Where’s Dennis?

A lot of people have been talking about Labor’s encouraging poll results to start 2013, but where’s Dennis Shanahan? Where’s the spin? One of his comrades tried it a bit with this gem:

While Tony Abbott has been on leave or working with his volunteer fire brigade, Ms Gillard has taken part in several high-profile media engagements in the past week.

Laugh out loud, wasn’t Tony Abbott’s volunteer fire brigade work just a high-profile media engagement.

Good try, but you don’t come cooee within Denis. But where is he?

Can he no longer defend the indefensible?

Has he given up?

Has he been ordered to give his bullshit a rest?

The one time I was looking forward to his spin . . . the bloke goes MIA.

Come back, Dennis, all is forgiven. We need the comedy relief.

38 comments on “Where’s Dennis?

  1. “Where’s Dennis” bears an uncanny resemblance to this blog…http://www.dailykos.com/story/2013/01/09/1177481/-We-were-right-and-they-were-wrong-about-climate#

    Don’t worry, Andrew and Dennis are on holidays unlike some of us who will have a break later.

    David Crowe does have a point though…”While this is the first time Labor has rebuilt its primary vote to the 38 per cent it posted at the last election, it has failed to gain government with similar results at earlier elections. “

  2. Yep. Abbott has been busy attending his second fire in ten years. Heard one yesterday, describe the PM as still being on holidays.

    Yep, the positive polls according to them, is because we have not been seeing the PM. I wonder who that person is, who has ben popping up on the TV screen with important announcements.

    Both are appearing at the National Press Club 30th and 31th January.

    PM is on first.

  3. Dennis could be in the US taking lessons on reporting on polls which keep the conservatives believing they are gunna win, even when the results show the opposite.

  4. …..The shift comes as Ms Gillard vows to press ahead with school funding and disability insurance reforms, both costing billions of dollars, after Wayne Swan dropped Labor’s promise to deliver a budget surplus this year.

    Far from taste of victory

    Barnett cautious on electorate
    Federal Newspoll

    While Tony Abbott has been on leave or working with his volunteer fire brigade, Ms Gillard has taken part in several high-profile media engagements in the past week. These include touring bushfire-affected areas, announcing a royal commission into child sexual abuse, meeting abuse victims on Saturday and using major features in News Limited Sunday newspapers to talk up her policy plans and declare her readiness for the election.

    The Coalition retains a slight lead on a two-party-preferred basis, 51 to 49 per cent, but has lost three percentage points to return to the neck-and-neck position that produced a hung parliament at the 2010 election.

    Primary vote support for the two major parties is almost exactly the same as seen at the last election while the two-party-preferred result is also in line with the last election outcome given the poll’s margin of error of plus or minus three percentage points…………..


  5. Except, Trollman, that an election is still around 9-10 months away. Also, in past elections, The Greens vote was a great deal smaller, & the growth of their vote has come at the expense of Labor’s primary vote. Still, I can see why the Lunar Right is so desperate to find as much of a silver lining in these polls as they can!

  6. No matter how wide the margin between parties mid term, the polls always tighten up dramatically as the election gets closer and the people being polled realise that it is no longer an inconsequential game, but a real decision about what party is going to control the public purse over the forthcoming three years.

    We can expect the polls to reflect this greater awareness of the consequences as the year progresses and the electorate must make a real decision about the future of this country

  7. I reckon he’s on a fact finding mission to Fox News…to pick up some of the skills they displayed in their election coverage.
    That sort of blind ignorance of reality doesn’t come easy you know…you need to work on it.

  8. While Tony Abbott has been on leave

    Why does tabot get to take ‘leave’, but Gillard goes on ‘holidays’?

  9. Good pick up Tom.

    Also much is made of Abbott giving up going on leave to fight fires but nothing on Gillard doing the same to give government assistance to the victims of fires.

  10. From what I have heard, he only went up for his photo op, stayed the day, then went on to his holidays.

    Also got paid for going, cos it wasn’t during his holidays.

    Of course, this is all heard through blogs. Far be it for me to perpetuate inaccuracies 🙂

  11. One photo of him looking dirty and disheveled would have been interesting.

    One would have thought his office would released figures for how often he has attend his local brigade over the last ten years, to put to rest, it is nothing more than a stunt.

  12. Has there been anything from Abbott on the latest fires After all, there has been more than forty homes burnt.

  13. If Abbott were true to his community service and volunteering then he wouldn’t become PM as he won’t have time to do any of it, so depriving those organisations he gives his free time to of his supposed invaluable and legendary assistance.

    If he is true to his word and he emulates Newman and the other Liberal Premiers as he has stated he will, then not only will he no longer have time to volunteer his services, he will cut funding to them.

  14. Tom R

    not impressed more like depressed as the article then goes on to say Australia has improved its position up from 10th to being rated as 7th.

    But then again the way Dennis reads polls and Joe reads economics they will spin a negative out of it. eg Labor bad, Australia bad

  15. ” Not as funny as this clip ”

    Sorry Treeman wingnuts don’t do humour. That clip of Bishop is about as funny as a bad case of hemorrhoids.

  16. Treeman
    JANUARY 17, 2013 @ 7:52 AM
    Not as funny as this clip.

    That is actually very very sad, Sad to think that the pack of incompetent fools in the floposition are more concerned with that shit over actual policy.

    Funny? No Treman desperate… 🙄

  17. .Tom R; A spokesman for Mr Hockey said

    I’m un-named and clueless; my boss is hiding in the cupboard; paralysed with fear as he has “nothing” but spin. I will say some shit, without any qualification whatsoever. Like “ the uncertainty of the taxation environment and the toxic relationship Canberra has with many members of the business community”

  18. Migs
    With all due respect to fellow whisperer’s, who give’s a flying f*** where Dennis is as long as his bile is OFF the media sphere. Let bolt, ackers, hadley and jones join him (none worth capitals) asap. Gee I feel better after that.

  19. I was reading with interest the other day an article in the Daily ‘graph (which is highly unusual in itself given that it was the Daily..the interest part that is)..however..the article stated that O’Farrell is in trouble because *gasp* Alan Jones has turned against him. So that’s the only reason O’Farrell is in trouble.. 😯

  20. I didn’t read much about the cuts to Firey’s and the new insurance levy’s.

    Alan’s crusade is Coal seam gas.:-(

    Gloria I think I got your number so.
    1 big point for the bleatingly obvious 🙂

    Dear Barry; with the behind the couch budgetary economics,…

    When the fire restrictions are lifted; recreational shooters will be allowed to shoot in my national park.

    I would hesitate to guess that about 5-10% of your votes, including preferences, represent this a position.. This is especially true amongst my Liberal friends.who are very pissed off.
    Promise or core promise?
    Thanks for Coal seam gas proliferation @ 3500 and counting,
    Way behind the sunshine state in raping mainland ecology :-(.

    Where’s Dennis?..Absent from the conversation..

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