The Homophobic Church

What is it with the Church and their open display of homophobia? It’s as though they have been awarded with the God-given right to decide who is a good person and who is not. In their eyes, being a homosexual does not qualify the person as being a valid human being.

The Christian mouthpiece, Catholic Archbishop George Pell’s views on homosexuality first came into the spotlight, with the gay and lesbian community at least, back in 1999 when he was quoted as saying:

  • homosexuality, especially among the young, is not a “fixed” or “in-escapable” condition and youth should be discouraged from “going in that direction”
  • those who “work to win recruits to homosexual practice” and “the homosexual community” must share some of the blame for, “the suicide of homosexuals”
  • the “gay agenda” seeks to “silence public discussion of health risks” which are “much greater than smoking” and to “lower the age of con-sent and recruit new members to the sub-culture”.
  • moreover, the “homosexual orientation often brings suffering, but acting this out generally brings greater suffering, particularly when accompanied by adult seduction.”
  • therefore, “to legitimise homosexual activity and boost the recruitment drive would only make a sad situation far more sad”.
  • the Church will be “working consistently to stop the spread of the gay agenda in our schools.”

Further displays of his homophobia also came into the spotlight in 2000 when as Archbishop for Melbourne he refused to give communion to gays and lesbians in St Patricks. We learn, from that incident that:

The archbishop’s homophobia has not been confined to church ceremonies. In one instance, when asked about how the church will address the issue of homophobia in schools, Pell responded “We will be doing nothing to encourage the spread of the gay agenda in Catholic schools and we will be consistently working to oppose it”.

When asked if he was concerned with the effects of homophobia on youth he responded, “If [youth suicides] are connected with homosexuality, then that is another reason to be discouraging people going in that direction”.

Pell further outraged gays and lesbians as well as AIDS activists when, on one occasion, he referred to homosexuality as “being a greater risk than smoking”.

And back in 2002 he again refused Holy Communion to openly gay and lesbian parishioners. He followed with this Almighty attack:

Our Judeo-Christian religious tradition allows men and women sexual expression within the bounds of family life, a sexuality which is life-giving. Homosexual acts are contrary to the natural law, they close the sexual act to the gift of life.

It’s laughable that this man was availed the opportunity to submit his opinion to a Senate inquiry into amendments to the Marriage Act.

Evidence of homophobia in the Church is not confined to our most high-profile religious leader and not confined to Australia. It seems to be a phenomenon in the Mother Country as well.

In London, Lynne Featherstone, the Equalities Minister said religious leaders had a responsibility not to “fan the flames of homophobia” after fierce by the UK’s most senior Catholic, Cardinal Keith O’Brien, while across town Ruth Whippman writes:

You have to hand it to the Catholic Church.  It takes a certain level of chutzpah to come through arguably the most widespread global paedophile scandal in human history and its subsequent alleged cover-up, and still be dishing out moral guidance on ‘disordered sexual practices.’

With their continued endorsement of homophobia, the Catholic Church, in my opinion, is morally backward.

English: A photo of Cardinal George Pell I too...

Cardinal George Pell (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

15 comments on “The Homophobic Church

  1. I have had my own opinion of George Pell for many years. I wrote the following back when he was still in Melbourne! (I also enjoyed the way a simple comma could change a line)

    “The Devil,” said Archbishop Pell,
    “Can rule over Gays down in Hell
    His fires won’t be stokin’
    With virgins a’smokin’
    Or Paedophile priests who excel!!”

    The Devil said, “Archbishop Pell
    Will discover the joys of my Hell.
    When he finally dies,
    We’ll serve him with fries
    And battered and deep-fried as well.”

    “The Devil,” said Archbishop Pell,
    “Rejects Priests and smokers as well;
    But if you are gay
    In Hell you must stay,
    And I am the one who will tell!”

    The Devil said “Archbishop Pell
    Has a mind that is not very well.
    It flounders in dirts,
    Makes Gospels perverse
    And fills up my furnace quite well!”

    “The Devil,” said Archbishop Pell,
    Invaded God’s Earth here as well
    With Muslim perversions
    And Turkish diversions
    Most everyone’s going to Hell!”

    The Devil said “Archbishop Pell
    Is the only one certain of Hell
    He’s lost all the joy,
    Thinks redemptions a ploy;
    All thinking he just wants to quell!”

  2. Beats me as to why any one with an ounce of logic would want to belong to such a corrupt organisation. They have covered up terrible crimes against children and shield those responsible. If Pell had any moral fibre he and all his cronies would be seeking out those pathetic cowards and have them dealt with by the courts.

  3. Catholic Corporation…… just another ‘gang’… really. 😦 ….. think share….. think holders……. and for centuries……… 😕 IMO one of the most corrupt organisations on the planet…….. no wonder it attracted Tones 😆

  4. From today’s SMH..

    MANY Catholic priests take a flexible approach to celibacy, tolerated by church leaders, and some believe sex with children or men does not count, a former Melbourne priest said on Wednesday.

    Possibly yes, however to my mind this is an extension of the old argument pertaining to child abuse, that a cause is celibacy. This old argument also seeks to sexualise the child victim. This Pell did when speaking about a child rape victim stating that the young girl was “wise beyond her years”. That is, it is not an act of violence perpetrated against a child, but a sexual relationship.

  5. I wonder if Catholics realise that priests were allowed to be married at one time and then the church realised that when the priest dies he leaves his estate to his wife and family and the church misses out.

    What I want to know is why was Dennis Ferguson (terrible man) hounded by the press and others but the press never seem to hound priests found guilty of a crime of child abuse. I think that this type of abuse by a priest is much worse as often the families trusted and befriended them only to find out later that they had abused their children.

    Also, why does the catholic church keep providing fees for legal proceedings even after they have been found guilty of previous crimes.

    A not very christian church and what would Jesus Christ think of those priests poncing around in their Gucci shoes, travelling first class on planes and living the live of luxury while making sure poor countries don’t have access to birth control.

  6. @ Mick, many are, mate. Makes me sad for them (kinda)
    I was raised Irish Catholic, attended a Catholic school from age 6 to age 14 so I believe I can make an informed statement and say that Christians are waste of space, air and precious resources. I am not consumed by hatred for them, I just do not see the reason for them, at all. Not one iota. Unlike so many other cultural ideologies and institutionalised religions (although I disregard their beliefs) Christians bring nothing of value to the world. Buddhism has (almost) peace, Norsemen (and women!) had their enduring passion and loyalty to the battle, Brahminism/Hinduism has a million gods to choose from (Hanuman FTW).

    I hate that we have so many that regard today’s mythology as righteous. I bet Vulcan is pissed!! ergo Eyjafjallajökull (yes, I copy/pasted that one!)

  7. Morally backward!? Now that’s a really evil way to twist around the definition of the concept of “morality”. Homosexuality is kind of immoral by definition. It goes against the natural flow of life. It’s an aberration. The genetic makeup of a homosexual’s mind seems to be very confused (and backwards), and I feel sorry for them. To oppose homosexuality is then to be morally right.

    But there’s the problem of how to treat homosexuals. I think we should treat homosexuals the same way we treat heterosexuals who engage in immoral sexual acts (which includes casual sex outside of marriage, strippers, porn, and prostitution). How do we treat them?

  8. “But there’s the problem of how to treat homosexuals. I think we should treat homosexuals the same way we treat heterosexuals who engage in immoral sexual acts (which includes casual sex outside of marriage, strippers, porn, and prostitution). How do we treat them?”

    Why should we become involved in, or have any concern for how one conducts their sexual life.

    What business is it of anyone?

  9. Homosexuality is kind of immoral by definition. It goes against the natural flow of life. It’s an aberration.

    Is it now?

    So how come it’s so prevalent in nature and not abnormal at all?

    Also homosexuality goes back to primitive man and the apes we evolved from. So much for being an aberration. It is mostly narrow minded religions that made homosexuality an aberration by definition, and what right has religion to tell us what is an aberration or not, and in fact what right has religion to lecture us on morality given their history, corruption and aberrations?

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