child, mass ownership of cars was uncommon; now there are at least 2 cars per family.

    Time and technology wait for no man woman or child.

  8. My concern for the future and this concerns technology is to do with exactly as Jane has said..that the future will revolve around technology as for example there will be little need to even interact with people by leaving the house as everything can be done online. The challenge for most will be how to maintain human interaction.

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