Why blame the Prime Minister?

Certain elements of this comment from Shane, who is in fire ravaged Coonabarabran, are quite disturbing:

Julia Gillard has arrived and there is currently a public meeting in the town hall. Many have said they are going to get stuck into Julia. For What ? Did she light the fire ? Did she bring the wind ? Did she fan the flames? Honestly the Right Wing nut jobs hatred and bitterness knows no bounds. This is a tragedy and emergency and she is the PM, here to offer condolences, visit the damaged areas and announce cash payments, if nothing else respect the position of our leader you pack of fucking imbeciles. Sorry but this has really shown what a bigoted and unthinking mob of nut jobs the right are when it comes to sensible respect.

Yes, she was there to praise the firefighters, offer her condolences to those who’d lost their homes, and announce much-welcomed Government financial assistance in the form of disaster recovery payments.

Yet as Shane said, locals want to get stuck into her.

These people make me sick. My heart goes out to those people who have lost their homes or their livelihoods, but why blame the Prime Minister? Has the media given us so much of Tony Abbott’s fire fighting heroics that she is now expected to follow in his footsteps? Tony Abbott’s a hero. Julia Gillard did nothing. She’d make a good scapegoat.

Shane was spot-on with his comment.

Incidentally, I notice that Tony Abbott’s biggest fans – news.com – who plastered photos of the stuntmaster with his every step, say little about the Prime Minister’s visit to Coonabarabran.

Here’s another photo of Tony to remind us of how much a better person he his than the Prime Minister. 🙄

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  1. I get that people are frightened and unsure of their future but really what is she to do? She is in a no win position, don’t show up and she’s an uncaring b’tch, show up and she’s accused of all and sundry… gosh I wish people would wake up, stop reading the msm crap and think.

  2. We’ve heard of guilt by association. Phoney Tony is doing the ‘look at moi, I’m a hero by association’. What a pathetic man he really is. TA not fit 2B PM!

  3. I am fascinated by Tony’s uniform he has been a volunteer for years now yet his protective clothing is like new

    My protective uniform looks like shit after just 2 years, it is permanently stained from getting in and doing the dirty work on the fireground.

    I would love to ask Margie Abbott how she washes his clothes to give them that “Like New ” look.

  4. I like this comment from Jenny M*,

    Strange how Idiot boy was out playing Fireman Sam, with the Media crew right on his clacker. But at the same time Gillard Announced the Royal Commission in to Child abuse.

    Indeed..why is it so? Why is it that whenever Tony is out doing his civic duty that it just so happens that he is accompanied by his entourage of media personnel.

  5. They didn’t blame her for the floods in Qld, however they might have if there’d been photos of Mr Abbott turning back the tides.

  6. Migs, we hear people say that. Also, when these people are given the time and opportunity to do so, they somehow become dumb.

    What we hear from those who meet her have nothing, but praise and comments of what a warm person she is.

    I have been out, but has there been any incidents of these people attacking the PM on any way.

  7. Just warch news on ABC24 Very positive report. The PM has announced extra money for those in the regions.

  8. Roswell, they didn’t blame her for the floods..but they whinged like hell when they thought that they’d be having to pay a recovery levy.

  9. Why have they commented on the colour of her clothes. Got into trouble the other day, when she wore black

    Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, has arrived in north-western NSW to visit the blackened remains of the State’s worst fire in a decade.

    Ms Gillard arrived in Coonabarabran at 9.30am (AEDT) where fire has destroyed 49 homes, more than 110 sheds, machinery, fencing and untold livestock.

    Wearing a salmon-coloured collared shirt, Ms Gillard went first to local Rural Fire Service (RFS) headquarters and surveyed maps with Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons.

    He also gave her a short briefing on the fire situation.

    An RFS spokesman said firefighters were combatting the Coonabarabran blaze on several fronts, with bulldozers and graders putting in firebreaks.

    ‘It’s still a watch and act alert because of the large amount of uncontained fire edge, there is potential for it to come out to the properties,’ he said.

    It’s also planned for Ms Gillard to visit RFS volunteers as well as meet Bob Fenwick and his family.

    Mr Fenwick has come to epitomise the sacrifice of firefighters after losing his home next to the Warrumbungle National Park while out fighting another fire in the region.

    He has fought up to 40 fires in his time as a volunteer and RFS captain.

    Ms Gillard is also set to visit the Siding Springs Observatory, near Coonabarabran, which suffered millions of dollars worth of damage.

    Firefighters across NSW are braced for a return of hot and windy weather with concerns shifting back to the south where fires that threatened homes last week could again prove dangerous.

    On Thursday morning there were 84 bush and grassfires burning across the state, 14 uncontained.

    More than 530 firefighters in 145 trucks supported by 80 aircraft were battling the blazes.

    ‘The worst of the weather over the next two days will predominantly be in the south of the state,’ an RFS spokesman said.

    The Deans Gap fire in the Shoalhaven and the Yarrabin fire in the Cooma-Monaro area were both still being controlled on Thursday after threatening communities last week.

    Uncontained fires in the Tamworth, Namoi and Gwydir areas could also prove a problem in the warmer weather and if the winds came up, he said.


  10. I think you will find he was probably given a new rig for the photo ops.

    I have no doubt about and praise for Abbott’s past decade or more of being a volunteer fire fighter having a managing director and two other co-workers who are also volunteer RFS and who fought the Deans Gap fire. Won’t say what my boss, a staunch conservative, said of Abbott’s stunt.

    I’m with my co-workers less than complimentary sentiments about Abbott in the NSW South Coast fires. Abbott was all about stunt and everything from the timing of his showing up and when he left along with the full throng of the media being informed and setup ready to go for his arrival all screamed stunt.

    That it’s an election year and his ratings in the polls are in rock bottom stasis for some areas and going down further in others also screamed stunt.

    And his latest of informing the media he’s “ready to go” if his work permits, and heaven knows what his work actually is, it’s certainly not formulating coherent policy and surely three word slogans for a decade can be compiled in an hour or two, also scream stunt.

    Then there was the last two years of Abbott here and Abbott there lobbing up in every uniform and workers garb he could for photo ops that were clearly stunts, whilst saying Gillard was all spin, gives a precedent of his prevalence for stunting, also intimating his latest fire fighting non-effort was a stunt.

  11. If they do try & attack the Prime Minister, then the obvious come-back is to point out just how many Fire-fighters were sacked/retired by the 3 Liberal-National governments of Queensland, NSW & Victoria……and then maybe follow up by asking why Abbott wasn’t more forthright in his criticism of these cuts.

  12. I am hopeful that Abbott will push it too far, something which he is exceptionally prone to do..just one more photo op, just one more instance of him patting himself on the back… Australians seldom admire people who big note themselves.

  13. Abbott is a pathetic little hasbeen that got the shits when a woman beat him in school now it has not changed a woman beat him to the lodge “I WILL DO ANTHING TO GET THAT JOB” Abbott, so it is time that Australians woke up to Abbotts NAZI prpoganda tactics to install hate against a great PM.

  14. Marcus social media was shouting for the media to ask Abbott about the cuts to Emergency Services and Fire Services by the Liberal Premiers but all we got was complimentary to Abbott fluff pieces and questions.

    Not that it helped Abbott as his PPM stakes went down again.

  15. They did not even get what the PM wore right. They said a salmon coloured suit.

    What I am looking at now, is a pink blouse and black pants, Very appropriate for the outing. Definitely not a suit.

  16. @ Kevin Rennie

    By what I can make out from following the story and tweets etc Tony turned up and was deployed for one day on the fireline

    long enough for a photo opportunity and media circus

    Apparently he was in bed in the North Shore that night and surfing the next morning.

    I have no proof of this only what I can summarize from various sources.

    Email his office and ask them ??? 😉

  17. Abbott is at the UK MP Hague’s talk . Tony had to introduce him and probably stay awake for the whole talk. He did have time to address the media. I suppose that counts as work for Abbott, but what would the Australians think? or what would the media pack who travelled from sydney to nowra for the press stunt last week write up that story.


  18. Error above, some how i got the dog stare v julie bishop stare instead of the smiley photo of abbott with hague.

  19. What the hell is happening to Australia? Does the lunar right think on any level this is acceptable? This “right” up there with ruperts divine rag doll blaming the greens for the tradegy in tassie. 😦 Shame if your reading this, I’m thinking of you, little comfort I know, stay strong. I could never know your horror and the frustration of having to deal with these looney right wingers.

  20. How sad that people continue to always look for the bad in others. The PM is a good and caring person who is trying to help the people of Coonabarabran. Libtards will never learn!

  21. Watch Tony’s excursions carefully. There is always a minder nearby, and we are not talking normal security protection. I would hazard a guess he cannot be trusted near big trucks, hot flames or anything that goes bang.

    It’s not just during critical incidents or on the battlefield. For a while there Andrew Robb or some other trusted elder hovered whenever Tones was allowed out in public (personally I’d have picked Mal Washer for the job). Robb seems to have handed that task over to loyal Liberal labrador Peta Credlin.

    And then there’s those mystery absences when Tony vanishes from view. Julia Gillard’s life is virtually an open book 24/7, except for those few days of mourning after her father died and for a couple of short absences due to illness (which are always announced)

  22. It is very scary that so many people are sucked in by Abbott and his ilk. He parades around like he has done something and yet he has done nothing of worth. Oh sure he has attacked the Govt, tried every sleazy trick in the book and yet nothing of worth has come out of it. He denies that climate change is very real and very dangerous and all the ostriches applaud him for this. Well if you vote Labor out you will regret it and very quickly too.

  23. Josh, WRT Tones not being trusted around anything that’s hot or goes bang, there are and have been many rumours around that he did in fact show a certain PA his hose. 😯

    Which must have been a singularly unique experience as considering the press contingent that follows his every move, I can’t recall one photo of him handling his hose! 😳

    Sorry for the mental imagery 😦

    Cheers 😀 😆

  24. Sorry but who gives a damn what Abbott was doing, how many days he was to be there & all the other off the track remarks above…
    These remarks againdst the Prime Minister show just how poorly this country is at the moment.

    Poor in attacking our PM for doing exactly what any PM has done at times of disaster, gone to the scene & offered condolences and information to victims & families about the support they will recieve.

    Poor In being pathetic enough to turn the LNP driven propogand & hatred against the PM at a time when their world is falling down. Focus People FOCUS.

    But worst of all this outpouring of nasty tends to show just how poor the Australian spirit has become that they would turn on those there to help them in their time of need.

    Its a disgrece that those residents would desire the chance to “get stuck into thew PM”
    This over something she had absolutely nothing to do with,
    This aimed at one who has done nothing except attend, sympathise, support & try to ensure you get the help you need.
    This toward one who clearly didnt give much thought to media and her profile as I never even knew she went there until it was day old news.

    This vile treatment of “getting stuck into Julia” is how you intend to repay the Prime Minister of Australia for caring about your miserable, ungrateful, nasty minded asses..

    May you who want to attack our Prime MInister get nothing, nothing in assistance, nothingh in understanding & nothing in respect or courtesy.

    Your vile garbage deserves none of the above.

    And there will be no donations from me for you.. I try to donate to worthy causes, and you aint even close to being that.

  25. Abbott has shown himself today, because of the unemployment figures and the chance to talk tjhe economy down. Has one heard a word of sympathy for those enduring fires in the north west. Not one.

  26. wrb330, I agree wholeheartedly with your sentiments, but I doubt that any got stuck into our PM, as these people are all piss and wind, a lot like Abbott and co 👿

    Cheers 😀

  27. Some blame may be placed at the feet of the Labor government with there political quest for that budget surplus.

    Yes, Labor has been cutting hard as well.

  28. Yes, Labor has been cutting hard as well.

    Well said CU

    I think it is a combination of pretty much what everyone has blamed so far, as well as just the gloomy global outlook.

    The underlying strength is still their, so just a small blip I would guess.

    Everyone’s playing politics with it. Depressing

  29. Isn’t this a turn up. They should be investigating Abbott here and now and not Gillard 17 years ago.

  30. Yvonne, exactly. Over 22,000 sackings in Qld..a taste of things to come should Australia ever have the misfortune to elect Tony Abbott as prime minister.

  31. Möbius, I was wondering about that. A brief comment in the MSM about how Abbott’s unit wasn’t involved..therefore the conclusion must be that he was there just for a stunt. Abbott added that should his unit be there then he would go..what! No television cameras..I doubt it.

  32. Much more to come including the quizzing of Gash, who was my local and who I’ve voted for.

    1. Tony Abbott was on Stand By for 2 days.
    2. Tony Abbott was not on Active Firefighting Duty at any time over those 2 days.
    3. Tony Abbott arranged a stunt with Joanna Gash, Mayor of Nowra and still sitting federal MP for the same area, to come down with a media crew on the day that real RFS firefighters were battling a blaze in her electorate, so as to seem like he was part of the firefighting effort?
    4. As Tony Abbott was only on Stand By, his brigade were not called to fight the fire in Joanna Gash’s electorate, but it appears Tony Abbott commandeered the Davison RFS Truck to rock down the highway and seem like he was going to help out.
    5. So the footage of him standing in on the briefing was just part of the stage-managed stunt?
    6. And the footage of him playing with a fire hose was also just part of the stunt he concocted with Joanna Gash?

  33. Möbius, if Abbott commandeered the truck then that alone must mean that there are serious questions to be answered such as how a truck can be taken out of active service, the sole purpose being some politician’s publicity stunt.

  34. Has anyone heard him make any comment about the fires in the last few days. The PM manage to twitter while on leave.

  35. So many questions, so lfew asking

    No one has extracted a proper answer to the question why Brough was purloining his political opponent’s diaries.

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/opinion/politics/surely-the-coalition-smell-hasnt-evaporated-20130117-2cw5l.html#ixzz2IGswYxBQ

    Yet we hear with breathless anticipation a Victorian police officer traveling to NSW to ask someone to remember a small art of her job 20 years ago

    Which brings up another question. How did our media find out the travel plans of a police officer in an ongoing investigation?

  36. I’m not aware of anyone getting “stuck in” to Julia after all. And I watched last night’s ABC news which would surely have reported such a joyous event. As someone previously replied these people often don’t deliver on their promises, emblematic I suppose of their preferred politicians.
    Which reminds me of an event after the S.A. State election that delivered power to Mike Rann & Labor. A country ex-Liberal who had been expected to side with the Liberals came down on Rann’s side, giving him Government. He was mightily criticised by his electors who had it in for him that’s for sure. So to explain his position he organised a public breakfast where he would be available to explain himself & take questions. You’d think that would be a rightist country person’s dream, scoring a free feed & being able to slag off at the ALP at the same time, but only three or four or so people turned up, a couple of whom were supporters anyway.

  37. Migs
    My OH has an oft repeated comment which I think refers closely to your heading of this piece “all men should get married because sometime, somewhere, something will happen that they cant blame on the government”. Is it possible that the “Yet as Shane said, locals want to get stuck into her.” are unwed.

  38. Tom, excellent article from Richard Akland..this part says it..

    Rares outlined evidence that Ashby had confided to friends about his plans to singlehandedly make more perilous the government’s fingernail hold on power. Brough was in on it; a frontbench figure in the LNP, Mark McArdle, was in on it; other prominent LNP people in Queensland knew what was being hatched; News Ltd was footing hotel bills, yet Pyne and Tony Abbott were comatose and had no inkling that the nation was about to be ”saved” by Ashby.

    It seems all the more extraordinary because there was never going to be anything in this case for Ashby.

    The action was designed to maximise and inflame media coverage; to help Brough and the Coalition in their continuing campaign to discredit the Gillard government.

    The investigative plods in the media have been eerily shy about exploring the involvement of Abbott in this grubby legal set-up.

    Precisely..as per the article: ..there was never going to be anything in this case for Ashby. In most cases of sexual harassment the remedy would consist of an apology, an agreement to instigate improved workplace practices, an undertaking by a person should he/she be found guilty to attend an education program. There may be a compensation payout if the plaintiff could prove financial detriment such as having had to take time off work due to stress.

  39. BSA, that statement about mobs of angry locals is quite often a figment of the reporter’s imagination. We’ve all seen it reported before..a MOB OF IRATE LOCALS when it turns out to be one disgruntled neighbour or the local LNP rep.

    This brings to mind an article about the BER and “outrageous overpricing”..it eventuated that the one doing the complaining was a member of the P&C and was a builder who had hoped to have been awarded the contract but had missed out. Mind you, this minor detail didn’t stop the MSM for running with the story for days.

  40. Sp he came back from leave yesterday, in time to meet up with his mate Hague and John Howard,

    “………………Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has declared he will focus on economic management to win power, as Labor blamed his coalition colleagues in Queensland for forcing up national jobless figures.

    Returning from annual leave, including a stint as volunteer firefighter in southern NSW, Mr Abbott declared the 2013 election would come down to the economy.

    Mr Abbott said Australia was experiencing “economic weakness” because of poor budget management.

    “If government lives within its means, if taxes are lower, if productivity is higher and if we deepen our engagement with Asia, we will have the strong economic growth that we need in order to give Australians the kind of life that they’re entitled to expect,” Mr Abbott told reporters in Sydney..”


    No word of concern for those still in danger of fires.

  41. …….Prime Minister Julia Gillard, who toured fire-hit Coonabarabran in central-west NSW on Thursday, said the economy was performing well in comparison with other countries.

    But she pointed to pressures on industry, such as the strong Australian dollar.

    “In our real economy we have continued to create jobs, and we have an economy that is more than 10 per cent bigger than when the government came to office,” Ms Gillard later told ABC Radio.

    Acting employment minister Kate Ellis pointed the finger at the Queensland Liberal National Party government, which has slashed the public service to get the state budget back into the black.

    “Regrettably more than 22,000 Queenslanders found themselves out of a job this Christmas,” Ms Ellis told reporters in Adelaide.

    “Across the rest of the country jobs grew, and were it not for the Queensland job losses the unemployment rate today would have actually fallen to 5.2 per cent rather than slightly rising.”

    She said the Queensland example showed what a federal coalition government would deliver……….


  42. Glad he is looking after his health. Shame is did not give as much atterntion to the health of the nation’s economy.

    “………….Shadow treasurer Joe Hockey said Western Australia, which has a coalition government, had the lowest rate of unemployment, while Tasmania, held by Labor, posted an unemployment rate of more than seven per cent.

    “Quite frankly, the only thing that’s going to get confidence back is a change of government,” Mr Hockey said.

    The former government minister has lost 20kg through gastric bypass surgery and a new exercise regime that he described as “shaping up for the treasurer’s job”.

    Ms Ellis said the coalition was intent on talking down the economy and seemed “allergic to good news”, such as better economic signs coming out of China..”


  43. Headline: Julia Gillard’s bizarre hobby to beat stress Guess what it is..she knits. Wow isn’t that bizarre..she knits, I was hoping that it might have been pole dancing, amateur tattooing or lizard collecting.

  44. Min,

    Maybe the PM will knit me a nice Aran Jumper, since my mum’s arthritus I have been in short supply, the last one she knitted me which I still have and still fits is 30 years ago

  45. Augustus, I must confess to being both a knitter and a crochet fanatic and have made many articles for gifts and have also knitted for charities such as for hospitals and prem babies. I find it exactly as the PM says, it’s a great way to wind down plus a sense of accomplishment for doing something useful.

    However, wasn’t it typical MSM..a misleading headline “bizarre hobby” which turned out to be something very ordinary indeed..knitting. I personally found Howard’s fixation on daggy tracky dacks far more bizarre. 😉

  46. Min,

    I suspect no matter what hobby or pastime the PM has as far as the MSM are concerned it will be bizarre for no other reason than we say so.

    Mind you is this all that’s left to pick on the PM for, hmm!, really scratching at the bottom of the barrel now, if they aren’t careful they will end up making her look saintly.

    My mum used to sit and watch tele while she knitted, best time for us a kids to ask for something.

  47. Yes, Abbott does like women. as long as they do not have the hide to complete with him.

    “…….Abbott’s clumsy attempts at suborning the hapless females of his life into validating his SNAG credentials have fallen not only flat, but – importantly – on the progressively deafer ears of the nation’s women. One speech by Julia Gillard, enraged at Abbott’s smartarsed, grovelling reference to Alan Jones’ “Died Of Shame” meme, had him leering at the start of it, and ruined by its conclusion.

    What women – and increasingly men – have noticed is that Abbott surrounds himself with females, alright, but only as his adoring housemaids… doing the ironing and carrying his dirt files. When he comes up against a woman he can’t control, be she the Speaker, a political rival from student days, or the Prime Minister in modern times, he resorts to the bully inside that has always given him empowerment and self-esteem.

    Coalition stunts, so long a mainstay, are losing their edge. Tony Abbott playing dress-ups in fireman’s suits, skin tight Lycra and red budgie smugglers is now a national piñata.

    If he thinks punters will be impressed that he lets his Chief Of Staff keep her IVF drugs in his fridge and use his toilet to self-administer them, then he has another think coming..”


  48. …………Gillard and her government, from this day forward, can more safely walk past Abbott and his look-at-me routines, and dance to their own tune… of their own composition. The Prime Minister has the keys to the country as well as the Lodge firmly in her grasp.

    And she’s not one for letting them go without a real fight.

    936 days in office is much more than a milestone… it is a truly defining moment when a government comes of age.,,,,


  49. ” Julia Gillard’s bizarre hobby to beat stress ”

    Nothing bizarre about knitting and crocheting.

    Many years ago, when my world blew up around me and I faced a long period of extreme stress and turmoil, it was crocheting that kept me sane.

    It became obsessive, doing a garment a day. Many, I have worn twenty or more years later.

    It was something I had done for years, when my kids were young, but not with much pleasure.

    I found during that terrible time, I could not stand to sit and do nothing. My hands had to be kept occuppiued.

    Except for a baby shawl for each of my children’s babies, I have not crotched since.

    I would have gone mad, except for that crotchet needle and my veg garden.

    Something else, I have not done since.

    Funny how things change in peoples perceptions. I grew up in an era that was normal for women to knit and crotchet. Not in my family though.

  50. That bizarre hobby would not be considered bizarre to the crowd news ltd and shock jocks appeal too. Are news ltd journos so determined to undermine the PM they are prepared to insult their supporter base, or are they even too dumb to realise that?

  51. Min, the knitting story is also recycled news. Comment was made, before the Wong baby was born, that she knitted a brown baby jacket. Suspect it might have been a very light tan or cream. It appears anyone around the PM, who is have a baby, can expect similar.

  52. Rabbit. should have moved a little further north. Where you are is always hotter than her, on the top end of the lakes.. I used to live there. Still hot enough, though.

  53. Min, like that salmon coloured suit, she was supposed to be wearing yesterday.

    Funny, I did not see it, at all TV appearances during the day. Comfortable pants and shirt was all I saw.

    Was criticised for for wearing black when she went to the Nowra areas. Once again suitable clothes for what she was doing.

    Why mention her clothes at all. Maybe she is being criticised for not turning up in a fire brigade outfit.

  54. :””The thing that’s good about the knitting is it takes enough of your attention that your mind can’t be racing a million miles an hour on everything else,” she told ABC radio.

    She said the repetitive activity was “soothing”.

    “It helps you transition from full-on work speed to ‘I need to go to bed now quite quickly’.”

    I found this to be true, those many years ago,


    Noticed in that radio interview that the PM admitted to being able to cook. Of course with the help of her partner.

  55. in that interview PM said that the Crime commisssion’s investigation on guns found only 1% were accounted for from illegal imports, 12% were stolen from legal owners and 44% from those not handed back with Howard’s buyback. PM also thanked the announcer for giving her the opportunity to set the record straight on this issue.

  56. Rabbit, on my front porch 34, In a room that does not get AC 31. Those pink batts must be working.

    In the shade outside, in the shade 40.

    Having that lake on two sides makes things hotter.

    Yes, it is still too hot here.
    If you went to Gosford today, you would find it worse.

  57. Just had a brain fart. Maybe the mobile and texting has replaced knitting. One only have to look around one when on public transport.

    It appears that some are obsessed with the past time.

  58. Yes, let us blame the PM

    “……BlackRock is one of the world’s most important buyers of government bonds, investing $US3.7 trillion worldwide. It says Australia’s carbon tax and the mining tax have had at most a “marginal” impact on perceptions of the country’s risk. More important has been the government’s success in shrinking its budget deficit.
    The fund manager’s new sovereign risk update ranks Australian government bonds as the world’s seventh least risky, up from 10th least risky three months ago.
    No other nation has managed to jump three places in the latest survey. The finding is at odds with a claim made by federal Coalition Treasury spokesman Joe Hockey last August that Labor was “adversely impacting Australia’s sovereign risk profile”……………………….

    Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/opinion/political-news/economy-gets-big-tick-20130116-2ctw9.html#ixzz2IIJHjqcs

    Tempersatures much higher than predicted. Fire conditions aslo much worse.

    Have not seen Abbott out today with concerns and sympathy.

  59. Long rime since I have agreed with Bob Elis. Today, I do. Yes, there are no more scares to hide behind. No reds munder the beds, no more commos.

    “…….If there’s one thing above all other things that has done for them, it’s their nastiness.

    The hounding of Haneef and Hicks and Kirby and Kernot and Thomson and Slipper, the immoderacy of their baiting of Gillard – ‘deliberately barren’, ‘she should die of shame’ – show private school bullies in hot pursuit of the new little kid in the dorm: push his head down the toilet, there’s the go. They’ve tried on the ‘character issue’ and it’s exploded, like a shit-bomb, over them. Who would you rather have to dinner in your house, Pyne or Craig Thomson? If the answer is Craig Thomson, they’re in big, big, trouble.

    Or, to put it another way, who would you rather send to help sort out the Middle East, Bob Carr or Julie Bishop? You see the difficulty they’re in. The truth has caught up with them, and, for the first time in their sixty-nine year history, they’re cowering and cringing in its flashlight.

    And there’s nowhere for them to hide any more, and lie, and bluster, and wriggle…….”


  60. I did have a good chuckle today with the CEO of Rio Tinto being replaced after the massive writedowns in their overseas and aluminium assets. So much for the threat to leave Australia and mine elsewhere, their so called great overseas assets are collapsing down around them. So much for being too costly here. At least they still own and operate and make profits from their operations here. Geeez I cannot stand big business and their idle threats and the coalition running with them to simply screw the worker while the CEO leaves with $18,000,000 after costing the company and shareholders at least $11,000,000,000 in assets.

  61. 43 in Nowra with a work oppo saying the external temperature reading in his car was 47 in the middle of town.

  62. Isn’t it incredible shane that they want to lock up and throw away the key, even calling him a terrorist, a person who through a false report cost a coal company $300,000 in a very short term, all because he was a Green.

    Treeman was vociferous in condemning this man and the Greens.

    Senior management can cost companies billions, lose hundreds of jobs and walk away from their wrecking of a company with millions in their pockets.

    Silence from the wingnuts.

  63. Could it be true, that it is usiness that have made mistakes, not all the governments fault.

    “….I think he might have survived the new Alcan writedown but in the Mozambique coking coal acquisition he made the same mistake as so many Australian mining chief executives – he underestimated the difficulty of constructing the infrastructure. (There was also a question of the extent of the coal reserves.)

    In terms of infrastructure the Albanese mistakes have a similarity to the Gorgon management errors. But here there were no Gorgon management sackings because they could blame the government and unions. As I have explained previously, at the core of the Gorgon $9 billion cost overrun were management mistakes caused by the decision to use Barrow Island to erect an LNG plant and to outsource key union agreements to the local chamber of commerce instead of making it a chief executive priority.

    I am not excusing the unions and government but unlike Rio, the Gorgon management did not take its share of the blame (The great Gorgon costs debate, December 12)…”


  64. “…………………….And there are similar mistakes around the country. Managers never worked out that so many Australian mining investment projects at once would cause cost huge blowouts and make Australia a very expensive place to extract minerals.

    The LNG projects will be fine if oil and gas prices stay high. My prediction is that in about three years the impact of discovering two Saudi style reserves (one in the US and one in Iraq) will mean that the lower prices of gas and oil will make the inflated construction costs hard to recover (Sheikh Kloppers and BHP’s ‘new Saudi’, November 14).

    “On the positive side, the problems in Mozambique may in time give life to metallurgical coal projects in Australia. But they will require managers who can manage a workforce and not leave it to the unions.


    My emphasis

  65. It has taken more than five years but history has finally caught up with Rio Tinto’s chief executive Tom Albanese, who fell on his sword today in a delayed aftershock from the group’s disastrous $US38 billion takeover of Alcan in 2007. One of his mooted successors, Doug Ritchie, met a similar fate ”by mutual agreement” for a different poor acquisition.

    Rio made no pretence about the reason for the abrupt departures of two of its most senior and long-serving executives — it made it clear they were directly linked to another $US14 billion or so of writedowns…………….


  66. BSA Bob, the same sort of bullshit was being spruiked about Mike Rann by the dingbats in Penola when it was hit by a tornado, but not a word about their Liars rep, Mitch Williams who couldn’t be bothered breaking his holiday in Darwin to see the damage and console those whose houses and businesses had been destroyed.

    Rann ordered that waste of space to come back and do his job. Complete silence about Williams’ dereliction of duty and uncaring attitude, but fury directed at Rann who immediately went to Penola to inspect the damage and offer government assistance.

    Williams offered f*ck all in grace, sympathy or practical assistance, but is fawned over by the local hicks. Go figure.

    I place the wing nuts posturing idiocy wrt the PM’s visiting fire ravaged areas to offer practical help and sympathy to the victims, in the same category as the cretins from Penola. Gutless, brainless and vicious, a prerequisite for Liars barrackers.

    CU & Min, like you I am really fed up with the msm’s obsession with the PM’s clothes when she visits places which have been visited by natural disasters. What tf does the colour of her shirt have to do with the performance of her duties and why is the msm so silent on the stupidity of Dress-Up Man’s stunt clothes if it’s soo important?

    We’ve had a cool change after a northerly yesterday-44 inland on the way to Naracoorte; the temperature dropped 25.5C in a matter of hours. All my vegies are looking much happier, as am I.

    I hope the temperature takes a dive for all in the fire zones accompanied by some serious rain. Fingers crossed that everyone is safe and stays safe.

    shane @2.42pm, and a deathly silence from the Liars.

    ME, apparently, a $300k loss is so much worse than an $11bn loss and to add salt to the wound handing the architect of that staggering loss an $18m gold watch.

    So encouraging to see the trolls expressing their outrage at the Greens exec and their complete silence wrt the $11bn man. Shouldn’t be a surprise though, They seem to have collective amnesia about Tip’s $10bn loss of taxpayers $$$.

  67. I believe that the PM’s blouse was described as “salmon”…and here comes Tony wearing an adorable deep carmine number…

  68. Cu and,

    But they will require managers who can manage a workforce and not leave it to the unions.

    An efficiently run organisation seldom has the need for union intervention as they comply with all terms of the site agreement.

  69. This is so true, and the Right Wingers here will also be mindlessly mouthing the same blame if Abbott becomes PM and fails miserably as Newman is.

    Complex and intelligent people who are controlled by simple concepts

    It is completely predicable that a Liberal government will lie and deceive as a matter of course, blaming everyone and anything for their failures and taking the credit for the successes though they will have nothing to do with those successes.

    Howard did this for just over a decade, Abbott won’t know what else to do but to lie and deceive.

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